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1m Does all melee... In regards to random bg's, do all melee ignore the objective when they see an enemy Shadow Priest? I have noticed this trend. Melee run past enemy melee and healers to train the Shadow Priest. Hey Blizzard...if I can't completely shut down a melee then he shouldn't be able to completely shut me down either.Musclehead31 1m
4m Bgs lately Its either on point domination ……or an episode of the real life and everyone is on drugs. Would be cool to have some middle ground. I like close even games.Solz8 4m
5m 19 twink xpoff thread! a thread for 19 twinks out there looking for like minded 19 twinks to play and discuss the current 19 twink meta my btag is saxx#6426 looking forward to great discussion as well as content from fellow 19 twinkersSaxx270 5m
8m Cant use my items in PVP WHYYYY I cant use my items in BGs and they were so much fun. something as reminiscent as noggenfogger now gone. I cant even get bloody coins. Holinka and the fun gestapo at it againDaytradrvadr24 8m
8m ele is last in damage so lets make them first by retarded margins. frost is unplayable so lets make them invincible tanks the devs are noobs. I guess we are back to square one with the new devs. they have to relearn all the lessons that we had all learned 10 years ago. greeeeaaaat take the highest damage dealers and make them garbage in a patch that comes out mid pvp season. so that everyone who almost had something get nothing and the ones who have nothing almost get something til the next season starts right when they are about to faceroll to victory. I really wish theyd make playing the game part of the development process..... and not pve... its always pve... the devs always think pve is is the priority of this game... because they don't know any better.... only when they lose millions of subs do they realize.Lèto16 8m
8m Shadowmeld not dropping combat? Anyone else getting this problem? Only really tested in BGs. I can typically shadowmeld->stealth but it hasn't been happening for me this morning. Not sure if it's related to the stealth bug that was around.Uq8 8m
10m Locks Need a Nerf!!! Locks Need a BIG nerf. 840k+ Crit from Chaos Bolt. You don't see warriors crits that high. we are lucky to get 250k. hopefully the image works.Pormixius28 10m
28m Q as damage and healer for Alliance and... and guess what happens, constantly chosen as damage pulled into 4/5 randoms with zero healers........................ Started queuing as heals only, wait time went from less than one min to 6 mins.Unférth1 28m
37m Will blizzard revert pvp back? Do you guys think they'll bring in vendors again? And make some serious changes to pvp? Or will they stick to their "guns" and hold out till we all die out lol. Pvp has lost its spice for me:(Ferggie21 37m
48m Rogues nerfed into the ground Why in the !@#$ does blizzard hate rogues so much? I now have ZERO survivability and I'm supposed to be a high output damage dealer but I can't even come close to half the damage a DK or Warlock can do. As my frost DK I can 100 to zero a rogue in about 7 seconds. As my rogoue I can pop Vendetta, open with a 100% boosted Garrote, drop a 6 point rupture, blow exsang and maybe bring someone to 70% before my bleeds drop. If there is a Ret pally around he auto cleanses all my poisons every 2 seconds and has so many bubbles and absorbs then turns and two shots me with Ashes into a TV. Long story short: Blizzard has buttfukced rogues into uselessness. If you have 2 other rogues with you, you might be able to 3v1 someone.Delacroix36 48m
49m Holinka giant post on gear for wins First bg win I get a swiftness potion Holinka needs to bend over like Ace Ventura because he is always talking out of his buttKugsneak16 49m
53m WTF !@#$ty New Tab Targing System Before Tab Selcting enemy would target Players 80-90% of time and pets the rest of the time, now I target everything on the battlefield , totems, every god dam pet including the 100 imps from demonology and even rats running around on the ground before I finally select a player. Great work blizzard, retards.Wizbasky10 53m
56m @Ashran So it would it seem, Ashran is broken beyond repair and inaccessible through all means of access. Or simply... they simply shut it down without notice. You may hate the terribly designed PVE zone, but we all know, you silently run ashran and ENJOY the less frustrating grind, that is solo-queing non-rated BGs.Absurdistic17 56m
1h No pots, enchants or banners? What gives? I'm dissatisfied and disappointed with random bgs. If that's the case for more 'casual' gameplay, can we be able to use all of those in rated battlegrounds? Why remove all of those anyway? I go into a bg with a 2hr 1000g flask and when I exit it, I have no flask buff. Are you devs going for like a 3 class with all same spells type of scenario? 1 spell to heal 1 for defense 1 for interrupt?Packofcrows2 1h
1h 7.1 Random bg legendarily Rumors say that legendarily have a chance to drop in 7.1 random bgs. is this true?Lmfaø2 1h
1h Removing fun from randoms. So does blizzard plan on removing all the fun out of a battleground? You can't use anything in them anymore. From rockets to battle standards, even my vender food and bandaids didnt work. Is this what the game is now?Spliter118 1h
1h 7.1 Return to Ashran? I know you got rid of the Ashran forum so you didn't have to read negative post after negative post, but I'm hoping that someone at Blizzard actually reads these PvP forums and can respond. When queuing Ashran, there is now no timer and it just sits on 'In Progress' forever. Is Ashran closed in 7.1? Undergoing maintenance while we explore Karazhan? Some sort of response would be nice instead of us just sitting in a non-existent queue all day.Undercover1 1h
1h No Noggenfogger In BGs!!! Holinka. Please. Hear me. So much of vanilla has been brutally and remorselessly axed from the game. However, I could still drink Noggenfogger in random BGs. Do you want to remove the slow fall? OK. Do you want to remove the shrink? OK. But remove my skeleton form Noggenfogger? Why Holinka. You've removed a classic for no real gain.Sstyle8 1h
1h Thorns Blizzard please fix thorns. It is just like counter strike totem right now except even more retard friendly. Thanks. To respond to some comments: ... I play a healer as well, doesn't mean you need a retarded ability to deal with the issue. Rdruid is currently a higher represented class than H pal as well, especially after the buffs they were given prior to 7.1. The biggest issue is that thorns can be given to another player. A Rdruid that knows he/she is about to be CCed can throw this onto the teammate most likely to be tunneled and make them a target that cannot be burst down because those players would essentially burst themselves down, negating the value of their CC on the Rdruid - A class already very difficult to CC due to poly immunity and mobility. ... Counterstrike actually required an IQ to get value out of it. You need to properly place it at the correct time, otherwise it is just a totem that will be instantly killed. That is the issue with my previous thread, a bunch of 1500 players who think the ability isn't broken because they see no value from it. Current thorns, even a 1500 player will see value from that is fairly significant. They can now position terrible and still not be a focus target potentially. ... I agree tunneling healers is bad, but this is affecting 1 healer, who is currently near or tied with the #1 healing spot in both arena and RBGs, they weren't struggling before this. This also doesn't make sense to give the Rdruids because they aren't having issues being tunneled, it is the lower mobility healers such as H pals and Rshams that are. If you think thorns is something an Rdruid will keep on themselves, you are not even thinking outside the box. The largest issue with the ability is when they give it to other players being focused. This ability can completely negate the fact that you got the defensives from a player because this buff is acting like a long-duration touch of karma on steriods that cannot be purged. ... The only person who is using their brain is the Rdruid in choosing who to throw thorns onto. The dps are just being cheated out of kills because of how broken the ability is. Rdruid's partner out of defensives? Answer: Thorns the teammate! If you rotate thorns, it can be insanely hard to get enough defensives to land a kill before the Rdruid's team tunnel the other healer's teammates to death. I see lots of brain usage there. Lets make it so you have no viable kill targets even though you managed to get the enemy player's defensives through proper cd usage. ----------- The ability does too much damage right now, to the point it is like touch of karma on crack.Healbotuser28 1h
1h Huge BG Player Icons Has anybody else noticed how big the player icons on the world map in a bg are? Since 7.1 they are so big I can't even see objectives.Thræll1 1h
1h You call it a "Hotfix" I love how the patch comes out and the same day you have a hotfix completely screwing up pvp classes. Call me someone wearing the tin foil hat, but when I logged onto the home page of wow all I see is patch 7.1 and no idea about the hotfix. Now I've been playing this game for years and going between my classes getting the daily wins on pvp I noticed right off the bat something was off. I had to find out from a youtuber about this hotfix! I mean you couldn't just release the two together and call it 7.1? The "Hotfix" seems like something to fix bugs, but it was mostly for pvp changes that seemed planned already and could have been put into the 7.1 pvp patch notes. The best part is you can see patch notes before they are released and people talk about them and give feedback, the whole nine yards. Yet with a hotfix you can't see what's coming and surprise everyone...huh funny right? So instead of having these changes in the patch notes blizzard puts them in a "hotfix" so they don't get backlash early on and people demanding that they not implement it. I've come to believe this shady "hotfix" will be the first of many.Deathimation5 1h
1h Make PvP templates apply for PvP world quests I am sick of being blown apart in 2 GCDs by raiders.Tastymuffins0 1h
1h SotA Super Buggy? Have had several matches now with SotA where people cannot use the demos or turrets fire button, as well as lost a game because nobody could place any bombs down for the yellow gate. Just a 'You can't do this yet' repeated over and over and the button greyed out as soon as you even neared the gate. Are these legion only bugs or has this been going on for a while?Sachtat2 1h
1h Blizzard pls bring back fun in random bgs!!! Pls Blizzard, they are not rated. They are for the lols and very fun. Let us use items and flasks again. Gibe me toys in bg pliase!!Drewie2 1h
2h Heyoooo Bayter Thanks for these wins tonight breh.Horrlock2 2h
2h DK's are fine guys *proof Who is greenlighting this !@#$?Repulse0 2h
2h Never any healers Why never any healers in random bgs? Can blizz nerf hybrid dps specs so u make people heal ok thank youMaineventz2 2h
3h PVP no longer even fun This may sould like crying, but since this a Warcraft board about PVP on the actually Warcraft site, I am writing it on the outside chance those in the development community who care about fun can take note of one long time subscriber's issue. PVP is simply no longer fun. I get it about the stats/gear, I get it that hunters have had their time (and for the best of the best still do), and I understand FOTM OP classes (of which hunter is nowhere near currently). I have missed the CATA days when MM was my spec and I loved it. Yeah, over time we lost most pet special abilities, and CC has been largely trimmed to a point where almost all classes have the same number of them just with different names. That brings us to today and the meager CC of MM, of which only binding shot and a pet stun can stop meele, but that rarely at best works. EMFH does nothing to help humans get freedom, so the once OP racial Humans are now sans racial at all for all intents and purposes. Allllll that and I still enjoy playing random battle grouns. My arena/RBG days are behind me due to a mild stroke, but random was very fun. Was This is by no means a rash, non-rage/qq, statement here, but I bet since the start of legion I win about three, perhaps four, BGs a week despite playing in probably 50. It isn't even close. There have been acceptions of course, but for the most part, it is two or three healers, they all play together, and they just destroy the alliance from the start. Thus starting all the "gladiators in their own mind" types to start telling the resut of us how bad we are. Now, I get it that we are going to constantly have stats tuned differently, gear issues fixed when they were not broken until fixed, and all that stuff, but why must I be faced with the option of switching back to the Horde for no other reason than they simply play PVP better? Sure, it would be fun to trounce all day, but wouldn't that get a bit old? So long as we have such an inbalance in PVP due to faction, I bet the majority of causul (or retired arena) people like me just no longer even find it fun? Sorry for the typos, my RL body is catching up with my RL mind, and yes I now even have to play with glasses. Hand me my caneHuntersson31 3h
3h Fabulous beards [BG Off-Topic Forum] #3 Welcome to the "Off-Topic Battlegrounds Forum!" This thread is made for any offtopic conversations or topics. This can allows the thread to go from anything really (Ex. Talk about Real life things, TV, other games, in-game experiences, etc.) without the thread actually being "Off-topic" and be risked to easily deletion. (Theoretically you can't go off-topic IN an off-topic thread) Don't cause too many problems and get it deleted though (i.e. forum rules should continue to be followed) :)Iight280 3h
3h No longer able to Q with 2 healers Is this intentional? I always Q up 2 healers when I Q with 5 people for random BG's because I am a restoration shaman but today I am getting the error Join as Group failed whenever I Q with a second healer in the group? I am not a fan of this change. Please fix itBearheart9 3h
3h 1 Healer Limit in Groups is NOT FUN So blizzard implemented a limit to 1 healer per group OF 5 when queueing with friends for random battlegrounds. 2 should be the limit, not 1. We are getting destroyed in 10 man random BG's consistently b/c the queue puts us up against triple healers and we often only end up with one since a guaranteed 5 slots is 1 healer and 4 dps. Please fix this, I just want to play with my friends and not be punished for it.Lujín3 3h
4h Not sure what to do about frost mages... Hey guys. I know pre-patch frost mages were hard for Ret paladins. I still somewhat managed. After the patch though... like what?? I spend my entire time either frozen/stunned or rooted into the ground. What allows them to keep someone rooted indefinetly? Even after BoF I get re-rooted immediately. I am very confused.Bubbledaddy10 4h
4h 70s thread of the 79 twinks are coming.. Welcome to the current 70's thread, revised and re-written for World of Warcraft: Legion. DON'T FORGET TO RE-LOCK YOUR EXPERIENCE GAINS! --OVERVIEW-- (7.0 7/11/16) With the release of Legion, Level 70 twinks are expecting a plethora of major changes. These changes include Principles of War for gear normalization, Crates of Battlefield Goods to help players below level cap receive gear from battlegrounds, Legacy Set Bonus locks which negate the effects of wearing multiple pieces of Tier set gear, and Locked/Unlocked Battleground merging, which finally brings players with their experience locked to battlegrounds of players with unlocked experience. --PVP-- --PRINCIPLES OF WAR: In instanced PvP, you no longer gain different stats from your gear. Instead, all characters now have a pre-determined set of stats depending on your specialization. Every point of item level will increase these stats by 0.1%. For level 70s, the hard item level cap is 176, depending on your class. As a level 70, you should realistically expect to queue against players at level 79, perhaps using some Cataclysm blues to gain item level advantages. WoD has given you plenty of time to equalize yourselves against these players, so be prepared. --LEGACY SET/GEAR BONUS LOCKS: Enchants, trinkets, and passive effects on gear (including haste buff from Warglaives) will become deactivated within Battlegrounds and Arenas. This also includes Tier Set bonuses from wearing at least 2 pieces of gear from the same Tier. All Spirit on gear is being changed to Versatility*, but WoD's popular Versatility stat is no longer granted through enchants or gear anyways. It is up to the knowledge of your specialization to contribute. --LOCKED/UNLOCKED BATTLEGROUND MERGE*: Players who have locked their experience will now be matched with players who have their experience unlocked, meaning twinks will regularly be playing with non-twinks within Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. --SKIRMISHES: Skirmishes place you and your teammate(s) against another team of the size you queued for. You may queue solo to be partnered with a complete stranger, or you may queue as a group according to the size of the skirmish you choose. If solo queueing, healers will always partner a DPS, and comps will always play out with mirror queued roles. For example, queueing Healer+DPS will always queue against Healer+DPS, but it isn't guaranteed that someone queueing as Healer will actually take the role (i.e. DPS queueing as Healer.) --GEAR AND STATS-- If you have questions about which stat would be best to stack on your gear, refer to the passives in your spellbook, as each spec retains a 5% increase to a certain off-stat, which designates what may be best for you in PvE. It is highly recommended to play with either a mixture of Brutal Gladiator's gear and Sunwell T6.5, or just full Sunwell gear, as these pieces retain the highest Item Level benefits for the best possible damage/healing you can put forward. If you're interested in purchasing Brutal Gladiator's gear, it is now purchased with Marks of Honor*, which are obtained from Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. Brutal Gladiator gear vendors can be located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A majority of this gear is not currently available for Monks*. If you're curious why the professions tab is missing, it's because professions no longer retain stat bonuses to having them learned or giving unique bonuses. Your preferred professions will be your best ones. Good luck. --WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?-- (Currently, refer to to check out new talents, spells, and levels needed to learn new spells. Level 70s do not earn PvP Talents) --GUILDS-- Horde: <Inspect Me> - Area 52 <Inspect Me> Azuremyst Alliance: <Legacy WoW> - ScarletCrusadePälädin155 4h
4h Is PVP even worse in 7.1? Is PVP even worse in 7.1?Gunnarr11 4h
4h Are your PVP anti-CC trinkets working? Mine are not.Zhing0 4h
4h the discrepency So let me get this straight. Warlocks with 2 insta roots, followed up by insta horrify, and 4 chaos bolts for 600k plus is ok, but things like hunters having traps was too much for legion pvp???? No power shot for a hunter to cast and make it worth while to hit hard, let alone any real escapes. We have melee classes that can slow people 90%, than double stun while taking their health completely down, but any tools that hunters have had for YEARS is way to OP for this meta. PVE we are the weakest class, PVP we are even worse yet you go ahead with nerfs on 7.1. We have rogues who can cheap, take you down to half health, than kidney the rest of your health, but once again traps is a no no???!!! We have druids that can mass root everyone, warriors that can mass stun everyone, yet once again it was traps that were the issue in WoD? I am pretty sure I remember a Quote from blizzard stating that hunters were probably the most balanced class pvp wise in WoD yet to continue that you butcher them??Lestrange1 4h
4h the fk did you just do to resto druids??? ...Lèto15 4h
4h PVP nerfs...? What happened? They took stealthman 54 and free action potions out of bgs? I saw no announcement on this. What else did they remove? The CC is ridiculous now anyways, perma stun's, double frost novas, double roots, and more....... why remove these items ?Bullycow0 4h
4h Tanks got nerfed again. In short, Taunt talents got nerfed by putting a 20 second CD on the most significant offensive pressure Tanks brought. We can't compete for the same slots high-end Arena/RBGs typically fill with DPS when our offensive pressure is so low. Tanks should be able to compete just like any other role, especially because of this expansions' stress on playing just one spec. Right now only Prot Paladins see any impressive rated play because they function like half a healer in dampener 3s comps. In my next post I'll try to break down the major issues plaguing Tanks. It's very dense.Felcrusher23 4h
4h Gladiator PvP Vendor Idea Been strictly a casual PvPer since BC. Dabbled in Arenas for weekly Conquest cap over the years. I have pretty much all the PvP Tmogs, Mounts and Tabards and am currently sitting on 40+ Marks of Honor with nothing to spend them on. This got me thinking. Would you guys be in favor of having a new PvP Vendor who sold old Gladiator Tmogs for lots of Marks of Honor? Like 25 Marks of Honor for gloves, 20 for a belt, 50 for a chest, etc. This would give casual PvPers something to spend their Marks of Honor on as they grind the Prestige levels. Honestly, there's really no point to getting Marks of Honor now if you have gotten all the PvP Tmogs over the years. Thoughts?Slayzall10 4h
4h (H) LFM RBGs As the title states, I am looking for a few more players to add to our core RBG group (5-6 close friends). Currently, we are looking for another healer (either Mistweaver or Holy Pally) and a Demon Hunter than can offspec as tank for FC maps. With that said, any classes will be considered. We are looking for players with at least 1600+ CR and a working mic as we use Curse voice. We are hoping to form a group tonight (10/21/16) around 9:30-10pm CST. If you are interested, please post on the character you want to bring and list your btag. Thanks :)Kandre7 4h
4h Legendaries Can they be obtained from random BGs in 7.1?Valvonhammer2 4h
4h Tanks? Still unplayable. Way less damage than a damage dealer and more squishy. Why? Enough feedback has been given.Damaldris5 4h
4h Horde Battle Standard removed now a useless item. It only works in pvp instances. Yet in a pvp instance, says you cannot use as of 7.1 by by +10% hp at choke points. WTF blizz? This was a fun item for pvpShøudæmionx4 4h
5h Flag of ownership Not sure why but the "flag of ownership" no longer works in a BG? Is this intentional? There are three players in my house and we all PVP and own a flag....none of our flags work as of patch. Guess we're supposed to apologize profusely for hacking them with a battleaxe for 2 minutes instead!Dezzars15 5h
5h [bug] in bg but not in group? anyone else getting this? joined a random bg.. initially was in raid group. After dying I think it dropped me as I'm not seeing anyone on map and no longer in instance group.. but can still fight/cap flags??Chopskii2 5h
5h HUGE player location dots on bg maps So, they enlarged the size of the player location dots on the bg maps. Was in an AB & couldn't see what color the node/flag was due to all the crazy circles covering it. Not that it's a dealbreaker... just another wtf detail for the 7.1 bork list. If we're actually keeping a running list of 7.1 "bugs". ;)Boofoobda0 5h
5h Ally won a game hacking!!! Ally met the quota of 1 win per night so you might aswell not q since we lose every game nowCoopr11 5h
5h Flag captures I find it really dumb that as a shadow priest I can not prevent a person from capping a base unless if i use my shadow fiend or run up and poke them with my melee attack. How come my mind flay does not stop someone from capping?Shirili0 5h