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Dec 5, 2012 Recovered item - but no recovered item Just got an in-game mail on this character from the postmaster saying they recovered an item for me. I have no idea what it's about but the e-mail is empty. Any idea what's going on?Redbrik4 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Account locked, reset email does not arrive I am sure people are familiar with accounting being logged on at a remote location and gets locked afterward. Basically I got this email Due to suspicious activity, the account has been locked. To restore access to this account, please follow these steps: Step 1: Secure Your Computer In the event that your computer has been infected with malicious software such as a keylogger or trojan, simply changing your password may not deter future attacks without first ensuring that your computer is free from these programs. Please visit our Account Security website to learn how to secure your computer from unauthorized access. Step 2: Secure Your E-mail Account After you have secured your computer, please create a new password for your e-mail account since it may also be compromised. Be sure to check your e-mail filters and rules and look for any e-mail forwarding rules that you did not create. For more information on securing your e-mail account, visit this Support page. Step 3: Choose a New Password You must change your password in order to resume using this account. Please click this link to choose a new password: So the point is I went to the password reset page, did all the steps and got this message A confirmation e-mail has been sent to your registered e-mail address. Click the link in this e-mail to complete the password retrieval process. You will be prompted to create a new password during this final step. Its been an hour and this email has not arrive, I checked the spam/junk folder etc. I redid the password reset email twice more after that. I also completed account recovery as well and it sent me an email saying: The password for this account has been reset. Please check your email account for a message regarding your new temporary password. We strongly recommend that you create a new password after you log in. I actually have no idea what I should do, since I wont be able to reset my password. I have no received ANY of the password reset emails blizzard sent out. Is it possible for them to change my email address? But my guess is that my email is still intact since I am still getting mails from blizzard, the problem is none of the password reset emails got through. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! I am quite desperate as to what to do now >_>Rayvenn9 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 not getting my scroll of ressurection friend has sent it twice, its been 2 hours or so, nothing :(Teryn3 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 How llong does it take to transfer a characte I paid for this service 2 days ago and my character is still not accessible... Are there delays or something?Calitre2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 [Claws of Shek'zeer]x2 with Sha touched gems. I have 2x[Claws of Shek'zeer] each with a Sha touched gem. One costing me 10k Gold. I sadly did not realize or know that you may only equip one.. I.. thought it meant one per socket -_- that in the future we'd have two sha touched socket items. I'm hoping to have my [Claws of Shek'zeer], [Crystallized Dread] and Dancing Steel enchant replaced since I can't use it. *not sure if I should or can say this here so sorry if I should post this tid bit else where. Why not make it Unique hold? instead of equip as I just figured after what occured it's not Gem install but actual equip.* I'm sure some people messed up too *doubt many did but some may have as well* *edited to show why I got confused link* "" is what I used to look up the gems previously and it doesn't say Unique (1) equip. so when I saw it in game I figured as I mentioned above my assuming future raid weapons from MoP having more than one socket :x By the way, I'm sorry. I know it was a stupid mistake -_-Baki9 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 In-Game Fake Game Master Whisper [Removed] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suggest you do something about this to prevent this users account from doing it again to others that may follow instructions given in the message. ElectricitÿBlázer6 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Issue again with LFR/Loot I posted some time ago, about having a issue with collecting loot off a boss in LFR, the issue being where the game showed that I won a item, but instead placed a bag of gold in my bags. Now I had put a ticket in regarding this but then removed my ticket as the I had been able to get something better during one of my normal raids. This time the issue happened again but with a different boss, this also seems to only effect the last boss in LFR raids for me. I do not know if this is a reported issue, but the last time I had reported this(a issue that had happened a few times before with a different boss) A GM said he would make a report and assure me I would get help if this happened again. Now I made a new ticket explaining the problem, all I ask is if there is a way I can get the item that I was shown that I won. I also know about UI issues and all that, and when this had happened before I had reinstalled my game and everything else there could be to fix this type of issue. I also would like to say I am not upset, when I had reported this issue and such the GM was polite and helpful, but being told "Better luck next time or Too bad" type answers really suck, but they said I could maybe get this fixed if I reported this type of issue again. I do not know if I will get a blue response or not, but I hope someone will be able to help me in some way with this.Nìhìlús1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 "Hard to program for the jerk factor" Here are some observations and suggestions. 1) Someone at Blizzard had to decide whether the Lost and Found weapons would be instantly looted or take time to loot. Other items in game are looted as soon as one clicks on them. 2) Given that the decision was made that they wouldn't be instantly looted, someone had to decide how long it was going to take to loot them. Some items take more time and some take less. 3) With items that take time to loot, some are interrupted by being hit in combat and some are not. Someone at Blizzard had to decide that the Lost and Found weapons would be interrupted by combat. 4) Some bind on pickup items give a warning before they are picked up, and some do not. Someone at Blizzard had to decide that these weapons would give a 'do you want to pick this up' warning, during which, not only will combat interrupt this, but at this point if that happens you will not be able to loot the weapon and could possibly lose the ability to ever loot the weapon without the help of a GM. 5) Some of these weapons are in locations where you can simply go up to them and loot them with no risk of being attacked while doing so. Someone at Blizzard had to choose to put others of them in locations where not only would one be attacked when you get close, but that the mobs there respawn quickly due to being daily quest mobs. These are all choices that Blizzard had to make. It is insulting to those of us that recognize this that we are told you have little control over the jerk factor and to accept issues like this simply because it is a multi-player game. You do have control over this. You have complete, direct control over this. You have simply chosen to ignore this issue (which has been presented with by any number of other issues such as skinning / mining / herb nodes). The current lack of resolution for this issue is a major cause for concern to those that are trying to enjoy the game without running into jerks because you are rewarding jerks for being jerks by the way you have failed to address this. And you wonder why people keep posting threads on topics you don't want to deal with. Maybe if you started taking responsibility for your choices rather than hoping your paying customers are all unable to recognize these problems you'd still be growing and you wouldn't have issues with 'dead zones' with low player count in the first place and you wouldn't have had to implement another coding masterpiece that broke working code to force non-functioning code that caused a dizzying array of bugs on players that didn't and still don't want it. I still love what this game could be. I'd rather see it fixed than simply walk away. At this point, however, I seem not to have much choice. No one over there seems to care about anything but what's good for you, not your customers.Dreadpanda1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 The Gurubashi Arena Chest won't spawn... Hi there, I've been going to the Gurubashi Arena several times during the designated time (Usually 3 PM, 6PM, and 9PM realm time). I see Short John Mithril and the daily quest giver there, but he never moves or places the chest. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.Steady1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Can't access the game. 2 days ago I had a problem with the computer (most specifically, System32 problems) and I had to restore the computer to a previous state. After that, the game has been stuck in the News Menu (the first screen before you get to log in), I press "Play", but the game doesn't start. What's going on and what should I do to solve it?Themrgrumpy0 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Transmogrification and me After doing Naxx 25man for my Transmog sword, I find out that the Sha touched Spell power sword (Loshan, Terror Incarnate) is classed as a "one handed" weapon where as "Life and Death" sword is considered a main hand. How is it possible to have a Spell power weapon equipped in the offhand in the first place. This needs to be fixed so Loshan is Mainhand or there is no Transmog restrictions on one handed weapon slot types. Aka hunter mogging a bow into a gun >.> not that far but you get my driftPàllytank0 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Error on Add Game Subscription Your credit card information could not be validated. Please check your information and try again, or contact Customer Support if this problem persists. I have entered all my information correctly.Cynis4 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 i need help plz blizzard how do i pet battle? ok the problem is i bought pet battle training and when i click on a wild pet with a green claw it will say "failed to create pet battle" what do i do plz help anyoneZeroyalvikin2 Dec 5, 2012
Jun 2, 2013 Pet battle queue broke my bg/dungeon finder! when i click my pet battle find battle button, i get an error message saying i am already queued for a pet battle, which im not, haha. this has somehow seemingly caused my bg and dungeon finder to not work, or rather auto pause, there is no option to unpause, iv'e cleared my cache, tried killing my character, and now ive sent out a ticket, but the wait time is 3 days, 3 days is a while :P can anyone help please? thanks.Featherstorm3 Jun 2, 2013
Dec 5, 2012 Can't sex change with a race change? So I paid the 25.00 and I can't simply change my sex? It says I must change my race, and I get a sex change with that... but I cant simply change to female? Anyone else had this problem? Please help!Braincancer2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Character boost to level 80 not working i have just accepted the character boost to level 80 from a scroll of resurrection on a level 2 warrior and i have logged in, and it has not updated. please helpVedrel7 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Stop DC'ing me while I am alt-tabbed. Seriously, it's very annoying. I hop on a flight path, alt-tab to look at websites and alt-tab back after about 5 minutes annnnnndddddd..... DC'ed. You are the ones that designed the games so I have to waste so much time traveling, now you are disconnecting. I pay for my online time. I know you have the ability to monitor background process so if I choose to be alt-tabbed you shouldn't be disconnecting me. If my mouse and keyboard are active you should not be disconnecting me.Kuma13 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Unable to redeem my Cinder Kitten Digital Purchase World of Warcraft® Pet: Cinder Kitten I follow the instruction from the website to redeem the Pet. The first time, till the end, is when it tells me to hit "Place my order". When I click it, it shows me an error that my code has already been claimed. I only have 1 WoW Account on this Bnet.acc and there is no pet in my mailbox ingame too. I cannot try redeem again because this time the web won't even let me pass the first page and already showing the error. Can i please have a check on this matter fast?Grandine6 Dec 5, 2012
Feb 9, 2013 Potion Of Luck Hi, Im wondering about the new Potion Of Luck that has been put ingame in 5.1. The old one lasted 1 hour and had a 1 hour cooldown. The new one lasts 20 mins but still has a 1 hour cooldown, is this intended ? or was it overlooked ? Its going to really suck if i can only use one pot for 20 mins every hour.Laagspike9 Feb 9, 2013
Dec 5, 2012 Fake Email I just got a fake email about my account being banned. Where can I forward this fraud so Blizz can get the website taken down?Flásh2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Unable to purchase new mount... I have been unable to purchase the new mount on the Blizzard store. I hit checkout and it keeps bringing me back to the same damn page. This is VERY frustrating. What is going on? It might be my computer, because all of a sudden I cannot access either. Any help here would be great. lolBradimus5 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Void Storage problem. Unable to deposit item I am however able to move items around the void storage and move them into the withdrawal box. I haven't removed an item from it though. I get an error message unable to do that now. I have tried resetting my UI using the methods described on this page. then I logged in to try again and got the same error. Any suggestions?Greythane2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Cannot purchase Cinder Kitten. Hello there! Just posting because I can't seem to purchase the new Cinder Kitten, the error I'm getting is: "We are unable to process your transaction at this time. To complete this transaction, please contact Customer Support. Alternatively, you may also select another form of payment." So, clearly is a card problem on my end you'd think. So I made sure I had the right details and everything, with the same card, and again, 'We are unable to process your transaction at this time." I've tried about 15 times, because I thought then, it might be a server overload issue (Diablo 3 anyone?) I've ruled out that it's my card, I just paid off a bill, and bought CS:GO from steam. Any help appreciated.Carebear1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Can't log in after queuing for scenario Hi. When I select me, the loading bar doesn't load all the way and I get disconnected everytime.Shadowvenom7 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Feedback from an old HC player using trial. *At no point am I trying to be spiteful or mean in any of this either, so don't read it that way pls. I'm just going to be blunt, and honest, so I hope you get the overarching message here at the end.* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I was a dedicated wow player for many years. I raided nearly every endgame content, from vanilla, to even in each expansion up until right before IC came out in wrath. I was the first warlock on my server, and 3rd player overall on my server in vanilla to achieve full tier 1 from back in MC days. Heck I even completed loremaster before I stopped playing back in Wrath. That was roughly 2 years ago. I barely escaped the allure of Cata bringing me back, in-fact, had I not been competing at the upper echelons for L4D2 pro league at the time, I probably would of bought it. That and Mists made me throw up in my mouth a little when I heard/saw it was going to be kung-fu panda the expansion. But more to the point, I wanted to provide constructive criticisms on the free trials you are giving out. Particularly for those of us who haven't played in some time. In my case, you managed to catch me at a time where in my RL I'm doing some travel related work, which while it pays amazingly, I do have some down time being away from friends and family. When I found a 10 day trial show up in my email (god knows how many of these I've sent to the trash bin) you actually were able to interest me. I have all this free time, and hey, what the hell right? So I start playing Cata, and I'm amazed how the scope of terrain just gets bigger and bigger with every expansion, the quest functionality, the elimination of no brainer UI issues. Hell after only a handful of quests I was replacing Ulduar and Argent Tournament epics with greens lol. But here's the problem. Just as I'm thinking MAYBE......just MAAAAAYBE I'll buy another 3 month card now that there isn't many other games competing for my interest, and more time to play in. That's when the bomb drops. I hit a trial-based soft cap preventing me from hitting 81. Immediately I lose completely all interest in trying the new dungeons, or bothering to see what the giant clam creatures rescue is going to be like in Nazhjhatar. You see the problem is this. You try and convince me it's worth paying monthly again to return to a game (which, no offense, as amazing it keeps evolving to be, has by and large been watered down to a child's glass of milk in terms of difficulty and spoon feeding) but you don't give me anything to make that temptation stick. You have me doing milk run quests at the bottom of the ocean for several hours, just starting to consider the possibility, and then before I can even do anything remotely enthralling, like new dungeons, or hell- even a quest-line that isn't a tedious boring "1. Go here 2. kill this & 3. pick this thing up" grunt work with no real story or context to the overarching story of the expansion in and of itself. In BC and Wrath, there was little time wasted knowing that you were making an effort against the new threat (demons, undead, or whatever really). Here I was just mucking about underwater the whole time. The point basically boils down to this: You give me 10 days unlimited access to experience whats new in your world- then I'm probably gonna chow down, gain a few levels, try some dungeons, get engrossed in the meat of the expansions story- and then guess what? I'll probably be so hooked I'll buy mists, despite the initial disgust I had hearing about it. You'll of roped me in. Hell I would of even gone so far as to go to bat with you in a community of ex WoW, high end, hard core gamers I play through other games with. Would of probably convinced a handful to come back and play through the expansions we didn't- maybe even with new toons to experience the Azeroth facelift. I'm sincere here too, not just prattling on. But you give me 10 days where I can't get past the foyer to your new world? You insult me and drive me right back to slandering WoW in other games that I play with other members of a gaming community I am part of. That kind of marketing just further disenfranchises the portion of ex players you attempt to cull back in with these trials. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Again, just being honest, this is the gut reaction something like that delivers to the player base of ex-WoW players who receive these emails. To put it another way, if you are trying to treat a new girl out, sure you don't have to go crazy with where you take her out to. But if you are trying to win back an ex-girlfriend, you don't promise her things are different with you now and then take her to McDonalds..... Just my 2 cents guys, I hope to see some sort of blue response, doesn't even have to be appreciative of the time I spent writing this, just knowing someone saw it will at least make me feel like you guys got an honest answer from my particular demographic to take into consideration in your future endeavors- as I do genuinely wish your company the best moving forward. Thanks again for your time and consideration, I know it was a long read, but hope your marketing team takes it to heart. ~fin.Rotwhiler9 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 In-game Ticket? So a few days ago I returned to WoW and found that all my characters were stripped, and gold taken. I put up a ticket and within about 3 hours it got answered and everything was taken care of. Yesterday, I had a problem with the Scroll of Resurrection. So I put up another ticket, except now it's been a day and a half and no response. I know the wait time was something like 1 day 9 hours, but the one that got answered in 3 hours, the wait time was over 3 days. Do they prioritize tickets, based on the difficulty? I just find it hard to believe that in 2 days, they are behind by more than 20 hours.Preystation1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Ticket US33435296 - Restore character Hello! I opened ticket US33435296 to restore a character and have edited the ticket. The timer on the ticket hasnt changed. The ticket is in response to an issue where I responded that I needed more help. Ive edited the ticket in game and also on the website. Have I knocked myself to the back of the queue by editing the ticket? :*( ThanksMollymctable3 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Transfered servers played yesturday cant play Cant play now. I got billed, played yesturday and cant play now. Says account may have been compromised.Chrodin15 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 We're Going to Need More Saddles Xazz4 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 is this against the rules? Hello, I just did something now im wondering if i can get in trouble for it. I know buying gold is not aloud but someone was spamming they wanted the blizz store Cinder kitten paying gold, i asked how much they said 10k so i bought it and gifted it. Is this aloud?Psicosis8 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 AH unsold item in mail for 30 days So, items can sit in your mail inbox for 30 days before being returned to the sender. What happens to AH expired auction items after they're in your mail inbox for 30 days? I have a bad feeling I lost a nice item. :PSoloan12 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Cross Realm Zones RaF problem Hey, I'm doing Recruit a Friend with a friend of mine from the server Barthilas. I am from the realm Moon Guard, we have been trying to quest together but CRZ has just not been working for us, and we've tried everything, re inviting each other etc and that has not worked. We are around the same level, but I am one level higher than he is. We've tried multiple zones, even main cities and random questing zones. We still cannot see each other, I was hoping somebody could clear up what's going wrong here? because we're really missing out on the triple exp from RaF when we can't quest together and we keep getting the same dungeons.Demonsoulqt7 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Sha not giving loot? Just killed sha and didn't receive loot or a bag what do?Wreks6 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 BMAH Issue Was my first time using BMAH and I did not know how it worked so I assumed it would have just worked like a regular AH so I went to bid on the Hippograph Hatchling and the "Hot Box" misleading UI window made me bid 16k on a Brawlers invitation which are going for under 2k on my realm! Please Fix, I dont care about the invitation, I just want my gold back... It was an accidental bid which was caused by misleading UI frames on the BMAH...Blondehunter1 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Cant Log-in to Server Can get to Character panel but cant log into Turalyon server. Stuck on Loading page . two times both for 5 minutes.Dagnie17 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 How to really help RED CROSS How about just even for the time being allow us PAYING customer's with an active account and poistive balance to use that money to purchase just the Cinder Kitten Pet? Hey, what do you think. Why to this day we still cannot use that balance for anything more than faction changes, race change stuff like that I have no clue. I am not even asking for letting us use it to buy game time (though I think that should be done) just let us use it for this to actually HELP out. Maybe even let us buy all the mounts or pets like that, do you really lose money for letting someone spend theirs to get a digital mount or flag an account to be able to have a pet ... my thoughts are no. So maybe I can get a BLUE Response here about this for the time being just about the Cinder Kitten Pet let us put our Balances to good use!Wamo23 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Can I have both types of Authenticators? I have the physical authenticator now which is great, I've had it since WotLK. Well, I keep it by my computer and have yet to lose it in a few years, but when I'm away from home and would like to log onto the forums I have to either get my wife to read me the code, or I can't. Now I don't mind paying for the mobile authenticator, but would hate for it to invalidate my physical one. So my question is, can I link both to my account? That way I'll have my hard copy permanent one at home, and one on my mobile, and they both work?Nyxiana5 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Cannot Redeem Code for Winged Guardian I just ordered the winged guardian because it is on sale for 50% off. When I try to redeem the code, I get the error "the selected World of Warcraft license is not available to play." The thing is, it is available to play, it's a couple weeks yet before the current month subscription is up. I'm logged into the game right now so it IS available to play. When I log off from the game it gives the same error. What do I need to do to get this mount?Bowdyn5 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Other Paymet Options Blizzard, I'd like to make a suggestion: "PAY AS YOU GO", I would love to keep playing WOW but there are times I get busy for months and I don't have chance to get back to the game, so right now I turn my account off. Then I just don't bother to turn it back on later because I don't want to deal with the turn on and turn off. If I could just pay for when I played then I would leave it on always and you'll would get more money out of me because I might play hours one weekend then get busy and come back in two weeks and play hours again. Or some holiday might come up and I would play for days then back to work and do not play. But as it stands now I am paying for nothing if i leave it on. If you can figure out a better pricing scheme for those of us that are busy, you might get more people coming back and paying you more. Just a thought! I can think of easily 6 people I know that use to play WOW, got busy, moved on to other things but would like to come back now and then and play but don't want to pay MONTHS at a time. Then get busy again and just sit there loosing money. So we turn the account off and maybe back on later. Maybe usually turns out to be MONTHS later because it just to much trouble to have to PLAN playing time. You might open something up so I can put money on my account with you, say $100 and each hour of play is worth so much. Or come up with some method so I can pay as I go.Landstar3 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Cinderkitten redemption I bought Cinderkitten but when I attempt to redeem code, I get an invalid code message. I've tried activating both immediately after purchase via page link & from the code redemption page with the code from my email.Emeth4 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Still being charge $2.99 for remote app. I'm still being charged $2.99 for the wow remote application. I have been unable to find a way to cancel this application. Anyone have suggestions?Sani2 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Cinder Kitten description is inaccurate. From the cinder kitten page in the pet store: "Once activated, this in-game pet key applies to all present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single North American account." Therefore I should have had this on BOTH of my World of Warcraft accounts since they are both under the same account. Description should read "..... on a single North American World of Warcraft account." Feeling a bit cheated at the moment.Renita6 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Battleground joining failing. 3 times today so far, my Battleground queue pops and I click join. The loading screen pops up and doesn't even attempt to load. The bar at the bottom just stays empty. After about 45 sec or so, it kicks me off and I have to log back in. When I do, I have deserter. Fix pls.Hìì0 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Pet Store Refund With the deal going on I decided I was going to purchase the Heart of the Aspects mount. I mistankingly purchased the Celestial Steed (which I already have). I have not redeemed it yet and is there anyway I can get a refund?Piecake4 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Glory of Ulduar Raider - no mount Last night I completed the Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10 achievement on two characters, this being one, and didn't receive the Proto-Drake mount on either of them. As far as I'm aware, it should get mailed to you immediately. I was online for a few hours after completing it and never received anything.Unintended8 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 free server transfers I was interested to know briefly what blizzard looks at for free realm transfers. I have play wow since bc and have paid for all my changes to my characters. Times have become tough and the server of aegwynn is dead. and friend have transfered off. And was looking to join them but economic times make it hard to do so. So i was seeing why either free character mitigation couldnt be look into for lower or off set servers such as mine or even for tenured members like 1 free xferSiyanha3 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 starting to think im wasting my time 7 weeks in a row now at least 6 using the extra roll charm and still no new weapon. i use them on 2 of the bosses that possibly drop a weapon for my class and nothing for 7 weeks straight. im starting to get sick of this game and getting screwed every week. this looting system is completely idiotic.Chiseler34 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 different phase help I am trying to start the theramore quests and i cant do it because theramore is a giant crater. I am trying to the quest "reinforcements for theramore". Please tell me there is a way around this so i can get the achievement lol.Lilmike3 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Solution idea for imbalanced realms Hi ! I play WoW since 2005, on EU-Sargeras – a PvP realm – Alliance side. I love it, there are lots of cool people here. But EU-Sargeras is sick and it's dying. After massive a free character migration wave to Sargeras Horde, the realm became imbalanced. We cannot do 25 raids and RBGs anymore and world PvP became worthless for both factions since we've chosen to play on a PvP realm for this purpose. The drain is getting bigger every day because of character transfer and faction change services. We now have less than 20% of Alliance players vs 80% Horde. No need to do complex statistics to see it, here are two screenshots I took one night at the same moment in Pandaria sanctuaries, it's obvious : EU-Sargeras is not the only realm in this case. Lots of other PvP realms are faction-imbalanced while other ones are overcrowded – or desert. I think some US realms are affected too. It appears obvious to me – and I think to other players – that Blizzard should plan massive free character migrations to recover a kind of population balance on the realms. But it should not be done the same way as before, to avoid the imbalance to be just reversed instead of fixing it. First of all, the free character migrations should not be faction specific. Let's consider this example: Realm 1: Average population but 80% Horde and 20% Alliance Realm 2: Average population but 30% Horde and 70% Alliance Realm 3: Faction-balanced but low population Realm 4: Faction-balanced but high population The free migrations should be proposed from R1H, R2A, R4A and R4H to R1A, R2H, R3A and R3H. Players would be able to change faction and even stay on the same realm, for example R1H→R3A or R1H→R1A. Secondly, free character migrations should not end past a fixed date for everyone, but only when the balance objective has been reached for a population. Let's consider the previous example, after 2 weeks: Realm 1: Average population, now 55% Horde and 45% Alliance Realm 2: Average population but still 40% Horde and 60% Alliance Realm 3: Average Alliance population but Horde population still low Realm 4: Faction-balanced but still high population R1A, R1H and R3A now have fullfilled their objectives and are now removed from the free character migration program. R2H and R2A are close and should probably be removed the next week while there is still some work to do for R3H, R4A and R4H. At last, the population should not be measured by the "number of active players" but by the "amount of played hours a week". 100 players playing 10 hours a week (1000 hours) is slightly different than 100 players playing 2 hours a week (200 hours total). This value could be calculated every week (during maintenance?) for each population to consider if an incoming or outgoing free migration is necessary or not. The free character migration availabilities could be displayed on the website on a special page (instead of creating blue posts to announce them), a bit like an airport display with the "departures" and "arrivals". This panel would be updated every week, during the whole year. What do you think about this idea?Sáralondë6 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Demo lock are now useless WTH blizzard u nerf the burst by 30 % ? and just give noting back ? I wanna get my money back cause my class is now useless in arena .Habahaba3 Dec 4, 2012