5d BG Godmode class? Just wondering, what's the OP'd class/spec broken Godmode these days in BGs? I dig Windwalker, I have BG'd a bit so far, but... it's definitely not the feel of WoD Frost DK or Ret Any suggestions? P.S. I like self sufficiency, so Arms ain't my bag anymore, and I refuse to play Druid.Reeva31 5d
5d How random battlegrounds should beùrple0 5d
5d Melee self heals are insane See titleDawg5 5d
5d Tanks in PVP After play testing a while in the recent changes to tanks in pvp, I believe it is clear to see, we have a massive problem here. Not only do tanks feel a lot more squishy than DPS, but now also they suffer a massive lack in damage and all around purpose. Although I mainly play DPS, I am of the opinion that tank DO infact have a place in PVP and especially instanced PVP, that said, it is time to get this !@#$ together, because this isnt working. Ive come up with a few starting points that may improve, or provide a solution to the overarching problems of tanks. They need a job. Firstly: Damage, its a huge concern. It is clear to everyone that tanks SHOULD NOT be outdamaging DPS in ANY scenario, that said, the tank should be a team player, and their damage should come from their ability to single out or distract the enemy team onto themselves. A way to do this is to simply apply a damage taken debuff to anyone being constantly attacked by a tank, and by making the taunt damage increase baseline (But temporary) it should allow tanks to make calls on who should be the focus target at any given moment. To counteract all this, in all honesty, tanks should just be dealing little to no damage (50-60% the damage of a dps). Secondly: Surviviability, it is needed to acomplish the first point, if a tank dives an entire team, they should not die instantly (Like it currently happens). A tank should be able to survive at least twice as much as a DPS, and should take a lot more effort to kill one than any other role. A tank should be nearly unkillable when assisted by a healer. A tank should be amidst the enemy team singling out targets. That said, their role as flag carriers and point holders should be clear to anyone, to counteract thease things, they should be allowed to become slightly squishier the longer they hold a flag or stay on one point. Third and final point: PVP talents and overall viability. The talents need to assist tanks in their goals as target callers, flag carriers and bodyguards, any pvp talent that does not acomplish this in some manner is a talent that should not be part of a tank spec. Talents that increase team damage, talents that allow the tank to survive in special situations and talents that mitigate the negative effects imposed on people carrying flags and such should be what their PVP trees should bring. Concluding statements: All in all, I WANT to see this work out for PVP, as I can really see potential in this design. However the goals for tanks are clear, they need to be team players. Their personal damage needs to be extreamly low, they should enable allies to damage targets more effectively, they should be extreamly difficult to take down if assisted and most importantly, Blizzard must NOT give up on this design. The potential is there, please take it all the way.Khaladia0 5d
5d Marks of Honor are a terrible system Played 6 hours of BGs today. Gotten one Mark of Honor. Old PvP gear might as well be unobtainable with how many BGs it'll take to get a full transmog set.Iviker3 5d
5d lol horde bgs 10 min queue just to get into a miserable loss. GGEnvenöm13 5d
5d Russian RBG Team Comrades, I'm planning to form a Russian speaking RBG team. If you are Russian, join our team! Let's play together and speak Russian in a friendly environment. I know that many Russian players are spreaded around US servers. Let's take that idea ahead! Ура, товарищи!Vityaz24 5d
5d no honor tokens past 100? Alright so I noticed when I did my BG at 102 and then several more after that- that i don't get marks of honor. So if I want to farm marks to get old gear how do I start doing that again? Do I start getting marks back at 110? Or are boxes really just RNG and the last ten I opened were meant not to give me at least 1 I've been doing BG's on my 90 and I get marks... So when does that stop? Can I farm bg's on my 100 and get them? Does it stop at 101? Need AnswersOldmanwizard0 5d
5d Temple of K It seems like most of the time when I'm in the Temple, many people either don't want to grab the orb or don't want to get into Mid. Since the easiest way to win is dominate mid with 2-3 orbs, I fail to see why people avoid these things. Is it fear of dying? It's PVP. Is it some obsession with K/D ratio? I can't think of anything less important. Any insight?Dunshire5 5d
5d Fix Twin Peaks GY bug. Or I'm seriously going to ask for a 30 day playtime extension. Not only do you not develop new battlegrounds but the bgs we have don't work? Come on.Scherzo0 5d
5d How will I get pvp gear in Legion I've heard it's based on RNG winning battlegrounds rather than a currency system, so if Horde is outclassed on my server than I'm screwed? Because right now we lose 75% of bgs. Atleast with a currency system you still earn honor when you lose.Armagrimm44 5d
5d Alliance keeps winning. This is getting ridiculous.Envenöm5 5d
5d Can you get legendary from random bg cache? Wasn't sure, had a quick look on wowhead and couldn't find the box, only outdated ones from legion. Anyone have a link to loot tables for the random bg caches would be great thanks.Pùrple3 5d
5d RBG rating Good news everyone. Apparently RBG rating is as inflated as it was in Cata currently. Abn is already at 3k mmr, and I have guildies at 2.9k mmr.Healbotuser4 5d
5d Would you use PEDs to help you PVP? Would you use PEDs like adderall to help you PVP?Gunnarr7 5d
5d Got a problem with the weekly epics Why the !@#$ are we given these %^-* trinkets with int and an on use vers proc WHERE YOU CAN'T EVEN USE THE ON USE IN PVP? What in the actual !@#$ are you guys thinking? Jesus %^-*ing stupid !@#$. Two PvP trinkets this week. Fantastic. I suppose it doesn't even matter seeing as PvP gear is irrelevant at this point. Just continue gutting this game until ALL endgame content is some bull!@#$ world quest related content. Good job blizz. Edit: I'm not actually THAT mad at this... My gear is perfectly fine... but some of the logic in this xpac is just like... what the !@#$ are you thinking blizzard time to clean shelf and hire a new team with an actual brain.Nerö15 5d
5d Getting Honor in BGs??? So I am trying to figure this out because I can walk out with Top 3 dmg Top 3 kills Top 3 honorable kills Top Flag returns all in the same game and always bottom 3 honor gained????? Heck I was even beat out by the losing team in honor gained half the matches??? What gives?? I am doing everything I should be whats the trick???Hellzrevenge5 5d
5d PvP is stupid now Hello I recently played a few battlegrounds with the new pvp stat and gear system and i'd like to say it's pretty dumb There is no customization, I couldn't even use my battlemaster Spellpower trinket or rocket boots. Everyone has the same stats, which seems cool on paper, but then what is the point of getting gear? I want to play pvp in an RPG, not a first person shooter where everyone has the same stats. I thought the whole point of an RPG was to be able to get better gear than other people so you can perform better, and now it's taken out of the pvp aspect of this game. I am a returning player from WOTLK/CATA and I used to be able to 1v3 raiders in pve gear in worldpvp because they have no resilience, now it would be impossible to do with the new gear stat changes. I also used to be able to pretty much global undergeared people in bgs, but now I can tell that even if I reach max level and get geared this won't happen because everyone's stats are the same. Inb4 "MUH but people who aren't geared won't have fun :(" So they had to change it so everyone in pvp is equal because people are too lazy and bad to get geared? Even when I played in WOTLK you could get pvp gear with honor points and be stronger in pvp than someone in raid gear, no skill required. Just grind BGs. I never had the T2 arena weapons or the "BEST" current season pvp gear out there and I still did fine especially against people who were geared to pve. Yes I got owned before I got good gear, but i didn't !@#$% about it, you could even buy a crafted pvp set with gold to start out and then just grind honor. Shouldn't players be able to get better gear and own lazy people who don't care enough to gear up? Is that not how it works in raids? People with better gear do way more DPS than people with ^-*! gear right? Why did they change it only in pvp, did bad people really complain that much? I am at a loss, if I wanted to play Karl Marx's incarnation of a PvP game I would play Call of Duty or Heroes of the Storm, not an RPG where you are supposed to be able to build your character up so they're stronger than other people.Sheepzor13 5d
5d PvP Gear grind Legion S1 I need to visually know I'm moving towards gear; even though I know I'm moving towards gear. I moving towards gear right....? At least I'm being told I am. I'm mean I'm left feeling ominous. I like seeing my progress in action. I hate the way I'm feeling about this new gear grind. I need to see my progress. Can we add gear to the prestige system or something similar? I do not feel as emotionally invested in my gear grind. I find the "mysterious ' the gear will come when the gear comes... O will it be this time...? Frankly Im feeling unsatisfied and in gear limbo. I've always looked forward to playing more. I feel like playing less, which is exactly what I'm doing, unfortunately. Because I do not see my efforts in action. If I was a brand new player with no wow experience I'd probably just say screw it wanna play Mario Kart? I'm finding myself looking forward to the launch of other games. Which is solely disappointing; as I love this expansion so far.Smash3 5d
5d Mark of Honor Simply put can you get Marks of Honor from Bgs? the threads I have read are unclear.Cruxule5 5d
5d Resto Druids are kind of garbage As the title says, resto druids are kind of garbage at the moment. It was really obvious when I stepped foot into arena last night. I would say the main problem is the healing throughput is essentially non-existent. I can have rejuvenation, germination, lifebloom, regrowth, and wild growth all up on my ally (that's 5 hots) and that allies life will still be going down instead of up with only a single demon hunter/windwalker/rogue or two on them. Our pvp stat template is puzzling, why are resto druids given so much crit when we basically don't want that stat at all? The ineffectiveness of our HoTs requires us to hard cast a lot, however we do not have the aura mastery that shamans have, and our mobility is not nearly what it used to be compared to melee up-time, and the new plethora of ranged spell interrupts that melee have. I suggest the following: - Buff our HoTs healing - Lower crit in our pvp template and increase haste/mastery - Remove the range on the interrupts from DKs and Demon Hunters, make them melee range, that is already more than enough. - Lower cool down of Dash to 1 minute or 1.5 minute CD.. 3 minutes is dated for today's environment. - Increase lifeblooms bloom heal amount by a lot, we need better dispel/purge protection given that is our healing method. Additionally, I would like to say that I am jealous of the Mistweavers level 25 honor talent "Counteract Magic". It increases their HoT healing by 200% when the target has a damaging periodic magic effect on them.. shouldn't that be a druid thing since we are the HoT masters? As it stands, I think that a Mistweaver monk with "Counteract Magic" will have more effective HoTs than a druid if there are DoTs in play.Nokí9 5d
5d ATTN; Tanks FCs again in RBGs? So as I hear/read tanks will no longer take increased dmg while holding flag. Im assuming this mains tank specs will be main FCs again. If this is the case which class/spec do you think will be the best FC? If possible list your top 3. ThanksMøses1 5d
5d PvP Noobie Greetings all. I'm looking for some help. I'm a noobie when it comes to endgame pvp. The most pvp I've done was back in TBC for a bit to reach challenger. I've been primarily a raider, achieve a server first even, and since I can no longer raid due to IRL reasons I'm trying to get into some casual pvp. I'm looking for a guild that's willing to take me in and show me the ropes. I've attempted looking in my battlegroup but pvp guilds don't seem to be a thing here. Seems like it's just raiders that occasionally pvp on non raid nights. Can anyone give me some assistance to what I should do? Currently I'm trying to grind out my talents so I can be a bit more attractive in the off chance a pvp guild finds me. On a off topic note, is it intentional that I need to pve to get gear for pvp? I thought gear wasn't suppose to be a factor anymore?Negima1 5d
6d Counter strike totem and echo slam What the what was Blizz thinking this thing wiped me a couple of times because as a SV hunter I always have the lowest health. Sucks I have to worry about finding a totem because it will wreck me if I or team doesn't destroy it. I can just imagine the damage an enraged Fury Warrior would take from this thing. Don't need a one!@#$ macro just place cs totem.Kakarotzky3 6d
6d need new maps or game types whats with Blizz not making any big changes to battleground? same maps, same game types it seems.Jáenisch0 6d
6d auto bubble k i'm retarded nothing to see hereIllidankmeme4 6d
6d DAE remember what it's like to cast spells? Those were good days, the days of not having my schools locked every 2 seconds, getting 3 spells off in a 25 second fight.Amyloidosis6 6d
6d Fun/Effective class for rbgs decided im going to stick with my monk for my healer/melee needs but now i want to level caster and am wondering which to chose, i'd like one with good utility and damage, i was thinking my bal, druid or using my 100 boost on a warlock, any thoughts?Tenzïn7 6d
6d how do i turn off drunk effect? no pun intended. Dirtyauctine20 6d
6d Heard Bailamos has quit WoW ... Maybe some rbg leaders will step up who are interested in cleaning up the rbg scene. RBGs have the potential to be a lot of fun, if not for the rampant cheating.Rylann21 6d
6d Enemy plate help! How do I change it back to the way it was just a few weeks ago when only targets in range show up as enemy plates? Specifically, how? I have asked my realm, and the answers center around tab targeting and grid stuf, but that is not the way I PVP. When I am at twin peaks, I only want to be able to target bad guys in there with me in the flag room, not the ones running up the outside ramp, or in the other room fighting, just those I can engage. Check out this Screen Shot of Trueshot, see all those plates? Now, see I have clicked on one and my shots are greyed meaning they are not in range. That stinks! I can not live long if I can not target individual targets. It is killing me really badly when I try to PVE as mobs everywhere light up. 6d
6d Level 70 pvp gear Okay, I'm not really that knowledgeable about pvp gear in the first place, but, Where is the level 70 pvp gear. I see level 60 and 80 armor traders in SW but no 70. if you have any information that might help me then thanks.Gichimanido40 6d
6d Twin peaks rbg graveyard problem So. We just did an rbg on twin peaks. Alliance vs alliance so one team had to be horde, and we were horde. Thing is. When someone died on the horde team you get sent to the alliance graveyard instead of the horde one. But since we are "horde" we can't res from the spirit healer. Meaning we had to run back to our bodies. Thing is they could just loot our bodies and then we had no way to res so suddenly we were 5 manning.. sooo we kinda lost an easy 2-0 lead. Please fix this cause it makes it hard to win :)Vardaris6 6d
6d Did rbgs die? I remember in wod, in the group finder there was always tons of rbgs going on and even in trade people were putting together groups. Now I only see like 5 in the group finder at most and no one in trade chat looking to do rbgs. Or is this just an alliance issue now?Akusalol11 6d
6d Quitting threads... We dont need to hear why or what gave you the red a*s. Just quit. Throw your tantrum in the "reasons" box when you unsub. 99% of us do not care. We arent your mommy or your granny or anything else. We arent gonna rub powder on your butt and tell you how special you are, and how sorry we are for you. Grow a pair and grow up.Joeboô33 6d
6d Marks of Honor While I do like the concept of the Marks of Honor, I feel as though they were implemented in the wrong way. I'm fine with collecting Marks of Honor, but why can't they be a 100% drop from wins? I get that the marks are only used for old PvP sets for transmog, but there are a lot of different sets, and a lot of different classes. The old PvP gear price is also set a tad bit high. Battlegrounds take quite a bit of time to finish, and they require effort to win. If you lose, you get a tiny chance to get a crate which may have a Mark of Honor in it. If you win, you get the crate guaranteed, but again, it may have a Mark of Honor. Combining the factors of Queue times for BGs, the time it takes to complete them, and whether you win or lose, that's a lot of time spent trying to get even a single mark. Some people don't have time to do all this, and all they want is some nice looking transmog sets for their characters. I'm not saying that all the PvP sets should be super easy and cheap to get, I get that there has to be effort. It just seems like a little to much effort and time for old gear. I'm sorry for the long post and bringing up the Marks of Honor again, but I honestly feel that this issue should be looked at. I guess I'm just a little salty about running through multiple BGs on multiple different characters and only having a 5 mark total across all my toons.Shreddies12 6d
6d Marks of Honor I've won 19 bgs so far at 110, and not a single mark. Are these still in the game, if not how do we buy old gear?Toiletselfie6 6d
6d Blizzard please fix Marks of Honor You have given me hardly any incentive to play battlegrounds anymore. There are TONS of people who still farm Marks of Honor for Transmoging purposes, and I am one. I don't care that I have to win at this point to get one. I spent ALL day pvping (mostly losing too) and got nothing to show for it. Even when I did win, the Marks of Honor for gear that you allow us to get for mogging were not given. The RNG has to go and as quick as the wind passes you by. Give some incentive to get people in bgs and to win other than random crap you have been giving us. Like I said, I know a ton of people who are still farming for mogs, and this mass of people will help BGs.Loîs0 6d
6d RBGs: Destro Lock Perspective I'm not even gonna' say anything anymore. Y'all can just watch at this point.Horrlock0 6d
6d Confused on how to get PVP gear. I've looked all over but I can't find any information. This expansion is starting to confuse me to the point when I just want to cancel my account and just play my XBOX One for my gaming fix. How are we supposed to acquire PVP gear or any gear for that matter if I just wanted to do PVP!? Is there a link with a guide on how to acquire gear to better my gimped Affliction Lock? From what I've gathered, it seems like I have to do a combination of dungeons, quests, world quests, non PVP related Achievements, etc... just to get PVP gear. What are Mark of Honors used for? WTF has BLIZ DONE!!!!?Lapeste13 6d
6d Alterac Valley Mounts They're still showing up as costing honor to buy. Does anyone know what they cost now? I'm guessing Mark of Honor is the currency.Mindfister0 6d
6d Mark of Honor drop rate? queued all skirms yesterday and all bg's today... 0 marks.... how?Faydeez1 6d
6d Confused about the Template system I was looking everywhere and couldn't find any information, so was wondering if you guys would know Since Legion PVP has a template system, does that mean everyone will have the same stats or very close to each other? What happened to set bonuses, like 4 piece and 8 pieces? Do they not work in PVP? What about trinkets active? PvE trinkets no longer work in PvP? ThanksShootingboy3 6d
6d Welp...thinking of quiting. Class got nerfed and we're not ever the top of dps stats in pvp. Its just too painful to level an alt in this expansion. At least GW 2 got the templates right. I miss gear progression. That's why I came back from GW2 in the first place.Pouncendeath19 6d
6d PvP stat? Do PvP stats priority even matter anymore? Since your stats are based on item level in BGs and Arenas.Dekas4 6d
6d Rogue OVERnerfed in PvPærek29 6d
6d Healers: Impossible to Heal through DHs Seriously, Blizzard, you need to look into how OP Dh's are. Everyone's rolling DH's on my server group, and just steaming through every battleground. I've played bg's with one server (myself) vs 2-3 on their side and rest DH's, this is against PUGS! The amount of locking available just makes it impossible to play as a cloth class healer like a priest. It's ruining gameplay. I may as well just roll a DH and pew pew everyone. THERE IS NO INCENTIVE TO HEAL.Vladinov4 6d
6d Blizzard just fixed PvP Or at least made a good start. Check out the hotfixes: Looks like they are reducing overall damage in the game, bringing DH's and Rogues back into line with other dps, and boosting healing output. Good changes, Blizz! Thanks =)Aflixion222 6d
6d Non-healer hard to kill? What class/spec is just insanely durable? That's not a healer?Zmora7 6d
6d What happened to Marks of Honor? I've won six BGs so far, and I haven't gotten a single Mark of Honor. I got them from every BG in the pre-patch. Is this by design?! If so, I think you've made a terrible decision; getting old transmog items will take *forever* at this rate.Fauxpaw21 6d