Aug 19 Missing items from Profession Trainers As the title says. Having recently leveled Engineering on this DH, I went to learn every from the Profession Trainer, having checked: Orgrimmar, Dalaran, Undercity, Silvermoon and the like. They're all missing things that I have learned on other Engineers. Various Goggles, tinkers and such. When I go into the unlearned tab in Engineer, it says that everything I am missing is taught by a Professional trainer and yet when I go there, it's blank. Am I missing something, or did I miss a patch where they halved the stuff you learned from Professions?Amauro1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Inscription in Legion Has there been any more word on inscription in legion? Like are the minor glyphs just appearance or cosmetic? Does inscription have anything that compares to major glyphs as far as marketability? Thanks.Saraphina14 Aug 19
Aug 19 Legion Zone to start Professions? I just read on another forum page that certain people will be starting in a particular zone because that's where their profession starts. I could find nothing on the forum search. What zone would an Alchemist want to start in?Moonbane3 Aug 19
Aug 18 Consistent Professions I'm currently leveling a druid in a pvp realm and would like to know which professions are the most consistent. By consistent, I mean: professions that don't create items that will become obsolete in the middle of the expansion (like armor-making professions since they will eventually be replaced by raid/mythic gear or gear purchased with pvp currency). I've narrowed down the choices to: Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting (only if the rings and necklaces aren't replaceable like crafted armor). BTW: I've removed Inscription from the list due to glyphs being purely cosmetic. So the question is: which combination would be most consistent(and lucrative of course)? Alchemy/Enchanting, Alchemy/Herbalism, Enchanting/Jewelcrafting, or Alchemy/Jewelcrafting? I would also love to know whether or not Jewelcrafting is "stable" (using the definition I provided above).Aideronis2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Professions for Demon Hunter? I'm just wondering, what profession is everyone planning on picking for their demon hunters for legion?Zöx26 Aug 18
Aug 18 Very stupid legion professions question Is there a generic obliterum upgrade item? In other words, can my blacksmith alt make my non-blacksmith main a piece of armor, then have my main obtain bloods and obliterum and upgrade the blacksmithing piece even though they don't have blacksmithing themselves? I'm assuming the answer is yes, but I figure somebody here would know this easily.Artemesia4 Aug 18
Aug 18 Account-Wide Reagents. I was waiting for WoW to download on my new laptop today and a thought came across my mind on the idea of a bank that is accessible by any character on my account. I thought it would be an easy alternative to mailing items to myself but then got to thinking it might be way to complicated to pull off. I thought limiting it to crafting reagents might be more logical as long as my professions can still use them from that tab. It would be a quality of life change but could also help reduce lost items in the mail that would otherwise require help from a game master to recover. I also realize it is basically the same as putting all my characters in the same guild but I like having my characters in the respected guilds they already reside in and many of my guild mates might not like me building up a stash in the bank we share. I am curious to hear other peoples thoughts around this concept.Wafflelord1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Missing Inks The Ink Traders don't have all inks. Is this an oversight, am I missing something, are they available, but in limited quantities? I'm trying to pick up some Fiery Ink, and it's not there to be picked up. I can farm it, but I was hoping to just swap.Hobb1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Boosted 100 Tailor - No cloth Scavenging? As title states i am a new boosted toon with tailoring, however i have checked the spell book and the profession tab to try to find the "Cloth Scavenging" spell ie the gathering bonus. How do I obtain it, i figured it would come automatically with picking up the profession?Sylo4 Aug 18
Aug 18 leather working leveling 654-700 I'm trying to get to 700 from 654. The i'm guide reading say to buy the "leather refurbishing kit" recipe. when i try it says "you dont have the items for that" What does that mean? It also talks about a "draenor leather working scroll" that i can't find. I have a level 2 tannery and lvl 3 garrison. thxTrollstrollr2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Switching Professions in Legion? I'm a bit confused about switching professions in Legion. Wowhead has the following posted: "Swapping Professions Swapping professions is much easier now. Simply pay 1,000 and you can get a book that will let you relearn your previous Legion recipes." What exactly does that mean? This toon is a 700/700 skinner/Leatherworker. If I drop leatherworking at the start of Legion for another gathering profession, then want to pick Leatherworking back up at level 110, do I pay 1,000 gold and get all my old recipes back, or only the legion recipes? Do I have to re-level or would I get to start back up at skill 700 where I was when I dropped it?Grimshock2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Engineering Mist-Piercing Goggles story I will admit i had a pretty good run with these. I started playing WoW again at the beginning of July after taking a 5 year break. In looking into how to earn money, since the Garrison nerf was imminent, i found i could sell Mist-Piercing Goggles for a hefty profit. For about 3 weeks or so i was able to sell these for between 1230g-1250g per unit. There was a small group of us that, respectfully, would undercut by 1g to keep the prices high. I would average 1-2 pairs a day, so it was a nice little income considering the Spirits of Harmony could be purchased for 50-60g each. But all good things come to an end. It seemed like a few enthusiastic individuals saw a sellers market where one didn't exist. What quickly went from 2-4 pairs on the AH turned into 10-20. Some people posting as many as 5 pairs at once. Additionally these people started undercutting by hundreds of gold to try and sell their pairs. What they didn't understand was that there were only a few pairs sold daily and the market became saturated and are currently, on my realm, selling for around 400g. Its too bad that there isn't a good way of communicating with other sellers to try and keep the prices consistent. I tried mailing a few of them, early on, but kept getting errors when sending that the seller didn't exist. I don't really know what the point of creating this is other than to create a sort of dialogue or ask opinions. At the end of the day, there is really nothing i could do and there is nothing stopping someone from undercutting excessively. Because they can, and i can, and its all part of the game.Draxul1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Obliterum and BoS Does anyone know how BoS would be used for dual gatherers? It seems like basically vendor trash, though some say it can be used for Obliterum. However, it appears that it is only used for the person performing the upgrade along with Obliterum, and nothing to do with MAKING Obliterum. And the item has to be soulbound. So that means if your gatherer is only interested in sales and not gear, the BoS is totally worthless? Can someone clarify?Smokescrêên7 Aug 18
Aug 18 Scribes Research Notes. (Inscription) Any idea why i can't use one after creating it? i have not used it once and it says: "you have learnt everything you can from that book" Even though i have not learnt any Draenor glyphs, is it just that they all got removed or is it something else?Alioshia3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Alchemy Are there two types of Alchemy? If so at what level can i choose? Thank youCalany8 Aug 18
Aug 18 DH and Legion Profession Leveling I plan on going Alchemy and Herbalism on my DH in Legion. I'm a bit confused if I need to level my professions from 1-700 pre legion in order to be Legion ready. According to: "your skill goes from 1-800 and you do not need to return to train higher ranks" So does this mean leveling 1-700 right now is pointless?Eldri1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Disenchanting toggle switch? Could we get a toggle for when you want to disenchant multiple items? Its just time consuming and a little annoying to constantly press on the button and then selecting the item, when you're D/E'ing multiple items.Grimbain1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Does mining and jewelcrafting work together? I've been wanting to go back to a gathering profession for some time now. With engineering not being as cool as it used to be, I was thinking of going mining to supplement my jewelcrafting. I just came back to wow, does mining still get gems that jewelcrafters can cut?Banksz1 Aug 18
Aug 18 profession levels I don't suppose there is any chance at all you could put back the current level of your profession in the actual profession window, so, for example, if you are leveling first aid you can see your progression, without closing the window, opening the other one, to see how many more bandages you have to make to train next level...... its a pain in the butt.... why are you guys removing even something like this???????Alainis3 Aug 18
Aug 18 This new loot makes skinning more frustrating I don't mean people who don't loot their mobs, that's always been an issue, but it's fairly rare. My bigger issue has been other skinners or intentional griefers who will come by and start tagging mobs as you do, especially large groups of mobs that you pull, In an attempt to get half the mobs from your work and farming. I've gotten into three mexican stand offs in less than 2 days with with people who have tagged mobs I've gathered, they wait until I loot before looting so they can take half my efforts, usually letting the entire pack go to waste. It's incredibly frustrating and really needs to be addressed.Borigrad6 Aug 18
Aug 18 What's the best dps professions for Legion? I currently have engineering/blacksmithing thanks to draenor shutting down the need to leave bases to gather materials, but I'm considering dropping one or the other for mining. Or perhaps dropping both if neither gives good drops. Say if it's nothing more than PvE gear that I replace easily by raiding then it wouldn't be worth something like the jewelcrafting gems, or alchemist bonus'.Icecreaman3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Blind Lake Sturgeon Where can I find this fish? I tried looking it up, but even information-savvy websites such as Wowhead incorrectly state that it can be found in Shadowmoon Valley. This is false. You find Sea Scorpion in SH Valley. I tried everywhere in SH Valley but could not find any BLS. It wouldn't be such a hassle looking for this fish if flying was possible in WoD, or if Aviana's feather had a shorter cooldown. Alas, I thought I would find an answer here quicker than if I were manually travel Draenor looking for it.Stormbrook5 Aug 18
Aug 18 Craft 630 weapon now? Is it worth it, about 15 days out of Legion, to craft a Steelforged Greataxe on my Warrior to use? It won't get very far up in iLvl. To expand: 1) is there any better use for my truesteel after Legion pops? 2) Am I going to get like an iLvl 1600 weapon straight away in Legion? Thanks very much everyone!!Gorbachez3 Aug 18
Aug 17 Vanishing Nodes I started farming arcane crystals in silithus and ill get half way through mining a node and it vanishes. Any idea what's going on?Bakemono5 Aug 17
Aug 17 How about a 700 skill boost for sale Since level 90 character boosts are for sale, why not sell 700 skill boost?Lucifire6 Aug 17
Aug 17 What to pair enchant with I am getting back into wow and im considering on taking enchant and not sure about the second one. I dont have much gold to keep buying mats. Opions and advice would be helpful. ThanksKnightmare6 Aug 17
Aug 16 Lunker Drop rate 7.0 Did the lunker drop rate change today only been working on it for about a week off and on, but I was getting 5-10 lunkers per hour. I've fished for over two hours today after event went live and not a single one. Did they make them only fishable from pools now or what? I'm sick a fishing.Thalof4 Aug 16
Aug 16 Legion skill 1 or 700 make any difference What are the advantages in Legion of having a professional skill of 700 or even 800 versus having a skill of 1?Grâce2 Aug 16
Aug 16 Does Tailoring Use Skinning? Is skinning only used for leatherworking? Mining seems to be used for at least 3 professions (jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, engineering) and herbalism is used for at least 2 professions (inscription and alchemy). What professions use skinning?Beauvaliant4 Aug 16
Aug 16 Sell me on leveling Archaeology before Legion I've never touched archaeology since it was released. I want someone to convince me as to why I should level it before Legion drops. Bonus Points: If you can do the same for fishingBoofed12 Aug 16
Aug 16 Giving Jeeves a Rested Radius? Was a random thought since now Talents need rested to be shifted about would it be a good idea to give Jeeves a rested radius when deployed? Basically allowing engineers to setup a field camp for people to swap talents without gating out of the instance. Now this might cause issues in 5mans but I figure in raids there is always at least one or two engineers.Filinea2 Aug 16
Aug 16 Glyphs only work for 1 spec When you put a glyph on a spell it only works for that specific spec you put it on. In other words it means you need to buy 3 of the same glyphs if you want the effect for each of your specs. This cannot be intended can it?Fiddlesnaarf4 Aug 16
Aug 15 I can't decide Lirerally all mto toons professions since i started playing halfway through Wrath have been enchanting and engineering. Enchanting was always good for all the excess gear i got from BGs/RBGs constantly, and engineering for the fun factor. I want to drop engineering now for Legion, but i don't know what to take to go with enchanting. would Tailoring be a good choice due to not having to rely on a gathering profession as much as any of the other professions?Verf2 Aug 15
Aug 15 Golden carp? Does anybody know where to fish these at? I've looked at wowhead, pretty poor as advice to give it. The arbor in jade forest doesnt seem to give it, tried it about 20 times only got junk. Haven't found any pools for these eitherJirat10 Aug 15
Aug 15 engineering spawn? i took a long break from wow, and came back to find that there are new engineering upgrade plans for my goggles, but you have to wait for an npc to spawn in your garrison to get them. iv been playing for about 2 weeks now and i have not seen this npc once. am i wrong about having to wait for a spawn? or is it just a random spawn that hasent spawned for awhile?Ironmadgirl3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Enchanting or Herbalism? So, lately I was wondering whether to drop my herbalism sadly cause its just about 600, and to take enchanting. Now this is for gold btw. I was going to start inscription w/ my herbalism but kept hearing enchanting makes a lot more gold. Would it be worth it to restart and go with enchanting ? And how long does it take to get into? Thanks!Nicolaswow4 Aug 15
Aug 15 Warlord-Crafted Restriction I swear I heard in one of the developer Q&A videos that the restriction on wearing only three Warlord-crafted items was being lifted for Legion. Did I completely hear that wrong? I can't find anything about it when I try to Google it.Nadra8 Aug 15
Aug 15 Tome of the Clear Mind Lvl Req Why does the Tome of the Clear Mind technique require level 100 to purchase and craft? The item itself is usable by levels 10-100 and it would grant me some Inscription levels. Any reason for this? Thanks.Nanakii2 Aug 15
Aug 15 Do I need Mining for Engineering? I'm about to boost to 100 and for RP / historical reasons as much as anything else I want to keep Engineering on this character. I'd kind of also like to keep Tailoring, but not as important. I'm just wondering if Engineering will be viable without Mining, both for basic mats and I'm assuming I'll need Bloods for more difficult recipes?Califragia3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Blacksmithing low level plate - no recipes? I have two low level plate wearers who need plate so I went on my blacksmith and I can't make any plate other than starting (my toons are 24 and 32 in level). went to blacksmith trainer no new recipes. all the drops my low levels get are mail. I can't make mail for them because its all agility and they need strength. When are blacksmiths getting low level plate to craft? are there recipes available?Melisanda9 Aug 15
Aug 15 How is Gathering in Legion? Don't expect it to be as ridiculous as it is in Draenor but if I go double crafting am I just going to hate myself?Blackmoore4 Aug 15
Aug 15 Every Profession? Can one character have every profession? I thought i read somewhere that you would only need to pay 1000g to basically relearn everything from a profession you have. So say i have BS and JC. Can i max and drop and relearn later? Or maybe i want to mine for awhile and drop BS. Profession Tomes have me a little confused. Because what im getting from it is one character can have every profession. You would just have to drop and relearn ones you want to use at any given moment.Emplate2 Aug 15
Aug 15 Alchemy or Inscription? I currently have both, but thinking of dropping one for Herbing for Legion. I've had Alchemy for a while and I'm a little bored with it. But not sure if I want to lose all the work I put into it for Inscription when glyphs have basically been removed from the game. Which should I keep? Why?Morbus2 Aug 15
Aug 15 Can Blacksmiths create Mail anymore in WoD?? Hello there. Can Blacksmiths create mail armor pieces in WoD anymore?? Of course, the answer to this question used to be yes but I've realized that, as far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any high-level craftable mail pieces in Warlords of Draenor. It all seems to be plate. Am I overlooking something here. Can you still craft high ilevel pieces in WoD for a mail-wearer like my Shaman? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :-) DrooDrooken8 Aug 15
Aug 15 Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras God forbid we don't have ONE gathering profession and ONE production profession per character. Make these items BoA or come up with a system that doesn't screw over dual gatherer/dual production.Choof6 Aug 15
Aug 15 Archeology? should I start in the 1-75 zones or go straight to MOP like everyones been telling me? will I miss out on anything special by not going to the starting areas?Illidankk3 Aug 15
Aug 14 At what point is fishing loot calculated? I'm curious at what point during the fishing process is loot determined? Is it pre-determined when you initially cast? Or when you click the bobber? I ask because I've been trying to fish up the 15 pounder and usually do so while watching Netflix. There are some times where I don't hear the bobber or simply don't get it in time. So is it possible that I caught the 15 pounder, but lost it because I couldn't click the bobber quickly enough? Or is loot never even calculated till you click the bobber? Strange...but interesting question. Feedback appreciated.Psyh0 Aug 14
Aug 14 enchant mogs so, how do I unlock enchant mogs? I've heard people talking about some quest or boss drops ...Zahruk2 Aug 14
Aug 14 Inscription Hello Devs, quick suggestion. Now that inscription doesn't have a huge amount of glyphs to level up. Can one creation of a pattern give multiple skill ups similarly to Tailoring or Leatherworking?Frapstastic0 Aug 14
Aug 14 JC Remember when JC was actually fun? Anyone playing Beta doing JC have any imput on this? Is it better in Legion ? I hope more than anything it is somewhat closer to what it was like pre MoP, Cata was the best time to be a JC.Adrager2 Aug 14