4d Heroic JC recipes? Are the level 3 recipes in heroics? I have been running these like crazy and still no recipes. I am starting to doubt they are in there and maybe they are in another difficulty?Ginni8 4d
4d Demonsteel Bar Why can't miners smelt demonsteel bars? Why did it go over to blacksmith? Miners smelt everything. WTF!Corek1 4d
4d Why are tier 3 dungeon drop recipes so rare? I have done all of the heroics at least 10-20x EACH over the last few weeks. I have all of my Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting recipes at Rank 2. Many of the Rank 3 recipes drop from bosses or boss caches in heroic dungeons. I kind of assumed that there would be a fairly high drop rate on these, but in hundreds of dungeons that have the potential to drop these recipes, I've seen maybe 2. So the drop rate is extremely low. Any reason for this? Maybe Mythics and Mythic+ could offer higher and higher drop rates? It just seems ridiculously hard to find some of these recipes, and it's all RNG.Duratank0 4d
4d Fix Cooking This rng of seeing if you get burnt food or a recipe, which is almost always burnt food it not ok. Would like to be able to learn the food buffs my toon needs then farm the mats to cook it. Instead i can make no food my toon needs and have to pray on the rng gods. This is dumb and makes me not want to bother with cooking. The rewards of oh look 2 days of cooking research and no useful recipies is defeating.Colia7 4d
5d Mining bots I've seen quite a few mining botters in the past last 2 days. They fly around mindlessly in a zigzag circle pattern untill they come across a node, then fly over it, stop for a second dismount ontop of it, wait a second and then mine it, sit for a second then mount up again and continue flying around mindlessly.Psychoticbob29 5d
5d Blingtron 6000 objectively worse than 5000? From what I'm seeing, not only does the 6000 still need 5 of the relatively expensive Felslate to summon, but it has far less variety in items than the 5000 does, and mostly seems to be two greys and the very rare crafting ingredient.Genericdwarf2 5d
5d Flasks and Potions cost way too many mats Either that, or starlight rose is way too scarce. Mathematically-speaking it's about 4-5x as scarce as any other herb given that you only get 1 with a chance of failing per node(as opposed to 4-5 per node with no chance of failing). 7 Starlight Rose for a flask is absolutely absurd when it's that scarce compared to all the other herbs. Then add in the fact that each potion used in raid takes another 2 starlight rose, then add in random recipes that require starlight rose such as the 375 mastery food, each raid night is going to cost an excess of 800+ starlight rose. The mat costs are absolutely obscene. A lot of my fellow raiders are concerned about this as well.Finbez17 5d
5d Disenchanting reqs any skill level? Does disenchanting require any skill level to do in Legion? Aka can my enchanting can be lvl 1 of 800 and still able to get all the mats possible? Considering saving up my all BOP gear switching to enchanting to disenchanting it and switching back periodically. Would that work?Tanrith1 5d
5d Obliterating Crafted Items - Scribe I finally finished crafting the 49000 cards I needed to get my A-8 Promises and my trinket, and was planning to obliterate my leftover cards to get some Obliterum. I hearthed to Dalaran and went to the forge to find out THEY CAN'T BE OBLITERATED. This is terrible, because each card takes more materials to craft than any of the other professions' base items. For those who don't know the cost involved with crafting cards: It takes 18 Sallow Pigment at rank 2 (12? with rank 3) and a Felwort, along with ridiculously common Roseate Pigment. You can't trade the Roseate for Sallow, you can only mill herbs. The *most* effective herb to mill is Dreamleaf, which takes 220 on average to get 18 Sallow Pigment for a card, PLUS a Felwort. The cost of buying these herbs on the AH ALONE is more than the cost of the 815 crafted bracers of any armor type. My question to Blizzard: Why can we not obliterate crafted Inscription items that cost MORE materials to make than the crafted gear of armor-crafting professions?Volì2 5d
5d Need to run Emerald dungeon and its not out? New quest for my professions tells me to run the Emerald dungeon but it does not show on the dungeon list. Thought it was a bug until a few told me that it's not been released yet? Way to go Blizz - force us to run a dungeon to advance professions and the dungeon is not out yet? No wonder the amount of people in game has dropped dramatically.Backstabbing7 5d
5d Skinning: Hides of Legend Thanks for the trip down memory lane to Tol Baradin Bliz. Just what I was looking forward to, having to try and win an old PVP zone so I could get into an old raid to continue my skinning quests. Do the other professions get things like this? Oh well, skinning quests currently on hold until the roving pack of Horde get bored and decide to give up on TB. Or maybe I'll just change professions, maybe that would be quicker.Anthioc9 5d
5d Jewlcrafting Reroll Hi all, Is there any way to reroll what you get for stats on JC items? If not anyone know if theres a plan to implement something of the sort. Kind of dont want ot waste all the money and time on a neck with subpar stats.Jannabot2 5d
5d Problems with professions The whole feeling like a tailor, miner, enchanter, etc feels good the first time around, don't get me wrong - its fun. But there are still many huge issues that break the experience. 1- Rank 2 requiring exalted reputation with a faction, ex: Formula: Enchant Neck - Mark of the Heavy Hide (Requires exalted with dreamweavers) 2- Dungeons, for any dps that dares pick up a profession, get ready to get shafted with queue times for a recipe. Not to mention the engineering helmets that require you to run the suramar mythics thus rep gating the gear + ilvl gating (since you need at least 830 ilvl). On top of it all those helmets are ilvl 815 way lower than what you get out of those dungeons (sure you could upgrade to 850 but chances are by the time you make 50-70k gold to buy obliterum you already got a titanforged helmet). 3- Very unforgiving on alts. Some people just make alts for the professions just so they don't have to depend on wacky market prices or auction house magnates. Gating most items behind lvl 110 just hinders the user. 4- Mos professions (specially engi) needs items bought from vendors that are 10-60g each, multiple of them. What gives? Most professions buy items that are less than a gold up to 5g tops, but engi just gets rekt.Zoero0 5d
5d Need help (stuck/confused). 741 LW Hello. I had 600 LW and 1 skinning going into Legion. I leveled to 110 and got skinning up a bit to like 387 now. I've done every profession quest for LW ahead of time and now I've started to go from 605 - 800. This was going fine as I made the 765 and 785 gear. However, now I'm at 741 LW and everything has gone yellow. From what I can tell looking at guides the professsions quests that I already completed (god I hated that mount quest at the end) I should have gotten some rank 1, 815 patterns already. I can NOT find anything in my book though to craft. I can't use any of the rank 2 patterns from Ranid Glowerglow in Dalaran because I don't have any of the rank one patterns. Can someone please explain to me what is going on? Is this all bugged out cause I did my professions quests before leveling my profession? Is there some other patterns I get first? I thought once you hit 740 the 815 gear was suppose to be craftable. Edit: I saw that this Stalriss Dawnrunner on the edge of Suramar supposedely sold rank one patterns for 815 gear so I finally managed to find them but no they do not offer me any patterns. Is there a mantditory progress necessary in the Suramar quest chain to get 815 LW patterns? I don't see why the two should be related and I've certainly never gotten a profession quest to go see this Stalruss Dawnrunner. I've barely started Suramar, but that shouldn't be gating me from level my profession... this is frustrating.Stratous5 5d
5d Archeology - Temple of a Thousand Lights Anyone else tried to survey at this location in Azsuna? I've run around all over the place and it seems like my very first artifact is in the wall of the main room of the temple. I've run all throughout the place and there isn't a path that leads to the other side of this wall. Even the minimap shows that there's nothing there. I think it's bugged, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had any problems trying to survey here?Vanya3 5d
5d Work Order: Stormscales Who in their perverse minds came up with these world quests? The reward is worth basically nothing, compared to very valuable materials. Stormscale are going for 20-40 gold EACH on my realm, and you'd be lucky to get 1 gold for the unbroken teeth, and 250 rep is hardly compensation. I hope most people figure this out before dumping 800g+ worth of materials for a quest ;)Delénn4 5d
5d Tribal knowledge Bugged? I'm up to the part of the blacksmithing quest line where I should be prompted with the Tribal knowledge quest. I've had the cutscene where I bang the big anvil but I am not being prompted with the Tribal Knowledge quest line. Is there something I'm missing? Any help is deeply appreciatedHektick1 5d
5d Maxing Alchemy without spending 100k gold? I was at 775 before I decided to max my last levels by farming/buying all mats necessary to make around 40 flasks.. I only got 4 level ups. This cost me around 30k gold in AH mats. Wtf to do? I want to hit 800 to craft that cauldron as soon as I finish the quest on tuesday.Maraloc6 5d
5d Reaves Module: Snack Distribution Mode BoP I started off by making Reaves Modules: Repair Mode to sell on the AH for money. I finally got around to doing the quest for engineering to make the snack distribution module. I figured I might as well make another because there were none on the AH. I crafted two without much thought due to all the other modules being BoE. I learned one for the quest and tried to sell the other to be told I can't sell soulbound items. I'm now stuck with a 10k crafted item I can neither sell or do anything with. I believe that this is an oversight. They should either be Unique or part of a quest for engineer such as the Blacksmithing leystone forging quest where you get mats and can only make one of them. Being able to make more than one for no purpose is deceiving.Hybreed4 5d
5d Leatherworking moose - Does it fly? For those who have built the moose mount, if you use it in a flying zone, will it fly? (I don't think I'll make one if it doesn't, since I already have a moose that can fly.)Fugubar2 5d
5d Alchemy switching - lose ranks? If you get rank 2/3 from crafting pots, do you lose those if you switch professions and buy the book again? I know with other professions, you lose and bought ranks/found ranks, but wasn't sure about alchemy and how they discover ranks.Sorrii0 5d
5d BS quest: Not Just Weapons and Armor Level? Full series here: Number 16. I completed 15, "From One Master to another" and turned it in to Allard in Dalaran. A gray ! appeared over his head, which usually says your level is too low for this quest. The same happened for my alchemy. So, I went out and leveled to 105, Returned, and it's still gray. Any idea what level I need to be before I can pick up this quest and continue my professions? The videos are no help because the player levels are replaced by the ZZZ resting tag.Smur1 5d
5d Mounting Made Easy If you were trying to make a leatherworking quest that would make someone want to skin the human that designed it, you succeeded. What were you thinking?!?!?!?! I pity anyone who tries to complete this quest. And there is no shame in quitting, there really isn't. It took me 2 hours of failing today to actually complete it, and I'm still in denial that I actually did it. The quest is impossible to complete unless you have: Fighter's Chow - 1000% hp regen outside of combat Stonehide Leather Barding - can't be dazed off your mount for 8 hours (tooltip says 2 hours) It also helps to have: 2 piece set bonus from Order Hall - out of combat regen A Stamina Flask - I used Inquisitorr's Menacing Eye for an extra 100, but for non-DH's go with the 250 stam flask from draenor. Water walking mount like the Water Strider (emphasis on mount, because you fail instantly if you ever get off your mount) And the reflexes of a cat. Watch a guide while you do it, because this bastard will juke you constantly, and trap you in areas that make you fail if you weren't clairvoyant enough to already know where it was going. Whoever made this quest is a sadist, and whoever was in charge of letting this get to live needs to be fired. You know what, fire the guy who designed the waterfall while you are at it. If this mount weren't BoP it would sell for gold cap with how much of a ridiculous PITA it is to complete.Yöbogoya12 5d
5d Why is Jeeves not a toy? Everything else Engineering has been changed into a toy including your teleporters, portable mailbox, and both Blingtrons; why not Jeeves?Jerauld1 5d
5d Disenchanting iLvl 725 I just disenchanted 5 crafted epic quality iLvl 725 Silkweave Epaulets and received a temporal crystal for each one, not chaos crystals. Is this the way it is supposed to be?Sangriä2 5d
5d Quest to make Obliterum There's this quest asking me to provide mats from professions that I don't have. I looked at the AH price of the mats. The total costs is like around 37k gold. I would only need Obliterum for my Alchemy trinket. I need 7 of them and it costs around 33k gold total. I decided to purchase the 33k gold of Obliterums instead. Do you think I made a good decision? I am not planning to level up my alts yet coz I find their professions awful. And I am on an inactive guild. Nobody helps me on professions.Jhannae3 5d
5d Felwort Location I found the felwort world quest location so I figured I'd post it up since it's still bugged and doesn't pop up. It's just southwest of the witchwood in highmountain at coords 35.9 42.2Burun27 5d
5d Do ppl still buy low-level mats in AH? So with Legion being out, and no need to level professions to do Legion professions, does anyone still buy low-level gathering mats from mining and herbs anymore? Is there any use to them anymore except maybe for some people that have some weird compulsion to complete all recipes or something?Arthár9 5d
5d Skinning Chicken alright. where there exists the _possibility_ for another player to negatively impact another player's experience significantly, -- whether it's intentional or not -- the END RESULT is the GRIEF of that other player. i dream of a world where 2 strangers kill a beast. stranger 1 loots the beast and skins it. IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. stranger 2 loots the beast and skins it. at this point in time, since there is no more loot or skin to offer....THEN it disappears. many more strangers are possible with this dynamic. if that _honestly_ causes balance issues with mat availability (well, overall i feel mats are WAY too scarce for all profs anyway) then i'd rather live in a world where those costs were increased/drop rate nerf #2 instead of my life now where i kill beasts with strangers and then STAND THERE playing "skinning chicken" waiting for the other person to loot and leave....Grown0 5d
5d Hearty Feast Bugged? I used to craft 5 but at rank 2 I can only make one?Boulder0 5d
5d Plate Intellect 815 goggles? Hey wondering if I'm missing something or if there are no plate intellect goggles ilvl 815 from engineering? There is a 715 pair of strength ones that turn into intellect when you change your spec however the plate 815 ones don't change to intellect they are strength only.Onemorelette3 5d
5d Darkmoon Card craftrate discrepancy Why is there a considerable craft-rate discrepancy for one darkmoon card of each deck type? I have made over 1000 cards and, statistically, some (one from each deck) have a very low / much lower proc-rate than their counterparts. I know my sample size is small, but having spoken w/ other DMC crafters, it seems that the ones that are low for me are also low for them. While I don't have any of the actual #'s across the ppl that I've asked, assuming direct extrapolation, each deck has one card at least 1/2 as likely to be made as the rest...Frobestoo1 5d
5d Skinning and Griefing I'm noticing an ever increasing amount of griefing for skinners, especially around world quests. People will tap a mob, not help in the kill and won't loot. This is the definition of griefing and I have been reporting players as such. And to offer a solution: skinning can occur regardless of loot pickup. Drop the remaining contents in a bag for those that have loot. Skinning rights are rolled on the percentage of all skinning capable damage dealers. If I did 99% of the damage to a mob and a griefer 1%, they only have a 1% chance to skin the kill. After 20-30 seconds of no skinning by tapped person, skinning becomes available to all until despawn. Elite mobs can be skinned by several players. There should be enough skin from that large creature to cover the skinners. Or maybe limit it to 5. It's not perfect, it rewards burst capable classes, which are typically leather classes anyway. It might increase the supply of leather in the "economy", which I understand, but resource scarcity due to griefing and mechanics vs. true resource scarcity is extremely frustrating. That is, delaying progression because of another player vs. actual scarcity of resources creates animosity.Fatbabytkins5 5d
5d Currently not possible to Max Leatherworking? Hi guys, just random question about leatherworking with legion, I've leveled my LW all the way to 780, and now all my patterns have turned grey. I was aiming to make the eldorhorn mount but I don't currently think it is possible to do so unless theres something I'm missing to get my last 20 ranks for LW. I have all the dreadleather patterns etc. if i search for unlearned patterns in my LW tab it only comes up with 4 for legion and they are all grey to me so no experience, any help would be appreciated cheers :)Deltherr8 5d
5d Herbalism Ranks - where are they People keep telling me it's rng chance to get the next rank for a herb. People also tell me they get theirs fairly quickly especially Starlight Rose to rank 3. THEN some claim you need every herb at rank 2 to even get rank 3 on any of them. Herbing, what is going on here? I'm getting a bit tired of farming hundreds of herbs and waiting for rank 2 quest chain and I have 127 Starlight Rose dust in my bags since I started herbing them.Maedelna8 5d
5d Class-specific necks I just want to point out that this is probably the worst designed crafting situation I've seen in dozens of games over around 20 years of gaming. If you craft one of these obscenely expensive necks, you have three outcomes: 1. It's got perfect rolls. 2. It's got meh rolls. 3. It's !@#$. If it's 1, you NEVER CRAFT IT AGAIN BECAUSE LOL PRICE. You're done. You've got your neck. If it's 2 or 3, you try to sell it on the AH to salvage the price so you can try again. This ensures that the only thing you'll ever find on the AH is garbage items, and drives down the sale value of these items well below actual mat cost because the only people who will buy them are alts who want to gear up quickly with cheap Obliterum, even with %^-*ty or meh rolls. Pretty much every other crafted item can roll stats that are not good for you but excellent for another class/spec, and you can sell them at decent prices, salvaging the real garbage ones. If anything in Legion needs a reroll item like WoD had, it's these necks. Holy !@#$ing %^-*. What terrible design. 0/10Plastics0 5d
5d JC 600+ gems(armory bug?) I saw some 600+ on secondary stats gems, i've looked around and didn't find how do i get them. Do you have to upgrade the regular ones or it's a recipe?Ughtred2 5d
5d Level requirement to unlock rank 3 Hi I have been trying to unlock rank 3 on my Ancient Healing Potion (alchemy) and it is taking a while. Do you have to be level 110 in order for the discovery to occur? Thank you for your time eveyonePhilomenos6 5d
5d SAWED OFF CRANIAL CANNON DMG will this be fixed or was it intended to hit 70-120 dmg. (engineering goggles)Unholyhealer3 5d
5d Underpowered Professions Not sure if anyone else agrees with me but it really feels that the non power-augmenting crafting professions are lacklustre. i.e blacksmithing, tailoring, leather working all feel like a waste of time. Enchanting, jewel crafting and alchemy all seem very relevant. As well as gathering professions which allow for a lot of bloods (and in 7.1 the blood vendor). Not sure if there are any plans to buff these up any, but right now it feels like being penalised for crafting.Gorwarth1 5d
5d Engineering Gunpowder Charge Nerf So as of this morning the Gunpowder Charge is now a single use during combat and goes on cooldown after you leave combat. Don't know about alot of other engineers but this was a major part of my dps rotation and one of the only things i have been using from engineering, seeing as most everything from my professions is lackluster. Now i don't even get to use these to the full extent. So is there a point to keeping Engineering or should I drop it for another crafting class?Bulkbiceps2 5d
5d Cap AH total # of Auctions to 50 per acct Posting auctions on the AH should be capped at 50 listing per account. It wastes SO much time, energy, and server resources when there are 26 pages of single listings for 1 of a mat. That would AT LEAST be a temporary fix until Billz overhauls how the AH works.Frobestoo4 5d
5d Skinning Suggestion There are some issues with the way skinning currently works. Especially in relation to the new multi-tagging system. It's real easy for someone to tag something you're fighting (whether intentionally or not), and if they neglect to loot it, you can't skin it. So, here's my suggestion. Allow corpses that haven't been looted by other players to be skinned, but leave behind a "skinned corpse" or something that the other players can loot, after it has been skinned. This way, the skinners can skin, and it's no big deal if someone forgets to loot something. And if they realize they forgot, they can still go back and loot the skinned corpse. Everybody wins.Ucoktehlogs0 5d
5d Design: Twisted Pandemonite Choker - Where? I can't find it anywhere and Jabrul supposedly has it (according to various sites). Tiffany Cartier has pretty much every other class neck pattern but no Warlock/Twisted Pandemonite Choker Anyone find it?Lashiera5 5d
5d Mounting Made Easy and Hides of Legend So I have no idea how Blizzard though either one of these quests were a good idea. Mounting Made Easy is a poorly designed waste of time that is not even close to an enjoyable experience. Between the waterfall drop, invisible walls, and rope that vanishes it is just bad. Hides of Legend is also just why. Why make one of the bosses attached to an old world pvp area that you can not access unless your faction owns the area. If they don't well you are just stuck until the next lock out. Why is this even a thing? How did this get though?Liniwa3 5d
5d Felslate Basilisk Not Dropping Felslate The felslate basilisk that can spawn after you mine a deposit, seam or creature is not dropping ores for me, when i loot it, it only gives me the grey item and 0 felslate. This is happening with the leystone basilisk too. I realized this when i was in a group killing normal felslate basilisks for the mining world quest "felslate basilisks" in suramar, i was getting a lot of felslate from killing - mining - and killing the special felslate basilisk that spawns after mining the basilisks, all was fine until i simply stopped getting felslate from this special basilisk. Anyone else with this bug? a guy in my group suffer the same bug.Dagrosh4 5d
5d multiple alchemists Two of my characters are alchemists. in the past, there might have been a benefit to having multiple alchemists because of trinkets and daily cds. I'm just starting to level my second alchemist (level 100 toon with level 700 alchemy) and wondering if I should drop it on the 2nd toon. Is there a benefit to having multiple alchemist in Legion?Mug1 5d
5d First Aid quests are resetting This is in regards to the new first aid quests required for the Field Medic title. It seems the game dumps your progress in these quests after you log out, and this means that you can get the same quest repeatedly. I noticed today that I received a first aid quest I had already completed. After doing some testing, I got another duplicate in Suramar. I logged out and went through every quest ID of the required quests for 'Field Medic'. All came back 'false' for me when I used the macro, including the one I had just gotten for the second time. Please fix this so that this achievement and title are obtainable.Triet0 5d
5d What's the point in leveling professions? Just wondering what the point in leveling professions is. I'm 800 Herbalism, but little Billy can gather the same materials as me, without the level? What's the point in leveling then? Doesn't this devalue the items, knowing that everyone and their mother can run around gathering the same herbs that I've worked for? Or mining the same nodes that people have spent hours leveling mining to do? This seems like a joke to me. I want to know why a guild member of mine has less than 100 herbalism, but can farm starlight rose just as well as I can, with 800 herbalism.Bladestørm2 5d
5d Underlight Angler artifact knowledge So...according to the tooltip Underlight Angler should make use of artifact knowledge yet rare fish still only give 50 each. I have reached out to Customer Support who have NO IDEA if this is a bug or intended and told me to put in a bug report. How is it that customer support has no knowledge of any game mechanics that aren't listed on wowhead, or even if they are listed and not working, still don't know if they are bugs or intended? Side note, tickets being answered with copy+pasted nonsense instead of direct communication through whispers when a customer is logged into the game is absurd. Is Blizzard just giving up at this point?Wyrmheal3 5d