Aug 20, 2012 So ummm yeah to AV and IOC consider yourselves blacklisted come MOP. IDC if you are the call to arms or not I will never step foot in there again as Horde.Idlehand29 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Will 70's twink bracket still be alive in MoP I had a lot of fun in BC and was thinking of making one, unless the bracket becomes obsolete.Drextis14 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Wintergrasp... Does Blizzard ever plan on fixing Wintergrasp. It's so frustrating when one level 85 can single handedly defend for 30 minutes because the tanks can't even make it out of the damn workshops. I say buff the tanks or don't let people over level 80 join the battleground. It is already stupid enough, but come MoP there isn't even going to be a hope of winning unless there is not a soul defending.Manafiend3 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 This post is for Eldecar Hey man, I don't know if you still visit these forums or if you are doing Real life stuff these days, but do you MVP guys have an insiders access to what the dev's are doing for MoP ? anyways How're you doing anyhow ? Still playing your pallie ?Thenugent0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Removed from BG? I entered a team of what looked like a Horde premade, and all they were donig was 'farming honor kills'. I told them we should play objectively then suddenly I was booted from the battleground. Did they all report me afk or something? I didn't even receive a notification or warning, I was just simply removed. This doesn't seem right, or even fair.Nightingäle5 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Grand Battlemaster With the new battlegrounds in MOP I think a new title should be added. Being Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, and Isle of Conquest are not part of Battlemaster achievement, they should be added with the new battlegrounds in MOP to create an even higher ranking title..... GRAND BATTLEMASTER. You must be master of all the battlegrounds to attain this title.Bluepaladin7 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Horde Never Win; Alliance Always Lose Last night was a good night for PvP. I have been rounding out a few different characters with a bucket list of acheesements before MOP hits. This particular character I want to hit 50,000 HK's. Off to random queue as a squishy Resto Druid. BG #1 TP Load into TP to see 5 Frost DK's all with slightly different variations of the same name. "Great a multi boxer" was the tone in BG Chat. We had 3 Resto, 2 Mages, 2 Hunters, 2 Rogues and and a Feral so fear bombs were out of the question. The agreement was to work as a team and Root, Sap, Sheep the 5-boxer in a calculated manner while putting the other two Mage/UH DK on KOS status. Horde pulled off a very calculating victory 3-0. BG #2 AB Load into AB and it appeared to be a balance team. Horde had 3 healers Alliance had 3 healers. The plan to rush BS, Mine, Farm with an small force to LM to harass the cap was established and executed once again to perfection. Horde 5 caps and I even got the "Lets Get it Done" cheese for winning under 6 minutes. BG #3 BfG Load into Gilnaes and the Alliance have 0 healers. Horde has myself and Holy Pally. The plan to hit WW and Mine was established and out the gates we went. The entire Alliance team went WW and even forgot to cap LH. What does the Horde do? Heads straight in to the WW Zerg and watches them cap while myself and a Feral broke off to LH to Cap and Hold with the Arrival of a DK. The WW Zerg then hits Mine and take it without a problem. The Alliance totally ingore LH the rest of the match while the Horde have 4 hitting WW and 3 hitting Mine at the same time. Horde loses due to lack of communication and situation awareness. Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #4 AV Zoned in towards the end of this one. Headed straight for our Keep with about 15 other Horde. We held off the Aliiance until reinforcements ran out. The Offensive team couldn't guard a tower in the Alliance Keep. We lost but the match. Valiant effort by the defense but too many uncoordinated HK chasers on Offense. Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #5 AB Zoned in, buffed up and noticed the Alliance had 6 healers to our 3. The "Healer Envy" started off the bat. Someone spoke up and said just play smart. It was a see-saw game that was decided by 30 points in the Horde's favor. A very good game indeed. The only flaw was the unguarded nodes by the HK chasers. When called out on it a Low DPS Mage comes back with "You Guys Suck". Horde win but the concept of the win was lost. BG #6 TP As always I check my BG Spy to see what we are up against. A well geared Full Plate team of Pally's (3 Holy), DK's and Warriors. Random queue is random. All I can say about this one is sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail. A Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #7 EoTS This one started off shaky. The Zerg to DR forgets to stop @ BE and we left that one uncapped. We are down to 2 Nodes to 1 and the Alliance has the Middle Flag Train rolling. A Low DPS Mage says "You Guys Suck" and leaves the match. We battle for MT and get it and while the Alliance Zerg BE we hit DR and flip it. We held the 3 nodes while a Ret and I carried the flag as a team. I finished off the night with a romp in TB. 4-3 record for the night, earned about 350 HK's, a ton of Honor and about 250 Conquest points for my time. Moral of the story? Have fun guys it is a video game. You are not going to win every match you play. Foucs on fine tuning your skills and help your teammates become better players. All of this talk about requirements for Random BG's, Mulit-Boxer Bans, Premade Bans, etc are foolish. That is like particiapation trophies in sports. Not everyone is on the same level. Learn that early on and this game becomes easy. Also Low DPS mages suck.Dreaux13 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 blizzards love affair with pallys I just got out of a wsg, there are 5 of us pounding on this pally. I'm 5 piece boa rogue, im not A panty waist been fighting for 7 years and this pally bubbles heals stuns damages and lives...REALLY?? now i hear blizz is about to nurf rogues, NURF PALLYS ALREADY YOU FOOLSTipiklyhrmls10 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 An AV to Remember (long) I'm going to start off by saying this was the first Alterac Valley I had ever played on my shaman. This is a SoR level 80 character who I really got into playing PvE with, and am now geared with 397 valor/384 raid finder gear, for the most part. The other night, a friend and I decided it would be fun to try out PvP for a change. I hadn't PvP'd much since Burning Crusade (on a ret paladin) and I had no idea how it was going to go, especially considering my complete lack of PvP gear. Well, the random battleground popped and we entered to find the Alterac Valley loading screen. Our first thought was "Great. Alterac Valley. Nothing more than a race to the finish line," as 9/10 Alterac Valley battles are nowadays. That was not the case this time. In an attempt to make the battle interesting, my friend and I coaxed a few people to come and defend our Captain Galv. Of course you never really know how many people will come until you get there, but surprisingly enough close to half our team followed us into the Horde Captain bunker. We set up good there, I dropped both elemental totems, as did another shaman. Then, the battle for Alterac Valley began. Soon, almost the entire Alliance team had filled the bunker. I dropped bloodlust, and had chain lightning coming out the wazoo. We put up a valiant fight and managed to bring down about 3/4 of their team, but in the end they came out victorious. They killed Galv. meanwhile on offence, our team wasn't dealing with any Alliance defence, so we were able to kill Balinda fairly easily. Offence then headed to the Stonehearth Bunker, while the defence defended our two towers. With most of the Alliance offence diminished, that was a simple task. "We need more people at SH!" Mounting up, I decided to go help them out, while my friend decided to stay back and help defend our towers. When I got to SHB, a battle was just beginning. It looked like we had the upper hand, but they were all spawning at the SHGY, whereas we were coming from SF. Soon an epic battle at the bunker had unfolded. My totems were still on cool down, but I was able to bloodlust again, so I did. Nearly our whole team was outside the bunker pushing our way to the door. Finally we got there, and our team flooded into the bunker, taking the flag. Half of us occupied the inside now, the other half at the door to choke them from getting inside. The strategy proved effective as five minutes later the bunker was destroyed. "Move on to SHGY!" Our team went from there up the road leading to the SHGY. Of course, they had all respawned, and yet another epic battle had begun. Most of my team was sated, and we were outnumbered, so regrettably, after a large fight this battle was lost. We regrouped at SF to try again. "More people to SHGY!" My friend and a few others came up from our towers to help us. Since respawning we had dropped our sated debuff, and my totems had both finished their cool down. It was time to take the graveyard. When we got there there were only a few Alliance there, and we guessed they had moved on south. We took the graveyard with ease, and sent half the group back down to defend the towers again. I stayed at the graveyard. With all the Alliance being killed at our towers (They had nowhere to respawn but way up at SPGY), we captured it quickly and easily. We were about to move on when we saw a massive group of the Alliance coming down the road towards SHGY. "We need more at SHGY NOW!" A huge battle unfolded yet again as the Alliance fought valiantly for their beloved graveyard, but our reinforcements from the south got to us just in time, and we drove them back, killing every last one of them, as the graveyard was already ours. With our huge group we decided to zerg the SPGY, hoping that we would be able to have enough burst to catch them offguard at the choke point on the low road and push to the flag, capture it, and defend it at the bridge. Mounting up, we did just that. It went exactly to plan, we drove them back to the flag, then even further down to the back of their graveyard, where we could have farmed them for HKs, but we didn't. Where's the fun in that? We took the graveyard and set up a defence at the bridge, blocking them from getting to our SPGY flag. Their entire team would spawn at the aid station now, and we would have to hold them off until the Stormpike graveyard was taken completely. Calling up every last team member to the bridge, we blew all of our cool downs. I dropped both my totems again, bloodlusting when things got really heated. We had just managed to push them back, all the way to their end of the bridge, when... The game ended. The Alliance had run out of reinforcements.Zhulu36 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 lower bg level of some bgs in low brackets you have 2 choices. which was fine for a while but with new bgs being implimented i gotta suggest you lower some bgs. i enjoy EOTS and stransd would be nice in a 20+ bracket or possibly 30+ this would also give low levels random bg option. just a thoughtCappie1 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Stealth and capping bases in EotS After many years of playing range DPS, I am still learning a few of the features of stealth. In EotS, do I count as being "on the flag" (at DR, MT, BET or FR) for the purposes of capping if I am in stealth? TIAAthôs3 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 So, will the new BG's be included as rbg's? Title says it all. Will the new battlegrounds introduced in MoP be included into Rated Battlegrounds?Irritation0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 What are 60's queues like? Are they fairly regular every day of the week?Togaella4 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Holy paladin LF BGs or RBGs Hpally LF a group for RBGs or BGs. Hell i'd even do 2s if you want. Just want a fun group to play with.Keine0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Maybe It's Just Me... Why all the healer hate? Be it in BGs or Arenas, there's always hate towards healers. At least every 5 posts there's thread about nerfing healers. I honestly don't get why the majority of DPS are so ready to destroy our style of playing. I mean really, do people really hate healers so much that they'd want them all soloable by a dps? When is comes to healing, there's only one argument that needs to be made: Healers have to be as strong as they are. In a perfect world, yes, healers could be soloable. If DPS did their job and peeled for every healer then we could be weaker. But that's not the case. Just this last BG I ran around BS with two Ferals, a fire Mage, and a shadow Priest all wailing on me for at least 3 minutes. I was barley able to keep up myself and the group. Now imagine if I were able to be killed by one DPS. Now not only can I not keep myself up, I can't keep anyone up. DPS have a distinct advantage over healers in the fact that they can go on forever. Eventually if you keep on us, every healer will lose 1v1 against a DPS. We heal. You DPS. Nerfing a healers healing ability is the same as nerfing a DPS's ability to do damage. Edit: spelling and such.Ravenchrist31 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Horde, for the love of all things PvP, stop I wanna love AV, I really do. Has all the makings of an awesome BG. Unfortunately, Horde can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that zerging doesn't work. Think of how awesome it would be to go heavy Defense, and watch wave after wave of allies fall before you? But No, we zerg like !@#$%, then lose, and whine that it's unfair against Horde. It's perfectly fair though. Allies are the unstoppable force, we're the unmovable object. Instead of running halfway across the map, we get to sit back, relax, and let our targets come to us to die. Defense will win the game every time guys, just gotta put effort into it.Dancër7 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Remove <Post Removed>Luplis23 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 LEVEL 70 geared TWINK LF CROSS SERVER RBGS geared level 70 twink mage 2300 exp in 2s have many other geared twinks looking to join a srs rbgs team horde or alliance add my real ID 1987kx85@hotmail.caKlonopinqt7 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 What if...MoP is UNPLAYABLE at low levels? There are a lot of concerns right now that low level pvp in Mists of Pandaria is going to reach a new low in terms of balance and as a result it may finally become UNPLAYABLE for those of us who love low level brackets. Will twinks finally die because Blizz completely ignored pvp balance outside of level cap? We are only 2-4 weeks from the pre-expansion patch. What we have seen on PTR is insane healing, and classes like Holy Paladins able to top dps charts with Holy Shock. As another example, according to another poster, he was unable to take down a 39 healer with a 49 rogue. He was only able to take down a 29 healer by switching up glyph combinations. Clearly, something is really wrong. Please voice your concerns and submit feedback so that the "low level pass" that the devs need to make before MoP ships will actually be done now and not next summer or never. We read the false promises of Cata balancing, and Blizzard did not deliver for 2 years. Please help us make sure this does not happen again!Astroclaws91 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Mounts that cost honor Can we please have more mounts to spend our honor on? I have earned 80k honor this season alone and am running out of options to spend it on... PLease? Just a few more mounts.Grishmak20 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Rock, paper, scissors You guys really need to bring back rock, paper, scissors. Especially make some classes healer killers. This class homogenization that came from Arena idiot stick planning has got to end. Sorry for being crude but you developers need to grow thicker skin. You need to have people be able to say you screwed up once in a while without you crying yourself to the delete post or ban button.Majista18 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 So I found this new comp. It's called Super Yolo Cleave. Its when you start out with a terrible comp such as anything with ret/hunter/rdruid (in our case we did all three because we yolo hard.) The comp just makes it yolo cleave, what makes it super is when your top dps mage DCs at the start of a RBG thus making you 9v10 with your already terrible comp. Creating SUPER YOLO CLEAVE I LET MY HATERZ BE MY MOTIVATORS Irador/Thygoz/Floseiden P.S. I HolllaIrador18 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 king of the hill blizz needs to change bg system.having ppl coming into the bg that have no intrest in winning or even trying to win is getting old really fast .i see ppl in a bg that have no intrest in even tryin to win ,only thing they want is to beat up someone else .i thought that was what duels were for .make a king of the hill bg for the butt wipes that arent in there for the challenge of winning.Moto0 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Average Que Time on Tichondrius? Anyone have any idea how long the que time for BGs on Tichondrius? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!Yunnie4 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Disengage + Parachute cloak = ban? A friend of mine said he got banned for 3 days for using disengage and his parachute cloak in WSG 30 or 40 bracket. He got the cap for the win, and was reported, and the GM said it was a form of exploit and banned him for 3 days. Just wondering if this is actually banable. I was planning on leveling engineering for my hunter, but there's not much sense if I can get banned for something like this. I don't see what the big deal is, yeah it gives you an extra 5-10 yards on disengage which can give you a slight advantage. Not any different than using slow fall to go from LM to BS, or the middle in EOTS when it starts, or dare I say 3rd party applications used for multiboxing.Nugo4 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 OMG Alliance lose all the time!!11!1!1 Well they did this morning anyway. I had to wade through their corpses just to get here and post this. >:DIdaelus5 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Ways to Improve BG Experience Food for thought: To me, I hate playing in bg's where you have people who dont care about winning or even being competitive. I know some of you will bring up rated bg's, but I have another solution. Let each of us have a list of 10 people whom we absolutely do not want to pvp with, so we don't get stuck into the same queue. Granted, I know this will give us longer queue times possibly but I'm more than willing to wait for a bg queue instead of getting stuck in one with people I know would be wasting my time. So how will this affect the rest of the bg population? It wouldnt affect them much. You see, the end result is the same. Either I would afk out and another person comes in, or they wait the same time getting that person before the bg begins. The only real effect will be on my own personal wait time and I'm more than willing to wait for a bg with people I know who arent terrible.Tankatronic3 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Leveling a character entirely in BGs? Wondering if I can level this Blood Elf entirely in Battlegrounds? My biggest hurdle is that I don't have a high level alt on this server, so I can't get myself heirlooms, nor will I have any gold flow to buy decent and competitive gear off the auction house. My only source of currency will be Honor, and as far as I know, you can only use honor to purchase PvP gear at higher levels (60+). So, the way I see it, this is pretty much impossible. Am I missing anything?Syvus7 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Discuss with me: 5 Man Resilient Victory Ach When I made my rogue, for some reason I just always wanted to get battlemaster. Unfortunately, I started WoW during wotlk, and this character was made during the last few weeks or so that Full Premades were allowed. But I still have slight hope, every now and then a good thing happens, like Warsong Expedition in a PUG. But now i'm onto a bigger challenge and want to get Resilient Victory with a 5man team. I want to hear from you all what my best approach towards this is. Any and all contribution is appreciated. Let me know things like: What the best team should be 5man (4 slots left since i'm taking one up as a rogue) In the beginning, should we cap one node or two? If one Node, which node should we cap? (I think ST since we'll probably have it anyways, since 10 of the people in the BG will be PUGers) Also I had a few question I already thought out: If in the start of the match, we cap 2 Nodes, Horde caps 3. What will the scores be when they get 500 ahead? From this point will it still be winnable with a returned 3cap vs. 2cap Or will we need 4? If we cap one node in the beginning, what will the scores be when they are 500 ahead? Could we win from that position with a 3cap?Quabs5 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Bliz: ideas for spicing up pvp The biggest way Blizzard can improve world pvp is to make it personal. Allow players to invest in pvp. A few thoughts and suggestions that could bring this about for world pvp zones. Have areas/strongholds that can be taken over by guilds. Once taken over they can put their guild flag and banners up. They can invest money on defenses such as, guards(guards wear guild tabards), stronger door, mote etc. As a benefit for holding these strongholds, they recieve perks like more damage in dungeons, extra revenue, etc. The longer they hold the positions the stronger the perks become(up to a cap of course). Whenever one of these postions is attacked all the guild players online will get a message and they can port to their guild postion. The port has a CD so if they hold more then one postion and more then one is attacked they can't just port around. Different strongholds around the world can give different perks. Some might help increase a specific profession such as increasing the chance to get extra ore, or maybe increased chance of an extra potion. Some strongholds might include a graveyard, which gives a reduction in durability loss after dying. Include battering rams, catapults, mines in engineering. Allow players to set mines around the stronghold that only rogues can disarm. Traps only hunters can see. Bottom Line: Make it so whole groups of players have something to gain and loose from pvp encounters. Nothing will make players/guilds fight harder then feeling like they own a little piece of the world. They will fight harder the more they can customize and personalize the spot that they do "own". They will feel invested in it and that will create epic pvp battles.Jaydam4 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Why doesn't Blizzard care about GY-camping? As in, why haven't they done anything about it in years? Like... anything at all?Cloaked14 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Easy solution to the premade problem Don't want longer queues, but you also don't want to get stomped on unfairly? The solution is to implement the LF Dungeon "Luck of the Draw" buff for random BGs, working a little differently to the PvE counterpart. This buff gives you 10% more damage and healing. - Quite simply, as long as you clicked on "join queue", you are entitled to this buff. - If you clicked on "join as group" but have an item level under 380, you are also entitled to this buff. Of course 380 is just an arbitrary number but it is about right, I think, of course increasing commensurately with MoP gear scaling. - If you clicked on "join as group" but have an item level equal to or more than 380, you are NOT entitled to this buff. =============FAQ for obvious questions=============== Q: If I queue with my guildies to gear up, do all of us get the buff? A: No, it checks and applies it individually, depending on your item level. The idea is that help will be given to people who need gear regardless of whether they premade or not. Q: Why should I be punished for playing with friends? A: "The intent of Luck of the Draw is to help make up for the lack of coordination, communication, and familiarity that pick up groups suffer relative to organized groups of guild members and friends." - Ghostcrawler, i.e. it is not a punishment but an incentive for solo randoms. Guilds still run heroic LFDs all the time. Q: What is the purpose of this buff really? A: "It makes things slightly easier on PUGs without depriving the organized groups of a fun chaIlenge." - Ghostcrawler Q: How did you come up with 10% extra damage and healing? A: Well 5% seemed too little and 15% too much, but as with most numbers, they are flexible. It won't even out the scales perfectly or a magic cure-all, but it is a fair compromise.Opopopopo1 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Rated Cross Realm runs To all of Azeroth- Im going to be hosting rbgs xrealm on a near nightly basis from now on, and would love to have you!! The ideal comp is FC- Warrior or DK 3 heals- Rsham, Disc and hpally Dps- Rogue, Boomkin, Ret pally, Dk, Frost Mage and 1 extra -usually hunter or another rogue- only requirements- 4k+ resil HHTD Addon (healers have to die) Vent Ability to follow directions even if you dont agree with the strategy Good attitude :P This is not hardcore, but merely to help anyone whose flying in circles on low pop servers wishing for somethin to do, or you on a high pop server that has no rating and cant get into a run b/c of it. Ive heard it all, and with the lack of pvp on my realm and the lack of $$ to realm/faction xfer i figure this is a good idea. Im by far not the best (53-75 rbg record) but its a game, and a learning experience. :P If interested pm me in game for my realid and lets get a good solid group together!Notahordiexd3 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Follow bots I encountered my first follow bot today, isle of conquest, i went to dock area to stealth and await the gloves, i did not realized the rogue was a bot till i stealthed and he was parked right on me still on his mount, needless to say my position was given away, i think blizz need to disable the follow for bg,s or give a option to cut the follow.Stewed6 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 no gear? so i am not one to come to the forums and b*tch about sh*t, but i just need to ask a question and see what people think. I dont in my wildest dreams think i am some kind of pvp god or anything like that, i like to think i understand the classes i play and do ok with them. i had every class at 80 during wrath so i have a basic understanding of each. i was in a random bg, happened to be AB, i was playing an alliance mage who only has a few cata items but at least all ilvl 390 items in the remain slots. I noticed a hunter with near no damage, and when i check him out he had no pvp gear and most of his gear was either 333/346 quest reward blues or greens of various ilvl. Now i know people opt to wear pve items while pvping but this could in no way be idea for this hunter. i suggested for him to either get some gear crafted or buy it off the ah ( i went into detail in-case he didn't know/understand). his reply was pretty much (f^ck you) i am not going to waste my time (my be he said gold) on gear just to make "me" happy. wtf is that about? i mean i know the community has gone to !@#$ (i blame wrath) but should HE want gear to at least have a chance, i mean why would someone bother to pvp without any gear? do we have that many poor players now that dont have a clue how to achieve a little success in this game? how can i handle myself better in the future? i mean i plan on spending the next 6 weeks (till mop) grinding both HK and rep in wsg and ab on two different toons, so i am guessing i will be seeing a lot of poor play in the near future.Adessaa19 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 1 Healer Required for Random BG's? Could we make this happen? No healers team against a team with 1 or 2 in WSG or Arathi is just a JOKE.Sonofabliz39 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Twinking: solutions to on/off segregation? Since the introduction of XP (experience) earning in battlegrounds, a continuing trend is the amount of grief generated in the lesser brackets of the PVP world. I'm talking Battlegrounds. From my findings, I can see that the following are currently existing problems with the lower tier battleground system. 1. New players to the game are deterred from continuing to play due to terribly unfair experiences in lower bracket BG's 2. A lot of flame/hatred has been generated toward lower bracket characters locking their level to gear out, then opening up xp gain for the "twink" feel. 3. A "clever abuse of game mechanics" that some level 10s are using is causing a lot of grief for some players 4. Players looking to lock into a certain bracket must resort to said #3 (above) tactic to avoid waiting incredibly long wait times to enter a BG. 5. Players who are looking to become a level-locked ## twink, are deterred by said immense BG queue times. 6. People geared with heirloom items have an (unfair?) advantage over those that have none. Before we start this thread, let us keep this strictly to coming up with solutions to the problems listed above, or adding on to them in a bulleted manner. That said we know the following steps to "balance PVP in lesser brackets" has occurred. - Level-locking: Players who choose this option are segregated, and placed in their own battlegrounds - Higher level enchantments from expansions now have level requirements attached to them. - Heirloom items have been released to make leveling and questing easier - Heirloom items give comparable stats to a rare (blue) quality item of the same level. - Battleground brackets have changed from every 10 levels = bracket to 5 - The dungeon finder system has been implemented, allowing a player to level a character from 1-85 from the comfort of their own capitol city. - The dungeon finder system offers gear rewards upon completion, awarding players with a piece of gear regardless of how much loot was gained from said dungeon. By trying to address as many of the numbered problems as you can, think of a solution, and list how it can solve each of the numbered problems.Xarin7 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Getting beat in WSG I don't mind getting beat. I don't mind getting beat badly. I don't mind getting beat sooooo badly that I walk away thinking to myself "Darn... I should /uninstall." But WSG is a problem. To a lesser extent I've seen the problem in Twin Peaks too. A team is soundly beating the other but decide to farm for kills rather than just finish the game. The beaten team can't make it out of the graveyard. They just rez, get killed, rez again. The winning team doesn't even bother with the flag. Getting beat is part of PVP but WSG under these conditions isn't even close to fun. When you get beat soundly in most other BGs, it just ends early. I like WSG when it's fairly balanced. I like it even when it's a little unbalanced in the other team's favor. But there needs to be a mercy rule or something when one team vastly outclasses the other. I say this even for the circumstances when my side is the overpowering side. It ceases to be fun and a couple of jerks can keep it going for a long time.Mookelria23 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Bg games. Seriously gotta lock BG games that have been in game for 10 mins or so... keep entering BGs that are either getting owned and camped... or enter just as the game is finishing and reward no honor, wasteing our time here... did not pay for this.Deadmansgold2 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Honor to money how much exactly can u make if u get a 4k over the cap limit for 35 silver each do mathShamanatiøn2 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 how many healers do we have? random bgs suck lately. the potential for gear based disparity of power is absolutely MASSIVE! What is a fellow with 109k hp really supposed to do against, for example, a ilvl 403 fire mage, especially considering even 5k resilience is seemingly useless against a geared fire mage. (poor warrior with 5k res...but at least he got a hamstring on that fire mage...) Dont ya just love it when a healer decides hell just carry the flag and sit in the base tanking to a 3-0 win. What the heck is that? Guy cant be killed by virtually any typical random bg group. Healing is, as stated hundreds of thousands of times already, overpowered and at times obscenely overpowered. But whats the point of healing really? So whichever side has the more powerful healing can win? I know theres a enormous community out there that just loves healing, and I once adored it and felt it was an absolute neccesity, but im starting to think the very idea of healers and the healing spec isnt at all neccessary and merely adds this element of diversity, that feels wonderful, but in actuallity is not neccessary and in fact might make PvP more enjoyable if healers didnt even exist in the context of pvp, unless everyone had that capability to adequately heal themselves in their own unique way. Take a typical 10v10. Give each team 3 healers 6 damage and 1 tank. Everything is evenly matched, correct? leaving us with match that is really just longer in duration. nothing more. So if 3/6/1 matches 3/6/1 its not really any different than say 10 damage dealers, vs 10 damage dealers. How so, because the in both situations the so called "playing field" is evenly matched in both situations. But Random Bgs are different, since we have no control over the numbers. 4 healers, 6 dmg. vs 10 dps. create the potential for an insance imbalance in power, further enhance by the massive gear differences that are possible. Thus, Random bgs have become quite banal. Virtually every group im added to starts with So, how many healers we got...? (Disclaimer: if you feel its necessary to talk about exceptions where you or someone you know has won a bg without any healers...thats your right as a paying customer. But let me say, most of have had this experience and I agree is fun, but its not the norm and you know that.) Looking forward to how MoP will be different, since one way to look at it as an a new game. And if youve read this far, thanks, and dont get me wrong here, I think wow is a masterpiece of a game. but that doesnt mean i cant also criticize, after all its just a game.Bigus4 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Dear Blizzard, Please fix whatever bug is causing the camera to suddenly zoom in during fights in BGs and arenas... I got so sick of the zoom that happens without warning or any action causing a zoom from me that I finally removed all zoom hot keys from the key bindings.. I lilterally cannot zoom in if I want to.. but that hasn't slowed this bug at all from zooming in on my crotch and staying there til I zoom out in the middle of a fury filled battle.. Tell me this is not a feature please... and fix it. thanks you, LeftyLeap -Leftyleap11 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 WIN TRADE RBGS (80 Bracket)!!! Symoronel4 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Horde Cross Realm Premades <Free Honor Premades> Cross Realm premades for all servers to join jump on our vent for instant access for graveyard camps, quick wins and easy honor. 5749 Our website is www.freehonorpremades.comBoongyeah0 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 What was your best moment in a BG? We all have great moments where we do things we are proud of. Post yours here. Mine is where in Alterac Valley, A shaman and I both double-handedly got the Arch Druid's ass to move and summon Ivus.Caglock43 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Melee vs casters Walked into a BG the other day as disc. I know my gear's not great, but hey, 4600 resil isn't too terrible, right? There's a DK with a 410 weapon on the other team. 2 hand frost. He kills me in SECONDS every time, solo. My lock also has a 410 weapon, and much better gear than this toon has. My lock cannot beat most healers 1v1, let alone 4600 resil priests in seconds. Why? I know I'm bad, I know I'm awful at the game, I know that my 2200 druid and 2k lock are the most awful toons the world has ever seen, I know that me getting 1550 on this toon when I had awful gear means that you are so much better than me and I'm so horrible at the game. Pre-trolling complete. Why can a DK with a 410 (or any melee, in my experience) absolutely DESTROY me, when if I played myself on my lock with his 410, it would be a long, drawn out affair? How does blizzard justify melee doing so much damage in pvp?Slagithor10 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 Most Healing Done in One BG. Post Yours Aug 19, 2012
Aug 18, 2012 80 Disc - what is the best choice of gear Hey everyone, I was hoping to get in here some construktiv answers .. I want to start a 80 PvP - Disc and was wondering whats the best way to go .. My question basicly is what is the best choice of gear? Option 1: Full Wrath Gear (Resil stacking) Option 2: Wrath set + Cata blues Option 3: full cata gear and basicly ignore Resil so what is the best choice? please give me reasons :) PS: I'm playing 2s Frostmage/Disc and 3s Frost/Firemage/Disc or Ret/Frostmage/DiscÜldra0 Aug 18, 2012
Aug 18, 2012 Conquest to honor What will the conversion ratio be for the conquest -> happening on the 28th? 1:1?Ravenchrist3 Aug 18, 2012
Aug 18, 2012 Age Old Story of multi-boxing I'm sure already stated by Blizzard but the game is not enjoyable when someone can 8 box an elemental shaman and completely wreck a random BG. Might as well afk out as anyone targeted instantly dies. You could have 100000 resilience don't matter. Why is this acceptable?Girrandyn63 Aug 18, 2012