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Aug 16, 2012 Secret Question/Answer Change and SMS Protect So it looks like the secret question and answer change is now active. I just logged into my Account Management page to do it, and it was done in a matter of seconds - yay, and awesome. Grabbed a new serial for my Mobile Authenticator, too - thanks to the web team for putting together a quick-and-easy way of doing that. My only concern is... I didn't get any text message notifications about these changes - and I made a point of signing up for SMS Protect just for this kind of thing. I assume that either they aren't hooked up to SMS Protect, or that the system is just overloaded. Which is it? ________________________________________________ Customer Support Forum MVP HDL - E-mail - "In the name of Elune, I will punish you!"Pahanda6 Aug 16, 2012
Aug 16, 2012 i failed when updating my Security Question so, i was updating my security question on my account, and somehow i accidentally pasted a long string of letters and numbers for the answer to my question.... and no i didn't click continue knowing what i put, i double clicked paste and the second click hit the continue button..... anyway to fix this?Wolfbone4 Aug 16, 2012
Aug 16, 2012 Authenticator giving wrong code Hey, I fried my IPhone so I lost my authenticator app. Got a new IPhone and now the Authenticator is throwing the wrong code. What gives?Barrington1 Aug 16, 2012
Aug 16, 2012 Help! Character name change flagged? Hi, I faction change my rogue to the horde and my character is called Nightfury. It says my name has been flagged for rename yet im the owner of the name. I'm being flagged for a name change...and I don't want to change my name :( Help on this would be greatly appreciated :] Thank you. Server: Anvilmar Name: Nightfury Class:RogueClicks2 Aug 16, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Will the LFR gear be accessible at 90 in MoP? For the past two months I have been running the second half of LFR Dragon Soul with a friend for a chance to get the Timepiece of the Bronze Flight. I have only seen this shield drop once and I lost the roll. I am not even trying to run LFR for any stat upgrades, I would just love to have a purple version of my favorite shield Timepiece of the Bronze Flight. I would love to pay up to 4000 valor points for this item if I could, but for the past two months or so my friend has accompanied me (for twice the chance at the shield) into LFR and it is becoming frustrating how we never see it drop. Will the cosmetics that are exclusive to LFR DS even be accessible at level 90?Esteem3 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Reporting Hackers without right click? Good afternoon, I was in a WSG match earlier on this toon (around 6pm EST, 3pm Server time). Before we got to the middle, a horde member capped twice instantly (Hacking, or speed hacking). I submitted a ticket, granted it was a bit vague. The response was to report using the in game right click option. My question is: How do I report a hacker if I can't see their portrait?Tinykiller0 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Obsidian Nightwing So I was looking at this and it says "You get 30 days of FREE game time - when your recruit upgrades to a full version of World of Warcraft: Battle Chest and pays for their first month of game time." "You get a FREE mount for a single character - when your recruit pays for their second full month of game time. So to get this Obsidian Nightwing you have to buy 2 months of game time, but do you have to also buy the battle chest too to get it? its not very specific. I don't want to pay extra if I don't have to :p.Nomznomnomz3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 44% off deal I tried upgrading with the wrath,cata and pandaria package for 44% off. I go through all the steps with paypal and such but then when i go to make the order the continue button at the bottom of the page is greyed out and when i hover over it i get a circle with a red line through it saying no. I'm just wondering why i cant go through with the order. I tried doing wrath on its own and still i get the greyed out continue button.Draded3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Paid Faction Change Error, Character Locked Hiyas. Last night I made my human rogue a goblin. I tried multiple times to pay using my brand new debit card, however, after multiple failing attempts, I finally realized that I needed to activate it on the bank's website (derp). So, I activated it, attached the card to paypal, and paid via paypal. said my paypal account couldn't be used because of an unknown error, however, on my bank page I had 2 pending charges of $30, and when I logged into wow I was able to faction change. So, I did, and everything was fine, however, this morning, I got an email saying it failed, and now my toon is locked. When I went to the Faction Change page, next to my toon I changed, it said he was on cooldown for FC. However, after I succesfully attached paypal to my account under My Payment Options, now when I go to the Faction Change page (where you select a character to change) it says Ineligible to Transfer - Unknown Error next to the character I changed. I think I'd be able to fix it if I could find a "Finalize Payment" button, or a cancel button to redo the payment process, but where those buttons would normally be (under History/Status), it says "Unknown" under status. Right now it looks as though the payment was succesful and accepted at first, but now it's been declined by Blizzard. Very confusing.Lemonjuice2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Email problems Hello, I have been wondering since the recent compromise of information, should I change my email or make a new one specifically designed for Blizzard? Also, what should I do with my authenticator for my iPod? Will we be able to reset our secret questions?Churon3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Quest Glitch? I've been trying to do this Teron Glorefiend (sorry if I butchered that >.>) quest in Outlands. I've done all of the quests leading up to it - gathering his armor, cloak, and that other thing - and now he's supposed to possess me so that we can fight. However, when I try to fight it doesn't work! The special abilities work, but when I try to just "attack" he just stands there. The button lights up as if he is attacking, but he doesn't! Of course I can't get through the chain without finishing this quest so any help would be greatly appreciated!Sinola2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Help! Transfer + Factionchange, name flag? HELP! I transfered my lv. 72 priest to Skullcrusher yesterday, and paid for a faction change at the same time. I had a low level character on the server who's name i wanted to use for the priest so i deleted her. To make sure that the name wasn't taken during the 4 seconds it took me to select the appearance and race of the character I had a friend create a new level 1 on her account with that name. when i was ready to hit enter, she deleted it. Everything worked ok, it changed my character's race and went back to the character select screen. When I hit enter to enter the world however it said name flagged for rename. I read that names are now locked for 30 days when you delete a character, does that mean i have to wait 30 days for her to no longer be flagged? And if so why was my friend able to create a character with the same name 1 sec after i deleted mine? I also read that it could be because i didn't log in after the server transfer, I immediately did the faction change so my character is still flagged for a name change that came with the package. If so can the flag be removed? I'd like her to keep her current name (desperately).Marika5 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Are server transfers down? It's not letting me pay for my server transfer. After I enter my payment information the [continue] button is still grayed out.Poloma24 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) Twitter You can follow all Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support news and updates on Twitter. Head over to @BlizzardCS, for the latest Support related news. We will be providing constant updates during maintenance, service outages, events and more. The feed is available in English and Spanish. For EU, please visit the European forum. Follow us and if you have any feedback for regarding our Twitter feeds, you can e-mail us at We like to use a lot of #tags on Twitter which help spread our messages to a wide audience and also acts as a helpful consolidation tool for our community. Though the concept of #tags is a very natural one, and tags (and how they are used) generally evolve over time. We have a few set tags that we regularly use on our feeds. To better help our new followers and clear up any confusion, below is a list of the #Tags we most commonly use in our Tweets. ... ... ... ... Additional #tags will be added as needed.Roraks2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Trying to update account I am trying to purchase Cata/MoP bundle through digital download. I put in my CVV code and accept the terms and conditions but when I try to click Continue it just has a "no smoking" sign cursor. What am I doing wrong?Thallin5 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Battletag vs WoW vs Diablo III Not quite sure how to title this post, I apologize. My question is basically: Is the battletag function the same thing as RealID without the real life name? I saw the latest patch notes for WoW and saw that the battletag would go into effect. I have numerous friends through the battletag feature on Diablo III... in fact I don't think there is any other way to have friends on Diablo III, correct? My problem is that I'm not interested in my Diablo III friends seeing that I'm playing WoW. I want to be friends with my friends on Diablo III and not be friends with them when I'm playing WoW. I just don't like people seeing what I'm doing all the time. Is there no possible way to have an anonymous mode for your battletag when you're playing a different game? I hope no one thinks this question is stupid and if you do I apologize. I've avoided having RealID friends (minus family) for this exact reason and it seems this battletag feature will throw all that away. Thanks for any help or advice. EDIT - I also recently just merged an old RAF account I made with myself back in 2008 in hopes of some privacy... I'm guessing there is no way to make this account not visible through battletag either, right? :(Unite4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 account merge Back when we were required to make accounts I was confused so I made my two accounts to two different email accounts. I've read that it is possible to have one merged into the other only by calling customer service or billing. But I'm a poor scrub and only have a prepaid plan so waiting on hold for a half hour would cost me a days worth of work... Could this be accomplished through email or the online ticket system? Last I checked wasn't monitored anymore.Stabbahorde2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 pre-ordering MoP for a friend I have a friend whose bday is coming up and i wanted to get him MoP since he hasnt pre ordered it yet. Is there a way i can buy the digital download and send it to him?Feliciaday6 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Reward system for Anti-Hackers i have seriously reported over 20+ for bot farming they all showed similar aspects of play, that a normal person at the controls would not have done, and i am wondering why is there not some kind of reward system for those that report/find/stop hackers. Like possibly a mount, or title, or even just a simple feat of strength achievement.Mcjunkpunchr4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Help with xfering Good day, I'm trying to xfer my main from Emerald Dream to Kel'thuzad. Unfortunately the selection choice "pay now" is grey'd out. Even when I change payment options. o.O? What is this sorcery?Prødígy2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Forgot heirlooms on my old realm! I know this is a long shot, and I feel stupid for forgetting them, but I forgot my heirlooms on Frostmourne when I transferred to Kel'Thuzad a while back. It wasn't all that recent I know, but I thought they were in my bank and when I created a hunter alt today I realized I never even brought them with me. I put in a ticket but considering that my transfer wasn't like super recent I feel my odds of getting them back are pretty hopeless. It's a shame I spent so much time getting them. Should I just delete the ticket or is there a chance? Thank you.Vaxia3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Getting an XML Parsing Error on Firefox Good evening, I was going to go on the WoW website ( to see the latest news/forum posts/etc. I quickly realized that I got an error everytime I tried to go on this website in Firefox. Right now I am in IE, which I'm not particularly fond of. Everytime I try to go on or any Blizzard website I get this error: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 1289, Column 68:<img src=" of Warcraft&keywords=&description=" width="1" height="1"/></body> -------------------------------------------------------------------^ I tried to clear the cache and cookies in Firefox but that didn't do anything. Later, I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox onto my PC, and I still got that Error. My brother, who is on the same router as me, and also uses firefox, does not get these errors while going on Blizzard website. I tried googling around a bit, but I had no luck with the issue, and it is still persisting. Any insight to this situation would be greatly appreciated!Conspyre7 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 My incredibly special account I checked my alternate email's inbox recently and came across something. I had received a Scroll of Resurrection from some stranger I had never heard of. Never one to pass up a free gift, I clicked "Play Free Now" and continued onto my account management page from there. Here's what you ought to understand about my account: there are two accounts on the same account. I have one account that is named what my account used to be named before conversion and I have another called WoW1. Trickiness is about to ensue. Okay, so one time I got a Recruit-A-Friend deal. The account was all paid for, the codes entered, and I was waiting for my mount. I waited a few days and it never arrived. I eventually had a GM help me with it. After the GM's help, I then had the two account thing going on. Here's how that works: when I log into WoW from a new computer that I've never used before, it will ask for my email, password, and authenticator as usual. It will then prompt me to choose between my old account name and the WoW1 account. The WoW1 account is classified on my management page as a Starter Account in need of an upgrade. So that's the story on that part. Anyways, I was sent a Scroll of Resurrection because my twin account (sort of a conjoined twin, really) was eligible for it. The twin account uses my alternate email address, so my alternate email was eligible for it. The good news (and some might say bad news) is that the Scroll of Resurrection does not work on my account. There is no "claim reward" link on the page. So congrats, the bug is not exploitable. The bad news is that I'm getting spam emails from Blizzard through some stranger that I don't know who is hoping to get a mount out of me. The name given was Espinoza. I do not know this person. I imagine they are attempting to just get mounts out of random email addresses and mine simply came up on their list. (since you can send the scrolls to email addresses, not just friends on your friends list) Regardless, I really don't think there are any characters on this conjoined account. I really don't want the account. It's weird. It makes me uncomfortable. If it could be removed somehow, that'd be stellar.Sorrowdusk12 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 WoW trial account banned. Not sure why my trial account i set up ages ago is randomly banned, but i got a phising email (did not click on it or anything, stupid a** could not even spell Blizzard Entertainment right) saying it was banned, so decided to check it out on the offical site (this one!) and it does indeed say it is banned. (Again did not click anything in the Email) I have no need for the account, but curious why it was banned/locked/hackedSpellknight9 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Unsubscribed and 2600 RBG rating... Will I be able to get my title if I'm unsubscribed currently? I will be resub'ing for xpac but I wasn't sure if I had to resub early to reap the rewards of my RBG's.Invíctus3 Aug 15, 2012
Dec 8, 2013 Copy/Pasting WoW folders to another PC? I'm about to buy myself a new PC and I do vaguely recall seeing another topic a few months ago about just being able to transfer the World of Warcraft folder to the other PC instead of redownloading everything from scratch. Is this true?Trancetard13 Dec 8, 2013
Aug 15, 2012 temp suspension/ban On my account(this is my kids account), I was arguing with my ex about him being mad I was in a raid and hadnt invited him. I was getting tired of his PMing me non stop and making new names. Finally I called him a few select names, which I shouldnt have done but he said b/c I didnt invite him and I keep blocking his toons from being able to PM me he reported my account. When I went to log in yesterday it said my account was suspended. I checked my emails and it said:A user of the above account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for the World of Warcraft by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation as a whole. When a harassment report is made, all players involved in the incident are subject to review, which may result in account penalties. Though we are unable to discuss the outcomes of our investigations due to privacy concerns, rest assured that this incident has been looked into very thoroughly, and the appropriate actions have been taken on all involved accounts. Any disputes or questions concerning the following account action can only be addressed by Account Administration. To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at . Account Action: Suspension (24 Hours) Yesterday I could go to my account page and read when it said itd be unlocked. I thought it said 823a. I went to send a RAF and it says my account is now banned. Have I lost my account? I havent gotten anything else from Blizzard about it though. Thanks.Ellectri4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Extremely rude game master i dont know where you guys get your game masters from nowadays.i had an issue recently with my account and the scroll of ressurection. i though i was eligible for it and got into a dispute with the gm whether i was online or not at the time of being eligible for the scroll. the only help he could offer was threatening to ban my account for trying to defraud a game master which clearly i was not. i made valid points and thought he was wrong about some information. you all need to hire some more helpfull people down there.Dkhunter15 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 6-Month Sub Renewal- Have Annual pass It has been a day since my WoW subscription ran out and it still has not been renewed. I have the annual pass. Is my game subscription supposed to renew automatically, or do I have to purchase more game time manually? I pay by card.Seyna4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 RAF Email I got an e-mail that says someone is asking me to be their recruit a friend. I obviously don't need nor want to be. But it raised some questions. When you RAF someone it sends them an email. Will the header on that email be from Blizzard/battlenet (This one wasn't) or will it come from my own email? And if I get sent a RAF do I HAVE to use the link in the email or will there be an access link on my battlenet account I can follow instead?Quickfire4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Camera Adjust Problem Just recently today, my camera began to malfunction on me. It seems that it wont adjust with my turns, but only after I begin moving when I am finished turning, and it doesn't even adjust to fully behind me, but at a slight angle. I am using WASD controls to move and steer for main gameplay which is the only time the problem happens. When I use my mouse to move and steer everything works perfect. I've tried resetting keybindings, resetting all of my interface options, and messing around with the camera options several times, but nothing seems to work. How do I fix this?Yizzi2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Battle Chest Help. I got the battlechest yesterday at 7:28pm and can only do a few things Why can't I trade, send messages to people not on my friends list, Talk in trade, use the auction house and access Guild bank I can level past 20 Get more then 10 gold Enter a guild But nothing else.Marda12 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 buy TCG items for gold if you buy a tcg item give the guy gold and he logs off are you screwed ? he typed out do you agree to pay half now and half after the code is given and you say i agree. is that recoverable? or do you just lose your gold. exc im weary of thisSimarcy9 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Character Transfer Issues I transferred my 85 Hunter to Stormreaver, and everything worked fine until a few minutes ago when I got an email saying my payment was declined. The $25.00 was deducted from my bank account, and has not been refunded. I would like to keep this character transfer and purchase, but I'm not sure how to go about getting this issue fixed.Sempervivo4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Is this where I post to say: Awesome Job? Hi, Wanted to stop by and just say: awesome job. I have had a wow account since launch, and have only needed support a couple times over the years. I have always had excellent customer service. Most recently some accounts were locked in error. It took less than 5 hours to correct that error. I won't call out the GM's and service reps by name, but it really feels like the customer service dept' at Blizzard has their act together. So, thanks. -YeerYeer2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 RaF/Mail Issue my buddy linked his new raf account that i just got him. Upgraded it to WOTLK bc we just want to go to lvl 80. He mails his heirlooms from his main and account and when he opens his mailbox nothing is there. It says he has mail. Is there some sort of restriction using the guild heirlooms if you haven't upgraded to cataclysm? He doesn't feel like wasting 40 bucks when hes just using the account to prep for power leveling a monk.Uhhnah2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Faction Change Hi. I had went to make a faction change and I hadn't noticed that character transfer also offers the faction change along with it, so I cancelled the faction change. Will it still bill me for $30 or will it cancel the payment as well?Ibeshockin3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Error while trying to add mob. authenticator It says that I need to send a confirmation email to put on a mobile authenticator, but each time I try it says "Error sending e-mail to [removed] There was an error with your request. Click here to resend." I would like to add security to my account. Can someone help me please?Khallista2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Why does Blizzard do nothing about BOTS On my realm Winterhoof I have registered complaint after complaint about bots farming herbs in uldum. Nothing ever happens the bots are still there. I followed the Bots and they fly the exact same pattern no matter what, they take extremely sharp 180 degree turns immediately as a herb shows up on the mini map if they were headed in the opposite direction. One unstoppable Bot on my server is a Druid in flight form that farms 24 hours a day Seven days a week name is <removed>. Complaints of cheating are ignored or Blizzard is not able to respond or do anything to stop this and several other bots on my realm that constantly farm herbs and ores in Uldum. Now I understand blizzard wants to keep paying customers even if they are BOTS but cmon really ? Why not put a stop to it and loose a few bucks, instead of letting your game be a mockery and not only that these Bots are farming herbs to exploit other players with high prices in the Auction house. Our Auction house is insanely over inflated most likely from the same people running these bots. I guess this thread will just get ignored and the bots will continue to over run my server. Also there is a guild master of a guild named Zombie land on my server who members have openly said has used Bots to get gear from doing raid finder dungeons and the same GM of <removed> was seen hacking in orgrimar last week walking in air without a mount high off the ground. Now really I would like the cheating Bot users on my realm at least stopped. Reporting it has done nothing thanks for reading.Guildchief23 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Server Transfer Name Problem Last night I was planning on transfering two characters, my shaman and my Death Knight (this character). Upon getting my DK to the server I wanted, I hastily and thoughtlessly named it. However, I realized about two seconds later, that in my rush to log back in, as I was raiding at the time, I had used the name I had saved for my shaman, Myst, instead of the one I had saved for my dk, which is Lycoris. That name is still saved to my account for the Shattered Hand server of course. Annoyingly, as it makes me feel like the smartest person in the world (sarcasm), I have actually had something similar happen about three years ago, and while I'm sure it is a case by case basis, I did get my name fixed then. So I can only hope that blizzard comes through for me again, so I can transfer my shaman after the names get fixed. The ticket I have had opened's timer has not changed in the twelve hours I posted it, so I was wondering if maybe the timers are bugged, and I shouldn't post here as well? Sorry if it's a redundant post and I should just wait...Myst2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Warcraft Cedit Card I was thinking about getting a Warcraft Credit Card but the page seems broken, do they no longer make them?Solblade8 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 RaF Issues So, my friend tried to recruit a new email I made so we can do RAF and get lotslotslots of exp.. The issue is, I click the email, I confirm my battlenet, then when it says 'proceed to redeem recruit a friend' or something like that, I click it, and it says enter a code. Problem with that is I have no code, as I am going to purchase the game manually. Help anyone?Dfx1 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 No Armory Link on Homepage? How basic is the wowarmory, and why isn't there a link from wow's homepage to it? It's pretty simple, put something on the page with the words "wowarmory," and when people click on the thing, you'll be magically transported to the wowarmory where you can look up valuable information. You can have this idea for free, so long as you get it accomplished. I'd like to think I'm paying for some level of convenience.Bigosz4 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Forced disconnect when reporting players Im on Illidan and there are 2 guys selling gold in trade. I reported each one but ever time i did, I was disconnected. When logging in and seeing them again, I reported and was promptly disconnected. Is there something wrong with the feature or are these guys somehow getting past the system and causing people who report them to forcibly disconnect?Furcat2 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Pretty real looking email... NOT using the links in the email, I logged in and looked my information over, and everything looks fine. Can anyone tell if this is real or fake? ------------------------------------------------------------------ from <> reply-to to [blocked for my privacy] date Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 3:49 PM subject Account - Account Change Notice 3:49 PM (18 hours ago) Hello, This is an automated notification regarding your account. Some or all of your contact information was recently modified through the Account Management website. *** If you made recent account changes, please disregard this automatic notification. *** If you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you log in to Account Management review your account settings. If you cannot sign into Account Management using the link above, or if unauthorized changes continue to happen, please contact Blizzard Billing & Account Services for further assistance. Billing & Account Services can be reached at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499 Mon-Fri, 8AM-8PM Pacific Time) or at Account security is solely the responsibility of the accountholder. Please be advised that in the event of a compromised account, Blizzard representatives will typically lock the account. In these cases the Account Administration team will require faxed receipt of ID materials before releasing the account for play. Regards, The Support Team Blizzard Entertainment Online Privacy PolicyRikoa14 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Phone Call about my account? I just got a phone call from someone I don't know with a masked voice telling me that my account is being perma-banned for account trading. Then at the end of the call, the person told me "you're f'd." I know this is not actually from Blizzard, but the number called me from Florida and I don't live anywhere near there. I have no idea who it could have been either. What should I do about this lol.Prodígy3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Error while trying to faction/server transfer I am receiving an error while I am trying to transfer one of my toons. "An error has occurred. To complete this transaction, please contact Blizzard Customer Support. Alternatively, you may select another form of payment." So, i called. But the automated thing said that their Q is too large and they are unable to take my call. Sooooo... What should I do? My husband is having the same issue, is the system borked?Laurehn10 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Character didn't transfer My character (this rogue) didn't xfer, yet the website says it succeeded. :( Been a couple hours, logged out a couple times, and checked all servers, my rogue has disappeared. I know we are meant to do that, but only in game, not dissappaer from the character list altogether. So yeah, my character no longer exists. Opened up a ticket, but average wait time says over 1 day. Anyone got any tips I can try? There's not much I can do, it just simply no longer exists. Been a couple hours since transfer was 'successful', and logged in and out many times. Any useful ideas or referrals?ßað3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Basic info I had words thee other day with a toon name<removed> She was very very rude then told her guild to mass report me to get me banned then I started being followed around by another guild member by the name of <removed> who kept putting in /yell and /shout for "Everyone in Pure Report this Jimmystix lets get him banned!" there was also some antisemitic things said I was not rude to anyone in this guild and I have better things to do then nitpick but today i got a message from blizzard saying in fact I had a report against me,what can i do to protect myself against these evil little rats,and why would i get the message isnt blizzard able to go back and see the racist hate speech from these fools and penilize them? In the furture I will not respond to these kind of tactics at all, but I would like to atleast have some sort of record to show I did report these fools ty have a great day!Jimmystix3 Aug 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012 Mailbox issue Earlier today when I bought digital battlechest, my friend sent me 5gold thru the mail, I have yet to receive it, why is this so?Santsu8 Aug 15, 2012