1d ArchDruid of the Vale quest - Help The quest line in Val'sharah has 7 main stories: Black root hold, Bradensbrook, Archdruid of the Vale/Claw, Into the Nightmare, All Nightmare Long, and Archdruid of Lore. I have completed 2/7 (Black Root Hold & BradensBrook). I am not able to start any other storyline. In order to start the quest, I need to speak to Aranelle in Lorlathil but he does not give me an option to start the quest. Any suggestions on how to fix?Cacadodohead0 1d
1d Nobundo's Last Stand - Exodar Did anyone else find this quest difficult as DPS? As a level 108 balance druid I failed it my first attempt. Balance aoe is not very reliable (except maybe with that one talent) and doing aoe tended to draw too much aggro onto myself. Single target is a bit slow and the NPCs do get overran after a while. I ended up getting too much on me from trying to aoe down the large mass of mobs that was forming and died. Respawned nearby and ran back, clearing away the demons. The group is mostly about half health when the last pit lord boss comes. Apparently I could do DPS him down with his huge life before he killed a NPC which failed the mission. Soooo I switched specs to resto and decided to try completing it the slow and steady turtle vs hare style. Resto kitty can do some damage as well so I spread bleeds and used swipe. Annoying aoe heals do NOT work on these NPCs that you are put into a party with. So mushroom, wild growth, and tranquility do not work on the NPCs. I was able to keep them up with rejuvenation and some swiftmend/regrowth/lifebloom/healing touch mixed in. Got a bit too much aggro occasionally but I just backed off and focused on keeping my health up. Got to pitlord where I just healed up the group between getting bleeds up as kitty. So I had to complete this as resto which is my main spec (but usually not used for questing). I wonder if I just had a bad go at it as balance or if others are struggling to do this as a DPS. Seems like you need to aoe damage when they force there way in but also need to be able to handle all the aggro and have the single target to burn the pitlord down before it finishes off an NPC. Perhaps a tank would even work well okay here.Stratous2 1d
1d world quests... ONLY FOR HOLY since expansion launch ive not missed nearly a single world quest cycle.. and im prot.. i main prot off retlol.... I ONLY get holy relics "life" type for world quests.. over and over and over and over again.. i have a 30 slot bag almost full of them... is there a way you can add loot preference to world quests? cause all im getting is vendor junk and life relics...Kieka0 1d
1d Trial by Fel Fire Look WoW, I came back to the game to play this expansion and grid my hard earned gold to keep playing the game. However, you made a quest which is the one I am talking about, require crafted items. This normally would not be a problem but since there is really no other way to complete the quest besides grinding a toons professions people price the items at a ridiculous rate. Now, if these items were lets say also available as potential world quest rewards then the price would drop considerably. Let this be a warning I do not need to play this game but want to at the moment but will gladly shelf it again before throwing 10 days work of gold farming out the window for one quest that possibly will not even cover the cost of the required items. My suggestion is fix it.Dramius8 1d
1d Fishing world quest disappeared? The fishing quest disappeared for me and im not sure how that happen. I did 4 quest then they stop showing up. I dont know if this is a world quest issue or im not awake when they come up because I notice they show up for like 12 hours. I turn off my world quest addon to see if I'm missing it. I'm just realy confused. Pet dailies started showing up for me though.Mstokies0 1d
1d Azsuna QuestLine Help Hi, I've completed a majority of my quests in the story line in multiple areas except for Azsuna. My last quest I did was with that little Imp were you have to sign a contract w/ your blood. After that I didn't have anymore quests to do. I'm 2/5 quests in in Azsuna and I don't see where I go to pick up the quests. I need: Behind Legion Lines Defend Azurewing repose Azsuna vs Azshara I googled the quest giver and it says that Khadgar gives the first two? I checked on Khadgar and he isn't giving me anything and not to mention the countless times going back and forth and wasting of gold to all the Fps and diff areas just to see if i'm missing something. I probably am but I don't know what. If you could help that'd be GREATLY appreciated. I'm missing out on World Quests and Azsuna is the only one I need friendly with. Thank you.Demfise20 1d
1d First Order Hall upgrade Does the choice which increases chance of gear upgrade apply to World Quest rewardsAldemar0 1d
1d Legion - Exodar - Bringer of the Light I have been trying to complete this scenario since last night. I get to and defeat the High General, and Velen rushes up to him and then he just sits there. The ending monologue never comes. Am I missing something? It ends up just being me, Tyrosus and Liadrin standing there forever. Any help would be appreciated.Zaìra1 1d
1d Legion: "no wings required" ???? I picked up the quest from an NPC and did the quest, when I went to turn it in there was a question mark where the NPC should be but no NPC. I watched a YouTube video so I know I was at the right place. I logged out and back in and no luck. I then decided it was a quick quest so I abandoned it and headed back to the spot where I had gotten it and the NPC with the quest is gone. I need this dumb quest to continue the story lines in high mtn anyone have a clue what to do?Nêÿtiri10 1d
1d Beautiful Suramar City Those poor people of Suramar City. How can I express my true feelings? Hopefully this gets the message through... Throughout training the withered army to the fun filled rep grind, what a journey its been. Thank you so much blizz for all your hard work. So many of us truly appreciate the time and work that went into this zone. NOT!Chopstyx0 1d
1d Tidestone of Golganneth Hello friends, I am in dire need of help. I originally leveled my 110 warrior as a Dwarf on Lightbringer as a member of the alliance. On Lightbringer I earned all achievements for completing zones minus 2 chapters in Azsuna and a few in Suramar. When I transferred the first thing i did was go to Azsuna to see if i could finish the last 2 chapters which I did. the quest markers stood out on the map so it was easy, a few quests done and now have my achievement "Azsuna matata". Problem is I still dont have my Pillar from this zone yet. I even ran the dungeon to see if it would just drop. It didnt. I have no idea what to do next. Is there a certain NPC where i get this quest from? I've looked on WoWhead and it just tells me it starts in this zone and finishes in Dalaran. HELP!Coob1 1d
1d class hall campaign problems Hi I havent gotten any quests from my class hall since I got my 3rd artifact weapon around lvl 104 the last quests I completed was for my 3rd artifact weapon and it hasnt unlocked anymore quests....I'm getting annoyed opened a ticket on monday got an automated response reopened the ticket still no reply over 24hrs if I cant complete my class hall campaign and complete my 3rd relic slot and all that SCREW THIS GAME I QUIT AND WILL NOT BE COMING BACK!!!! <>Ðrakonus4 1d
1d Socket to Me - Jewelcrafting Quest So the Quest "Socket to me" Out of the 6 jewels i need i only need one more "Crystal Shell." It drops off of "Adult Truesilver Crab" in Northern Stranglethorn. Has anyone else experienced "Adult Truesilver Crab" never spawning? I've been waiting in the exact spot for almost 4-5 hours. Edit- Apparently if you have the Bwemba's Spirit Quest Chain and she is fallowing you around everywhere, u are phased out and can't kill "Adult Truesilver Crab."Xmmassacre2 1d
1d second artifact weapon quest question I was doing the shaman quest "Broaden your horizons", which you get to pick a second artifact weapon, which i turned in without picking the weapon first. Is there a way I can still get the artifact weapon? Thanks in advance.Yirtok0 1d
1d Druid Quest are GONE I put a ticket in and no one has answered it has been 48 hours. MY druid quest are gone. I can not find them nor can I do them. I had another druid try to share theirs with me and they said they could not. How am I suppose to unlock my last relic if I can not do the stupid quest? At first a friend shared one of his quest with me turns out it was a warrior quest. I abanadon it but I can still go back on my map and accept it again. But I can not find any of the druid ones. Please help... The staff of the game has yet to answer my ticket and I need help other wise I will not be paying any more money to this game.Eralynea1 1d
1d Quest: Continuing the Legend NPC: Emmarel Shadewarden She is a quest giver in the Hunter Campaign. She had the quest for me to get a second artifact weapon. The yellow exclamation still shows on my Main map. She was there two days ago. She has disappeared, but the quest marker is still there. I have finally finished enough of my first artifact and would like to start on the second one. Anyone else having this issue?Morninglark5 1d
1d World quest relics are the rewards tied to spec? or just randomly ALWAYS blood, fire, fel for certain classes? I have never seen a shadow relic pop up as a reward and those are the ones a lot of people need the most.Katz3 1d
1d Paladin Class Hall Quest Bugged Hey Everyone! So, I was on the quest, "Meeting of the Silver Hand" and that transitions into "The Scion's Legacy". I'm at the part where Lord Maxwell has the meeting, and then transitions into what step I would like to take. After the meeting, everyone disappeared, and the next option/quest was not given. I can't move with the Paladin Class Hall Quests because of this bug. I've tried practically everything, and I can't get this darn quest to reset. Is anybody else having this issue!? I would really like to progress my Gameplay from this point on. I've submitted a ticket to a GM, and got nothing but an automated response which was in NO way a resolution to my issue. At this point, it's put a HUGE stop on my Gameplay. Come on, Blizz! Great job on the servers not lagging, but this Quest Bug is really annoying....Natíon54 1d
1d Can we get main spec loot for all WQ? tldr: Please make WQ loot spec based, I lose out on a lot of potential loot because of it It's really unfortunate that as a class with melee ranged and healing spec that world quests might reward loot for my other specs. More often that not when a new world quest for a trinket pops it has int on it and i'm playing enhance shaman, so it either leads to me not doing the quest or doing it and vendoring the gear when I could of gotten a big upgrade. best example i can provide is the darkheart thicket wq about a week ago, My enh shaman had a mythic "corrupted starlight" trinket reward, a caster trinket. On the other hand my DH got a mythic "Arch-Druid's Tainted Seal" I should mention that it is perfectly itemized for my enh shaman, but it wasn't the reward instead i get a caster trinket on my melee main! My demon hunter doesn't have this problem, as I imagine mages, rogues, hunters, and anyone else who is pure dmg/ doesn't need two different main stats between specs. So please blizz can you make the world quests spec based loot?Purgebeard6 1d
1d Questlog Is Full Find myself dropping questlines daily. Old content (Nether Drake line, ect.) With all the XMog and bank storage, why such a small Quest Log? I've had to delete 60% of mine since Legion. PISSING ME OOOffffSurfinburd0 1d
1d Class Hall mission durations Ever since I upgraded my followers item levels, the mission duration has increased MASSIVELY. They went from 4-8 hour mission times to 14-48 hour times. That is absolutely insane. What is going on? They aren't even high level, I have been upgrading them evenly, they are all 780 item level followers.Sephrinx1 1d
1d Solendra Featherdown no quest? I want to do the trinket quest but Solendra Featherdown never gives me any quests to start it. Anyone know if there's a requirement?Ashenan0 1d
1d Can't dismiss Bad Dogs in Badlands I was questing on an alt in Badlands, and picked up the initial quests that gave me the three orc protectors Bad Dogs. Now I want to move on, and I can't get rid of them! I am forced to accept the quest The Wrath of a Dragonflight whenever I talk to them -- there is not even an option to decline the quest. I was able to dismiss Amakkar, but the other two keep hanging around. I moved to Searing Gorge and they are still following me. I don't want to do the Dragonflight quest, and I've leveled past Badlands and want to move on. Anyone know how to get rid of these guys for good?Zaraah4 1d
1d How do I get back to the isle of thunder? I did my dailies yesterday and today the same girl you talk to that flyes you over isn't there. How do I get back?ßro26 1d
1d Old Loremaster I want to go back and get my outland loremaster. However I can't find the quests in nagrand to complete it. Anyone have any ideas how I can do this?Ahnknu3 1d
2d Warlock Class Campaign bugged I never got the 103 quests for the warlock class campaign. I got the quests related to lights hope and hit 110 but no quests from Rittsyn Flamescowl. I looked up what quests I should have on wowhead and I have know idea why i'm not getting them. (I checked my questlog countless times before you ask). I would like to know if any other players are having this issue and if a blizz rep could help me because no one is replying to my tickets/Noromus2 2d
2d ABANDONED "TO BE PREPARED"!!! I abandoned "To Be Prepared" quest at level 100 and now I can not find where to restart the quest or even accept the quest. Holgar does not have an option for a quest.Zorrander1 2d
2d Disappointment with "A New Life for Undeath" So I've finally gone and completed the Stormheim story and, I'm actually really disappointed in the way it was wrapped up with the Sylvanas cinematic. The simple facts that we don't even see Sylvanas until the end of the zone and have no explanation for what she's doing was frustrating. And then the cinematic, though well animated, leaves out a hell of a lot of what just happened. It is literally "Follow me!" and then "cinematic skipping any explanation of what it is she's doing or what she hopes to accomplish. Yeah, we can piece together that she wants immortality for herself/the forsaken, but it's never outright said. And for those who are new to the story; what's that lamp, where did she get it, what is she doing with it, what is she doing to Eyir besides torturing her, does she intend to keep Eyir captive or kill her, and many more. And the "the Val'kyr are mine" line doesn't make much sense. Weren't they hers before? Was she wanting other Val'kyr? Did she lose hers in the couch cushions? Overall - Sylvanas' story felt very much forced into the zone like it was an afterthought. The fact that we have no explanation as to why Greymane is getting away with this blatant disregard for Anduin's orders just fuels this further. Overall, the other non-Horde/Alliance stories in this zone were all much better.Rakeesh0 2d
2d Close Enough To Touch bugged? "Search for Malfurion in the Village" I've scoured every square inch of the blue area on my mini map, and I'm about to lose my damn mind. What's going on with this quest?Deathdealer1 2d
2d emissary cache loot not scaling Unlike regular world quest loot, emissary cache loot doesn't seem to be scaling. Everything I've gotten so far is 810, while world quests are regularly offering 830+ loot. Is this a bug?Covellite5 2d
2d [Solved]Quest: The Nightborne Prince Ael'Yith is infinitely evading and cannot be slain. This is part of a quest line to complete Azsuna's story.Gnominator1 2d
2d Kosumoth world quest weekly? I heard quest was weekly but still haven't gotten it this week finished up and got it all done last week got the pet and nothing this week? supposed to be this way?Elhardhealio0 2d
2d 3rd artifact relic slot locked I just finished my druid class campaign, I got my title and gear but my third artifact slot is still locked as well as my artifact skin that is supposed to unlock as well with the finished campaign. Please help!Iraga22 2d
2d Talador quest disconnect. I took a little break to do the legion invasions and came back to my garrison at lvl 100. I was questing in Talador when I left and only have Shattrath City still undiscovered. But there are no quests. I turned on low level or ignored quests and can't find any. I recall that with another character there was a series of portals one had to go through in the quests just before this. Could I have gotten lost there? And if so is there any way to pick up the thread? I tried to open an in-game ticket to talk to a GM, but there were no appropriate choices so I am not sure what to do at this point. Anyone have any ideas?Drienna0 2d
2d Eagle Egg Recovery Eagle Egg Recovery quest in Val'Sharah is not showing the NPC for turn in. I picked up the quest from the NPC along the road before the bridge in the cave, completed the quest, and returned to the same location for hand-in (confirmed with WoWhead this is the correct hand-in location), but no NPC is present. I have relogged, etc. nothing works. Any ideas?Vaelfear2 2d
2d Warden Tower Assault nerf? (World Quest) This morning the warden tower world quest was giving 300 honor now only gives 150 didn't see anything in the hotfix notes about this. Anyone else?Shamansrofls9 2d
2d Down to Azuna is bugged I started leveling my mage and I got the down to Azuna quest in Dalaran, but when my mage flies down, Khadgar inst there.Zeneida9 2d
2d World quest pvp rewards. Is it just me or do these seem terrible even at a high honor level? I'm 849 and don't even want the gear for the stats I just like the look of the tier 19 recolor/season 1 set. I've done the world quests every 4 hours for over a week now and have only gotten the pants, Its just been gold and resources, yet I see others with a full set who have told me they just did the wq's. Obviously I'm either missing something or rng is not being kind at all.Brúticus1 2d
2d Down to Azsuna Decided to level an alt finally. Start my first zone quest and sitting here with 15+ other people because cant turn in first quest...Biggerjugz0 2d
2d Kosumoth world quest Eu gets the mount wq reward when it is first unlocked. U.S gets the dumb pet as a reward for weeks on end. Any word on when they will be switching?Separo0 2d
2d Nithogg World Quest problem Hello all, So I recently hit 110 and have been doing world quests to gear up. Yesterday I saw a purple quest in Stormheim I think is called "Scourge of the skies" or something. It says to kill Nithogg, a world boss dragon. So I went there and there was a large group of horde killing him already so I piggybacked on their kill but once he was down my world quest still wasn't complete and I didn't get the 600 gold or whatever the reward is. I did get a little pop up on my screen that said Nithogg down and gave me like 30 gold. So I hop on wow head and read that you're supposed to complete this as part of a raid group. So I go into group finder and join a premade for this quest. We get there, we kill him, and still quest reads "Nithogg slain: 0/1". A bunch of other people in our raid group got 865 gear as well. So I'm wondering since that's the loot for this guy, maybe you need to be a certain ilvl to complete this world quest? But then why would it even show up for me? It's getting really frustrating I was attacking the entire time, died 3 times when I did it with horde. Died once with my raid group. Is this bugged or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help! I'm at a loss here.Michaelvïck3 2d
2d Suramar quest lines not appearing Trying to get some of the quest lines done for the achievement. Nothing new is appearing for me though. I am almost half way through honored, but Blood and Wine won't unlock for example. What am I missing? I've read thru the guides and I know some of the quest lines won't open until I get more rep, but Blood and Wine should have. My kid has done it and he has less rep than I do.Mirabella3 2d
2d valarjar rep? Somehow I didnt get this through questing. I dont have any quests available in the area and I cannot select anything from my "mission map" in my class hall. I cant remember if I did much in that area when leveling as I have been taking my time and doing a few toons here and there so I cant keep straight who i sent where. :D How can I find some quests to pick up and get this rep grind going?Lorë6 2d
2d Essence of Power drop rate I'm currently on the Essence of Power quest to collect 30 Corrupted Essence from the Emerald Nightmare raid. Did a full clear of normal mode last night and the people in my raid on the quest got 1 essence, is the drop rate intended to be that low? or did we just have some really bad luck. 30~ runs of the raid seems a little excessive to complete this quest.Kyrîana0 2d
2d Azure Weaponry I'm trying to complete my hunter class hall campaign. According to wowhead, Azure Weaponry is my next quest in the questline. But, I can't find the quest giver. I go to the location shown on the map on wowhead, and he's not there... I do have credit for the quests leading up to Azure weaponry, and credit for ones farther along in the line, but not this one [or it's follow-up(s)].Ningusta0 2d
2d Unable to choose a new strike point. While questing though Highmountain. I did all of the quest and got the achievement. So in a rush to start the next zone i went back and chose the next strike point. THEN i realized i had one more quest to do in Highmountain (Dungeon quest) so i qued up and completed it. After turning the final quest in i got a new quest called "Pressing the Assault." Which asked me to return to my Order hall and choose the next strike point. SO i abandon the strike point quest (because it didn't give me credit for already having it) i had previously chosen before receiving the "Pressing the Assault" and attempted to go choose it again so i could continue my journey, however I'm not able to choose a strike point now. the PTA quest is labeled under Artifact in my quest log so i don't want to skip over it. Has anyone else had this issue?Craftedshock14 2d
2d No quest chain for Artifact weapon i cant find any sort of quest chain to get my artifact weapon, there is no quest in the mage quarter from that pink water elemental in stormwind, there is nothing in my order hall, nothing in dalaran . i'm just standing here with nothing to do - is there a bug ?Spelladona0 2d
2d Into the Hold #38965 - Tailoring Quest First starters, Violet Hold is a long dungeon and due to queue times begin 45min-1hr, its even longer. To defeat the boss and then for the first time ever in a tailoring chain, having to do a second part at the end of the dungeon is crazy. I now have to re-queue, run it again just so I can use the key I already obtained to unlock the cell. TLDR: Professions tied to quests involving dungeons is a bad design choice.Kolikov6 2d
3d I accidentally abandoned my artifact quest I accidentally abandoned Ritual Reagents from my quest log. How do I go about re obtaining the quest? I started the quest from Calydus but now I cant find him. Any help would be great.Funtgangka17 3d
3d Nithogg was worth it!!! I'm not sure if it was just the quest, but I started a raid group to kill Nithogg for the world quest. We were successful and I saw that I received a 890 cloak which was awesome. I went to put it on and noticed a Legendary sitting in my bag next to it!!! It was Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus. Its an 895 necklace that places a shield on the wearer every 30 seconds for 15% of your entire health! Do this quest while it lasts. Seems to have a high chance to drop good loot. Even if its not legendary, an 890 piece isn't bad either. Cheers!Shokya4 3d