Strongboxes in Random Battlegrounds We've been seeing some confusion about how Strongboxes are awarded in Random BG's, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify. In point-based Battlegrounds (Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Battle for Gilneas, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines, and Deepwind Gorge), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many points the losing team was able to earn before the match ended. Earning 500 points will award a Bronze Strongbox, and earning 1000 points will award a Silver Strongbox. In capture the flag Battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks), Strongboxes are awarded based on how many times the losing team was able to capture the flag. One capture will award a Bronze Strongbox, and 2 captures will award a Silver Strongbox. In Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how many reinforcements the winning team had remaining when the match ended. If the winning team had 300 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Bronze Strongbox. If the winning team had 100 or fewer reinforcements left, the losing team will be awarded a Silver Strongbox. In Strand of the Ancients, Strongboxes are awarded to the losing team based on how far they were able to progress before their turn ended. Destroying either the blue or green gate will award a Bronze Strongbox. Destroying the yellow gate will award a Silver Strongbox. Of course, winning any Battleground will award a Gold Strongbox. In addition, Strongboxes are awarded to every player on the team that earned them, as long as they are still in the game when the match ends. The goal of this system is to ensure that, even if you think your team is likely to lose, it's still worth your while to put up as much of a fight as possible and stay through to the end of the match. Lore53
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Oct 26, 2010
Hydra Day & Night AV Yes, that's right! Hydra is now running Alterac Valley all day and late into the night. Experienced competent leaders for all runs and yes, we are still averaging well over 400 HKS per game and still are the fastest track to your Bloodthirsty Title and your Master of Alterac Valley. When Legion drops Prestige becomes a real thing and is based on HKS and Honor to unlock those Honor Talents. We have computed it will take less than 12 days with Hydra to unlock those Honor Talents then your tough decision is whether to keep the Prestige or the Honor Talents you have unlocked. I will be keeping the Honor Talents since Prestige is apparently mainly for cosmetics and some mounts, both of which are not as important to me as the PVP Honor Talents. So pretty much whenever it is convenient for you to play Alterac Valley you can look forward to a Hydra team being available. Just hop into Public Vent at, port 4135, no password and jump into Horde AV 13 channel to join a group. Look for Hydra Premades on Facebook. Membership open to all but you don't have to be a member to play with us! Our current membership is 3983 and rapidly approaching 4K members so there is always someone to join forces with. HKS and Honor will drive the new Legion PVP. View this link to see what a typical Alterac Valley game with Hydra produces in HKS and Honor: and then you do the math. I personally play in Alterac Valley 4-6 hours daily, averaging one game per hour (average game time 45 minutes to an hour). Four games at 300 honor per game = a minimum of 1,200 honor points per day. ... I averaged Honor Cap of 4000 Honor Points 1.5 times per day under the pre-Legion system. So I'm not worried about how quickly I will achieve Honor Level 50. I know playing with Hydra I will reach Honor Level 50 with the speed of Light in approximately 12 days based on a 4000 Honor Points per day formula. Thanks to someone pointing it out I realize there was a typo in this original post of 2 days when it was meant to read 12 days. I apologize for the blunder. Proof reader needed! LOL Zeela139
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60's Thread #217 Legion Pls Dont Be Bad Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Player and Item Level Scaling have been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP; Some set bonuses still work. Notable Consumables Potions: Restoring Super Healing Potion Major Rejuvenation Potion Super Mana Potion Buffs Insane Strength Potion Heroic Potion Destruction Potion Haste Potion Other Living Action Potion Swiftness Potion Great Rage Potion Thistle Tea Elixirs: Spell Power Elixir of Greater Firepower Greater Arcane Elixir Adept's Elixir Agility Elixir of Greater Agility Elixir of the Mongoose Strength Elixir of Major Strength Flasks: Flask of Distilled Wisdom Flask of Supreme Power Weapon Buffs: Stones Adamantite Sharpening Stone Elemental Sharpening Stone Adamantite Weightstone Oils Brilliant Wizard Oil Superior Wizard Oil Superior Mana Oil Frost Oil Shadow Oil Food Buffs: Spell Power Blackened Basilisk Poached Bluefish Golden Fish Sticks Crunchy Serpent Agility Warp Burger Grilled Mudfish Strength Roasted Clefthoof Notable Professions Engineering: Explosives The Bigger One Dark Iron Bomb Fel Iron Bomb Cobalt Frag Bomb Adamantite Grenade Arcane Bomb Frost Grenade Mana Potion Injector Healing Potion Injector Tailoring: Frostweave Net Netherweave Net First Aid: Heavy Netherweave Bandage Coming in Legion; 138486 Horde: <Carry Us> - Burning Blade Guild Leader Solanar - Solanar#1268 <makíng sixty great again> - Stormreaver Guild Leader Ray aka Voma - Voma#1293 Alliance: <Insert Sixty Reference> - Sargeras Guild Leader Redemption - Glorifyd#1289 <Carry Us> - Lighting's Blade Guild Leader Solanar - Solanar#1268 <makîng sixty great again> - Stormreaver Guild Leader Ray aka Voma - Voma#1293 Redemptîon456
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Hi. Im Kathorist. I got 2200 as a ret in rbgs Rbgs. They are what keep loling. They consist of 10 absolutely amazing players, and to make them happen requires skill, communication, and most importantly; a leader. While this being my 5th season PVP'ing, the people that I have played with this season made my experience amazing. I would like to start off this thread recognizing a few people. First off is the one, the only Paw, for taking me into his groups when I was just a small 2000 rat trying to make it in the big world. Secondly, Bellicostco who I wrecked so MANY of his groups finishing selfplays,( teaching me and most importantly, making me understand that running 3 skript locks to win is bull!@#$. Third, Abn. Although I met Abn 3 years ago when rbgs first came out, his passion for rbgs is amazing. His no sleep technique makes it so everyone fears him. Of all the time I have known him he as an amazing knack to run 4 of the most op classes with little heals and attempt to do 4am farming. We all love running "lol alt rbgs" at 2100 to que into abn. Regardless, an amazing leader and mage. Fourth, I would like to recognize Swifty AKA Free razor naga. Swifty brought me insperiation in our groups whenever from time to time, increasing ever so often as the season went on. He controls the like no other, yelling at high shield slam crits, and becoming one of the leaders who I could always count on for leading the brigade and laughing. Another very very special person who introduced me to rbgs and helped me become the ret paladin I am today is Mailisen. Mailisen is a long lost rbger who was is just a nice person. Eventually, she discovered the 4 locks that do 100m damage while targeting the same person with instant lockouts Especially the ones who play afl for the first season, the most represented and op class in all brackets, make long winded post that make you look like a jackass, and hopes you will catch ebola. A few more people I would like to recognize are: (ashly)Litharius, Detras (Detras), Skull (Skull), Boaty (Thanks for the points to get me 2200), Jk (jk) the amazing warlock, Persuasive (the one and only), Jucuzzi (Bashy) the amount of times you have backed me up on the forums is amazing and you need to be noticed (also you're a good boomy and stuff), Tepins (tepins) You asked me to play hls or something (plus you're a good rogue),, Eugene (Swaglord) self're aussy, keeps the team morale up. Oh yeah thanks Diesar for playing with us. I know I'm just a RBG Hero to you, but one day I will become a big elitist ahole and climb out from the 3s manhole to play with you. Can't forget Frank aka moomoo. I'll be as good as you in arenas some day. Maybe then we can be friends or something. (If I forgot anybody, let me know and I'll add you) In conclusion, I have played roughly 2,000 rbgs this season, and they wouldn't have been possible without all the selfplay groups I joined, mainteam groups I fought, and long soughtafter battles I've had with people one the roads of Gilneas. Although I still can't spin a flag (lol remember arathi) always remember that Kathorist is better then most locks, holds a place in each of your hearts. Forever and ever. You will always need that one Ret paladin, to cost the elitest cheating dbags points. Thanks. Oh yeah, I don't script you. Watch me beat trashbag locks that "allegedly" dont skript only @ Kathorist19
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70s thread of the 79 twinks are coming.. Welcome to the current 70's thread, revised and re-written for World of Warcraft: Legion. DON'T FORGET TO RE-LOCK YOUR EXPERIENCE GAINS! --OVERVIEW-- (7.0 7/11/16) With the release of Legion, Level 70 twinks are expecting a plethora of major changes. These changes include Principles of War for gear normalization, Crates of Battlefield Goods to help players below level cap receive gear from battlegrounds, Legacy Set Bonus locks which negate the effects of wearing multiple pieces of Tier set gear, and Locked/Unlocked Battleground merging, which finally brings players with their experience locked to battlegrounds of players with unlocked experience. --PVP-- --PRINCIPLES OF WAR: In instanced PvP, you no longer gain different stats from your gear. Instead, all characters now have a pre-determined set of stats depending on your specialization. Every point of item level will increase these stats by 0.1%. For level 70s, the hard item level cap is 176, depending on your class. As a level 70, you should realistically expect to queue against players at level 79, perhaps using some Cataclysm blues to gain item level advantages. WoD has given you plenty of time to equalize yourselves against these players, so be prepared. --LEGACY SET/GEAR BONUS LOCKS: Enchants, trinkets, and passive effects on gear (including haste buff from Warglaives) will become deactivated within Battlegrounds and Arenas. This also includes Tier Set bonuses from wearing at least 2 pieces of gear from the same Tier. All Spirit on gear is being changed to Versatility*, but WoD's popular Versatility stat is no longer granted through enchants or gear anyways. It is up to the knowledge of your specialization to contribute. --LOCKED/UNLOCKED BATTLEGROUND MERGE*: Players who have locked their experience will now be matched with players who have their experience unlocked, meaning twinks will regularly be playing with non-twinks within Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. --SKIRMISHES: Skirmishes place you and your teammate(s) against another team of the size you queued for. You may queue solo to be partnered with a complete stranger, or you may queue as a group according to the size of the skirmish you choose. If solo queueing, healers will always partner a DPS, and comps will always play out with mirror queued roles. For example, queueing Healer+DPS will always queue against Healer+DPS, but it isn't guaranteed that someone queueing as Healer will actually take the role (i.e. DPS queueing as Healer.) --GEAR AND STATS-- If you have questions about which stat would be best to stack on your gear, refer to the passives in your spellbook, as each spec retains a 5% increase to a certain off-stat, which designates what may be best for you in PvE. It is highly recommended to play with either a mixture of Brutal Gladiator's gear and Sunwell T6.5, or just full Sunwell gear, as these pieces retain the highest Item Level benefits for the best possible damage/healing you can put forward. If you're interested in purchasing Brutal Gladiator's gear, it is now purchased with Marks of Honor*, which are obtained from Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. Brutal Gladiator gear vendors can be located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A majority of this gear is not currently available for Monks*. If you're curious why the professions tab is missing, it's because professions no longer retain stat bonuses to having them learned or giving unique bonuses. Your preferred professions will be your best ones. Good luck. --WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?-- (Currently, refer to to check out new talents, spells, and levels needed to learn new spells. Level 70s do not earn PvP Talents) --GUILDS-- Horde: <Inspect Me> - Area 52 <Inspect Me> Azuremyst Alliance: <Legacy WoW> - ScarletCrusade Pälädin52