Jul 21 Legendary? I know that you can no longer start the legendary questline, and that players only have about a month to complete it anyway, but I was under the impression that any characters that had started the quest could still progress up until then. On an alt I just leveled I'm on the Highmaul part, I still have that quest, and all the stones I've gathered. But a friend of mine finished the first quest and got the initial ring, we were going to run the heroics today to upgrade the ring. The quest isn't in her log after the reset, and she can't get it from Khadgar. I know it doesn't really matter as she wouldn't be able to finish it in time anyway, but unless I misread something, she still should have been able to continue for now. I don't even really understand why they removed it anyway, you can still go back and complete legendaries from past expansions can't you? And given that we have to wait 2+ weeks before we see any new content for this pre-patch, why cut available content?Ethgar5 Jul 21
Jul 21 How can I find main story-line quests? I'm trying to reach 100 before August 30th. I am at level 76 now and I don't like skipping zones, but I do wish to skip the quests that are gather/hunt as I wish to get to them later on but not now. How will I be able to find main story-line quests only?Hypirius1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Realm hopping Just curious if realm hopping was fixed so you cannot do it anymore?Kungfurabbit0 Jul 21
Jul 21 Saving Anren Shadowseeker - Molten Front I always had the option to do the quest "Into the Fire" but assumed I did it back in Cataclysm so I never did it at all when I was grinding to finish the quests in the Molten Front. I unlocked everything and did all the events, but, it turns out, to save Anren Shadowseeker, I needed to do the "Into the Fire" daily, and now I can't access any of the Hyjal dailies anymore. I killed Leyara and did all the quests with her locket. Did I just screw myself out of months of work by not doing this daily, and thus, making the Molten Front impossible to fully complete on this toon? "Saving Anren Shadowseeker" is the only thing left to get the Flameward Hippogryph, and it's not letting me get anymore dailies.Necifix1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Walrlock Green Fire quest With the 7.0 patch are they still offering the quest for green fire? I've been running around the Isle of Thunder and don't see many locks like prior to 7.0.Dutharis0 Jul 21
Jul 21 NPC not appearing so i am doing the Argent Call: The Noxious Glade quest and i go to turn it in and the NPC is not there i logged out and logged back in, ive restarted WoW still no NPC Please helpPanderz1 Jul 21
Jul 20 Grove Warden help? Is there anyone willing to help me acquire the Grove Warden mount? I would be so grateful! I'm a lvl 100 Tauren hunter. My ilvl is a bit low but I'm hoping I can still find someone willing to help me before it goes away.Stier0 Jul 20
Jul 20 The Trial of Faith Map Sign On/No Quest Giver I have the exclamation point on on the large map, but i cannot find the quest giver. Bug?Espirit4CAFB0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Endgame quest for Worgens not working Hey Guys, Has anyone else had trouble getting the Endgame quest to start because I have been waiting at the docks for like 30 minutes and it won't start.Shadowfoxs1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Where is "Securing the South"? When I check the map it shows an exclamation mark and hovering over the quest says "Securing the South" but when I try to find it, nothing shows up.Dazzrotdor6 Jul 20
Jul 20 Artillery Strike I accepted the Garrison Outpost Artillery Strike and dragged the button to my cast bar. Now it's gone. How do I add the Artillery Strike back to my UI. Some posts suggest it's in the spell book, nope. I've tried talking to the NPC that originally sent you to use the table to select which outpost you wanted, no dice. Even a macro would be fine. Any suggestions?Ewiggins2 Jul 20
Jul 20 LoreMaster kalimdor problem with quests Hello people. I have some annoying bugs while doing my kalimdor lore master. In fact, I can t do the "got wood" not the part riding the kodo but getting the rein. I'm Talking to Kadrak but that motherless orc won't give it to me. Spamming the discusion asking for it but no rein and then he disappeared(had to quit the zone come back but same issue). Moreover, I kept doing my quests and also get blocked with "The Essence of Aku'Mai". the essence just not spawn. Ad finaly i forgot the name but i need to kill priestes() same spot as the "The Essence of Aku'Mai" but they wont spawn either. Thank you.Montäurow0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Malfurion Stormrage missing from Moonglade I am on quest Shadow of the Defiler, and am at Shrine of Remulos in Moonglade. Keeper Remulos is standing in front of me but no Malfurion Stormrage. There's a yellow ? on my mini-map at this location and I've checked various forums to make sure I'm in the right location. No Malfurion here to turn in quest. I have disabled my addons and reset my UI (renamed cache, interface & WTF folders before reloading game), abandoned and reacquired the quest, left the area and returned, logged out and back in, exited game and returned. Nothing I do seem to make a difference. No Malfurion or anyone else her to accept quest turn-in. I checked my rep with Cenarians, and I'm well above neutral so that shouldn't be the problem. Can anyone help me figure out what is the problem? I did submit a ticket, but it says 2+ days response time. Any suggestions?Bhuuki11 Jul 20
Jul 20 We don't need no library card Where do I turn it in? Collected the last tome of chaos today but I've checked Zangarra and no Khadgar around.Shame2 Jul 20
Jul 20 Naval Domination Yeah Yeah, I know, Obsolete and stuff soon anyway, still I was wanting to finish this ring (hopefully?). Is this quest required for the legendary completion or no? I suppose I could look that up, but my real issue is the credit for this quest. because most of the treasure missions are gone, I only have 4/25 instead of 18-19/25. With their consistent 70-90% it's even more of an issue...Secreteating0 Jul 20
Jul 19 Requisition of a Riverbeast So this is the quest where you have to lasso a riverbeast for the stables building in your Garrison. I had such a difficult time with this quest that I felt it necessary to complain. Basically, if you don't have waterwalking, there are about 3 times where your distance from the riverbeast is at its precipice, and if it were any further it would break. The first 2 areas are the small docks relatively close to the beginning of the run, and the part where the beast will swim out into the deep water after swimming under the bridge, the latter part if you swim after it you fail instantly since it will just keep swimming away. Now, I wouldn't have had SUCH a huge problem with this quest had it not been for ALL THE FROGS. About half of my failures were from aggroing frogs and getting dazed off my mount. There were maybe one or two that you could skip, but the rest I was just praying they weren't going to knock me off. If it weren't for the frogs I would have spent only 15 minutes on this quest instead of the 45 minutes! Please make this quest easier, it's LEAGUES more difficult than the other. /rantGibmoneypls19 Jul 19
Jul 19 How to get to Vashj'ir without the quest? I want to get to Vashj'ir to experience those quests seeing as I haven't before, but when I tried to get the quest from the Warchiefs Command Board, I didn't see the quest for it. What gives? Is there a way I can get to Vashj'ir now at all?Anoss7 Jul 19
Jul 18 A suggestion for Legion questing I don't have a beta account or I would post this in the beta forums. As requested in a Legion Developer Q&A, here is a suggestion to improve the game: bring back patrolling elites in quest areas. First some background. Questing is generally too easy. The lore is great, but killing mobs over and over has no challenge and can get very tedious. While I can’t claim to have leveled a character from 1 to 100 without ever dying while questing, I’ll bet there are those players who can make that claim. I do know that less than five deaths on my leveling alts is pretty typical, and it’s usually because I did something stupid anyway (forgot my costume, dismounted in mid-air by a flying mob, killed while afk). The other day I was on my lock with a void out in Gorgrond doing the Mistcreep Mire bonus objective killing three Vilescale and breaking eggs when my void pulled Khargax the Devourer. Uh-oh, but using my dots, horror, drain soul, and health funnel for my void I got though it! Afterward, I realized that was fun, and this sort of thing doesn’t happen near enough times in the current game. Solution: let’s bring back the elite patrols I remember from vanilla. If I have to kill 12 orc peons let’s have a pair of elite orc sergeants patrolling the quest area. They have more health/armor/abilities that makes them tough to kill, and the quest giver has warned me to beware of them. So while I am questing I have to stay aware of where they are and exercise a little patience to let them pat by, or I can go try to take them out with the reward of a chance at some decent loot. I would have to know how to use my cc and cooldowns in order to be able to stay alive. This sort of set up would be great on maybe 20% of the quests per level.Vivisha0 Jul 18
Jul 18 Daily quests for stables are not appearing I've completed five or six daily stable quests for the 5 mounts that I've captured and have not received the option of receiving any more for the last several days. I'm not currently on any stables quests so this is puzzling to me!Hastur3 Jul 18
Jul 17 delivering the message quest not showing up I have looked everywhere for how to begin this quest and from what I have read from wowhead is that basically you have to just click the transporter thing and the image of commander Ameer appears with the quest but I don't know whether or not I need to finish his other quests (taking place in blades edge) or if it just randomly is supposed to pop up when you summon him. Wowhead says just click the thing but all he does is stand there with no quest. If I clear the area it just activated a prisoner attacking the guard which I have already completed that quest. Please help, this is so frustrating.Vixen1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Help me please! Hey guys i really need help out there. I even opened a ticket and GMs just didnt help at all. Im stuck at 113/120 quests done in Netherstorm and i cant find anymore. The quests chains are locked to me for some reason that i cant find. Do i need Rep? Do i need to do a dungeon? I have no idea what to do next. I used Wowhead profiler, ici viens quest tracker, millinos of questing addons... Im out of options :( and im 7 quests away from Loremaster!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!Jestër12 Jul 17
Jul 17 Defense of Karabor Arnokk the Burner Tried several times and wiped. I can handle him by himself but once his health gets around 50%, a group of adds comes in and kills me. What's the secret?Comaplata110 Jul 17
Jul 17 Delegation (epic staff quest) Hello, Two of us are on this step in our respective 10-man teams, and I have some questions. As I understand it, the gist of it goes something like this. We pick up three fragments during the fight, we combine them into a Dull thingie, and then we have 2 minutes to do some trick on the encounter, and if we do it right, we get a Charged thingie. My questions are: 1. Does the timer on the Dull thingie begin the instant you pick up the third fragment, or do you decide when to start the timer by manually combining them? 2. Is the Charged thingie permanent? For example if I got the Shannox item Charged tonight, could I get the Rhyo one charged tomorrow, and it would be okay? Or do you need to do everything within one play session and then open your portal?Jynks19 Jul 17
Jul 17 defence of karabor IMPOSSIBLE how to defeat arnokk the burner , IT IS IMPOSSIBLE plz helpFalquin0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Soothing the Elements: Flamestone? Where's this flamestone? They don't really give a very good description of where to put the totem, just "at the top of the reef".Dathrel13 Jul 17
Jul 16 Jame's Leveling Guides - WoW-Pro Hi everyone! This is Jiyambi, known on, home of the famous Jame's Leveling Guides. I'm here to deliver a message from Jame, who cannot post on US servers since he is from the EU. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Jame, writer of the famous "Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide" and "Jame's Horde Leveling Guide". Never heard of those? They are high quality, 100% free leveling guides for the masses. And when we say high quality, that means: Optimized quest routes for fastest possible leveling speed Full quests integration --> Zone achievements Tips and tricks for the more complicated quests Nowadays, it's no longer me alone writing guides, we have a big community of wow gamers working together on new guides and addons, which is why our guides are good AND free: it's made by gamers, for gamers. Our guides are available in 2 formats: Readable Version - With a printer-friendly option: In Game Leveling Addon Version: What do we ask in return? Nothing, but if you like our guides and want to return the favor, here's what you can do: 1. Spread the word: tell your friends and guildmates. That's a great way to help, and it doesn't take much time 2. Report bugs if you see any, make suggestions for improvements on our guides if you have any. Constructive criticism is always welcome at 3. Last but not least, if you want to help out more and got some time and motivation, you're welcome to join our community of guide writers and testers! :) If you have any further questions, you can direct them to me here. Or you can simply go to and ask for help in one of our chats, one of our members/mods will gladly help you out. Thank you! -Jame Jiyambi25 Jul 16
Jul 16 Stuck on Nagrand quest by rangari overlook Hi, I can't get back to the quest area up by rangari overlook. I flew the copter up there, and was doing the quests. I'm up to 'the others' and 'and my hammer'. While probing around for one of the npcs near the edge of the quest area, I slipped off a cliff. It seems like a mountain with sheer drops and water and waterfalls all around. I went back to Thaelin at Telaari Outpost to see if the copter respawned for me to ride back up, but found none. I also tried going back on foot and see a mild slope across the top of the waterfall my pet can go up, but I can't go up.. Nobody on wowhead seems to have had the same problem. Hating draenor terrain more than my first day at booty bay... How do I get back up to the quest area? Is there a trail up the west, south, east side somewhere or is this something for a gm?Ischarde0 Jul 16
Jul 15 My level 100 is too OP I need to complete a line of pre-quest over in Uldum. My toon is lvl 100, and even when I strip him down to his underwear his auto-punch with his fist will one shot and kill the npc. I need to get the npc to 50% health to use a particular quest spell on the npc, and i can't get him to 50%, because I keep one shotting him with punches. I want to finish up the quest line so I can farm for rep in Uldum, and don't know how to get around this issue. Any Suggestions?Zån3 Jul 15
Jul 15 Capture Swiftclaw- If the bastard is there So I started a troll hunter... Was cruising through the start up zone no trouble, until I got to the Capture Swiftclaw part... He isnt there. I have checked with four major online sites, updated my carbonate, and watched other folks capture him. But I have waited a ridiculous amount of time.. Yes I waited... He is not on the small island he is supposed to be on. Is there some kind of problem I am not aware of? Help, please? And thanks in advance!!Morgasmatron13 Jul 15
Jul 15 Blood infusion Any good tips or someone who can help me with it?? I just want to use this toon to acquire the toys and the mount and the nice axe, but finding help is difficult as it is. Tried to duo it with a shaman as it was one of the methods but we all keep dying after she's done with flying.Aexon2 Jul 15
Jul 15 Stuck Unearthing Uldum Hello everyone, I have 60/105 quests complete in Uldum but cannont find a quest chain to continue. I know in Mount Hyjal there is an NPC that can tell you where to "look" for more quests. I was wondering if there was someone in Uldum that does this. I've been busy and haven't been able to research this so I'm just hoping for a quick answer. Thanks in advance.Beeposaur6 Jul 15
Jul 15 Legion Questline Do you have to do draenor questline to be able to do artifact stuff for ptr?Droppedchip1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Eeessh, Pandaria just got messed up for me... I was doing the quests to go to Twilight highlands and there was another quest in my log to go talk to a guy on a air ship, the quest didn't say anything about Pandaria, next thing you know, that's where I am. I did the first quest there and for some reason, while moving on the deck of the airship I fell through the deck to my death. Now I can't complete the Touching Ground quest as I don't have Pandaria flying yet and can't fly back to the airship. What do I do...abandon the quest? Contact a GM?Grimthal3 Jul 15
Jul 13 Trained Shark Tank If you find it, post location! =)Sprucewayne18 Jul 13
Jul 13 Legendary quest with strange reward So, I recently picked up a legendary quest line called "Call of the Archmage", I had a look at wowhead and looked at the reward at the end of the quest line. This is where it gets strange, the quest reward is an item called " Summon Correct Conversation " Wowhead link : It has 0 information about it and I cant find any information about it online. Does anyone know what it does? Admin, Staff, anyone?Endrivennas1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Unlock Twilight Highlands Portal -- Disc. The video shows the quests and where to go to turn them in and finish this long and annoying quest chain to open a portal! However I really hope that Blizzard would just implement all portals unlocked within Legion. Cata has been out for a long long time! Maybe make a tome we can buy that will unlock all older portals or even have it account bound once you finish portal quests. I like to use my toons to do BoT for gold... all 11 of them... so I had to do this 11 times... well 12 now with this video and 13 with DH incoming.Holygore0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Supporting your Garrison Gorgond So i dont know if this is a bug or not but after questing thru the mushroom area going back to Highfall theres no follow up quest. On my map theres a big quest icon but nothing, for the story achievement next up is Supporitng your Garrison but either i cant find the quest giver or hes just gone, please help/fix. i really dont want to continue to the next area with missing storyVolkanno43 Jul 13
Jul 13 Disrupt the Rituals - for Nagradeur Achieve I have followed the Youtube videos, to a shamanstone near Oshugun, everything that I see says that it should be a quest giver to start the quest chain to get the Nagrandeur Achievement, but it isn't lighting up. Am I missing something? Do I need to start this quest elsewhere?Alfons1 Jul 13
Jul 12 uncovering the past I've completed tons of artifacts with this quest yet it never completes...what am I doing wrong?Sukkapunch1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Legendary Questline If started today, right now, is it possible to finish before it goes POOF! Willing to bust my tail to get it done, but if it isn't, I really don't want to waste my time.Tipsypand4 Jul 12
Jul 12 The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt Bugged?? Been searching for eggs all over the place, youtube videos, wowhead, egg farming guides, ive tryed everything!!! Not one damn egg!?!?!?! Stuck at 89/90 quests done in shadowmoon :( Is it bugged? Found it!Kämi1 Jul 12
Jul 11 Cant start "In the shadows of Auchindoun" I recently completed the plight of arrokota but I never got a quest to start the next questline and I would like to play it as soon as possible but there is no way I can start it.Milfre11 Jul 11
Jul 10 Level 100 Boost - Which quests go poof? So, basically back when I boosted one of my guy's to 90 I discovered I could no longer do the intro quests into the Pandaren world, which was a bummer since there was some gear I sorely wanted to get and NOT have to farm dungeons for that was available only in the opening chain. Likewise, this expansion I have my eye on one character who is almost at 60 (a mechanic and alchemist) who I want to boost, but depending on how many quests are no longer available - well, I find myself waffling. This character I ESPECIALLY want to see go through some of the quest lines, and so I'm tempted to save my boost for another character down the road depending. However, I've googled a lot and can't find any info on which quests you are barred from for good as a 100 booster. Does anyone have any info on this?Snuffit4 Jul 10
Jul 10 Reduction in Force? Hey all, I am trying to get my Lumber Mill to level 3, I have 50 orders done so just 25 to go. I did the quest to kill the Ancients, but I can't seem to find Alexi Barov to give me the quest. Any ideas? Everything I read says he is supposed to be in your garrison.Muhrahn71 Jul 10
Jul 9 Idea for the Dev's Greetings to whomever may be reading this. I am not sure if this idea has been proposed before or not. I was merely thinking of taking a concept from D3. Would there be a way to introduce a hardcore leveling mode in World of Warcraft? For example, you can only level and interact with other hardcore toons till max level. No Bind on Account items. all mobs should be given extra abilities, and more health. I think this would add an amazing dynamic to the game. Then again I am also the guy that threw his keyboard during his attempt at the warlock's quest for green fire. Then cried to a GM. But I still loved it!Astriös0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Green fire warlock quest bugged i cant re enter in black temple in green warlock q when i first entered i died and i respawnd out side in another map and now when i try to enter agen i can bcs there no Jubeka's Mark so i cant enterTakemy1 Jul 9
Jul 9 "Mystery Notebook" quest not available Recently boosted a character a few weeks ago which gave me a lvl 3 Garrison, however after planning to pick up the heirloom upgrade quest I've found that the npc Fix "Smallie" Biggswrench is not giving me any quest.Croñus10 Jul 9
Jul 9 Help!! Hey, I am kinda a noob and I just started playing wow a few months ago. I really want to do all the content in Legion, but I am not even close to level cap. I don't have any heirlooms (because this is my first toon) and I have no idea how to level to 100 before august 30 and have decent gear. Help!?Ayedan1 Jul 9
Jul 8 Apprentice Lumberjack Quest I can't click on the glowing tree just outside my garrison to mark the tree. Any suggestions ?Anksunamoon2 Jul 8
Jul 8 Restoration of eversong woods and ghostlands You guys can add a whole new low level question area and update this place on this video shows it be restored Jul 8