3d [H] MW 2.1k exp LF 3s Horde MW LF 3s. Was playing at just above 2k in every season of WoD using LFG and never quite jumped that 2.2k hurdle. Would like to jump it and go further. Voice or no voice is alright with me (no skype, I have curse/discord/mumble/TS3) willing to play any comp, sorry I'm not orc relentless pls no h8 :(Órange10 3d
3d Lock LF Ques 2400+ Looking for ques cuz all my friends went horde. Used to main lock from s1-s12. been 3k nkx#1355 Dont care what compUnholybound2 3d
3d Glad Rogue LF partners Class: Outlaw Rogue Exp: 2900 Cr: 2200;2400 respectively Goals: Rank 1 What are you looking for? LF similar exp players Whisper me in game or drop your Btag below if you wanna playEnergybar4 3d
3d Hunters & arena. Why do the Hunter forums complain so much about Hunters being trash and having crap damage? Even without my 3rd relic I hit like a freight train. When will people learn to play first and cry later?Carlyraejpsn80 3d
3d Why is everyone horde Serious question, ally still has better racialsDpk25 3d
3d Demon hunter Survivability I do agree with their crazy damage nurf, but after the nurf we didnt get anything to make up for it. DH have nothing to offer but a 4 min meta CD. [Soul Rending] - 40% leech in pvp killed it. especially when its tied to a 4 min CD and we are the only leather dps spec without heals on demand. our defensive CDs arent even that effective. 50% dodge? while rogues get 100% darkness 3 min aoe "safe zone" 20% dodge chance LOL! with a 36 honor talent it becomes 70%. So 3 min CD for a 8 sec duration that isnt even 100%? like really?. it will be nice if havoc gets IN COMBAT heals on demand like WW/feral/Rogues/ nothing crazy but something to help us out.Gym6 3d
3d Targeting addon With how bad tab target is working atm. Is there an addon that properly cycles through targets in arena? Instead of having arena123 binds is there something that makes it cycle 123 instead when you hit tab? Hope this makes sense lol.Eric5 3d
3d Best DK/? Comp, for 2v2 or 3v3? As the topic says, anyone have good dk comp setups? Is blood spec even viable in 2v2/3v3? OR only unholy?Grimbain10 3d
3d 7.1 pvp changes Anyone got a link/got the scoop in the incoming patch changes? I'd like to see the tweaks to classes.Beefsnorkel1 3d
3d Boomkin artifact: Armor or extra Wrath dmg I've already did the math with the new honor "iron feather". The armor will be 50% without "Bladed Feathers" and 55% with "Blade Feather". Would that extra 5% armor make a huge difference? Wrath consists like about 10-15% of the total damage if you only use when it's empowered or at the beginning of the match just to generate ancestral power. Which one is better, 5% armor or 15% wrath damage(about 1-2% DPS increase)? My current route of artifact: Thanks a lot and really appreciate it.Guòér27 3d
3d Do something about Arms They're dropping in representation like crazy and no viable teams run with warriors... 3d
3d Viable SPriest comps? Other than FPS? Shatter still viable? I haven't seen much of it (but I haven't really played past 1600 this xpac cause I'm a lazy retard so idk)Nevaehswag4 3d
3d The new BOP Triggers me.Xbox2 3d
3d The Road to Gladiator - WoW Arena PvP Series Join me on the Road to Gladiator as I start from the ground up to help you improve at WoW PvP with general guides and in depth gameplay analysis! I was inspired to make this series from my personal experience at endgame. I've always found there is a massive learning curve to improving at the game, especially when you are jumping into endgame arena for the first time. More often than not, I found myself in a situation where I had so many questions to ask that I didn't know where to start. Whether it be keybindings, understanding class abilities, or getting an understanding for positioning and communication in the games. This series is directed at people that want to improve in WoW Arena and are starting from the ground up, including myself! I will be working through the entire process to show you guys my journey on the Road to Gladiator! Check out the series at and catch my games during the afternoon at 3d
3d Rating-based PvP Rewards There needs to be a cumulative redesign of the PvP reward system from rated ladder games. The fundamental problem right now (and to some extent in WoD I guess) is that immediate, tangible rewards do not exist at the ratings which the majority of the playerbase operates at. There needs to be a thriving, healthy and large community of players in the "rat leagues" as some elitists so affectionately call them. A large pool of people in the 1400-1800 range. This is currently not the reality because there is nothing to incentivize players of that skill level into pushing rating and playing games. I mean, sure, the 100 win mount exists. Cool. For a lot of people that is such a grind that it isn't even worth it. I think cut, copy and pasting the Honor talent system into the rated ladders would remedy this. First of all, honor talents being time-gated is stupid. However, it is a meaningful (by force) form of power progression and character development that is incremental. Every level or every other level you get something new. That is how it should be on the arena ladder. You should have mild/moderate rewards at 1500, 1600, 1750, etc. I'd like to see Elite gear adopt the previous system of being rating-gated. Right now, the 2k prospect is daunting for a lot of average/casual players (especially with how toxic the LFG tool is and how difficult it is to break into progressive team-based pvp). So they don't even bother. However, if you put the gear on a vendor and unlock the gloves at 1600, boots and belt at 1700, legs at 1800, chest at 1900, helm and shoulders at 2k, the players who reach these benchmarks will feel like their next reward is achievable. Instead of more or less starting from zero and getting nothing along the way, every 100 rating you climb makes you believe that you can do just a little bit more, try a little bit harder, queue a little bit longer. Even if it isn't elite gear; artifact power (a SUBSTANTIAL amount), non-combat pets, tabards (you can design these with your eyes closed, come on now), etc. Tangible, instant rewards that you don't have to wait 16 weeks to receive after DQ's and other !@#$, and that start mild/insignificant and build in quality/rarity as your rating goes up, will incentivize PvP and reinvigorate the dying ladder.Worship0 3d
3d Arena Solo Que System Why does world of warcraft pvp not have a solo que system for arenas or rated content? Every successful game nowadays has one! It is almost unbearable searching for team members in this game in which you have no idea of their skill level other than achievments, I dont know how WoW pvp team has not figured this out yet? Maybe they play no other games? I cant tell you how much better it is to be able to que solo and get a game in 5 mins, rather than spending 30 mins finding parters in the current system. This system would only be queable as solo so there is no disadvantages. One interesting problem with this system would be the comps and I acknowledge this, maybe blizz could make a list of pre-determined comps that you could be matched with, and maybe you could block out certain comps like you do with bgs, I am not sure what the best option would be. Whatever the solution is, I just know that without it WoW pvp will continue to be dead and attract hardly any new players. Haters gonna say, bbbut you need communcation and voice to play wow pvp at a high level, I would argue that yes it does make coordination better, it is not NEEDED. Look at other games, good players will rise to the top and be just fine without voice, maybe implement a pinging system and enable that in game voice that you spent all that time on a few expansions ago. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages here, lets bring back wow PVP to something playable and fuN! #needarenasoloque TLDR : Wow needs a ranked solo que for arenas,Lickdesenutz28 3d
3d PvP Rewards in Patch 7.1 3d
3d What are the dk buffs? Everyone keeps talking about dk buffs for 7.1, and I havent really seen any on mmo champion other than the change to a few talents. Chill streak received a sizable buff with additional bounces, but tundra stalker is placed on the same tier which makes us choose between more sustained damage and busty damage. Is there something I'm missing? Could one of you provide a link directly to the page where it says this? edit: found them ...Catmaster10 3d
3d Hamstring on GCD change on PTR Please blizz.... This is basically class-genocide.Worstwarrior39 3d
3d Too many warriors on the pvp ladder 5 warriors are on the top 100 3v3 ladder. Most of them are only playing a few games a week presumably not to drop since they know they are unviable at the raitings they are at. all of those warriors are at extremely low win rates (59%) to even reach that level, where other comps range from 75%-96% win rates. I am fairly certain those warriors in the top 100 are actually being carried by their team from the start and they were just providing mortal strike debuff as their sole utility. Anyhoo lets nerf warriors more why not.Rhorix14 3d
3d Class fantasy and pruning Original topic thread. ..... ... Just posting my own thread here because I thought it relevant to pvp and arenas as a whole. Give us our buttons back.Fivehead15 3d
3d In the end It starts with One thing I don't know why It doesn’t even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme To explain in due time All I know Time is a valuable thing Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings Watch it count down to the end of the day The clock ticks life away It’s so unreal Didn’t look out below Watch the time go right out the window Trying to hold on but didn’t even know I wasted it all just to watch you go I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when... I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn't even matter One thing, I don’t know why It doesn’t even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme To remind myself how I tried so hard In spite of the way you were mocking me Acting like I was part of your property Remembering all the times you fought with me I’m surprised it got so (far) Things aren’t the way they were before You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore Not that you knew me back then But it all comes back to me In the end You kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when... I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn’t even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn’t even matter I've put my trust in you Pushed as far as I can go For all this There’s only one thing you should know I've put my trust in you Pushed as far as I can go For all this There’s only one thing you should know I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn’t even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn’t even matterZydratè3 3d
3d 100% RNG Gearing is not fun I like the future changes in 7.1 but even with them we are still grinding away for a chance of gear we need. I don't mind the "excitement" of RNG - but when literally every piece of gear comes from it (PvP and PvE) the excitement is replaced with disappointment and anger. Even when I do get a piece, many times it is poor Ilvl or not the right one. RNG system is ok - but why not let us work toward something (you know like conquest points) - they can come much much slower, but shoot at least you know you can grab the piece you need eventually. Is it that game breaking to have both system in play? Anyone play Pokemon go? the game is 100% RNG and it is virtually dead now. On launch - everyone tried to find their favorite pokemon, but when they found that it was all chance - almost everyone quit--just an example.Salvationx1 3d
3d Top 100 7 rogues 8 mages 9 locks But let's QQ about rogues because one just owned me. I said it in a previous post and I'll say it again ROGUES WILLS ALWAYS destroy noob pvpers. When it comes to players who actually know how to play rogues are not so OP. The stats don't lie. Ps I'm a noob pvper thus why I main a rogue. I know I'll never hit glad status so I don't bother tryjng. I just play what I find fun. 1800 is my goal. Lower your standards noobs. It will Make the game much more enjoyable Yes rogues are great but def not OP.Apoçalypse40 3d
3d Question about druid comps This probably gets asked a lot but I couldn't find anything for legion, but what are some good comps for feral and balance druids atm?Okmedemon0 3d
3d black rook arena am i the only one that thinks the LoS layout sucks? feels a lot like ring of valor 2.0, minus moving pillars.Indead10 3d
3d Double Shaman Teams I've been seeing so many double Shaman teams running Resto / Enh/ X recently, usually BM, Rogue, or Ret, and they do really damn well. Double Purge, double Counterstrike totem, it's nuts. What the hell gives? Are Shamans really that god tier right now?Funkywhale2 3d
3d This game feels like a twink bracket You are at such a disadvantage if you are behind on artifact. All the people who started right away on the grind are basically level 119 while you're sitting there at level 110 struggling trying to beat male belf rets. Why is time spent rewarded more than skill this xpack? It's actually disgusting.Bopmysac6 3d
3d 1226 elemental Looking to climb in 3s if anyone is up for itJeishas12 3d
3d Want to level a caster After 7.1 what will be strongest caster/spec in 7.1 in your eyes? What will be the most fun? What will have the most variety in terms of comps? ALSO THOUGHTS ON DESTRO/FROST AFTER 7.1?!?!?Kountsuccula2 3d
3d Does anyone really like Tol'viron arena? This map for me is simple so large and bland that the gaps between the pillars are way to big to actually seem strategic maneuvering. Anyone else feel this way or just me?Chriswilson9 3d
3d broke = all might as well play assassin cleansing targets on CD and assassination rogues still out damage the nearest by millions no cc needed, just tab target poison/envenom, when you do cc - press vendetta and do the same as above^ why bring anything else? it is retarded-ly easy to just tab poisons, and lol vanish when you get in trouble. there is a HUGE problem when you need to do NOTHING other than tab-damage the other team. blizz you are ruining pvp...come on!Salvationx16 3d
3d WORLD OF BOTCRAFT All your bg's are anymore is botters running around using rotation bots and kickbots. In arena a LOT of people use kickbots still. Is this ok now since there is 0 ban waves since way before the last season of WOD until now?Mergas8 3d
3d Druid problems. I'm not gonna sit here and type a bunch of !@#$, In short I'm unsubbing until they buff druid, Everything is so much better and I can't think of any class worse than druid. I also refuse to reroll because I hate everything else and I've mained druid since BC.Robopyah6 3d
3d Detainment cd Please lower imprison cd to 20 seconds down from 1 minute, this would allow dh to actually cc which means it would be able to peel for its team and not desperately rely on its teammates for everything The only reason detainment was put at a 1min cd was because it went from 24% hp on a 18 second cd to a 18% on a 24 second cd to a 1 min with 18% then literally hours later the dmg effect was removed, making this one of the worst ccs in the game. By doing this you'd almost make dh viable again. Ps perhaps give dh an ms effect on glaive or something too? Doing this would avoid dmg buffs but would allow dh to at least be a viable replacement to some other meleeRedlights7 3d
3d Prestige talent reset So 7.1 is doing away with the prestige talent reset. I have to ask, is there any any benefit to getting prestige before the patch hits, or is it better to just wait for the patch? Will there be any form of acknowledgement for people who got prestige by resetting honor talents?Shradis3 3d
3d Suggestions for caster dps to play Looking to take a break from healing, and want to try out a caster for pvp. I'm pretty familiar with both warlock and mage in previous expansions, although I've never played them to high rating. Just wondering what caster classes are performing well this expansion so far, as well as which ones would be easier to pick up for someone who's used to playing a healer/melee classes in the past. Thanks!Jenaniston4 3d
3d Trying to build a team comp -- help needed Hello WOW Arena forums. Right now my friends and I are new to the WOW scene and are playing the following classes: disc priest, demon hunter, fury warrior, resto druid, and WW monk (myself). The problem I am having is that there doesn't seem to be any sort of comp/team synergy in our classes. I plan to continue playing WW monk but have yet to make an alt. What alt class would be best at making a viable team comp with the specs listed above? Thanks for any and all replies.Toyama5 3d
3d How do I get Elite gear this season? How, where to buy, requirements?Khagorak9 3d
3d artifact ilvl how do some ppl have 890-900 ilvl on their artifact wep...Fapnsap26 3d
3d Legendary from Arena Is it possible ? Has anyone actually got one? Or from any pvp?Neraka5 3d
3d 2s aka rogue/healer lol ggLalamonq0 3d
3d Gladiator title with faction changes I forgot where I read it but I heard that the gladiator title will now be split between factions. Can anyone confirm this and with the split, does that mean alliance will have a much lower cut off compared to horde since it's mostly horde being played at the top level?Heki6 3d
3d Gear RNG Monster; Mirror to Legendaries? RNG gearing; a terrible idea from its inception has made its way into live with no real alleviation in sight (most recent update linked at bottom). So what do I mean by "Mirror to Legendaries?" If you aren't aware, the legendary loot system was disgustingly broke when Legion went live; legendaries were very rare world/dungeon drops but the "bad luck protection" scripting got inverted somehow and awarded those who already had their first legendary subsequent legendaries at a disproportionate rate (people had 2-3 legendaries before most of the player base had their first). I digress. My question is better stated as follows: Is the "bad luck protection" scripting inverted in a similar manner to that of the legendary drop system? Or, is the pvp gearing RNG the exact same, garbage scripting from it's WoD iteration? Why would I think to ask this question? Well, my inspiration is drawn from the fact that scripting and programming is very arduous work and, well, plagiarists reign supreme. In short: code and script is frequently copy-pasted for the sake of saving time. I don't think it's an illogical leap to speculate "what if the broken legendary protection script served as the base scripting for the PvP RNG protection or even, vica versa?" I see numerous players claiming they've had literally dozens of duplicate item slots (of equal or lesser ilvl) and decided it was a discussion we need to start. I'd like to see what you guys think. Should the discussion gain enough traction here, I'll gladly champion the cause of "GD Liaison" (a historically tortuous task). Latest Blue update from MMO Champion: 3d
3d Glad lock LF 3s partners over 2.7cr last season, my old partners started beefin' with each other and I'm now looking for possible new partners that I can stick with. Have played demo and affliction since Burning Crusade so i can play either but would prefer demo. Btag: Vugaddi#11303 Post here before adding me please.Vugaddi0 3d
3d Share your biggest arena drop ! Doing public, Went from 1794 to 1479Tokputih45 3d
3d Prot Paly 3s comp Anyone know what comp the two top Prot Paladin 3v3 teams are playing? Only thing I can think of working with them is sin rogue or a enh shaman...Feelmyrush1 3d
3d Simple Changes That Could Fix Arms So before getting into it, I've never played warrior, but I've played over 3000 3s matches with warrior in the past few years. Right now warrior is, in my opinion, a "Balanced" melee class... But, in a game where most (if not all) Specs have their "THING" #classfantasy Enhance- Bloodlust WW-Mobility and Burst Dk-Damage (mostly some slight utility) Ret- Massive damage and utility Survival-Not quite sure much about these fellas right hurr. Dh- Even though they are barely viable, Meta burst. Assass- L0LLLLLL You see where I'm going here hopefully. This is where warrior is lacking. Warriors need a mechanical buff, I think their damage is fine, but they need more to do in an arena. Was thinking a few days ago about what could help them at least have a reason to pick them over another melee DPS, and I came to a very quick conclusion that I'm not sure if it would be the best change but it would for sure make a few more comps with warrior better. Change Spell Reflect into Mass Spell Reflect. Either make it how it used to be in the past (1 spell on any team member within x-yards) OR I honestly think it needs to be better than that. To those that don't know how spell reflect works now is that it reflects ALL spells on the warrior for 3 seconds. Now that's very good and I was entertaining the idea of what if Blizz made it affect everyone in x-yards. Again not quite sure how that would actually play out BUT still even if they put it back to how it used to be it would be a good well deserved Buff to the ability Remove Double time from Stun Tier. Right now warrior need to choose between uptime or CC, and in a meta where 90% of melee have atleast some of both baseline warrior is a terrible spot with this like this. I'm all for them having to choose between shockwave and stormbolt, but warrior RELIES on one of them to make kills AND cc and if they take a stun they just cant get on targets enough right now to put out enough pressure to make anyone scared and right now they are the only DPS that doesn't really scare anybody. Ever. TLDR: Change Spell reflect to mass spell reflect, Let warriors have a stun AND more uptime. Well that's what I have to say about the matter. I could be 100% wrong on everything, again I don't play warrior but I would love the discussion. Thanks for readingFisterino13 3d
3d Check out this new podcast New PVP podcast. Short discussion about the Tol'viron area. A large discussion about racials and why there are so many horde PVP players. Enjoy!Tecknical1 3d
3d Multi Glad lf ally teams! Hey guys, I main a mage and alt a lock which i just hit 100 on. Im looking for solid teams on both. I have been glad on multiple classes around 6 times total but havent really played much since cata. Really hate looking in LFG so im looking for fun people to play with who dont rage or quit when we lose. Be around the same exp i dont really care about cr. EAFD#1915Callmefilthy2 3d