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Was some quest completed history deleted? Ok, so I am working on Loremaster right now to kill time between now and next patch. When i leveled this toon, i did include some dungeon grinding and hopping around from zone to zone as i felt like it... and i know some zones i never touched... (Hit 70 in Shadowmoon valley without touching Netherstorm). And thats fine. BUT, as im working my way through all the zones now that i need - that i never did or partially did, (according to the achievements tracker) I swear some of these zones i did some quests in that said 0/85 for example.... This happened to me more than once where i entered a zone i swear i did SOME quests in... but whatever I just figured it was me not remembering that far back what i did and didnt do and that i was probably just mistaken... until now. I am working in Hinterlands, another zone that my quest achievement is 0/30 quests completed. I did a quest called "Snapjaws, Mon!" and i went to turn the quest in and it said "Cannot complete, duplicate item." I was like "What?" until i realized the quest reward, Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 , was labelled "Unique." I thought, "How could i have this already if i didnt do the quest?" I then checked wowhead and saw this Fishing pole only drops from this quest... and then it came back to me again.. I *thought* i did some quests in Hinterlands back in the day, and this is the proof.. As far as finishing this quest, i simply trashed the fishing pole in my bank, but still; is there something I missed? Did Cataclysm's "world quest makeover" reset credit for some of the quests we did pre-shattering even if they are the same quest? One thing I should mention is this character is pretty old. I made him around the middle of Burning Crusade. He wasnt my first and I have 3 85's right now. I've been playing since early vanilla, so this led me to a little confusion on whether the quests I thought I remembered doing was actually on my Druid or not.. Not all my zones were "0 of whatever number" but being 80% done with Loremaster thusfar, there definitely has been a handful that showed 0 quests done where i know i quested previously. Spinescraper15
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Dragonwrath Woes Since the beginning of 4.2, my 10-man raid group has pursued beating the crap out of everything we could within the Firelands. We've been in there, week after week since the patch hit, killing bosses and taking embers, yet there's one problem: We're, in no way, getting our Dragonwrath finished within this patch. It was something we should've had done, it was something that shouldn't have been a problem to get at least one of, but we're not getting it. Is it a lack of trying? No. As I said, we've been pushing that raid since it hit. No, the problem is the fact that it is an impossible thing to get through 10-man raiding unless you were doing heroics within a couple weeks of Firelands hitting the live servers, or upon hitting heroics you had to quickly progress through them and quickly get to 6/7 heroics. My guild was slow with taking out Rag. We didn't do it right away, of course not. We first had to learn other fights, better our strategies, etc etc. Our first staff builder was actually starting to collect his cinders by the time Rag fell. However, despite his being in every raid, despite all the progress we've been making, we're still, at this point, 8 to 9 weeks from completing that first staff. Why? Because it's ridiculous how difficult it was made for a 10-man group to get! Both the number of cinders AND the number of smoldering essences, in relation to the number you get from a boss kill, is RIDICULOUS. To better explain, the average number of cinders picked up from a 10-man normal boss is 20.5, and for a 10-man heroic boss is 24.5. At least, based on the info posted on by a kind fellow on wowhead on what his group saw. I think these numbers were buffed at some point, given these were posted at the beginning of August through to the end of September, but I could be wrong. Meanwhile, the number of essences you got were an average 3.5 in normal and 7.5 in heroic. Doesn't sound too bad there, right? Except you need 1000 cinders and THEN 250 essences! It takes an average of 49 boss kills, or 7 weeks, for the cinders and 72 boss kills or 12 weeks (Rag doesn't give essences) to finish that. It takes 19 weeks to get all that, on TOP of the minimum 5 weeks to get all the eternal embers. So 24 weeks, minimum, to get it in 10-man normal, or 6 months. Given 4.2 hit on June 28th, assuming you were killing every boss every week from the first week, you'd be done in... December 28th! Meanwhile, compare this to the 25-man normal drop rates: You get a 100% drop rate on eternal embers, and you can get up to 3 of them (average of 2). Cinders drop at 2 to 3 times the rate of 10-man (48-55, or an average 51.5), and essences are somewhere around 8.5 average. This means it takes 2 weeks to do the embers, 3 weeks to do the cinders, and 5 weeks to do the essences! I know Blizzard wanted to let 25-man groups get the staff faster, but it's 24 weeks for 10-man compared to 11 weeks for 25-man! If you assume the 25-man groups (BTW, 25-man bosses were easier to kill than 10-man bosses in Firelands) are killing all bosses every week, they can get THREE staves before 10-man gets ONE (Remember, while someone is spending the 3 weeks on cinders, someone else is getting all their embers and then going into cinders when the first person is going into essences, and 2 weeks after that person has their essences, the next person begins, putting it at 16 weeks for two staves and 21 weeks for the , someone else is getting their embers and then another 5 weeks for the the third person, 21 weeks compared to 24)! And we're not even counting heroics in there. I get that Blizzard wanted there to not be a crapload of staves, but WHY was it made so difficult?! And yes, I'll admit my group was a bit slow with getting stuff done (We lost some raid nights due to stuff like no tanks or healers on, which is our own fault, and we didn't get Rag down until late September even though we had everything else dead more than a month before), but the sheer impossibility of it is crazy! What was the point of such difficulty in making the staff? Akeboshi7
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