Oct 10, 2012 PvP is a disgrace bgs are ran by mages, dks, and hunters its pretty sadUnlockk11 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Vote kicking allowedin Battlegrounds? Hello, I was vote kicked for being AFK from a battleground when I was not AFK, but instead capped a flag others didn't want me to. I was wondering if this is abuse of the afk kick system or a legit style of booting people from battlegrounds?Nit7 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 New BGs... I know not everyone is 90 yet, and for those that are, the crafter gear is the best pvp stuff we can get but... How do you 90s like the 2 new BGs? For me so far, Kotmogu is awesome, Silvershard cool, but a little... crowded maybe. I like that they both have PvP oriented goals in them that keep combat pretty consistent. So, what does the rest of the BG community think?Goldenbrown12 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 2200 Exp BM lf RBG group [H] RBG Experience 2200 - Ret Paladin 2000 - Disc 1900 - DK (frost target caller) Arena Experience: 2209 - Ret 1802 - Disc 1891 - Hunter First season that I am using my hunter as my main, have alot of overall experience in RBGs and Arena as multiple roles. Gear: Full Dreadful w/ 2 malevolent. 463 weapon (work in progress to upgrade). Available Times: Pretty much whenever. Hoping to play with people of like experience, however willing to run with lower groups if needed. Contact via in game mail (Orkasm - Vashj), via R ID @, or post below.Orkasm2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 New BG, Battle of the Skies A BG That takes place between two Airships, one horde and one Alliance. Each Faction Spawns in it's helm. There are 3 levels on each Airship, Alliance as per usually has Top deck, bottom deck and Mid deck. Horde have Top Deck, Bottom Deck and the Deck in between it's two blimp balloons. Each Factions takes transport to board the others airship, each time you capture a flag from the other team it start's diminishing their fuel. When a airships fuel runs to Zero it starts shaking and the players who were on it have 7 seconds to get off the ship before it explodes. If they do manage to Parachute off they get a Bonus ten Honor. Due to the nature of the Battleground there are ample opportunities for pushing off deaths like AB Lumber mill and EOTS MidAmathyst1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Retribution Paladin LF RBG team Hello everyone, I am Zagaro of Blackrock US and I am looking for a RBG team. I have never done one but I know how to play my class (please no flamming). My server time is PST and I want to do Xrealm RBG's thanks everyone and happy PvPing!Zagaro0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Question OK i am playin a rogue for pvp been doing pvp randoms for 3 days now racked up 900 points in honor but now i cant do random bg it is lvl 30 is there som kinda limit to how many times a week u can do random bgsKirramage12 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Call to Arms Cant Thumbs Down I want to say first off, I <333 the new thumbs down system for battlegrounds. It allows me to never see the painful sight of an IoC or SotA. I will eat a 15 min debuff to not play those battlegrounds as I do not enjoy fighting walls instead of people. So when SotA became Call to Arms this week I was like "Yeah, *&^% you I will NEVER have to get stuck in that one." Then what happens... I end up in a SotA of course lol. I look at my Battlegrounds Window, lo and behold my SotA is unchecked and I CAN'T RECHECK IT. I understand that you dont want your CtA to be empty of players but this is just bogus. So while my 15 min deserter debuff runs down I will rant here about this flaw in the Thumbs Down system.Medcenter10 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Nerf glider in bg's and priest halo range I lost a bg earlier primarily due to a monk running the flag with the glider upgrade. While a glider is entertaining in itself, it should cause a flag carrier to drop the flag much like rocket boots were patched to do ages ago. Also, the priest halo aoe needs a nerf. What is it, 30 yards radius? That's absolutely HUGE, the biggest in the game. Some classes have some large aoe moves to try to fish out for where stealthed units are, and this is fair, but halo is not.Gwenclone8 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Don't cry about too much CC abilities! come on people. get into reality. more hp pool, more mana pool, means more cc implemented so get out of the old world and start adapting. healers are far more powerful than the cc's everyones gotten with more hp and stronger heals it's mandatory that cc is this abundant. think of rbg when everyone who ques for that knows what they are doing and have decent gears with healers back to back healing each others. you will thank your cc's for that. bg doesn't count as a form of true play. the good ones take it to arena or slaughter with rbg groups. the cc's are fair imo. #63Glaius12 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Contender set bonus stacking with dreadful? 400 pvp power and 400 resilance on off peieces seems like its almost not worth it to get full dreadfulDanzar10 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Hpally LF dedicated RBG team xrealm Holy Paladin (Alliance or Horde) with 2.2k rating experience in RBG. I am looking for a spot in a dedicated rbg team. Please post here to let me know, if there anyone need a Hpally. Horde side: Also looking for experience players, who needs a Hpally for 3s in arena, will consider to transfer over to get arena rolling.Marksx1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 lf 60s for pvp If you are a 60 add me to real id I am looking for fellow 60s for duels, pvp and etc.Critzor1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Isn't 40 wild imps is too much? Just did BG and one warlock has near 40 wild imps. Isn't that too much? 1-shotted tank with 350+ hp.Swang5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Healing needs to go in PvP I'm finding it absolutely frustrating that I (decently geared) cannot down a healer even after all my cooldowns are popped and my focus is 100 percent on him/her. They just sit there.... and heal... and heal... and heal. Like it's no strategy for him/her at all. There should be a limitation of amount of healers in a BG group imo. How in the hell, especially with just one healer, deal with 4 healers in a , let's say AB? NO ONE DIES. I mean what the hell is the point then? If I'm fighting with someone, enjoying the competition, and then all of a sudden another person comes up (ie. healer) I just stop where I'm at cause what's the point? You will not win... Healer's are the worst aspect of pvp and should be removed completely. Stick to healing in raids if you want to heal so much. All classes already have means of survival and it should be based off your skill to play and know when to use your skills. This offers a completely balanced pvp aspect. Healers are just straight stupid in pvp....Wessley35 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 So healing has been nerfed. Front page MMOC: The healing generated by Spinning Crane Kick has been reduced by 30%. Healing and shielding effects applied to players that have been involved in PvP combat are now reduced by 15% . Unless I'm reading this incorrectly it means not only players in BGs or arenas but also world pvp will see a reduction in healing by 15%. What you guys think? Too much, not enough or just right?Synatestra5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Unclickable flags in AB still not fixed. So this issue still hasn't been addressed or fixed. Sometimes in Arathi Basin the flags will just become completely unclickable. I've lost several games because I am unable to cap unguarded flags while 2/3 of my team is fighting at one base. It's really annoying on my rogue because it makes me unable to ninja-cap flags. It doesn't happen all the time. I see no pattern to why it does or doesn't happen. All I know is that it happens usually 1-2 per BG for me, and this is something that should be a priority, easy fix. Thanks.Intrinsic1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Is there anything to spend honor on? I have finished gearing up with honor gear and now I do BGs for a bit of fun every now and then. What do I do with my saved up honor now? As far as I can tell there are no vendors that sell MoP mats for honor, or mounts, or anything. I've tried searching for an answer but can't find anything, please helpBiskets2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Lol just did a BG against... 5 warriors 2 bm hunters 3 healers. Guess which team won?Lokthen6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Fix PvP & Balance BGs Fix PvP! I don't want to get locked up in 20 min arenas or !@#-sided BGs anymore. ie: hybrid heals and BGs with 3 healers and players gear'd out to the max against a team of greens/blues from questing. there has got to be some way to fix this. i want a challenge but these one sided BGs are getting old fast, put a system in place to fix them. ever since the battlegroup merge, things have steadily been going downhill. now the BGs are so unbalanced, there's no sense in even trying to play them and soon all the players will be bored with it. just beating down senseless people will get old after while, i know some have been blindly mislead to think themselves as being 'good' pvp players by winning all the time, but you will soon grow tired of it as well. and stop dragging pve players into BGs to get welfare gear, if they want to switch to PvP that's fine. but god, one at a time, not all of the team not knowing where to go or what to do nor even caring if they win or not. bring back the challenge to PvP in WoW before it dies completely. and don't just nerf some poor player's class or spec, just to try to convince players it's being fixed either. that's not balancing a system, that's putting a band-aid on a gashing wound and saying it's okay. It's sickening that a company as big as Blizzard is unwilling to put forth the time and effort to fix thier PvP system.Dbone4 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Bots and Afks I know your aware blizz of bots weve had them since vanilla...but sometimes they get out of control and it causes the snowball effect. Ive been playing my alliance toons and just a few minutes ago I played a gilneas and we 3 capped with absolutely no opposition at all from horde. I just played a strand and we captured relic under 2 mins no oppostion at all. Thats nuts. What it causes is more people to go to bots, they give up. They say why am I trying I cant win I might as well bot and relax and get what I get....after almost 7 yrs I think ill get a bot when I go back to my horde toons.. I realize its a dilemna for you...a damned if you do, damned if you dont kind of thing...but this is gotten to the point where you need to be damned for doing...I can see this bot thing especially horde side snowballing as more and more people that do actually play get frustrated. This isnt a whine an complain post...Im having a blast getting all this free effortless honor and conquest pts on my alliance toons :)Furyius2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 (H or A) Tank / Arms lfg RBG static. Looking for a static RBG team that plays between 3pm EST -> 9pm EST weekdays / Every other weekend. Willing to xfer / faction change, just tired of having to pug all the time. Played upto 2 shy of 2.2k before tanking all weekend. Current CR / MMR is around 2k. Skype, mic, etc.., RealID @Proweedsmoke#1214 Thanks!Hamburglers0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 I wish they just ended gaining exp in low bgs So we can stop trying to balance it and screwing top level pvp because a bunch of people cry that it's making leveling in low level bg's hard. I thought blizzard made it clear on several occasions that pvp is not balanced(not that it's much on max) around low level bgs? Now all these threads about nerf this and that because it hurts us at level 14. Flame me for it but I much rather take exp out of bg's all together if it's gonna be like this. I enjoy from time to time leveling in a bg for a change of pace but I don't expect it to be fair at that level.Hexaholic0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Horde guards at new Honor spot So I'm glad they were able to buff the guards and NPC's at the spot for honor and conquest gear, but there is still a problem with it. The aggro range of the NPC's is ridiculously low it seems like. I was buying gear on my monk when all of a sudden I am loaded up with DoT's and losing health fast. Luckily I responded fast enough to LoS the Priest and Lock that were standing in the doorway to the room in time to heal up and drot the DoT's. But they just stood there with no guard, no NPC, nothing attacking them at all. Literally 2 yards from the line to enter the room. All the lock had to do was go to other side and I was boxed in with no way to LoS properly. Is this tiny range intended or should it be larger? I mean it seems like when I am leveling and accidentally fly over an Alliance base I get instant dismounted and practically one shot from 40 yards up. The priest might as well have been coddling the guard at the door and nothing.Sabrick1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Too many PvP complaints People complaining about Warrs/Locks/Mages/Spriests/BM hunters/ Druids etc... are suggesting most classes in the game are OP............ Maybe rather then talking about nerfing most classes we should be talking about buffing the few classes that aren't as competitive. That being mentioned, I think there are many factors people disregard before they jump on the forums and complain "OP OP", factors such as how the class was played, what kind of gear the player had, your positioning, the class you came across may be good against your particular class just as there are classes your particularly good against.....etc etc.Sneat5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 a bg where the oposing faction is kelthuzad? did i miss something? or can entire guilds now que up for a random BG?Hemoraage7 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 PvP Cowards If there is one thing I absolutely detest in pvp, it is cowards. Was just in a Twin Peaks and was facing a partially pre-made group. I figured it'd be a tough fight but whatever, the match is lost before it's begun if I just give up. So I ride forward, and cross the river and immediately get jumped by 3 people. I die and as I had turn to run, I die facing the river, and 6 members of my team stopped there watching me die. One of which was a healer. Furthermore; the match continues, I die twice more and after rezing following the third death, I notice 5 people in my GY. We were being grave camped. Now I would understand hesitation but we were being camped by a terrifingly 3 people. A mage, a warlock, and an enhance shammy. So I figure we'll all go down and stomp them into the ground. Not a chance. I go down, my team stays up. They then discussing how they can get away and hide in a corner so that they might try to get some hks from other people without having to actually fight. I notice this can happen quite a bit and it honestly pisses me off. If you intend to go into a battleground, be prepared to fight. Sometimes a tough fight where it may even be considered impossible to win, sometimes an easy one where one can faceroll the battleground. Be prepared for the sky falling, the earth splitting, whatever can happen, but above all be prepared to FIGHT! Despite the objectives and all that can happen, you are there to fight. If you do not want to fight, leave and don't return, because I, and I would not be surprised if others can empathise for my opinion, am done with fighting alongside cowards. Yûi <The Brimstone Order> TL;DR If you are afraid of going into a bg and fighting someone who may be stronger than you, do not go into a bg.Yûi28 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Deathmatch Battleground. Plz.Coyx60 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Too many botters. Kills pvp. Didnt know how to report players with evidence so i hope im allowed to post it on this forum with screen shot and names because there was a whole lot of botters with 0 or nearly 0 dmg and healing Dont know if there is a way to upload an image so i just used imageshack. Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Hacker in AB Just played a game of AB on my lvl 19 monk where after 5 sec the horde was taking the Blacksmith, 5 sec after that Lumbermill, Goldmine and Farm were beeing taken by them. Towards the end the character that was hacking had appeared ontop of the Stables then disappeared. The characters name was Icumadbrah on realm Fizzcrank. We were utterly destroyed because of their headstart and her constant teleporting, etc...Icandy5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 PVP Community Is retarded if the think posting anything in these forums gets reviewed by Blizz! They trolled us! Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Warriors Seriously , blizzard do you not know when u have given a class so much control and burst...they wreck face...and whats with second wind flavor of the month...they are worse then rogues ever where.Proflag109 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Disc Priest LF RBG Group Disc Priest LF RBG Group skype: Robby2xIamrobby0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Feral LF RBG team Feral druid LF cross realm RBG teams and dedicated players. Heavycreamer - Twisting NetherHeavycreamer2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 1 is greater than 1 You heard it from blizzard. In capture the flag battlegrounds 1 is greater than 1. I don't know about anyone else, but this is the kind of thing I find unacceptable from a company making as much money as blizzard. So my question is why is 1 greater than 1? Does blizzard simply fail at math? Are they lazy? Do they just not give a crap about pvp (most likely one)? Or are they incompetent and retarded? It's anyone's guess really. At the very least though, blizzard should have to show a mathematical proof as evidence for a claim as big as 1 is greater than 1.Rubbermallet20 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 long standing cap bug or intended mechanic? "So there you are, in the Arathi Basin. The score is close, as it has been all game. Each side has 2 bases capped, with the enemy team having the blacksmith contested in their favor. The battle is concentrated there, and your rezzing allies are continuing to reinforce it. You follow them, as this may be the last, deciding battle of the game. The fight is complete and utter mayhem, spells flying every which way - healers struggling to keep up. The beauty of the chaos inspires an idea. Use the confusion of battle to your advantage, and ninja the contested flag back like a boss. The plan unfolds perfectly, many of the alliance have their backs turned to the flag, focusing on the fight instead. The cap bar seems to move at half speed, but still none turn to disrupt you. With less then a fifth of the cap to go, your worst nightmare comes into fruition. With less than a second left to cap the flag, it instead capped for the enemy team, leaving you in a state of shock and disbelief as you fruitlessly continue the cap cast, only to have the inevitable "Failed" in those painful little red letters appear." Seriously, is this intended? It seems like if you go through the entire capping cast, it should be a cap regardless if the flag turned from contested into the enemy teams control during the cap. Maybe that's just my opinion, but it seems the most logical to me. Anyone have any input or info on this mechanic?Shäckleford1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Healing Reduction back in Bgs? i have noticed that my sacred shield is absorbing less than the tooltip says. It is supposed to absorb 21997 before pvp power (23326 with pvp power) and when i mouse over the Buff in bgs it says 19887. I checked it out ouside of bgs and it absorbs the right amount of 23326. Can we get a confirmation on this and if it applies to arenas as well? Some burst dmg is already high enough (destro locks, frost mages, BM hunters) and if you want to put a healing reduction you should look at this retarded burst first.Dimitrius4 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Level 80 twinks? Is the 80-84 bracket any good for twinking?Aßsolutely2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 update wintergrasp blizz wants old zones to be filled by cross realming them... blizz wants there to be no new pvp zone in pandacraft update winter grasp and TB and let people play them like we use to i don't care if the raids are old, i don't care if the rep is for level 80 items but i do want the honor rewards back, it was fun cross server zones is a good idea, now use it where it countsBluddflag0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Am i forgetting something? Mitsugsx2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 PvP problems Please just come together. Post here and keep it bumped. If we make one thread they that hits 26 pages and make it again they cannot ignore it.Shämäzing1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 6+ dreadful glad? How is it that some guys are walking around with 6 to 8 dreadful glad armor already?Artemisen29 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Looking for a Balanced PvP Server I'm looking to transfer to an active and balanced PvP server for battlegrounds and RBGs. I know that Kil'Jaeden has been recommended around the forums, but it is listed as full. I don't mind high pop servers, but I don't want to spend more time waiting than playing. I'm willing to go Horde, but I don't see how that'd be needed on a balanced server. Any suggestions?Dagrimoth2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What do you guys think of the new 90 BGs? Personally after finally trying them out, I am not too impressed with them. I'll admit Silvershard Mines had my interest for a bit but it fell off quickly. As for The Temple of Kotmogu. I don't think I have any words for it..... >_>Tssu10 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Resto shaman LF Xrealm RBGS 1950+ last season as resto/ele. Have been 2200+ on other chars but looking to get into rbgs on my shaman as he is my main this season. If you have a team and looking for a resto shaman send me an ingame message Battle tag is Viceversa10#1912Show2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 People "afk'ing" for lack of a better term... I just had a string of about 3 or 4 BGs (10 and 15 mans) where 3-4 of the people on our team never leave the start area. They don't actually afk, but rather stay at their keyboards and just every so often cast a spell. I would prefer a bot that just follows you to this... At least they could draw some fire off of you. =/ Is there anything that can/is be(ing) done about this? Several players including myself have tried to report them as afk, but with no success as they are not truly afk.Crimsonkrono4 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What happened to healer balance for BG queue? So, I've been doing bg's at 90 for the past few days and I have to say, there are no horde healers. What happened to the idea that the teams would be at least have some healers on each side before the game opens up? I don't get it, you have the tech in the game already for raid finder/dungeon queue... why would you not put it in for PvP? EVERY game I get into has at least 2 alliance healers. In about 20 games I've seen ONE horde healer. If you want to make one faction clearly have the better racials for PvP, there should be a penalty for lopsiding that faction... like waaaaaaaaaay longer queue times at least. This really isn't even fun. Fix it or this will fail like Cata did in regards to PvP.Apneic41 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 BG Queue Roles Why is it that the BG queue doesn't ask for a DPS/Heal role selection? I can't count the number of times since hitting 90 that I've zoned into a BG of 15 people and had 0 healers on the team. The games are a complete wash at that point. Please don't make me sit through unwinnable BGs without healers.Poddozzann1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Ret Pally - PvP Strand Of The Ancients Video Me doing my best to show Retribution Paladin PvP damage output / defensive play. I go 14-0 in this BG. Hope you guys enjoy, you can also check out my original video which explains my talents and glyphs. I also take you through an Arathi Basin, you can find the link the that video in the description of the strand of the ancients video. Hope you enjoy the video (and the music) lol. thanks guys Strand Of The Ancients Video: Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Fully geared Hpally LF dedicated rbg team. I was doing a 40 man raid so I had switched to my pve gear before logging off. I have the full dreadfull set though and have 2k rating exp in rbg on blackrock. Let me know.Fînn0 Oct 9, 2012