Jun 7, 2012 Moonkin LF RBGs. I'm looking to continue doing RBGs on my moonkin, been over 2.2k in every bracket. Been over 2.2k in both 3s and RBGs this season as well. LSD2 was my 3s, also messed around with dancing with the stars and did well. Armory: I have cunning, but it's only LFR. I don't tend to really want to raid anymore, raiding this expansion has been very stale. I've led them before, target called, etc. I'm very vocal. I call out every cyclone, root=>solarbeam, etc. I also tend to call out enemy teams abilities used, bubble, AMS, cloak, among other things. Nothing else really to say, if you want a moonkin the best way to contact me is via whispers in game, skype, or realID. I doubt I will openly respond to this thread a whole lot. Skype: olivercrowl RealID To whisper me: My druids name is Pheex, usually on him during evenings. I play on Korgath alliance. I can bring most other classes you need as well. I have my shaman from 3s named movementqt who will almost always come if needed. I can bring a disc priest from my other 3s if needed. As well as most random dps slots from realID often.Misspuddi1 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Are all bg groups merged now? Does it matter what server we are on for horde or alliance? Just wondering because my luck with bgs lately has been terrible. Normally starts with couple people saying "im here for fun so idc" which normally means we end up losing FROM MY experience though. Anyways to my understanding battle groups have been merged right? like all horde are on one and alliance on another correct? Just wondering if xering to a batter one if we still got it would help. losing 6 games in a roll and getting 600 honor for it is getting me nowhereLombax7 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Master of Arathi Basin (Meta) Just a thought, how many people think it's ridiculous that Overly Defensive and Arathi Basin All-Star are part of the meta for Arathi Basin. I understand over playing Arathi basin for a few years there's a SLIM chance you may rack up 50 defends (which I personally don't have because I gave up on Arathi Basin years ago), but 3 defends in 1 BG and 2 assaults to boot (assuming same BG for ease of attainment). This just seems unattainable. I could maybe get a group to all que for it and secure me the objectives whilst ignoring the pvp objective altogether...but this just seems a bit counterproductive and like something that should be removed from the meta. I need 10 defends (total) and All-star + Overly defensive to get Battlemaster. Major kudos to those that have managed to get all star and or overly defensive but I'm pretty much stuck and quite ready to give up on them. I don't like ignoring team objectives to get personal ones in a team BG. Anyone else feel the same?Rammid10 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 great holy paladin LF rated battlegrounds my server is dead and no one ever runs them so id like a good cross realm group. my heals are really good , ive been playing since pre-bc. i dont think my gear is perfect yet i need to replace the foul gift trinket with the windward heart and then i plan on using my maw weapon with it then ill be perfect :) ummm ive been at 1850 in 2s but starting to do 3s now since hpals just arent the best in 2s. my mana pool hits 192k a lot, i dont go oom. my rbg rating is at 1400 i have a very positive win to lose ratio with the few rbgs i found.Gabbygawdess0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Massive Lag Been happening all day to lots of people in Bg's today. Anyone else noticing this. Im usually have a 40ms and it has been spiking for 5-10 minutes up to 2-3k ms and I have talked to over a few dozen people in bgs with the same problem today. Just massive unplayable lag for 5-10min and then poof..its gone.Lifè1 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Armor Durability Sorry if this has been asked before.... If you die during a pvp battle ground and it costs money to repair... do you lose some of your armor & resiliency rating for the next battleground if you do not repair before you Queue again or is it a non issueOmniscience3 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 hpally lfg rbg 1600+ looking for a solid x-realm rbg group to progress with. hit me up (yes 2 e's)Edthehorse0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 LFG Resiliant Victory [Horde] The very last achievement i need for battlemaster achievement, done enough AB's to know this one i cant do on my own like all the rest :P this one needs a pre-made for sure, i have OP heroic DS Gears Cata gear vent skype mumble ( whatever the group wants to use to talk ) i have a mic and happy to use it, anything needed to be downloaded to do this im happy to download, REAL ID - Add me if your putting together a group :) ThanksRighteousqt7 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 LFM [A] Herald Of Titans 232 or less weps 226 or less armour. Got 2 healers atm or one healer 1 shadowpriest. Pretty much know your class and naxx 25 or better gear and you're in. Send a mail to me on frostmourne with your real ID (if you're not on frostmourne) to either Daniie, Tibberss, Carried or Putricides ty. Looking to go sometime next reset or right before this reset if we get enough numbers.Daniie20 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Holy Paladin RBG's Looking for cross server RBG team. 5k resil almost. Very experienced well set up healer. Highest rating so far is 1670. Maelstrom is dead and I am looking to find a mature group to heal in RBG's only.Themheals0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 BG Request. Id like to see a 40v40 with no reinforcement count, just a decent size map in a town like setting, no pve objective really annoying these days with 40v40. (usually have to have a tank to win if it doesnt turn into a turtle). A Battleground where you can come & go as you please to farm Honorable Kills and have fun without a time limit on it. A magical place where its just about Player Vs Player Before people get on there the team with the most healers would win i call Bullsh!t, in AV my Horde team had 3 healers myself a resto shaman & druid, while the Alliance team had 7 healers, was a massive turtle and Horde won. In AB ive had to solo heal many of them while Alliance would have 3healers and Horde would still win There have been times when Alliance have 1healer and Horde have 2-3 and Alliance have won. My point being the team with the most healers will not always win.Projectzero0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Alterac Valley - Strand of the Ancients You have 2 battlegrounds that have been hated by players for many many months... years..? In Alterac Valley and Strand of the Ancients. AV is unbalanced and ends up being a zerg race in favor of the Alliance most games, and a turtlefest in any others. There's a lot of things you could do to AV to make it a fun battleground again and I'm getting tired of waiting for that to happen. And strand just isn't fun. You added 2 battlegrounds similair to WSG And AB, and for some reason they have been loved by many. Stick to that please, they're smart design.Trog16 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Best PvP rogue Spec Combat or Sub. and why should i use daggers or swords, maces etc.Crodo7 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Call of Arms Weekend Why can Blizzard not make it so that when you queue for a Random BG you dont end up in the Call of Arms BG? I personally hate AV and Isle of Conquest, so I when it is the Call of Arms for these BGs I intentionally do not select them, but select Random (for Conquest pts, exp, etc), yet I end up in them. Is it because Blizzard sees the metrics on these BGs and has to basically force fill them? Anyone else like to see this changed?Ceptic3 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 BGs ok i have 5 lvl 85s on my server blackrock and all of them r full ruthless and some and iv done so many BGs its unbeleavable and yet horde wins vary rarly and idk y do ally get buffed cuzz blizz feels bad for them or whats going on this is so beyond gay that idk what to do im my way of quiting wow and if theres any other horde that feels my pain say somthing make blizz look at this and try to fix it and make it more balence so plz say somthing about this and pray to god that it will work.Jessgirlbear7 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Help with graveyard Campers ! My friend is tired of doing battlegrounds and have the other side camp the graveyard and making it impossible to rez with out being killed right away, and this is detracting from the game play value, my friend has even tried reporting the players when they are doing this and still nothing is being done. Some attention on this issue would be very much appreciated from Blizzard.Sworduser12 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Ignore function/ grouping I want to start out by saying I love this game and enjoy playing it and as a pvp player I do expect to lose about half the time cause somebody has to lose. I was wondering if we could get the ignore function upgraded. I know it stops dungeon groupings but I would like it if I could chose not to be grouped in Battle grounds with certain players. I'm not fussed with people in chat cause this function does fix that. I'm more concerned with the stupid players that don't listen when the whole team is trying to help them. I would prefer to be able to chose not to be grouped with these people. Something similar to the Xbox player review system would be nice. Their system not only allows me to chose who I get grouped with but allows me to review these players and give them a rank helping future players decide if they want to play with these people. Other then this one detail this is otherwise a perfect game and perfect time waster.Slimetaco2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Kill farming premades I know people run them for AV and IoC but I can never find a group. Anyone know what server(s) organize these runs (Ally side) or have the relevant vent info? I think QueueQ used to do them but I haven't played on Blackrock in ages and no longer have their info.Brshooter12 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 [A] Battlemaster Achievements Update: May 20th Weve stopped running this group for a bit but will pick it up again this week if intrest arrises. Achieves or not its fun to premade regardless. But we will cater to what the majority need to accomplish, but this doesnt include achieves you can solo farm easily which hampers the group. - have vent - have the addon preform av enabler - have around 4k resil or higher unless you have OP pve trinketsDethryl139 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Battleground targeting for healing Newby question. I run up to a node in Arathi Basin, and there's a fierce fight in progress. If it's crowded, it can be a pain to mouse select a target, so I start tab-selecting on the run, cycling through my allies, looking for someone with low health. Is there a way to tell from the BG frames who is close enough to heal? I can see all the health bars there, but most of them are across the map at a different fight. Is there a better way to select nearby party members with the keyboard so I can continue to use the mouse to move?Oor12 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 70s thread of xxmd 2s tournament Recently, 70s have become popular due to insane 2s tournaments. Patch 4.3 brought the introduction of cross-realm Dungeons, BGs, and RBGs. Use this list to find some other players to queue with :) Some quick info about the 70-74 bracket: + Queues + We get constant BGs almost all day and night. Queues usually start in the afternoon at 1 pm EST, and continue into the next morning until 5-7 am EST. Queue times are anywhere from 1-15 minutes depending on time of day It doesn't matter if you have a capped account, or stopped your experience, we're all queued together. + Gear + Brutal gear vendors can be located in Stormwind in the Champion's Hall, Orgrimmar in Hall of Legends, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A full set of gear (set, offset, weapons, etc.) is ~2.3k honor. It's highly recommended to obtain the honor needed before hitting 70. You can now purchase the level 70 2 minute Medallion of the Alliance or Medallion of the Horde from from the Legacy Armor Quartermasters in your respective cities! Gear from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, and some other level 70 raids are also strong for this bracket. This is the first bracket with access to resilience gear, in conjunction with Wrath gems and enchants, allows you to adjust your damage taken:damage dealt ratio to suit your own personal need. We also have 31 point talents + Professions + You can level professions to 450. While any professions will suffice, a combination of Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and Blacksmithing are considered the best. Engineering currently has some very powerful items/tinkers available to 70s. For those of you who may have questions regarding how tinkers work at 450, they are explained in the link below: + Gems and Enchants + Arcanist Ivrenne (if you're Alliance) and Magistrix Lambriesse (if you're Horde) will sell uncut epic gems from Wrath of the Lich King; all gems cost 220 Justice Points. 375 Honor points can be exchanged for 250 Justice points by Edlan Halsing in the Champion's Hall if you're Alliance and Rogoc in the Hall of Legends if you're Horde. Enchants are available for nearly every armor slot at level 70. Of note, Revered with the Shattered Sun Offensive will get you a head enchant. You can buy the shoulder enchant for Honor off of the Accessories Quartermaster in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. + 70 vs. 74 + This topic is brought up a lot, and by going to level 74 you gain 2 additional talent points, a few base stats, an increase in ability scaling, a higher chance to be missed, and access to the level 71 archaeology axe (Nifflevar Bearded Axe). All of those benefits may seem appealing, but keep in mind you'll be losing 25% of your secondary stats (resilience, haste, crit, etc.). Most players will encourage you to stay at 70 because most of the benefits are offset by the penalties for leveling, however feel free to play as you like. + Arenas + You can do Arena, however there are no title rewards. 71-74s can't currently join Arena teams, but you can make a team at 70 before leveling and still queue on that team. Although we don't have a ladder, Arenas are ranked at + Rated BGs + There are numerous guilds participating weekly in Rated BG's (see below for listing). Occasionally pick-up games do occur on weeknights, however Saturday and Sunday currently boast the most activity. It is strongly advised that if you intend to run a RBG group at a particular date/time, you inform other guilds either through the forums or server tells (a good guild leader will exchange Real-ID info with other guild leaders to facilitate real time RBG arrangements). + Guilds + There are several active guilds on both Horde and Alliance side on a large number of servers. Some of the bigger ones are: Horde: <BattleMasters> - Altar of Storms --> <Ebony Cat Form> - Argent Dawn <Jaytos FANCLUB> -Mok'nathal <Nerd Cleave> - Frostmane - Recruiting 2.2k+ or prove competence <Twink Ranking> - Frostmane --> Alliance: <Apocalyptic> - Perenolde --> <Glaívé Swaggér> - Sargeras <Never Got My Glaives> - Arthas --> <Séxy Timé All Thé Timé> - Sargeras <Violation> - Stormreaver --> Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Warrior FC LF 1700+ RBGS (1750CR - 1900+xp) No lag Never D/C Good CommunicationExecutioner0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 What is the role of a Shadow Priest in RBG Hello guys, I usually play Disc in RBG but I just turned shadow and quite frankly, I don't know what I should be focusing on. A - CC Healers Put dots on Healer, Mind Control healer, move him towards me, MC breaks, Cast Fear, reapply dots, re-cast MC, MC breaks, Cast Psychic Terror, reapply dots, Silence, Finish Healer or MC again / rinse repeat If they break MC the first time, I will run to Healer n fear to continue my rotation -or- B - am I DPS? I've been reading the forums and I keep seeing Spriest can be beastly and top the damage charts. B2 - How though? I tried dotting everything and feel like either im not dotting fast enough or not enough ppl to dot to raise my dmg output. B3 -or am I suppose to do Mindspike/blast single dps? B4 - or am I suppose to use Mind Flay or Mind Sear (when should I use either of these?) Any tips, advice would be highly appreciate. I just feel like im spread out and don't know what my priority should be in RBG. C - Lastly: I understand we get stomped on by Melee - outside of getting peeled, should I be reacting in a different way if im stuck 1 on 1 with a melee? C2 - Should I leave shadow and start spamming bubble, renew, fade, Dispersion, Prayer of Mending, Flash Heal when possible, Fear when possible. C4 - Should I even waste psychic horror on a melee that is on me? D - when or who should I use Psychic Horror on?? Since it has a 1 min CD - I assume there is a particular order of who to use it on if I am not CC a healer. Overall - I tried focusing on DPS in regular BG and I still place in the bottom 3 overall dmg, so I know I am doing something horribly wrong. Thank you in advance for the replies. Edit PS - Is my spec proper for SP?Grizaje7 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 [H] LFM RBG to push 2400+ and maybe hero I've been browsing the forums here, the forums on AJ, the forums on Skill-Capped, and hanging out in the Battlemasters IRC chat room and noticed a trend: there seems to be a lot of us around 2200 seeking a consistent core RBG team. So I decided to make this thread with the hope of gathering like-minded players wanting to make the push to 2400 and possibly hero this season. I've grown tired, and I'm sure you have as well, of sloppily put together rated battleground groups, only to end up losing rating. Why we need a consistent team: it builds synergy. The more you play with others consistently, you learn their play style, and build better coordination. If your class isn't listed, please feel free to post anyway. Real life happens, we may need multiples of each class. My policy towards this game is "Bring the skill, not the rating." The only requirements would be: 1. Have a current rating of at least 2000 in rated battlegrounds (not exactly enforced, but would be nice - I would rather have a top notch 1800 player than a 2600 player who can't follow orders). 2. Have experience in high rated BG's and/or arena (preferably 2200+). 3. Listen, and be vocal. Leadership characteristics a plus. 4. Have fun. Seriously, its still a video game. No raging is to be had in my groups. Jokes are a must. Lets have a blast on the way to the top of the RBG ladder. UPDATE: I am no longer running this team, as I am finding myself extremely burnt out; but I am going to keep my original post mostly intact. I encourage players to get in contact with each other if you are serious about making a team - there are some good players that have posted here. Best of luck to you all <3Balloon42 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Legendary Full Cata Rogue LF RBGs Hi like the title says I am currently looking for a Weekend or Thursday-Monday RBGs group. My current rating is 1986. Full Cataclysmic minus daggers and Vial. If Interested add me to RealID or leave a post here check daily.Everdarkness21 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 previously started bgs who wants to enter into a hand me down lose, with no compensation except honor pts . just a waste of time. some people wait a while in line to be handed that game. they deserve better,if people are so demoralized and want to leave a bg then let the leave but dont invite another in to it.give them a window that warns them that it was already in progress like u do for instances.then they can make a choice to accept it or turn it down.Pre starts need to be regulated and people should live with there bad play and worse strategy.Blacksong12 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 To all those who thought.. A veto system for bgs would never be implemented, looks like you were wrong. Is the way we queue for Battlegrounds changing at all? Tom Chilton - Yes, we’re adding a way for players to down-vote two Battlegrounds that they don’t want to see show up when queuing for random Battlegrounds. The exception to this is if it’s the Battleground featured with Call to Arms. You won’t be able to down-vote those when they happen, but this should make it so that it’s less likely you’ll be taking part in a Battleground that you don’t particularly enjoy. It should also help make it more likely that when a particular Battleground comes up on the Call to Arms, you may be able to enjoy it more. We’re also changing the way Call to Arms works so that there will always be a Call to Arms Battleground available. This will allow us to cycle through a larger amount of Battlegrounds on a regular basis. Barring Call To Arms, I will never have to do AV or IoC again. This is a great change.Chansey38 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Horde PvP server Hello, currently I'm playing Horde on Aman Thul, Rolling a ret paladin with 4750 resil. So Im not TO badly geared. I'm finding it hard to get any form of well played and organized PvP going on this server. So my question is, what server is good for Horde PvP as I'm looking to transfer my paladin to a new server to start again. I'm not interested in xfering to alliance and I am well aware a lot of them are the same just they seem to manage either better gear OR a little more organization then Horde. So any suggestions and idea's would be much appreciated, thank you.Frezal3 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 What I need.... 1) Fast bg queue 2) Awesome realm community 3) Fun times. Where should I xfer to? Go!Noveltyitem6 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 What is this crap. Blizzard please explain. Take one for the team, solo defend. TOP DAMAGE. Get screwed over. I'd fix that for the xpac hey....Mistwraith7 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Bring them into the Light What is the most effective way of bringing these elusive lurkers into the light? ... I will start. As a priest, I will use Holy Nova which doesn't hurt much, but it blasts a field all around me that will knock stealth right off a rogue. Then I immediately drop a DOT spell followed by more Holy Nova to counteract any attempt to Vanish. What are your methods | techniques | elixirs | spells | potions | or anything that effectively bring a hidden enemy into the light?Ceremony4 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Ret Paladin RBG Gear --- Help??? Hello, now I know nobody likes to read long paragraphs so lets get right into it. Which gear is optimal for RBGing on my Ret Paladin. Current Rating: 1674. inb4 rets in rbgs? lololol Gear options at my disposal: - 5/5 Cataclysmic Ret Set - Reg t13 gloves, LFR t13 shoulders Gauntlets of Radiant Glory + Pauldrons of Radiant Glory - H Experimental Slicer Experimental Specimen Slicer - Reg Gurth Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps - Cata t1 2h Cataclysmic Gladiator's Bonegrinder - Cata On-Use Str trinket with resil Cataclysmic Gladiator's Badge of Victory - Cata Proc Str trinket with resil Cataclysmic Gladiator's Insignia of Victory - H Bonelink Bone-Link Fetish Right now I am using 3/5 Cat, 2/5 t13, H bonelink, cata on-use and H Experimental Slicer and its got me at 3879 (I switched a few gems around to raise my resil with this set). I feel I am a bit squishy but the damage output is undeniable. Opinions?Auraelius5 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 2200 Boomkin Cunning and Corrupted LF RBG 2500 CR last season with cunning and corrupted LF serious RBGS Anytime. Skype: Bakerbak3r Real id: Add me anytimeStarfallol0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Fix the Battleground honor system If Battlegrounds are truly meant to be objective based, reward those who played the objective more honor than those who didn't. I just did a Twin Peaks where, on my Blood DK, capped the flag 3 times. I was second to last for honor given on my team and the ones who were just farming kills and ignoring the enemy flag carrier got more honor than the rest who were doing what there are supposed to. Yes, I subtracted the amount of honor given by the winning bonus and they were still ahead of those who were doing what they needed to. If killing player is what Arena is for and playing the objective is what Battlegrounds are for then please make the difference obvious. This has also been happening in Strand of the Ancients which those who take down gates and demolishers should be awarded the most, but not to my surprise the with the most honorable kills gets the most honor. Makes me not want to play the objective but kill kill kill and makes the point of Battleground obsolete. Blizzard please do something about this.Sarmach9 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Bg win/loose ratio??? I was wondering about everyone's win to loose ratio in the BG. For a long time now I was watched and wondered about certain aspects of the BG. My ratio is like 1/15ish..... Does not matter if I am horde or alliance and does not seem to matter on battle groups. My friends who are same race and on same servers do just about 50/50. When they use my account they get a loosing streak like they have never seen. Ofc they start LOLing about it, but are puzzled how it happens like this. Flip back to their account and they go back to almost 50/50. So what gives? Is there something on my account that flags me for the lowest gear scored group everytime ? Feels like it. Also noticed when I am in a BG how 1 sided it is. My side will get steamed rolled in no time. Close BG matches (fun ones) are about 1 in 30 matches I see this. The few times I am on the winning side its total domination. Biggest winning streak I have ever seen is 4 bg in a row. So any ideas? This has been going on for years to me. Bit annoying that it takes me so much longer to get HP for my gear them most people. I have 8 lvl 85's. 5 are horde and others are alliance.Oreely58 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 [A] Resilient Victory 10:30am AEST tomorrow. Need 3 healers, won't say no to a 4th. Geared group, etc. Need vent, BG Targets, latest AV Preform Enabler, HHTD. - Running this through Openraid. So if you're on there, sign up there, or leave details here.Keye3 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Deathmatch Arena at the Dark Moon Fair Why do you guys allow groups of people to participate? Shouldn't it be an all out free for all? Seems to me that most of the time a group of guys take over the place and force everyone else out as a team. Really frustrating to start attacking and watch him get healed from his buddy. Maybe I should just find more friends I guess. If it is intentionally like this for a reason then would it be possible to create a couple of BGs/Arenas to queue for that are truly FFA? Higher you are up the totem pole the more honor you are awarded. Maybe a King of the hill style game? Teams of three maybe with 3-4 teams competing for the same goal? Just a thought.Maybenot6 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Easy Kills Whats that one class/spec you see in a BG and think too yourself "Boy I could use a free HK right about now!"Searik65 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 PvP guild. Not sure if this is in the right section, if its not I'll delete and move it to the right one. Anyway Im looking to server swap to Illidan and Im wondering. What are some PvP guilds that are mainly Australian/Kiwi based that I could look into joining on them?Frezal2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Twilight Brigade Rated battle ground team The Twilight Brigade is rucruiting all classes for its RBG team. Horde side on the turalyon server on sundays at around 500pm server time.Geonnim0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 ANY1? Real question here. Id like to play a BG map like AV for 2-4-6 hrs long. Big Epic battles etc... am i the only 1? when did fast 5 min matches that u just kill a NPC to win become the norm? no1 wants epic fights ? you cap out of all your pvp crap for the week in the first day or 2 and now u can stand around in org/stormwind for 5 days waiting for a re set im mean WTF ? even world pvp who's idea was it that u can only do it every 2 hrs and even that's just avoid fighting and cap points to win make your comment y you hate or like long battles, if 90% of you like 5 min no pvp BGs maybe im just playing the wrong game for pvp !Knucklebone20 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Can't decide what healer to use I have all 4 85 on my current server and am about to transfer off to Darkspear. I can't decide what I should do since I can only transfer one. I've been playing my HPally for awhile but the word is they're not so great compared to the others in top tier. I know Discs and Shamans are really good in top tier but how are druids? I also plan on doing RBGs on whichever I decide to transfer over, but never can do them on my current server cause anytime I try we get roflstomped. Please toss me some advice.Cubedice4 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 LFM for battlemaster ach. Im LFM for the battlemester achv not all of them but most of the ones we can do as a group. We cannot get the achv such as win 100 battles but we could get the group once add me on RFL aeronxangel@yahoo.comAlmuftah1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Need 1900+ FC 2.2k push Pushing 2.2k with a really good group that's been running smoothly. Need a prot warrior that is 1900 CR+. Resil: ~5400 Resil. Epic gems ploxerzzzzzz! Must be 2k+ exp in RBG's in S9/S10/this season. Add the following for contact info! Real ID 1: Real ID 2: Skype 1: SchrCanHeal Skype 2: shapeshiftenxProdígy0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Rdruid LF RBG team no CR in RBGs, 2k CR in 3s. 4.7k resil, and Heroic Windward Heart. Real ID: jbm13031@yahoo.comDoc0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 [A] Alliance 2k+ RBG's On Wednesday at 6pm pst I will be hosting a 2k+ RBG. You either have to be 2k+ in arenas or 2k+ cr in rbgs. Either reply with the character you are playing with or send me a mail in game for invite. I am preferably looking for a disc priest, rsham, hpally, and prot warrior.Donnahxz5 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Starting (H) Battlemaster Premade Matches I took a week break to farm my wins I needed to get my battlemaster and then took 2 weeks to finish leveling my Priest. As of tomorrow I am starting these premades again to farm some Battlemaster achievements. No requirements except vent and preform av enabler. Add me to real ID or come join our vent and find me in there. 4135 Look for my name in the channels.Chewnok4 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 The Superb Survivability of Death Knights Hello all, My reason for posting this thread today is to somewhat complain and get some feedback on how DK's are able to survive in PvP combat situations. I have been on and off playing WoW ever since the beginning of Burning Crusade, so I do know what the game was like before the coming of the Death Knights. But as of recently, I have grown so tired of the Death Knights ability to survive nearly anything, especially if they are Blood specced. As a side note, I am talking about the survivability of DK's in PvP only. Since WotLK I have never liked facing off against a Death Knight, and for as long as I can remember, Death Knights that are built like tanks hardly ever will lose a fight, to the simple fact that they are able to outlast any other class in a fight. Now the important thing to note is that I truly do believe the tank spec used in PvP is a necessity, but the DK tank spec is a bit hard to balance. In PvE purposes, a DK tank is great, can't complain about them. But in PvP, I think the average PvP'er will lose to a DK 1 on 1. In my own experience I have been doing PvP ever since I started playing the game, so I am no fool when it comes to competing against other classes. I know all the different strategies to combat other classes, but for DK's I've just come to the conclusion that if there is a Blood DK to be found, just leave him be and don't bother fighting them. I just wanted to bring this up and see what other people have to say about my thoughts.Bigbossbob4 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 New BG modes required Why do we fight in the roads or in mid? Why waste time doing so when it does almost nothing to help win? It comes from the need to KILL!!!!!! What is so wrong with a TDM style Battleground where the only way to win is to slaughter as many of the opposing players as possible bbefore time runs out? Blizzard spends more time coming up with complex BGs and modes than they do with simplicity. Sometimes, in order to please gamers, you just have to be simple. CTF is fun and it requires/encourages PvP in every way. But the overall objective is capping the enemies flag. IoC is fun too but its just a mix of AB/AV and PvP only happens in the initial start of the round. TB is like a king of the hill...or three hills....but thats all u have to do. SotA is all about speed and breaking down gates with tanks and clicking a big orange ball at the end. The whole point of "PvP" seems to be lost in the variety of complex Battlegrounds. When Cata released, Blizzard couldn't come up with anything else other than what was already there. Blizzard seems to be against a Gilnean-themed field or a Barrens-themed desert where all u have to do is slaughter and kill the other team. Instead of enhancing whats already there, or add a new PvP mode, they just put a bunch more crappy BGs in which makes PvP extremely dull. What difference does it REALLY make if your random BG queue takes from Warsong Gulch to Twin Peaks where you need to do the same thing to win all over again?Oghren20 Jun 5, 2012