Oct 2 Strongboxes in Random Battlegrounds We've been seeing some confusion about how Strongboxes are awarded in Random BG's, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify. In point-based Battlegrounds (Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Battle for Gilneas, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines, and Deepwind Gorge), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many points the losing team was able to earn before the match ended. Earning 500 points will award a Bronze Strongbox, and earning 1000 points will award a Silver Strongbox. In capture the flag Battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many times the losing team was able to capture the flag. One capture will award a Bronze Strongbox, and 2 captures will award a Silver Strongbox. In Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how many reinforcements the winning team had remaining when the match ended. If the winning team had 300 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Bronze Strongbox. If the winning team had 100 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Silver Strongbox. In Strand of the Ancients, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how far they were able to progress before their turn ended. Destroying either the blue or green gate will award a Bronze Strongbox. Destroying the yellow gate will award a Silver Strongbox. Of course, winning any Battleground will award a Gold Strongbox. In addition, Strongboxes are awarded to every player on the team that earned them, as long as they are still in the game when the match ends. The goal of this system is to ensure that, even if you think your team is likely to lose, it's still worth your while to put up as much of a fight as possible and stay through to the end of the match.Lore80 Oct 2
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Battlegrounds forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Player vs. Player battleground combat with your fellow World of Warcraft players Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
37s PVP Tank BG & Arena Discussion. Hello everyone, I almost never post on the forums and only come here when I have a specific thing to search for. I decided this time to make a post and see what others have to say. I am expecting lots of flames and non-sense but hope I will get real answers. I like tanking to a point where I basically only do that. I am hoping to do PVP as a tank as well which I know after some patching in the future will hopefully be somewhat viable as that's what Blizzard wants. I am not really thrilled by Demon Hunter set of tools for PVP though and as such will be doing either my Brewmaster Monk or my Prot Paladin (though am open to other tank specs if you can argue for them). What I want to know is what tools in the current (and possible future) for PVP seem more wanted. Like monks have leg sweep and can zip around more than a paladin. Paladin however has the the talented heal that can do a lot of healing based on missing health and a ranged AoE Silence (with talent). Overall which one do you think will fare better in PVP? Let me know if you think the tools in another tank spec are better suited for it and why. Thanks for your time reading the wall of text, -FixxixFixxix4 37s
4m WHEN WILL YOU ADDRESS BOTTING? It is literally so bad you can hardly do a bg or arena right now. The ah is flooded with crap from all the botting. When will this be addressed Blizzard? I do not recall a ban wave since before the last season of WOD even.Mergas14 4m
30m Solution to legion PvP problems! This wont work for people who've leveled past 100. Steps >Find NPC that turns off XP >Turn off XP >enjoy PvP without legion garbage >skip forced questing and pve >enjoy fast BG queues >profit?? Remember to get your artifact weapon first! It's a nice touch :D You're welcome.Nuclearfear2 30m
33m Tanks in PvP Is it just me or are tanks a total fun killer in pvp? They do negligible damage but can just sit on a cap point popping cd's until thei team respawns. Starting to see BG's with 4+ tanks per team...what a way to stagnate game play.Xobile13 33m
39m We just beta tested tanks in INSTANCED PvP I will try and make this short. Personally I have been playing WoW since the game came out in 2004 in both PvE and PvP. This was 99% of the time on my main Rolent a rogue. When I decided to play Legion I also made the choice for the first time time to play a tank and play both PvE and PvP. I can tank for my friends and wife in PvE and have a fun different role when I am leading RBG's and doing arena. Looking at the Honor talents it seemed like the great team at Blizzard was really going to try and make the role of the tank work in INSTANCED PvP especially with the success of the role in Overwatch. Fast forward to now and all the time and effort I put in for my Artifact and rep etc. Going from Sunday to today I would rather you just have told us we can't que for INSTANCED PvP then what you folks have done. We lost 10% total dmg, had our PvP templates dmg lowered on top of that and now we also take 25% more dmg. All three of these changes effect INSTANCED PvP where there was no possible way you could say with the lowered PvP template PLUS we do 15% less dmg to players already before these changes that this seems fair at all. I work just like you very talented folks at Blizzard ( I manage a large Data Center ) and this game is a fun stress reliver. In my opinon I feel lied to about tanks in INSTANCED PvP with the recent changes and all the time and effort I put in means if Tanks want to enjoy both parts of the game they are REQUIRED to level two artifacts. If I had know this before hand I would have just played my Rogue. I feel very sad about this and would like some clarification on these changes for INSTANCED PvP. In World PvP I currently could care less if we take 300% more dmg as a tank but the change to tanks in INSTANCED PvP feel lazy and wrong. Please tell me you folks forgot how these changes would effect INSTANCED PvP because if not I feel like I just Beta tested tanks for you guys since Legion was released and that just isnt fair. Thanks for you time. RLMRolentu284 39m
1h Look Im confused with these forums... Judging from the forum posts I see that the Alliance never wins, while the horde always loses.... Can you ppl make up your minds plz? Also statistically I know its 52v48 atm. Just amazed at the forum community atm. Edit- Down voted because I called out the community for its bs.... comical.Hypnotìk12 1h
1h Bring back PvP Only Armor Judging by the countless threads and discussion I would think its best to reimplement PvP Armor that scales higher. You're forcing players, especially casual BGers to go into higher end PvE content for ilvl gains as the only way to really get anything. It feels like you're stuck if you don't do any higher end content at all. Was the slow gain of conquest gear system that bad? I think it was great for the rest of the player base.Sooshaur43 1h
1h What's Up With Mistweavers? Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to tell me why it's acceptable to have 3 mistweavers heal for an RBG group, but having 3 shamans, priests, or druids isn't. Sometimes a group may not want to wait around for 3 mistweavers, so they will settle for 2, or at LEAST 1. Like, you HAVE to have at least one mistweaver, right? Do you guys think that it is fair how mistweavers are given/handed their spot(s) whilst the rest of the healing community has to fight over the remaining spot? And finally, if you are a healer, but not a mistweaver, what keeps you from rerolling?Siq20 1h
1h Ret Pally??? How do I kill you?Stompzz41 1h
2h SotA Shooting Bug I've just lost by second Strand of the Ancients since 7.0 dropped (because I avoid it like the plague) and both have been lost primarily, or at least not helped by, the bugging of the firing mechanics of the turrets and demolishers of half of my team. We can enter the demolishers and turrets, but the things simply will not fire. Just a few minutes ago we lost a round because fully HALF of my team could not use these mechanics. One might say there are alternate routes to downing gates and defending gates than machine use, but when the opposing team apparently have 0 trouble utilizing these tools that we cannot, there is an issue.Valandivh3 2h
2h Welcome to Ashran in Legion level 110 Ashran is still available and people can still play in Legion, currently the queues are long because people are still levelling and exploring Legion, you have to be level 110 to queue up in Ashran. Ashran Forum is no longer available, so all the ashranars have moved to the BG forum including my self! What you get out of Ashran? ** One of the fastest way to farm HKS which can give you Blood Thirsty Title! 250,000 kills! Ashran is a 40 v 40! ** One of the fastest way to open up you're Honor Talents by farming in Ashran by farming Honourable kills. It is so fast, that it will blow up you're mind! ** World Quests are now available inside Ashran ** Marks of Honor - 100% as a reward, unlike BGS you may get it and sometimes you wont. ** Boxes from each event and boss kills the quest ''Ashran Dominance '' - This will give you gold and gear! ** Bonus Objectives - Gives you extra Gold 40-50g per Bonus objective ** When you finish Ashran Dominance Quest which requires you to win 4 events and 1 boss kill - This will give you 100% marks of Honor, Gear and gold! ** Slay Them All quest - Killing 200 players - Reward gives you boxes and gold, this quest is now repeatable and every 15-20 minutes you will have a new quest which can give you gold and gear which you can vendor or use. ** Best PvP gold farming in the game, I personally used to farm 15-20k a day in Ashran when I needed gold and that was the only way I used to earn gold in WoD. ** Ashran is a great place if you run a large PvP Guild and like to have Premade Vs Premade, and many large guilds had a great time in Ashran! ** Ashran is not a regular BG where you just try to cap a flag or defend a flag almost every BG is the same and they all have flags in it, Ashran is a unique BG which has unique events ** Ashran is a battle zone for premade vs premade action! Fast queues, easy to find another premade if you set one up. Ashran is a unique Hydrid PvP which allows you to use excellent toys for PvP combat including FrostWyrmns, Beasts and Healing Dragons to aid you in battle. ------------------------ Honor Blizzard has nerfed honor two times now for everything, below is the updated honor for Ashran 1000 Fragments, you get 500 honor 150 per event = 600 honor 4 world quests should give you around 400 honor When you finish ur Domination quest = you get 500 honor Slay them all - Get 200 kills - you are awarded 200 honor. This quest is also repeatable, and a new quest starts every 15-20 minutes which gives you 600-800 honor per hour. We are looking at 2800+ honor per hour. that is 3 levels if u are above 25 or 3-5 if you are under 25 honor level. Ashran was one of the best places to farm honor, gear in wod, and is still the fastest way to level up ur honor talents and remains a zone for premades to stomp eachother for Glory. Ashran gives you 100% guaranteed marks of honor So what's happening now? Everyone is excited about legion, leveling, farming and exploring legion so the queues are really long at this time, this will improve with time once people are settled. This is what you have to do ** When you queue up, we suggest you queue up with friends to reduce queue times and to avoid seeing timers. If you do see a 5 minute timer (game will end message) you wait it out and do not leave ashran, and it generally fills up the timer is reset as people join in. ** If you enjoy ashran and run a guild, get in touch! Horde/Alliance - Both are welcome to contact to help restart Ashran In Legion again and start getting in some Premade Vs Premade again. In the coming time period when people are settled and want to PvP those people who enjoyed Ashran PvP are most likely to go back there again! We will be setting Ashran events between Horde / Alliance guilds to get Ashran going! So if you like Ashran, Queue up to help out with the queuing process and continue ur questing adventures in Legion! Have a great time in Legion folks!Cryptids282 2h
2h Boomie PVP (RBG's) - Damage Help Hi, My main is a Boomie and this request is related to PVP only (RBG's). So I see myself slightly struggling when it comes to damage. I rank 3rd in most games, but other Boomies in some matches put up very high numbers. Can anyone provide insight on things to consider or do in RBG's to maximize my damage. Thanks in advance.Rézdog13 2h
3h Low level bg's - please *adjust* disc priests I understand the game is tweaked for 110. But there are a ton of players that prefer lower level pvp. And lower level pvp has been ruined by the OP nature of healers since Legion changes came in, particularly disc priests. I mean yeah, we can all roll disc priests, but what fun is a game when there are 4-5 disc priests on each side (and that happens often now). Thanks...Ouija3 3h
3h Hydra vs Run-away-gaming Were looking for ally with guts to make a group and play TB C ya in there!Ccloudstlkr174 3h
3h 25 ilvl = 500k health! <<<<<<<<<edit meant 500k health >>>>>>>>>>>>> So I heard the same as everyone else 800-900 ilvl is no more then 10% between the two? Well I do not know why Blizzard can not get this right but I tested 850 to 875 ilvl and there is a 500k health pool difference! Blizzard I know you have to reward people that are higher skill then the rest but you need to just equalize pvp, Rewards should be cosmetic not potential better stats even at small amounts! That 500k in health alone not to mention hitting harder ect is enough to take two equal skilled players and the out come will be he who has better gear! Other games equalize pvp 100% and its said to be the best out there! Skill based game play is 100% what pvp should be not a gear advantage of any type! idk what % 800 to 900 really is if 25ilvl equals 500k health but I doubt its 10%.Killfáng7 3h
3h Counter strike totem Dear god nerf the max damage this thing can transfer. Literally 1 shot me, you can't expect people to break totems in RBGs. Edit: Counterstrike Totem Honor Talent 3% of base mana 40 yd range Instant 45 sec cooldown Requires Shaman Requires level 19 Requires honor level 19 Summons a Air Totem with 10 health at the feet of the caster for 15 sec. Whenever enemies within 20 yards of the totem deal direct damage, the totem will deal 100% of the damage dealt back to the lowest health enemy within range of the totem.Healbotuser221 3h
4h PVP horde vs alliance now i understand that alliance was winning at BGs but the only ones that alliance won was AV and IoC horde was winning everything else (that is pug groups not premade groups) but now it is so stupid for alliance i cant even get to do TB cuz o look horde(not just few horde, a raid size) i just wanted to do the raid this is at 2 AM. so i was talking with a hardcore pvper and they even said(not my words)only reason why horde is winning now cuz blizzard felt sorry for you'll(not every horde just the ones that was like BS alliance wins everything). PLZ dont hate im just saying horde control's all the pvp BG's. PS: might find one or 2 groups that wins( 2-10 or even higher this is wins/loses)Akatsukis12 4h
4h Stuns should retire Blanket CC that prevents any action is too strong and it makes Human/Orc racials way too good compared to the alternatives, because countering stuns means everything in PvP atm. Why does melee have this catch-all CC category almost exclusively to themselves? Stuns should replaced with disorients or some other break-on-damage CC like ranged classes have to live with. A lot of the caster/melee dichotomy would go away over night if melee specs didn't have this silly instant blanket CC that they can perform PvE rotations through.Melancholy48 4h
4h raid groups in BGs Why are there raid groups doing 40 mans? I though Blizz broke this long ago. Hey Blizz, just make it so you can't que for a specific bg in a group. Problem solved.Khân9 4h
5h Demon Hunter Strand of the Ancients Not sure if this is intended or not, but Demon Hunters are able to jump gates with bombs even when the gate is still up. Had one DH run bombs all the way to last gate 3 times in one BG before I spotted him leaping off the mountain and over the wall. Seems to me like this needs to be addressed.Calendil8 5h
5h Healing in BGs I just want to know how healers feel this x-pac about healing in bgs(not arenas). I'm not a great player but I think I'm better than average in bgs since I have a 55-60 win percentage. My gear is decent right now. I'm halfway through my honor points. I understand that healers shouldn't be able to heal through 2 dps and stay alive, but I used to be able to keep myself alive for a minute or so depending on how good and what dps is on me. Now (if I'm off in a corner) healing another player with just one dps on him, its somewhat of a struggle to keep them alive even when I'm free casting flash of light. 1 dps should not be able to kill a healer(nor a healer kill a dps) It should be a coordinated effort by 2 players to kill say a dps/healer vs a dps/dps. I gauge being weak by the fact that I used to be able to run a cart in bgs at least almost to the middle and now I cant even get 10 steps without being stomped. Pallys have always been big burst healers dependent on crit with no hots and no mobility. You could pop wings and drop that healing hammer(I forget whats its called) and you would be badass for about 20 seconds but after that you were easy pickings. Now I can be at 10 percent health then pop bubble and cant even get my self to halfway full by the time bubble wears off. Mabye I'm just ranting cause I'm pissed I just lost 8 out of 10 bgs. What do you other healers feel about healing bgs (especially the pallys)? I want some honest feedback. ThanksLightbrave20 5h
6h 4th BG with 3 horde healers, 0 ally I just don't get it. You think the random law of randomness I would get more healers at least half the time. Four days and counting of never even having an equal number of healers...Mandingoo51 6h
7h peßßels What happened to her? Who is her new toon?Horrlock11 7h
7h Fake casting no longer possible? Tired of being locked after I've already cancelled or completed a spell. Was always possible to be kicked post cancel, much like being sheeped behind a pillar, but it seems much worse than ever. Being kicked 0.5s after a heal has ended is extremely annoying. Anybody having similar issues, has something been altered to make interrupts easier?Hantuchova8 7h
7h way too much FOTM thanks to this week's event, random bgs are fun with friends again. A match againt feral, 3 rogues, 2dhs, 3 heals and only 2 casters are shadow priest. Lol, almost everyone on my side are casters and we got stomped. When these fotms gonna stop and favor the casters or even balance out these melee mongo again?Naturenewer35 7h
8h Prestige 1 reward Lol did anyone else flip out when they got there reward. I mean I don't think iv done a pet battle in all my days of playing wow yet they gave me a pet . If I wanted to play Pokémon I would of got a DS.Kittyjj15 8h
8h Honorable Pennant So i like the idea to reward PVPers with faction flag but wtf? why is this not a toy? why put a 5 minute cooldown on it and on top of that the effect does not persist through death.Azshera1 8h
8h Isle of Conquest Fixes Okay, so I don't know how Blizzard can justify this battleground being broken for years. It provides a huge advantage to Alliance, for the following very simple reasons (known to anyone on Horde side who has played in it): - Alliance are closer to docks - Horde have to traverse two narrow bridges (choke points) to get the glaives within striking distance of the Alliance gate - Alliance have to travel a shorter distance with the glaives in order to cause damage to the Horde gate - Horde boss room is designed so that being mass Feared does not reset the boss; conversely, the Alliance room has two doorways, thus providing added routes for feared players to be taken out of the boss room, resetting his health Taking all of the above into account, and looking at the win-loss ratio across this BG -- which I know will show a large Alliance advantage -- why has Blizzard not done anything to correct this? It is nearly impossible to get the 100 wins required for Isle of Conquest Master (for Horde), without it taking several years. I did the math, using my experience: Having been back on WoW for about a month and a half, I have only won 2 IoCs, and I always leave it in the queue rotation, so it pops about 90% of the time. It's really frustrating that Blizzard can just ignore such a glaring flaw in their game, which adversely affects thousands, if not millions of players. This is like Alterac Valley all over again, and lends further credence to my long-held belief that Blizzard has an Alliance bias. Remember the Orc shoulders that took months to get fixed? How about the state of Horde-side PvP over the last few years (e.g., modification of racial abilities to benefit the Alliance)? Look at the top ladders of rated PvP during WoD...disproportionate Alliance representation would be an understatement. I get that Blizzard has no obligation to do anything about this stuff, and they likely couldn't care less. However, at least an explanation would be nice, as someone who has to deal with this crap every day. And I hate Alliance, so re-rolling is not an option.Bloughmi31 8h
9h Remove stealth Give every class an ability to make stealth worthless, then remove stealth.Siimplify8 9h
10h Bgs in 7.1 So I read that gear from bgs will scale with honor level and it will be similar to world quest scaling system. Does that mean people with high honor levels/prestige lvls will be able to get 840+ gear from random bg wins?Theupsides3 10h
10h can someone explain 7.1 Gear With the new patch, will you be able to get the Purple Gear appearance from random battlegrounds? or will you just be getting more and more blue gear? secondary question, will you be getting a piece of purple gear for every rated battleground you win?Sãmmy0 10h
12h What Tanks Should Be In PVP.. In Swotor tanks play a role in pvp that works well in Battlegrounds. They use an ability called guard that lets them take about 30% of a single friendly players damage. They can also use their taunt to force an enemy players targeting on to them for it's duration, if timed right it can save a friendly from a burst CD chain. These are mechanics that let tanks grab the incoming damage from their squishy team members or healers and it makes playing a tank in that game a lot of fun and part of the Battleground Meta. I think the wow pvp team should really play a few BG's in that title and see what they did over there, and get some inspiration. Tanking in that game in a battleground contributes to the group by using the very nature of tanking as a whole, being the guy that takes the beating so his team doesn't have to. This could also help break up the current problem with the rolling ball of tab targeting melee that has chased healers and ranged casters away from enjoying pvp, if the person you are hammering on has a guard that's taunting the melee train off of them, it forces melee to pay more attention to what is going on and how to play around burning their burst on heavily armored targets, Tanks should not only play a role in pvp as base sitting or flag carrying, they should have those active choices that can impact the flow of combat and add another layer of strategy to the PVP battle, there are a lot of tank players that don't pvp because they don't want to just sit on a base and survive, or run across a map with a flag with every form of CC blasting them as they try to use cooldowns to survive,Damos15 12h
13h 7.1 PVP Gear Reward Change With Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan arriving on October 25, we wanted to share some updates on PvP rewards from Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, Arenas, and Rated Battlegrounds. Like many of the players we’ve heard from over the last few weeks, we’ve identified areas where PvP rewards could be more satisfying. Along the way, we made a few changes through hotfixes, but we can do much more in a full content patch. Artifact Power Soon after players began exploring the Broken Isles, we recognized the incredible impact that Artifact Power has as a reward mechanism. While PvP already rewards Artifact Power, it isn't clear how much Artifact Power you might get from doing a particular PvP activity, which might have made some players reluctant to participate. To address that, Artifact Power rewards have been increased for PvP in Patch 7.1, and the user interface will now show you exactly how much you'll receive for a victory. First Victory of the Day Bonus The Honor reward for your first Random Battleground victory of the day has always been twice that of subsequent victories. In Patch 7.1, we've extended that bonus to all of the other brackets in PvP: Skirmishes, 2v2 Arenas, 3v3 Arenas, and Rated Battlegrounds. Furthermore, in addition to bonus Honor, your first victory of the day will also reward a large Artifact Power bonus. This means big rewards for players who participate in a variety of PvP formats each day. Here are examples of Honor and Artifact Power rewards for each bracket, including first-of-the-day bonus rewards: Activity Honor Artifact Power Artifact Power (at Artifact Knowledge 10) Skirmish Win (First of the Day) 160 100 950 Skirmish Win 80 25 238 Random BG Win (First of the Day) 300 400 3800 Random BG Win 150 200 1900 2v2 Win (First of the Day) 200 120 1150 2v2 Win 100 40 380 3v3 Win (First of the Day) 200 180 1700 3v3 Wins 100 60 570 Rated BG Win (First of the Day) 600 800 7600 Rated BG Win 300 400 3800 Gear from PvP While the impact of gear in Battlegrounds and Arenas in Legion is different from past expansions, we still believe it’s important for endgame activities to reward items. In Patch 7.1, every Battleground or Rated Battleground victory will reward a piece of gear. Losses will also have a chance to reward gear based on the final score of the match, and Skirmish and Arena victories will have an increased chance to drop gear. This gear will has a chance to roll up with the possible bonuses you’re used to, including Warforged, Titanforged, socketed, and with tertiary stats. Our initial approach for Legion has been to have the item level of gear rewards from PvP increase with your Honor Level. However, the way this works hasn’t been obvious to players, and it resulted in the unfortunate circumstance where some players tried out PvP only after gearing up elsewhere—and were disappointed by the PvP rewards. In Patch 7.1, we've transitioned PvP gear rewards to more closely mirror the type of item level progression you see from World Quests. This means PvP should feel as rewarding as other parts of the game that offer high replay value. Weekly Bonus Gear from Rated PvP Previously, your first victory in each rated bracket of PvP (2v2, 3v3, Rated Battlegrounds) rewarded a piece of gear based on your current PvP rating. This wasn’t ideal. Often, players didn’t know what item level reward gear would offer before participating. Winning a single game represents a fairly insignificant amount of effort for a piece of high item level gear, especially considering this gear has the potential to rival the best items from raids or Mythic Keystone dungeons. The decision to use your current PvP rating also discouraged players from doing anything that might result in their rating going down. For example, if you've just had an amazing run in Arenas, you may decide to stop trying to improve your rating, or you might be reluctant to put your rating on the line with a less-skilled friend who just logged in. In Patch 7.1, each bracket of rated PvP (2v2, 3v3, Rated Battlegrounds) has a weekly quest that rewards items based on your best rating from the previous week. The quests for Arena brackets will require 10 wins, and the quests for the Rated Battleground bracket require four wins. Below a rating of 2000, these quests will always reward a piece of gear with the current season's Gladiator appearance. Above 2000 rating, these quests will always reward a piece of gear with the current season's Elite appearance. Again, you’ll always see the item level of the gear you’ll receive in the tooltip of the weekly quest. Here is an example listing of the rating-to-item level breakdown for Season 1: Last Week's Rating Base Item Level Appearance 0 - 1399 840 Gladiator 1400 - 1599 850 Gladiator 1600 - 1799 860 Gladiator 1800 - 1999 865 Gladiator 2000 - 2199 870 Elite 2200 - 2399 875 Elite 2400+ 880 ElitePétasse0 13h
13h Level 19: Patch Notes This list might have some errors as I had to comb through wowhead's PTR talent calculator, please inform me of the mistakes and I will correct it. DRUID Resto: Losing Nature's Cure and Ysera's Gift. Gaining Dash. Feral: Losing Feline Swiftness, Remove Corruption, and Rake-Stun effect. Gaining Regrowth and Dash. Balance: Losing Astral Influence, Moonkin Form, and Remove Corruption. Gaining Regrowth, Dash, and Astral Power. HUNTER BM: Losing Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Wild. Gaining Multi-Shot. Marks: Losing Aspect of the Cheetah, Hunter's Mark, and Marked Shot. Gaining Multi-Shot. Survival: Losing Aspect of the Cheetah and Mongoose Bite. Gaining Harpoon and Freezing Trap. MAGE Arcane: Losing Ice Barrier. Gaining Conjure Refreshment and Arcane Explosion. Fire: Losing Ice Barrier and Enhanced Pyrotechnics. Gaining Conjure Refreshment, Fire Blast (Passive), and Scorch. Frost: Losing Ice Barrier and Flurry. Gaining Conjure Refreshment, Fire Blast, and Blizzard. MONK BM: Losing Breath of Fire. Gaining Zen Pilgrimage, Crackling Jade Lightning, and Effuse (Passive). MW: Gaining Zen Pilgrimage and Crackling Jade Lightning. WW: Losing Combo Breaker (Passive), Flying Serpent Kick, and Windwalking (Passive). Gaining Zen Pilgrimage, Crackling Jade Lightning, Effuse (Passive), and Disable. PALADIN Holy: Gaining Consecration. Protection: Losing Light of the Protector. Gaining Consecration. Retribution: Losing Sword of Light (Passive) and Blade of Justice. Gaining Judgment (Passive). PRIEST Discipline: Losing Plea and Shadow Mend. Gaining Flash Heal and Mind Vision. Holy: Gaining Holy Word: Chastise. Shadow: Losing Void Bolt (Passive), Void Eruption, Voidform (Passive), and Shadow Mend. Gaining Flash Heal, Shadowform, and Mind Vision. ROGUE Assassination: Losing Mutilate, Envenom, Evasion, Shadowstep, and Crippling Poison. Gaining Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Cheap Shot, and Garrote. Outlaw: Losing Riposte and Ambush. Gaining Cheap Shot. Subtlety: Losing Evasion and Shadowstep. Gaining Cheap Shot and Shadowstrike. SHAMAN Elemental: Losing Elemental Fury (Passive), Thunderstorm, and Cleanse Spirit. Gaining Earthbind Totem, Far Sight, Maelstrom (Passive), Flame Shock (Passive), and Wind Shear. Enhancement: Losing Cleanse Spirit and Frostbrand. Gaining Earthbind Totem, Far Sight, and Wind Shear. Resto: Losing Purify Spirit. Gaining Earthbind Totem, Far Sight, and Wind Shear. WARLOCK: Losing Soul Leech (Passive), Summon Voidwalker, Soulstone, and Health Funnel. Gaining Life Tap and Chaos Bolt (Destro only). WARRIOR Arms: Losing Seasoned Soldier (Passive), Colossus Smash, and Tactician (Passive). Gaining Heroic Throw. Fury: Losing Enraged Regeneration and Raging Blow. Gaining Heroic Throw. Protection: Losing Shield Block. Gaining Focused Rage and Heroic Throw.Hoofcifer4 13h
13h (H) LFM RBGs As the title states, I am looking for a few more players to add to our core RBG group (5-6 close friends). Currently, we are looking for another healer (either Mistweaver or Holy Pally) and a Demon Hunter than can offspec as tank for FC maps. With that said, any classes will be considered. We are looking for players with at least 1600+ CR and a working mic as we use Curse voice. We are hoping to form a group tonight (10/21/16) around 9:30-10pm CST. If you are interested, please post on the character you want to bring and list your btag. Thanks :)Kandre2 13h
13h Legion twinks, yay! Just caught wind of how, in legion, xp on and xp off will be in the same bracket. So, was wanting some info if anyone has any. Which brackets are (relatively) balanced, and which are most active? Also wondering what would be the most viable in that bracket. Thanks in advanced and cant wait to get one rolling.Drunnk30 13h
14h BLIZZ UPDATE YOUR PINNED POST Pretty sure players would like an updated post about battlegrounds. ThanksGankus12 14h
14h "PvP" gear Sorry if this is a noobish question, but I was wondering if anyone finds the "pvp" gear with versatility on it useful? Do people use this, or is it just crap? Is it just about item level?Sproink2 14h
14h BG Blacklist Asides from the fact that AV mysteriously keeps coming off the blacklist when you logout, I would like to ask for changes to this system. Personally, I would like to blackout at least 4 BG's. Not because I don't like them (although AV in any state other than it's original is not good), but because they get tiresome and boring. Maybe I've been playing for too long, or maybe I just don't enjoy certain mechanics anymore and have had enough. At any rate, I think it would be pretty solid to be able to blacklist 4 BG's at a time. If this doesn't sound like a great idea, then at least let us queue for specifics without such a hefty loss to honor and rewards.Moltenhoof2 14h
14h PVP Gear I am really confused by the item level 805 gear that keeps dropping. I am ilevel 857 at the moment, what could that possibly do for me? Is that the point that i do not need pvp gear anymore? I am really missing the honor gear system where I could actually work towards a set. This feels too RNG and meaningless.Joeywood0 14h
14h Tol Barad For too long, Horde players have been sitting in TB for easy/quick Honor. It's time for us Alliance to challenge them! Calling all Alliance members to give up one night of whatever it is you do and join forces to take over TB :) Add juga#1485 will be on about 9pm estJugajr43 14h
15h Fabulous beards [BG Off-Topic Forum] #3 Welcome to the "Off-Topic Battlegrounds Forum!" This thread is made for any offtopic conversations or topics. This can allows the thread to go from anything really (Ex. Talk about Real life things, TV, other games, in-game experiences, etc.) without the thread actually being "Off-topic" and be risked to easily deletion. (Theoretically you can't go off-topic IN an off-topic thread) Don't cause too many problems and get it deleted though (i.e. forum rules should continue to be followed) :)Iight116 15h
15h 60's Thread #218 1 Fix 2 Fix Red Fix Bug Fix Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Redemptîon303 15h
15h Shadow Priests in PvP... ... are freaking awesome. I'm a Ranged character and I hated PvP for a very long time. I hated how melee could just hand you your !@# on command with little to no counterplay. This is frustrating, unfair and unfun... but I've come to understand that it's necessary. Ranged have certain advantages like positioning and easily switching targets - and they've doubled down on these for Shadow. Our toolbox basically caters to being this indominable source of spread pressure... and we do it well. If you're playing stupid and ignoring us, you will be punished. Trust me. If you're playing smart and going for our healers, you will be punished. Trust me. You shouldn't fear the big "OP" Demon Hunters, Ret Pallys, Rogues, WW Monks in front of me - the ones everyone whines about - they're predictable. They're on a target, they damage that target. They aren't the danger. The healers spamming heals, while more threatening then them, probably should be CCed, but they aren't the danger. They're buying ME time. I'm The Danger. If you aren't ignoring our healers, charging through the melee, doing everything in your power to get to me... you are doing it wrong. Because if you leave me alone for 15 seconds, I will rot your entire team, I will stun your entire heals. I'll heal my healer back to full at the press of a button. I'll push a second button and heal my entire team for about 150% of the RIDICULOUS damage I'm already doing. You see all those lifebars immediately top off anywhere near me? That's not 2 healers using their 3 minute cooldowns. That's me rolling with Fleeting Embrace w/dots stacked on 4+ people. I'm the Goddam Shadow Priest, and if you forget about me for a second, you will pay. I demand you respect me enough to ignore all the OP, frequently whined about classes, blow past my healer, and 1v1 me into the ground. It won't be hard if I don't get help... and I'll respect you for it. Because doing anything else is a loss for your team. I'm the Goddam Shadow Priest. I'm The Danger. Remember my spec.Barrison26 15h
16h New/Redesigned BGs with New Game Modes I have been playing WoW since Vanilla. I have always been into PVP and that is my main focus of play. They have made many strides over the years in adding gear and arenas, however they have fallen short in Battlegrounds. We have not had a new BG since MOP. They made some minor tweaks to WSG but nothing meaningful. It's time for Blizzard to step up and add new BGs, redesign the old ones and and a new game mode. New BG: I would like to see them add a new capture the flag BG in a Legioned themed fel map. Game modes: I would like to see new modes added similar to Hutball in SWTOR and a MOBA style mode taking down towers to get to a boss like SMITE. Redesign old BGs: Everyone hates getting AV. It takes forever and ends up being an hour match. Make it simpler, up the graphics and change the layout. WSG needs a graphics update and an overhaul of the map. AB can use the same. I love world PVP but I know it's far and few between. Please Blizzard as a long time WoW player, PVP is the only thing that keeps my interest. If you want my money you'll need to earn it.Battimonk10 16h
16h Best Alliance Race (Disc Priest) I've tried searching for answers but none of it is current info. I want to focus Disc priest healing (primarily in BGs with a guild) on Alliance. I know the imbalance shifts towards Horde this expansion but the folks I like still play Alliance. I'm keeping my main a BE but want this other priest alt as Alliance to experience both sides of the content. Is Human still the best even though EMFH was changed to stun only? I've read that gnome is good for Expansive Mind and Escape Artist. Looking for recommendations. Hope to hear some good suggestions.Matuna13 16h