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Oct 26, 2010
FAQ: Installing & Troubleshooting AddOns How to Install AddOns for World of Warcraft - By Unkle of Grounding Totem, US Kirin Tor - With a tip of the hat to Lopeppeppy for her original guide. When AddOns are properly installed, a new button appears in the lower left corner of the character selection screen of World of Warcaft, labeled AddOns. If you do not see this button, your AddOn is not properly installed or no AddOns are installed at all. - Where to Get AddOns Always download your AddOns from a reputable source. The author of this guide recommends you use the following sites for most of your AddOn needs. ● WoWInterface.com - http://wowinterface.com/ ● Curse.com - http://curse.com/ - Extracting your AddOns AddOns are delivered in compressed files to save space on hosting sites servers and to reduce the amount of time it takes you to download them. They are commonly in .zip format with some .rar format files. Windows and Macintosh computers have native support for .zip files. If your AddOn is compressed in .rar format, you will need another program to open them. Your web browser may also be able to open compressed files for you automatically after they are downloaded. For Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 users I suggest 7-Zip. ● http://www.7-zip.org/ For Mac OSX users I suggest The Unarchiver. ● http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/apps/unarchiver.html When the AddOn is extracted, you should have a folder that is named the AddOn’s name. ... Some AddOns have sub-folders inside their main folder. This is fine, and you should leave them there. Some AddOns are called one name, but are really multiple AddOns delivered together. When this happens, you download a compressed file that has several folders in it. ... - Where to Put AddOns Once You’ve Extracted Them AddOns belong in the following folder: World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns ... Put the folder you extracted into the correct folder for your operating system. Correctly installed, my example AddOn, Fane, looks like this: ● Windows XP C: \Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Fane [C:] (or which ever drive you have the game installed on) |----World of Warcraft |----Interface |----AddOns |----Fane ● Windows Vista or Windows 7 C:\Users\Public\Games\ World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Fane Windows Vista or Windows 7 [C:] |----Users |----Public |----Games |----World of Warcraft |----Interface |----AddOns |----Fane ● Mac OSX [Macintosh Hard Drive]../World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/Fane [Macintosh Hard Drive] |----World of Warcraft |----Interface |----AddOns |----Fane The most common issue with why your AddOn won't load. If you have an extra folder layer in the mix, your AddOn won't load. [C:] |----World of Warcraft |----Interface |----AddOns |----Fane1234567 <-- Extra Folder. Bad folder. No biscuit. |----Fane More Installing Resources: ● WoWInteface.com’s Instatll FAQ: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/faq.php?faq=install#faq_howto_install ● WoWInteface.com’s Image of Correctly installed AddOns: http://www.wowinterface.com/storage/faq/correct.gif ● Seerah’s excellent YouTube video for installing AddOns (using WinZip on Windows XP). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dylXGXET8OA - What to Do When Something Goes Wrong ● Make sure AddOns are in the correct directory. - Do you have more than one copy of WoW installed? If so, did you put the AddOns in the right copy’s folder? This is especially important if you install multiple copies of the game, or you’re installing the game from DVD after a major expansion such as Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm. You can right-click on the icon you use to launch WoW (Windows) or use "CMD+I" (Mac OSX) to get the properties for the short cut. The properties will tell you the "Target" of the shortcut (or alias) which is where your copy of WoW is installed. - Did you extract the AddOn correctly? Make sure you are unzipping/uncompressing your addons. WinZip, WinRar, 7zip, The Unarchiver and StuffIt (for Mac) are common unzipping programs. See the section above on Extracting Your AddOns. WinZIP users: You must make sure the option to "Use Folder Names" is checked or WinZIP will just extract the files and not make the proper sub-folders. - Did you accidentally get an extra folder layer? If you have a folder called something like AddOnName6.01.01 with folders under that named like the examples above, you’ve copied the wrong things to your AddOns folder. See the section above on Extracting Your AddOns. ● I used the Repair Tool and now my AddOns are gone! When the repair tool is run the Interface and WTF folders get renamed with the date added to the file name. This means those AddOns won't get loaded. You can simply rename the folders without the date. If the problem that caused you to run the Repair Tool was being caused by a rogue AddOn you’ll have the problem again if you do this. ● Don’t install AddOns while WoW is running. WoW doesn't register addon changes until you exit the game and restart it. Save yourself some frustration and install only when you’ve completely exited the game. Log in to check them, log back out as necessary to fix things. ● My AddOns didn’t load after a patch! From the character select screen, click the AddOns button. In the upper right corner of the AddOns screen, check the "Load Out of Date Addons" box. Unkle341
Jul 9 Oct 29, 2012 Nov 4, 2014
UI Add-On Development Policy 7/15/2009 Music Distribution through UI Add-Ons We have recently seen a number of User Interface Add-Ons that are making modifications to the World of Warcraft in-game music files and wanted to take a moment to go over some important points with the community in connection with this. While we are currently allowing Add-Ons that remove or replace existing sound files, keep in mind that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, in this case in-game music and audio files, without authorization. One of the primary goals of the user interface is to allow players to customize their game experience and we hope to avoid making any modifications in the future that will prevent this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/13/2009 UI Add-On Development Policy Update On March 20, we released the new add-on development policy to the public as an ongoing effort to help ensure add-on integrity, safety, and quality for the community. Since that time we have been in touch with many UI development communities on what the policy means to them and the continuing development of these add-ons. We would like to announce further that we are providing a sixty-day grace period beginning at the time of the initial release of the policy for UI developers to comply with the new policy. After May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment will begin to enforce the Add-on Development policy, and developers found to be in violation of this policy will be contacted directly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World of Warcraft User Interface Add-On Development Policy With the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft user interface add-ons (referred to hereafter as "add-ons") created by the community of players, Blizzard Entertainment has formalized design and distribution guidelines for add-ons. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure the integrity of World of Warcraft and to help promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all of our players - failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action. 1) Add-ons must be free of charge. All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on. 2) Add-on code must be completely visible. The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public. 3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players. Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates. 4) Add-ons may not include advertisements. Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services. 5) Add-ons may not solicit donations. Add-ons may not include requests for donations. We recognize the immense amount of effort and resources that go into developing an add-on; however, such requests should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game. 6) Add-ons must not contain offensive or objectionable material. World of Warcraft has been given a "T" by the ESRB, and similar ratings from other ratings boards around the world. Blizzard Entertainment requires that add-ons not include any material that would not be allowed under these ratings. 7) Add-ons must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA. All add-ons must follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement. 8) Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable add-on functionality as it sees fit. To maintain the integrity World of Warcraft and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to disable any add-on functionality within World of Warcraft at its sole discretion. For more information... If you are an add-on developer and have any questions about and this User Interface Add-On Development Policy and how it pertains to the add-on that you've developed, please don't hesitate to email us at WoWUI@blizzard.com. Nethaera0
Nov 16, 2010
UI Add-On Changes Compilation The number of sticky threads that have accrued in the UI and Macro forums have been cleaned up and combined into this compilation thread for reference purposes. 5.1 Battleground Queues and Addons http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7199643338 5.4 Addon Changes – Saved Variables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9362996672 5.4.7 Changes to Battle.net® chat http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11437004031 5.4.8 Changes to CVars While In-Combat http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12674209697 6.0 UI Add-On Changes http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13421662064 Rygarius1
Jul 1, 2014
Macros - What Every Player Needs to Know Table of Contents: ------------------------------- 1. Intro - Macro Basics 2. Macros - What can they do? 3. Macros - What can they NOT do? 4. Conditionals - How do they work? 5. Scripting - What is possible in a macro? 6. Macros - Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 7. Off-GCD Abilities List 8. More to Come 9. FAQ 10. Reserved 1. Intro - Macro Basics Macros are a very useful tool within the World of Warcraft client. They allow you to combine multiple actions onto a single button. While the entire macro will run every time, actions which trigger the Global Cooldown will stop later GCD actions from functioning. You can make a macro to take almost any action you can click or keybind, with certain restrictions. Macro commands can be made more useful with [conditionals], snippets that check on various things to allow a small degree of decision making. While macros stop at the first valid item from the top down, individual commands stop at the first valid conditional, from left to right. Macros can be used to execute scripts, small snippets of Lua code, from within WoW without the use of an external addon. This is done by using the /run command. Scripting is an advanced feature and is explained more in detail in post 5. There are a number of tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you get the most out of your macros. Most of the ones listed have come from this very forum, and I have consolidated them here to make it easier. My intention is to continue to expand this post with more useful information over time, so feel free to add a post with any questions or useful information you think I should add. Adreaver137
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Missing Floating Combat Text Since the pre-patch, I can't seem to get floating combat text working. I'm looking for the numbers that pop up over a character when you deal damage or heal them, not the scrolling numbers that appear around the character. (I did find that in the interface options, but it doesn't seem to show any damage numbers, just healing) I've purged my addon folders and the issue still persists. Anyone have any idea? Gorgothi24
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/console ffxdeath 0 not working any eta when this will be fixed or anything to serve the same purpose? Cóoópér8
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