Nov 1 OOX - Find it yourself, offline. This takes advantage of the quest completion information, which was recently exposed to the API. You can read more about that in this thread: To begin with, you need to know the Quest IDs for the OOX rescue quests. These can be easily found on Wowhead. Hinterlands - Tanaris - Feralas - OOX of Your Own - The number at the end is the ID of the quest. Now, all you need to do is pull your quest list from the server. This is pretty easy; all you need to do is pull it up in a web browser. The format looks like this: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Note that this is mine, not yours. To get yours, replace "destromath" with your realm, and "Pahanda" with your character's name. If your realm includes any punctuation, you can look at your Armory profile on the main website to see what you should use. For example, I have an alternate character on the Aman'Thul realm, named Corbette: And you can easily modify my original link to pull up her quest list: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Once you've gotten the list, you can then look for the quests. For simplicity's sake, search for the following strings (minus quotations, of course): Hinterlands: ",836," Tanaris: ",648," Feralas: ",25476," Pet: ",3721," If you find a match, you've completed that quest. If not, you haven't. It's that easy. Happy chicken-hunting! (This technique will work for any quest, of course, if you know the ID.) EDIT - 12/04/2011: The API results have been changed, formatting-wise. They're now comma-separated, but with no spaces, so I've changed the "match" strings accordingly.Pahanda25 Nov 1
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15m Burning Steppes, Wut?? So I saw this quest marker on my map, flew over to check it out and was flagged and insta killed by a horde guard. Why is there a quest showing to alliance in horde turf? 15m
57m Breaking the Lightbreaker trouble I'm exalted with Nightfallen, I've completed every other chapter in Suramar, but can't seem to get Lyana Darksorrow to show. Am I missing something or is this bugged? I'm standing at 30.8/59.1 in Suramar, where everyone says she is, and I see nothing.Abomonus1 57m
1h Pvp Tower WQs vanished? Earlier today, the 3 pvp tower world quests were up as expected. My wife had mentioned wanting to do them with me tonight since they all awarded AP. I held off on completing them, but now when we log in, none of the quests are up for either of us. I've tried disabling mods to make sure it wasn't just a mod hiding it from view. Is anyone else having this issue?Leidus34 1h
3h Class order hall Campaign So i just completed the quest chain for my class order hall. Literally just turned in the last quest and got the achievement only my lock didnt hold his weapon up and the little Cinematic didnt play. Sadly i got the quest reward with last relic type and ap token but my third relic slot is still locked =(. How do i fix this??Lêe2 3h
5h Quest: Maiev's Trail bugged? Picked this quest up a couple of days ago as part of the Black Rook Hold quest line. You have to search, the forge, guard tower, and prison cages for Maiev. I finished the first two parts. To get to the to prison cells, you have to kill Araxxas and loot the keys to the cells from him. I have killed him about 10 times and he will not drop the key. Tried abandoning the quest and picking it up again..still nothing. Not sure what's going on.Lyanndri12 5h
7h Bareback Brawl Hilarious place. Love the animals and all, but getting knocked off the cliff, and having to spend sometimes 30 minutes to run around and get your corpse back, or take the ress sickness and wait 10minutes and a 300g repair bill, great times. One time I got knocked off, ressed at a GY far away in Helheim, took the ress sickness, to immediately be killed by the hellhounds, then spawned at yet another GY 5 minutes away, and just took the ress sickness again. Any way to make sure even if knocked off and killed, you can ress back at the spirit healer inside like inside a bg?Shambalance0 7h
7h World daily quest rewards lesser gear I've recently returned to the game and have been grinding world quests to get my ilvl up to do mythic dungeons and hopefully raids soon. I do daily world quests religiously and yesterday's as well as today's 2 world quests rewarded me with lesser ilvl loot than I already have... I am atm at 853 and it rewards me with 835.. if I had known that I'd be getting crap to shard, I would not even bother with it. I thought the purpose of world quests was for players who return to the game to gear up to catch up to do end game content not to sit in Dalaran and unable to get into any groups because most want ilvl 860+ for mythic dungeons and would not even consider lesser ilvl players if not in guild...where's the logic? Also I received today from world quest a titan forged artifact upgrade for a weapon that I do not even have!!! LOL when I need it BAD for my main weapon, I looked at that artifact and put it in my bank. I need to figure out first how to get bear/cat weapon for starters...Elvinna0 7h
8h Pvp world daily quest The last week I have only had 1 daily pvp quest available to me at the start of each day. Ive checked on all 4 of my 110 characters. The prior week I had 4 quests each new day. If this has been changed please move it back to the way it was before it was easier for somebody that only played a few hours a day.Bdogmage4 8h
10h Hunter Order Hall Progression Stuck I would appreciate help as I am stuck on my hunter order hall progression. I did everything through 103 and I thought I did the opening 110 hunter order quest 'Assisting the Archmage' but I cannot tell and I don't have any other quests to do and I don't know where to go to pick one up (there's nothing in Dalaran or the Trushot Lodge.) Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to get this completed. Thank you.Arianas2 10h
14h suramar STUCK HELP why can't i complete the suramar quest line? i'm exalted and all. got no follow up quest after completing the 5 horder hall missions questThedrama3 14h
14h Icecrown quest bug? I have been trying to complete the quest achievement for icecrown, I have 131/140. I have been farming for the quest item that drops for "The Grand (admiral's) Plan" now on and off for about 2 weeks and it is not dropping. I have already completed the quest "the admiral revealed" and handed it, and was wondering if this is why it hasn't dropped for me. I have disabled all of my add-ons and opened hundreds of chests and still no drop. What am I doing wrong??? ThanksStormryda1 14h
14h Quest: Put a cork in it: INSANE This one is absolutely insane. There are tons of NPCs there with 5 million or more health. I have just barely over 1 million and the NPCs are able to attack me in numbers and kill me in a matter of a few seconds. The general work around is to run like hell in the right direction until you get killed and then recover your body as close to your objective as possible and again run like hell until you are killed and repeat until you get there. YOU DON"T EVER EVER EVER WASTE ANY TIME FIGHTING THEM. In this place when you get killed you are rejoined with your body where you started. You can get killed 50 or 60 times and make absolutely no progress at all. making this quest completely impossible unless you are one of the top 5 or 10 % of players and super geared. Someone at blizzard need to be severely punished for this extreme case of total lack of consideration for the less than top 5% of players who pay the same fee help support the game.Mykinglion2 14h
14h Goddess Watch Over You, not working This is a quest I just have automatically at 110. When I abandon it, it just comes back. It's a ORDER HALL quest. Watching a video, it says I'm supposed to turn something into the Archmage at Dalaran, but when I go to him he just has a gray question mark above his head. Confused myself as to how to complete this. Thoughts? Thank youKentuckyjoe34 14h
15h Vehicle Quests Mechanics So, I have done a few vehicle quests in Legion and it seems that the "1" key no longer works in a vehicle quest. I use to be able to aim with my mouse and then hit "1" to fire. I did notice that the "2" button does work on some vehicle quests. Did blizzard make a change to vehicle quests or is it a setting that I changed during Legions?Bearrepairjr2 15h
16h Completed Druid Hall Campaign no 3rd slot etc I have the title, the last champion in in my follower list I even have the reward I picked specifically for that slot but the slot is locked and the skin is also still locked. Help?Pawless4 16h
16h Balance of power im on the balance of power quest chain still and at the part where I go through halls of valor. How long til I'm finished with this? Is there a website that has the entire chain listed so I can track my progress a little easier?Soobaroo2 16h
16h Rep rewards from quests and missions I was happy to see that reputation rewards from class hall missions are now account-bound. However, the rep rewards for things like the Kirin Tor daily or Shal'aran Whithered Training are still soulbound. I don't see why they couldn't also be used by players alts. I don't think it would be game-breaking to not have to repeat the rep grind as much on your alts.Toenail1 16h
18h Like the Wind has been fixed So when the "Like the Wind" world quests were introduced they were buggy as crud. So Blizz has apparently heard our cries of anguish and fixed those quests. I did one the other day and what they did was: 1. For latency issues and poor reflexes on our part, they added a slow fall feature so now when we fall we fall a little more slowly so we have a few seconds vs a few miliseconds to aim and dash again. 2. For the getting trapped in walls and missing the check point by a few inches we get invisible walls. I really appreciate this cause if I did all I could to correctly target my target thingy (end goal, check point, dash orbs, and jump crystal) I really hate it when I miss or get trapped in walls and killed by elites (happened to me a lot in Valshara's wq). Now invisible walls stop that crap. So lets raise up a cheer cause blizz has addressed (and in my opinion) fixed something that was cruddy and made it doable and lil-bit fun.Kimmiroa5 18h
1d weekly Im sorry blizzard but, doing 20+ bosses in old long dungeons isnt my idea of fun especially when the gear that drops is 40+ ilvls below mine. Seems like more of a waste of time than anything else.Daind1 1d
1d Can't Find Khadgar for "Magic Message" According to Zygor Guides, my mage, Finbheara-Thrall, accepted Khadgar's Discovery. It is no longer in my quest log, so I must have turned it in. Also according to my guide, I need to accept "Magic Message", but Khadgar is not in Violet Citadel. I can see the arcane anomaly, but I can't interact with it. I actually WENT to Suramar (no FP, had to hoof it from Felblaze Ingress) and I could get the FP, but I can't see any quest givers, so if I do dailies, I'm not sure how I'll be able to turn the final one in. How do I fix this so I can quest in Suramar? Edit: I found him down in the Chamber of the Guardian, but he wants me to do "Bringer of the Light". Do I seriously have to do that entire quest chain before he'll give me Magic Message? If so, seriously, this is horrible design. I just want to do dailies with my husband, and I've wasted an hour of my time trying to figure this out. Edit 2: I give up. Take your time answering, as I am once again so frustrated and disgusted with this awful expac that I've decided that even housework would be more fun than struggling through the bad design. I thought WoD was awful, but Legion is death by a thousand cuts.Fhina3 1d
1d In Defiance of Deathwing, help I was in the middle of 'In Defiance of Deathwing' when I had to hearth out. I tried returning to the quest and could not find the area. I then abandoned the quest. Now I cannot locate the quest giver, Ebonhorn. How can I resume this quest line?Morganos0 1d
1d Can't complete Jandvik's Jarl? Hi everyone, so I did a bit of this questline and then suddenly stopped for some reason. Now I've picked it back up and deducted I am on the "testing the waters quest". However there is one issue, I can't find the quest giver, I know they are in the cave south of the Jandvik area on the map. Trust me I think its bugged and the giver (Brandolf) is not in the cave anywhere he's just standing by the fire in Jandvik. Would like some help thanks! Edit: I have contacted blizzard support and they say that everything is not bugged and fine I'm just bein silly and he's there but I'm CONVINCED its bugged.Jackenstien4 1d
1d Feedback: Power Grid quest Dear Blizzard, Ugh, that Power Grid quest gave me a headache. It took me way, way too long to figure it out. Please consider not making quests like this mandatory for those who aren't really interested in these puzzle type quests. It reminded me of those dumb "puzzle places" (whatever they're called) in Final Fantasy X. That was the part of Final Fantasy X I liked the least. Anyway, I'm trying to raise my Nightfallen faction up in order to get Nightfallen gear which I believe is needed for me to do better in world PvP (because the so-called "PvP template" that works in instanced PvP doesn't apparently apply to world PvP). So I apparently have to PvE in order to world PvP effectively, and I'm a PvP-only player who doesn't really enjoy doing raids/dungeons in order to get something needed for world PvP. Wish you'd solve that too. Thanks!Geahuntdum1 1d
1d Darkmoon profession quests not resetting I did the Darkmoon Faire profession quests yesterday morning and tonight they are not there. They are supposed to be dailies and should have reset at 11am EST, but they did not. I tried turning off all addons but they still weren't there. Anyone else having this issue?Bullshot2 1d
1d World Quest upgraded nerfed? On two different toons in the last day or so I think I completed maybe 30 quests and gotten hmm maybe 15 item rewards and not one upgrade past 845. Was this changed or made different? Forgive my ignoranceTegernako2 1d
1d And Into the Fel Fire Hi guys. I just picked up the new Archaeology quest 'And Into the Fel Fire'. I love doing Archaeology because it provides an excellent source of lore and the items you can get are pretty interesting. Usually the quests aren't too long to complete and I can get quest items from almost every dig site I visit but for this quest it's different. I've been doing this quest, visiting dig sites and completing them nonstop for the past 45 minutes now... I must have been to 8 dig sites now and I only have 4/10 Parts for the quest :/ I've never spent this long on an Arch quest. Nor have I ever had this much trouble getting quest items. I feel like the drop rate is ridiculously low, maybe broken? Is anyone else having this issue?Pavi8 1d
1d Full Might of the Elves Has anyone else been having issues at the end of stage 3? I end up with one battle mage left over but any time I try to attack him, he evades and I can't move on with the quest. I've tried reloading, relogging, closing and reopening wow, exiting the area and returning, nothing has helped. Anyone have a solution?Nostariel2 1d
1d Kirin Tor 0/1 - Cant get emissary chest Hey guys, It seems that my system is bugged. I've tried re-logging multiple times, and I've cleared my wtf/cache/interface folders but still can't get the chest for my chars. Is there anything else I can do?Richardcyphe21 1d
2d Where are the World Quests? I have seen a couple of other posts on this with various titles but I wanted something that grab the devs attention. I can't finish the rep quests because=e there are not enough there. If you are having the same problem tag onto this so that we can let them know I am finding that the quests may be there, but not showing on the mapMörgul18 2d
2d Kirin Tor Emissary I have a Kirin Tor Emissary quest but ZERO Kirin Tor quests are up. Good design, Blizzard. I thought this was fixed already.Dragonberry1 2d
2d Right Tool for the Job: Bugged? I have been killing every single mob (mystics *and* bone dudes) in the indicated zone for this quest for wellnigh an hour. I have lost count of the number. None of these mobs have the runic bone knife. Am I the only one having really, really LOUSY luck with this quest? Because I know historically this game hates me and I have trouble getting quest drops, but this is ridiculous! :(Zornac4 2d
2d Mushroom Chair I've opened up the 1st set of daily's with 150 tree coins and I'm currently sitting at 100 more. I need 50 more then I should have access to Ayla Shadowstorm to buy the Mushroom chair, but the problem is I don't even see the ? for the person to hand in the coins once I do have them. Where is this person? The 1st 150 I went with Druids of the Talon. The 2nd 150 I need The Shadow Wardens. Where's the Shadow Wardens ? to hand in the 150 coins?Arrancar7 2d
2d Kirin Tor World Quest Suggestions So clearly Blizz is running dry on Kirin Tor puzzle ideas. Lets help them out in case they can make something that is not a corpse run like the "Like the Wind" quests. Here's my ideas: 1. So something like "Like the Wind" except you have platforms you're aiming for between every rush and it's actually doable to land on them 2. Something where you get a "glider item" and you get something like "Like the Wind" and the Dark Moon Fair fire ring game except you glide toward your targets to try to get to the final goal 3. A memory game like the tile one except it's the matching card game. Maybe the flipping to match the images could be triggered by jumping on tile? 4. A Simon Says like quest. Kind of like the one in Suramar city when you make wine except something else besides making wine. This is kind of puzzle-y 5. Maybe a shooter like game like in dark moon fair, but something a bit different. (This is a vague idea). That's it for me. Anyone else got ideas for Blizz?Kimmiroa1 2d
2d suramar by far the worst design simply cause you locked my last 5 quests behind rep and now i will never get it done cause 1 i have to wait and hope in 3 days my WQ bonus is nightfallen..2 the rep gain per WQ is a lack luster of 75 rep each......if you wanted to drive people away this was one good way to do it as side from locking ( fun factor) flight behind this and behind part 2.. who ever thought this was a good idea needs to be canned before more stupid things like this get put into the game and as for what 7.1.5 is looking its not getting any betterWuthappen0 2d
2d Unfulfilled Destiny bug/stuck Unfulfilled Destiny bug/stuck No addons, have fully completed scenario 5 times and watched entire cut scence, have tried multiple resets, every time I appear outside black temple after the cut scene with the scenario reset and quest incomplete. I have received no messages indicating failure of the quest or any part of it, no error message, nothing.Jarketor0 2d
2d Unable to Turn in "Odyn's Favor" Quest On phase 3 of the Odyn fight in ToV, a few of my fellow raiders and I died. Odyn was defeated, and we released, expecting that we'd be placed at the beginning of the instance (as we had been). Turns out, the raid arbitrarily places you in the next map zone and there's no way you can go back and talk with Odyn. So I'm currently 1/1 completed for the "Odyn's Favor" quest and I cannot turn it in.Pelinkovac24 2d
2d Why am i getting the wrong relics for WQ I get the occasional off spec relics from wq's, but why am i literally only ever getting holy/life relics and the very rare blood? In case your quest developers didn't know, Shadow priest use 2 shadow and one blood. I have all the achievements for killing the rares and finding all the treasure, and for completing literally every quest so i know i have all wq's unlocked. I have shadow even choose as my spec of choice for loot, so what gives? I've had the same lame !@# relics since i hit 110 and your weapon item level is kinda a big deal for our dmg and the drop rate for them in raid and heroics/mythics is so god awful horrible that I'll have my weapon completed soon and still have lame $%^ 840's in it. Fix yo -*!@Quieren9 2d
2d Pet Battle World Quests map issue You MUST have 'Pet Battles' turned on if you want to see on your map where to go for your Pet Battle World Quests. BUT ... if you click on the magnifying glass on your mini map and scroll down ... 'Pet Battles' is not listed. That is because you are in the wrong spot. To turn on the tracking for pet battle world quests, you need to pull up your QUEST LOG, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner, and then scroll down to click on 'Pet Battles.' Then you'll be able to see where those quests are on your map. Remember ... the tracking for 'Pet Battles' is in your Quest Log, not in your mini map. I know this has been confusing for lots of players ... especially players working their way through the daily quests for falcasaur mounts. Hope this helps.Gysele0 2d
2d Barrels o' Lame Why is it that the Kirin Tor quests always have to be !@#$ty, why can't Blizz just make it something as lame as a kill grind, I'd prefer that over any of the Kirin Tor world quests I've had to suffer through. Instead for ever mistake you make on a Kirin Tor quest like Barrels o' Fun you get punished and it feels like it's better off being skipped.Norwyck5 2d
2d Emissary/Wq, should I bother? As the title asks, should I? I have my bis legendaries I got all the toys Just got the fox mount quest line My Ap is at 35 and I have little motivation to level off specs I'm considering for the time i normally spend doing wq/emissary/withard trading might be better spend pvping for those rewards/transmog.... or am I missing something?Vasypic3 2d
2d Mount Hyjal Quests The Molten Front Offensive This achievement rewards the [Flameward Hippogryph]. I have done every single quest (starting with the hero call) all the way through Mount Hyjal into the Maelstrom and i have yet to complete even one of the achievements. What did i miss? Do i just keep going through the Maelstrom and it'll bring me back to Mount Hyjal? I didn' see any dailies that guides mentioned on various sites- If you can help me out, it would be very much appreciated as this is the only mount i want, i'm not really a mount collector. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Peace be with you.Zuzuz6 2d
3d Can't find a follow up after Return to Aviana So after I turned in Return to Aviana, I can't find anymore quests to do...what do I do?Visiion19 3d
3d Know what's barrels of fun? Having to randomly pick a barrel because they never flash yellow.Carnumshockz5 3d
3d Kirin Tor World Quests What the hoo haa happened?. The original quests were somewhat amusing. But this....THIS new ones...what the bleep bloop?. Is "Like the Wind" bugged? or poorly designed?. Because my character stops in mid air without rhyme or reason. Sometimes he reaches the next beacon, sometimes he moves half way forward and just drops. "Barrels of Fun", I am sorry, but is this a quest for a Guild of All Powerful Mages?. Or did I stumble into an alternate dimension where the Kirin Tor is standing in for Darkmoon Fair?. And did they removed all the old ones altogether?. Because I had to do Barrels of Dumb in 3 different regions. Not cool Blizzard. Not cool at all.Tarvos0 3d
3d Surumar Dungeon Quests I just got done doing The Arcway (Mythic Keystone), but during that dungeon; along side some of the pull attempts ended up being broken game mechanics, I had 2 quests I needed to complete. One was Opening the Arcway in which I had to kill Advisor Vandros, but as soon as I did in that dungeon it didn't count to the quest for some reason. The other one was Long Buried Knowledge in which I needed to get a Suramar Leyline Map, which I found but as soon as I tried to open it up it wouldn't let me collect the map. Did I need to be a non-Keystone dungeon or something?Shouten1 3d
3d Arluin's Request Quest Bugged - Patch 7.1 I'm unable to finish the Arluin's Request quest in Suramar because the arcan'dor fruit is unavailable for the quest. I have already completed the quest to give the fruit to the three main NPCs in Shal'Aran, but am still unable to complete this one particular quest. Tried abandoning and re-accepting and still the same issue. Worse, I think this bug is preventing me from starting the new patch 7.1 quests in Suramar. Anyone else having this issue, and if so how is this fixed?Jostoric5 3d
3d Trouble has huge feet I am unable to turn in this quest. I think i picked it up farther along. The area with the wagons is completely empty and there is no NPC next to the kittens. How do I turn this quest in?Cathae0 3d
3d [order hall] Champion Stacking Buffs? Just a general question about our champions. Are the bonuses from equipment additive or multiplicative? Does anyone know how equipment interacts with their abilities? Like say a champion has an ability that gives him a 15% bonus to missions longer than 8 hours. If I give him equipment that increases that chance by 30% and 40%, does that mean he'll have a 85% success bonus on those missions, or is the actual number going to be smaller than that?Desumetal0 3d