UI and Macro

1d Turn off Buff filtering? I have been trying to find a way to turn off buff filtering on my character so i can see all my buff, I've been trying to fish but things like my baits and the arcane lure have not been showing up in my buffs which has been super frustrating. I'm referring to the buffs that show up in the top right of my screen, I like having all of them displayed and since legion that hasn't been happening.Startwister2 1d
1d Anyone know what this sound is? It's starting to drive me insane since it's playing completely randomly during combat. Here's a dropbox link to an mp3 of it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lthuwh8dxypcp6w/What%20is%20this.mp3?dl=0 If it helps, I'm using the following mods: advanced interface options, altoholic, atlasloot, auctionator, can I mog it, datastore, dejacharacterstats, gathermate2, master plan, omen, postal, skada, tellmewhen, tidy plates, tomtom, elvui, and deadlybossmods.Ambaire4 1d
1d Hit-or-Miss Mob Bars? Anyone else getting hit-or-miss on mob health bars? One minute they're there, then the very next mob they're ALL gone. Also, having a problem with the reputation bar; when I set a rep to monitor, the box I check says to display it as the experience bar. I can't track both? The rep bar seems to have disappeared completely from the coding, because even Bartender4 can't hook into it. If no one else is experiencing these two occurrences, I'll start looking on my end. If anyone else is getting the same thing, maybe we can try to find a solution or put in tickets.Enkki7 1d
1d Too Dark! I wonder if you can help me. Since Legion and the changes I am finding I simply cannot see stuff in dungeons as they are too dark. I used to be able to fix that problem for my eyes by going to the gamma bar and raising it . I cannot find such a tool in systems this time around where is it????Briinn8 1d
1d Addon help Not sure if this is the right spot or not, but..... I am looking for a bag addon that will show item sets and stuff like that. I am pretty sure that I used bagnon before Legion and it did it, but since Legion it is not. Unless I am a crackhead and am missing a box to check or uncheck lmao.Moocowheal2 1d
1d Weak Auras Help Does anyone know how to put a line across my energy bar to show the threshold for certain abilities? I've used Weak Auras a long time, and have been able to do a lot with it, but haven't been able to figure this one out http://i.imgur.com/L5YWsla.jpg That's obviously my druid's WA setup. The bar on the left is rage, (would be red but I'm out of combat so it's empty) and would like to do something similar with rogue, except with a little horizontal line at 50 energy. I've seen it done but can't figure out howSkeletorf6 1d
1d cs target focus mod I am having problems with a macro. it should be counterspell target, but if i hold shift to counterspell my focus. its not working to cs the focus target. Any help would be much appreciated. #showtooltip Counterspell /cast [nomod, target=target] Counterspell /cast [mod:shift, target=Focus] CounterspellKalaio2 1d
1d Need help with Mouseover casting I am trying to set up hover casting for general raid/pvp use. I want to have macros for my spells that I can cast on other players when hovering over them, but also that self-casts on myself when I hold the default Alt + cast. When I use an addon like clique, it works for hover-casting, but then I am no long able to cast on myself unless I target myself first. Any ideas?Amurilo12 1d
1d Healing Macros Advice Needed So how would i go about making a macro, lets say Riptide, so that x= riptide myself shift x= riptide party member 1 ctrl x= riptide party member 2Brucewillis1 1d
1d TUKUI need help keeps resizing My UI scale i like it bigger so I Can see the action bar.... But every time i reload ui or log out it goes really Tinny and Can't see I tried a google search but There is no tukui.lua folder I can some one make a fix for me please and ThanksVapex1 1d
1d Custom Weak aura help I'm trying to make a weak aura that displays my mana bear and i want the percentage to be displayed. however when i shift into cat or bear form the lua function i put in instead calculates the percentage of rage/energy I have Here is the lua function I am using function() local p = math.max(0, UnitMana("player")) / math.max(1, UnitManaMax("player")) * 100; return string.format("%.f", p) .. "%%"; endJatshift1 1d
1d Macro for Holy Word: Serenity - Healbot Does anyone know how to make a macro for HW: Serenity to work on healbot? the spell is missing from Healbot menu and I don't seem to find a macro that works properly using hb unit frame... I have tried: #showtooltip Holy Word: Serenity /target hbtarget /click ActionButton3 /targetlasttarget But that keeps healing myself only...Yser12 1d
1d DBM not working on main My DBM is not working on my main, it's like it's not even installed. I believe a window popped with something like "this addon is doing things only blizz can.." and I disabled it, but now I can't use it anymore and I don't know how to enable it again. However, on alts it's working fine. Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks.Esponjor1 1d
1d Taunt Macro I would like to have a macro for Dark Command that when I use it, it'll randomly select a phrase I enter (NOW YOU FACE THE FURY OF ICECROWN, WORM!) instead of always saying that one sentence. 2 or 3 options that fit within the 255 character limit would be nice but I don't know how to set up the macro beyond just the one quote. Help on setting this up would be greatly appreciatedKhubash1 1d
1d Beacon of Light for Weakauras This is getting to be incredibly frustrating. I want a string or the instructions to make an icon or bar in weak auras that - list the time remaining on my beacon of light THATS IT, im not looking for 4 different strings for all the beacons and versions for when they arent active. I want a simple string that displays either an icon or a bar that counts down my BEACON OF LIGHT timer If it has the name of the target, BONUS I have looked high and low and i cant find a simple display for the duration remaining on my BoLCayssael0 1d
2d Need addon and blizzard setting help i just recently decided to update tidy plates and dominos, i havnt used tidy plates since wod and dominos has been working using the wod version, going back to tidy plates makes me really like the blizzard nameplates theyre just soo much better so i plan on disabling tidy plates but now i ask is it possible to set blizzard name plates to display a health % on the nameplate like in tidy plates if so how? also blizzard name plate show most debuffs but im curious if theres a way to get it to show my curses ( cause it doesn't in pvp) and pally shields/ touch of karma i use to have these show on tidy plates to keep track of when to fear right when they would fall off ect and lastly with the dominos update i really dislike the new cast bar id prefer the blizzard default one but without the stupid border is there a way to disable the border though console command or settings? or does bartender have the option for blizzard cast bar if so i might make the switchYazerak4 2d
2d Help with a script http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749315677 That is the original request. I have no idea how to do this. tyEurø0 2d
2d ZPerl issues. alright, i have a few problems with ZPerl. 1) when fighting xavius, my mana bar disappears and is replaced by the Insanity meter. is there a way i can prevent this from happening? i've tried disabling several different boxes, but, nothing seemed to stick. 2) is there any way i can change the mana display from showing its entire 7 digits to a more truncated 1.1M/1.1M, etc.? 3) is there a way to get the buffs to display inside the frames, e.g. similar to how the WoW raid frames display buffs? unrelated to ZPerl, but, related to #3: is there a raid frames mod that'll let me setup frames similar to how the default raid ui does it? short-term buffs/debuffs inside. i tried using Grid2 to get it that way, but, i didn't appear to work like that. there was only a limited selection of 3 icons and i couldn't get it so show Germination.Aversa0 2d
2d Mass edit Officer note Is there a addon or macro that I could edit everyone in my guilds Officer note all at once? Me and abunch of Officers come up with this really cool thing we wanna do and I don't wanna change over 900 peoples Officer notes EDIT: I have searched everywhere for itDoom4 2d
2d ElvUI Assistance My UI is set, just wasn't sure where else to send this. The website is not sending me an email to post this there, but actionbar 4 is copying actionbar 1. It has been working fine until after a quest it randomly copied it. Not sure if I messed it up in settings or what. I screwed around with it for like half an hour, but couldn't get it. Anyone know how to fix this?Sumffin0 2d
2d ElvUI Problem, can't find a disable icon I was told to delete my WTF folder to fix a problem today and I didn't realize it would completely remove my ElvUI. So I am in the process of rebuilding it to what it was before. I created mine before by modifying a UI of a youtuber that released his UI files. I rebuilt my ElvUI to exactly how I had it before, but I cannot figure out how to remove/disable my pet's special ability icon in the middle of my screen. Here is an imgur link (http://imgur.com/a/oiKez) showing what I am talking about. Anyone's help would be greating appreciated, thanks.Yennëfer1 2d
2d Daily Remind Addon? I've recently found my self as Guild Master of my guild as I was the most active player among our membership. Due to the demands I find being put on me I was wondering if there was some kind of daily checklist Addon I can enter and track tasks. Reason I asked was I found myself today being pulled three different directions, by members of my guild. the in game calendar works for event but I'm looking for something I can put a daily reminder to use crafting cool down on an alt or a random reminder to talk to someone about something.Drasota3 2d
2d PvP Talents - Conditional Macro I want to have a macro that is similar to the normal Talents: /cast [talent:3/1] Lightning Surge Totem; [talent:3/2] Earthgrab Totem; [talent:3/3] Voodoo Totem But how do I do it for PvP? The below DOES NOT work: /cast [pvptalent:3/1] Skyfury Totem; [pvptalent:3/2] Counterstrike Totem; [pvptalent:3/3] Windfury TotemGozuk2 2d
2d Language macro? Hello everyone, I am trying to make a macro that switches my character's language to demonic and shouts something when I use the demon hunter 'Metamorphosis' ability. I have tried several things but have had no luck so far. Anyone know how to do this, or if its even possible.Celaurienel0 2d
2d Lua error Does anyone know how to delete them it been so long , i'm kinda lost right now and they getting annoyingWarlord4 2d
2d Combat Text Interrupt Addon Whats up guys So ever since Purgeatory stopped being an addon way back when, i have yet to find an addon that puts my successful interrupts in my scrolling combat text. Im looking for an addon that does that because ive been scouring addon sites for awhile and theyre all chat based; i want one that puts it in your personal scrolling combat text Thanks in advance!Dottzdh2 2d
2d Is Malsumis still useable as of 2016 ? Some of you may remember an addon called Malsumis, it was a lesser known interface addon that did the following "A simple program to change the default WoW Fonts(that include the main UI font, the damage font, the mail and quest log fonts, Player, NPCs, Guild names font, etc)" it was used mainly by those who wanted to insert their own fonts into the game, or to assist those with slighter visual impairment. A very useful add-on when used in conjuction with Type Light. The person I am posting this for is well aware of moveanything, but it does not solve all of the problems the earlier addons did, giving full control and accuracy for finding the right font size and sharpness. Originally we used Malsumis and Type Light together, and it seemed to have worked right up to Warlords and a bit after, I'm just not sure if things have changed within the inner workings of Legion enough that this method is now obsolete. If anyone has their own guide on how to use the program on a Windows 10 machine, and has done so, your assistance would prove invaluable.Zoeyhellcat2 2d
2d Few UI Questions Where is the Open weapon keybind? I can't find it anywhere... Also, where is the display "cloak" and "helmet" option in interface? I don't see either in "display" anymore....Ferfykins4 2d
2d Need Horizontal Timers for Spells/Cooldowns I currently use Elvui for my UI. I want to see horizontal timers/cooldowns whenever I use things like charge, shield slam, shield block, etc. I know I could use TellMeWhen for things to popup when each spell/ability is off cooldown but I really like the feel and look of horizontal moving sliders (like the normal player castbar). Maybe there are other addons I could use. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!Thraeyne2 2d
2d Multi Target Macro Is it possible to build a macro that will attempt to target multiple mobs in a priority system. Target Mob A, if mob A isn't available target mob B, if mob B isn't available target Mob C Is something like this possible and if so any help on how to write it :-DRynoh2 2d
2d API to get artifact traits? Is there an API that lets me extract information about the traits that have been selected for the equipped artifact weapon? And more generally, how does one find this information? The wowwiki and wowpedia sites are wikis, so somebody must have extracted it from Blizzard before it gets there. Does Bliz publish the LUA API anywhere? ThanksEärendil1 2d
2d Not displaying all my buffs I cant seem to get all of my buffs to display consistently in the top right of my screen but they show up under my target portrait when i target myself. Does anyone know a way to show all buffs on yourself or increase the default?Startwister0 2d
2d Display all enemy debuffs? I've been searching for how to display all enemy debuffs but I have be unable to find it since Legion prepatch dropped. Anyone know how to turn it back on?Jawathepwn1 2d
2d Advanced targeting macro Can someone please make a macro that auto targets enemies and deselects dead enemies if they are targeted. ThanksOhyazz13 2d
2d Is there a way to toggle a hotkey? For example: I want "R" to have two separate hotkeys, that can be toggled between when I hit "F12" Have "R" be "Target Nearest Enemy" by default, and when I click "F12" have it change to "Target Nearest Enemy Player" until I hit "F12" again to toggle back. I assume this isn't possible, but in case it is, can someone help me find a way to do this?Cyy4 2d
2d Issues With Group Profiles (need help!) I tried submitting a ticket before coming here, but got an error when it was trying to send. Anyways my issue is the profile for the dungeon guide is very close to my own profile while the other three are below the pull out box (the box with all of the raid/party marks, ect.) I have a picture (yes I forgot to edit out names) of what I am talking about: http://i.imgur.com/guBsQSo.jpg The one on the left is the issue while the one on the right is what it's suppose to look normally. The one on the right was, also, taken a year and a half ago. This issue started when Legion launched. I do NOT have any add ons the move the ui, change the ui, resize the ui nor have I used any in the past. (Don't know why the down voting is happening when all I did was state my issue. PS: this was orginanlly posted on the support forums.)Tilra4 2d
2d Soothing Mist macro I just hit honor lvl 40 on my MW and it seems like I can't macro Soothing Mist for some reason. Even a simple /use Soothing Mist will not work. Does anyone know if this is a bug or something? I cant seem to find anything on the issue... ThanksFeralmilgrau0 2d
3d Change fonts - like ElvUI I would like to be able to change my fonts game wide, to something like ElvUI, however I do not need the entire elvui addon suite. Are there any simple ways to change the game fonts, including the names showing over heads?Quiggles3 3d
3d Xavius Corruption Bar WeakAura? I'm not sure where to really ask this, but I think this is more of a UI question than anything. So I have recently transitioned to having my UI unit frames show as weakauras. However, one thing I have not really accounted for were status bars. Is there a way I can show the corruption bar on Xavius' fight to appear as a weakaura? I'm not sure exactly how to start this and looking around sites has proven futile. Is there anyone that knows how to set this up? Would heavily appreciate any input. :)Samanthà0 3d
3d Hiding/Moving the stealth button. Hi, I just recently rolled a rogue and I've quickly discovered something rather annoying, the stealth button is right in the middle of my screen, next to my character at all times! Incredibly annoying. Example: http://imgur.com/gCGTP0p I've tried everything - Scoured BarTender but to no avail. Used MoveAnything and searched for Stealth, Spell, ActionBar, Stance, still it doesn't move that annoying button. Used MoveAnything framestack and the frame is either BT4StanceButton1 or SpellActivationOverlayFrame, both unable to find in MoveAnything. Googled the problem, some call it a Special Action Bar/Button, others call it a Bonus Action Button.... Both not found in MoveAnything or BarTender Could someone please put me out of my misery and tell me either I'm being stupid and there's and easy way to do it (with an idiots guide) or that I cant move it and need to get over it.... Thanks.Oathbreaker3 3d
3d Change Chat Frame? How do I change the chat frame to the "Test" frame please?Osanaga3 3d
3d Rapture Macro: Mouseover /cast Rapture /cast [@mouseover] Power Word: Shield I would like to make this so that if i use this macro the target will get a shield, however it seems to only cast rapture, and I have to click it again to get the shield. I assume its because of the mouse over?Quiggles7 3d
3d Changes to PlayMusic() API Call in 7.0? Hi there, just curious if anything about the PlayMusic() API function was changed that would cause it to no longer work with custom MP3 files in an AddOn folder. I have an AddOn written that stopped working after the patch today, and I've debugged to the point that it can only be this specific call anymore. Calling PlayMusic() with a music file in the AddOns folder also does nothing when run through a /script command in-game. Here's the bit of code in question: PlayMusic("Interface\\AddOns\\SimplyMusic\\Music\\" .. track .. ".mp3"); Worth noting, playing existing game music (i.e. classic login screen music) works just fine when called through an in-game /script command.Caedea25 3d
3d command to turn down weather effects. I can't remember what it was, anyone have it offhand? ThanksZyphire6 3d
3d Cast Bar Location Issue Hello Friends, I have an extremely annoying issue with my cast bar on my shaman. For some reason it's substantially lowered on my shaman. On the other hand, on all of my other characters it's higher and in the correct spot. (I like everything to be the same for all my characters) Things to take into account - - I use no addons - I have tried deleting the WTF/Cache folder(s) - I have copied the layout local text from another character to my shaman - I have all the same basic UI settings on every character And yes, I know there are addons to move things on your UI. Although, I choose not to use addons. If anyone knows how to fix this issue or has any knowledge on it please help me out lol Thanks.Marshawn5 3d
3d A Panic DK Pet Summon Hi guys, I know this seems a bit odd, but I've been developing a macro which has proven to be handy, but I keep running into an issue. Basically I want a macro that enables me to quickly equip my weapon and summon my pet (if not already summoned) in the event that I am attacked while fishing. So far my macro will equip my fishing rod, or in an emergency, equip my weapons regardless of spec, but unfortunately it will not summon my pet if I am in combat. Here is what I have so far: #showtooltip 16 /cast [combat] Raise Dead /equip Dragon Fishing Pole /equip Apocalypse If I use any other conditional, this macro works, but if I am in combat, it does not work, but only switches weapons. However, if I run the stripped version of this macro, and simply try the macro to summon my pet, it works perfectly. /cast [combat] Raise Dead I guess my question is: Can I not summon my pet and change weapons in combat due to some Blizzard scripting issue? Or is my macro simply not written correctly?Keedrid3 3d
3d combo buff weakaura hey ive got a question that I have grinded info for trying to make a weak aura that tracks the average time left for 2 buffs-they are flametongue&frostbrand together. so for instance flametongue buff CD starts-(16 sec) then to get power for frostbrand and then activate frostbrand. when it activates flametongue is about 8 sec left and frostbrand is full at 16 sec CD too. so cast another flametongue right after.... then they both are active but 1 is always less--->usually 16 and 15 secs left. but that's not only the case. sometimes they are way WAY off. is there a way to make a weak aura progress bar to track the shortest time remaining between the 2. so if flametongue is at 8 sec and frostbrand is at 16 the progress bar is at 8 sec. and then of course visa versa?Hâvôc0 3d
3d Need help muting an interface sound I'd like a few interface windows to not make sounds anymore when I open and close them, including but not limited to: world map, character info, talents, and collections. I already tried the 'mute annoying wow sounds' addon, but it didn't seem to do anything despite being extracted to the correct directory. I know that I can view the appropriate path for a given entity sound on wowhead, but I can't find any similar resources for interface sounds. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!Ambaire1 3d
3d SavedVariables not loading for some users I authored the addon Personal Loot Helper. Several users have reported that the savedvariables *are saving properly* on logout (confirmed by checking PersonalLootHelper.lua in their WTF) but that savedvariables *are not being loaded* after logging back in. I have not been able to duplicate this problem locally and none of the ~40 people I personally know who use the addon have this issue! What could possibly be causing the savedvariables to load properly for some (most?) users, but not load properly for some users? One user provided the following from PersonalLootHelper.lua in their WTF folder, and stated that when they open the interface options none of the checkboxes are checked (based on this WTF file, one would expect "Notify Group" and "Include BOE" to be checked) PLH_NOTIFY_MODE = 2 PLH_INCLUDE_BOE = true PLH_MIN_QUALITY = 3 PLH_MIN_ILVL = 528 PLH_DEBUG = false PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY = false Here are the relevant sections of code: PersonalLootHelper.toc: ## Interface: 70000 ## Title: Personal Loot Helper ## Version: 1.12 ## SavedVariables: PLH_NOTIFY_MODE, PLH_INCLUDE_BOE, PLH_MIN_QUALITY, PLH_MIN_ILVL, PLH_DEBUG, PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY ## Notes: Simplifies trading of personal loot by notifying you when a drop is not an upgrade for the looter, but is an upgrade for you or others in your group. ## Author: Madone-Zul'Jin PersonalLootHelper-Constants.lua PersonalLootHelper-Util.lua PersonalLootHelper-Core.lua PersonalLootHelper-Config.lua PersonalLootHelper-Core.lua: local NOTIFY_MODE_SELF = 1 local NOTIFY_MODE_GROUP = 2 local NOTIFY_MODE_COORDINATE_ROLLS = 3 local DEFAULT_NOTIFY_MODE = NOTIFY_MODE_GROUP local DEFAULT_INCLUDE_BOE = false local DEFAULT_MIN_ILVL = 528 -- personal loot was introduced with Siege of Orgrimmar, which started at ilvl 528 local DEFAULT_MIN_QUALITY = 3 -- Rare local DEFAULT_DEBUG = false local DEFAULT_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY = false local function Initialize(self, event, addonName, ...) if addonName == 'PersonalLootHelper' then if PLH_MIN_QUALITY == nil then PLH_NOTIFY_MODE = DEFAULT_NOTIFY_MODE PLH_INCLUDE_BOE = DEFAULT_INCLUDE_BOE PLH_MIN_ILVL = DEFAULT_MIN_ILVL PLH_MIN_QUALITY = DEFAULT_MIN_QUALITY PLH_DEBUG = DEFAULT_DEBUG PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY = DEFAULT_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY end end end local addonLoadedFrame addonLoadedFrame = CreateFrame('Frame') addonLoadedFrame:SetScript('OnEvent', Initialize) addonLoadedFrame:RegisterEvent('ADDON_LOADED') PersonalLootHelper-Config.lua (with all text labels removed to make the code easier to read in the forums; every checkbox has a static label associated to it) --[[ Main Panel ]]-- local PLHConfigFrame = CreateFrame('Frame', 'PLHConfigFrame', InterfaceOptionsFramePanelContainer) PLHConfigFrame:Hide() PLHConfigFrame.name = 'Personal Loot Helper' InterfaceOptions_AddCategory(PLHConfigFrame) --[[ PLH_INCLUDE_BOE ]]-- PLH_IncludeBOECheckbox = CreateFrame('CheckButton', 'PLHIncludeBOE', PLHConfigFrame, 'InterfaceOptionsCheckButtonTemplate') PLH_IncludeBOECheckbox:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', TitleLabel, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 0, -VERTICAL_SPACE_BETWEEN_ELEMENTS) --[[ PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY ]]-- PLH_CurrentSpecOnlyCheckbox = CreateFrame('CheckButton', 'PLHCurrentSpecOnly', PLHConfigFrame, 'InterfaceOptionsCheckButtonTemplate') PLH_CurrentSpecOnlyCheckbox:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', PLH_IncludeBOECheckbox, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 0, -VERTICAL_SPACE_BETWEEN_ELEMENTS) --[[ PLH_NOTIFY_MODE ]]-- PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox = CreateFrame('CheckButton', 'PLHNotifyGroup', PLHConfigFrame, 'InterfaceOptionsCheckButtonTemplate') PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', PLH_CurrentSpecOnlyCheckbox, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 0, -VERTICAL_SPACE_BETWEEN_ELEMENTS) PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox:SetScript('OnClick', function(frame) if PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox:GetChecked() then PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:Show() else PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:Hide() end end) PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox = CreateFrame('CheckButton', 'PLHCoordinateRolls', PLHConfigFrame, 'InterfaceOptionsCheckButtonTemplate') PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 25, -VERTICAL_SPACE_BETWEEN_ELEMENTS / 2) --[[ OnShow Event]] PLHConfigFrame:SetScript('OnShow', function(frame) if PLH_NOTIFY_MODE == 2 or PLH_NOTIFY_MODE == 3 then PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:Show() else PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:Hide() end PLH_IncludeBOECheckbox:SetChecked(PLH_INCLUDE_BOE) PLH_CurrentSpecOnlyCheckbox:SetChecked(PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY) PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox:SetChecked(PLH_NOTIFY_MODE == 2 or PLH_NOTIFY_MODE == 3) PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:SetChecked(PLH_NOTIFY_MODE == 3) end) --[[ Okay Action ]]-- function PLHConfigFrame.okay() PLH_INCLUDE_BOE = PLH_IncludeBOECheckbox:GetChecked() PLH_CURRENT_SPEC_ONLY = PLH_CurrentSpecOnlyCheckbox:GetChecked() local selectedNotifyMode if PLH_NotifyGroupCheckbox:GetChecked() then if PLH_CoordinateRollsCheckbox:GetChecked() then selectedNotifyMode = 3 else selectedNotifyMode = 2 end else selectedNotifyMode = 1 end if PLH_NOTIFY_MODE ~= selectedNotifyMode then PLH_NOTIFY_MODE = selectedNotifyMode end end Madone2 3d
3d SpeakinSpell I'm probably the only one who does this. I dunno, correct me if I'm wrong. I use an addon called SpeakinSpell. It creates macros that, when a spell or event is triggered, it makes my character say something at random. I use it on all my characters. I love using it for shapeshifting on my druid, but now it's difficult. See, I used to have individual speeches set up for specific shapeshifting. Like if I transformed into a stag I might say something like, "Time to haul hoof!" Or if I changed into aquatic form I would have it say, "Everybody's gone surfin'! Surfing <zone>!" (it would take the name of the zone I'm currently in and put it into the speech, so in a sense the macro would vary from place, target, etc. And one of my favorite macros I used was for my flight form. Ah yes, the fastest mode of travel out of all of them. "Ah buckle this! LUDICROUS SPEED! GOOOOO!" "Warp factor 9, make it so!" "Tower, this is Ghostrider, requesting a flyby!" That last one, a reference to TopGun, went off when I was in a major city, and as I flew away, someone whispered me, "That's a negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full." That made my day, and I whispered back to that player, "FHWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!" And he whispered back that he spilled his coffee and cursed those top-gun pilots! A fun addon to play around with. If anyone else is using it, lately I've added some macros to the grapplegun that I use in Stormheim. "Dananananananana, Dananananananana BATMAN!!!" "How is this thing supposed to wo-OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!" "/e launches a grapple hook..." and so on. I can get quite creative with this addon... but I digress. Ever since the flight/aquatic/travel forms have been consolidated under one spell, my other macros for aquatic and flight will not trigger, because those spells no longer exist. It's all under travel form. So now it makes no sense if it triggers a swimming related speech if I'm running on the ground, or a flying speech if I'm swimming, or a running speech when I'm flying. I wish the travel forms were separate again, like they used to be. However I cannot deny the usefulness of the autoshifting, for example when you're running in stag form or flying in flight form and you dive into the water, it automatically shifts you to aquatic form for you. If possible, I say it should keep that element in the game. In the meantime, my travel form macros have been limited to neutral speeches as much as possible, never specifying which form I'm in. For example it used to go, "They call me Flipper! Flipper!" or, "Wonder-twin Power ACTIVATE! Form of... ORCA! A killer whale that swims fast and eats lots of fish!" But it wouldn't make sense if I changed into a stag and went running across the forest floor, would it? I miss the ability of choice. Like what if I was in a low level area that permitted flying, like say, Barrens, and I was helping a low level player out. I could go to stag form and he could ride on my back. CHOICE! (of course I might also use my sandstone drake, but if the distance was minimal and didn't require flying, I'd go on stag form to show how to get there.) So how about it, Blizzard? Any other druids complain about the limitations of travel forms all under one button? (shrug)Owlaf0 3d