Sep 28 WQs needs its own forum Make sense?Physos0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Azsuna vs Azshara quest missing So I've completed all the quests from Azsuna area but this one. There are no more markers left for me to go to. Can someone tell me whats going on? All the quests and areas have been discovered (possibly).Hordalot1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Suramar Starting Quests Gone... Alright, so here what's happening with me right now. I have completed every zones (rares + treasure at 99%) BUT Suramar. I am certain of one thing, I did started Khadgar's Discovery once reached level 110 and I remember entering a portal to reach Suramar... But from that point on, I went back to the other zones in order to complete them all. At this point : - The quests that was once shown on my World Map in Suramar are now gone. - I had to jump off a cliff from Highmountain to reach a FP in Suramar, since I had no other way to reach the zone. - I cant find ANY NPC related to the starter chain quest from Suramar, most of the Alliance Hub are empty. - Even if I go back to Khadgar, there is nothing I can do to restart the process of that quest intro... - I cant find anything from my Quest Log that relates to Suramar starter quest. Looked on WoWhead, couldnt find any help for it. I did open a ticket earlier today, but I wanted to reach the forum as well in case it would be faster. Some players are reporting 5 days+ and counting without any help. Please, I would LOVE to get my World Quests ready for October 4th, the World Event Bonus. Thank you, Parruna. See you at BlizzCon!Parruna5 Sep 28
Sep 28 Warrior Order hall questline - need help I have been having trouble progressing in the warrior order hall campaign, currently i'm stuck with 2 followers; Finna Bjornsdottir and Ragnvald Drakeborn, and 1 troop type; Valarjar Aspirants. I have got all 4 pillars and completed the relevant quest lines hence the helmet, I am also able to do world quests and I have witnessed the burning legion attacking the exodar and I went to space with the lights heart. I am not getting any notification in my order hall or dalaran on new quests regarding the order hall, and my log has nothing in it relating to either artifact weapon or order hall. Any help is appreciated, thank you.Durïn0 Sep 28
Sep 28 delete this please deletedParruna0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Defending the Leyline Feed trying to finish this POS quest and thank's to the recent nerfs and rogues being one of the squishiest classes in the game it's made suramar a true nightmareScrillah0 Sep 28
Sep 28 I abandon my main broken island quest Hello, i have a problem, i accidentally abandon my main broken island quest the i have to pick my next destiny and i can't re-take the questJuanacosta0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Brewmaster quest line broken Hello I got disconected while beating final boss of the fu zan acquisition quest. Now i can't get it and mobs won't respawn ! Is there any way to get the boss spawning back ?Winterfangs1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Sinok the Shadowrager (Chains of the Anub'ar) I am trying to complete the Warthgate chain and one of the required chains to do this involves the quest Chains of Anub'ar. I have to kill 3 Nerubians to get a key fragment from each of them in order to complete the quest. Regretfully one of these mobs does not seem to be spawning. I have done a bit of research and it would appear that Sinok (The mob that isn't spawning) should be in the 3-part building overlooking a lege on the south(ish) side of the village. Several other people had the same issue last night and I was hoping that someone here has found a solution. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.Ryaad2 Sep 28
Sep 28 Can't find a follow up after Return to Aviana So after I turned in Return to Aviana, I can't find anymore quests to do...what do I do?Visiion16 Sep 28
Sep 28 NPC missing for "Continuing the Legend"? Hello. I finished all of the quests for the first 4 leveling zones of Legion, and ended up just past level 108 and a half. I started to go around collecting quests that I had failed to do/pick up/continue as I pushed through, and this included the class quest "Continuing the Legend" for my second ancient weapon. The issue I'm having is that the quest giver (Emmarel Shadewarden) is completely absent from the location she gives the quest, even though the mark on my map was there and I had kept the quest in my log since first being offered it. After finding nothing online about this question and trying to log in/out, I dropped the quest. She is still absent but the quest mark still appears both on my map and the minimap. My only assumption is that she is located somewhere else in the world (due to completing another quest) and I can't remember where that would be to go check? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated with this.Gibblerlol6 Sep 28
Sep 28 Let's talk about faction tags and the war Warcraft has defined itself by, well, war. In every game and expansion, some large faction has been at war with some other large faction. First it was humans vs orcs, then it was humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes vs orcs, trolls, and tauren, then they renamed themselves to Alliance and Horde, and at more than one point, demons stepped in the middle of it all to murder everything that moves. Long story short, Azeroth has seen plenty of chaos in its past century. But, as time goes on, less and less war seems to be between the two big ones. There have been no fewer than three massive threats to Azeroth that merited the Alliance and Horde joining forces to defeat a greater, common enemy. Arthas threatened to kill all life and turn everyone into mindless undead, Deathwing threatened to destroy at least the upper layer of the entire planet, and now the Burning Legion threatens to set fire to everything until all flammable material is flammable no more. All of these entities threatened to make the Alliance vs Horde war meaningless by either destroying them both, or destroying the world they're fighting over. One has to wonder, then: why is this war still going? Tradition? I don't buy it; most races would strongly discourage a tradition of killing for the sake of killing. Racism? I doubt Blizzard would base a war on a social construct that so much of society has been trying to abandon for decades. Self-defense by offense? We squashed that reason outside the Throne of Thunder with Taran Zhu's wisest words in Warcraft history. Let's not forget the most recent interaction between Horde and Alliance; the assault on the Broken Shore. Both factions sent an entire army, and when they met, instead of killing each other, they killed a massive demon by working together. Furthermore, both factions suffered demon-inflicted losses. One would think if anything was going to finally unite these two warring forces against a larger third, it would be this. Then we go to Stormheim and discover that is not the case. Alright, lets be fair; Stormheim is Worgen vs Forsaken, not full-on Alliance vs Horde. It's a step towards the finish line, but we still haven't reached it yet. Enough about lore, though, lets talk underlying mechanics. Alliance vs Horde was a great framework for instantly defining who your friends were and who your enemies were. For the first few expansions, it made perfect sense, and worked fine. Now, however, it's a dated system. Arenas seem to be the dominant form of PvP taken seriously, but arena matches aren't necessarily one faction against the other. They're not conflict resolving events, they're sparring matches used to hone one's skills. Even battlegrounds, when played as "war games", are friendly sporting events. Why not extend this attitude to all battlegrounds? (World PvP, that is to say, randomly attacking or being attacked by other players, is still hostile, but A: That's not faction vs faction, it's psycopath vs victim and B: I don't take it seriously because in practice, it's thirty parts griefing to one part fighting) Next, the subject of faction tags. Credit where its due; making all mobs taggable by up to five people is a change for the better. It's a step away from resenting other players for competing over resources and a step towards players working together. Well done there, two net steps forward. However, limitting this to the first faction to tag is an unfortunate step back. Instead of quests being frustrating when others are around, they're now frustrating when CERTAIN others are around. There is no reason any more (on non-PvP servers, at least) for multitag to discriminate by faction. With world quests being so heavily incentivised, it's almost guaranteed that any world quest you go to has at least half a dozen others there already doing it. At least one of the other players is bound to be of the opposite faction, and the inability to share tags with them artifically lengthens world quests in a way I doubt was intended. Also worth noting: faction tagging gives unsavory folks opportunities for griefing by needlessly killing mobs that someone on the other side is trying to kill for legitimate reasons. I chose to play on a non-PvP server exclusively to avoid griefing. This wouldn't be that big an issue if it weren't for the fact that it's a non-issue on PvP servers, because you can simply kill the offender. After all that's happened, its time to put a peace treaty on the table. At the very least, give us one faction leader proposing a peace treaty and the other faction leader giving us reasons why they won't sign it. Either end the pointless war, or give it a point. (Side note: I'm posting this under "Quests" because it seems best related. I'm not posting under general because it'll just get buried under the torrent of small posts.)Manabender1 Sep 28
Sep 27 No Bonus roll from WQ Boss? Just killed the Leviathan and got no Bonus Roll and was unlootable, only got 1000 resources for this kill. What's up?Darkanger2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Worst Quests in the Game So what's everyone's pick for the worst quest in the game? I vote Ceremonial Drums. I don't know why this quest irritated me so much. It's pointless and time consuming. What do you guys think?Scalestorm4 Sep 27
Sep 27 Hides of Legend Really?! I have been reluctantly doing the ENDLESS quest chains for leatherworking and skinning. Getting one quest item that then leads to many more gets boring soon enough. However this one is just beyond all reason. To complete one part requires you to run Baradin Hold raid. Sounds easy enough except for traveling to and finding the entrances, like for the other components. Except to enter Baradin Hold requires your faction to capture and hold Tol Barad long enough for you to get in. It appears that the Alliance pretty much always controls this PvP area. Old content, don't know why lvl 110s are there, except for the griefing aspects of stopping players from doing this quest? I am not on a PvP server. I don't see the need to have quests that require PvP to complete. Nor for that matter, do I see the reason to have archeology sites in a PvP area either ( or one that you have to get flagged just getting to). Good luck finding a large enough group of 110s to go take Tol Barad just so I can do ONE part of a skinning quest. Which will no doubt have yet another chain behind it. Would it have been so bad to allow anyone with the quest to just enter? The 5 other raid instances all over Pandaria, and Northrend (and Karazhan) were tedious enough. While I am at it, what is up with Mounting Made Easy quest. That stag runs you ALL OVER Stormheim and jumps off one cliff after another. You MUST stay mounted. I assume it might be easier for a class with passive damage or falling reduction that works while mounted. Anyone who doesn't is in for hours of repetion and dying to get it done.Toenail2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Withered Army Training I was just doing this quest and I was rocking it. It definitely took me a few weeks to understand what I was doing but once I got it last week this week was a breeze...until I fell. I fell off that spiderweb tower thing in the middle of the room. My voidwalker was next to me in a second. My army however was not. I got a system message saying that my army would be lost if I left them behind. I tried best I could to get back to them but less than five seconds later the scenario ended. I still had 15 withered and wasn't even close to completing my run. I still had plans to pick up a 10 withered chest I hadn't collected yet. Please fix this blizzard. If my demon cant almost instantly be next to me my army should function the same way. I feel robbed, yet again, from this quest due to a buggy AI.Loocipher1 Sep 27
Sep 27 not getting rep from "!" brown world quests anyone not getting rep for the brown "!" world quests, i haven't been and my wife says she is...iv done a lot of these for them ( would like to know if they give rep and Im not getting it or they just don't give rep. these are not starter quests, these are the ones that you get after doing them the first time.Taxidermi1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Kosumoth on NA. Is NA ever gonna get the mount reward for that quest Blizzard? It's been a month and we haven't seen it yet.Tess1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Not getting new world quests Over the past few days I have noticed I have not been getting any new world quests and I'm basically down to zero world quests. Anyone know why this may be happening?Sweåtythighs1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Determining if I've completed a certain quest I need to know if I've completed a specific quest. Does anyone know if there's a log in the WOW directory, a command line prompt, or any other way to determine if a particular quest has been completed already? Please don't reply if your going to say something goofy like "Check WOWWIKI" or "Submit a ticket". If you have an intelligent answer, fire away. Thanks to allGalock10 Sep 27
Sep 27 Order Hall missions - time based bonuses So there's an assortment of gear and traits for champions that give bonuses for either short or long missions. In theory that's fine, but what's defined as 'short' or 'long' is way off. Short mission bonuses are for missions that are less than 4 hours. That's basically useless. There are missions with times that short, but they're basically all leveling missions. By the time you're able to give your champions items missions will almost never be this short, even if you have some way to reduce the time. Long mission bonuses are for over 8 hours. This applies somewhere around half the missions you get by the time it becomes relevant. Some kind of adjustment needs to be done to these times. I'd just close the gap entirely, make under 8 short and over 8 long, but even bumping the short time up to 6 hours would make those bonuses not completely useless.Sephoris0 Sep 27
Sep 27 "Persuade the Stelleris Libertine" Wow. I have done 176 world quests and bumped into one or two that were bugged or otherwise impossible to do very early on (and were since hotfixed to work fine), but never one that even close to a fraction as frustrating as this. And this one doesn't even seem to be bugged at all... just very, very, very poorly designed. Seriously, I think this world quest ought to just be deleted from the game. Don't even try to fix it, just delete and forget it ever existed, for every player's sake. "Persuade the Stelleris Libertine" and a mark on the map. That's all you get to go on. It awarded a bunch of Artifact Power, so I decided to give it a shot. So I go find this guy, and I am on a BM Hunter so I can solo things most other classes couldn't dream of soloing, and have Feign Death so when things get really hairy, I at least can escape with my life. I track down the Stelleris Libertine. He travels with an elite with truesight and patrols and area full of other elites, many with truesight, so even killing him is no small task. But I track him down and kill him, in a feat that can only be described as extreme soloing. No quest credit. So I find him again and kill him again. No credit. I did this EIGHT TIMES (and many more attempts that ended with me Feigning Death, and one that ended in an actual death) before finally killing him in melee range (because why would I ever kill someone in melee range as a BM Hunter?), finally causing him to pop up with some dialogue and allow me to click on him. This dialogue never came up when i killed him at range the first eight times, he just died. Just getting this far was already the single hardest task I've been challenged with all expansion, but what happens next? A second task pops up out of nowhere, telling me to kill some other guy, a named NPC (Corv-something). So I type /tar Corv and hit enter. Nothing happens. I run in concentric circles, finding those precious few relatively safe spots in this area to again try to target this guy. Again, nothing. I run in progressively larger circles, trying to target him. Nothing... and nothing marked on the map. Time is running out and the World Quest is going to expire, after all this work. I take my frustration to General Chat in the game and some nice player tells me he is standing right next to the guy, and to invite him to party to see his location. I do this, and it is literally on the other side of the city. Seriously??? Come on now. Not an exaggeration, he is on the other side of the city, and there are no markers or dialogues or anything to indicate where to find this guy, so you'd think he'd be right there by the first mob you killed, because that is the only place he would be in an intuitively-designed, enjoyable quest. The fastest way to get to him was for me to hearth out and re-enter the city. The distance itself isn't what makes this ridiculous, but the fact that there is no indication given anywhere of his location. This World Quest... nobody can reasonably be expected to be able to complete it without checking Wowhead, except there isn't even an explanation of how to complete it on Wowhead, but even if there was... come on now. This World Quest has some serious issues and I really think it should just be removed, and maybe brought back at some later date if someone feels like making it not nearly impossible to complete. For real. I try not to complain, and sometimes I get frustrated and complain over stupid stuff after dying in-game or whatever, but this is different. This world quest is soul-suckingly frustrating and just bad.Invisibles8 Sep 27
Sep 27 World Quests rewards? Noticed every trink i see for druid is agi, no love for us resto? not everyone is agi blizzard. never seen an intel trink reward from a world quest. wonder if its bugged.Dêkuscrub1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Assault on Thunder Totem WQ Seriously, can this be removed? Most of the time it doesn't have any good rewards besides 80 gold, which I don't want to waste my time doing. The the real problem is flying into it, and not being able to get back out. Or using my whistle, getting taken here and not being able to fly out without finishing it. This damn WQ has gotten on my last nerve. If I wasn't a mage and able to just teleport out of here (to take a longer flight from Dalaran half the time as that is preferable to this junk quest) I'd be pretty pissed.Roija0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Shadow Relic World Quests I've seen countless Holy and Life relic world quests, and not a single Shadow world quest. What gives? How am I supposed to get anything from WQs when all they drop is stuff for my offspec?Inktomi5 Sep 27
Sep 27 Quest: Continuing the Legend NPC: Emmarel Shadewarden She is a quest giver in the Hunter Campaign. She had the quest for me to get a second artifact weapon. The yellow exclamation still shows on my Main map. She was there two days ago. She has disappeared, but the quest marker is still there. I have finally finished enough of my first artifact and would like to start on the second one. Anyone else having this issue?Morninglark7 Sep 27
Sep 27 Problem with WQ "Life Finds A Way" I did all the pre reqs a few hours ago. Yet this world quest is not available for me. I can see people phasing in (I'm right beside Su'esh). Any ideas about what can I do to solve this issue?Laevantein5 Sep 27
Sep 27 Very Few Bonus Chests in Withered Training The first time I did withered training and there were tons of bonus chests all over the place that there was no possible way I could pick them all up because I had very few withered. Now that I've been doing withered training for the past few weeks, I am able to get up to 40+ withered at the end but the issue is that I end with about 30 extra withered because I might find one or two bonus chests during my whole run, instead of the 5+ I've seen in the past runs. Is RNJesus just mad at me or is there some bug or can you only get so many bonus chests a week? Edit: Also this is making me angry because I farm up 2000 ancient mana so I can get the 20 withered so I can pick up all the chests, but it feels like a waste of my time when there is only 1 chest to pick up.Krahkhurz2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Unable to do 'Assault on the Dark Portal' Stuck in the Talaran forests cause Khadgar keeps teleporting me back to him and says "Please don't got to far champion, we need you here." Now it's not that big of an issue since i'm just able to use my death gate to insta-teleport out of there, but it's annoying that I can't progress the quest. All I want to do is go to Ashran for Primal Gladiator gear and that in itself is apparently too much of an issue. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch post-legion?Paragoz2 Sep 27
Sep 26 More reverse raids! THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS. This sentence is a buffer so that the spoilers in this thread are not revealed by someone mousing-over the thread title. I'm not sure if that sentence alone is buffer enough, but this sentence on top should do the trick. The latest chapter in Illidan's story is...beyond words. It is beyond hilarious. It is beyond nostalgic. I want more. I want to control raid bosses against a raid of 25 head-up-butt dudes. Being Illidan was tons of fun.Manabender0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Almost No? World Quest Rewards for Resto Spec Why are there almost no Artifact Relics or Trinkets for my Resto Heal Spec? I would really appreciate some rewards for my Resto Spec. I have my loot specialization choice set to Restoration. Almost all of these are for Bear Tank spec, and many for Kitty spec. Yet, day after day I only see Fire or Agility items. I never have my specialization set to Guardian or Balance for that matter. I understand seeing some, but almost never Restoration.Cynurunyte6 Sep 26
Sep 26 No more quests in Suramar? I'm 8/11 of Good Suramaritan, the only quest I have left is "Growing Strong" to become Revered with the Nightfallen. I have run around everywhere, I cannot seem to find a single quest. I have all the Loremaster of Legion achievements aside from Good Suramaritan. I'm not sure what to do. I've spent the last 2 hours running around in circles on the map looking for a quest I may have missed, but I can't seem to find anything. Help! What do? Is this normal to have literally one quest in suramar? I have 3300/12000 rep if that matters, and 2000/2000 Ancient Mana.Sephrinx7 Sep 26
Sep 26 A Change of Seasons Bugged? Hit exalted last night, while doing the quests for this I got to "Flow Control" and finished it. However, the next quest in the chain is "Bring Home the Beacon", which I did not receive. I've tried to check most places now but cannot find where to continue with the chain.Clearlylol1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Quest: Nal'ryssa's Sisters This quest is insane. Someone at blizzard needs to be punished severely for this one . Chance of success has to be less than 1 in 10,000 there are NPCs in here that are by them selves capable of killing level 105 toons in a few seconds. when 3 or 4 those NPCs attack you life expectanct drops to well under 2 seconds. ANY TIME that the best you can expect to do is to get an NPC down to 95% of his life left before he kills you, all you have to do is get 20 times as much kill ability to kill that ONE NPC. If three of them attack you you only need to be about 60 times as strong. I hope the brain dead idiot who made this quest a part of leveling is willing to put his children out on a beach in just their bathing suits when the water temp is 31 F and the Air temp is -5 F and he plans to come back and pick them up after 3 or 4 hours. It is not right to expect players to spend an hour or two working toward a quest in which the chance of success is way way way less than 1%. a player with 900,000 health fighting 3, 4, or 5, NPCs each with several million health, is a sure death sentence and should not be given without VERT BIG , VERY CLEAR, VERY OBVIOUS Warnings that the quest is designed for only the most elite, most experienced, most talented of players.Mykinglion2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Legion Class Hall Legs not Unlocking Just completed my eighth and final legion dungeon and the legs are still locked. Searched the internet and the forums and found nothing. Relogging did not work. Any help would be awesome, thanksKalamata9 Sep 26
Sep 26 Legion - Exodar - Bringer of the Light I have been trying to complete this scenario since last night. I get to and defeat the High General, and Velen rushes up to him and then he just sits there. The ending monologue never comes. Am I missing something? It ends up just being me, Tyrosus and Liadrin standing there forever. Any help would be appreciated.Zaìra2 Sep 26
Sep 26 ArchDruid of the Vale quest - Help The quest line in Val'sharah has 7 main stories: Black root hold, Bradensbrook, Archdruid of the Vale/Claw, Into the Nightmare, All Nightmare Long, and Archdruid of Lore. I have completed 2/7 (Black Root Hold & BradensBrook). I am not able to start any other storyline. In order to start the quest, I need to speak to Aranelle in Lorlathil but he does not give me an option to start the quest. Any suggestions on how to fix?Cacadodohead1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Life Finds A Way This world quest is supposedly available today (according to Wowhead). I completed the pre-req chain last week, but not seeing it available. Am I missing something else to have this quest spawn for me?Malakina2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Order hall app and the actual game Having issues where the order hall companion app displays world quests that dont actually exist. I looked on the app and saw I had a pvp quest for an 840+ helemt, I was super excited so I went to log in to do it, there are a completely different set of quests up right now for pvp and none award a helmet, just a few pieces for artifact power and some crummy order hall resources. Seems they were nerfed down to 20+ hours now rather than 6 as well.Kotoshan0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Not enough Emissary Quests I love the new system and the world quests, but the one Emissary quest a day feels like I am done with world questing when i'm finished with it. I understand they stack up after 3 days of inactivity for those who can't play as much, which is good, but for those of us who can it feels like famine. My suggestion: Simply have all 3 refresh daily with their 3 day duration for those who don't want to do it and everyone is happy.Highdark1 Sep 26
Sep 26 stuck on hunter order hall quest i just finished the awakening quest part of the order hall and it didn't give me the follow up quest. i went back to the order hall to turn in and no quest there went back to dalaran and there was nothing there waiting for me i even went back to where the cut scene was to see if there was something i missed to pick up? i don't know where to continue the order hall quest line? i tried looking up wowhead but it had all the quest mixed up. anyone know where i need to go for the next part of the quest lineMetaxxa1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Iron relics from world quests My spec (unholy) does NOT use iron relics, so why are these the ONLY relics world quests ever offer me?Atheinia5 Sep 26
Sep 26 3 Person Scenarios for trade and class quests What about 3 person scenarios for trade and class quests which currently are being run in dungeons? At present DPS classes often have a long wait, just to get into a dungeon for a trade quest It would be good if these quests did not require the full 5 complement of a tank, healer and 3 dps Perhaps dungeons could have a duo mode or 3 person mode for these quests I imagine a high proportion of the wow population, who traditionally run a number of alts for trades, will be looking closely whether they wish to continue their subscriptionsBaileigh1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Stuff of Dreams ***Cretes0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Meeting Their Quota (Vintner Iltheux) Help! I've been running around constantly dying in Suramar City trying to find this Vintner Iltheux NPC. I can't find any videos or guides that EXPLAIN HOW to get to him?!Miihoyminoy2 Sep 26
Sep 26 A falling star + Exodar I'm considering skipping this questline on my alts because I don't think it is efficient for leveling.Does anyone know if it is required for your order hall capaign or anything other than the Illidan quests?Tormento2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Withered Training: What am I doing wrong? I've done it maybe 4 times. Twice, I died. Both times I just laid there, dead. The scenerio did not end. I had to use the rez button and it rezzed me at a graveyard outside of the scenerio. My corpse, however, remained in the scenerio. No way to retrieve it or get the chest. This last time, I got killed just as the scenerio ended. I was sent back to Thalryssa, and died in front of her. Couldn't click the chest, just dead. Had to rez... and again... no way back to corpse or chest. What am I doing wrong?Warmoll4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Goddess Watch Over You Goddess Watch Over You Ok the quest Goddess Watch Over You Is starting to get on my getting on my last nerve. There is no more quest in Val'sharah for me and try turning it in at Dalaran but it all gray for I do not know what to do next. I was thinking I need this to unlock the third relic slot some say you do some say you do not need to unlock the third relic slot. I look all over Wowhead and the net, but still no help and there are lot other player like me just stuck and lost and do not know what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Bdm4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Hunter Class Hall Campaign not progressing I have been level 110 for about a week, i have completed the lights heart section of the campaign, and I only have to class hall mission followers? I dont know what went wrong but I have no quests at my order hall, and only "trial by fel fire" and "strange new ores" in Dalaran, but i didnt think those were related to the quest line. I dont know what to do, any help would be appreciated.Roedah3 Sep 26
Sep 26 Need more varied rewards for World Quests I see the same relics over and over on all of my characters. Every iron relic is Rune-Etched Quill, every life relic is Fertile Soil.... I like the Rune-Etched Quill on my BM Hunter, but it stinks on my Enhancement shaman. I'm not saying give me the exact best reward, but how about some variety?Faythunter0 Sep 26