Oct 11 mounting made easy this quest is poorly designed in my opinion. there's a lot of things you have to do to complete this quest that. For one you need your harness and fighter's chow. It doesnt even mention that in the quest description. not one word about em. I could not complete this quest without either of those items. Please do something about the quest description.Aedrael0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Lunk's Adventure - Spider Rider and Onwards This is going to be rather silly, as a completionist I feel it should be addressed. Lunk's Adventure is a series of quests where an annoying ogre I wish to see fall down a cliffside stops you from killing Spiders and Dark Iron Dwarves when weakened, yelling at you every time you kill one of them. The problem is I'm level 110 and I one shot everything. Making this quest incompletable. I have even removed my armor, my pets and taken rez sickness and i still hit them too hard. While I am aware I can ask for help from a lowbie, I don't see many there. My fix is simple, lock the player out of damaging the mobs at 5% so Lunk can ride them.Náeri2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Deadlier Warglaives Quest Bugged for DH I just completed the "A Very Special Kind of Fuel" quest that I got after doing the 6 Missions along with the 30 World quests but after handing in the quest there was not a single new quest to be picked up in the entire class hall.. Wowhead tells me that there is another quest which involves handing in an Obliterum to Allari the Souleater but she does not have any quest for me either. Has anyone been able to get past this quest or is it just bugged out for me?Kobebryantas3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Artifact Quest not clear While trying to do The Heart of Zin-Azshari (Mythic) which took forever to find a group, I did the entire instance only to NOT GET CREDIT or complete my quest - because although the quest clearly states MYTHIC, it does not state that it cannot be done when someone has used a key. I would have had no way of knowing that as I do not do instances/raids.Maisie1 Oct 11
Oct 11 WQ not counting towards the daily Did 4 WQs today for the Dreamweavers daily and only one of them counted. Sitting on 1/4 with no more quests left in the zone. Not cool.Calikrea0 Oct 11
Oct 11 G'Hanir quest line glitched at Destromath? So... am I missing something, is this glitched, or just a really cruel joke? In the senario vs Destromath I'm at the final stage "Nature's Wrath." Destromath has the debuff winds of hyjal and is elevated in the air. None of the other NPCs are doing any damage at all to him. Which leaves me using moonfire, sunfire, and solarwrath in resto spec to whittle down 635m hp. I didn't plan on this being how I spent my launch week. What am I missing? Thanks.Stormoon3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Volpin the Elusive - Ske'rit deleteInnocence0 Oct 11
Oct 10 Legendary Ring quest at Ele Runes Is it possible to go back and finish the rest of the quest? I'm at the stage where I was supposed to collect a bunch of elemental runes, but I dropped the quest a while ago and can't find where to pick it up. I still have my ilvl 690 ring and almost 300 of those runes, though.Ishiggydiggy1 Oct 10
Oct 10 No reward from World Quest Dungeon I did a dungeon on Heroic that had a world quest on it and didn't get the rewards, do I have to be on mythic difficulty to get the item? the item is an 840+ pair of mythic legs. Other people told me they got their reward on heroicBasedjdm4 Oct 10
Oct 10 World Quests and caves I have observed problems with 2 quests specifically. There could be and probably are more quests that need looked into. Waking Nightmares - WANTED: Inquisitor Tivos - I would like to start by saying that the leveling experience this expansion is great. Whoever was in charge of the leveling questing did an amazing job, and the entire team deserves a pat on the back. One of my favorite features is that quests that send you into a cave first direct you to the cave entrance before sending you on to the rest of your objectives. Why was this consideration not carried over to world quests? Regular quests at least have the quest text to help direct you to your target. World quests get no such help, instead they just tell you who you need to kill and where they are, sort of. There is no vertical indicator for the "your quest is here" blob. It doesn't grey out so you know it is underground or inside a building. If he's in a cave then you better have a google maps level of knowledge on the zone and how to get there. Why could these world quests not have the same questing style as the leveling quests, first directing you to the cave/portal entrance before switching to the kill targets once your inside. The way I was "helped" by the game when I went looking for it, was to open my web browser to wowhead (crashing my game in the process) so a they could tell me where to go for the quest. Telling your players to go find the solution online to a quest that has absolutely no indication in-game where to go, is the definition of terrible quest design. TL;DR - If you are going to make world quests have no text explaining what you need to do, then make sure the indicators in game correctly direct players to the objectives. Don't rely on wowhead to make up for the incompleteness of the questing design.Drinkymcbeer0 Oct 10
Oct 10 WQ Relic Rewards There really needs to be some control, or preferably way to choose relic rewards. I have a 870, 850 and a 793 in my Main Spec (MM) weapon. BM is rocking 840, 840 and 835 and SV is 840, 840 and 825. For me, World quests have had mostly Life, Arcane and Iron rewards... which is amusing because my weapons require... 1 Arcane 1 Life 2 blood 2 Iron aaaaand 3 Storm... And i have my loot specialization set to MM, which is Storm, Blood Life. This leads me to believe (after what, 4 weeks of world quests) That there's something wrong with the formula for what items spawn when. Since they obviously aren't giving rewards based on your current spec or loot specialization, and definitely not based on the most in demand. It would be fine if we could craft these and upgrade them with Obliterum to 850 to fill in the gaps, but as of now, the fickle RNGods are in command.Zehntin1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Affliction warlock Artifact quest issue So, I just started playing this game again after being gone for about a year. I've been playing since 2005, and only quit about a year ago. I return, decide to use my level 100 character boost on a warlock. I do the first quest it takes you to after getting the boost which teaches you the spells, etc of affliction. Then, I do the quest that shows me Sylvanas becoming the new warchief. Then, I am told to take the portal in the Cleft of Shadows to Dalaran and meet up with Khadgar. I do this, go to Dalaran, meet with Khadgar, get Dalaran moved, blah blah. So I'm standing in Dalaran (in it's new location) when I see an orange ? pop up, turn around and it's an NPC telling me to take his portal, which I do...takes me to the Underbelly where I begin the Artifact quest line. Fast forward through all of this quest line..I'm now headed to meet up with the NPC Revil whats-his-name and escort him to some camp. I do this successfully (of course after being killed by some alliance). I get to the camp, get the compass, pick up the next quest, go to the compass locations, etc. I finish by going down to the road next to Karazhan where Revil is standing with the ? over his head. So I turn in that quest....then he disappears. I get nothing after that. No new quests pop up in my quest log, nothing. So I think maybe something is back in the Underbelly in Dalaran. So I go to Dalaran. Nothing. I google this issue. I find an article on MMO-Champion about it. It says something about phasing, and to go back to Dalaran and find this NPC Archivist Elysiana at the Violet Citadel. Do all the quests she offers and it should fix it. So I do those quests. All the way through the Diamond King quest with Brann in Ulduar. Get back to the Violet Citadel after completing that quest, she has no more quests, I assume that means I've fixed it. So I go back to Karazhan. Still nothing there. So I look up what the next quest SHOULD be, "The Dark Riders". I follow the road by Karazhan to the catacombs. But nothing happens. However, I see other players running down there and disappearing. I'm assuming this is the phasing. At this point Dalaran is NOT above Karazhan (I also don't believe it was when I originally got there with Revil, but I may be wrong). Either way, its not NOW. I've tried EVERYTHING I can find on the internet about this issue. Nothing has worked. I opened a GM Ticket, was told to check with the internet (they specifically suggested wowhead).....that was all I got. REALLY???? So basically I just wasted my level 100 character boost on this crap...and they're not even going to try to help me. Way to try to re-win a subscriber.Jëëzë2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Low Level Quests I love to quest more so then leveling. I haven't played WOW in several years...but I do know that in the tracker I could track low level quests. Did they take that away? I know I am missing some low quests as I just saw them last week and now they have disappeared after I made level 11. Any thoughts? Thanks! DarrellDarriella1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Bi-Weekly Archaeology Quest I'm an idiot and haven't run Neltharion's Lair yet for this archaeology quest, but I have completed the digsites portion. Does anyone know if the quest to run the dungeon will remain in my quest log when the archaeology quest switches? Thanks!Carcinoma1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Close enough For close enough quest... i pick oculeth and he doesn't come with me... for a long time i can't still do that questMamaminozz0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Unable to see Nethershard vendor. As I levelled that character, I took part in the Legion invasion prepatch even and stocked up on Nethershards and chests. I have now hit lvl100 on that character, chose the dialog option to skip the Broken Shore scenario (done it on 4 characters), and cannot see the vendor on this character but can on my lvl110 character. In addition, I can still enter Grommash Hold and see Garrosh standing there, as well as a portal to Ashran. I am not sure if I am bugged or need to complete older quests to see the Nethershard vendor. I have not read that the vendors have been removed outright. I also opened a ticket with no success.Rocknurplez2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Celestials Quest I've been going back and grinding rep with the Pandarin groups. I arrived on the Timeless Isle and after a while tried to head into the castle and fight Ordos, I was promptly kicked out and told I need celestial protection. I looked this up and found out that you need to do a quest for one of the celestial which are no longer available, does this mean there is no way in?Keyasris2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Fury Road World Quest This quest could seriously use some work. I'll probably be passing it up from now on unless the reward is really good. Just a little feedback. 1) The cleave mechanic doesn't always seem to reliably hit the ambershapers, even if you're standing as close as possible. 2) The arc the vehicle takes on turns is way too wide making it hard to collect the crystals if they drop in certain areas. 3) The constant daze mechanic in this quest is beyond annoying and just adds a frustrating layer to an already tedious quest. Why is this even remotely needed? 4) Other players can take your crystals, and often times, it's just because they are riding by and not even doing it intentionally. Make the crystals unique to the player/group who spawned them. I just felt like this world quest could use some work. Maybe get rid of the daze mechanic (is it really necessary?), fix the cleave ability to actually work, and perhaps adjust the way the vehicle moves so it's not making such wide arcs. Also, make the crystals unique to the person who spawned them by killing the mobs. I just really didn't enjoy this quest at all and wanted to leave some feedback/suggestions.Ariesmet5 Oct 10
Oct 10 Good sumaritain Ive done an ancient gift, breaking the lightbreaker, Tidying telamor adn imminent growmain but have no quests anywhere to finish this stupid cheeve. I am revered with nightfallen and no quests are available. What gives?Beanbean3 Oct 10
Oct 10 3 out of 4 Kirin Tor WQ done, no more on map This is the first time this has happened. I've completed three out of four for my daily for the Kirin Tor and now there are zero additional Kirin Tor World Quests on my map in any zone. Anyone else have this issue? Is it a bug? Any recommendations?Òblivion8 Oct 10
Oct 10 Do Legion Intro Scenario After Skipping It I have some Nethershards saved up on a character from the invasions before Legion launched. I was hoping to spend them at the quartermaster in Stormwind, which is definitely still there for characters that have completed the intro Legion scenario. I didn't know this was a prerequisite for the Nethershard vendor at the time, but I opted to skip the scenario on the character that has the Nethershards. Is there any way to go back and do the scenario on the character after initially choosing to skip it? Thanks.Gyatzo1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Priest Class Order hall I am stuck questing :s I am trying to unlock the third relic slot. I kept questing until I ran out of quests and I still did not get the achievement nor the relic unlocked. Is there something I still have to do or maybe i missed a quest? Here is a screen shot of my quests right now. Notice how I no longer have an active quest for order hall campaignCeab0 Oct 10
Oct 10 WQ: Grell in a Handbasket The respawn timer on this Val'sharah quest is nice and all for getting done fast, but when you end up nearly dying, or outright dying, because you have a dozen of these instant (re)Spawns of Satan on your tail is ridiculous. The timer could do with a bit of a tweak. I just had to kill about triple the amount of grells needed for the WQ because I couldn't get out without getting dazed and swarmed.Tindomerel0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Perfect Storm Drake Scale - World Quest Running around today and noticed the profession world quest Perfect Storm Drake Scale on my map in Stormheim. The requirement for completion of the quest is 8 perfect storm drake scales, the reward is 40 Stormscale. My assumption (which could be completely wrong) was that I should kill the Squallhunters in the area that, when skinned, drop Stormscales. I can't find any other info on this topic and I've been killing these buggers for a while now with no drops of Perfect Storm Drake Scales and no skins of them either. Has anyone completed this quest or am I going about it completely wrong?Schweetie8 Oct 10
Oct 10 Can't do emissary quest I just faction changed and server transfered and i think it bugged out my kirin tor emissary quest because there were only 3 to do and now im 3/4. I know this because i did one on my other toon and i seen that the one i need is missing for me... so im stuck. I made a ticket but 24 hours is quite a bit.Vasaroth1 Oct 10
Oct 9 Life Finds A Way I am able to see and complete this quest on my warrior. This is not the case of my shaman. He has done the quest chain leading up to it but he cant see it on the world map and cant interact with Su' esh. Wow head is showing Life Finds A Way as being available to day and I can see it on ym warrior. But not on my shaman. This has been a problem everytime the quest shows up.Ironplatypus0 Oct 9
Oct 9 Cry Thunder! quest (Found the way) i cant get back up the mountain i tried both towers and paths. i crashed when everyone else did earlier today.Bankofsloth4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Withered quest and the TERRIBLE resp The withered army quest is incredibly bugged, and what is Blizzard's response? Sorry, but we just don't care. I have had two major problems with it so far. 1. I spent 1300 mana, went in, got the small chest... but died. But I could not rez, I ended up having to spirit rez which cost me in game gold on top of the 1300, and I recieved NOTHING. That was 1300 mana, and however much gold, for literally nothing. 2. I spent 400 mana (now wanting to waste tons of mana again) and it said "instance cannot initialize". I lost the 400 mana, and I was not able to even get the chance to try for any of the chests. I wrote Blizzard saying how I know there is the problem with the quest, but considering how Nighfallen rep is so important if there was some way I could either just get the rep items I should have got, or at least be refunded the mana that was spent... and I was told no, that they are not reimberusing people for this, and they have no way of tracking what happened in the instances. Seriously? Blizzard used to take so long to get back to people with a ticket, but they actually used to fix problems and reimburse people for game error. This has been a problem for how long now? And it has not been fixed, their has not been any sort of tracking added at least to mail ppl their loot, AND they are changing to a "to bad, so sad" policy where they tell players they just have to suffer? This is beyond rediculous. And when I asked how to make a formal complain, they tell me to just post something on the forums? Well... here it is. I am not happy. This is TERRIBLE customer service in response to this quest. People have already been leaving wow out of bordom or getitng upset over how Blizzard responds to issues... this is the kind of thing that disappoints people enough to stop playing. Are you really willing to lose players over something like this?Theddasapa4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Stuck on Paladin Order Campaign Been stuck with no quests for almost 8hours now, I get the same 2 missions coming up everytime. I've done the Exodar campaign. (Lights Heart is in my order hall) I have nothing to do/no where to go. Its like a quest didnt proc somewher and I'm stuck with nothing.Ticka4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Trouble progressing through Hunter Campaign I really don't know what's going on, but it's very disheartening. I've completed every quest up to and including Hitting the Books, but I don't have Halduron Brightwing yet*. I also haven't finished A Trial by Felfire or the Suramar campaign (I'm 8/11 chapters into it). My question is, would any of those factors affect me being able to finish the Order Hall campaign? I ask because I haven't gotten In Defense of Dalaran, though I specifically remember finishing the questline where Emmereal (sp?) sees the flares go up. I'm not sure why i'm not able to get the next quests and continue on with my campaign like normal. Is there something I'm missing? I'd rather someone point it out as being something blatantly obvious that I'm just missing rather than not knowing what it is, but I've spent the better part of two weeks running around finishing all the quests I can, thinking that if I finished every single quest eventually it would sort itself out. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. EDIT: Apparently you're supposed to get Halduron AFTER In Defense of Dalaran, but some people have managed to get him before. I'm really kind of confused nowYlldaren0 Oct 9
Oct 9 Suramar, I'm not getting it? I've been struggling with the artifact weapon initial quest. Finally got the three gates, downed the boss, downed the infernal, stomped the little flames and nothing. I waited. Nothing. No loot, no speech, nada. More annoying, every time you log out, it GD resets you to the flying bat in Dalaran, so you can have the pleasure of a huge repair bill as you try to do it again. Certainly, many people have managed this. So, what am I missing please? Thanks very much!Kyrylazon5 Oct 9
Oct 9 Item Scaling Didn't they say that world quests item would scale with your gear level? Cause they always seem to be 25-35 ilvl points behind my gear level. My lowest peices are 845 yet the highest i've seen as world quest options are 840 and those are for dungeons only, typically it's more like 825-835. Also why isn't the gear in the emissary chest set to scale? i'm 850+ and I have a solid legendary, outside of Rep I have no reason to care about doing the 4 emissary world quests. That doesn't seem right. Was this just overlook or is it intentional that it doesn't scale?Wardlaw0 Oct 9
Oct 9 Scale low level zones please! Since Cataclysm, and the old zones' revamp, Blizz has really made a good job with leveling content. Zones are awesome, quests are fun, but the biggest issue remains. It's so easy to outscale content! Even without heirloom or rested bonus, you out-scale every zone by the time you're done with the quests. You want to run the dungeon associated with the zone? Well now the issue is even worse as every enemies are grey by the time the dungeon is over. Would be nice to have some flexibility while questing. I'd like to fully enjoy every quests in a zone, and run some dungeons and PvP on the side, without ruining the flow. I can just imagine how great it would be to level up to lvl 100 just by doing every quests and dungeons from the vanilla zones. Of course each zones would have a minimu level requirement, but it could scale up to the last expansion's level cap (which would be 100 come Legion) On live, leveling has become a chore, you either spam dungeons/PvP, and/or swap zones every few quests. It's really hard to enjoy the leveling experience. Come Legion, the Broken Isles will have a scaling system, would be the perfect opportunity to also implement it to the old zones too.Eleonna20 Oct 9
Oct 9 Fragments of Memory quest help please Befuddled by this quest line. After killing the Cliffclutch Matriarch, Thaedris hands me some loot and prattles on a bit, finally saying, "I'll meet you in Shal'Aran". Okay, I use the HS to jump to Shal'Aran, and he's there but not interactive. So I figure I somehow missed something, although his parting words were clear as day. I check Wowhead , which cites a couple places that he might be found, along with information on the last quest in the line (I prefer not to know this stuff in advance). Check those places, nothing. So here I am. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance!Radroit1 Oct 9
Oct 9 Khadgar's Magic Wand? I was on the quest Trail of Echoes and the NPC disappeared so I abandoned quest but when I went back to Khadgar I couldn't pick it back up. Any suggestions?Ebonicus0 Oct 9
Oct 9 wrong reward for quest I just got an agility trinket as a world quest reward on my moonkin. Is this supposed to happen?Ruiluis1 Oct 9
Oct 9 BUG for 7.0 pre-quest wtf , this is a bug ,I cannot receive pre-quest of 7.0. Anyone can fix this problem ?Arthurttwutt1 Oct 9
Oct 9 World quests I love them. They are fun, interactive, and diverse. I know not everyone will like them, everyone is different. I hope to see more of this type infused with the old world. Kalimdor, Eastern kingdomes, and outland. I would even like to see more of the level equalization of mobs in old world. I know not everyone would like this but as for myself, I like "site seeing" and enemies that are somewhat challenging. Thank you blizzard for the great entertainment.Drjekil0 Oct 9
Oct 9 legendary ring quest bugged? khadgar's servant does not have a quest icon above his head for me, on any of my toons. searching of my quest log reveals i am not on the questline either. if i would have accepted the quest and abandoned it, wouldnt it reset on the elemental? any help would be appreciated. thanks!Sugarbawlz4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Quest: Always the last thing Blizz, There should be anther way to complete this quest other than forcing my character to resort to flat-out stealing from an innocent victim. I'm not a thief. My character is not a thief. I won't be completing this quest as it stands. Please consider allowing characters to find another way. (I wouldn't mind if it required more work.) Thanks, WyndWyndfall1 Oct 9
Oct 9 Mounting made easy This is literally the stupidest quest ever.Agrolicious0 Oct 9
Oct 9 "An Unlikely Ally" - warlock class campaign When I go to the Dreadscar Rift to accept "An Unlikely Ally", Calydus is nowhere to be found so I cannot accept the quest. Anyone else run into this? May or may not be related, but when I had a bug with the previous quest ("The Power Possessed") and was only able to have that quest to turn in to Calydus after submitting a ticket. Issue was fixed, I turned the quest in to Calydus who then disappeared, and went to the rift and cannot locate him.Redsekhmet1 Oct 9
Oct 8 No Campaign quests appear in my Hall I must have deleted some of my Hall Campaign quests. I have nothing in my Hall indicating I have any quests. I did research and created a list of quests I need to complete, but I cannot find an entry point. I need to unlock the third artifact relic. Have spent many hours trying to rectify this problem, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thank you.Steeltoes2 Oct 8
Oct 8 Bugged Suramar Quest Little One Lost I've opened a ticket but the wait time 2 days is a bit extreme. Stuck on this quest as I died and came back to the NPC she's missing, I abandoned the quest and now not only is the NPC still missing but I don't have a quest and it's a part of the main story in Suramar.Stormfïre4 Oct 8
Oct 8 No more quests in Suramar Hey everyone, So, I'm on my 4th lvl 110 and I ran into a problem I haven't encountered until now. I just hit 110 on my monk, went to Suramar and did 3-4 quests and now I'm not offered any more and still neutral. The quests in my logbook are: 1. Neltharian's Lair (Instance Quest) 2. Wrath of Azshara (Instance Quest) 3. Desperate Strike (Monk Campaign) 4. Slowing the Spread ( Monk campaign) 5. Storm, Earth, and Fire (Monk campaign) 6. Goddess Watch Over You ( Order Hall) 7. Uniting the Isles (Earn Friendly Rep with the Nightfallen) I'm sure the answer is out there, I just can't see how any of these quests should be a pre-req for further questing in Suramar. I've never came across this along my previous adventures. Cheers, ToodyhooToodyhoo2 Oct 8
Oct 8 Arcane Thirst Quest I am unable to collect the six required quest items. When I submitted a ticket to blizzard they said they were unwilling to help and this was my problem. Is there anyone can help?Hereoh4 Oct 8
Oct 8 Ravencrest's Legacy Done this twice on other toons, had no issues. Trying it on my rogue (third time through) only the first set of moonguard spawn, once they are dead that's it... no more... can't kill the chick... can't mana up... nada... ugh. Abandoned the vehicle three times before leaving the area. logged fully out of game, went and did other things. Still hanging up. I would REALLY like to be able to complete this. No, I don't run a lot of add-ons, I use 2 simple ones.Myleah0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Under Cover of Darkness Hi there. I am having trouble with the quest stated above. I am by the boat and have completed the quest, but the ? has not shown up and there is no way for me to turn it in and to progress further. I have abandoned the quest a few times, flew there, teleported there, reloaded and still nothing. This is on my rogue order hall - the character Kimeli...Kimdacutie15 Oct 8
Oct 8 Quests reset? So all my quests reset after my faction change. I dont have an issue with this because now i can just do every quest this EXP again for easy Disenchants and more AP. Were my quests suppose to reset like thisLolistar1 Oct 8
Oct 8 Withered Army and Cheat Death don't go along As the title says, even though Rogue talent "cheat death" which prevents you from taking fatal damage does work in the sceneario, I am still being teleported out when it procs...Happened to me today and still feel kinda "cheated" :v . I'm sorry if this belongs to rogues forum but we don't often get help from blues over there. Meanwhile I guesss I'll be rolling Elusiveness instead.Vaskein0 Oct 8