Sep 2, 2011 Engineering has given me a good idea Since engineers (I have one) can remotely loot a corpse with their loot-a-rang I have come up with what I consider a good idea for hunters. I know that a hunter is a class but this has to go in the professions forum since I don't see any other forum suitable for this thread. Anywho, I have been out farming a couple of vanity pets and the mobs that you have to kill are low level, very low level compared to an 85 hunter, and go down with one shot. I then have to run all the way to the corpse to loot it to see if the pet dropped. I propose that Blizzard make a passive ability for the hunters pet called 'fetch' which can be implemented by the hunter after a kill and his pet would then loot the corpse it is already at for the hunter. It may not seem like much to some, but when all you are doing is single shot killing and running to the dead mob to loot it, it would save massive amounts of time on a very low precentage drop that you are farming for. I am talking about days of farming, like the firefly in Zangarmarsh. I really would like to see Blizzard give this serious consideration, no I really would like to see Blizzard put this pet ability in game.Klurintos4 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Any good addon for herbalism? is there one that can help me finds herbs better? the one i have simply remembers where i picked them last time, i would like a better oneJarolto5 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Player License Extension farming Okay, this is a far-fetched idea but how bout it? Eve-Online has 2 ways you can play the game. Pay for a subscription or purchase PLEX cards off the open market. What a PLEX card is is a player purchased card of game time redeemable and obtainable only through Blizzard sanctioned sites. A player purchases this card with real money and then gets the PLEX card deposited in his/her inventory. This card can be sold to any player in-game for gold. And this card is actual game time. This is beneficial in many ways: 1) Helps Blizzard get extra funds(probably 1-2 USD more than just the regular subscription fee. 2) People who are lucrative enough in market-pvp can then play the game essentially for free. 3) If a friend is in a bind in-game and cant pay his/her subscription fee for the next month. This allows for friends to support friends. Disclaimer: This card will most likely go for 30k - 50k gold depending on the supply/demand of your server.Gunrlaser6 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Profession Leveling Issues: Prof. Objects.... longer same level for each zone. Ever since that one patch, I don't remember which one, and since Cataclysm, the "seamless" new questing system has effected how we level, probably for the better. But it's also negatively effected Professions leveling. Try as I might, I can't level Mining and Herbalism at the same time. Whenever I finish a zone to move onto the next, either my Mining or Herbalism has fallen anywhere from 50-100 points behind the other. This is an annoying problem. I noticed even when I arrived in Outland, a level 67 was roaming Hellfire Peninsula, and I guessed that perhaps they'd left their current leveling zone to bring up their mining so they can mine Adamantite. Because that's what I'm having to do now at 69, when I could either be leveling in Netherstorm/Shadowmoon or moving onto Northrend. My Mining has fallen 100 levels behind my Herbalism, because Outland is apparently riddled with herbs that are abundant even in Classic zones, like the Felweed. So it's been extremely easy to bring my Herbalism up past 420 now while still in Outland. But I am struggling like crazy just to get my Mining to 375. Is this something that's been addressed? Or am I just being a big whiner that needs to get over it?Spencey4 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 why do jc undercut each other until 0 profit? i've been reverberating shadowspirits, and at first they go for about 200-300g a piece, which i found to be reasonable. Then a bunch of people started selling them for 90g a piece. Why? on the server 1 stack of elementium or obsidium is still 50g-70g a stack, so that means each shadowspirit transmute will cost approximately 200g per transmute, which means an average of 80-90g per shadowspirit raw gem in terms of materials, depending on luck the average player needs LESS THAN 1 meta PER WEEK, i don't know anyone who changes helm every week. i don't think these people understand how markets work, if they were the type to trade in the world markets then they'd !@#$ the economy so hard. if there were a demand of 10 reverberatings today, and you were able to sell 10 at 90g, you essentially made less than 10g total profit for your time, after AH cut and what not. if there were a demand for 10 reverberatings and you sold 1 at 250g, you just made 160g in profit. and honestly speaking, if a regular level 85 got a new helm, he's going to fork over up to 400g for a meta within the blink of an eye, since no 1 changes their helm that often anyways, so why sell it for 90g when you can sell it for 400? why don't people understand!!! [edit] i even sank in 10k gold buying out people selling it at 80 or 90g, trying to stablize the market, but those people just kept on listing more at 90g, and seeing as they'd lose money if they AH'd stacks of ore or raw shadowspirit, i assume they are mining by themselves, which begs the question, why do they pay themselves less than gold farmers for their time?Sebasti73 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Did Nitro Boost Fail Rate get increased? I swear it's at least every 1/4, if not more.Katmandont0 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 A druid stole my whiptail So here I was collecting herbs for one of my many professions that I plan to use not sell in order to level that profession. Well the Druid is able to fly in never seems to change from flight form takes the herb while I'm in the middle of herbing it. I got to the herb first and was herbing it. No matter how much I tried the druid took every herb because I had to dismount and worry about getting in combat then mount again to fly. The druid had the advantage. Well I'm not crying nerf druids. I hated it, but I'm also leveling tailoring so I went to collect materials to level that instead. I'll get my 100 whiptail run, but I won't be like these people calling NERF druids instead I'll just level a druid tank then do the same.Acks19 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 How come the game won't let you convert...... How come WOW won't let you convert small brilliant shards into large brilliant shards and vice versa? It is like one of the only ones my enchanter can't convert. Why Blizzard? This is crazy and makes no sense!Archângel1 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Gun in my mouth achievement for archaeology I started out loven this profession, but now i have a confession. a gun in my mouth i want to do, before i dig up anymore of this poo. Been diggen straight down for a solid week, and the rewards/drop rates are kind of ... weak. Then i contemplated what indeed i should do, so i came here to ask all of you. After all these solves and all these flights, i find this profession really bites. True some of the pets are kind of neat, but getting somethen usefull is kind of weak. Below i shall post some possible solutions, no trolls, just respond with relevent notions.Pyrothraxus9 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Fishing events This may have already been answered, but I can't find it. Why is it that the weekly fishing events are listed as Sunday and Monday on, but in game they are still listed correctly on Saturday and Sunday? Is Blizzard changing the days at some point? I almost never am able to log on on a weekend, so I would love to see one of those happen on Monday.Papewaio1 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Progress: The core of the problem I have posted on this forum before in support of improving archaeology, on a different character (Shylvas). Seeing how this character is my new main, has a fashionable new robe, and has the Tol'Vir ring, I think it's appropriate to post on Yiraa. Now then, I know at this point most of you are hitting that back button after reading that blurb. Move your hand away from that backspace key, for now. There are threads explaining Archaeology's many frustrations and tribulations, but I believe I have found the heart of the problem. (For the record, I love the idea of Archaeology. It has a lot of, I believe, untapped potential that could really improve the game) Progress. Have you ever dug for an hour or so, and finally got enough Tol'vir fragments to complete the artifact, and then watched the creation bar with your heart thumping, hoping maybe this time Staff of Ammunae or Scimitar of the Sirocco will pop up? The bar finishes, and another common pops up. Bam. It feels like you just lost one hour, with nothing to show but less fragments, less keystones, and maybe a few gold. After 525, there's no measurable progress. You hear anecdotes of people getting what they're looking for on their 4th solve, and people who still haven't gotten anything on their 4,000th solve. It all boils down to luck. Raiders in Classic and BC (until Badges of Justice were released) had to rely on their tier or class token to drop. You could get strings of horrible luck. Tier tokens helped alleviate some of that but you hear stories of some classes having full tier for their OS and some not having a single piece of tier for their MS. Then points were added. "No luck on your tier, despite having perfect attendance in ICC since it's release? No worries, use these emblems of frost to buy what you need!". You could see a measurable end in sight. You just had to kill the first four bosses in ICC 15 times to get your tier gloves. Random is good. It keeps people on their toes. Watching out for procs, watching out for crits, watching out for that lucky world drop. In other professions, you know how many more truegold and chaos orbs you'll need for that shiny new sword. You know how many Dreamcloth for those nice pants. You know how many Volatile Lifes to a flask. You don't know what the next solve will bring. A way to measure your progress would help Archaeology immensely. Hell, even Tyrande saying "Hey, I'll give you this old enchanted doll I have if you dig up 100 bits of Night Elf history" would be good enough. To those who have read my rambling, I salute you. To those who frantically skimmed through my post looking for buzzwords and went down to the bottom, I don't blame you.Yiraa1 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Volitile drop nerf? So I just went to do my daily farm of Volatiles to feed to my Alchemist to make Truegold and is it just me or are the rate on any type of Volatile way lower than yesterday?Adgelynn7 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Are there any 85 Potions? I have maxed out in alchemy and herblore. I am looking for level 85 potion recipies. I was wondering if there were any. I know that several new recipies we introduced in Cataclysm for blacksmithing and leatherworking. I have looked everywhere and have been unable to locate any. If anyone knows please let me know, it would help me alot. ThanksAnwêär6 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 What exactly are bots? I keep hearing that word thrown around a lot. And I know there are "players" who throw big batches ore on the AH crazy cheap, and I know that in theory a bot is a character in game that is not being played by a human but being run by a program or whatever in some automated way. I find it hard to believe a character can be automated to the extent it flies around and mines without any human control and that if it did Blizzard is unable to rapidly detect it or easily prevent it by now. When someone says "bot" are they just talking about someone in a sweatshop being paid a bag of rice a day for mining gold in WoW? Has anyone actually seen one lately? How did you know it wasn't a human playing? Do you know of one getting detected/caught/reported? What happened? Glenlivet14 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Pyrite Ore Just wondering if any one else is saving it, and do you think they'll release epic gems in 4.3? i know we don't know much about it atm, but just curious if you think they will do epic gems or not. I has so manys ores!Idpsutank5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Ok so I am going for Professor for obvious reasons (my name). And i am at 19/20 and right now i am only missing Scepter of Azj'Aqir Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan Staff of Ammunae Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Scimitar of the Sirocco Tyrande's Favorite Doll And Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron So I have come to the conclusion that I will never get the epic items. So I decided that I might go for the Puzzle Box, but as everyone knows, Northrend sorta sucks for Nerubian items. So I decided to ask everyone who has found the Puzzle Box, what was your luck with it? How many Nerubian solves did it take you?Óak17 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Portable forge or anvil. Anyone think blacksmithing or mining should get a portable forge or anvil at a certain levelTavinran5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Archeology and it's RNG BS I gotta say, the RNG format for Archeology is the most unfair thing i have ever seen with any profession. Some people can do 200- 300 solves and not see a single epic. I for one have done at least 200 troll solves, still no sword. And the sheer amount of travel and searching is the biggest waste of time. My suggestion to "fix" this would be: 1) Make it so that you can 1 hit nodes. They give 10-15 to non dwarves, 15-20 to dwarves. 2) Make it so that you can select the rare you want to work towards and you unlock it to be solved by solving other items. 3) Make it so that there is always at least 1 of each race available on that continent up at any given time.Josefbugman8 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Mobile AH Limit, Limiting My Profit :( So I've found out that you can only make 200 transactions per day through the mobile auction house. This severely limits my profit as I buy a lot of ore through the mobile AH on my phone while I'm out and about. Anyone else had this problem?Aconum10 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 WTB Cogwheel Slots I think Engineers should get something to add Cogwheel slots to their gear. Even if only their helm. Maybe make it remove all secondary stats on the helm, and replace it with two Cogwheel slots. They still get the normal meta socket, and whatever other socket there was. So Engineers can benefit more from their profession and have the upper hand on helm itemization. JCs get their +67 stat Jeweler's Gems (which I predict to become 101 stat gems [and the Stam one to be 134 Stam]) when epic gems come out. BSs get to add new sockets for nothing LW get cheap legchants and BiS wrist enchants that surpass Enchanting Tailors get cheap legchants and BiS Cloak enchants Scribes get BiS shoulder inscriptions that surpass Therazane (and she doesn't look happy about that) Alchemist Engineers get goggles that are outdated with heroic first-level content. Next...Dalent5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Old Prof. Specializations and Transmog In 4.0.1 (The Shattering) the crafting specializations (Like Master Swordsmith, Goblin Engineering etc.) were removed, a change I support in a general sense. However this meant that the crafting recipes unlocked by these specializations are no longer obtainable, despite still being in the game. As I understand it they exist on Joe Blacksmithing trainer's table, but won't show if you don't have the spec. With the advent of Transmogrification I think it would be a terrible loss to see these recipe remain unobtainable. In particular I'm after Blazefury which I think is a beautiful weapon and well worthy of being displayed. I started farming up the mats for it (Which is no cakewalk) before realizing that I didn't have Swordsmithing and the Quest giver who starts it was removed in the shattering. After a brief back and forth with a GM I was informed that there was no way to simply grant me a swordsmith specialization (drat). She suggested I post a thread on the professions forums, so here I am. I've been thinking about the implementation on this. Obviously the easiest thing to do would be to either remove the spec. requirements from all of the items, or make Specializations trainable from trainers (Since the recipes still exist, they just don't show up without knowing the spec). You would still need to farm up all the mats. This also has a bit of precedent in past patches, when the decision to remove specializations from the game was made all the "requires master-axesmith" requirements were removed from the items as well, suggesting that the intentions was for these items to be obtainable. Another option would be to make these specializations rewards from prizes in the new Darkmoon Faire. I would not like a recolor or a new recipe wit the same model but different, easier to farm mats. These pieces are awesome, obtaining them should still be a challenge. Also most of the spec. items are BoP. So trading is out.Xareus1 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Engineering cogwheels and other items I have two ideas I think might make people a little more happy with engineering. It would be great if we could say get a pattern to change one or two regular sockets into a cogwheel socket using certain materials rather than it being a fixed piece of gear with cogwheel sockets. Cogwheels became useless after one patch because of having to use a specific item level helm. Making it so we can put cogwheel sockets into any gear will make this much better for people that like to keep up with the gear level. The second idea would be giving engineers the ability to disassemble certain gear or items to get random engineering materials. This would give another use for those green, blue, purple and possibly grey items other than disenchanting or vendoring. If you don't have a need for enchanting materials and have plenty of gold, this might make for a nice change to keep people interested in using engineering.Animamundi0 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 idea for professions I had posted this in general but thought it may be better off here so here goes. Edited by Palehorsesix on 8/30/11 2:56 PM (PDT) I have recently been thinking about an idea to boost professions in the game and have come up with an idea that I would like some feedback on. My idea is to employ a profession finder much like the guild/dungeon finder system that one could browse and find people who are willing to craft items for you. This would be an interactive system where the crafter could list his or her profession for others to see. It would work like this. If you have a profession and are looking for work then you list your name on the system [like guilds do in the G finder] and you can have a place to add a short comment or two. You could have a box to check that would indicate that you have orbs or not and a price for them. You could set the system to not show your name while in BG’s raids or dungeons to avoid whispers at bad times. The user could scroll through the list divided up by professions and pick someone then go through and view all that this person can craft just like looking at the guild roster when listed by professions. I will use this for an example. Say I want to have a high level plate piece crafted; I open the profession finder and click on the BS section, now I scroll through until I see a name I like or whatever. I open their recipe list and see what I need and notice they have a set price for orbs listed; now all I have to do is send a whisper. No more spamming in trade and hoping someone will see it. The good thing about this I feel is as a crafter myself is if I want to offer my service I can but if I don’t then I just won’t list my name. The system would only show those who want to be in it and then only those who are online at the time or not busy. I also thought that as many times as I see people looking for ports that mages could offer portal service by the same system, have a port section in the profession listings. Anyways good bad or ugly what do you think. This may not be a new idea and sorry if it’s been covered before but I didn’t find any evidence that it had. If any blues happen upon this thread let me know what you think. Thanks, PalehorsesixPalehorsesix5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 WTS: Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops For all you recipe collectors out there, this one was from the AQ quest line and is no longer attainable. Please message me in-game, i'll check the forums but not too often. My á is alt0225 (if ur on a pc)Drpeppá0 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Just an Uber-Frustration Archaeology FYI The Nazj'vel Digsite (32/83 in Darkshore, Kalimdor) is just about the most frustrating arch dig in the game. You, seriously, can not get there from wherever you initially dig. You have to get in the water and swim to the other side of forever. I'm sure with flight its a POC (piece of cake) otherwise it's a POS (piece of... well, you know.) I'm just saying, don't bother, there are far easier sites.Yordley7 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Does enchanting need an overhaul? From 1-350, anyways? I'm currently power-leveling this profession, and had planned on doing so from the day I made this character. Enchanting isn't an easy (or cheap) profession to level to begin with, but in all, my scenario is proof enough to me that something needs to be looked at. I kept every green item I received from level 20 - 77 My personal bank was full, with Netherweave Bag's in every slot. My bank alt had 1½ guild vault tabs stuffed with BoE items. The only reason I stopped and leveled it at 80 instead of 85 was due to the fact that I had absolutely no room left to keep BoP items after 77. There are two problems I encountered while doing this: 1. Despite having a plethora of level-appropriate greens to disenchant, it was never enough. 2. Enchanting is the only profession that requires items from other professions in order to level(Enchanting Rods). Why is this an issue? Money. I thought I was sitting pretty high and mighty when I started this up, but 350 levels and over 1000 gold later, I'm sadly disappointed. The 200's were particularly expensive, due to Greater Eternal Essences ( and the lesser) being difficult to come across. People know it, and charge absurd amounts for the harder to find mats. Enchanting rods are another issue I'm seeing with it. Albeit a temporary problem, you still rely on a blacksmith to make something that's vital in progressing. As it stands, I'm stuck because I can't find what I need on the AH, or someone to craft it. If I happen to find one for sale, I'll be lucky to see it under 200g. This is all a tad ridiculous if you ask me. I enchant appropriately, being sure not to waste materials. I had plenty of items to disenchant along the way, yet almost always had to purchase things off the AH. Currently, I would have to spend 800g to craft a Runed Adamantite Rod with the way the AH is. It's not right. What are your thoughts?Olun9 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Making Inscription Useful - Raid Buffs Hey I think its a common issue among scribes that once you got the profession to 525, you crafted all your glyphs and your alt´s glyphs then.. there is nothing else to the profession. Hell, i dont even remember when it was the last time i actually used it aside to craft Fortune Cards (to make Cookies) I would like inscription to become an actually useful and needed profession, and it has one niche that hasnt been properly exploded, that being the buffs contained in a Scroll. As most raids raid in a 10 man setup, having all the buffs/debuffs its usually hard as hell, specially if you want to raid with friends and not being a "GTFO we need a Demo Lock" raid team. So, what if blizzard implements more scrolls, say a 10% extra spell power raid wide scroll (as the fortitude one, but with the spellpower), a scroll that makes for arcane intellect and for every buff in the game. In addition to that, blizzard could add "debuff scrolls", saying you can put a 12% armor reduction for 10 mins in a target by right clicking a scroll, or a 6% magic debuff and stuff alike. It goes with blizzard thoughts of "bring the player, not the class", it will close the actual need for certain classes for a lot, being still worth it to bring the right classes (its cheaper, crafting those scrolls shouldnt be easy to craft). It would give Scribes something useful to craft, it would help 10man teams that want to bring friends rather than the class that they just need for certain buff. DiscussNenit4 Sep 1, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Portable Anvil/Forge I have been wondering about this for some time now. What if WOW put in a portable anvil and/or forge? Not only would this come in handy for BS but also engineers and miners. That way we wouldnt have to stop what we were doing and port or hearth to a city. Also, wouldnt it be cool if they had some type of Cross Training where you could swap learned Professions between toons on the same account?Lilbuttkickr0 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Deviate scale belt pattern question So i was cleaning out my bank alt the other day trying to sell everything i had to make space. I noticed that i have the Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt in my inventory. I recently found out that these are no longer attainable and I'm looking for opinions on how much I could get for this? Would appreciate some input and thanks in advance.Mèlée2 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Gem Stacking I was thinking now that we can stack our gems shouldn't the gems automatically stack as you cut multiples of them?Mcslave2 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Tackle Box complaints Other than things that can be fished up/rewards from the fishing daily (Ivory Fisherman's Pipe?) I'd just like to suggest letting the tackle box hold the old Nat Pagle's Fish Extarminator, and Nat Pagle's Broken Reel. Barring that though, wouldn't it be awesome if we could bring it to someone/do a new fishing quest to fix the thing? The lack of new fishing poles in cata appalls me greatly, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.Seraphlucis0 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Netherweave Cloth I am in need of at least 120 stacks of netherweave cloth. I am willing to pay 5g per stack. Does anyone know where I can get this much netherweave? I have been successfull with using the trade channel in game but, the most anyone has ever had to sell was like 10 stacks. I need much more.Renova9 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 What professions are making gold in 4.2? I'm sick of how little gold I'm making with my professions selling ore/bars, shards and the occasional enchant on the AH these days. What professions are actually making good amounts of gold in 4.2?Dreden23 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 What profession should I drop and get? I know this is asked a lot... But I'm using this character purely to make money now since I don't care to do anything on it and right now I have maxed Herbalism and Mining. Which of these should I drop and what profession should I get instead to help make money? Or would I be able to get more money buying mats and selling stuff I make on the AH for two professions?Sátí7 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Fishing Why Over the last few months i have been trying to find Deepsea Sagefish pools i have looked everywhere but no where to be seen. As i have been flying around i see every other pool that give you fish that you can cook for AGi food/Dodge food/Crit food/Mastery food. I ask why is there on Deepsea Sagefish pools that give Spirit that healers that use for raids and as well the DPS food that give you INT. Why is this so and before anyone says there to far out int sea. I say That is crap and as well you can get the deep sea Monsterbelly fish not far off the coastline in Wrath. COULD YOU PUT THEM IN PLEASE. thanksVeiovis4 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Inscription and Blackfallow Ink I'm leveling a Scribe, and have gotten just past 425. I now have the skill to make Blackfallow Ink.... however I can't mill the herbs to get the pigment to make them until I level to 475. Blackfallow is not the rare special ink, its the common Cata level ink. The common ink pigment should be millable at the least from the same point as the point in which you can make it into the ink. Trillianne5 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Jewel crafting - Stardust Any word on where to get this recipe yet?Detrop6 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Can't be this unlucky for Jewel Fishing pole Wraith of Lich King released and went live Nov 13th...2008...since week 1 of it going live I have done the Dalaran fishing daily..except the few days I have was in the hospital due to a stroke...when Cata went live I started doing the SW...IF..Darn fishing dailies...each and every day....are you telling me that RNG is so hating me that after almost 3 years come this November this toon hasn't gotten the jeweled fishing pole. My 70 level priest got it the first time she did the dalaran fishing daily. Many of my other toons have it ..heck some of them got and couldn't use it cause their fishing skill was too low. I still say this toon is glitched some how and can't get it ..I have every pet from hat long long back to TBC when I got it...have the bone fishing pole...but you would think after almost 3 yrs I get jeweled one at least once?Mauserd9 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Spellfire Tailoring The main reason i chosed tailoring profession for my mage is so that he can have a PVE gear for raiding instances. PVE players hates it when i raid with my full PVP gear set which is all i have. It realy sucks that i cant crop my own PVE gear anymore such as spellfire robe etc. I'm very dissapointed because i spent alot of time leveling my tailoring for my mage so that he can can have a descent Pve gear untill it upgrade, but now it's all pointless.Stormdrain3 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Cooking in Guild Roster Profession tab. I feel like Cooking should be added to the Profession tab in the guild roster. I think it's rather odd that it's not, actually. I know it's a secondary skill, but it'd still be useful to be able to see who can cook what in the guild. Or to see what levels everyone is so I can send the extra mats cluttering up the guild bank to them...Devilcat0 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 More Heirlooms Enchants! The idea?: Well to make all weapon enchants viable for BoA weapons! For example Executioner and Mongoose on your Reforged Truesilver Champion (2h BoA Sword). The problem?: Well today most enchants either have a required Character level OR a required Item Level. Enchants that have a required Character Level can be applied to BoA. For example, from the Accessories Quatermaster you can purchase Greater Inscription of the Gladiator; this applies 30stam + 15 resil to a shoulder slot item. However it has a required 70 character level to use. You can apply that enchant on your BoA Shoulders and it will activate when your character reaches that required Character Level. However, required Item Level enchants (like mongoose and executioner) will not work on BoA. Why you ask? Well its pretty simple, BoA Items have an Item level of (1). The Solution?: (1) We make all Weapon Enchants have one unique Character Level for it to work. (2) Or you can apply any (HIGH item LEVEL) Enchant to your BoA weapons BUT it will never activate, letting us have some cool glows! The Issues?: Blizzard (if I'm not mistaken), has seperated Enchants between Character Level and Item Level for reasons of Game Exploits. Even when I say this it doesn't make sense xD. Truthfully I don't really know why. haha... The Conclusion!: It is totally possible for Blizzard to approove this. What so bad about low level with cool looking enchants that are DISactivated? I for one, believe it would support leveling. So support this idea! I would like to give a shout out to GM: Vladosiky, for his clever ideas. TY! Wiegott19 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Bliiz, plz oh plz help us profession addicts. This might have been mentioned before ( I would hope atleast) but I did not see it on the first few pages. But plz oh plz give us a mill all/ disenchant all/ prospect all button. I have been working on my profs alot lately, and buying big amunts of mats at a time. I'm talking 200-400 stacks of herbs and ore at a time. And even with a macro, having to stare blindlessly at your screen for an hour pressing 1 so many time that my finger is about to fall off is getting kinda old. I would really aprreciate a way to have say 60 stacks of elementium ore in my inventory,and having the ability to just press 1 button and walk away, and all my ore is prospected when I come back. Plz consider this. Thank you :PIamhellsfire12 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 SUGGESTION For BLizzard.... Not exactly sure where to post suggestions, but here it is,.... i recently spent almost a FULL Day farming WOTLK dung's for Book of Glyph Mastery...... not a single drop,......have never seen them at a vendor, or have never found a vendor to sell the recipe's. It would be really awsome if you would add the books to CATA dungeons,..... and make them like the rest of the recipes where if your NOT a scribe You CANNOT need it. Folks need em to sell because of their AH Values.Deadlytoon4 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Death Knight Professions Why can't DKs start their professions at 300? They start at level 55 and by the time they leave their starting area, they are 58 and ready to head to Outland. Why not then make their skills comparable. They'd still have to pay for the training and any recepies, but they'd have the skills to accomodate their level. They'd obviously only get this bonus for the first skills they chose. If they change skills later then they'd have to start at 1 just like anyone else.Mandarin3 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Simultaneous Tradeskill Windows Any chance we can open our blacksmithing, engineering, etc window while we're smelting ore without interrupting and closing the smelting window?Jameson5 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Selling Professions to other players? I collected all the mats to speed lvl a player from 1 - 525 in enchanting. I advertise my macro, Now selling the enchanting profession 1 - 525 all materials based on 50K gold - PST. As soon as I do that, I get a tell from someone saying the word ILLEGAL, and REPORTED. Is it illegal to sell in game items collected fairly for in game currency? Thanks in advance forum gods.Barnaklebily3 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 why no other ring enchants? seems like there should be more enchants to rings. like maybe masteryPopø11 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Engineering 1-375 I need a new profession and kind of want the engineering mounts. Money isnt a problem just wondering how much to set aside. How much will 1--375 cost? (just AH'ing/trading everything)Alcott5 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 How to make money - Tailoring? So I'm just wondering what I should be doing for tailoring on this toon. 1. Should I be using every dreamcloth recipe I have on cd? 2. Should I farm the mats? 3. What should I use my dreamcloth on? (belt, legs, bag, yada yada) 4. Should I sell straight embersilk or make bolts? Any other tips would be appreciated, ty for you time.Causemos4 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Vending Machines I'd love it if Blizzard would let alchemists summon a vending machine at the beginning of dungeons or battlegrounds that other party/raid members could purchase potions, elixirs or flasks from. Items would have to be in the seller's inventory of course. I think it would be a nice compliment to mage tables and feasts.Redfyre6 Aug 31, 2011