Oct 9, 2011 Good ore/hour benchmark? So when I go out to mine ore for prospecting I can usually get about 10 stacks of ore/hour, give or take depending on the amount of competition. I'm questioning if that's a decent amount after watching a video on youtube where the guy said he mined up 12 stacks of elementium AND obsidium in an hour. That's over twice as much as I'm able to mine. I go to Twilight Highlands or Uldum (whichever is less crowded) for Elementium and Vashj'ir or Hyjal for Obsidium. I know you can get both Obsidium and Elementium in Deepholm but I don't know if that's a better place to go. I use the farming routes on for my routes. If that's not a good ore/hour benchmark I've been tempted to just drop mining for something like blacksmithing on this guy and just buy the ore to prospect. I have a maxed alchemist/enchanter as well so I should still be able to make a large profit. My only concern in doing that is I know you don't want to buy ore over a certain threshold per stack and I can tend to be a bit impatient/compulsive at times. What's a good threshold for buying ore to prospect? Thanks.Azzahn1 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Blizzard, I'll do your 4.3 arithmetic. We all know that Blizzard's A team is locked in the 5th level of the cellar working on titan while ogling with the countess, but please, at least leave the B team on WoW. The recently announced patch notes display a complete lack of vision and foresight. Get a grip. I'll help you. I'll walk you through each and every obvious step: A. 4.3 Profession Bonuses. With the introduction of epic gems on the ptr, the chimera's eye cut bonuses have been buffed from 67 to 77. While not buffing it would be neglect, buffing to the wrong value here is retardation. To account for the blacksmithing sockets, the target value is 83 + 1/3, so either 83 or 84 would suffice. I know ghostcrawler has said that he is fine with blacksmiths having a 20 stat advantage and he believes it won't cause chaos. I believe in he was sincere in the past when he said it, but I don't think he will have the balls in the future to stick with it. Hardcore raiders will mass swap to balcksmithing at great expense, and their !@#$%ing on the forums probably will not stop until you relent. Let me fix this for you. You have 2 alternatives: 1. Buff all profession bonuses 25% to matching blacksmithing. 2. Nerf the uncommon and rare cata gems and introduce epic gems at current rare gem bonus levels. This is actually a lot more elegant than (1). Ever since tbc the ratio of bonuses for uncommon:rare:epic has been 3:4:5, and wrath gems are an elegant 100% increase from tbc gems. Wouldn't this be a nicer table: tbc: 6, 8, 10 wra: 12, 16, 20 cat: 24, 32, 40 B. Gem Cuts & PVP The other problem with the new epic gem system will be PVP. How exactly are pvpers supposed to obtain their gems? If they must raid to remain 'competitive', you can be looking at another uproar. What now? You have a few seemingly workable options: 1. Leave things as is. All serious PVPers must raid or transfer out of servers with bad progression and they fork over and arm and a leg just so that they can get their gems. Good luck on your subscription numbers. 2. Have raw gems be buyable with honor. Now raiders are going to complain that they now "have to" pvp or run random dungeons all day every day to afford to raid in BiS gear. 3. Have cut gems be buyable with honor. Then why even release the designs for those cuts, much less as raid drops? 4. WotLK model. I know you guys don't like it but at least it works. C. Transmogrification Prices I like the fee for deposit and withdrawal, but the initial price is way too low if you are really positioning this as a gold sink. Should be at least 25k. I'd buy it even if it is 500k. I'll discuss this more in the next section. D. Economy I know you have the real numbers but from where i stand the transition from WotLK to Cataclysm seemed to have entailed an inflation of 300% to 400%. I started playing the Auction House game in March of last year and got to a million gold when cata launched. Ever since that cata launch date nearly 10 months ago, I made another 5.5 million gold (though I've spent nearly half of them on TCG items, currently halfway through a second set). While lots of players have way too much gold many many more are still dirt poor. There are a few solutions to this: 1. Inflation. Inflation is essentially a cop-out to a failed financial system, an attempt to 'nearly' zero out everyone's balances so as to enforces a 'fresh start', except that everyone who has worked for rewards in the previous system will undoubtedly be pissed. 2. Affirmative Action. Educate, inspire, cajole, give out freebies and do as much as possible to inspire the lazy and/or incompetent and/or nonchalant to take part in the great enterprise. Not ever going to work. People will be differently motivated, have differing amounts of playtime, and be differently adept at whatever they do and the stratification that existed before will remain. 3. Give the obscenely rich player a gold sink. The chopper and the vial are both positioned too low. I buy mats and have a friend craft them 5 at a time, and quite a few people who bought my vial mounts indicated to me that they either ended up buying gold to finance it, for farmed straight for 2 weeks. The problem as I see it, is that this 'status symbol' item is simply too readily within reach that the poor ended up burning themselves out chasing it while the rich profited from the sale thereof. However, if you had made a mount that costs 1 million gold, then it will clearly signal to the poorer players that this is not a reasonable goal at all. It would also give me something to do with my gold. I think I'll buy 3. E. Looking for Raid If this is going to work at all you are going to have to make it a lot easier to kick people than in LFG. Either way I foresee tears and rage and failure.Shardstar29 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 [Archaeology] All done w/NE Rares... ...still getting 3 of 4 dig sites as NE... didn't Blizz change this in 4.1, that if you completely finished a race -- their digsites would show up LESS? certainly doesn't seem this way. If less... then how much less than before? 1-5% less? I'm currently 7/7 yet i'm still wasting precious time with these sites. TLDR: If you complete a race, by how much % is the chance to get one of their dig sites reduced? ThanksLykewoah4 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Engineering needs looked at is it me, or like once i max out my eng, i do nothing with it. blizz needs to add something to eng to make it more useful besides the slot attachments. there nice but just a parachute for the back? that it. what if some mechanical buff for a raid like a feast. or more gizmos to use with CD's. all i know is i got max eng. and only thing i regular use is jeeves.Justin3 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 How Inscription could fix PvE and PvP balance So I’m thinking that Blizzard is really missing an amazing balancing opportunity with Inscription. As it stands right now, certain classes are simply less effective in PvE raid content than others to the point which they are almost a liability except in certain specific situations. Arms Warriors, Subtlety Rogues, and Frost Mages in particular have been historically less desirable in raids (though perhaps not quite so much now as in the past) and the reason has been the necessity of reducing their damage overall (which hurts their PvE viability) so they do not become ridiculously OP in PvP. Blizzard has attempted to level the playing field by tweaking talents, damage scaling, spec bonuses, mastery, etc., with mixed results, when they should have gone after the glyphs instead. For example, any Arms warrior, either PvE or PvP, will absolutely have the Prime Glyphs of Mortal Strike (+ 10% MS dmg) and Overpower (+10% OP dmg), and either Bladestorm (-15 sec BS CD) for PvP or possibly Slam (+5% Slam crit) for PvE. These glyphs are pretty much non-negotiable, if you’re Arms and don’t have them, you are less effective, period. What they should do, is split the glyphs into PvP and PvE. For example, the glyph of Bladestorm could be changed to increase Bladestorm’s damage, but remove the root/stun/fear immunity portion. Now you have a definite dps boost to Arms’ flagging DPS without making the spec OP in PvP. Thoughts?Razh7 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Jewelcrafting in 4.3 -- PVPers Punished? Blizzard, I'd like to know why those of us who are paying the same amount of money to play your game as the PVE'ers are getting the short end of the stick. I was bitter about not being able to use my Dreamcloth to have someone else make me epic Tailoring gear, fine. But I actually make my gold through Jewelcrafting, and as a PVPer, it looks like I will be 100% out of luck in terms of not only GETTING an epic gem by myself, much less being able to CRAFT them. Why don't PVP players have access to the same utilities that other players do?Xyien46 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Northrend Fishing Derby - bug? Hey, I went fishing for the Blacktip shark for the kal'uak fishing derby today. At 2:00, i never recieved the /yell message that it began. Regardless, i went fishing. At about 2:30 (with no /yell winner named) i caught the shark. I go to turn it in and someone had already won. Generally it yells out the second it starts, and when someone wins --but not this time. There any reason for this? My chat settings are not set in a way to filter that out or anything. Its just a shame because it was the first time i caught the shark and gave me false hope. :PRemiandert3 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Discrimination Against Inscription Why is that milling has to be a button click every single time? This is not the case for any other profession who can decide to do X so many times and leave it to run. Why is that glyphs are reusable once you have learned them, this is not the case for gems, enchantments or any other created item.Gnobbels9 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Molten Front's Plans I am a blacksmith. I'm trying to determine which is better to craft to make a profit from.. Well my question is: "which is the most popular weapon to craft and sell from the molten front plans?" "And do they even sell now that it's been a few months past 4.2?" Yandaelas2 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Enchanting As an Enchanter i make most of my porfit on the mats that i sell to the Auction House. Statring in the wrath of the Lich king expansion they starting allowing other Professions to hit disenchat and that changing a 7g vender item to a 60g worth of Materials due to the resent Expansion, so instead of making tons of gold im limited on the amout i can make. its not like i can hit smelt when a miner mines in my Group, Nor can i take apart a machine that a Engineer can. this also applys to Jewlcrafters. they make money Prospecting there ore just like Enchanters make there money Disenchanting items. so i think its only fair that they Remove this ability, or only allow enchanters in the group/raid to hit the Disenchant. Fearingyou1 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 new profession needed hey have u guys ever noticed that u cannot get a staff or bow crafted? bout time the gods put a profession in that can handle it..all you ranged ever noticed that it would be nice to get one crafted? we can make swords, axes, maces, daggers and the list goes on but still no where for ranged to get a crafted staff or bow....comon blizz time for a system overhaul of the professionsDeekayed11 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Archeology Help I just have a question about archeology.. Do you get less specific race's digsites once you've solved all of their rare artifacts? Right now I'm seeing only 4 digsites in kalimdor and 4 in eastern kingdoms. I would really like to see less nightelf sites and more tol'vir sites...Jackswallow3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Cooking: "Iron Chef" comes to WoW For those of us who have played WoW since its launch, we recall the hard work that went into everything, but especially into making time for cooking and fishing. As 4.3 rolls ever closer to going live, I still revisit the forums in the hopes of reviving the push by players to have the Iron Chef achievement actually award the title of "Iron Chef." I busted my butt to be first on my original realm to earn my "Chef" title and to this day, it is the only one that I display. While many titles come with the "fun" parts of WoW... the parts that everyone wants to be out there doing like BGs, Arena teams, and raiding... the titles like "Chef" and "Salty" are the ones that truly show which toons have put in the extra individual time in other areas of the game. Once upon a time, food buffs were critical at all levels... back during "Vanilla" WoW... prior to the nerfs and BoAs, etc. While they might be a lesser part of the game than they once were, I think that only makes it more important to reward those people who have shown such diligence and tenacity as to travel the kingdoms and learn every single recipe. Blizz... PLEASE make the "Iron Chef" a title and not just an achievement that gets someone a few "comparison" points. Thank you!Chincoteague6 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 How much gold to level up crafting prof How much gold does it cost, on average, lets just say on your server, to level up a crafting prof. I dont care which one since I am going to level up each on on all of my toons, id like to know how much around, something like 20k? 50k? I wont be doing any farming, buying mats only. thanksJonnywaffles1 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Alchemy Gimped? Different professions have different ways to provide the passive stats enhancement, like enchanters can enchant rings for +80 stats, or JCs can use 3 of the special JC gems for +81 stats, or leatherworkers can enchant bracers for +80 or inscriptionists can enchant shoulders for +80. In the same way, I understand that Alchemy has a Flask of Enhancement that can be used for +80 stats. However, this is not passive. You have to drink it and it lasts 2 hours. Now the problem is this. I can imagine 3 situations in which I use elixirs or flasks, but it seems that as an alchemist I can only use them in two situations: 1. For a baseline state (compared to say an enchanter who has not taken any flasks or elixirs), the alchemist can reach a comparable state by using the Flask of Enhancement. So the enchanter gets +80 passive stats by enchanting his rings, while the alchemist gets +80 stats from his Flask of Enhancement. The result is identical. 2. For a flasked state for raids, both the enchanter and alchemist use their class specific flask. Suppose they are both rogues and use Flask of the Winds. The enchanter gets +300 agility from it while the alchemist gets +380 agility (due to Mixology). However, since the Flask of the Winds overwrites the Flask of Enhancement, the net result is identical. The alchemist gets 380 stats from the flask, the enchanter gets 300 from flask plus 80 from ring enchants, so the result is the same. 3. However, alchemists can't use elixirs in a comparable way. The enchanter (or blacksmith, leatherworker, whatever) can use an elixir to increase haste/crit/mastery/whatever. Since their stat bonus is passive (from enchanting rings or bracers or shoulders) it doesn't interfere with the elixir. However, an alchemist can't drink the elixir without losing the flask of enhancement with the +80 stat bonus. So it seems to me that alchemy is gimped, because if alchemists use an elixir they lose the passive stat bonus that every other class is allowed to keep even after drinking elixirs. That seems weird because people roll alchemists to have access to cheap potions/flasks/elixirs/etc. And so they have stacks of elixirs in inventory, but can't use them without losing the stat bonus. Is this how it's meant to be or am I missing something?Mayenne20 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Alchemy stuck at 475 So I just got to 475 in Alchemy and the recommended recipes to advance further are Elixir of Deep Earth and Mighty Rejuvenation Potion, but the trainers do not have these skills available for training. I literally have no items in my Alchemy window that have a skillup available. I've been to multiple trainers and done some serious Googling, but I can't find anything to point me in the right direction. Before I open a ticket, is there anyone that knows what I'm doing wrong? Elmer3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 multiple skillups for crafting professions I really liked the change to inscription that increased the material cost of glyphs, but gave them multiple skillups, but why is this idea only confined to Inscription and not used in other professions? I've heared some of the top end recipes in other professions have give multiple skills too, but why should it be only high level recipes. At the moment leveling tailoring/lw/bs is usually doing multiple copies of the same bracer, shoulderpad or whichever piece costs the least amount of mats over and over, then vendoring or disenchanting. wouldn't it be better to have recipes that take double the mats (e.g chestpieces usually take much more mats than bracers) give more skillups. It wouldn't affect the material market at all, since you'd still need the same amount of materials per skillup, but at least leveling crafting professions would become somewhat more interesting. You'd have a viable choice to craft something usable with professions at lower levels, rather than just pay X gold per skillup all the way till the end (when you can finally start making useful stuff). Some of the craftable rares might become more viable too. any disadvantages this would have that I'm missing? Any ideas?Garmoddan3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Over-hual profession cool-down system!!! So I also posted this on but i'm going to make some additions and changes on this post As I was lying down to bed to sleep today, a thought crossed my mind about over hauling the profession cool down system from the current CRAFT: WAIT A DAY: CRAFT etc, to run more like the VP bonus from running heroic dungeons. So say X skill can be crafted once every 20 hours. Just change the system to say X skill craft limit for week = 8, and each time a person uses it, minus one use for the week, and just use the current Tuesday reset that you (Blizzard) currently use for the Heroics and raids. Why I think this would be good. Just as blizzard has changed the LFG system to provide people with the opportunity to run their 7 heroics in one day and still benefit from the VP instead of having to find time to play each day, this would allow more players (who might not have much time to play each day) to use their profession cool downs to the fullest. This is mostly a ease of player use feature that I feel would be a wise choice from Blizzard. Could mean more items for AHs which could help the WoW economy! After this they need to figure out a weekly daily quest for those of us who can't get on each day for dailies (or who have just grown BORED with them) so that we time restricted gamers can still get all our tokens each week. So seeing that I have now renewed my wow account so I can get back to spending time with my friends and following up on my wow head post. 1. Blizzard needs to look at my idea above and figure out a way to implement (with their geniusness behind it) it into the game. Hopefully before WoW 5.0 but seeing that they have said no more major patches tell next expansion. I don't think an over haul of the profession system would happen anytime soon. 2. I am thinking with guild perks. It would be nice to have guild npc farmers. Let me explain. Farming for some of us is a tedious activity that takes a lot of time to do. I know that I could break up farming by doing dungeons or raids. * now my idea for this would be a NPC unit that the guild buys (the guild leader, and allowed ranks could use the skill to summon the NPC, as well as assign the desired gathering profession to be use. * NPC is set to profession and goes forth to gather mats. * The NPC gathers for 24 hours, and comes back with a balanced set of mates (set it at a max of like 500 or even to just 200) * The NPC can only be used once a week. Resets on tuesday. * Major purpose behind this. Said guild has a strong number of players who can farm one or two of the main mate types (ore, leather, cloth, herbs), but falls short on the others could use an NPC gather to off set their lack of x gathering profession. * What effect this would have an the WoW economy? Hopefully if it is balanced right, it wouldn't effect it very much. By placing guild lvl requirements (I would not allow it to any guild below lvl 15 or even 20 to buy said NPC) Limiting it to one cast per week would prohibit I feel over use. 3. I know this isn't a profession idea, but i'm going to throw it in as well. GUILD MERCs. * Another guild gold dump. Guild would have to purchase a Merc troop (Human/Dwarf . . . etc) which would include one NPC for each class in that race. * How it would be used: Guild X buys Human Troop: Level 10 priest calls up Human Warrior Merc to help them fight mobs. * Only controllable feature of said merc would be what talent tree they focused in. Other wards they maintain a assist only AI. Like hunter/warlock pets. * I feel that the blue prints for this are being used in Diablo 3 for the follower system. (Maybe something like that could even be used. So that as the player gets higher and lvls, and stronger the merc doesn't scale up to compare or to out do. * This idea needs some work, but I think it would be doable. And I feel it would be a good thing for guilds, who have lower lvl alts or new members, that don't wanna take their time or spend a lot of time helping lvl new heroes. No matter what blizzard does (if they except to like any of my ideas) the biggest issue would always come down (not how to do it) but balance. They would need to figure out how to balance a weekly profession system. How to balance a NPC farmer (hopefully guilds can have more than one). And how to balance Guild Mercs (I for sure say, never allow mercs in dungeons raids, bgs, and maybe not in parties. Basically make it that parties are more favorable over mercs Feed back and other ideas to make these ideas better would be awesome. Thank you for taking ur time to read, and please keep it on track.Amarisen0 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Epic Fish I have an idea to make fishing more fun for everyone, and fishing skill more rewarding. Epic fish. Or uncommon/rare fish, whatever. Say the regular fish gives a +90 buff, the epic ones will give +100, or something. Maybe just make them for int/agi/str/mastery (the only stats people use), or to be super-cheap make only one kind that gives elemental resist :D. They can be fished from open water or pools or both, but here's the thing...make fishing skill make them caught more often, with no cap or minimum. Now I have a reason to use that engineering lure and +3 fishing buff food, and even little Johnny who is leveling fishing in cata pools has a CHANCE to get something awesome. Thoughts?Elru6 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 3rd Primary Profession What would yours be? Why?Faesa3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Grips of altered reality Want to sell these but not sure what price to start out at. None on ah for the past week or so. Any ideas?Syyner2 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Engineering Cogwheel Sockets! It doesn't really make sense to me to have unique cogwheels in the engineering goggles. Other professions can stack whatever they want and they don't require you to wear a piece of gear in a slot. First off, in arena/rated BGs the cogwheel sockets you put in the goggles are the only bonus from engineering you can use. The sockets are a great bonus, but the goggles are lacking stats. The vicious gladiator's silk cowl (for mages) can even replace the goggles-swapping a large amount of resilience for one cogwheel, while keeping most of the mastery from the other cogwheel AND the hood has a red socket to boot. Sorry, but i haven't checked any pve helmets for their stats in comparison to the goggles, but I feel that the goggles alone are only a piece of gear with no significant stats. At the least engineers should be able to stack two of the same cogwheels, or have another bonus for their profession.Steeze7 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Tailoring - Netherweave patterns Where can I find the belt and bracer pattern for the netherweave set. Everything on net says trainer teaches, but they are not at trainer or any vendors in Shat.Pantsonfire4 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 crafting professions going forward Currently crafting professions can produce endgame year (until heroics) for each tier. To keep professions worthwhile as patches go from beginning to end I'd like to see them introduce the ability to upgrade crafted items into heroic ilevel items through using the drops that will be similar to the current crystals from heroic bosses.Cheetahfeet0 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 How much is Chaos Orb worth? I need Leatherworker to craft me epic Belt and Legs so I was wondering how much Chaos Orb is worth? I would have thought 200g per Orb would be enough but I am not sure.Ohudd3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Starting JC Hey all. I just picked up JC to make a lil $. My question is, which color gem recipes should i be after first? I just finished getting all the reds from JC dailys, what color should i go next? Metas? purples? please help Voltat7 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 professions needs revamping, new one needed hey all was just thinking tonight that the professions really need revamping, just how many people would put low lvl gear they make in ah and would anyone really buy it...only chanters would really need it... and what is really needed is a profession that can make staves and bows...really all you ranged out there how hard is it to get a new staff or bow?i have been running zandalar on my druids for quite a while now trying to get a staff or an off hand of decent quality to go with my 1h mace but yeah drop rate is not the best and then to have a dps caster take my healing staff cause it is just a little bit better? comon blizz look into this and create a new prof that can handle the demand for them..... all you ranged speak up now this is a subject that really needs looking at....we can make swords,axes,guns,maces and so on but no staves or bows and a good off hand would be nice...dont really know what you could call it but try calling it a bowyer prof or something like thatDeekayed1 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 How does a BS make gold? Are pyrium weapon chain and ebonsteel buckle the only two sources of income?Vigilantê12 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Northrend alchemy research So, I switched to alchemy and leveled up to 525. I like the profession so far but have a question. I want the Elixir of Water Walking recipe. I understand that to get it I have to do the Northrend Research and hope it drops. Is this the only way? How many possible recipes will drop? Do they drop twice? Will I eventually get the one I want? It has a 3 day cooldown so it may take a long time if there are a lot of recipes. I'm just trying to manage my expectations.Degenoll3 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Any reason to keep engineering as a rogue? -Synapse springs are a wash with the 80 agi you get from other professions. -There are no new plans in 4.3 and the "best" thing we can offer for profit from the last patch, isn't even something that a rogue can use effectively. -Cogs are a joke. They shouldn't have even put them in the game. -Mount is nice, but I never use it any more. Just another flying mount in the pool of the 15 or so I have. -The speed boost is too undependable for raids and cant be used in arena. -Shield on the belt is meh, even in the best situations. Any plans for the future? The profession has been essentially static since cata was released.Kinpin12 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Unable to train archaeology I didn't see this anywhere soni apologize if it has already been answered. I have a level 12 warlock and I went to that archaeology trainer in UC and can't train for some reason. There's nothing available OR unavailable, there's just nothing I can do. Am I doing something wrong here?Xåndercrews11 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Tome of Burning Jewels. So from what i understand, the only way to get 4.3 cuts for JC is to acquire a Tome of Burning Jewels, and get a random recipe from that. A Tome is apparently a drop/rep reward from Dragon Soul (the new raid) and ONLY that. Alongside that, the only way to get epic gems will be via raiding and transmute. It's a nice thing that we will be able to get epic gems outside of raiding but i feel like getting epic cuts from these Tome things that only drop in raiding is really isolating the PvPers and people who don't raid. Troll response: u can bye them fr0m me and my 25m nerd guild lololololmao cuz u sux and doesnt any raid My response: I used to raid, then this little thing called college happened (no stable schedule + studying) and our bandwidth is like 200kb/sec. Bottom line, if epic gems are able to be created by players without needing to raid, i feel like the same should be true for the recipes. For instance if alchemy can transmute gems from raw materials, shouldn't JC be able to use gems to do "mineralogy" or something to discover cuts outside of raiding/buying them WAY overpriced from raiding guilds. JC is going to be struggling with the smaller volume of gems let alone having to deal with getting cuts from current raiders. Really, it's favoring the elite raiding community over the rest of the community. Common sense says that's cowfeces.Hotchy14 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Molten Core Dailies This has been such a grind, and with lots of 85's, I just can't get motivated to repeat it. This is one of my tailors and I was thinking of dropping tailoring and powerleveling Blacksmithing just to be able to use the BS patterns. What have others done?Beannag4 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Two profession suggestions (JC/Fishing) My fishing suggestion was to help with a slightly annoying result of having three classes that benefit from Deepsea Sagefish. It's an open water fish and, through the process of catching them, you end up with many many murglesnouts. Murglesnouts are fairly useless so I'm suggesting giving them a purpose. Chumbucket - Ingredients: 15-20 Murglesnout On Use: You chum the water, causing schools to form. Even fish that normally do not school are attracted. 1-hour cooldown. Can only be used in Cataclysm zones. What it would do: It could be a player specific buff that lasts for 10-15 minutes that causes multiple (or a single large mixed school) Cataclysm level pools to spawn in the area around where the chum is used (perhaps a targeting ring?) and the catch from the schools would vary depending on where the chum is used. So you wouldn't end up with freshwater fish being caught in the ocean or zone specific fish being caught in inappropriate zones. My thought behind this is related specifically to catching Deepsea Sagefish, as they are the only fish used for buff food consumed by casters. All of the other buff food fish have schools. I understand this would likely drive the cost of the Sagefish down but it would potentially drive the price of Murglesnout up to compensate. The bucket could be traded and sold on AH but potentially have a require fishing level to use it. The other suggestion involves JC dailies. I may be alone when I say this but I seem to have terrible luck when it comes to the RNG involved in prospecting. I end up with very few of some gems and many of others. I would attribute this to small sample size but I've prospected hundreds of stacks of ore to reach this conclusion. So, my suggestion would be to possibly change the way that the JC dailies work. The one with the Stardust would remain unchanged, as would the Elemental Goo quest. The ones I'm specifically referring to are the ones where you are asked to create 3 of whatever uncommon gem cut the quest giver asks you to. Currently, you get one token and some gold for the quest. The change I'd be asking for for would be for the gem cutting quests to offer the standard one JC token, a small satchel containing gold, some uncommon gems and the possibility to contain a second JC token, Chimera's Eye or rare quality gem. The reason I ask for this change is not just due to my bad luck with prospecting, it's more to do with the way JC works. JC is the only profession where you have to do quests for a single token of currency used to buy the vast majority of your crafting patterns. The other professions use obtainable materials to gain their patterns. Blacksmithing, Enchanting and some recipes from tailoring can even be purchased using tradeable items (exception being dreamcloth but, even then, crafting each dreamcloth pattern that doesn't require orbs will enable you to buy all 5 patterns). At the current rate of token acquisition, it would take a JC 281 days to obtain all of the available patterns and that doesn't take into account buying the chimera's eyes necessary in some of the recipes. Sorry for the wall of text but thank you for your time.Zippora2 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 engineering and 4.3 i feel with need something new since goggles seem 2 be out of the question how about a new bomb but unlike the other bombs this 1 effects party members lets say it has a 15-20 yard blast range and for 20 seconds boosts xxx stats 3-4min cd if u don't like the idea toss out ur own/or how 2 improve on my ideaKèrrigan2 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 [Engineering] Does Not Scale With New Patch Probably not the most accurate title but this pretty much sums it up. We get a good Helmet at the start of an expansion but there's been NO gear upgrade since. Whereas the crafting Professions get new equipment recipes every patch/new raid release. Jewelcrafting and Inscription are a bit behind in that regard as well but at least they're good money makers. It doesn't help that all of our tinkering abilities have such high and dangerous failure rates now. I can understand them being barred from BGs/Arena, but I can't even use them in raids. Seriously, what the heck Blizzard? It's not like this is a new issue as well, it's been this way since vanilla. One of the most expensive professions to skill up (lack of resell value), has non-existent scaling, and no money making potential (the mounts are a joke). Why? Edit: Using Jeeves, a Mailbox, and Northrend Portal DO NOT make this profession worthwhile. These are all Wrath recipes as well. Edit2: I suggest letting us craft comparable PvE competitive Trinkets. Not "fun" stuff like the Whelpling uses, but an actually useful one. A summon on proc could be added for flavor.Zerole40 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Why am I doing this to myself? I started archaeology on a second character because I wanted to get the recipe for the sandstone drake on my alchemist. Only have 80 skill on that toon and regretting it already. I really hope they're making some changes next patch. :(Abindia3 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 similar weapon enchants to landslide graphic? I'm trying to work on a transmog set and was wondering if anyone might know of a cheap enchant to use on potential weapons in lieu of landslide. Any suggestions?Kurogasa4 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Enchanting - 460+ or just DE for profit? I am maxed JC, and i buy loads of ore to prospect - and have a lot of almost useless gems (jasper, allicite, etc) I have 74 Mage who i power leveled Tailoring and and Enchanting, the original reason was for the Mage to simply be a pure DEing machine, disenchating the green rings Jasper Ring from my JCer in the hopes of getting Lesser Celestial Essence - the Greater Essences sell from 60g-100g depending on the day. But 75% of the time i get Hypnotic Dust - which really doesnt sell for anything. Is this the best way to profit? should i just level up to about 475 so i can DE level 85 items and just sell DE components? Or sell high end enchants the best way to go? Thanks Azinnoth4 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Blacksmithing and Smelting need spec I'm a little dissapointed that neither blacksmithing and smelting still don't have any specializations, even alchemy has some bs specs. Come on...Daemondred5 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Repairing Weapons Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Mirrored Boots Anyone have this receipe for sale or to craft on Windrunner... please send me a message thanks.Jettays1 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 addons I was just curious which addons I should use for mining, skinning and black smithing.Shotstorm7 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Burning Crusade Master Weapons First, a little back story. I spent a lot of time, effort, and gold back in Burning Crusade (on another character, unfortunately) to skill up blacksmithing, become a Master Hammersmith, and craft myself two [item="Dragonstrike" /]s. They were the coolest looking weapons in the entire game (in my opinion, at least), and I used them for the entire expansion, and I still have them in the bank, saved for years. A few days ago, I decided to level blacksmithing on this character, an enhancement shaman, specifically to craft one of these awe-inspiring weapons. With Transmogrification around the corner, I thought it would be a great model for any future weapons, as well as a good weapon for the level. I spent hours farming ore around Azeroth, Outlands, and Northrend before I got to 375 blacksmithing. Then, to my great dismay, I discovered that the weaponsmith that used to train the patterns somehow forgot how to craft the mace (I guess that's why they call it Cataclysm). I spoke with a couple GMs, and they both pointed me to the forums, to try and gather support for a future change. I have done a little research, and have seen quite a few good suggestions about what to do for them. 1. Add the plans to all the weapons to all blacksmith trainers. Easy to do, everyone can make them. 2. Create a small quest chain to obtain the patterns. Probably the most difficult to implement, but would keep the items a little less main-stream than just making the pattern available from all trainers. 3. Sell the patterns in Shattrath city. Probably the simplest solution, but people have to actually go there to get them. 4. Make the items BoE. Old-school players would make a decent amount of money crafting the weapons for Transmogrification. Would also be pretty simple to implement, I think. 5. Make the weapon skins available on other weapons. It would have to be a pretty epic item to do the originals justice, but it would be a workable solution. Unfortunately, everyone (not just blacksmiths) would have access to it, and that would really make me sad. 6. ... This could work. Whichever way it works out, I would absolutely love to have these weapon skins available again, come patch 4.3. I was extremely disappointed when I discovered I couldn't craft my [item="Dragonstrike" /], and I really would love to have it once more.Bhaz9 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 learning my server's economy Hey all, Many threads mention learning my server's economy as one of the best things to do to get on track toward making serious gold. Right now I have this 85 pally and he has 525 herb and 525 mining. I have about 30K gold that I compiled by selling what I gathered while leveling. I have begun leveling a mage who i have set up with alchemy and enchanting. He is currntly level 20 and has those skills leveled to 225 each. (I have to get to level 35 now to improve those profs) Once I gather all the necessary herbs for the mage to level alchemy to 525, I plan to drop herb on the pally and level JC. At that point I should be good for the JC shuffle when the mage is level 75. So here are my questions: What things should I be looking into to study my server's economy? How can I research which gem cuts sell best and which enchants sell best? What pieces of information should I be looking for? To be honest I see a TON of gems for sale on my server. Does that mean the market is flooded and it's useless to try? Or is it like restaurants where the best place to open your Greek restaurant is right next door to the thriving Greek restaurant? I don't even know the list of available enchants. How can I learn which enchants sell best? Do I need to know every class and know what they're looking for to make their toons the best they can be? Where can I find this info? As you can see I have many questions, but I hope it's also evident that I'm not blowing smoke and saying "How can I haz G0ld 2?" I'm willing to put in the time and educate myself, but I need some guidance on assessing my server's economy. Thanks in advance. Graythorn9 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Proposed change to speed up potion making As I start another 15 minute batch of mana potions, a thought occurred to me. I closely track my procs as a potion master in a spreadsheet, and something I started doing with Cataclysm was also tracking exactly how many minutes I've invested into the profession, or at least the production side. In the past week I hit 24 hours /played simply standing still and creating potions, usually in batches of 100 or more. While clearly it's okay to click "Create" and step away for a few minutes, I feel like it might still be wiser to somehow implement ways to speed up the process. Some of my ideas so far: -Create a "Chef's Hat" for alchemy, perhaps call it a "Lab Coat" or something similar? This could be obtained through a new daily alchemy quest, tailored to each specialization, or by purchasing it with a combination of alchemy-created items. -Install a "Laboratory" near all major cities' alchemy suppliers and trainers. Standing near this lab bench will give anyone of high enough alchemy skill a buff "Mad Scientist" that drastically shortens the amount of time to create each pot. -Create more cauldrons, however in this case they'll be for personal use only. A "Cauldron of Mythical Mana" would have 20 charges, be just as expensive as creating every potion individually, and would only take 15 seconds to create. Obviously they wouldn't be soulbound. I understand that other professions have similar concerns, tailoring and their bolts might be an example, however I only have a full understanding of alchemy and thus I believe it'd be inappropriate to comment on anything else. I also understand that monotonous investment of time is a fact of the MMO scene. However, I find that if the time investment can be spent not at the keyboard, it really shouldn't be part of the game at all. Your thoughts would be appreciated, players and Blues.Graydorra7 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Taurens are ruining Herbalism The tauren racial to quickly empty an herb node is more than just an annoying thing that should be dealt with. Complaining about it isn't your run of the mill QQ, either. If person A reaches and begins gathering a node BEFORE person B, then the node should be tapped for person A, regardless of how fast someone else can gather from the node. I just spent many hours on an herb binge, and there were several tauren druids flying around. I counted the number of nodes I had taken from me, while I was gathering from them, over a the course of 4.5 hours. I couldn't believe how many--and I know none of you would, either, so I'll keep the number to myself. They were making fun of us and spilling the lulz all over general chat. I want to see some sort of justification for this from Blizzard. I don't want someone who has a one to get on here and start with their "oh, another QQ" bull crap. I've got a tauren druid of my own, and I could easily go around doing the same crap. In fact, I probably WOULD, if I still played that toon. But I WOULDN'T pretend that what I'm doing was fair to other players. Allowing some players to take already active nodes from other players creates a distinct disadvantage for ALL players of that profession who are not of the same race, with added benefit to druids, because they can fly around in flight form, not having to lost time to dismounting/mounting. If I'm strolling around somewhere in wow, and I see another player engaged in combat with some mob or another--let's pretend it's a rare one with a nice drop. I can't attack the mob myself, and based on the fact that I can kill it faster than the other player be given the loot instead of the other player. Unless the other player dies, he gets the loot, if he was the first to tag the mob. It doesn't matter how much faster than that player I can kill it--it's his loot. I'm not even asking for this to be changed to something fair. I'm asking for one thing and one thing only: I want a rationale as to why this is allowed to persist in the game. Given that it persists, it is apparently the intention of the game developers. I want to know what the reasoning behind this is; what logic supports this ability as being fair play. In other words, to echo what I said earlier, justify why this exists in the game. On another note: When can I expect to be able to get loot from mobs that I kill faster than the person who is already attacking it? I'm eagerly looking forward to this ability.Doraan72 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Professions Scrolls To whom it may concern: I would like to propose the following idea: Imagine you have 3 toons, each with a different set of professions. Imagine you have invested a great deal of time and gold into each toon's profession and you decide you want to change professions. Let's say you have a Death Knight and a Paladin. The DK does enchanting and inscription while with Paladin does blacksmithing and engineering. Let's also say you have a rogue who does mining and herbalism. Now, let's imagine who want your DK to be your main who you run heroic with and you want to be able to collect orbs. As an enchanter/inscriptionist, you would be unable to do that. What I propose is this: Professions scrolls. A special vendor in SW and Org as well as Dalaran who, for a modest fee, can copy a profession to a scroll which is BoA. This BoA scroll could be sent to another toon, allowing them to learn that profession without doing all the legwork. However, the original toon who knew it would no longer have that profession, so it would be a trade off. This would allow toons on the same account to switch professions without having to grind from skill lvl 1. Obviously, there would be a few requirements. Both toons would have to be some account (but not same faction, necessarily) and the profession being swapped would have to be maxxed. Please consider this as a relief to people who rally can't grind professions anymore due to limitations on time. Thank you; Híawatha AGHíawatha3 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 The Wonderful Chaos Orbs Chaos orbs... fun? I mean, after an Engineer has created his headpiece and crafted more High Impact Hole Punchers than he can sell, what with the Lava Crossbolt being BoE and of higher ilevel... We stack, stack, and stack more and more chaos orbs. Yeah, we could pass on them, but what fun is that!? So I figure they will eventually go BoE and be sellable, etc... But wouldn't it be nice if they could at least be BoA? Things like Chimera Eyes and Chaos orbs and other superior crafting items could be traded amongst your own account. We work for them, why not be able to send them to our other toons!? Just an idea... discuss?Kaydon2 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Chaos Orbs simply forgotten? I keep waiting to see "Chaos Orbs are now BoE" in all these patch notes, I just don't understand the delay right now, honestly I always thought the initial situation with them was kinda strange (them being BoP only for crafters) but I could deal with it. However, right now it's just plain foolish. Especially with another patch coming where each and every new crafting pattern is going to use them. Don't get me wrong, I like running dungeons, I like tanking and healing, but please let me do them on an alt and send them to my main. Thanks, /begs Please!!Wrennardx17 Oct 6, 2011