Nov 17, 2012 A Frost Mage BG Log Current W/L: 7-1 Current K/D: 95-12 Basically what it says in the title. Going to keep a sorta public journal of BGs until I... Well, get bored of it. All BGs will be solo done. I'm hoping this will teach me some things about the game. Anyone is (obviously) willing to ask questions or contribute whatever they want. I will not be doing either of the 40 mans simply because... I don't like them? I don't know. I've always felt those two BGs reward individual effort the least. I'll be reserving a few slots/posts for future entries. I have no idea how long I'll keep at this (My joy in WoW in rapidly declining) but maybe this will be something fun. (Side note: Any "LOL Frost Mages are hard posts are welcome. I challenge anyone to think of a class that can't destroy a BG under the right circumstances.) I will only list my rank next to a stat if it makes sense to do so and if it was top 3. That said, it's starting now! ------- BG 1: ToK: Horde wins 1600:300 A slaughter. Start wasn't amazing, but we eventually just locked them out of the mid and won quick. A mage and lock in particular never went for the orbs and focused on controlling mid. Meh. It worked out, but would have been nice to see more teamwork instead of just a, "We outgear and outcomp you. GL." On a side note: Under the right circumstances in this BG, you can see a 50 foot Ancient druid. Pretty hilarious. I had: 13KBs - 1st 4.5 mil damage 2 Deaths 3 Possessions 400 VP earned. - 1st 40 (roughly) Hks. ------ BG 2: ToK: Horde wins: 1600-700 Awful game considering we won. Half of them must have been AFK or bots and the other half was low burst classes (Enhance Shamans, Windwalker monks.) Also, one of the monks early on grabbed an orb and glitched into the little grassy walled off area in the corners (Near where the orbs spawn.) Spent the whole game there and was solely responsible for their points earned, basically. The glitch could definitely use a fix. You could simply remove it. Granted, I've never seen that happen before. Could be a rare thing. I had: 8 KBs - 2nd 2.5 mil damage 3 deaths 3 possessions 300 VP earned - 3rd 30 HKs ---------- BG 3: ToK: Horde Wins: 1600-500 This BG was going to be a slaughter one way or the other from the start. We had nothing but ranged DPS classes (5 mages, 3 locks, 1 spriest, 1 hunter). Worked pretty well, but I wouldn't have wanted to get a different BG with this setup. I hate to say it, but not for the first time I'm bothered by the relative strength of casters in ToK. Not sure if I imagined it, though. As always, my stats: 13 KBs - 1st 7.2 mil damage - 1st 2 deaths 2 possessions 388 VP - 1st 50 HKs ---------- BG 4: AB: Horde wins 1600-600 This is a textbook case of "Healers don't mean everything." They had 5 healers and we had 1. They started off well, but left Stables without enough defense, got LM and Mine and lost everything else. At one point it was 300-300 and then they just fell apart. Good healers and bad DPS will be a loss more often than not. Sometimes people give far too much credit to the power of healers over DPS. The only time equal distribution of heals really starts to matter is situations of roughly equal skilllevel and gear. My stats: 17 KBs - 1st 6.1 mil damage - 1st 2 deaths 38 HKs I didn't take or defend any bases this game. To be honest (And this may be just ego) I prefer to peel and kill people at bases and let other players cap. I'll only go for caps if everything nearby is CC'd or dead. ------ Another day of logs! Woo. I really thought I was going to be done with it too soon. BG 5: ToK: Horde wins: 1600-600 This seems to be a habit lately. This was honestly a boring BG. The Alliance had it perfectly even at 325, then I finally was able to play offensive and take out both their orb carriers in about 20 seconds (With the team, obviously.) The Alliance never got back the momentum and that mainly seemed from a lack of effort. A note here: I don't honestly understand why people give up so easily in ToK. Momentum moves back and forth constantly in this BG. Something to think about the next time you're losing. My stats: 11 KBs - 1st 4.3 mil damage -3rd. 1 death 1 pos 134 VP 38 HKs You'll notice that I got much fewer VP this game. I found myself playing VERY defensively through most of this BG without ever touching the Orbs (My one Pos was pretty late in the game.) I couldn't really explain why, but several Alliance players seemed to focus on training me over killing our Orb Holders. Possibly to keep me from gibbing their own Holders? But I seemed to be getting attacked by more players than necessary for CC purposes. Not really sure that is wise. ----------------Banaritaz5 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Honor Point Conversion So upon recently dinging 90, I had so many justice points. I did not know you can convert them into honor, so you can buy the dreadful gladiator gear, so i wasted them to be exalted with the kirin tor (Mistake). I now have to battleground to get honor to get the dreadful gear I need, but I still have lots of conquest/valor points. Is there anyway I can convert my conquest/valor into honor points?!?!Bigchill3 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Frost mage LF 1600+ rbg group Hi, I am from frostmourne and not much rbgs are going on at my server, so I'd like to be in a steady group for higher conquest points cap, I'll have tier 1 weapons next week. I have skype and vent + a working mic. I would say my current skill lvl is about 1800 in rbgsPandahater0 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 2010 CR Warlock LF 2k+ RBG nightfall#1500Sizhai1 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Botting...... is totally out of control! I did an IoC around 5 am (needed 1/2 bar to level) and when the gate opened 10 people ran out and the REST all ran together in a big circle.... at first I thought I was lagging out cause it was the freakiest thing I have ever seen and I have been around a very LONG time. and I am not exaggerating on those numbers =( it was amazing that only like 10 of us were actual players playing the game. Game proceeds and just this big huge group, 90% of players, just all did the same thing in a huge group which always consisted or running in a few circles before moving. I can't believe these type of add ons/scripts (?) are allowed. Morning pvp players must be freaking out =( What a horrible game experience that would be if you only played during those hours.Jinka5 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 what is going on? chaos bolt is out of hand right now that crap needs to be toned down getting hit for 2-300k on a solo attack is not cool..not cool at all.. blood dks doing over 6 mil in self healing while tanking half of a bg group come on now blizzard how do you think this is right at all?Joonyer5 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 RBG Points broke I am here to QQ, as a healing priest it is so hard for me to find rbg. I found a awesome group and got are 1 win so i could have my conquest points for the week........but I only had 1350/2200 conquest I received my 400 points come to find out it does not go towards my 400 points rbg win that I need it goes towards my weekly cap so now I'm 1750/2200 still needing my 1 RBG win WTF BLIZZ I opened a ticket and they just gave me the old blizz run around!Honkeyscum17 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 PVE Heals > PVP Power Just proves that heals are way too powerful. Take bear tanks for instance. No resil or pvp power, but enuff damage and enrage heals or whatever to keep up with full deadly/few malevolent. That should never happen in this game. They managed to F it up again. Idiots.Moograham5 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 1hp Iceblock / 1hp Bubble Anyone else finding this quite annoying?Danktuary5 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 10-40 Battlegrounds - Nobody dies anymore I'll expand with specifics if this thread garners any interest, but If you're here, I suspect you know what the current problems are. In the meantime, I'll just document the exchange. ... ... ... So far, it's going pretty-much as I expected. Unfortunately.Solidstate1 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Why Blizz will never get rid of Bots Since I was chatting away in BG chat trying to give a plan for the few actual players we had, I got kicked cause I stood still I guess. So, now I have time to write in here. Blizz cannot get rid of bots, they make up almost 90% of their game anymore, that's the way it seems, don't quote me on that number. If they got rid of the bots in BGs, the que times would be anywhere from 1-4 hours long because the true active human player population is that low. Plus for Blizz to create an illusion to their business investors, they must keep the game looking full and active and what a Better way then allowing bots. It makes the game look active and is a nice illusion for the stock holders and such. This game had a nice 8 year (8?) run, but now it is dead. If Blizz has a new game to replace this one, then by all means Blizz please hurry up. Well I guess my undeserved deserter should be up now.Tiffanitte1 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Beyond Stupid! Today in Battle for Gilneas I ran across an entire 10 man multi-server bot program. Two five man teams moved in unison and attacked the closest ally. Lucky for us we figured out what was going on and someone would pull their team off the flag while another capped it. Getting targeted by this bot program with 5 horde on you is no fun. I guess Blizzard does not care since almost half the games are now filled with em. 6 years of this game is probably enough for me time to move on.Prankster2 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Turrets. They're poopoo. That is all.Faluzure2 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Five Reasons not to quit PvP #1 Bot, bots, and more bots - thats all I hear in BGs is QQ over all these bots. They are right, way too many bots in MoP. I spend more time reporting these bots to get em outta BGs than actually playing the BG. AFK Bots, Follow BOTS, Smart bots, heck Blizz probably has their own bots in there to fill the rosters to cut down on que time, who knows. People are quitting the game because of this bot problem, alot of people. Get rid of the bots Blizz. Maybe increase Deserter debuff to 1 hour, idk, or make the deserter debuff increment each time so it accumlates to a bot's death. #2 Too many healers - When you go into a 10 man BG and the opposing faction has 5 or more healers, that's retarded. Crossfire healing makes it impossible to take down all those healers, esp in carrying the flag ones like WsG and Twin Peaks. Make a que system, as was already mentioned many times in forums thru Cata. Limit how many heals can be in each BG. Also if you que as Heals or DPS, make it so you cannot change specs once in the BG. #3 Unbalanced classes - I have to agree with what others said in forums here on this. I have never seen such unbalance amoungst the classes. The Devo team in charge of PvP haven't a clue what they are doing for the PvP end of this game. For example, 4-5 players to take down one Shadow Priest is just plain sad in class design in MoP. Healers are by far way too OP, and exploited. The "if it's lazy and OP, it's for me" attitude is bad. #4 Point system - Was perfectly fine at the end of Cata. Valor conversion to Conquest was awesome. 1650 conquest cap thru Reg BGs without the need for Rated BGs was great. Rated BGs are too "exclusive" and require you be in a PvP guild. But not everyone limits themsleves to PVP. Maybe someone wants to be in a Raid AND PvP guild, well, that seems kinda rare these days. Playing Musical guilds makes one look wishy washy and then you find yourself with no guild cause noone wants a guild hopper. Put back the system that was in place already, we were happy. If the leet PvPer's don't like it, why don't Blizz make an exclusive PvP server for them. Resume needed kinda stuff, let the leets duke it out with the leets. problem solved there. Change it back to the old system before MoP. Plus, Dreadful Weapons were advertised before MoP hit. They shoulda been kept in the game, not everyone wants to do heroics to get a "raid" wep for PvP, that's dumb. #5 CC's and Dots - I agree, CC's are way outta control. Perhaps, you could increase the adaption rate, make players adapt faster to CC's. Also, dots are an issue too. To have 2-4 frost fevers from DK's, or 2-4 living bombs from Mages, etc, is just a bit much. Should be only one dot per class regardless of how many of that class. Back in Cata, I remember as a Pally Tank FC, I had 3 living bombs on me, all ticked down together perfectly, and kaboom dead. Funny as it was, felt that was a bit much. I do not see any changes there in MoP. Plus I wish someone would fix the problem where you come outta BGs with dots that either kill you or almost kill you. Costly glitch. That is all I have for now, sorry for the bad spelling or bad grammar. I do love this game, have for many years, love the Pandas, loved the starting zone and everything. Alot of fun things in this game I enjoy, but PvP really needs to be looked at and fixed. Only real flawed thing I see.Tiffanitte61 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Players are clueless on how to win BG's Often times when I play a BG a side gets steam rolled not because the players are BAD per se, But rather, they just have NO clue on how to win! For example, That Battleground with the two keeps, a lot of players just sit outside the enemy keep and kill whatever comes out. Sure, you could win this way.... If the other side was composed of children. But typically they keep them busy while the smart players sneak around and cap points, and run bombs ect. Winning them the BG, My point is that when a typical player hits a new level and is thrust into a huge 40v40 BG such as the keep one, they don't really know what to do (I know I didn't), and if there was something, maybe like a tutorial of sorts to teach them what to do, we could have engaging and actually challenging and fun battlegrounds rather than the typical "Let's see who has the most knowledgeable players!". Or maybe more incentive to capture objectives, such as a bigger honor bonus. Or maybe the typical RBG player is just a hopeless idiot.. I'm starting to think the latter as of late.Harnan14 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Suggestion for botting: use a Capcha? As in, the human readable jumbles you have to see and type in when signing up for things online. Put one at a random point intime in the bg and if someone fails it enough, restrict their bg access. Thoughts?Dirtydinky7 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 The 19 bracket is calling out everyone Think you are good @ pvp? gather some friends. make 19 twinks. and come try us. we are expecting you.Brówn20 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 19 Twinks Dead or Alive ?Swaggert6 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Spriest with 1400 CR RBG rating LF team Unfortunately i'm on a dead server when it comes to PvP as horde. I role as a shadow priest and I have a 1400 CR rating. Feel free to inspect my gear or post if you have any questions. I have all the necessary pvp addons and willing to show my skill as a spriest. Someone save my day and give me a chance to join your team and i promise i wont disappoint you. Thanks, The Dead Guy spikner =DSpikner0 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 Make PVP = PVE Hello, I had a few suggestions for PVP. There seems to be Four main types of players to me. You have the Raider's who focus on just raid's, dungeons, and may dailies to get rep/money to improve raiding. The casual player who just will focus mainly on dungeons, LFR, and dailies. The Extreme player who does it all. Last is the PVP player just wants to focus on BG, Arena and just PVP. I used to be a raider but i find myself burnt out on it. i just dont have or want to have a time to do it every week. All i want to do is PVP but the biggest issue is i run into is money. I think you have made a lot of improvements to the honor, and conquest points system. Biggest flaw i see is PVP should be treated the same as raider's. You should be able to make money doing PVP other than looting corpses witch a player focused on winning the match does not have time to do. If all you want to do is PVP you can't make any money witch you need to play. I would suggest PVP dailies that had quest to reward players gold to win different BG's, or achieve something in a game like killing blow to a wall. You could also have add a small amount of gold to playing a random BG. This would help cover the cost of paying for enchants, gems, repairs, glyphs, and reforges. I find it unfair that someone who just wants to do PVE can make money to do just what they want, yet a PVP player can't without doing something he does not want to do. I do like the whole idea of conquest point's from BG's, but to be equal to a raider's. The cap and reward if conquest higher, Because PVE player's get more gear faster. Would be nice if PVP player's had more option's like being able to level up doing nothing but PVP. Have more level's of PVP gear player's. You could have it every 5 level's a PVP set you could by with honor. You would also need to make it where you can buy PVP gear even if you are lower than that level, or raise the honor cap. To me these suggestions would make it able for a player who is just into PVP to do just that.Rinzuma12 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 God, I hate mages **Before you read this, please understand that this is a game. I am not asking to have relations with your underage daughter. I am simply asking what class fares well against a mage. This previous sentence is needed due to a few confused folk who believe I am smashing my face against a wall in rage, and looking for a class that oneshots mages. I hate not being able to control my character for an entire fight against any type of mage. I'd say it feels like 75% of the fight i'm being controlled. If I want to roll mages, what class/spec should I play (besides a hunter, it's not my style)? I know enhance completely ripped them apart in cata, but I hear it's not in a good place atm. Deathknights are called the "anti-caster" class, but after AMS goes down it feels like i'm a wet noodle. Imo an "anti-caster class" should have automatic passive defense against any type of magic, I'd even say about 15% magic damage reduction to be honest. I also miss the glyph that increased AMS by 2 seconds. 5 seconds feels kinda meh.Ultimos54 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 The Way Honor Is Earned (Suggestion) Needs to be changed. Here is my suggestion (similar ideas have been suggested before as a means to reward effort, and stop botting) Currently, winning your first BG of the day will get you 500 or so honor; usually a bit less. Instead of basing the amount of honor off whether you win or not by itself, base it off several factors, and either double it positively if you win, and negatively if you lose. These values would need to change per level cap increase, or it would need to be percentage based. Alright, so let's work off 500 honor for the first win (hk's included). wins afterwards will be halved. First criteria: Damage Second: Healing Third: Objectives 270 1. Damage will be awarded based on whoever has the most damage, and scale to others from there. A certain amount of damage will be necessary to qualify for this honor. Top damage will receive a base of 150 honor at the end. 300 for the first win, 150 for wins after. 75 for all losses, assuming this person is first in damage, and has done no objectives. This does not include HK honor. From there, honor is based on percentage of their damage done. to keep it simple, more or less, it would be divided into 4 or 3 other areas. 50% damage dealt of first = half the honor awarded. 150 bonus at the end of a first win, 75 after. 30~ for a loss. 2. Healing would be very similar to damage; or rather, almost identical. Again, a criteria for the bracket would need to be met, so a BG full of dps wouldn't have one person getting first in both damage and healing...which could easily happen with the way hybrids are right now. 3. Now, for objectives... For every base assaulted, 5 honor. For every base captured, 15 honor. For every Flag returned, 10 honor. For every Flag captured, 20 honor. For being in a tower when it is burnt, say in AV, 40 honor. Only for those with the defender buff inside. For every siege PvP wall assist or kill, 10 honor. (not necessary, but an idea) Double, or reduce to half if they win or lose. This makes people want to get these things, yet want to win as well. It rewards good players who choose to keep playing in a losing match, more or less. It reduces the ability for those who are not playing to get currency by doing nothing. Do not give honor to the whole BG for things they did not do. I'm going to theorize some arguments here. 1. What about people who play on defense? You're choosing to be on defense must be because It's a better strategy to winning. If you don't feel that you're getting enough honor, follow your buddies. But remember, winning gives 4x more honor than losing. So lot's of damage + losing is less honor than some damage and winning. 2. people would trade honor by swapping flags in AB if this were to be implemented, for infinite honor. 3. This is a good point, myself... *cough* This could be fixed by limiting caps to 3 per node per game. AB has 5 nodes, but again, remember that the losing team would get 4x LESS than the winning team. 5nodes x3 caps = 60 per node, 5x60= 300. Losers would get 75 in the end, for a perfect rotation. Generally, if you're organized enough to do this, you'll be getting conquest from RBG's anyway...and this doesn't affect those at all. A similar system could be laid out for low levels, but swapping honor for experience. I'm capped on words here, so I'll leave it at that. Gosh, I'm typing too much tonight. :|Chawana26 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Which twink enchant to use? Which is better for a caster twink to use on their weapon: 22 Intel or 30 Spell Power?Acidworm12 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Frost mage looking for RBG group Looking for anyone to do RBGs with add me Dreadlock#1514 Full Dreadnought have 3 pieces of Malevolent. Have a vent server that we can use for RBGsBurrprint0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Cross Realm RBG on Friday 11/16 Players on Mug'thul looking to fill in the ranks of RBG team for today (friday) and playing tonight. Leader's CR 1630 but looking to raise rating with players in full pvp gear with their weapons. Want to find a crew of people that will listen to strategies and push rating. If you're interested in playing today/tonight contact me battletag: kingjames1976 or post and i'll contact youPrisonskank0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 I used to play MORE than I spend time here I believe a lot of people do the same as me, and quite a lot of the others just quit playing, at least pvp atm.Xcuter0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Nerfs!! OMG nerf ret pallies, warriors, rogues... Actually just nerf everything except for holy pallies!Lightblade1 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 OMG nerf rogues burst damage and recup! Rogues burst damage is completely out of control. My mutilates crit sometimes in the upwards of 30k and only costs 60 energy. This is completely OP. Mix all of that with recup that heals for 8k every 3 seconds! This damage and healing is just to powerful for PVP. I mean it's not like every class in the game can kite rogues, CC, and out heal them. I feel sorry for the classes that have to go up against such powerhouse abilities as these. Please can't anyone stop all the carnage!!!Kuball12 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 What do you buy with Honor After you get all your gear? Right now there are: BoA pvp items Cata mats Transmogs Are there MoP mats to buy with honor I'm missing here? I have no need for BoA gear or Transmog.Big7 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 PvP statistics Is there any official statistics on the % of PvP grounds being used? I am curious what % of WoW players participate in the following. Arena (level 90) Rated Battlegrounds Random Battlegrounds (level 90)Cemecian0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Bots thread of botting Do people really need to make thread about botting every 5 mintues? Do you really need to rage about bots in a new thread every time you go to forums instead of posing in one of the 3.4 million threads that already exist on the matter? Listen, 1 of 2 things is going on now. Either A - Blizz knows there's a problem and is designing a way to keep bots out of BGs or B - Blizz doesn't care because they know that every one of those bots is paying $15 per month. Either way another thread on bots isn't going to help the problem so please, for the love of humanity, stop with the bot threads.Bobamico6 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Experienced Prot War LF RBGS Currently 67% res, soon to be 69-70. 1734 CR at the moment. 7+ Year of Experience in PvP as a Warrior. LF RBGs to push 2k+ Vocal and clear communication. Drakory#1237Chek0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 PVP class I cant decided what to PVP with dk or lock ( my partner is a rogue ) and i dont know which spec for the lock? any suggetsions ?!Fallenstär1 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 (A) LF Prot Warrior 1900+ RBG Team This is the last of what we need pretty much. We usually start playing any time after 6pm EST. CR must be over 1850 and past xp is 2k+ pref. Be as geared as possible. Full gems/chants are a must. If interested, add my battletag. btard#1153Ssdouchebag2 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Not having fun in BG's. Hi. Stunned for a day. Living in constant fear. I don't think my legs work. Lot's of people have given the exact reasons for why PvP isn't enjoyable at the moment. I don't want to go off and call the kettle black or tell you a cow does in fact moo. I'm here to say that I am not enjoying it.Dalthire3 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Can people kick from BGs now?!?! Was in a BG attacking farm, died and was defending mine for a minute. 2 seconds later as I was typing it auto removed me from the BG?? And now I have the deserter debuff? WTF?Peelsforyou17 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Bots & AFK Suggestion!!! WoW: please read!!! With Bots in BGs now, it is easier than ever for AFKs to farm BGs for honor. This combination totally screws up BGs. I plead with WoW to consider both of these things: 1) have a 10 second timer at the starting area. Make us spawn in slightly different spots and facing different directions at the beginning. If that any toon does not leave the starting area within 10 seconds, the BG auto-boots them. This should slow down bots that just spawn and then casts the same buff every 10 seconds to keep from getting booted. 2) WoW-bots: Instead of having a group leader, give 1 random person the choice to strategicly lead the bots instead of playing their own toon. This person would play the bots sorta like a vehicle: have some go to defend this spot and some that spot, until they are called to defend a different spot. Their aggro range could be increased or reduced by the bot leader. The bots would not defend a single person but at least would play a zone-type defense/offense according to the situation on the field. This would take care of this problem but also give a new fun spin to the game. This random person would also get a triple reward for a win only (all or nothing), they will be very motivated take their random selection very seriously. They could reject the random selection if they want and the game would then assign it to another person, etc.Thunderfire0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 LFG [H] RBGS Hello, I am looking for a group to run some rbgs with mainly at night. I haven't ran very many this season due to a small server with very little people. Please feel free to message me or add me in game if you have any question or a group. Thank you. Class: Dk Spec: Frost Experience: 1800 Armory link: Battletag: Skysor#1212Skysdk0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Bots & AFK Suggestion!!! WoW: please read!!! With Bots in BGs now, it is easier than ever for AFKs to farm BGs for honor. This combination totally screws up BGs. I plead with WoW to consider both of these things: 1) have a 10 second timer at the starting area. Make us spawn in slightly different spots and facing different directions at the beginning. If that any toon does not leave the starting area within 10 seconds, the BG auto-boots them. This should slow down bots that just spawn and then casts the same buff every 10 seconds to keep from getting booted. 2) WoW-bots: Instead of having a group leader, give 1 random person the choice to strategicly lead the bots instead of playing their own toon. This person would play the bots sorta like a vehicle: have some go to defend this spot and some that spot, until they are called to defend a different spot. Their aggro range could be increased or reduced by the bot leader. The bots would not defend a single person but at least would play a zone-type defense/offense according to the situation on the field. This would take care of this problem but also give a new fun spin to the game. This random person would also get a triple reward for a win only (all or nothing), they will be very motivated take their random selection very seriously. They could reject the random selection if they want and the game would then assign it to another person, etc.Thunderfire0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 RBG Spell Restrictions •Rated Battlegrounds now share the same spell restrictions as Arenas. Normally I try to keep my forum posts constructive but im going to go ahead and sum this one up in just one word. Morons P.S. Why dont you people try making positive changes for once, all you do is piss people off.Carrymebro23 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Please I beg Blizz to get rid of these bots Did 6 BGs, both factions all bots in all 6. No wait, there was one live person in a Battle for Gilneas. Won 3 lost 3. Every night it's like this. But what's the point of playing? Just seems so mindless. If I wanted to play a game against the computer, I would dust off my Xbox or P3. Like many others, I am really considering quitting the game. I do not know what happened in Cata and now MoP, but it seems like noone wants to play anymore, it's all automated programs (bots) playing. Where's the fun in that? I hate beating on a dead horse, but I am. I logged out after 6 BGs because I felt like what's the point and where's the fun? I am really sorry Blizz, but I think WoW is ruined, I think it will make a nice "free to play" game or a nice tax write off. But in all honesty, the game is finally dying. I might hang in there for 5.1, see if you listened to the customers, if not, then well, you can add one more to the "no longer playing" list, which is huge now btw. Thanks alot for ruining a game I so loved for all these years. Peace.Tiffanitte6 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Battle for Gilneas CTA starting a battle for gilneas premade lvls 85-89. you will need to go to and click on OQUEUE. You will need to put the OQUEUE addon in your wow interface folder. so get the addon and get at me so we can beat down the alliance.Kàkàshi0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Solution to Botting and Pug BGs I have always been anoyed w BG pugs due to either BOTS or players who just cant pvp to save their lives hoping to get a peice to boost their pve gear rating to do LFR n so on. I would like to see a que system that uses our Rated BG or arena rating whichever is highest and que us that way. Most BOTS alone have a zero rating and prob wont ever have any kind of rating so they would all end up in the BG together or the lower rated least in theory. If your starting out yes the first few peices will kind of suck but at least it will get better as you gear and build some sort of can pug a RBG fairly easy in any trade channel or server so. Just an idea, if you have any ideas to expand on this or solutions yourself lets get it rolling and maybe we can see it in a upcomming patch. I for one am tired of waiting 2 min for a que to pop only to play with robots and scrubs....I would much rather take a 5-9 min que to play with more skilled players anyday.Kissingblow0 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 FATALITYS i really do think fatalitys would be awesome in the future....just imagine a dk using his mininons to eat you......and a pally using his angel to hold you down while he smite's you....or a warrior running up and stabing you in the, i am just getting pumped by just typing this.Gainley6 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 defeated pvper asks for help Basically, I'm tired of gear being such a big deal. I'm tired of losing/winning due to insane pvp imbalances. I'm tired of waiting for it to get better. I want to l2p and have it actually matter. I've heard quite a bit about Guild Wars being actually reliable in terms of pvp balance. Are there any other games to note? I'm just not sure I want to wait it out for things to settle. Would love a suggestion or two. thanks guys :) edit: inb4 l2p, "yer gearz suk!," and "wheres yer 2k achieve scrub?!" ..lolArkara11 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Dark portal is so amazing Thx blizz for crz. Last time i had this much fun was in av long long ago/southshore wasn't even this fun.Artemisen3 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Need help with RBG class makeup Hello all, So I know what a DoT Cleave is for RBGs Are there any other successful group designs Out there right now? I have heard of "burst cleave" but no idea how to Run it. Anyone have any ideas or anyone running a successful group please help!! Thanks :)Kobarde4 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Conquest Points Before 90? I plan on doing alot of pvp when my hunter gets to 90 so I have been doing random BGs to build honor points. It says that I should be able to get 25 Conquest Points as well as the bonus honor points. I have not received the Conquest at all and Im not sure if Im getting the bonus honor points. I understand if Conquest isnt given out until 90 but why show it on my pvp tab? Ive been searching the forums and havent seen anything accept for guesses. Anyone know the answer?Fubär2 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Which class is better for pvp? So i have a Mage, Warlock and a feral druid and i wish to focus on one of them to do mainly PVp. which one do you guys think assuming the skill lvl is equal with any of the three classes.Ariadna3 Nov 16, 2012