OOX - Find it yourself, offline. This takes advantage of the quest completion information, which was recently exposed to the API. You can read more about that in this thread: To begin with, you need to know the Quest IDs for the OOX rescue quests. These can be easily found on Wowhead. Hinterlands - Tanaris - Feralas - OOX of Your Own - The number at the end is the ID of the quest. Now, all you need to do is pull your quest list from the server. This is pretty easy; all you need to do is pull it up in a web browser. The format looks like this: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Note that this is mine, not yours. To get yours, replace "destromath" with your realm, and "Pahanda" with your character's name. If your realm includes any punctuation, you can look at your Armory profile on the main website to see what you should use. For example, I have an alternate character on the Aman'Thul realm, named Corbette: And you can easily modify my original link to pull up her quest list: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Once you've gotten the list, you can then look for the quests. For simplicity's sake, search for the following strings (minus quotations, of course): Hinterlands: ",836," Tanaris: ",648," Feralas: ",25476," Pet: ",3721," If you find a match, you've completed that quest. If not, you haven't. It's that easy. Happy chicken-hunting! (This technique will work for any quest, of course, if you know the ID.) EDIT - 12/04/2011: The API results have been changed, formatting-wise. They're now comma-separated, but with no spaces, so I've changed the "match" strings accordingly. Pahanda20
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Oct 26, 2010
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Raid Quests, getting the full lore experience So I was reading through the lore that was written up on the website and its given me a lot of insight into the backstories of WoW and the events leading up to Legion. It also made me hungry for more so I will be buying the novels to burn through as well. I can't help but feel left out as a lot of the lore is inside the raids and dungeons that you can't be a part of without a strong guild or at least a few friends, granted there are LFR things but some people just aren't into raiding. It would be nice to be able to quest through the lore like normal and do certain things that lead up to a raid, not like collect 5 zebra femurs, but more like disrupt this enemies task, or kill these key leaders. We have those quests already but I mean as steps to go into a Raid alone. It would work like this, for instance, Saurfang is assaulting Ice Crown Citadel and needs your assistance in that. Once you complete the prerequisites you'll be able to enter into the Raid with him and other champion (NPC's). The gear would be left out and the lore would be explained as you would help them put down the Lich Kings minions and eventually the Lich King himself. You would get higher than normal quest experience and some unique quest loot since you would be going through the raid, and those can take some time. This wouldn't fulfill the requirements for any raid achievements all this provides is more indepth lore for you as a player and makes your character a bit more important to you (since you just downed the expansions boss or killed the black dragon). Also a lot of people miss the expansions of old like Vanilla and The Burning Crusade. Wouldn't it be neat to start a character and see old vanilla Azeroth until you hit lvl 60 and complete the required (questlike) raids before you go on to watch the Burning crusade cinematic and see the new threats that emerge and have the world call on you to defend it once more. Of course this feature would be much harder to do than the raid quests but just something I had thought of and wanted to share. Lore for me is something I really enjoy, and I hope these ideas can help Blizzard better submerge a player and their character into the lore of Azeroth. Igotbigbulls0
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Completed "Pollen Power" in Gorgrond! Hi, I think several people had my same problem of not being able to turn in "Pollen Power" because Rangari Kayla, the quest giver and turn-in, was a follower in my Garrison. No biggie, but that big and uselss yellow exclamation point always on the Gorgrond map was a bit annoying. After the pre-patch, I fly over Deeprot and - hey presto! - Kayla and Yrel are back there. I thank Blizz in my thought for fixing it, land, accept the quest and collect the 20 pollen. Return to turn in and, blimey, they have disappeared again. I ask the flight master there and he is typically uncooperative. :) I reload the interface, logout and login, disable my lone add-on, delete the cache and wtf (what does that mean REALLY, Blizz?) folders, reenter the game. Nothing. But Goodberry is the vanquisher of Algalon etc., and will not be so easily thwarted. Ok, let's think about it. Abandon the quest, logout and login. The gals are back. Reaccept quest and this time simply go down the hill, to where the quest insects are, and return. No gals. Mmm. Reaccept quest, set focus on Kayla, zoom camera out (as much as still possible...) and slowly backpedal down the hill. The moment I am seeing only the upper part of her question mark and do one more step down, puff go the question mark and the focus image at the same time. I have it! Reaccept quest and stay almost at the disappearing limit (with Kayla always in sight), and wait for wandering ravagers and bees to come near enough to kill them without straying too far. I do it with Pistol Shot (fun!) and use that gnome gizmo, Findle's Loot-A-Rang, to collect the pollen. Then go to turn in, good Kayla is still there, quest completed and Gorgrond map "cleaned". The final pollen collecting part took me about more than 30 minutes, as the darn critters were very slow to respawn. I'd deserve a Feat of Strength. :) Goodberry0
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quest 'Down with Crushcog!' is not phased The quest Down with Crushcog! is currently not phased (don't remember if it was phased before) and this is really annoying, because to begin the quest you have to talk to High Tinker Mekkatorque who's supposed to be here - and he's not there because a few minutes earlier as i was running to him, he was not there, so i went back to the quest npc to drop and pick up the quest to see if it was bugged, by then another player had already started the scenario and mekkatorque did not have a interact option, so i waited 6+ minutes for him to finish the scenario and when mekkatorque came back he just despawned, so i sat there waiting for him to spawn and he took another 5+ minuted to spawn, while this was going on the quest marker which is supposed to point at the spot in the picture, pointed to the spot next to the quest giver, so i started making my way there and i could see from a distance that mekkatorque was standing there, as i approached him he disappeared again, I look at the spot in the image again and he was spawned back there, by then another player had started the scenario, I finally got it on my third try, this is annoying having to wait 20+ minutes on a level 5 quest and it is very natural a new player would alt+tab or run around rather than sit and wait there, and if they didn't know better they would just be stuck in a loop where mekkatorque would never spawn, I really hope they fix this, I've already sent a report, I'm just letting people know that this is a ongoing issue and just stick to this spot if you want him to actually spawn Kalendaan0
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The questing experience in Legion so far. Since I can't give any feed back on the Legion beta forums, I will leave my feed back here. I would just like to thank the Dev team for what they did with the pacing in combat during questing. The two things I like to do in WoW are PvP and questing. (Not into raiding, Dungeons, etc as much). Since late WoTLK I felt that creating new characters and leveling them up just wasn't a fun experience anymore and it got progressively worse through out the expansions. I knew this was done because some people just do not enjoy questing and mostly just want to enjoy end game content. This left me to be very upset as I couldn't see how this could appeal to veterans players who appreciate questing or new players. One of the reasons I fell in love with the game was because leveling up my warrior in vanilla was so rewarding. I'm very glad to see the steps that were taken to make the pacing during combat better and this alone has got me excited to make new characters for Legion. As of right now I've only leveled characters 1-60ish (No heirlooms) but I wanted to make sure my voice was heard as I'm sure people in the community do appreciate it. I like where this is going and I hope to see more progress in this direction in future content patches. I love questing and I hope the pacing gets even more fine tuned (Mobs deal slightly more damage, multiple mobs work as a team/unit better, etc) Thank You Blizzard! I will post my thoughts as I get through more beginning game content. Feel free to post your own thoughts and opinions on the change of pace in combat. Blooddrunk0
Call of the Archmage I guess I deleted this quest line somewhere before or right after you kill the dragon in Nagrand. How can I get back into that quest chain? Saintkells2
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