Apr 10, 2011 Tauren Herbalism Racial Nerf it. The increased cast speed on it is rediculous. Make it similar to the Dwarven racial where they sometimes receive extra herbs from the nodes.Gurloz23 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Is the Vial of Sands Overpriced? Greetings Everyone, I am creating this thread to discuss whether or not the Vial of Sands (aka the 'Alchemy Mount'), specifically it's vendor bought materials, is overpriced - compared to other extremely expensive mounts like the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and the Mechano-Hog/Mekgineer's Chopper made by engineering. The basic question for the Vial is "do you get enough 'bag for your buck' - is it worth the gold spent?" The best way to breakdown & compare these mounts: 1.What can each mount do? 2.How much do they cost (bare minimum)? 3.Materials/Cost Breakdown & Comparison. 4.Recipe requirements (How to obtain) 5. Final Thought 1. What does each mount do? - Traveler's Tundra Mammoth: Requires Riding (150) 3-person mount, carries 2 vendors that can repair & sell reagents; said vendors can be dismissed to allow up to 2 party/raid members to travel with the 'driver'. - 'Hog'/'Chopper': Requires Riding (150) 2-person mount, an awesome looking motorcycle that has a 'pop-out' sidecar for a party/raid member to ride in. - Vial of Sands: Requires Riding (225) Transforms player into a Sandstone-Drake, the player can 'carry' a party/raid member in its claw; while this mount does fly, it DOES NOT grant the 310% Master Flying Riding skill. 2. Bare Minimum Cost - Traveler's Tundra Mammoth: 20,000g (16,000g with Exalted status with the Kirin Tor). Sold by Mei Francis in Dalaran - 'Hog'/'Chopper': 12,500g for unique materials sold by Roxi Ramrocket at K3 in the Storm Peaks.* - Vial of Sands: 29,000g for unique materials sold by Yasmin at the Oasis of Vir'sar in Uldum.* *These amounts do not include the costs of profession made items (bars, flasks etc.) as they will vary by server economy. Materials & Cost Breakdown *This breakdown assumes a 'Best-Case Scenario' where the player crafting the mount has the primary gathering skill (Mining/Herbalism) maxed to reduce the number of bought items as much as possible* - 'Hog'/'Chopper': {Sold by Roxi Ramrocket} 1x [Salvaged Iron Golem Parts] : 3,000g 1x [Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe] Limited spawn item : 1,500g 8x [Goblin-machined Piston] : 1,000g x 8 = 8,000g {Profession Made: Engineering} 40x [Handful of Cobalt Bolts] < 40 [Cobalt Bars] < 40 Cobalt Ore 12x [Titansteel Bar] < 36x [Titanium Bar] < 72x [Titanium Ore] + 12x [Eternal Fire] < 120x [Crystallized Fire] + 12x [Eternal Earth] < 120x [Crystallized Earth] + 12x [Eternal Shadow] < 120x [Crystallized Shadow] 2x [Arctic Fur] : Rare drop from skinning Northrend Beasts - Vial of Sands: {Sold by Yasmin} 1x [Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial] : 5,000g 8x [Sands of Time] : 3,000g x 8 = 24,000g {Profession Made: Alchemy} 8x [Flask of the Winds] < 64x [Volatile Life] + 64x [Azshara's Veil] + 64x [Whiptail] + 8x [Crystal Vile] 8x [Flask of the Titanic Strength] < 64x [Volatile Life] + 64x [Cinderbloom] + 64x [Whiptail] + 8x [Crystal Vile] 12x [Truegold Bar] < 36x [Pyrium Bar] < 36x [Elementium Bar] + [Volatile Earth] + 120x [Volatile Fire] + 120x [Volatile Air] + 120x [Volatile Water] 8x [Deepstone Oil] < 8x [Albino Cavefish] (Fished from Pools in Deepholme) *Comparison* [Salvaged Golem Parts] + [Exhaust Pipe] = [Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial] ^ Costs advantage to bikes, but only by 500g, which can be ignored due to xpac inflation. 8x [Pistons] = 8x [Sands of Time] ^ Cost GREATLY favors bikes, as sands cost 3x as much 12x [Titansteel Bars] = 12x [Truegold Bars] ^ Exact same numerical breakdown of base materials 40x Cobalt Bolts > 8x [Flask of the Winds] + 8x [Flask of Titanic Strength]Rashalisk31 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Unlink the 24 hr transmute cooldowns please Yo, the linked 24 cooldowns on the old 'water to undeath' and 'life to earth' type vanilla xmutes, being linked to the cata truegold and elements xmutes is just unreasonable. I no way can I figure that there would be any downside to the 'economy' by being able to do more than 1 'type' per day. (IE. we should be able to do at least one of each) And/also could we get maybe the cooldowns removed from the vanilla/bc xmutes entirely? It just serves no purpose at this point, except to get in the way of people making older items at level, can we say qol/fun factor? Skeen0 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 "Epic " rares /archaeology anyone know if you can have more then 2 "epic" rares partially completed and get a 3rd to pop upDethgar1 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Archeology, no hunter items Is there any reason why there is no item level 359 for hunters through this prof ? Yes its 2ndary but there is noce caster, melee stuff, why is there nothing for hunters ?Missruthles16 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Tips to make archeology more fun? I find watching netflix while doing archeology helps dull the monotony. I also do laundry, so I feel like I'm not wasting too much of my time. Any other suggestions/tips on ways to make the grind for those boa items more enjoyable?Berlitz4 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Snowfall Ink conversions I know that Snowfall Ink can be traded at the ink vendor for 10 Blackfallow Ink, but what happened to the Ink of the Sea? Shouldn't we still be able to trade the 10 Ink of the Sea for 1 Snowfall and drop the trade rate from 10 Blackfallow to 5?Muyamedna5 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 mining versus skinning (profit?) I have tailoring and mining on my warlock now; am trying to decide whether to switch mining to skinning (I used to have enchanting, but switched that one to mining because it was driving me crazy..) Which (skinning or mining) would you all say would be more profitable? I don't have any other Alliance characters on this server, so would only be selling the "raw" ore or leathers. thanks! Verlaan1 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Aarchaeology question what level does the tol'vir dig sites pop upKaliie1 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Transmutation issue, post-GM convo. This evening I went to Uldum to perform [Transmute - Living Elements]. When it proc'd, I recieved a confusing result. The recipe calls for 15 Volatile Life and yields 14-16 of another Volatile, yet my proc gave only 3 Volatiles. 3 Volatiles are not even a possible outcome of the transmute, yet that is what I recieved. It is no secret Transmute spec Alchemists (and Alchemists in general) are not in a terrific place economically. Many of our Transmutes (even those from past expansions) share a CD with out current ones. We have 3 new transmutes all of which share a CD: Truegold Living Elements Pyrium Bar So I ask, why do the transmutes for Living Elements or Pyrium even exist? Truegold is massively more profitable on (I would imagine) every server, and the Truegold proc is worth 50-100x the value of Living Elements per proc (seeing as how LE yields very small proc numbers). I'm not suggesting removing the CD on LE or PB, rather making them seperate from each other (and Truegold). Truegold is the only of the 3 transmutes anyone will be using (unless they make an uninformed mistake, like I did), so why make these useless? The fact that rare quality gems vendor for a fraction of what uncommon gems vendor for makes those transmutes useless, and you lose quite a bit of money creating them.Tracyworgan5 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Just Good Business... NOT So the NPC's who sell the recipe for Shadow Oil were removed from the game with Cata... BUT the requirement for Shadow Oil in making things like a Shadow Crescent Axe, Dusky Leather Armor, or Greater Shadow Protection Potion remains. That means these items cannot be made unless you know and can bribe a pre-Cata alchemist, who, if he/she is lucky, bought the recipe before some programmer got stupid. That's GOOD business for the alchemists IF YOU CAN FIND ONE. HOWEVER its stupid sloppy programming on the part of WOW designers. Millions pay $15 plus a month to play your highly vaunted game, and what do we get? Sloppy, bug ridden expansions and months of "We're looking at fixing that but..." (We really can't be bothered, because we're too busy looking at ways to get you to pay even *more* money at the 'WOW Store' Come on, *surely* you want to pay $25 to switch factions, or realms or, how about a flashy, useless flying mount?).) Is there any hope ANYONE at Blizzard gives even *half* a damn about the millions of players WHO PAY YOUR FOORKING SALARIES??Schwarzefang9 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Dropping Engineering.. 2 questions.. 1 - Is there anyway to get rid of the engineering enchants on my gear? It bugs me when you drop a prof how the enchants stay there and turn red. 2- What is better for raids/makes gold?Omang1 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 10, 2011 Every profession makes money (stop the QQ) Please stop making new threads about why can't X profession make money. The truth is every single profession makes money. Most of the people complaining about the professions and money are not willing to put in the effort and since it's not easy, it obviously is broken some how. For farming professions: I can farm 100 of X per hour, and it sells for 50g per stack = 5 stacks * 50 = 250g I can farm 20 of Y per hour, and it sells for 100 per stack = 1 stack * 100 = 100g Checking the AH and figuring out what you're able to farm and how quickly = profit. For crafting professions: It's a little more complicated but basically: What's your profit margin, how long does it tie up your gold, and how easy is it to sell, and what could you be selling instead? For example -- if you know the mats will cost you 3k, and you know you can DEFINITELY sell for 10k, but it might take you a week to sell well, that's one decision. Alternatively, you might be able to make 30 items for 100g each, and sell them all for 300g in just 1 day. What is the better option? Another thought -- farm vs. buy? Well, that would depend on how much time do you have? Would I be better off using the time making more items with a smaller profit instead of having to farm the mats? Perhaps... The point of the matter is every profession has stuff that sells and makes you gold, but no, there are very very few silver bullets that will make you a ton of money overnight. You need to learn what stuff costs, how easily stuff sells... and finally... understand that if you want stuff to sell quickly, don't underbid a 10k item by 1G. Personally, I just go to the higher priced person because I think you're a jerk for doing that. If you want to dump an item quickly, discount it by something meaningful, i.e. 1-2% and it'll sell much faster (leaving you gold to go and make other things with and repeat the process). Kleptrics13 Apr 10, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 How about another flying carpet mount? A Cataclysm-themed one. "Flaming Flying Carpet"! Makes sense, no? It could be on fire and stuff...but it wouldn't be burned because its magical!Denkou0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Fishing Idea I'm fishing and just had a brilliant idea, it's probably been mentioned before but oh well. Give us one of those green casting runes when we cast fishing. It might help eliminate fishing bots and all our casts could hit the pool which is all we want anyway. Trying to catch 10k fish and having to cast several times to get it to land in the pool is what makes fishing so tedious. I can hit the same spot fishing irl cast after cast, can my game character please do the same? Kurlin2 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Alchemy, as told by a flamenco dancer. Alchemists, the bartenders of WoW. Mythical healing potion is the White Russian, Potion of Treasure Finding ( Bahama Mama ), and that sweet ass Golemblood Potion, aka "Sex on the Beach". Being an avid liquor enthusiast, I decided to hop on the Alchemy boat this morning. I went 1-525 and X-Mute Spec'd out in a modest three hours; a chunk out of my piles of moolah with it. I revelled in my supply of fancy brews and bonafide David Copperfield-esque X-Mutes. It was a happy morning. I soon came to a realization...I need to put this too good (economical) use. So I come here today to ask you sexy fellow alchemists, how do you make your millions (or not). The Firelands (and the epic gems that accompany it) bode well for my X-Mute mastery, but what am I to do in the meantime? I'm willing to spec-swap about a bit if need be, so I'm interested in whatever Alchemy info you have to offer.Tracyworgan6 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Low Level Profession Item Drop Rate Why is it that items that are white are being treated like epic extremely rare items when it comes to drop rate? At the moment I have been trying to find Naga Scale, Spider Silk, and Flask of Oil for various toon professions and have yet to see any of these items drop from any of the mobs shown to drop them on WoWhead and WoWpedia. I have opened a ticket and spoke with a GM in game and they expressed their agreement and stated they would forward it to development. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue trying to find low level profession items in game? Does anyone know if development is going to do anything to address this ongoing issue? It seems the issue happened as of Cata. I remember spider's in Duskwood dropping Spider Silk, Naga dropping the Naga Scale, and the threshers in Wesfall dropping Flask of Oil. Now none of them seem to be doing it and it's virtually impossible to find the items on the AH. Correction, someone did have Spider Silk, and wanted 25 Gold for a stack of five, really? If this is a known "glitch/bug" I sincerely hope the devs will fix this next patch.Zeander1 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Good Addon for Archaeology? I used to use Archy, but it hasn't been updated since the patch, so I'm looking for a good replacement. Any suggestions?Birdomath0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 An Idea for Prospecting/Milling... I've been mass gathering herbs so an alt of mine can mill them, then turn the ink into cards, and in BC I played one of my alts as a miner/JC (he still is those professions, I just don't play that toon anymore). I've at least experienced the 'joy', or rather, complete and utter tediousness of prospecting and herbing -- it's even more painful when you have more than a few stacks, but an entire inventory full of goodies to go through. That's when I got this idea to overhaul those two functions of their respective professions. It's actually pretty similar to how Smelting and Mining work together, Smelting provides a new pane with which to turn your ore into something else, you click a button, and it goes. Plenty enough of the smelting materials take multiple quantities of ore, some even require you to play a pyramid game of mixing 2 different already-smelted bars to make something else. So how should Prospecting or Milling be any different? Just the fact that they're tied to a crafting profession (rather than a gathering one) shouldn't be holding you back, especially if it can offer exactly the kind of control and ease of use players are asking for. If it uses the traditional kind of crafting to convert stacks of ore/herbs into their gems/pigments, players could tell it to simply "Create All", or if they wanted, specify the number of ones to go through (and inherent to the default crafting interface, they already know how many they can process) -- that right there solves the major dilemma that Developers had expressed in NOT making prospecting/milling an easier thing to do (that players might mistakenly prospect all their ore when they may have wanted to sell it all). The elegant simplicity of this idea is intact; if it borrows from an interface similar to the Smelting pane, or any other crafting pane for that matter, players should already be familiar with how it works -- with relatively little overhead of moving/reassigning SpellID's and ItemID's. The only conflict I forsee really is that Smelting (and almost every crafted item) explicitly takes X amount of input items, and has Y amount of output, whereas Prospecting and Milling both have a fair amount of chance involved -- the only real rebuttal I have to this is that if they can make it work for Darkmoon Card Crafting, why can't they make it work for Prospecting and Milling?Adramelk5 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 LF addon that shows missing recipes Is there such an addon that would show what recipes you do not have for a trade skill? Specifically, inscriptions.Cherrÿbomb2 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Jewelcrafting - Fixing the wrong problems I completely understand the desire of Blizzard to take away the ability of JCers to make huge profits by merely vendoring items. That approach does little enhance the economy, there is no real player interaction or competition (ore prices aside). But this is not the problem. The problem is first that no one needs uncommon gems. (That's to say nothing of the 200 Dream Emeralds I just vendored because they have almost no demand) The demand for uncommon gems is minimal because you don't get any gear with sockets until very late into the expansion, and since uncommon gems understandably require 285 ilvl gear, they can only be used in cata gear. People don't really get gear that needs gemmed until they get 346 or 359 gear, and if they get gear of that level, they aren't wanting to put inferior gems in them. Most of the cut uncommon gems I see on the auction house, including the perfect ones, will end up getting the seller less money than if they simply vendored the cut gem. This is not the fault of the market, it is a design flaw that has put uncommon gem demand at near-zero. Worth noting is that cut wrath rare gems vendor for more than cut cata rare gems. More design mistakes?Zinn2 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Archaeology item spells I love the archaeology items that do something every 10 minutes or so but they are taking up bad space next to my various potions, second set of armor, food, cool items (like ring of kirin tor and other teleport items, and well you get the point. So anyway would there be a way to make all the items that have cooldowns in archaeology work as mounts and non-combat pets?Fishingforce0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 .deleted .deletedTihra0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Social/group proffesions please. I've been tinkering around with profession now and I noticed really quickly its a loner deal. Anyone else wish they blizzard devs would implement ways for players to gather resources/build as a group. Ideally using phasing technology to allow it to be done out in the world zones. Like a group of five players going to a query or mine and guarding npcs that mine for them from attack elite mobs and bosses.Anklecrush4 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 question about most popular gem what is the most popluar gem that is needed for all the classes across the board?Steezey2 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Should Reforging be a new Profession? It's great for customizing and an obvious moneymaker. Recipies would be called 'conversions', various combinations of potential stats to change of level dependant magnitudes. Ideally, the profession could be expanded to lower required player level, or even make custom heirlooms. Remove soulbounding? Potentially limitless options. Reagents would logically be Enchanting mats. Now that I think about it, Disenchanting could be a viable 4th gathering Profession. PandemonPandemon7 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Potion of nothing find ?!? Hey I thought blizz was gonna increase the drop rate for tiny treasure chest for us alchemist? Id rly love to see a currency perk for alchemist since our mastery extra proc rate is broken and it takes so much to make a flask anyways. Love lifeblood but Show meeee the gold =DForealz24 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Qucik Q on New Cooking Dailies I have every cooking pattern in the game and I'm just curious do these new cooking dailies offer new recipes or is it just a way to get more cooking rewards per day? Once I got the last recipe from the cooking daily (about a month or so ago) I stopped doing them altogether and I'm wondering if there's any reason for me to do the new ones. thanksRzarector2 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Need bank alt ideas! My bank alt is almost naked right now, and I want some ideas from fellow auctioneers for my bank alt's gear! Post on your bank alt to show off your outfits!Shochan10 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Do ALL Alchemy transmutes need to share cd? Why can I only make one Truegold/Pyrium/Living Elementals xmute per day? I can understand having a cooldown, but why a shared one?Lavatrickle1 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Alchemy Truegold Transmute: Just got 4 procs off of one :) It made my day lol.Exzile0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 alchemy and arenas Currently, is there potions or flask that an be used in arena? Or is there absoultely nothing that can be used?Sìth3 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Why Archaeology is Maddening This is just my attempt to rationalize why a lot of people are complaining about archaeology. Archaeology has the potential to drive people insane because of the possibility of getting something awesome. People argue that it is optional. People insist that you can just ignore archaeology and go do something else that wouldn't drive you mad. This, however, is difficult for a sizeable number of people. For these people, there will always be that nagging voice at the back of their heads telling them that they will get that coveted item in the next solve. It is that voice that prods them to go after one more solve. It gets worse the more solves these people have. These people begin to think along the lines of: "I must be getting close. I've solved hundreds upon hundreds of artifacts.". Simply put, archaeology erodes the enjoyment that these people derive from this game because it distracts them for a potentially indefinite period of time from the other more rewarding and more enjoyable aspects of the game. In the end, if you are obsessive, try to keep away from archaeology.. at least until Blizzard realizes how potentially destructive archaeology can be.Atreus5 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Help me level archeology please? I have leveled every profession in the game multiple times.Except Archeology.Its mind boggling how much time its taking.And I have to fly all over the place for a few fragments. Any tips on how to reach 450 fast? I really want that epic ring for my caster,nothing else.I wont even bother going for the sword or the bug mount or the trinket.Calavar5 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 My thought of a new fossil addition [Archaeology] is involved. you've been warned... As I bore myself to literal tears going up and down Kalimdor, I began to think about additional uses of archaeology. (sitting with 150-200 Fossil/Night Elf fragments tends to cause this) Perhaps for the less-complicated start, what if we could purchase an item from some vendor (somewhere...) that could do something combined with our fragments. My first example: Fossils. With the more sinister Lich King dead and such, perhaps some odd necromancer in the Plaguelands could sell players small 'package' items ("Animator's Kit for Dummies") which if combined with a number of fossil fragments (Let's say... 100 for simplicity's sake), could allow the player to summon a bone golem (think constructs such as in nefarian's encounter or scholomance). [EDIT: To expand on that idea, I bet blizzard could add a lot of amusing things to this vendor if they made one exist, such a miniature wraith companion, forever chained to this world but not quite a real threat to the player, a "bag of guts" and "bag of rope" that's restricted to the Death Knight class, items that when used, gives the Death Knight a 1hour buff, causing their ghoul pet to resemble an abomination and geist, respectively. There can even be some sort of "Gargoyle Statue". There's a LOT of places this can go, of course.] That's the only one that -really- made sense, as my mind started to wander to various other things that a pile of fragments could create: Fossil: A simple bone contruct, perhaps faster and bonier than your average bone construct. Dwarf: A giant beer mug. You must drink it. That, or perhaps some dwarven ghost that runs around cleaving everything. Draenei: The player puts a beacon on the ground, causing an interstellar naaru vessel to appear and fire an ion cannon-like beam at the beacon, annihilating everything within 20yds. Night Elf: Summons either a ghostly priest or some sort of wraith. Nerubian: Tentacles. There must be a tentacle (1-3 will pop out of the ground near the player. What they do is not my concern). Orc: Spirit of a blademaster that stealthily bladestorms everything. Tol'vir: I imagine a minor Djinni (model-wise, think of the conclave of four winds, but a much, much scaled down version) appearing in a puff of wind and shooting lightning. Lots of lightning. He better have a thunderstorm ability that launches people far, far away. Troll: Either a wraith, or some mummified troll that slowly walks toward a target, eventually jumping on them and eating their brains. Vrykul: Perhaps some Vargul could arise from the ground, using mocking blow and mortal strike.Stax0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Is Archaelogoy broken, or just horrible? So, after maxing my alchemy I decided it would be a fun idea to start leveling archaeology, mostly for the Vial of Sands, but also for the other novelties. About 200 hours invested - and I have to say this profession is horribly imbalanced. The leveling process wasn't bad. It was long, but I picked up some worthwhile commons and a most of my epics along the way that made it fun and unexpected. 200 hours later I basically have nothing. Is it bugged? Or just pointless? I'm not understanding. I have 10k gold JUST from commons. That is how often they drop. Just the same commons over, and over, and over. I got my last epic about 30 hours ago. Not 30 hours realtime. 30 hours of playing, of digging, ago. As of right now I have 13 epics, all which are pretty much trash to be honest. Counting just Tol'vir, I've gotten 1 epic, and ~25 commons. 2 of those commons were the jars, which of course didn't drop. 14 OUT OF THOSE WERE THE TINY OASIS MOSAIC, AND 7 WERE THE SKETCH OF A DESERT PALACE. I literally just keep going back and forth between the two. So my question is, is there a bug with archaeology? or was it just a manufactured piece of crap made through cata to waste time? I haven't gathered anything for the slot in the bottom right, is it just empty space for the future? As a side rant, why the hell does a recipe that takes THIS LONG to get, only sell for 35k? When 20k of that is spent by the crafter as mats? Bull.Vinced14 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Chocolate Cookies Could we perhaps see a feast-like form of the chocolate cookies? Something like a Plate of Chocolate Cookies? That way your friends can feel better too =DKyruus1 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Adding to reforging....Blue opinion? I was thinking about all the awsome old weapons or gear that no longer have any practical purpose in the game except to equip in the city because they look cool. I look at them thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if you could still raid with them?". However, the stats are now garbage compared to what currently drops now. So, my idea is this... What do you think about adding an option to reforging that would take the stats off of a new/current piece of gear or a weapon and put those stats on the old one? Doing so would destroy the new/current weapon, replacing the old piece of gear or weapon's stats with the new/current stats. For example, take the stats from "Crul'korak, the Lightning's Arc" destroying the axe. Now take those stats and put them on the "Warglaive of Azzinoth", removing the Warglave's old stats and now using the ones from the Axe. You could make it so only melee weapons or gear are only "reforgable" with other melee weapons or gear and the same for ranged/caster weapons or gear. I know there are the "heirlooms" and some skins are sometimes recycled and renamed, but they are limited and are still easily replaced by something with much better stats. This would be able to be done with any piece or gear or weapon in the game.Nîhm1 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Engineers' lament. Two things i'd like to @#*!* about for a moment: 1) I don't ask for a lot from Engineering, i didn't level it to make money, but for the love of god, give me something to do. I never get to make anything anymore, because there's no bombs, and everything i make is a permanent bag fixture now. Yeah, they're all cool, but i used to feel like a more productive player when i could make Arrows for people. I never even charged much, i maybe made 1g off each stack of ore i made into arrows, because i'm a nice guy and i didn't want to be a jerk to hunters. It paid for my repairs, and thats all i asked. Give me something to contribute to the server economy so i don't feel like such a shmuck. 2) Yes, you make pretty ceilings. I don't want to touch them. Why is our most useful tinker for raid utility no longer immune to causing wipes in instances? I'm a healer, i don't need a cardboard assassin, and i cant even sneak past mobs while invisible; at least let me have my "oh !*@@, i need to be over there right now!" button back. Yes, it can be funny outside of instances, but raid bosses aren't laughing, and neither is my repair fund.Kierah0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 eng. tinker discovery My 2's partner maxed out his engineering to 450 (lvl70) but has not discovered what he was lookin for, tazik shocker. Read posts going both ways about being at max level and still getting discoveries. He had gotten a few prior to maxing, but last night he went through about 100 obsidium bars making bolts and no proc of anything new. All im lookin for here is confirmed discoveries at max eng, whether it be 450 @ lvl70 or 525 @ 85 thanksSisu7 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Gnome or Goblin engineering? I'm lvling up my engineering, and now have the choice to specialize, but I am not seeing anywhere a current breakdown of the specialization perks. Anyone have any advice?Cherrÿbomb8 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 I'm a poor mage... ...and I'm trying to figure out the best way to make money through Enchanting and Jewelcrafting. Any ideas?Rethélle13 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Enchanting, Still Worth it? Alright so the current situation is I have a druid with maxed JC and Alch and this toon with maxed mining and skinning. However I would like people's opinion on whether it would be worthwhile dropping skinning on this toon and picking and and capping enchanting in order to DE greens I make from JCing. I also have access to a guild with the 'Bountiful Bags' Perk.Dorken9 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 archaeology. ive heard many people complain about the time this profession consumes. but personally i enjoy it. i like flying around and collecting bits to get epic items and such. but personally i feel the problem with the profession is the random rares that serve no purpose main point being the NE wind chimes. seriously? this item cost 130 frags and it does nothing but make a noise and a chat emote that says you hold it up into what ever weather your in. i personally feel their should be a 5 point achive/title attached to things like that. like weather man or rain maker. just so you dont feel like you wasted time getting something like that.Chúrch0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Quick Alchemy Question I keep hearing something about Mixology when it comes to flasks. Does this mean flasks like draconic mind would give 80 more intellect?Arkmikimura1 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 blizzard tell me y u cut gem prices i need to understand exactly what brought on the huge price nerf of green gem prices i don't see an issue with it in any way shape or form because gems have always held a price no matter green or blue or epic other wise the only thing i see as an issue is the perfect were worth the same amount as regular cuts there should in no way be a nerf but if u feel there is a reason i would liek to know exactly y because i don't see y it even came to light no one complained because obviously gems are worth money having to farm the ore and with the way ur nerfing it theres not a huge market for green gems at all so give me the exact reason for this incoming nerf i have to hear it sincerly a 6 year player chaoseaterChaoseater39 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 Chaos Orb serious! Ok so i ran 20 heroics and only got 2 orbs. Who had the head up there a$$ when they decided to make them soulbound. i see guys in trade all day making items 30+ orbs ... this is why people that need then dont get them because some ass that has way to many thinks he needs more. Fix the *!#! make them not soul bound or after 10 in your inventory and bank you can no longer roll. Worst idea blizz ever had. I would rather pay for an orb then farm heroics for days to make 1 pice of gear.Infernuss3 Apr 8, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 Why you will not get the sword or staff If you are reading this thread then you are probably more than fed up with archaeology and have more than a boatload of suggestions on how to make this profession better. For the most part the suggestions make sense, such as: 1. Removing races once you finish the rares and commons for that race 2. Increasing rare chances after X number of solves 3. Adding dailies to ensure spawns of desired race 4. Picking and choosing where to dig 5. Removing the 200 fragment cap However, there are implications as well as sound reasoning on why few of these suggestions will ever come to fruition; it's not because Blizzard is out to take your money and the longer you dig, the more subscription fees they charge (If you received your desired item, you wouldn't quit the game either). First and foremost, archaeology by design is a lottery system. Referencing the world we live in, there are people having never bought a lottery ticket in his life and winning the jackpot with the first ticket he purchases. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those that buy tickets every week for years on end never hitting the jackpot. While I am not the one to decide on who is worthy, I can say with absolute certainly that everyone believes himself to be worthy and that is just not the case. This is not a profession where hard work will pay off, unlike the rest of WoW. You are either lucky, or you aren't. Second, making these rares accessible by merit of time alone will severely diminish the reward and purpose of PVE which is the staple of this game. Zin'rokh, for example, is equivalent to the Reclaimed Ashkandi, a drop off Nefarion in a raid instance. If Zin'rokh was as commonplace as everyone hopes it to be, whole raids would dedicate themselves to archaeolgogy. It would be less RNG as the drop would be more or less guaranteed after a set amount of time, instead of the boss dropping loot that isn't the sword. Lastly, archaeology is not comparable to a primary profession because the better craftable items requires raid-quality mats. For example, Stormherald was arguably a top-tier weapon when it was introduced in BC. The mats required raid groups of 25 people killing trash and bosses with a horribly low drop rate. Only when it was late in the expansion people could buy the mats to create the weapon. Archaeology does not require anything outside of one character and time. Again, this will defeat the purpose of a massive multiplayer game if the army of one is all that is required for top level gear. Archaeology should not be considered the norm but rather the aberration on how loot works in this game. Outside of the failed experiment which was the Grand Marshal/High Warlord grind, a single person's time and effort should not grant loot on par with those that congregate and work as a team to receive similar quality items. I know emotions obviously runs high and will overtake logic, but this is what it is. My suggestions to you, fellow diggers, are: 1. Treat archaeology as a side game with the chance of items as a perk instead of work that should be paid 2. Find a guild that can help you get the gear 3. Stop doing archaeology In closing, archaeology is not a mean for welfare epics based on time spent. A similar and almost as good weapon can be achieved in 2v2 arena just by winning 15 games over a course of three weeks which should take much less time than leveling archaeology to 450.Wiseman29 Apr 8, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 Draenei JC Racial Rather than resurrect an older thread, I think it's important we understand that there is a problem with JC and the Draenei problem associated with it. To bring folks up to speed, here was a post from December of last year. ... Myself and many other Draenei who have Jewelcrafting are stuck at 525 since all the patterns are now gray (with exception of the epic <cough, cough>ones) The amount of time and cost it will take to max out at 535 is the cost of mats X 10. @ 9 Chimera Eyes a pop, plus the volatiles, (and you don't want to buy the eyes off the AH) you are looking at roughly 90 days to go 10 points. That's a huge allotment of time and expense for 10 point ticks. I know of no other profession gimped by a racial in this way. (Unless is Gnomes + engineering) There's been no response on this that I know of, so will there be a fix to this? The 10 point "perk" is absolutely POINTLESS at this point. (pun intended) Could you maybe provide some insight?Nornova33 Apr 8, 2011