2d Pouncing Strikes So they change this, but leave Shadowstrike as is for Sub rogues, when Feral is mediocre, maybe above average in terms of arenas at the moment? Come on, Holongi. You can do better than this.Purrfecshunz18 2d
2d Ouch? What is this warrior echo slam I think my ears are ringingDirtybelly0 2d
2d opinions on demon hunter talent! So I've been fairly enjoying my Demon Hunter, and honestly a goal I was looking forward too was "Reverse Magic" talent level 28 on honor. granted Eye of Leotholas seems a lot better but to be honest I'm a little disappointed in either the mechanics of this spell or the writing in the tooltip... and I quote "Dispels all harmful magical effects from yourself and all nearby allies within 10 yards, and sends them back to their original caster." so I started using it in casual arena while Polly'd while Fear'd, under Hex ect. to no avail did it help me in any way (IIRC fear I cant even click it its grayed out but Hex and Polly is not.) so being that its clickable while in Polly and not in fear led me to do a little research with my warlock friend, under fear is a no go! it'll return 1! D.O.T. spell and I mean corruption, and shadowburn. those types. But not curse of frailty, or Polly, or anything else such as curse of agony that you would consider a "harmful magical spell". I mean lets say REGARDLESS what said CC ability was lets understand that this is on a 1 min CD. HALF WAY to max honor I can dispel one DOT from an afflic lock and thats it? really? 1 dot is like what 100k dmg over 15 seconds? I think this spell needs a rework, delete the spell entirely or something, I mean lets be honest the way you kill a Dh is by CC'ing so that he cant META and if he does, prevent him from attacking some way. would it be absurd to let it reverse the effect of fear or polly back to the caster? thoughts and opinions? I'm in no way moaning or groaning but the tooltip made it seem fun and kind of trollish? lol but its as useful as chaos bolt...Callmeclumsy6 2d
2d please dont make legion like wod The main reason why I didn't like WoD arenas was because of elongated slow paced games that were extremely predictable. Now that the game is becoming more and more balanced I seem to be going into dampening more and more. I swear if legion becomes a lock/shaman dampen meta I'm going to quit this game. This doesn't apply to high burst comps like warrior/dh, and doesn't apply to bad teams that are easily beatable. Any thoughts?Allahuakbarx11 2d
2d I know what youre thinking blizzard "Warrior 2 stronK, smackem down with the 30% strength nerf" No. No. No. No. No. Don't do that you mongo nerf bat psychos. Start properly tuning problem abilities and stop blanket nerfing everything. You don't need to drop huge blanket nerfs for these 1500 players the first day of the season because they are all complaining. Give it more time and properly fix things instead of this stupid instant blanket nerf sh*t you're doing.Sadistz10 2d
2d Just came back from TBC, pleasantly surprised I was a 4 time gladiator in TBC and quit in early Wrath because of how broken PvP had become. Legion at first seemed a repeat of that mess, and I was resigned to just enjoy the much improved PvE. But as I've played more arena, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that Legion actually has the same feel as TBC in many matchups. Don't get me wrong, there are big problems. But arena doesn't feel unplayable to me. Casters are heavily underperforming, but the dev team is adjusting things already and casters will probably be fine soon.Iquitwow9 2d
2d Best race for pvp? Worgen male or Draenei maleCambra14 2d
2d safest class to alt for arenas? Hi, I was all heals last season and a bit tired of it so I wanted to alt for only arenas. What is the best dps class specifically for arenas that will continually do well and can get me into groups/rating pretty easily?Pathologic23 2d
2d Are we ever going to get PvP tuning? There's PvE damage tuning taking place this upcoming Tuesday based on early Emerald Nightmare parses, however, thanks to PvP templates, these will do little to change PvP balance. With regards to PvE balance, the developers have been pretty transparent. They explained they were collecting data, then explained how they wanted to delay damage tuning until raids began (still needed more data), and now, finally, have given us the exact date of their first tuning pass. PvP team (and Holinka), on the other hand, have said literally nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing during pre-season. Nothing during the first week of the season. Nothing. We have zero information from PvP team. Are we ever going to get any information here? Am I ever going to see the PvP templates now that the beta forums are gone? Preliminary arena ladders make it clear certain specs are great while others blow, are we planning to address that or not? p.s. Holinka you need triple the haste on Demonology's PvP template. Entire spec based on lengthy unprotected hardcasts with practically no haste? Really? Have you ever PvP'd as a caster at all?Hanazono4 2d
2d WW,HolyP,...X Now that the season has begun I'm curious on which class works great with a holy pally and windwalker monk for a 3s push team?Crotchshot3 2d
2d Fix 2v2 ladder display. Every time I try to see the 2v2 ladder I get this "There are no results to display." Fix please thanks.Onerctrl0 2d
2d Losing fist stun in pvp. Idk why anyone with at least 2 compatible braincells would ever take out fist stun for windwalker monks in pvp. First they made it a talent instead of baseline then decide to take it away completely in place of a 70% slow? If this goes through ill be unsubbing 100%, rip ww pvp and rip blizzard pvp developers common sense.Chunlî74 2d
2d Prot warriors? How are they right now pvp if talented correctly etc?Michaeltvx1 2d
2d Resto shaman reincarnate Me and a friend were playing a 2's match and we killed a resto shaman, he immediately reincarnated back to life. The enemy player count at the top of the arena UI showed only 1 player remaining on the other team however he was back alive and at full strength. After the arena I clearly had 1 killing blow. I looked at the shaman talents and didn't see anything that allowed this, am i missing something? or is this a bug?Salthar4 2d
2d More than FIVE windwalker monks have made it above 1800 already this season. WE MUST NERF THEIR DAMAGE, MOBILITY, AND CONTROL IMMEDIATELY!Djdirtdog14 2d
2d Can you prestige without reset honor? Is that in place yet? Or is that 7.1?Sonics1 2d
2d Legion arena: are you having fun yet? Was wondering if anyone feels significantly different about arena (3s specifically) now since WoD. I personally dislike it even more. The games are faster, but the meta is just trash atm. Melee seems to be very dominant atm, and the devs don't seem to know what they're doing with changes (rip ww fist of fury stun). Lmk your thoughts below.Joefuki53 2d
2d Duels(long overdue) Blizzard please reset cooldowns after duels and don't allow flying mounts while dueling. This will make dueling more popular.Yatusabes4 2d
2d Blue Post on the Datamined changes: ... Found in the pit that is General Discussion... Why don't they post this in Arena where it ACTUALLY matters?Kuroshî4 2d
2d Druids.. Where are druids sitting at the moment in PvP?Nezirith13 2d
2d 2.7k+ Exp'd, WW Wana get some rating before my nerfs get in. leave btags and i'll hit people up after I get home from work. I've been 2.5k+ on a lot of different classes and various specs since BC while playing on and off due to life as a child, now that I'm an A DULT I have a more steady schedule etc I play doing the mornings and right before work. 8am-2pm, 4pm-8pm EDT Any morning people need someone to do games with thats chill and looking to always push that never glad title hit me up. (Working on other class atm as well for multi comping.)Motoki4 2d
2d LF Boomkin Buffs please. This is getting a little ridiculous.Exty43 2d
2d 2.1 xp feral LF 3s team LF a squad to push with this season. Just looking for chill players motivated to push. I'm down to play any comp and have 2.1 xp with multiple comps and classes. I'm on everyday as well so hmu anytime. Storm#12592Sturmragin3 2d
2d the right way to roleplay Demon Hunters 2d
2d Looking for Gladius that shows kick lockouts Sup folks, I'm looking for the Legion version of Gladius that show kick lockouts, anyone has? Dankeshön~~Maxm2 2d
2d 3s comps Just curious what everyone is running currently or plan on running. Think I am going to try dk/feral/mw After I find a dk to play with Maybe a mw/lock/?Oritoc0 2d
2d LF friends Anyone wanna Que with me. I'm chill down with no voice or voice. just want games and friends :D Rayynne#1982Rayynne0 2d
2d Fury warrior still bad for pvp! This spec been trash since forever . Literally the only pan it was only viable was in in the worst xpan in wow history(WOD). What had made it bad in the first place was again introduce in legion, we take 30% more damage from main mechanic have 0 defensives, no parry abilities, and heals are less than rogues healing.The only reason u might see us top 10 in dmg is because the constant use of aoe abilities (mostly from hitting hunters and dk's pet) in battle grounds. then on top we have restrictions of the full use of a abilities as Blood thirst .T he talents for this spec was one of the worst blizz had to offer. I truly not sure why blizz don't see this as a problem when it comes down to pvp. You have to of hit your head on a dumb !@# tree to lose 1v1 to a fury warrior. There are many ideas that can address the hardship of this spec in pvp but none that had already been said. P.S the only hotfix this spec had was a slight increase of artifact ability proc.Kittyjj7 2d
2d Elite RNG I just wanted to draw attention to the Elite Gear being part of an RNG based system. I have no complaints about normal gear being awarded via RNG although that can be frustrating for some, but I think that Elite Gear should be Cosmetic and awarded via a currency system. As the sets themselves are only available for a given amount of time I feel like they shouldn't be RNG based. I'm 100% ok with the 2.2k Req btw. Not trying to QQ or anything, just thought I'd put my thoughts out there and see what other people think! Please keep feedback positive etc, in case Blizzard decides to bless us with their attention :DCorecky1 2d
2d Locks Yep it's early in the season but it is strange to see only 2 locks in top 250 ladder. They can't be that gimped, right?Genttry31 2d
2d Rogues can refer to this threadân0 2d
2d Nerf was Tuesday... Stop People please... I'm really sick of having to say this. Supatease asked, and Holinka answered... ALL of the nerfs went live when rated arena went live. Stop being derps. Or ya know... Unsubscribe because you're ignorant to the truth.Kuroshî13 2d
2d Basic Design Tip for Blizzard. The all in one button is always bad design aka Shadowstrike. Good design is abilities that require choice between other ability aka a chance to demostrate skiil. Simple example: Shadowstrike does the most damage, the most combo points, and instant mobility. Backstab does very low damage, less combo points, and no mobility. You never have a descion to make just spam shadowstrike everytime you can. Simple fix: Shadowstrike provide instant mobility but low damage and low combo point generation. Backstab provides the most damage, highest combo point generation and no mobility. Now you have to choose which ablity to use given the situation, the game is instantly better. Mind you, that is only the most basic example the game should be more complex than that, however, I am sad that blizzard failed at even the most basic level.Brutain4 2d
2d Fire Holinka.. This guy is a God damn idiot.. This is why we all cried to balance this !@#$ing %^-* storm before the expac went live so we wouldn't spend soo much time in a class only for it to be drastically changed after investing soo much ticking time in it. I'm convinced these !@#$ing idiots don't even play their own game. Just delete %^-*ing WW from the game it's !@#$ing useless now already was the least played class. I've never seen so many drastic changes and nerfs in so little time in the the history of this %^-*ing game. Then you have blanket nerfs across all classes that some don't need.. It's !@#$ing lazy and it's %^-*ing disgusting. Fire this !@#$ing idiot. We've been crying this %^-* for 2 !@#$ing expansions now. This guy has been NOTHING but bad for the game. Pvp is at a all time low for participation and will be %^-*ing dead by the time this s h i t storm clears up.Effenvodka15 2d
2d Frost mages. Holy !@#$ don't let them cast they do the most damage That or this is some artifact abuse going on because i was getting hit by frost bolts that were doing around 350k avg. Actually looking back their were a few games where people seemed to be doing pretty much unhealable damage and were doubleing my damage in a very short game. I thought i was just playing bad but is their some kinda of exploit with stats or something?Pluix7 2d
2d Healers - Godmode in 2s **Not looking for advice or critique on my personal performance, only sharing my experience and asking how others are doing against healers in 2s. After running 84 matches in 2s, with a record of 39/84. I can't help but feel like healers are just broken for 2s. Around 35 of the 45 losses were against Healer/DPS or Healer/Tank teams. Even with a strong cleave team, trying various strategies, focusing healer or split damage and lining up bursts, a GOOD healer seems almost impossible to kill with only 1 or 2 dps on them (compared to 3s or bgs) without help of the dampening mechanic caused by a dragged out match. I really don't mind losing to a good team, but going against a healer currently in 2s feels non competitive and like an almost guaranteed loss or dragged out match. On top of this, with Sep 21 hotfix, combined with specific class damage nerfs, healers will be even harder to kill: "The primary stat on all templates has been decreased by about 10%." Personal experience in 2s with Havoc DH main: *Unkillable healer Holy Paladin - Ultra God tier *Unkillable if good healers - Tier 1 Shaman - Can facetank MW Monk - Especially those box hugging monks *Killable healers Any priest - Tier 2 - 50/50 killable Resto druid - Tier 3 - 75/25 killable after treeformPwnmônster17 2d
2d Why is there no 2s ladder? Anyone know?Wârlock13 2d
2d Picking a Class is like Russian Roulette No point in asking, "What's good?" or "What alt should I roll?" Because literally anyone can get it. And by it I mean the big BBC nerf-bat that blizzard is swinging around seemingly arbitrarily. You could pick one of the lowest tier specs thinking you're safe and find yourself with even more nerfs (can I get an "Amen" from all the SV hunters and Ele shams in the house?). You can pick a class who's had a core ability since their inception and think, "if they nerf anything it certainly wont be this! Ask the Windwalkers how that's working out for them. (Might I also add they've now had their damage, mobility, and utility/cc all nerfed within a couple day's span). You can pick a spec that receives next to no complaints on any of the pvp forums. A spec that is objectively considered inferior than the other two specs for that particular class... and still get hammered so hard you'll wake up thinking you were a 90lb sorostitute who was just drugged and gang banged at a frat party. Ask the assassination rogues if they can even stand up straight now.. You can even pick a class that has received the large majority of complaints dating back to beta and find yourself receiving next to no nerfs, or nerfs to abilities that the good players for your class don't take in pvp anyway. Ask your friendly neighborhood Demon Hunter how he pulled off his last 1v4 while blindfolded. Moral of the story... its a crap shoot. Just throw up your hands, chug some vodka, pick a class, and pray that the current pvp dev team isn't on !@# the next time they get around to discussing said class. If they are, get ready to chug more vodka... that way you're still having fun when your class gets bent over.Seejae23 2d
2d good movie for BM hunters 2d
2d Artifact weapons and PVP Am I the only one who feels they are sending us mixed messages here? Gear and stats are equalized for PVP so players who play more don't have a big advantage over others... But artifact weapons that could theoretically take months to complete and not only greatly empower abilities but also add more abilities all together are going to be allowed (practically required) And then we have these rune type things that upgrade the weapons, and they can't even be acquired via PVP? Seems to me like this gives raiders and daily players a huge advantage over others... Also gives a big disadvantage to those who want to PVE and PVP in the same spec, since changing artifact weapon points is so costly... So I'm basically forced to PVP in one spec, and PVE in another, or sacrifice performance in one or the other to allow for the right choices to be made... Can anyone clear this up for me?Bloodemon55 2d
2d What comes to mind when you hear 'Holinka'? ?Lightlord67 2d
2d WW Monk 2's Montage 7.0.3 Hey Guys! In the first days of Rated, I have been putting together a montage of some highlights of my experience so far. I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave some feedback if you have any! 2d
3d Hpals, Arms Wars, Priests SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW GODS, UNDERLINGSPoupmcgee13 3d
3d To the Nerf Haters/Buff Whiners If you have a problem with nerfs ( or feel your class should be buffed)--don't put the power in Blizzard's hands to tune the game. Manage the class balance yourself. E.g, If you think Shadowstrike should be removed from the game: simply remove it from the game yourself. If you think Melee damage/mobility is too high at the moment, simply Nerf the damage/ mobility as well. If you don't think Demon Huntards need a ranged interrupt--simply make it a melee ranged interrupt yourself. If you're angry that you have to participate in PVE raids to be gear viable for PVP templates--simply solo the raids. Oh wait, you can't do any of that--LOL!Hemispheres1 3d
3d Melee for 2s I want a melee for 2s, because i'd like something to alternate from than a caster. I have a feral, and while it's awesome for spread pressure in 3s, it doesn't do so well in 2s. What do you guys think? I want it to be engaging/fun/reactive whilst also strong and not a monk.Roxycodone2 3d
3d What was the point of a pvp beta? What was the point of a lengthy max - level pvp beta? There were months of changes and balancing done, yet less than a month after release of the game major game breaking changes are being implemented with zero testing.Sodrunk8 3d
3d Ele/Resto Help - Noob Hello all, I'm hoping to get a bit more involved in arenas this expansion. I'm hoping to arena as Ele (I know, won't be easy at the moment) and/or possibly resto depending on how things go/if I can get the hang of it. That said I have a few questions, as I have little experience and don't have/never had a high rating. 1. What comps compliment a resto/ele shaman? 2. What sort of "build/talents" would be an optimal start to improve with said comps ^? I assume most people play as rest/enh now a days, so if anyone can attempt to explain to me the basics of healing in an arena that would be great, and much appreciated. (Ele too if anyone has the know-how). As far as resto is concerned my understanding is: - LoS from enemy - Dispell enemy curses - Purge enemy buffs - (Something about tour CDs?) - And communicate well with team (but that's a given for all comps/games) Thanks in advance to those that help, CheersGandulor1 3d
3d Tank nerfs? The idea that Tanks don't belong in PvP is biased and outdated with the new Legion systems. There is no reason 6 specs shouldn't have access to both PvE and PvP. The templates and PvP talents could have been used to give Tanks an actual design in PvP that's unique and viable, such as support characters in arena. Now, with them taking 25% more damage in PvP, they aren't even good in their traditional role as flag carriers and node protectors in Rated Battlegrounds. The defensive capability of some tanks (like Blood and Vengeance) is further hurt by the nerfs to primary stats across the board, because they need damage/attack power to heal. Tanks are softer than a dps, do less damage than a dps, and still have less CC than a Mage/Warlock/Boomkin/Rogue. So is this an intentional finger by the developers or just a sincere oversight?Felcrusher17 3d
3d Any Warlock Streams? Just wondering if any locks are streaming atm. Haven't had a chance to play much at 110 and am curious how warlocks are looking at higher ratings.Mdskpr2 3d
3d DK Caster Comp I want to play a caster with my DK friend, but not Warlock because this class is terrible design right now (spec just feels empty compared to how it used to be) What caster should I play with a DK? Mage, Moonkin or Spriest?Karagh10 3d