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problem with single whole region quest chains Hi Inspired by a few others that had done it, I decided to level Clerk without killing anything, just doing non-kill quests, and herb/mining for the xp. It's been fun and a bit of an interesting adventure, and so far not as hard as I expected. However, one thing I found was that starting with Icecrown, and then all of the Cata regions, all the region quests are locked into pretty much a single quest chain. Icecrown, Deepholm, Mount Hijal, and Vashj'ir I got about four of the intro quests I could do, (without killing anything) and that was it. I was looking forward to saving slaves from the saronite mines, or king of the mountain, but it was not to be :-( Some of the other regions, Grizzly Hills, a lot of outland, had several quest chains that all proceeded in parallel, or quests opened up on different level, or on different level of rep with the faction. My main problem really was guild rep, since we were trying to get Classy, and also its a bit more entertaining doing some quests, than just picking herbs. It's not entirely, just the non-kill thing, my main toon Delthan, at 85, went back to get Earthen Ring rep, but found he needed to do the whole Vashj'ir quest chain to get access to some of the quests. Now, I appreciate its the way you guys designed it, and I am making my own way through it, but just wanted to give some feedback, that for some of these whole region quest chains, that they can become road blocks, and it would be nice to have, either not just a single dependant quest chain, or some alternative paths, such as rep level, which I think worked well, that allows a player to jump back into a quest line at some point. Cheers - Clerk. PS: Only 3,250 more herbs to pick to 85 (will be mostly unrested unfortunately) and 37 more daily cooking quests to get to guild honoured. Clerk0
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Quest/Zone mechanics in need of modernization Not sure if this is in the right place, sorry if its no :( Here is a list of suggestions and ideas based on things from other mmos that removed a lot of the tedium from other games. I have quite a few so I'm going to simplify my statements to keep this as condensed as possible to make it readable. SO here goes. Problem: End game. When you roll a new character it seems like the point is to GET to end game and everything in between needs to go as fast as humanly possible. People are missing all the content dev's have created only to run 1-3 current raid zones over and over and over. 80% of the zones go unused except for harvesting and leveling. Solution: Guild Wars 2 seemed to do an awesome job of this but the extreme GW2 uses isn't necessary for WoW I don't think. As an alternative though why not create high level content areas for ALL of the zones in wow, both outside and inside. For example, take Elywnn Forest, or Durotar. Have a section of it dedicated to either High level content, or scaled content. The events in these areas could be based on story or dynamically changing situations in that area. This could even include field raid mobs like we used to have back in vanilla. The encounters don't need to be locked to a group either. (Looking at gw2 people can run in and join and the encounter scales to the number of people helping) Rewards can be anything from "fun" potions, titles, novelty items, monetary rewards or even scaled gear rewards. I think this would be a good place to make novelty gear too like parachute cloaks, 5 second invisiblity cloaks (can't use in arena ;P!!), underwater breathing utility, rings of illusion that turn you into another race, Boots that shoot you into the air etc... This system can be used in all of our old raid zones as well. Have scaled events taking place in a portion of the dungeon set aside for this, (doesn't have to be a whole thing) that people can zone in and take part in, have some fun, view story, get some items and jet. Now add things like this to every zone in wow from 1 - 80 and suddenly people aren't just limited to gear progression / 1 - 3 raid zones / and pvp when they hit "end game". _________ Problem: Pointless/Not Exciting trash pulls. The current system in raids involves trash pulls without any real benefit other than to slow progression between raid bosses.Right now WoW is a stats game (will address this later). Loot comes from the bosses that we fight in raids. Trash pulls drops vendor loot, greens/blues that you sell as well as a few nice epics here and there. Solution: Everquest interesting enough had a great way of handling this. If you did any of the planar raids the trash pulls actually dropped your class based gear set. The named raid monsters dropped Godly loot if you were lucky enough to down some. So you always got that tinge of excitement whenever you downed trash and an item dropped. I think wow should borrow more from this model. Tier sets from trash loot, but godly weapons/gear from the actual raid bosses. The godly gear could share the same model as the tier sets. Also since this makes the tier sets more accessible, badge/point vendors should sell maybe an initial blue quality raid gear set instead of the epic tier set. Raid mobs could be upped in difficulty as well. __________ There will be more soon! :) Howlothere0
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Event and Lore Journals - Epic Uniforms Id love to see implemented a Personal Journal dedicated to a players journeys that differs to the achievement system. While I dont mind the achievements, it lacks a certain cohesive element for me. My idea would be Journals that you can acquire that are specific to an event - lets take the upcoming Theramore event for example. Your character upon talking to a specific npc receives a diary like journal named after the event or story its going to tell. You open the journal and it starts with the beginning of the event, maybe by chapter. The first chapter tells the lore but also specifically requires you to obtain, kill, loot or quest in some way to finish that chapter unlocking the next one. At the end of each chapter I would love to see maybe uniform tier rewards. A specific tier of uniform related to that event. The uniforms or maybe even badges are decorative only. Something not unlike a generals dress uniform that can be worn around town with pride. The first chapter might get you the headpiece, the second you acquire the leggings. By the end of the event and completion of your journal you have acquired the full set. You can then store the Journal in a special library tab of collected and completed books. Journals could then come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, rewarding minor upgrades, vanity items, mounts or titles. You can revisit and read through your collections or pick up that dusty one and finally complete that chapter you never finished from that epic quest-chain. I would love to see more non combat uniforms though. Creative looking event specific tiers of uniforms that show you participated in something along with a Journal/diary that can be re-read years later. A storage device, maybe the journal itself or a chest may be required as well. Kitylyn0
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Making leveling interesting - US style First, lets talk about what leveling is like right now. Leveling up right now feels like a cursory barrier to the endgame; something you are forced to do before you get to do what you want to do. How you play while leveling is drastically different to how you play at the cap. A lot of folks say "the game doesn't start until you hit the level cap" and they are right. Why is it like that? Well, even without heirlooms, mobs fall over pretty quickly. Even in dungeons, there isn't anything you could remotely call a challenge anymore. Unless you are completely unfamiliar with basic MMO mechanics (like tanks and healers, or even just hit points and healing spells, or GCDs or something), leveling isn't going to be particularly challenging. Lets look at an example: SWTOR. There are a lot of things wrong with SWTOR, but one thing they did right (perhaps the only thing?) was leveling. I'm not talking about the social choices, or Light/Dark points, or anything like that. But leveling in SWTOR was a challenge - you had a storyline related to your class and in that storyline you had bosses that were designed to be soloed, but were a significant challenge - so much so that you'd go online to find guides to finish these bosses. That's a significant departure from WOW leveling, to be sure. I'm not sure it necessarily needs to be tied to your class, either. There's bosses on each planet (roughly analogous to zones) that are also significantly challenging and that all classes are expected to complete before going to the next planet. I'd like to see a few more of these types of encounters while leveling - a boss fight that is related to the storyline, that you can't skip, and that is likely to kill you unless you put some thought and effort into it (maybe not quite as difficult as SWTOR's - its a little over the top at times there). That would go a long way to making leveling a bit more than just a roadblock to the endgame. I realize there are lots of folks who only play the game for the leveling - but adding bosses like this can only improve the game for them as well. It'll give them a bit of a challenge and some bragging rights, and probably some nice gear. It looks like a win/win to me. Felade0
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