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I am absolutely disgusted in Blizzard. I play/played Beta (MOP) I run a Macbook Pro 2012. Loved the beta and the upcoming releases, it ran fine on my laptop. 5.0.4 comes out, sweet. I download it, all excited. Theres always a catch with us Mac users, our laptops just decide to run with temperatures over 100 Celsius. First it was "Its your Mac" "Its not our problem" Of course its your problem Blizzard. What disgusts me more "This problem should be fixed in an upcoming Patch" IS THAT A JOKE? An upcoming Patch. I cannot play WoW, unless you guys want to replace a melted CPU and motherboard. And what else makes me angry is we get no updates or reply via the Mac Tech forums. Humarki9
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Question about MoP Pre-Purchase Last week I bought the digital download of MoP through my account. According to the purchase page the new data should be downloading in the background. Is there any way to verify that this is happening? Also, in regards to the mount with the Digital Deluxe edition and the included mount- will all my characters receive this mount in the mail? Will any new characters I create from the launch of the expansion forward receive this mount as well? I've never bought a mount or bought an upgraded edition until now. Thanks. :) Lyssá5
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Transfer price increase? So yeah, it was $25 before now its $27? Yikes what is this world coming to. I know its a OPTIONAL service but still, increasing the price when most people don't even think $25 is fair is well.. yeah. Questionable7
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Ragnaros Mount Bug, need clarification Vrakthris recently posted (, "I can't say for certain but as I understand it, obtaining the mount required no exploitation. The drop rate should be fixed now. Additional actions would seem unlikely." Which was basically clarification on: . "Addition actions would seem unlikely." Can there be clarification on this? It makes sense not to ban players (assume they're innocent), but will the mount be removed from those who earned it this week? It seems unfair for both parties (those who earned it legitimately and those who were not able to run normal during the mistake) to allow those who obtained it because of the slip up in the drop chance to keep the mount. Sixincheals12
Sep 4, 2012
Heroic Ragnaros Mount Recall? I am one of the players that spent a great deal of time in Heroic Firelands to achieve 7/7 HM to get my HRag mount, and I was wondering with the recent bug on the drop rate coupled with the fact that a gazillion players farmed it on normal mode if you guys were going to reverse the players that got it illegitimately. I was in a raid earlier today with players that ninja looted it and were just down right being terrible and rude to everyone else. I just hate to see people rewarded for behavior like that. I know most ppl in desperation took it by unfair loot pratices considering that MoP is around the corner and its now that mounts are account wide. I hope you guys take action and remove it from players that took advantage of that bug, looking for a blue post reply. Kremus21
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probleme de telechargement bonjour jai un leger probleme jai acheter un 1 mois a 14.99 il me dise que (l'achat est en telechargement) et le statut actuel est effectuer mes sa ne marche pas je ne peut pus monter plus que 20 ?? Iamdangero5
Sep 4, 2012
Why isnt this game free yet... Well; Ive been playing since vanilla, and sure a lot of the alure of azeroth has faded, it would be nice to pop in time to time and jam some various things. So I wonder why blizzard swapped over to a "premium" service after such a long time. I'm sure the player-base has dipped since the release of other MMO's. I've personally re-activated my account the odd time and the crowds of players just arent there anymore, it's noticeable. I'm sure it's a hefty income at $15 a month per player that blizzard generates from WoW. The little side shop where you can buy mounts and in game pets, should just be integrated with a "premium" service. Let's face it; there's still alot of a diehards (that hard still paying a monthly fee mind you) that would love a service like this: it promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction. Who doesn't like to be treated special? I've personally kept all my game time cards since I started playing and likewise many other players can agree they've shelled out thier fair share of $700+ over the years of playing (probably more not to mention people who have bought multiple accounts and also bought gametime to keep those in effect) My point? Feels like Blizzard hasn't really said thank you in any sort of way; Diablo 3 comes out with no subscription fee per month. I'm not asking for a birthday card in the mail either; but after 5 years of subscrip fees? The other side of my rant; F2P will bring back A LOT of hardcore players that used to play, but don't really have the time to commit to buying gametime per month and playing it day in day out until it expires; once you activate a subscription it feels like a bomb countdown; how much play time can you squeeze in? I'll end my point with this: I recall in-game prompts telling me when my time is up, technically the server interacts with the client realtime; So why not make it when a person starts playing thier time starts to countdown? I never really understood why takinga break or going to sleep should run down my gametime. I'm sure a few people will agree, and a few will dis-agree, But this is only one old-timer's point of view. Just would be nice to feel appreciated/thanked after years of loyalty. :\ Hopefully this sticks around for a few blues to see. Mkurza48
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Race change not working? I got an email saying it went through. It usually allows me to do so by now. Is the service down? Memories11
Sep 4, 2012
Game download due to resent issues i have had with the game crashing on me every 30m (that's the average sometimes it is like 4 in less than 3m or like 1 in an hour) i have decided to reinstall the game since deleting my WTF file had no effect on the issue. i was wondering if i had to download every version off the website or if i could just download cata. or if i had to wait for eatch version to patch before i dl the next any answer is appritiated Tonage9
Sep 4, 2012 Sep 4, 2012
Mount missing?!?!?! I have my Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth on this character, I have logged into this character and for some reason it is not available to my other toons. Would this be working as it is meant to be since there are two different versions for the Alliance and Horde? Socalskillz6
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Pureblood Firehwak Mount I won the mount Saturday, and I thought I was very lucky and was very happy to get the mount. Come Monday, I hear that there is a bug making it 100% drop on Normal Rag, and they said they was gonna be deleting the mount. Sadly I have come to terms with that, but I have also been hearing that they are gonna suspend/ban those who won it during the bugged period. I know to take internet rumors like a grain of salt, but this has got me perplexed. Will I be suspended/banned for winning a mount I had no idea was bugged? I know it probably won't happen, I would love a blue to chime in on this. Ravenhawke9
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Yess hello i need a name freed up If possible can you check to see if you can free up quarantine on emberstorm drenden. that would be great thanks Assiron5
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