2d Strongboxes in Random Battlegrounds 2d Jun 25, 2015 We've been seeing some confusion about how Strongboxes are awarded in Random BG's, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify. In point-based Battlegrounds (Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Battle for Gilneas, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines, and Deepwind Gorge), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many points the losing team was able to earn before the match ended. Earning 500 points will award a Bronze Strongbox, and earning 1000 points will award a Silver Strongbox. In capture the flag Battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many times the losing team was able to capture the flag. One capture will award a Bronze Strongbox, and 2 captures will award a Silver Strongbox. In Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how many reinforcements the winning team had remaining when the match ended. If the winning team had 300 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Bronze Strongbox. If the winning team had 100 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Silver Strongbox. In Strand of the Ancients, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how far they were able to progress before their turn ended. Destroying either the blue or green gate will award a Bronze Strongbox. Destroying the yellow gate will award a Silver Strongbox. Of course, winning any Battleground will award a Gold Strongbox. In addition, Strongboxes are awarded to every player on the team that earned them, as long as they are still in the game when the match ends. The goal of this system is to ensure that, even if you think your team is likely to lose, it's still worth your while to put up as much of a fight as possible and stay through to the end of the match.Lore61 2d Jun 25, 2015
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Oct 26, 2010 Oct 26, 2010 Welcome to the Battlegrounds forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Player vs. Player battleground combat with your fellow World of Warcraft players Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010 Oct 26, 2010
22s Ppl saying losing BG should = nothing 22s 1h I see a lot of players, myself included, feeling like they're wasting their time losing BG after BG, and having nothing to show for it. And the judgmental ppl coming along and telling them that they shouldn't expect anything for a loss, and to do it for fun like them! I have an idea - how about you forgo PVE quest rewards, dungeon drops and getting loot from raiding? You shouldn't be rewarded - why should you get a reward, you're playing for fun, right? How is that any different then wanting something for investing hours into PVP? I have just as much time invested in PVP as most people do raiding. Why is it okay for you to expect a reward for your time? I'd love to see Blizzard remove any quest rewards from the game, and those same ppl would complain - and I'd respond; you want something just for your time? Do it for fun! Yes, you could argue that you don't always get a reward from raiding, but a lot of guilds use a point system? Right? So even if you don't get anything you're at least working towards SOMETHING. Please tell me how its any different for expecting something for time invested in PVE, raiding or PVP?Sakar15 22s 1h
1m Looking for server where Alliance wins (100) 1m 20h Is there a server where Alliance does better then a 10% win ratio in BGs? I love to PVP but its so frustrating to lose over and over and over.........Sakar16 1m 20h
2m PvP ruined/ No point 2m 2d There is no point to pvp anymore. I liked pvp back in burning crusade when arenas came out and you battled for rating to earn the best gear that was just a little better than everyone else because you spent 50+ hours in arenas alone obtaining rating. There is no competitive play anymore at all. Everyone is the same spec, with the same stats, there's no counter or any kind of customization, you can build a haste spec in pvp simply because your stats are set for you and blizzard is basically playing the game for you. What is the point of playing pvp at all? To earn the same gear as everyone else? You have turned pvp into just a grind boring as hell. This game is becoming a money maker shell of a game it used to be, can I just go back to vanilla wow? I would rather play vanilla then this boring !@# game now. What happens when 2 hunters meet on the battlefield with exactly the same stats and skill? whoever shoots first wins. I guess its time to go back to assaulting random alliance towns in order to have some fun pvp experiences. Nice job with principles of war. Your quick fix to your broken and unbalanced classes.Raksigma95 2m 2d
18m 70s thread of the 79 twinks are coming.. 18m Jul 20 Welcome to the current 70's thread, revised and re-written for World of Warcraft: Legion. DON'T FORGET TO RE-LOCK YOUR EXPERIENCE GAINS! --OVERVIEW-- (7.0 7/11/16) With the release of Legion, Level 70 twinks are expecting a plethora of major changes. These changes include Principles of War for gear normalization, Crates of Battlefield Goods to help players below level cap receive gear from battlegrounds, Legacy Set Bonus locks which negate the effects of wearing multiple pieces of Tier set gear, and Locked/Unlocked Battleground merging, which finally brings players with their experience locked to battlegrounds of players with unlocked experience. --PVP-- --PRINCIPLES OF WAR: In instanced PvP, you no longer gain different stats from your gear. Instead, all characters now have a pre-determined set of stats depending on your specialization. Every point of item level will increase these stats by 0.1%. For level 70s, the hard item level cap is 176, depending on your class. As a level 70, you should realistically expect to queue against players at level 79, perhaps using some Cataclysm blues to gain item level advantages. WoD has given you plenty of time to equalize yourselves against these players, so be prepared. --LEGACY SET/GEAR BONUS LOCKS: Enchants, trinkets, and passive effects on gear (including haste buff from Warglaives) will become deactivated within Battlegrounds and Arenas. This also includes Tier Set bonuses from wearing at least 2 pieces of gear from the same Tier. All Spirit on gear is being changed to Versatility*, but WoD's popular Versatility stat is no longer granted through enchants or gear anyways. It is up to the knowledge of your specialization to contribute. --LOCKED/UNLOCKED BATTLEGROUND MERGE*: Players who have locked their experience will now be matched with players who have their experience unlocked, meaning twinks will regularly be playing with non-twinks within Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. --SKIRMISHES: Skirmishes place you and your teammate(s) against another team of the size you queued for. You may queue solo to be partnered with a complete stranger, or you may queue as a group according to the size of the skirmish you choose. If solo queueing, healers will always partner a DPS, and comps will always play out with mirror queued roles. For example, queueing Healer+DPS will always queue against Healer+DPS, but it isn't guaranteed that someone queueing as Healer will actually take the role (i.e. DPS queueing as Healer.) --GEAR AND STATS-- If you have questions about which stat would be best to stack on your gear, refer to the passives in your spellbook, as each spec retains a 5% increase to a certain off-stat, which designates what may be best for you in PvE. It is highly recommended to play with either a mixture of Brutal Gladiator's gear and Sunwell T6.5, or just full Sunwell gear, as these pieces retain the highest Item Level benefits for the best possible damage/healing you can put forward. If you're interested in purchasing Brutal Gladiator's gear, it is now purchased with Marks of Honor*, which are obtained from Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. Brutal Gladiator gear vendors can be located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A majority of this gear is not currently available for Monks*. If you're curious why the professions tab is missing, it's because professions no longer retain stat bonuses to having them learned or giving unique bonuses. Your preferred professions will be your best ones. Good luck. --WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?-- (Currently, refer to to check out new talents, spells, and levels needed to learn new spells. Level 70s do not earn PvP Talents) --GUILDS-- Horde: <Inspect Me> - Area 52 <Inspect Me> Azuremyst Alliance: <Legacy WoW> - ScarletCrusadePälädin112 18m Jul 20
30m ILvl in PvP 30m 42m Just trying to get clarification here. Does current pvp gear still scale to 740 in bgs? I noticed on my character tab once inside, I still have a 703 ilvl when it should be 730+. If so, does that make the legion upgraded 725 weapons better than the 710 pvp vendor weapons? Thanks in advanceOhshi2 30m 42m
40m 60's Thread #218 1 Fix 2 Fix Red Fix Bug Fix 40m Aug 2 Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Blackrock Slicer (4.00) - LBRS Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Redemptîon192 40m Aug 2
1h 19 twink xpoff thread! 1h Aug 15 a thread for 19 twinks out there looking for like minded 19 twinks to play and discuss the current 19 twink meta my btag is saxx#6426 looking forward to great discussion as well as content from fellow 19 twinkersSaxx119 1h Aug 15
1h Where are the new BGs? 1h 2d Or is this the part of the game they totally neglect. Even the classic BGs like AB and EoTS can use some new skins and be revamped. It gets boring. I've seen some of the magnificent art work put into raid instances, why not implement the same to BGs. Where are the new maps at? There are so many garbage BGs now the list is big. Chasing carts, running bombs, driving vehicles, holding death orbs, that there needs to be an option to put more than 2 on the ignore list.Crafted12 1h 2d
1h Tanks PvP viability and not being OP 1h 17h I don't know how simple this is to answer but with bliss focusing on class fantasy how is that actually happening if the idea is for us to focus on building up a single artifact weapon at time for max benefit? I thought that tanks were gonna be viable in serious PvP. Not OP but the tanking abilities coupled with sustained mid lvl damage would make tanks a worthy opponent. So far tanks have a damage reduction in pvp( I'm not talking about duels or world PvP). So if I focus on building up my toon as a tank for actual game progression am I screwed for PvP and have to build 2 artifacts in order to enjoy both aspects of the game or is this damage reduction addressed with the artifact weapons or with other the legion X-Pac itself? From what I've seen and read so far it seems like it would take about a month to fill out an artifact weapon entirely and I'm pretty sure those of us that like healing/tanking and and not hitting like a wet napkin. Right now my Bear Druids tool tip says mangle hits for 23k and it's does on NPCs but only about 16-18k on non shielded cloth players. I don't know how simple this is to answer but with bliss focusing on class fantasy how is that actually happening if the idea is for us to focus on building up a single artifact weapon at time for max benefit? I thought that tanks were gonna be viable in serious PvP. Not OP but the tanking abilities coupled with sustained mid lvl damage would make tanks a worthy opponent. So far tanks have a damage reduction in pvp( I'm not talking about duels or world PvP). So if I focus on building up my toon as a tank for actual game progression am I screwed for PvP and have to build 2 artifacts in order to enjoy both aspects of the game or is this damage reduction addressed with the artifact weapons or with other the legion X-Pac itself? From what I've seen and read so far it seems like it would take about a month to fill out an artifact weapon entirely and I'm pretty sure those of us that like healing/tanking and and not hitting like a wet napkin. Right now my Bear Druids tool tip says mangle hits for 23k and it's does on NPCs but only about 16-18k on cloth playersSyzz5 1h 17h
1h Strand of the Ancients 1h Aug 15 So I was manning the cannon at the blue gate, on the beach, and I saw three enemy Demon Hunters climb a piece of the mountain and jump/fly up and onto the other cannon platform, getting past the gate with ease. They somehow jumped their way all the way past the other gates and managed to bomb the titan relic gate and win the game before either the red, purple, or even yellow gates were down. Not sure if this is a bug, or feature but it most certainly exudes bogusness.Mardreath8 1h Aug 15
1h anyone else? 1h 1d anyone else miss those days when losing 6 bg's ina row didnt feel like a total waste of time?Suñless38 1h 1d
1h Demon hunter bug Deepwind Gorge 1h Aug 12 Yeah so their glide is not effected by cart drag. Is this intentional? Is it working as intended what I mean. because from what I'm seeing they are able to jump off cliffs and glide right to their base and cap 2k points with holding 1 node in 5 minutes. Something is not right here. Every other classes sprints are effected. Leaps and blinks are not but they've been tolerable, you can still catch up to the cart. Glides should be effected because it's essentially floating/flying down with no decrease to their movement speed in mid air. Just wondering. This might not sound like a big deal to anyone reading this. But until you experience it first hand, you might not get how rigged and exploited it is. You literally can't regain ground on them once they reach high enough ground they already capped the point. It's basically giving people flying feather's again without steroid buff to ms. However this should be looked at more closely. I could tolerate it more in arena because it's not objective based. The naysayer's argument would be yeah get good. But when you have mobile healers that can keep up with you as well as peelers. It's near impossible to hold objectives AND kill the cart without taking too much off top, bottom, or mid defense.Whiteowl18 1h Aug 12
1h PvP Gear totally useless? 1h 16h I didn't get a chance to play the beta at all, but I'm getting that feeling of dread that we'll go back to MoP days of raiders>pvp geared players in the open world. Flat capped stats is great, but now with demon invasions and more open world content. Am I going to bow and kneel before the almighty keyboard turning raider?Zaroessill12 1h 16h
1h 3 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Warrior for Legion 1h 1d In FULL HD, here are 3 clear reasons why you shouldn't quit your warrior for Legion... Reason 1: Reason 2: Reason 3: WARNING: Music may contain language not suitable for children. Also, destruction of the Alliance players in this video may not be suitable for those same children.Funsnatcher15 1h 1d
1h Please make PvP templates apply in World PvP 1h 2d Wasn't sure where else to post this, as there isn't a general PvP section, so I'll try this post here. To try and summarize what would normally be long rant, I'll just say that while questing out in the world, tanks and even some classes are insanely annoying, and borderline impossible to deal with. The most notable, but not the only, example of these would be the Blood Death Knight. Inside of Battlegrounds, Blood Death Knight healing and damage are both scaled proportionately as to stay balanced when fighting non tank classes, and in that regard, it works well. These templates however seemingly don't apply outside of Battlegrounds, and because of that, a Blood DK can fight multiple people at once, even going as far as tanking entire towns worth of guards, while still holding people off with their massive unscaled damage and healing. So I please ask of you Blizzard, make these templates activate when fighting other players out in the world, or Legion world questing will be extremely annoying if one Blood Death Knight can come along and ruin everyone's day. Again, please note that PvP templates don't only affect Blood DKs in World PvP, they make a whole bunch of classes more balanced to fight. If they exist to provide a fair playing field in Battlegrounds, they should also apply in the same way outside of them so players on PvP servers can still have an enjoyable experience. EDIT: To further clarify in the main post, a response I made to someone, I don't mind ilvl still affecting power in World PvP. Maybe I should clarify that is not what I mean by "PvP template" I mean that in instanced PvP certain class skills are nerfed in damage and/or healing to make them fair when used against other players. If you die to someone higher item level than you, oh well. But if you get 1 shot by a skill in world PvP that normally does about 50% of it's normal damage in instanced PvP, well that's a problem. Since people keep repeatedly not understanding what I mean, and maybe that's my fault, maybe I'm horrible at explaining what I mean, or too worked up about it to coherently express my concerns, so if it's ok with them, I will just quote one of the better posts in this thread on why this needs to happen. ...Netherlight110 1h 2d
2h Prevent DH from ruining BGs until 110 2h 1d Hi there, just saying what everyone is thinking. Did you queue up for a BG? Does the enemy have 5 demon hunters? Enjoy your loss due to overpowered 100s spamming huge aoe stuns, being immortal in tank spec while dishing out absurd damage, and ridiculous AoE spam Chaos damage. This is beyond stupid, Blizzard.Ellywicket21 2h 1d
2h Prot in RBGS 2h 4h so I have a prot paladin thats been shelved for eons. I like running around with shields, so I was thinking about dusting him off. Now I know tanks have abyssmal damage, which to me is ok, prot in my opinion is the ultimate support role. Has some minor off heals, good cds and self heals, and possibly enough mobility to quickly move the flag across the field. and the new tank pvp talent that grants 20% damage from all incoming sources is amazing. But do you guys think thats enough to consider tanks being viable for pvp, mainly rbgs again?Jayròss2 2h 4h
2h What to do with marks of honor? 2h 1d i got all the best pvp gear i can get from bgs i think, i even got the maces in case i play combat/outlaw .... now these marks of honor are just piling up i got 7 of them, not sure if theres anything else to buy with them?Jammed16 2h 1d
2h Alterac Valley in current Honor token format? 2h 1d I just want to understand what is the goal of doing 30min+ BG to get 1 Honor Token and nothing else, or am I missing something else? Back in the days of real pvp, it was the BG to do to farm honors, but now it is kind of pointless imo.Mathylda8 2h 1d
2h Rogue PvP 2h 4d How is it supposed to be fair when a Rogue opens up on me, gets a stun off, I trinket, stun again, Icebound Fortitude, Rogue Disorients me, runs off a bit pops cloak of shadows and leaves combat to stealth before I can get anything off... fight starts all over, I have no trinket, no icebound fort, and I take full stun and am 1/4th health before I ever even exit stun... How is that fair? I might get 1 or 2 shots off on him, due to IBF and Trinket not being on GCD. But to be able to take me from 100% health at 550k+ to 25% of my health, without ever being in danger himself? That's too much... By the way... If someone has an idea as to how to actually fight a rogue as a Frost DK, please... Let me know...Jarrlaxle62 2h 4d
2h Best Healer for RBGs at 110 2h 7h I am trying to decide which healer i want to level up for legion and am looking for any opinions and advice. The three I am mainly looking at are R druid, R sham, and MW Monk. I am wanting to know which ones are looking to be the best or most wanted for RBGs as i would like to get into an RBG group with ease. I will add i mostly play my R druid because i like the ability to shapeshift to avoid polys, but last xpac it seemed like there were so many R druids that it was actually difficult to find an RBG group that didnt have one already. I've heard R sham is pretty strong right now, but im looking more at 110 and not caring so much about pre patch. Thanks in advance.Shánk4 2h 7h
2h Get rid of Blacklist 2h 21h And make a whitelist of like 3-4 BG's we WANT to random queue for. If people repeatedly choose the same ones over the others, then so what - at least the design team will know what people like going forward.Maharah7 2h 21h
3h Melee kiting working as intended? 3h 1d Cant touch a mage or hunter...not fun gameplay. Is this better or worse at 110?Judgement48 3h 1d
3h Fighting in the Middle : As bad as it seems? 3h 19h Generally speaking, dicking around in the middle of WSG or whatever else is usually a mindless endeavor that is usually done simply to "enjoy" the actual PvP aspect of WoW in as simple and straight forward a way as possible. However, it does tend to piss off many players that are objective focused, and strictly want to WIN the battleground more so than they care about just getting into fights. With that said, I just want to say that sometimes, in certain situations, that mindless brawling at mid -can- increase your teams odds of winning... How? Because it takes two to tango, and the brawl might sap your own teams "resources" (aka players) but it also directly saps your opponents resources as well. Also, if that dude brawling in mid is really freaking good at those brawls, and is sending opponents back to the GY regularly and dismounting objective focused opponents and not letting them pass, they can actually sap more resources than your team is spending! Then again, the Yin to that Yang is, there's also the people that just respawn, run in, die, respawn, run in, and die. No one likes having those guys on their team... XD So yeah, what do you guys think on the subject? Do "Battle Royale!!1!" players annoy you to no end? Do -you- fight in the mid yourself? Do you only see BG's as a MobA type mode where you have to play to WIN, or do you see them as a que up for a PvP arena type thing where winning is a nice bonus? Legitimately curious where most people stand here. I'll be the first to admit, I fight in the mid sometimes, and other times, I take one for the team and sit on defense or whatever, it really just depends on my mood.Maiv9 3h 19h
3h Fix blighted sample, jar of spiders, etc. 3h 2d Was just obliterating the enemy team when I new guy gets put in the enemy team and starts spamming blight samples... smhToogahr3 3h 2d
3h How to get a pvp mark as horde 3h 1d Is there a way to buy these?Rothrine31 3h 1d
3h Diminishing Returns 3h 1d So can we get this !@#$ fix sooner or later? Not having control of my character for over 20 secs is bull%^-*Tankindude30 3h 1d
3h Minor balance change for discipline priests 3h 4h Shadow mend or penance should move to a level 20 unlock, thoughts?Toogahr1 3h 4h
4h Downvoting 4h 19h Can we please increase the amount of bgs we can downvote? I like how we can downvote 2 already because AV and IoC are a pain to most people but I am really getting tired of always getting SotA and DWG. I would think a lot of people would agree with me on this.Ripsoul5 4h 19h
7h Disc Priests are Completely Unreasonable ATM 7h 22h I really hope that the additions to classes at 110 will change things but at the time of posting this, Disc Priests are currently experiencing God Mode. They absolutely can not be killed, and do decent damage for a healer. It's bad enough that a team having multiple Disc Priests can basically decide an entire BG. If it continues to be like this in Legion, then they need a heavy survivability nerf. They can take so much burst without their health bars moving an inch.Seraphimon10 7h 22h
8h RBG comp 8h 2d So whats it looking like for the best RBG comps? It looks like rogues wont be FCs now so who gets that job?Demensha13 8h 2d
11h CC is real in pre-patch 11h 5d Always stunned.... Is it me or does it feel like you are always stunned, feared or some sort of cc? Since the pre-patch I have played all my toons to see if it happens to them and it does. I always feel like I am CC'd and that there is no DR. Sorry really not trying to complain, I just want to know if this is just a pre-patch thing or is this really how PVP is going to be in Legion? Thanks!!Sapbot33 11h 5d
16h tank pvp 16h Jul 27 I realize this is pre-patch, but why does blizz make tank specs so crappy? I realize we use our defensive in exchange for lesser offense, but the healing reduction/shield reduction from pvp BGs is making FC'ing an issue for tanks... which is the whole point of a tank. I have played Brew monk, Prot war/pally, and Gdruid and all of them lack any damage or self-healing, and let alone the defensives we have at the moment are pitiful anyways. If I don't have 2-3 hhealers with stacks then I am being globalled. Really do not see the use of paying for expacs/subs if I can't plays half the specs in pvp with some form of efficiency. P.S. Brewmaster and Gdruid are still kinda effective, just not where they could play rated later on.Casterbreaux45 16h Jul 27
17h New Battleground Targets! 17h Jul 30 There is a NEW VERSION OF BG TARGETS at Curse. Uninstall the current version with your game shut down completely including Bnet. Then go to "Get more Add ons" and type in the search field Battleground Targets LEGION and install it then log in and /bgt config and set your settings and you are g2g. Direct link to download: YW Hail Hydra!Zeela65 17h Jul 30
17h Insane damage 17h 2d Just got out of an AV bg... we lost... I was second most damage with 650k, the list of damage dealt went down in a pretty smooth predictable curve BUT then you look at first in damage, a balance druid, with 1.2 MILLION DAMAGE DONE, ridiculous!Rohkain12 17h 2d
18h Can't win BGs 18h 1d I recently returned to WoW and have been trying to go BGs. I've noticed I lose nearly 80%. I am very frustrated. I know I am doing my part. I'm topping healing charts. I push for objectives. Even with maximum effort the loses are not only common but often embarrassing. I'm talking getting 5 capped in AB, 500-1500 in resource BGs. Horde having 500 remaining reinforcements in AV. I think the most telling example was during a strand of the ancients game where it took the alliance about 9:30 to bust down the last gate. Only 2 demolishers were used. Like 2 people grabbing bombs. Cut to the horde and they were running a literal conga line of stealthed bombers who sealed the game in 4 minutes. I'd really like to know what's up. Am I getting pit against premades? Partial premades? I am soloing queueing so I hope not. Do I need to switch to horde? I'm on the Aggramar server atm. Any help is appreciated. Even so, the expansion isn't looking as shiny as it was. TL;DR Losing a lot of BGs as alliance. I'd like to break even.Rumthorp13 18h 1d
18h Holy Wrath 18h Aug 1 So had to look up what this spell long till this gets fixed? It's doing waaaayyyy too much damage for pvp. 300k to 4 targets? Your practically 1 shotting 1/2 the enemy team in some bgs. In an arenas that would be a free win....Megalomage14 18h Aug 1
19h Legion Launch Discussion 19h 23h Hey all, Thought I'd make a post so we can discuss your plans for launch day :). Currently I am quite sure it launches on the 30th at 12:01am PST time or 5PM AEST or 7pm NZ time. Are you planning on taking that day off work? I am going to miss out launch by about 2 hours as I work till 7pm every day but I am taking the day after launch off :P What are you planning on leveling first? - I am looking at leveling my R druid first. Have you looked into what zone you are going to go to first? keep in mind all zones scale to your level so you can choose any one (Pretty cool imo). Are you planning on grouping with friends or going solo? Hope everyone has a great Legion launch and we don't get rekt by some Master Surveyor incident like we did for WOD. <3Pingazlol7 19h 23h
20h Question about PvP Gear Scaling in BGs 20h 2d So I am a returning player for legion after a short break, and I am confused as to the new scaling mechanic which bases gear stats off of iLvl. From what I have heard the stats on the gear no longer matter, but I have heard some conflicting things from different people. I have some of the iLvL 710 PvP gear that says it is 740 when I am in a BG. Would the stats determined by the new scaling mechanic be decided as if it was a 740 piece or as if it was a 710 piece. For example, what would be better my iLvl 710 Warmongering combatants PvP bracers, or a warforged iLvl 720 bracers.Cptmcgee5 20h 2d
21h 39 xpoff thread#001 Legion revival 21h Jul 11 Couldnt find a thread for 39's, and i know it has been a rough go the past year if your in the 39 bracket. but with the merger happening im sure any 39's are excited to see what the bracket is going to look like. Its been a long road of ups and down in the twink community since vanilla that is for sure, with some expansions killing brackets while creating new ones. Sure we moved on from twink to xpoff and found a very high level of competition that has been segregated for so long from the general population. Its going to be great to see the return of so many great players that know how to play in a bracket return to smash faces. I'd suggest getting on the ptr to see how the classes have changed, there seems to be alot of it. who knows whats going to be great but thats what makes it exciting. So get ready, knock the dust off, spread the word that legion brings alot of great hope, balance, imbalance, its a buffet of nostalgia so dig in.Sun173 21h Jul 11
21h Druids and WPvP 21h 1d Can we all agree that Shadowmeld+Flight form is game breaking? Druid applies bleeds in a world gank, target dies from said bleeds. Druid gets caught in sticky situation that he shouldn't be getting caught in in the first place. Druid shadowmelds+flightforms. This is absolutely cancerous. Druids have enough escapes as is. my proposed fix would have to be- give Flight Form a 2second CD upon exiting combat. or maybe shorter. Whatever works to prevent exploitation but still leaves Druids happy with their QoL gainz from Flight Form.Resiliant45 21h 1d
22h Illusions 22h 23h Started a thread for the people who didn't get their 2400 illusions in their xmog tab but want them. GM told me to start a thread and if it gets enough publicity GMs might notice Post or like if you didn't get your illusions but you want them.Flexorcist9 22h 23h
1d Too much CC in WoW? 1d May 2 Seems like every single class has at least 1 stun and several others have 4s+ duration stuns. I think when you add too much CC to the game without adding new ways to mitigate it, the game becomes more annoying to play than it needs to be. I also dislike that one of my trinket slots gets used up in PvP. Anyone agree?Inglewood56 1d May 2
1d Legion Itinerary 1d 1d Prime Premades is getting ready for Legion release. We will be running daily leveling groups and, once we have enough at 110, will be doing RBG's, Raiding and War Games, as well as random BG's. We are starting with our Horde toons but will be running Alliance side also, as soon as we have the numbers. If interested in joining us, get registered at and sign up for the events. Once a member, you can create your own events and tap into our player base, for both factions. Come check us out, just barely a week before release. We have a TS server available also.Vieksie1 1d 1d
1d demon hunters. yay say, nay say. 1d 1d please share all opinions..... opinions, and lets discuss the discuss the demon hunter class.Snów6 1d 1d
1d Gear with PvP iLevel increase (diet gear) 1d 1d So we're getting gear from BG's that increase their iLevel in PvP situations... Just like resilience gear, this stuff is awful for anything that isn't PvP. Isn't this the same bad mechanic, where resil counted against the item's stat budget? I don't see how this is an improvement. Do we stop getting this stuff at some point?Cerran5 1d 1d
1d PvP Trinkets 1d 1d Simple question: has Blizzard removed the pvp trinkets for purchase now that Legion is hitting? I do not see them at the vendors in Stormshield/Warspear. I know they must have posted it somewhere but I cannot find comments. Thanks.Akaba3 1d 1d
1d WoW pvp is streaming. 1d Oct 29, 2014 1d Oct 29, 2014