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15m Ashran Time for some Alliance Ashran tonight! 8pm est Going to snipe a premade. Gonna try anyway :) juga#1485Jugaa457 15m
20m Stupid DPS morons! No peels, no heals!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! This is priceless yet so typical: I was in a Gilneas BG, and I'm the only healer on my team. I'm running around, going to each node, and getting focused and killed almost immediately. NOBODY PEELED. So at the end, when it was clear Alliance would win, I just sat at the Mines and waited for the BG to end. And what do I see? Two moron DPS talking about how "the healer should heal at the nodes we are attacking." I sent them both a whisper and said: "Idiot. NOBODY PEELED FOR ME!!! I died at each node over and over again. NO PEELS, NO HEALS!!!" I then put each of them on ignore. Seriously, some of the DPSers out there are just entitled morons. It's just amazing. They want heals but won't lift a finger to protect their healer, then they complain later on. (Edit: I posted this in another thread but I think it deserves its own since this is such common behavior by dumb DPS players)Lowhangers50 20m
31m How to Kill the Melee Trains! Bring back PVP gear - This allowed casters later in expansion to tip the scales on the melee. While the dedicated melee pvpers still did very well. FOTM classes were still there but still had to gear up a bit. Fresh 110s can have bolstered stats as they do now to be competitive but not be on = playing ground minus AP points. By no means is melee OP - But they dominate random battleground/rated arenas. Where casters do the best in rated battlegrounds. (spread pressure damage go balanced go afflocks)Xunoctra0 31m
44m Thread to stop the mongloid Cast your vote. Mongloid is so brainless. Never has pvp been this bad.Waterstone10 44m
52m Is anyone even enjoying bgs or pvp? I dont know but I'm losing all interest in pvp all together. I like the expansion but pvp is getting to be like watching a bad rerun that you just cant stop watching. I just feel like its just has no balance it feels clunky.Qtïp91 52m
1h this game is disgusting there is 0 room for any individual skill anymore because each class is exactly the same and basically presses only 4 buttons to spam a pve rotation into the enemy. there is no room for skill. at all. everyone just mashes buttons with 0 room for outplaying anyone. im done now. i thought i was only bored of the game because my main classes got destroyed in their dumb !@# redesigning, but nope. every class is the same now. just dumbed down garbage that is somehow more simplistic than a moba. canceling sub now. was planning on playing this until nostalrius comes out again on december 17th but nope. it's just absolutely disgusting to play this game and see what it has become.Kåmi6 1h
1h WOW PVP ISNT FUN THIS XPACK hear me out. ive been playing this game since TBC and always focused on PVP because i found it to be the most fun. WoD pvp was tragic and Legion was a beacon of hope so i bought the xpack. -The new honor talents are cool, but amount of time to farm them on alts isnt. - RNG gear from arena is cancer. many 2400+ players dont even have eliet set due to RNG - No pvp templates in wpvp on a pvp realm is lame. watching people 1 shot each other regardless of their honor talent level is sad. - no new bgs in 3 years? Dafuk? (trashan doesn't count sorry raids aint fun) - game is only based on 3s yet still broken, 2s is unplayable and the removal of 2s/3s shirmishes que was stupid. i stopped queing on my Spriest because all i get is 2s vs mele. - PVP QW doesnt feel like pvp at all. (towers are a joke lol) and arena has no templates + 100% damage buffs. (apparently the devs find that fun and fair) -dalarn serwers could of been fun but it got turned into a stupid pve farming spaming for eyes, rat mount and hidden skins (also no templates) LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANT - i feel like the pvp community is dying. before legion i could chill outside of org and duel people, chat with people and share tips and make friends, now that zone is dead due to NO pvp stats being activated in duels. i feel like im a solo player atm in a MMO which sucks!! i havent made any new friends here in weeklys. while when i play overwatch, not only its freaking fun, balanced & has new events happening each single match i play win or lose i made friends and have lots of laughs. that used to be my experiences playing wow but it hasent been like that for the past 2 years. maybe its just time for me to move on, WOW is just now what it used to be.Lmfaø33 1h
1h Frost dks HAHAHAHAHA HA Kinda hard to take pvp seriously when a dps class has more hp than a tank Seriously 2 minutes into the bg the frost dk has almost 50m damage done What. A. Joke.Bullcôwsby67 1h
1h These anti-melee threads are ironic (Data) More Boomkin than most melee combined. Add Affliction, Spriest, and MM and it isn't even close. Must be nice sitting in the back with your PVE rotations and racking up the kills with no worries.Tingoodoo53 1h
1h Poll: Do you win random bg's? I was talking to a coworker the other day about video games when I found out he plays WoW. Turns out he plays Horde but he want to switch to Alliance so he could play with someone he knows irl (me). He also said he was sick of losing bg's all the time. This took me off guard, because literally the day before I lost 14 bg's and won 3 of them. I said are you sure? I'm pretty sure Horde wins more on the PvP front nowadays. But we swore up and down he always loses most of the time as Horde as well. He said "well if Alliance always loses too I guess I might as well lose with 2 minute ques rather than 10 minute ques". When I got home, I decided to look up some statistics. To no surprise, Horde has a 60 percent win rate in every bg except AV and IoC (since every Horde has it blacklisted at this point). I talked to a few guildies to makes sure it wasn't just me and they said they they said they lose most of the time as well. But after what he said, it makes me wonder, regardless of your faction, do you find yourself losing bg's all the time? 50/50? Or winning most of time? Please keep in mind this is an actual poll/question. Please no troll or rude answers. Thanks.Rinlack50 1h
2h I am absolutely disgusted with Boomkin PvP Absolutely disgusted. It is abysmal, it has to be the worst spec in the game to PvP with. Nothing about it is fun, I can kill someone as long as I am not being attacked but once someone gets on me there is a !@#$ing thing I can do. I wont out damage a Mage/Spriest and I can't get away from ANY MELEE because every %^-*ing melee has 2-3 gap closers. I am just so upset about this.Zawolf46 2h
2h No Healers Just going to throw this up again because it's becoming pretty apparent that the game creates impossible to win scenarios in BGs. It is NOT fair to have one side have 2-3 healers with the other having 0.Popsicled39 2h
2h TANKS tanks should not be able to out dps the dps and take no damage in bgs ... Also rogues could use some of the CC you stole from us, you let everyone other class keep aoe stuns and multiple pets.. give rogues a break give us back gouge and stealth..Shadowkiss10 2h
2h Best Horde PVP server (random battlegrounds) I understand this topic is subjective and you may not know how other realms are, but I am curious to know which realm horde almost always wins in random BGs. The server I am currently on is garbage and I hardly ever win lol. I know that they're "random" so you play with multiple realms, but certain realms are grouped together so it may be possible to find a better realm than the one I am on. Anyways feel free to drop your input in the comment section. Thanks! (I am on the west coast)Áshbrìngér5 2h
3h More stuns please! Did the new class really need an AOE stun? There are too many stuns in pvp right now. It is not fun to be stun-locked and killed. I mean, when you have 5v1 the odds of you killing them all are very slim, but I'd like to at least get one, or a fighting chance at least. Of course though, I am just complaining, cause nobody else has this issue right? If you give me a thumbs down, please explain why my statement isn't true.Ebonaegis28 3h
4h Problems with Isle of Conquest Okay, so I don't know how Blizzard can justify this battleground being broken for years. It provides a huge advantage to Alliance, for the following very simple reasons (known to anyone on Horde side who has played in it): - Alliance are closer to docks - Horde have to traverse two narrow bridges (choke points) to get the glaives within striking distance of the Alliance gate - Alliance have to travel a shorter distance with the glaives in order to cause damage to the Horde gate - Horde boss room is designed so that being mass Feared does not reset the boss; conversely, the Alliance room has two doorways, thus providing added routes for feared players to be taken out of the boss room, resetting his health Taking all of the above into account, and looking at the win-loss ratio across this BG -- which I know will show a large Alliance advantage -- why has Blizzard not done anything to correct this? It is nearly impossible to get the 100 wins required for Isle of Conquest Master (for Horde), without it taking several years. I did the math, using my experience: Having been back on WoW for about a month and a half, I have only won 2 IoCs, and I always leave it in the queue rotation, so it pops about 90% of the time. It's really frustrating that Blizzard can just ignore such a glaring flaw in their game, which adversely affects thousands, if not millions of players. This is like Alterac Valley all over again, and lends further credence to my long-held belief that Blizzard has an Alliance bias. Remember the Orc shoulders that took months to get fixed? How about the state of Horde-side PvP over the last few years (e.g., modification of racial abilities to benefit the Alliance)? Look at the top ladders of rated PvP during WoD...disproportionate Alliance representation would be an understatement. I get that Blizzard has no obligation to do anything about this stuff, and they likely couldn't care less. However, at least an explanation would be nice, as someone who has to deal with this crap every day. And I hate Alliance, so re-rolling is not an option.Bloughmi126 4h
4h All my classes are crap Sounds like the title of a teenage novel, I know, but it's true. I've never been a FOTM kinda guy. I've always played Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, and Mage. I've leveled all of the other classes to cap during one expansion or the other and I just don't feel them. The cool thing in previous expansions is that one of my favs was always pretty strong and although I usually played the underdog spec (like SV hunter, Firemage, Sin Rogue, and Prot War), I was always able to be competitive with it. Now none of these specs are any good and I'm not sure what to do. It's killing my desire to PvP, which is pretty much the only reason I play anymore. Thank you for reading my !@#$post. I just wanted to express my feefees.Tehama17 4h
5h Super Duper Forum Thread [BG LOUNGE #3] This thread encourages Battleground/PVP discussion and networking with hopes of finding new people with which to play WoW. As such, feel free to post you btag information and what form of pvp you wish to play. If you have hostility towards a certain poster(s) we ask you to leave the thread and not intentionally stir the pot. For any troll comments, please click the 'ignore' button and do not engage as it risks getting the thread removed. This thread was created by Punk, however, the rules are as follows: When a thread caps at post #501, a new one can be created by anyone. The title should read [BG LOUNGE], include a unique title, and a sequential number. The title should not contain inappropriate language, subject matter, or be used to call anyone out.Forum Moderator: Goroxxiggam Previous thread: Name suggested by: Meiping ---------------------------------------------------- This thread is dedicated to Light, our fearless off-topic leader.Punk199 5h
5h Boomie or elemental So i've been trying to decide for a week now whether i level a boomkin or a elemental shaman. I plan on doing mostly bg's and i would like to sometimes play healer too and do some raids on the side. Can you guys give me some feedback on how those 2 classes feels in pvp for 7.1 and 7.1.5?Tianah6 5h
6h Why is Horde losing all of a sudden? I win almost all matches as horde, but starting today we not only lose but get steamrolled all day.... Its so weird, what the heck is up.Tastey3 6h
6h rouges are horrible now you took rogues out of bg we are unplayable atm.. we need a stealth back or gouge so we can survive the endless aoe stuns..Shadowkiss22 6h
6h Allowing all classes a fighting chance Can blizz please come to the point of making the game some what balanced.... I hate the fact that because your a certain class or spec you know you stand absolutely no chance against others.... I also dont want to have to play something because its the flavor of the month..... I know a lot of people disagree but the game needs to come to that point.Lycaön14 6h
7h Melee are Out of Control in PVP Title says it.Jeremoose96 7h
7h Got kicked from BG for being AFK, wasnt afk. Yeah so tonight doing BG's get a WSG group that starts getting salty we were losing so people were reporting each other for afk. I got the idle debuff after dying and ressing at the graveyard and even though I was attacking players it didnt remove it because enough people in the BG reported me. GG blizz love how your systems cant be abused by dickheads at all.Volatilis3 7h
7h Alterac Valley *OP's Note: I know I am going to get a lot of negative responses and down votes, but be nice. :) So, I was wondering if maybe we could get an increase on reinforcements in AV or a buff to side missions. I understand why AV had the cap put on it and how long the game would be, but it's not the same AV I used to know and love. Players spend more time zerging or turtling AV then doing the side missions. I think these features give players a TRUE AV experience and I would like to see them returned and scaled. These features are true game changers when use at the right time, but w/ every expansion I've seen small groups of enemy players eradicate them easily. I say it's time for a change, and I propose that we buff Lorok, Ivus, the calvery and air support, so that they have a significant damage boost. I will also suggest we bring updated models to the Forest and Ice Lord. Same AV new look! Let's make AV great again!Phluorescent82 7h
8h why do low cr groups care about pushing? to me, its a non tryhard group and a good way to experiment with talents and playstyle.Secsie10 8h
8h Melees really arent that strong. L2P I was reminiscing about the good ole days of BGs during Wrath by watching some videos. What I saw were Warriors with SM leaping into groups of 3 or 4 people, popping Bladestorm taking everyone to like half health, then finishing them all off. Also saw lots of people taken out in onIy 2 shots. I watched Ferals put up bleeds on a target then switch to another cause the first was guaranteed to die. Unholy DKs...LOL. I remember in my own BGs where alliance got GY camped by a resto druid and Arms warrior duo. 2 people literally camped 9 others for the entire duration of the BG. Wasnt 10 cause I stopped rezzing and just watched. Now lets look at pvp in Legion. Im sorry but I have yet to be killed in 2 or even 3 hits by a warrior. If a kitty bleeds me I dont panic. Even Rets and Frost DKs arent yoloing into a group of 4 defenders and blowing them all up in mere seconds. Im not seeing 2 people GY camp an entire opposing team. So please tell me again how melees are supposedly OP when they arent killing people in seconds like they have in the past. If anything they need buffs to bring them closer in line with 3.0 melees.Lythria26 8h
8h Why honor points from a BG when i'm not 110 I noticed while lvling, that on completion of a random BG i am rewarded a crate of goods but 150 as well. My question is were does the honor go? Because i cannot collect it.Matraiei0 8h
8h Most active twink bracket? Top three in ascending to descending order, please and thank you :)Moonprowl16 8h
8h Demo lock outhealing healers Admittedly it's the 90-100 bracket but how is this possible. I really hope it gets toned down by time I'm 110Getwreckedd7 8h
9h Does DH destroy DK? IN a BG Popped all my CDs, he obliterates me as a big demon. and then obliterates the next guy. 2v1. Is it because i don't have all honor talents and low AP? Used perfect arena rotation/setup.Blackpower4 9h
9h Cant see enemy team on scoreboard before game Is anyone else only able to see your own team when you open the scoreboard until the game starts? A reload fixes it but this happens to me every game. I'm wondering if this is a bug or intended.Kisara11 9h
9h Does Honor reset after this Season? I don't pvp Much, but haven't reached Prestige LVL 1 (working on it for my other appearance for artifact) When Season 1 ends, will everything reset?Roggthar4 9h
10h Best 1v1 classes (in pvp template)? What do you think it is? I know ReT pally but who else.Wangdoodle2 10h
10h Warlocks are training dummies for melee title speaks for itself. Also note that affliction is the best training dummy, because if it gets interrupted, the school of shadow will be locked and this is its only school of magic, and it doesn't have any mobility to kite, so interrupts are literally a stun for Afflictions. I'm not even gonna mention the mount of stuns every class has except warlocks and most of all affliction. I mean there is a fuking 9 sec stun on monk.Serotype22 10h
10h Real truth about melee in PVP Want the truth? Melee is easier to kill than a casting class. The exception? Priest. Best Melee Class? Demon Hunter. If anything is out of control, its casting classes like Mages, Locks, Monks, Druids. 80% of Arena matches that had Melee is what we targeted first because we knew it would be quick kill. Matches we would end up losing often times was heavily caster oriented on the other team. So any post crying about Melee is plain BS.Vrillon17 10h
11h Farewell 4 eva :( Unfortunately I've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. There are so many things I would love to do before my time in this world ends. I know many of you will miss me when I am gone but I have to leave. Sorry for parting this community so abruptly. I can't play WOW anymore because I get too emotional (i cri evrytiem) and it's not good for my well being. I wish all of the best of luck and Happy Holidays. Take care of yourselves and remember to plant a tree and recycle reduce reuse. terminal illness: 1 Earthbringer: 0 :(Earthbringer66 11h
12h No reward for rated battle grounds?? I'm just wondering if there is an incentive to play in the rated battle grounds or not. I haven't played much in the past couple of years so I don't really have a guild or know anyone to group up with, and lately when i try to run some BG's on any of my toons I keep getting sacked against pre-made groups. So what the hell are the rated BG's for if almost every random BG requires a pre made group for? shouldn't there be some kind of reward for the people who group up and go into rated bg's to make it worth their while to help prevent them from owning the random bg's? also I have heard plenty of people already say the same old bull!@#$ response "so make some friends and start your own pre made" .....yeah, if I knew enough people who liked pvp I would have already started a group, but I wouldn't go trolling randoms like a c*** I would actually try challenging myself against other pre mades. ganking pugs for easy victories isn't really my thing. anyway I just think Blizzard needs to think about properly rewarding people in the rated BG's so maybe some of the pre mades will go there and leave the pugs to fight pugs.Thorsin1 12h
13h Overwatch/Heroes of the Storm - WoW I am not a fan of battlegrounds or arenas, I enjoyed Ashran and did it a lot in WoD but I love going against other players infinitely more on Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. I play both of these games all the time and I a step away from Masters ranking. I really love the mog rewards and other pvp benefits in WoW for my characters but I just hate the pvp. Would it be reasonable to be able to play Overwatch or Heroes of the storm in competitive ranked mode or otherwise and turn off the rewards for the game you're currently playing and in exchange receive rewards for a character in WoW from your wins in the other games? I love PVE on WoW but for PVP I would grind Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm even if the rewards are half of what you would get for doing BGs on WoW or even 1/4th.Jindo2 13h
14h people on arathi flag Hello everyone, i would like to talk about people gets on top of the arathi flag being out of range to be attacked, how often this happen? is it that what blizz thought doble jump be for? 14h
15h Alternate to wins only for Weekend Event Can we change it so that the Weekend bonus is for Battlegrounds played or better yet HKs earned instead of wins? Obviously doesn't happen every time but when you go 4/15 for the quest instead of 4/8 it sure feels bad.Trevmight6 15h
15h Nerf Melee Plz Obviously, way OP in Pvp. They have too much damage and CC.Bodytriangle0 15h
16h PLEASE!!!!! For the love of all thats holy, please let me opt out of getting put into a random BG thats already in progress, OR at LEAST dont que people into on that has less than 5 minutes left. They are ALWAYS a waste of time. Im so salty about this.Justair5 16h
17h Bots / hacks / Kickbots all over the place So, today a ally Paladin from Frostmourne was on Divine Steed.....through out the extent of a WSG! I mean all the way! Capped all three flags while on the same steed in under 3 mins flat. game over. On another match a monk was kicking everything, even my Demonic circle which is about 0.45 secs cast for me. In yet another match, all 10 from the same server in a raid grp against us in a BG. And then in temple of Kotmogu, another Forstmourne player holding orb inside the bloody wall. so yea, great PVP experience nowadays. Request bans pls. ty, have nice day.Kansa3 17h
17h Marmonship hunter Can someone explain how they work All i see in combat log 10x aimed shot windshot marked shot in 4 seconds and im deadSamsang14 17h
17h forced grouping for regular bgs, being forced to group with people that aren't even trying to win makes for the worst gaming experience. total lack of coordination, strategy or even the basic ability to follow a plan (why we need to define the plan every time after 10+ yrs of the same bgs is beyond me...) i'd swear there are people whose sole goal is to see if they can get others to follow their irrelevant decisions, knowing it'll lead to a quick lose. As an example, the AV i just left, after waiting 15 minutes for the solo queue, i watched as a small group told everyone to focus on SHGY... while alliance had the relief hut. (hello? they're ress'ing in our base w/ 3/4 towers down). only me and 4 others on back cap, the rest just derpin thru to a quick loss. this was the first non-premade i've played in a very long time. i can understand why people don't like pvp ... it was a pure, unadulterated, cluster-dance. just sad. as an extra bonus, the artifact power/hour doing bgs is pathetically low (doesn't help to be radically undergeared since i'm done doing quests and other pve bs). this results in less people queuing up for bgs on both sides. gg blizz... could've seen that coming if you spent 5 minutes thinking about it. if blizz has any intention of saving this game, they better take a day and solve this (yes yes... i know they won't. if we don't post they won't 'know' there's a problem) (now the trolls will downvote me to -50 or better for daring to point out the obvious)Tinystomper11 17h
17h Twin Peaks (map abuse) lol I was doing rated bgs and I ran into a comp that used the alliance restoration hut to their advantage by having a demon hunter climb onto it and then having a monk teleport to the ally and hold the flag on the roof before demon hunters there wasn't a way to get on the roof, should this mechanic be removed? Would it bother you? There was no way to kill the flag carrier, we could not get to him in any intended way unless we had gap closers, but a warrior wouldn't be able to charge up this hut as we tried twin peaks already had a quality of life change in rateds by having players spawn, then be moved to the floor of the graveyard in front of it as to prevent this kind of abuse of mechanics, the hut needs to be patched this kind of mechanic being put into the game is almost intended and i say this because in blackrook hold you can vault over the wall as a demon hunter and no other class, the same goes tigers peak why are these mechanics in the gameVinex9 17h
18h We just beta tested tanks in INSTANCED PvP I will try and make this short. Personally I have been playing WoW since the game came out in 2004 in both PvE and PvP. This was 99% of the time on my main Rolent a rogue. When I decided to play Legion I also made the choice for the first time time to play a tank and play both PvE and PvP. I can tank for my friends and wife in PvE and have a fun different role when I am leading RBG's and doing arena. Looking at the Honor talents it seemed like the great team at Blizzard was really going to try and make the role of the tank work in INSTANCED PvP especially with the success of the role in Overwatch. Fast forward to now and all the time and effort I put in for my Artifact and rep etc. Going from Sunday to today I would rather you just have told us we can't que for INSTANCED PvP then what you folks have done. We lost 10% total dmg, had our PvP templates dmg lowered on top of that and now we also take 25% more dmg. All three of these changes effect INSTANCED PvP where there was no possible way you could say with the lowered PvP template PLUS we do 15% less dmg to players already before these changes that this seems fair at all. I work just like you very talented folks at Blizzard ( I manage a large Data Center ) and this game is a fun stress reliver. In my opinon I feel lied to about tanks in INSTANCED PvP with the recent changes and all the time and effort I put in means if Tanks want to enjoy both parts of the game they are REQUIRED to level two artifacts. If I had know this before hand I would have just played my Rogue. I feel very sad about this and would like some clarification on these changes for INSTANCED PvP. In World PvP I currently could care less if we take 300% more dmg as a tank but the change to tanks in INSTANCED PvP feel lazy and wrong. Please tell me you folks forgot how these changes would effect INSTANCED PvP because if not I feel like I just Beta tested tanks for you guys since Legion was released and that just isnt fair. Thanks for you time. RLMRolentu333 18h
18h Q's are gonna be sweet this week. Get after it ya momos.Cajunfries3 18h