Oct 11 OOX - Find it yourself, offline. This takes advantage of the quest completion information, which was recently exposed to the API. You can read more about that in this thread: To begin with, you need to know the Quest IDs for the OOX rescue quests. These can be easily found on Wowhead. Hinterlands - Tanaris - Feralas - OOX of Your Own - The number at the end is the ID of the quest. Now, all you need to do is pull your quest list from the server. This is pretty easy; all you need to do is pull it up in a web browser. The format looks like this: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Note that this is mine, not yours. To get yours, replace "destromath" with your realm, and "Pahanda" with your character's name. If your realm includes any punctuation, you can look at your Armory profile on the main website to see what you should use. For example, I have an alternate character on the Aman'Thul realm, named Corbette: And you can easily modify my original link to pull up her quest list: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Once you've gotten the list, you can then look for the quests. For simplicity's sake, search for the following strings (minus quotations, of course): Hinterlands: ",836," Tanaris: ",648," Feralas: ",25476," Pet: ",3721," If you find a match, you've completed that quest. If not, you haven't. It's that easy. Happy chicken-hunting! (This technique will work for any quest, of course, if you know the ID.) EDIT - 12/04/2011: The API results have been changed, formatting-wise. They're now comma-separated, but with no spaces, so I've changed the "match" strings accordingly.Pahanda24 Oct 11
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Quests forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss quests in World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
40m Stormheim Mounted Combat PvP Quest The Bareback Brawl quest in Stormheim is pretty fun. The different buffs the different mounts give are pretty cool and it's neat just to see some form of mounted combat in the game other than jousting. The free for all nature of this quest may appeal to some and not others, and I won't comment further on that. My main praise is the uniqueness of the quest in regards to mounted combat. Does this potentially open the door to mounted combat with some of the conventional and/or class mounts to be used in future mounted combat world quests? I hope so. The pally's Charger/Elekk/Kodo, the Death Knight's Death Charger, the Demon Hunter's Felsaber. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The new mounted combat quests do not have to work for EVERY single mount that has ever come into the game - that would be quite a list! Maybe just the class mounts mentioned above and several of the basic style of mounts people unlocked (like horses, nightsabers, wolves, raptors, etc., not necessarily the super exotic like Sky Golems)? Not any of the mounts that are purchased from the store - would smack of pay to play. Some abilities would be similar to what is already available, like a Dwarf Ram having a charge ability like the goats in the Stormheim quest. Maybe the wolves and raptors having a pounce like the Wargs do. I just really like the quest, and in the future would love to see others like it (whether it's in a PvP style free for all arena or PvE). If world quests (or something similar) are put into the main world, an interesting one for Silithus and other desert-like areas could involve using those Qiraji battletanks again! On a related note - the Highmountain quest that turns you into an animal to go after Poachers is also pretty amazing.Daromir0 40m
2h Unobtainable treasure chest in Suramar? Took screencaps just in case, but there really doesn't seem to be any way to reach this treasure chest. No jumping puzzle, can't access it through the rooftops, no windows, no key to the door, no item from the shopkeeper. Just a treasure chest on the second floor that you can't seem to get, blocked by a static door which is what I'm assuming is an oversight. I'm not sure if I'm just majorly stupid (wouldn't put it past me) but I've spent about 15 minutes looking for a way to get this chest and I can't find one. Is this an oversight? Thought I'd report just in case. EDIT: Found a way to it, but it doesn't seem to be intended. Jumped from the shelf to the doorway, and then to the balcony where the chest is. Screencap: Looked for the exit/entrance but it really is just blocked off by the door.Acesø37 2h
2h Withered Army Training: no more chests? So I have continued doing the withered training scenario even though I'm exalted with the Nightfallen. However, I've had multiple runs now where I don't see any of the larger bonus chests (the ones that require 5+ withered to claim). All I get are the tiny ones with gold, mana and the odd BoS. Is this intended? Am I wasting my time at this point? I'm able to complete the whole scenario pretty easily, but I don't really see the point of having 40+ withered in there and no chests for them to carry. :)Boucher0 2h
7h quest addons Are there any good quest addons that are current for legion? I tried atlas but it only seems to be updated to legion dungeons, ive hit alot of dead ends with my quests and dont know where to go to start new quest lines.Garande1 7h
11h Mythic dungeon quests won't happen Having quests like Heart of Zin-Azshari for mythic is making it that nobody can do it cause hardly anybody wants to do normal mythic so please change this and any other quest like it to looking for dungeon normal and heroic so ppl can do the quest.Zarella2 11h
11h Uniting the Isles Hey I'm having an issue with getting Nightfallen to friendly and completing this quest. Right now I'm at 2750/3000 to friendly. Any suggestions on what I missed?Verdefile1 11h
13h Can't complete Jandvik's Jarl questline The Jandvik's Jarl questline is necessary to finish the Good Suramaritan achievement. I thought I had finished the chain, but it turns out I haven't. I think I'm probably at least halfway through it, but there are NO quests anywhere in the area to continue. I've searched high and low... no questgivers. Is this a bug or am I just missing a bleeding obvious quest? I want to say I am at 140 or so on this list. Still.. no questgivers... Hallllp!Riathamus4 13h
14h Suramar : Blood & Wine : Whats next? I'm trying to grind rep for the nightfallen, I just finished the blood & wine chapter, my 4th complete chapter overall and now there are no leads I'm 1950/12000 towards revered All of the other quests I can find in the zone give no rep, and are clearly unrelated side quests So...... where do I pick the main storyline back up? Is there a rep requirement for the next chapter or is the next chapters start hiding somewhere or what? Not sure what to do, helpJahbulon7 14h
15h Second Horseman I seem to be having a problem with the second horseman quest to get Thoras Trollbane. I got the message from the Lich King, but zero quests for it. I've gone to his tomb, nothing.Dipztik8 15h
17h I am unable to progress in Legion. <resolved> I have finished the Aszuna, Val'shara, and Highmountain quests. I have the pillars of creation from there, in Dalaran. I've done the three dungeons that come out of it. But, I am not getting my mission to go to Stormheim. What do?Infèctèd3 17h
18h A letter to Blizzard Quest Development: A letter To Blizzard Quest Development: As a community the last few weeks I've seen this class come together with pride and focus for one goal. The Arcanite Bladebreaker skin was almost top priority for not only diehard Warriors, but other main classes as well. The thought that this hidden appearance was still hidden, said to be live, available, and so mysteriously sought after drove everyone to search far and near. Personally, I spent at least 3 full days of playtime wandering, trying things, looking through mythics, researching every little piece of lore about characters and weapons just to find this quest trigger. After all this time and all of the conspiracies theories.. The only 2 options available for the commmunity are that the outcome would make us feel really dumb, or make us very angry. There was no in-between. Sadly the latter was the outcome. Finding out that the quest trigger was not even implemented in-game after being told so was disappointing to say the least. And after finding out the weapon wouldn't even be a hidden challenge, but a "talk to me for your reward" was even a bigger let down. I'm only kind-of happy that I won't be spending days & nights looking anymore. However, the novelty is gone. For all of us. The one thing I think Blizzard should take away from this new experience in-game is how much love we have for it. I was reading passages of books I never even intended to read. It made me love the lore that much more. I read about Broxinar and how he's tied to this exapansion. I read about lots of other characters and stories that I've never even heard of. We took screenshots of crazy places, doodads of maps, photos, NPCs trying to connect the dots.. I'm sure there are tons more people who are exactly in my shoes. Not only did you let us down, but you made us love it more. That's why we're so upset right now. The hype was real, and the community as a whole came together for something that couldn't happen. This small minute mistake I'm sure was an eye-opener on how much you can implement and get away with. There are definitely ways to have quests not be datamined. Make us go through lore, figure out where things are hidden. Give us riddles and crazy adventures to go on. Make us proud to be our class after having completed such quests. You have no idea how much some of us loved this experience before the outcome it came to. We made long Reddit posts, we gathered data, made debunk lists in Google Docs, Chatted on Discord until 2am sometimes. Even tweeted and begged for hints. It was a glorious nightmare. Please use this trajedy to gather information on how you can really give us a good experience. It's almost like nobody at Blizzard plays a warrior. At all P.S. (My opinions): Axe of Cenarius was turned down, but after we have all read the lore it would have been better. Who cares that it doesn't look "Warrior-like" It was wielded by one of the best warriors of Aziroth who cut a god. That was a huge drop of the ball. My suggestion? You should have implemented a way to re-do the illidan flashbacks other than the last one. Once inside, there could have been a secret way to talk to Brox and ask about his axe. Thus bringing up the discussion trigger to Helgar. That would not have been able to be datamined.. No item, or quest.Winstom0 18h
19h Secrets of the Shieldmaidens Ok, so a lot of us have had issues finding where to start this quest chain at. There is a little information online but it isn't very clear. So here you go Head down to Dreadwake's Landing and east/southeast of town you will see a boat in the water. On the shore near that area are two small boats, me f which has the initial quest. Quality on the pics aren't great since I used my iPad to take them off my crappy computer but you should get the idea. Hope this helps. 19h
19h Abandoning quests in legion issue I had a quest log fill up pretty quick, so I decided to abandon a few of the new dungon / profession quests to make room. Now I am finding I can not get those quests back, even tho I go and try to interact with the quest giver they will not offer it. Has anyone else had this issue, maybe knows a way to fix it? It seems most every quest this xpan, is pretty important to be sure it gets done. I have tried to use wowhead, and recheck each zone. Not having much luck, if anyone can help I would be really grateful.Raijinfury1 19h
19h Question WQ Golden Portaits Quick question regarding the WQ with the golden portraits above these quests. So my question is when completing the golden WQ is it true with the reward you can obtain a legendary? Certain people say they can reward you with a legendary beside from the WQ cache. Any feedback anyone prove this correct by getting a legendary from a golden WQ?Canyoulift2 19h
22h Close Enough To Touch bugged? "Search for Malfurion in the Village" I've scoured every square inch of the blue area on my mini map, and I'm about to lose my damn mind. What's going on with this quest?Deathdealer2 22h
22h Thanks for that (Hatchlings of the Talon) Ride up to the NPC. She says I'll get a gift and have to float down touching her green orbs. Yeah, I like the sound of that. So I say, let's do it. She throws me up pretty high, and I'm diligently looking for those green orbs I'm supposed to get my gnome hands on. I see them in the distance, and I realize I'm falling faster than I should. SPLAT. Okay, I forgot to dismount. No problem. No where's my corpse again? Just out of reach, so I can't rez. /sigh Fine. I'll just head back to the graveyard and take the rez sickness like a man. Why, hello aggro bears at the Mistvale graveyard! /sigh Oh well. Live and learn.Smoo0 22h
22h What's up with World Quests changing? Particularly the dungeon ones? Last night when I went to bed I had a CoS world quest for a lot of AP that I would need to complete today/tonight before the next 8 am reset. Today the quest is gone entirely (but wowhead still shows it as part of "today in legion" so I know I'm not imagining it) - it seems like the gold quest for EoA replaced it based on what I see in "today in legion" and in talking to guildies...except that was available last night too, before the last reset (cuz I did it) This is just the most recent example though - what's up with this behavior? It's almost like you get penalized (or rewarded, depending on what the change is) for not doing all the content immediatelyDarquis0 22h
23h follower mission setup BAD dude, I just finally got my toons to 830 so I could finish these missions, and now all my missions are 850??!! wth man? the more I level my toons, the less reward value I get. and the less I can actually complete. the more expensive they become. so I have to put in more work to get less. the hell kind of sense does that make? the 850 missions are not giving a substantial bonus, shjt I cant even get the bonuses because, after all the upgrades, im still not breaking 30% bonus chance. and half the missions aren't even things I want. vanity pets? lower level gear than my Item Level? 300 gold? who cares about gold if you cant farm it to a degree that matters? and more charater il upgrades. its like the whole point is just to upgrade IL just so you can upgrade more IL... just so you can upgrade more IL. dumb, man! why not make the gear something worth while? and keep the ap upgrades consistent or BETTER than lower levels. and the bonus chance consistent with lower levels or Better. whats the point otherwise. I can do 2 world quests and get everything I could get for doing all my follower missions in a day. all I want Is artifact research, and im getting so much less per artifact research level than I was when I started this.Lèto0 23h
23h Don't mix PvP into PvE legendary questline Please decide whether a questline should be pve or pvp and don't mix them. PvE players don't want PvP players to come in without PvE gear and I'm pretty sure it's mutual. Different gear sets, different skill sets and not to mention the Alliance can't pvp as a general rule, so I need 9 pvp buddies to get past one small part of the legendary quest line. After 7 years of pve and very little pvp, it's enough to make me try another mmo If I wanted to pvp, I would switch to Horde and do it. I'm stuck on the Siversharde Mines, Temple of the Mogu portion of the Black Prince questline. I was really enjoying this questline, but now I'll never be able to finish and that just makes me want to find a new game.Rosiebelle107 23h
1d Can't find Moon Guard Stronghold questline I've searched everywhere but I can't find any questgiver for the Moon Guard Stronghold questline. Of course I've been all over Moon Guard. In fact, I can't find ANY questgiver anywhere in Suramar since I've done them all. I'm exalted with Nightfallen. I wonder if I started the first quest a while ago when I was levelling but there's nothing in my quest log and no sign of any followup quests anywhere in Moonguard. If it helps i did find a little thingy in Moon Guard that opened a portal back to Shal'Aran, but that didn't seem to lead to anything else. This is my LAST STEP for loremaster. Help! Does it drop from a mob or something?Emdr4 1d
1d light's wrath where the hell is kalec? i've been up and down violet citadelKarmaah0 1d
1d Leading by Example When is this quest awarded for Hunters? I was under the impression that it would be given after recruiting the 6th Class Champion (4th step of Class Campaign) alongside the Requesting Reinforcements missions. However, I did not get that quest. Is it supposed to be awarded after the Requesting Reinforcements mission? My other friends were given this quest alongside the RR mission.Kaeve1 1d
1d How to get back to Niskara? I couldn't finish the quest Allies of the Light because it was getting late, so I hearthed out. Since then I have tried to get back to Niskara but I was unable to. I abandoned the quest but now I don't know where the quest giver is. Does anyone know where Sunwalker Brave is or how to get back to Niskara?Silareza12 1d
1d Post Cata Thousand Needle quests I am ultimately hoping that a GM or actual Blizzard rep reads this. I absolutely cannot find any low level Thousand Needle quests. I am at 4/60. I have gone through Barrens, Ferelas, Galek, Dustwallow.. you name it, I have tried it. I have read over 200 Googles searches. I have used Everyquest. I have used Carbonite. I have done the major city quests. I have done everything I can do. I have been a paying customer for quite a while so I expect that at least there will be some courtesy and review from Blizzard. I am having the same problem with Uldum relative to the Pyramid chains - have tried absolutely everything. I understand there are chains and start points BUT since there is no Blizzard direct method of retracking back or abating a quest you did that MIGHT interfere or squash your completions of future quests, this is just not acceptable. Having a quest complete or not complete should have no bearing or affect on different quest chains - or, if you make the argument that there is one big quest chain, so be it - work them in linear fashion so people can track. If anyone has input I would appreciate it. If Blizzard reps read this, check my user id and look into my problem, as no one in support with touch this as it is considered a hint. It is not a hint that I am needing - either something is broken or needs to be made clear in the game. I am not the only one having these issues. By the way, I am not a whiner, I have an achievement score of over 6k in non-dungeon related activity and I am already a WoTLK LOREMASTER so I have no problem putting in the work and research. This is simply poor quest management within the game.Donjhia8 1d
1d Blingtron Quest broken? I cant get my daily quests for blingtron 5000 or 4000 not sure why. any help would be awesome. I am engineer so it sucks when my toy does nothing . thanks ahead of time for a response.Bòngstrider2 1d
1d There's this one treasure chest In Suramar at location 48.33, 71.21 inside a building on the second floor is a treasure chest. I can see it, but cant see how to get to it. I am guessing we need to jump on the shelf, or on the piles of books, then jump up to the second floor. Can anyone who has done this one post how to reach it? I think I'm missing something simple.Abercio1 1d
1d Stuck at A Growing Crisis I'm all out of quests in Suramar and can't seem to find the next step. I've got all the chapters up to A Growing Crisis and A Change of Seasons. Is there a way to find out what quest I need to find next? I'm currently revered with the Nightfallen, just not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated, I've been running all over the zone.Ariasvigo1 1d
1d Legion Class Hall Legs not Unlocking Just completed my eighth and final legion dungeon and the legs are still locked. Searched the internet and the forums and found nothing. Relogging did not work. Any help would be awesome, thanksKalamata11 1d
1d Withered Army Training Problem So, I know the Withered Army Training is having a lot of issues with the playerbase, but I'm highlighting one in particular. As Fury Warriors, we have a hidden ability called Gaze of the Val'kyr, which means if we're brought to 1 HP, a Val'kyr descends and watches us fight for 8 seconds. If we kill the enemy that struck the "killing blow" in that 8 seconds, we get brought back to health. Otherwise, we die. This is a key part of this issue. With the Withered Army Training, there's a particularly difficult mob who patrols the lower area of Falanaar, who has become infamous to those who have done the scenario; Leystalker Dro. He hits hard, has a high health pool and will tear through friendly withered like a hot knife through butter. Also in Falanaar are chests you can sacrifice Withered during the scenario to receive bonuses at the end of the scenario. Bigger chests require greater numbers of Withered. During the Withered Army Training, if you are ever brought to a killing blow, you will be teleported out of the scenario and given the rewards you have. So what happens to me typically during the training is the following; - Start Scenario - Find a Chest, Sacrifice 10 Withered - Continue exploring - Ambushed by Leystalker Dro - Brought to 1 HP - Gaze of the Valkyr activates - Teleported out of the scenario to the Reward Area - Killed by Gaze of the Valkyr - Removed from Instance. This means, I never get the rewards for what I've done in the instance, even though (theoretically), other classes would have no problem getting the same rewards. Gaze of the Valkyr directly interferes with completing the instance ability to teleport you out, mostly because Gaze of the Valkyr actually kills you. Does anyone else have similar issues? Are there any other notable issues with the Withered Training Scenario? Any potential solutions to these issues?Thecynic2 1d
1d Why is it harder to level now on my alts? I have leveled like 4 alts to 110 now it seems the mobs are more and it's just a pain to level now. On my priest I have like 7 mobs attacking me and this is just not a one time thing. Is it less players now leveling? I am usually the only one in the area so not receiving any help from other players to help kill off mobs. It seems more unbalanced then it was and a lot harder to quest.Moondriah0 1d
1d Scenario: Revelations; Bad Quest Design *Quest spoilers. You are warned.* After battling through the Exodar to save it, which was pretty cool I'll admit, I head off with Velen to fight Rakeesh. At ~15% health Velen demands we stop attacking, and actually begins to attack me. I stopped, as the Prophet demanded. I actually let Velen kill me. And... it didn't matter. I was rezzed and set on rails to defeat Rakeesh regardless. I know that quests in WoW have one outcome. And by and large that's been fine. But you shouldn't have a major Lore character tell you to stop attacking in the middle of a battle IF stopping isn't going to net some effect. Or at the very least if the PC chooses to stop have the NPCs who are fighting be able to finish the job without help. I was so annoyed by how poorly the ending of the Scenario was handled the "big reveal" lacked any emotional punch. ("Yep, he's dead. I tried to stop like you said but that didn't do squat. Oh, and thanks for killing me.")Dezhraie3 1d
1d World Quest: Shock Absorber This is one of the more bizarrely designed World Quests in my opinion. It's not intuitive, it's boring, and it's honestly just brutal and unnecessary. We are fighting against the very forces of destruction in this expansion. Yet, even after the teachings learned from our adventures in Pandaria, we continue to indulge in brutal and barbaric activities such as slaughtering dragons for the passive electric charge they generate just so our gnomes and goblins can tinker with their devices. Lunk would be disappointed. Remember Lunk? He was a pacifist ogre who despised the fact that adventurers tend to slaughter first and ask questions later. Over a series of quests he showed us that there are far better ways to get what we need from the things around us. He rode on spiders to collect their venom and hugged dwarves till they fall asleep, all in the name of keeping us from killing. This quest is the perfect example of Lunks point. We charge in and slaughter these dragons day in and day out just for the small electric charge they give off while attacking. We crashed into these dragons home after squabbling in the skies. Sure we had decent reasons to go charging in at first during the initial quest chain, but now? It's really just dragon (proto-drake I think if we are getting technical) slaughter, and for something that the dragons generate passively. I am here to remind everyone of Lunk's philosophy, that sometimes killing isn't the answer. Hell in this case it's actually downright wasteful. I know I am not alone here, I've seen others of you out there who have wised up. Yet there are plenty who have forgotten Lunk's teaching, who have forgotten how our actions affect the world around us like in Pandaria. Now I know someone is going to point out that these dragons attack us, that they are likely corrupted and must be cleansed. I'm not so sure that we can make that assumption safely though, and even if we can I'd like to remind you of one of the first things I said. We are fighting against the very forces of destruction in this expansion. Not just that, but in that fight we are gathering the greatest arsenal in known existence. We are simultaneously gathering together the greatest tools of creation know to exist. It is soon going to be our choice which weapons we wield in defense of our world. Will we turn to our problems by destroying or by creating? Should we destroy these storm drakes or should we create a new solution? Don't we already kill enough? I know what Lunk would say... "Why you do that? Why you kill? No Kill!"Tictock0 1d
1d Stuck on quest. Trying to finish quests for Cape Stranglethorn, but can't get past the Bloodsail Buccaneers to complete. Does anyone know how to finish the quest?Cratoss0 1d
1d Withered Army Training Idea With many of us being exalted with the Nightfallen, several weeks ago, withered army training has become almost useless besides the artifact power reward. I noticed that the chests to turn in using withered are removed, not sure if this is because of being exalted or not but I'm leaving the scenario with around 40 withered. It's annoying spending so much time doing it, unlocking all of the withered army buffs only to be getting 835 gear and completely useless Nightfallen rep. My idea is to allow players to set a faction which they are not yet exalted, and bring the large chests back so the training is no longer close to useless.Zizx2 1d
1d Working with the Wardens Working with the Wardens Quest cannot turn-in. Completed all parts of the quest, but cannot turn it in at the Fel Hall area, which is shown on the map.Yaela1 1d
1d WQ gear I'm about 842 iLvL, but I keep seeing WQs for an 840+ or 835+ piece of gear, but out of like 15 or 20 of those I've never gotten anything "+" is there just an RNG for it that I can help? Like a reroll on WQ gear?Buttstabbs1 1d
1d Fishing WQ total garbage. Your Fishing WQ are utter !@#$ for the following reasons: 1. You have a freaking tiny pool spawning fishpools with tons of people trying to fish them. 2. I have noticed the fishing casting bar never ever ever triggers before it is half-spent. This means you intentionally made it so it has a minimum time >= 0.5 * maximum cast time. This just wastes time and I'd rather it have some RNG element where if I'm lucky, I may be able to quickly fish one spot and move to the other. 3. You exacerbate the problem by have one 1 freaking site per zone for the fishing WQ. No wonder everyone and their freaking grandma is fishing in a pool the side of you bathroom toilet. ------ Suggestions: 1. Have more than one fishing site per zone for the WQ. This will dilute the density of ppl in one site. 2. If you are going to have a minimum cast time, make it like 5 seconds or something for christ's sake. That is, make it less than the spawning time of a fishpool. Conclusion: Currently the fishing WQ is just a giant, stressful cluster%^-* of people in rafts in a tiny tiny tiny tiny pool the size of your bathroom toilet water.Momomomo2 1d
1d Suramar - The Fruits of Our Efforts I have an interesting problem, in that I did the previous quest to take the pannequin in order to pass the elite all-seeing guards. After that, I hearthed back to Dalaran, logged off, and went to work. Now I want to continue the quest, but there is no pannequin, and it is impossible to get past the guards without aggroing everything in sight. I even tried the "naked run" to no avail, as no matter how far you get, there will always be either elite guards or non-elite NPCs that turn on you because you don't have your disguise. Therefore, it is impossible to do this quest at this point. I would suggest this is a design flaw rather than a bug, but either way, I'm stuck. Does anyone have suggestions, tips, or other ideas on how to proceed? Should I open an in-game ticket and see if some kindly CSR will port me? Do I wait for Blizzard to address this situation? Help!Sygon0 1d
2d Clear the Skies! World Quest Spawn rate is just so so soooo bad... Anyone else feel me? The NPCs are NEVER there... A 5 minute world quest shouldn't be time gated like that... It realistically takes me 15-30 minutes everytime and I regret doing it...Aurelionsol2 2d
2d Not enough quest to 110? What is it that I have to do to hit 110? I've done 3 of the 4 questing zones highmountain stormheim and Valsharah all done with the quest chapters and progression and still at level 105... what gives? I don't think Azuna alone is going to give me 5 levels to 110 so what is going on here? Did I miss something?Aíyana16 2d
2d Stuck on legion quest i have my artifact weapon already i dont know what to do next because i dont see anymore quests in my quest log. :(( the last place i remember being at was high mountain if that helps you help me :(Susboy3 2d
2d Suramar quests where do i go to get more quests i finished the quest Thalyssra's abode and i'm not sure where to go next?Goodfire2 2d
2d Survive the Night I'm trying to do this Hunter Order Hall quest. When I got to the quest-giver there was one tree which I used for the first quest. When I try to do the main quest there are no more trees, lots of meat but no trees. There's no-one else here doing it so it's not like they are taking them all. I've tries abandoning the quest and re-taking but nothing. I've stood here over 30 minutes, still no trees. I've searched the area for a long way. Any suggestion?Been11 2d
2d Garrison Stables - Daily quests Hi Guys, I have been checking my stables on and off for last month or 2 and noticed that I have stopped getting the stables daily quests. I have got all 6 mounts from the quests already and have recently upgraded my Stables to level 3. Do the stables daily quests end after mounts have been trained? If not, what can I do to get the quests again? I've tried relogging inside stables, Town Hall, Garrison area and outside, but no luck. Any help or advise would be appreciated. Thanks, RorRoranden5 2d
2d Level 108 no more quest I've done all the quest and all the zone and the progression story is maxed out on all 4 zones. Why am I not level 110 yet? Do I need to do some dungeons or something? Even if I do all the bonus objectives, I'll be half way to 109. I don't know what quest it is that I miss but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I've been running around in circles and I can't find a single quest.Aíyana3 2d
2d Emissary World Quests - Is there a set order? I have been searching for a while now, looking to find out if there is a specific order that the Emissary World Quests go in. IE: one day it is Highmountain, the next it's Nightfallen, the next it's Wardens, the next it's Valarjar, etc, etc. The only thing that I seem to have been able to pick up on, is that within a 3-day period, there are no repeats for the Emissary WQs. Other than that, is it just random? Or is there a set order. Any useful info on this would be greatly appreciated.Lynchsta2 2d
2d No reward from class mission through app Today I completed one of my class order hall campaign missions (for priest Lumenstone quest) and when I logged on, I didn't have credit on the quest for the 10 lumenstones. Has anyone else had this problem?Ryo0 2d
2d The Battle for the forest & Overcoming Doubt I can not find these questing areas to complete my Pandaria Lore. I have searched forums for info but have been unsuccessful. Help please.Zafrinya7 2d