Jun 9, 2011 Archaeology: Bag Space Destroyer So, I was noticing that I currently have 13 little "trinkets" I've obtained from Archaeology cluttering up my bag slots right now. (I may have more that I missed, but that's what I counted.) This is annoying, as I don't want to just sell these items. However, that's over a half a bag being taken up by these items. I like the silly little uses on them, but again, that's a lot of bag space being used up. Can we please have some way to "donate" the items and still be able to "use" them via the archaeology tab or something, like a spell?Airc1 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Arch: Solves Where can you find out how many solves you have? I tried looking at the secondary professions thru this site but oddly enough arch. is not included in the secondary professions under stats.Telimtor1 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Archaeology 971 Troll Solves = No Reward??? I have a few issues with Archaeology. As the title says, I have solved 971 Troll artefacts using over 30,000 Fragments. With so many solved, I had hoped to receive a reward from this profession but I am still yet to find Zin'Rokh. To farm this many, it took many weeks of doing nothing but farming. The time invested per reward in this profession is painful. I have also solved 800 dwarf solves with no Staff either. This was actually done over four characters on the one Battlenet Account: Natalya - 462 Troll Solves Kelandra - 100 Troll Solves Natt - 165 Troll Solves TinyNat - 244 Troll Solves Now, pretty much all these solves were done above 450 skill except maybe 10 or so on my first character (before I realised what I had to do) I did however do this all before March this year, as after doing so many... I was frustrated with the game which led me to quitting for a couple of months. I know the profession has had one or two updates, but the issues plaguing this profession are still here. The fact that I can do almost 1000 troll solves with nothing as the reward is just stupid. Even if I started up this profession again, I'd have as much chance of getting the sword on my next solve as I started... and I am not going to do ANOTHER 1000 solves to get nothing again. Natalya26 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Tailoring and Ruined Embersilk Scraps Why can't Tailors create Ruined Embersilk Scraps? Leatherworkers can change scraps into leather why can't we do the same?Darkhigh7 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Arch: Rares Can you get rare items multiple times? I have yet to see this happen, but it would greatly diminish my hopes of finding the dwarven staff sometime in this century.Telimtor2 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Possible new profession - ship building I personally enjoy the profession/crafting part of the game and have often thought about what new professions could the WoW Dev Team add to the game that would be exciting, but also add a new twist to the game and I came up with the Shipbuilder profession. This profession could be applied to both individuals (i.e. making components that get added together to make bigger items (think engineering)) and guilds (i.e. you have multiple ship builders that need to work together to create something which is not attainable by the individual). This profession could be for both Alliance (build traditional ships which travel on water) and Horde (build ships which travel through the air). Individuals could build ships for themselves and also sell them. Blacksmiths and engineers could build components which add value to the ships (better cannons, robots to crew the ships). You could have "Ship BG's" where guilds bring their ships to do battle. You could even create a zone or zones in the game which are only accessible to people or guilds who have made ships to get them to the zone. Sorry mages, no ports. For those in the game who love both a challenge and the excitement of creating things through professions, what do you think of the Shipbuilder profession? NightNightmonger3 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Is there a way to know if I'm being undercut So I try to always list my jewels at the lowest price on the AH, but the problem is I have about 20 cuts ... Is there any possible / legit way to walk up the auction house and find out if I am the cheapest for everything I have listed, other than to simply search for all of them?Lokir15 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Archaeology drop rate change (4.1) ? "Players now have a much smaller chance of getting a dig site for a race for which they have completed all rare finds." I've completed all the night elf rare finds and its still about 35-40% of the artifacts that are coming up. (in Kalimdor) So not really sure what the point in still getting such a high percentage of Night Elf artifacts is because they are all just grey quality and mostly worthless... Of the other races found in Kalimdor: troll, dwarf, fossil, tol'vir Dwarf is about 5% drop rate Fossil is about 25% Troll around 15% Tol'vir about 15%Croñus0 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 JC Illustrious Tokens This is my first time around with this profession. Definitely not the easiest profession to power lvl after I abandoned it at lvl 60, but I 've gotten close to finishing. So am I right in saying we only get 1 Illustrious Jewelcrafting token a day? These quests are ok but they literally only take me 5 minutes tops to complete. So after I've done the quest for the day I'm like ok so now what? Oh wait till tomorrow? ok. I really want some more recipes under my belt but it kinda sucks to have to gain 3 to 4 tokens depending on whether or not I get online just to buy 1 recipe. I know I don't have to buy all the recipes but I'd like to have a variety for my future customers. Am I wrong in feeling like there could be more questing or something to earn an a couple extra tokens a week? Anything other then just 1 token per day. I don't want to be handed anything, and I'm not asking for 5 extra tokens a day even a week. Maybe a weekly that rewards 3 extra tokens a week? I 'd be more then willing to put in the man hours for these extra tokens. My question is are there more options? Or is it really just 1 token a day? What are your thoughts as jewelcrafters? And am I in the wrong?Amariel18 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Blacksmith crafted epics from BC. Where?? Hello peoples. Now, in Burning Crusade I spent long days getting the mats and making Blazeguard.. twice!! It's awesome and I was the only one in my guild at the time to dual wield the crafted 'Smithing weapons. Now I'm all growed up at 85, I was thinking to make the maces, as the specialization has been removed. But I can't find the plans at any trainer I've gone too!! Shattrath, Dalaran and even the Ironforge Specialists have snaffle worth. Has the ability to learn the recipes be removed from the game? I still have the swords so the items exist. So what's going on..? The plot thickens.. I bet a Gnome did it..Morticha1 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 introduce "chipped" gems because theyre now fairly rare, tbc and wrath gems are very expensive on the ah. the cheaper, better cataclysm gems arent an option for 60-80 because of the ilvl requirement. so heres a thought. give JC a new ability for cataclysm gems, similar to the gem perfection ability for wrath gems. this ability would give you a chance when cutting green cataclysm gems to cut a lesser 'chipped' gem without an ilvl requirement. for example, if youre cutting a bold carnelian, you have a chance to also cut a bold chipped carnelian. ideally these would be equivalent to or slightly better than wrath epic gems, like how wrath green gems were on par with tbc epic gems.Edgrr5 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 What do you do with elementium/pyrite? Sell it as ore? Smelt it and then sell it? Prospect it?Farora7 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 combining professions Enchanting is almost stand alone profession. Tailoring is almost a stand alone profession. Leatherworking requires skinners to skin. Jewelcrafting requires miners to mine. Blacksmithing requires miners to mine. Scribes require herbalists to herb. Alchemists require herbalists to herb. i may have left a few small random items out but you all get the point. i think that blizzard should do away with skinning and mining and herbalisim. they should be combined with the professions that they go with. like enchanting and disenchanting. now there are a number of ways this could work out im not sayin that this is how it should be but this is my idea. make the professions into trees for example blacksmithing tree mining tree from 1-525 from 1-525 u would still have to raise them independen from one another but they would be under the blacksmithing profession. and also i think that different professions should be able to disassemble weps and armor simmilar to disenchanting to obtain ore/bars and cloth/leather even dies and other items, and in dungeons this could be rolled on also like disenchanting. Joeseff12 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 How do I make a good profit with Alchemy? I am on my first character and I have max herbalism and I think 505 alchemy at the moment and I would like to know what are some good things to invest in making to make money. Also, if I do make a new character I want to do some thing else that is fun , I tried minning and enginering on my prot warrior and I found it a little bit of a bore and getting some mats annoying. So any ideas of "fun" professions?Mikuria4 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Sharpening Stone question Why can you not apply sharpening stones to items over ilevel 165? It just seems like a pointless restriction. I mean, I'm not bumming because I can't give my 85's weapon a sharpening, but it just seems silly.Dainius5 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Leveling Blacksmithing to 400 How long would this take a LVL 85 that would buy most of his stuff from the AH? Also, would you recommend using a LVL guide? Agincourt12 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Tailoring and carpets Greetings everyone. I wanted to ask, if I dropped my Tailoring, would I lose the ability to ride my carpet? Thanks in advance for the replies.Ukthyo3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Blacksmithing wish list Heyas peeps... I miss being a sword smith, and am starting a begging session to get it back. However, instead of making weapon smiths capable of making bop items, I think it would be cool if specialized smiths were able to reforge their own items at a slightly increased level then the city re-forgers. IE, a weapon smith could reforge 60% of a stat if they did it themselves. Or, add a limited amount of a stat to one of their existing weapons. Since there are far more armor slots then weapon slots, I wouldn't suggest the same for armor smiths, unless it was limited to only 1 piece like your breast plates. Suggestions for armor or weapon smiths out there?Cynthiapain2 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Darkmoon I'm not sure if there is a forum topic about this but.... When would be the best time to sell Darkmoon Trinkets? I've noticed that right now with the fair going on there are more trinkets in the AH than usual. I figure I'll wait. But, for how long?Alcapwne7 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Those of you going for epic artifacts: Do you wait till you reach the 200 fragment cap? or do you solve right when you get the correct amount? Just a curious question while i fly through ek looking for that damn sword.Vexee5 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Epic Gems Any word on when new epic gems are coming out in Cata ?Rzsuprä10 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Archeology: Standing Still I've now levelled Archeology to 525 on my Alchemist and what I've found is that this profession is quite possibly the most mind-numbingly frustrating grind that's been placed in front of me in my 4 years here. I'm not adverse to grinding; I've did full S2 PvP gear honour grinding in AV back in BC… Stormstrike… Alliance side… where they were actively engaging in the: "lets all die at Galv" strat on a regular basis. Heck, look at this toon - I didn't buy the 50 Hardened Elementium Bars for those two Elementium Gutslicers. The difference between those two examples and Archeology at the moment is that, no matter how long it took, you were always moving forward - a trickle of honour/badges or ore/elements at a time. Archeology seems designed to actively stymie that feeling. In fact, your most common feeling is frequently "stagnation" while you're chasing things you don't want and/or need in the hope that the things you do want will eventually show up on the map. This, by the way, is also why people are ending up with massive pools of fragments you're now finding yourself feeling the need to cap out in 4.0.6 - they have no choice but to collect them to get the things they want from other factions regardless of the reality that they might be done getting the items, or even just those they want, from the unwanted factions that keep spawning around the map. It's not even like they shift around on their own every X hours so there's some incentive not to engage in grinding. You're gathering those nodes whether you want them or not and you're damned well gonna like it Mister/Miss! So, you're frequently "standing still" when it comes to the things you might want to otherwise grind out and feeling stalled by the whims of a Server which effectively dictates exactly what you're allowed to work on at any given time. This isn't fun, nor interesting as a mechanic. It's feels more like: "Now that questing's been cleaned up up, we need to re-introduce things that used to be incredibly annoying about it like double-dip RNG (in the form of random "drops" for creating random items - mind you the later is infinitely more understandable than the former). Oh… and… wait… did we make fishing more palatable by letting you fish anywhere? We need to do something about that too. Lets kill two birds with one stone…" Speaking to that last point, one of the things this was pitched as was as a fun little side thing to do while levelling but the existing "sites" mechanic actively works against that. I levelled without heirlooms and unguided 1-60 just to see as much of the new content at level as possible and what I found was that, once I was done with Darkshore and early Ashenvale, the sites began getting too spread out to allow for simple flyby Surveying while you quested and required you to go significantly out of your way if you wanted to continue with the profession; often backwards into zones you were otherwise done with. At that point I tossed it out as an option and just kept going down the quest chain; coming back to cap it out once I hit 70 and could fly at a decent clip. When you look at how you've covered the old world in nodes for pre-existing profession materials Archeology stands in stark contrast. So, here we are with Archeology, a profession that is, by and large, a combination of two mechanics you had the common sense to largely eliminate elsewhere in the game. I can honestly say you'd have to come up with a really nifty trick to get me to level this twice and once I'm done getting the Drake pattern the feeling will not be "gee, what an accomplishment", but: "Thank god that's over. Never again." I'm hearing that a lot from guildies too. If I were to offer a suggestion to address this, IMO the system calls out for some sort of Specialization mechanic - Paleontology/Tol'virology/etc - that gives you the feeling you're actually still "progressing" on getting the things you want by either locking out other races (permanently, temporarily, Alch style gold sink in and out, whatever), increases your likelihood of getting those sites, or simply allows you to find fragments of a specific race while searching other zones. Another option would be to find some tradeoff between being able to survey all the time and actually being able to survey for the things you want - be it a longer cooldown you can use at appropriate sites/zones or something else. By doing something like either of those it would become possible to "properly grind" again without feeling like you're at war with the server because the fragments you need would be coming in - even if at a trickle - instead of grinding out 4 other factions fragments you don't need/want hoping your zone will pop. In Summary/TLDR: I don't mind grinding. This grind is simply poorly implemented and actively dissuades you from participating. Please revisit the gathering method.Murdross16 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 engineering goggles? Remember the ones in outlands? Where you were able to see clouds and collect primals? Are those still in the game? And if so, I can't remember where you get the pattern. Help is appreciated! - im Horde btw.Sliven6 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Zephyrites When is this ever going to be useful Blizzard? Transmuting it into another gem that also is not very high in demand is not the solution, and I've just been vendoring it all this time. Now I get to see this vendor value go from 9g to 5g to 50s. While I understand you're trying to avoid inflation brought on by the enormous amount of bots farming the stuff, you gotta give us something to do with it besides flat out vendoring it. I honestly believe that ocean sapphires are going to go in the toilet because of this change, and it's because Zephyrites are the WotLK version of the purple/green uncommon gems (can't remember what they were called at the moment). This is the only uncommon gem that cannot be used for any purpose other than cuts or transmutes. Please give us something that will allow us to utilize it instead of vendoring it.Chalëy7 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Suggestion - Engineering Cata Mount I suggest Engineers be allowed to make a new flying passenger mount now that Cataclysm is live. [Schematic: Magic Flying School Bus] Binds when picked up. Requires Engineering 525 Tools: Arclight Spanner, Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster Reagents: Handful of Obsidium Bolts (1000), Truegold Bar (100), Hardened Elementium Bars (100), Electrified Ether (50), Pristine Hide (10), Goblin Machined Piston (8), Elementium Plated Exhaust Tip (2) Use: Creates a Magic Flying School Bus that will transport you and 9 allies. Requires: Riding 300 "Bus, do your stuff! This mount would include 1 bus monitor who will repair your broken goods and provide you with snacks.Chíp12 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Enchanting Why are they not creating updated enchants for rings? I thought the whole point for choosing enchanting was to get specialized enchants for gear that otherwise could not be altered.Telimtor2 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Cata lvl fishing without expansions? Does any1 know if this is possible? I currently only have BC but was looking to farm a sea turtle from Cata lvl pools. In Twilight Highlands I'm only getting empty loot boxes while fishing. Is this normal? Am I glitched? Do other zones work? Or is this to keep people like me from accessing xpack content?Isharah8 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 High level enchanting needs more things !!!! I was just thinking blizz should give recipes or just need spells for enchanting so we can make lv70-85 oils for weapons and even make wands like the 1-150 enchanting do something i would love to make more money with chantingSentence4 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Archaeology: More than one rare at a time? Been grinding Arch and had a small question; When you have one rare artifact being put together, can you have another rare artifact come up at the same time? I just don't want to waste any fragments if there is no chance of procing another rare while one is incomplete.Talandrious4 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Engineering Nerf This latest nerf is horrible, and I will seriously quit WoW if this change goes live. Professions Engineering D.E.H.T.A. has recently placed a great number of critters under their protection, especially rabbits and squirrels. Because of this, Flintlocke's Woodchucker has been re-fitted to use wild chickens until an "agreement" can be reached. Why does D.E.H.T.A. have to ruin everything fun for me! If I can't fire Rabbits or Squirrels outta my gun then what is the point of having engineering. I'm done. GG Blizz. Renwald1 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 4.2 Inscription Does anyone know, or can they link me a post of the new inscribing items coming out in 4.2Daketh0 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 how do i level up blacksmithing? hi i was wondering how do i level up by been a blacksmith im still level one in that preffesionJorgito2 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Enchanting suggestion Would it be possible to get something like void shatter that can be used to make heavenly shards from maelstrom crystals. Make it a 1:2 ratio like void shatter too, please. I never run the normal cataclysm heroics and I am sick of buying heavenly shards off the ah. I know I can just save up my justice points for them, but I would rather not run more than seven heroics in a week and running the normal heroics won't guarantee me any heavenly shards outside of the justice points that they give. Blizzard if you could put this spell in game it would be greatly appreciated.Mctastysteak0 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Professions for 4.2 What do you think will be a good profession to make money when 4.2 hits? I have maxed out mining, and a mid level enchanting. Would it be a good idea to drop engineering for JC instead? Go herb/alch? Keep mining and max engineering?Flashfury9 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 The Scroll of Knowledge I would like to see an addition and I'm not sure if anyone can point me in the right direction or if this is the right place. BOA Item a scribe can make that you can use to absorb a profession's skill (all known items and level) and then use on another character (BOA item so only your characters). Have it take a good (50?) amount of each element and a few trade profession items. Like: x eternium buckles (bs), x raw meta gems(jc), x bolts (engi), x goblin rocket fuel (alch), 50 life/earth/air/fire/water. The item can only store one profession at a time and you can only have one on your account at a time and has unlimited uses. Ideas?Violation5 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 How do you get your volatiles? The thread's name pretty much asks the question for me. The way i see it is that we only have 3 options: buy it from players/AH, farm it, or have alchemists transmute living elements. All of these ways are somewhat inconvenient because they're not cheap from players or on the AH, farming it is i pain whether its mining it or killing elementals, and alchemists have a 1 day CD that cripples us from making any in bulk. Any suggestions on the fastest and cheapest way to get these volatiles. (The volatiles i was speaking about were fire, water, and air)Sheochilan17 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 how long did it take to find your arch rares? just curious on how long it took some people to find the really good weapons and armor incase i wanna go out again found the ring of boy emperor after about 7 finds (lucky?) and the doll trinket at about 120 finds, now im thinking of trying to go for the world destroyerPaladinium3 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Engineering 4.1 Nitro Boosts Why did Blizzard change the drawback on these? Not only is it annoying when I'm kiting the air phase on Heroic Atramedes, but they changed it to something that doesn't even make sense from a role playing perspective. LOL DAMAGE!11!!! is not an engineering property, there are plenty of other more fun (but equally as annoying) was that you could deal with the potential "Overpowered" factor. One such ways could be inverting the directions on your keyboard and mouse. If you don't want me to use it in a raid, you could just make it so I slip, and if it's Atramedes, I'll die, but that way I can still use it to run back after a wipe.Proged13 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Dropping JC/MIN for ALC/HERB? GRRR. I'm so frustrated. This is my last time making a post like I have JC/mining. I don't get cash because cut gems are like 2-5g. Each. My un cut gems don't sell and blue uncut are around 5-15. Obviously there are a lot of JC on my sever.... I want to drop JC for Alchemy then people say it will be no profit at all to not have herbalism. Sell what I have then use the cash to power level Alchemy and Herbalism. Because the most I had since Cata was 2k and that took 3 days to get.... What would you do in my predicament?Shadowglow10 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Seafood Feasts Ive been thinking about this for a while. I think they should change the feast to make it BOA instead of BOP because how many people want to level cooking on more than 1 character? I know for a fact that i don't. Making it BOA would not hurt the economy at all because it wont be able to be sold. What is everyone opinion on this?Glirin1 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Almost Zero Incentive to be an Engineer now.. With the new trinket types available in 4.2, this seems like the final nail in the coffin of the Engineering Profession. With the city portals available in Catacylsm, there is little use anymore for the teleportation modules you can make. With the next content tier promising better helms, the increased stats of the engineering ones will likely become outdated. With Tinker enchants like Synapse Springs sharing CDs with DPS trinkets, it will likely become a DPS loss to use them when 4.2 comes about. At this point, it seems like the only cool thing for Engineers anymore are the Choppers and Flying Mounts, which aren't justification enough in my mind for the sheer costs of maxing out the profession when the vast majority of it is seemingly becoming inconsequential.Andarin36 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Skinning question/suggestion Can you PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD make it so i dont have to loot everything in the body in order to skin it? AND OR if someone loots there own kill weather they take anything out or not, please make that kill skin able. I know its their loot or what have you, but, if they look in it and dont want anything, let someone at least skin the corpse, leave bones so the other person can take items if you want.. I just want the skin.. Im just tired of trying to farm an area, and someone else is in the same area farming a different item from the kill, and not taking the gray item from the kill so I cant skin the kill. So I cant take the skin thats worth more then then (2 copper) claw that left on it? gurrr please change that?!Sneakyfart6 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Which JC recipes to get? I don't really know which recipes to get, I currently have 2-3 for each of the six rares, and (obviously) the best sellers are rubies, demonsyes, and embers. So I figure those are probably covered for now, but I have a ton of the greens, yellows, and blues lying around I need to move Are there any obscure recipes from these that sometimes sell? I've had a little luck with regals, subtles, and quicks but don't know about anything elseLokir9 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 JC's cant make gold anymore!!! the abilty to cut and sell gems was killed in the last patch..Blizzard does it again !Wwallace16 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Enchanting discussion thread continued Just wanted to respond to a blue post earlier about enchanting mats in dungeons: ... I don't think this is true. The group does not have access to mining nodes without a miner, nor leather without a skinner. However, the miner or skinner can choose at any time not to gather, and certainly can choose not to hand over their mats. No one calls them selfish because the Skinner doesn't offer everyone a chance to roll on the leather they just gathered. Most groups let gatherers just gather. They may make some sort of agreement if there's more than one of that gatherer type. That gatherer would never have had access to that loot without the group's help, but no one is arguing that because they were killed by the group, leather and ore should be split evenly among the group. Why should it be any different with enchanting mats? Enchanters have this choice taken away from them. They can't choose not to gather, and they can't choose not to hand over their mats. Easy access to mats by folks who did not level enchanting does hurt the enchanting mats market, and by running dungeons we are hurting our own market. I think a lot of this could be helped by giving enchanters the option of turning the disenchant option on and off. Some enchanters might feel magnanimous and leave it on, some might feel like their profession is being used without their permission and would turn it off. Everyone would still get a shot at a reward - dungeon loot vendors for quite a pretty penny, and BOE greens and blues can either be sold or sent to an enchanting alt/guildie for DEing. Before the option was put in, sometimes I would hand mats out at the end of a run, and sometimes I would just DE whatever I won in a greed roll and let everyone else win what they got. The reward for beating a boss and getting loot (but not loot you can use) should be the vendor price of that gear, not enchanting mats. Give us the choice, if we don't feel like giving the bozo in our random dungeon finder access to our hard-leveled profession, we should be able to make that choice, like the other gatherers.Felade6 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Good "Commodities" and Pricepoints I like most people in WoW try to get a lot of money very quickly. I am trying to start a thread with people posting good "commodities" or items that are of large supply that people will always need ie [item="Volatile Air" /] [item="Savage Leather" /] [item="Embersilk Cloth" /] etc. I'm just trying to help people find a good set of items to search through the AH for to see if they can buy low and sell high for a solid "get rich quick" scheme hereJohnpaultwo4 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 jewel crafting why is there so many BOP in jewel craftingBaddwar1 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Uldum - A Botter's Sanctuary Over the past week of playing, my view on World of Warcraft has changed so drastically I am still in a state of pure shock. I have always had a lot of respect for WoW and always had the naive thinking that this game, unlike others, if there is a bot or a hack that person would be magically shot down by a lightning bolt/ban hammer from a GM instantly and boy was I wrong. I leveled Herbalism to 525 not too long ago and seeing as I am Alchemy as well, I decided to go about farming some Whiptail in Uldum. Previously, I have heard maybe a little bit about botters in Uldum but I never really put a lot of thought into it. The first time I went to Uldum I was going up and down the Vir'naal River as it is a great Whiptail hotspot. I would say within 10 minutes I had easily spotted 4 botters so I went in to fulfill my childhood dream of being Sherlock Holmes and investigated about these botters. I was /following each one of them, one-by-one, and the characteristics of the bots used are almost 100% exactly the same and I do not know a lot about bots, but I would not be surprised if it is the exact same one. They always have the exact same flight path up and down the river by each character and displayed very little human characteristics in their play. I knew it was a bot, I was beyond 100% positive they all were so I filled out a ticket. Couple hours later I get a returned ticket saying they are investigating "said" issue and asked me to fill out a form on them even though they had no communication with me whatsoever and I am sure what they said is already a macro that is sent out to everyone. So at this point I was being optimistic and stopped farming to wait a few days then I went back to Uldum to see if I saved the day. I seriously think everytime someone reports a bot, they multiply like cats because the second time through approximately 3 hours I spotted more than 8 botters, 2 of them actually using speed-hacks as when they got to a Whiptail node they gathered it and then BOOM disappeared. So what do I do? I fill out another ticket. Same crap as before, we are investigating blah blah blah blah and ask me to fill out another damn form. The next day I go back, bots are still there. Next day, still there. Next day, yup still there. Fill out another ticket, blah blah I am investigating nothing but I say I am. I return, and what do you know? The bots are still there. Surprise, surprise. If this is just my server, I can't even grip the thought of how many bots there are on other servers not even including this was JUST Uldum. Why is Blizzard doing nothing about this? I am a long time player of WoW and have never seen a bot infestation as bad as it is now. This has got to stop, it is ruining the economy. TLDR: Uldum=Africa, Bots=AidsChadster25 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Tailoring & Chaos Orbs Anyone else out there unhappy with what tailors can use Chaos Orbs for? All the trouble you go through to get them and all you can make is dreamcloth and a level one gown. Pretty useless to me.Mystwalker5 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 36 Slot JC Bag in 4.2 Questions Hello, I have some questions about this bag 1) How much are people expecting this to cost? I know the Engineering one is as low as 45g on my ream, don't know much about the others 2) With cut gems stacking to 20, does this mean I can basically have two of these and hold full stacks of 12 uncut green/blue gems and then stacks of every single cut blue gem (there are only about 60 iirc)? 3) Does ore go inside? What about other things like volatiles? 4) This isn't really related to the bag but ... does anyone else think that cut gem prices might go down now that they stack? Whereas before somebody might make 2-3 of a gem at once, now they might make 10 because it only takes one slot, and this leads to more chain undercutting ThanksAtherail9 Jun 7, 2011