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1d Melee animations = Health issues I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the new Melee animations since Legion's launch as it appears that I can no longer play my beloved warrior as the new spell animations give me headaches and eye strain, this has not occurred in previous expansions as I've played since vanilla, I know that there has been some concern in the Legion Beta about eye strain and headaches but those posts have since been deleted. ----Protection Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Devastate ⦁ Revenge ⦁ Impending victory -----Fury Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Bloodthirsty ⦁ Raging blow ⦁ Furious Slash ⦁ Execute Lesser concern: ⦁ Whirlwind ⦁ Blade storm ----Arms Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Colossus smash ⦁ Mortal strike ⦁ cleave ⦁ execute ⦁ victory rush ⦁ Execute I will probably get down voted for posting this but I have genuine concern that I will no longer be able to play due to the new Melee animations, not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect eye site, some people suffer from eye strain and headaches and even migraines I hope Blizzard realises this. Does anyone know if one can simply turn off the new melee animations? so that one does not simply get a melee animation that flashes red and blue and white streaks of light across my character?, or if one can't turn them off is there any way to tone down the brightness of the spell effect so that it would not flash so much, it kind of sucks not to be able to play the class that you have played on and off since vanilla due to a spell animations, any input into these issues would be greatly appreciated. P.S I know Tmorph can remove spells and change them completely but I don't want to use a third party program that may get me banned. All I want to do is play my Prot Warrior spec without feeling sick, I always thought it was silly not to have a tab next to the colour blind mode for people that suffer from eye strain and headaches so that they could tone down the animations.Grimicarus3 1d
1d Withered Training Bug A week ago i did withered training on 4 different toons and was seeing atleast 5+ 10 and 5 withered chests each run on each toon, now i'm only seeing 1 chest per run on each toon, this seems like a bug, anyone else having this problem? i'm full clearing with like 30 withered left over and have only been able to unlock 1 10 withered chest bc only 1 is spawnedPewpewöñyou1 1d
1d Two People on the Same Account at Once? I was just curious about this. I was watching Guild Grumps, the Game Grumps special on WoD. At one point Ross mentioned that Arin and Barry were using the same account, but they were logged in at the same time. To my knowledge, that's impossible. So my question is, was that account sharing? Like the "against the rules" account sharing? I mean, I assume they could pull that off with the magic of editing, but I wasn't sure if they actually did that or if they were logged in at the same time. Can two people be on the same account and be logged in at the same time?Ragnosk4 1d
1d Bugged Warlock Campaign quest After accepting quest Summoning the Sisters and going in the portal the fight is in progress with the boss stuck at 0% health. This has been going on for two hours . Needs to be fixed immediately.Pemsong3 1d
1d 2 People, 2 WoW Accounts, 1 BNet Account So my sibling and I are both longtime WoW players; we started playing as teenagers and had separate accounts then, but when the BNet merge happened we both put our accounts on one BNet for the sake of simplicity since at the time we were paying with our dad's credit card. However both of us stopped playing for awhile until, probably due to major nostalgia, we decided around the same time that we both wanted to return for Legion. We were minors on a parent's account before, which afaik is allowed, but now we're both adults. So here's my question: I know it's against ToS to have two people on one account. But is this for individual WoW accounts or the BNet account as a whole? That is, if we were to play on separate WoW accounts (e.g. WoW1 and WoW2) that are both paying the subscription fee, but happen to be connected to a single BNet account, would that result in a ban? I ask this because I became interested in returning a bit later than my sibling who has been playing since release, and was considering upgrading the second account to Legion so that I could play. If that would breach ToS, however, I'll most likely just not play at all, since I really don't want to risk a decade+ of gaming memories getting banned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I tried searching for this issue and found related threads but nothing about this specific circumstance, so if this has been asked before a link to the old thread would also be great.)Shruikan3 1d
17h Drop rate for Halloween items too low Seasonal events are supposed to be fun. What's fun about not getting the one item you look forward to getting each year? Why isn't it BOA? I don't understand Blizzard's logic in making seasonal items almost impossible to obtain. What's the harm if everyone that can use the item gets one?Blutmond2 17h
1d Blizzard Forced Name Change Hello, You keep forcing me to get name changes on a character I've had since Vanilla WoW. My original name on this character was Priestjon, but for some reason, my name got flagged for a name change and I lost access to that original name. I did not complain. I changed it to Popejon and moved on. But now, my character is once again flagged for a name change and I've lost access to Priestjon and now Popejon. This characters name was Priestjon up until WoD, and he was created during Vanilla WoW. Why do you keep forcing me to change my name? I submitted a ticket, but I now cannot play my character because it's forcing me to enter a new name. I'm not entering a new name unless I can get priestjon back.Popejon15 1d
15h 7.1.0 Resolution issue Dear Blizzard, What ever it was that you did during the patch to resolutions please undo it. Your patch notes say it makes 4k display so much better, it doesn't, it makes it much much worse. Opening my bags takes up half my screen. My graphics use the 1920x1080 option and it worked perfectly before the patch. Now I'm either stuck looking at a full screen view on a wide screen on the next resolution (1680x1050) or I'm stuck looking at a blob of a screen when I play. Please just undo what ever it was you did so I can play normal again... I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and that didn't fix the issue.Dragöönfli6 15h
1d hit the wow token cap been living on foodstamps living the multiboxing dream, collecting mounts, pets, hit the wow token cap(36 tokens per account per 24 months) a few months ago, now my game time runs out in 7 days, why is there a cap? wouldnt it be better to have someone pay $20 for a wow month vs $15 or less....Dean1 1d
1d Streaming BLZBNTBNA00001453 i'm trying to stream on my fb .. i'm doing something wrong?[b][/b]Warlord3 1d
1d Classy Achievements The Classy guild achievements changed in patch 7.1 to require higher level for completion. I understand the change, however, all of our progress for the achievements was reset. We are a small guild and have worked very hard for the progress we had so far. Is it possible for Blizzard to keep the partial credit for characters that had already completed the requirement before the change?Carter3 1d
20h Weekly Arena Gear Quest As per ( I did my 10 arena wins with a rating of 2000 which is supposed to reward an 870 that can be warforged or maybe titanforged random elite piece. Upon completion I received nothing and the quest disappeared. Both my arena partners received gear as did dozens of guild mates. I put in a ticket and was told that this quest was NOT supposed to go live, although there are still people getting their piece as per this GM: I don't believe he is up to date, and that 7.1 was tuesday and many people are still getting their pieces. I believe it may have been apart of the bug fixed earlier with Emissary quests taking up quest space not giving credit, but I cannot repeat this quest. I would like some confirmation as to what to do as I appear to be stonewalled here and would prefer not to fall behind an entire week due to a bug.Rawrzy1 20h
1d Order Hall Mission will not complete Hi, The Order Hall mission Shark Frenzy...when I click on the "View Completed Mission" it doesn't complete...the "Next" button is greyed out. I am stuck and cannot do anymore missions until this is resolved. Sent in a ticket. Followed GM instructions for Resetting the World of Warcraft User Interface. No Addons. Anyone encounter this same situation and have suggestions to fix?Hallark8 1d
1d Can GMS still check and clear unused names? Been awhile since I've done it, but can I open a ticket and see if a name is inactive on a server and usable? If so, where would I file it under? ThanksAleilia6 1d
1d my life of this game My life of World of Warcraft is I am new to the game in 2005 before patch 1.7. And I really love this game! :) NOTE: I really love Patch 7.1 because new features. Trust me, I am online until 9:15. Can my experience go well? Yes it is! My main realm: Altar of Storms, Magtheridon, Ysondre, and Anetheron.Harianna2 1d
1d Refer a friend My friend bought wow yesterday but I didn't get the chance to send him the refer a friend email, Is there any way I can refer him still or no?Windofplague4 1d
1d Cant queue for battleground with 2 healers My friend and I are trying to queue for random battleground, and we both decided we want to heal. The game will not allow us to queue with just us 2 as healers. When I switch to DPS, it allows us to queue. I think this is very stupid if it is intended, I really can't queue double healers into random bgs? Any assistance is appreciated.Kelloggs8 1d
23h Summon Frost Wyrm not working right Since yesterday the Summon Frost Wyrm Ability is not working when using it on WQ completion Everyday I use it to complete one WQ and when I logged in yesterday it shows quest done but not counted in the 4 we need for the WQ Cache, same thing again today Is this a glitch or what? I love this ability for completing quests, but will suck if it's not fixed soon ThanksTíki5 23h
2d No sure who to talk to on this school project so yeah i am in collage getting my BS in informatics. like all degrees you have to take a art class, well i took narrative collage to fit the need. we are all making/publishing 2 copies of said book *one for professor to show her other classes in later years and grade off of, and one for myself* I was wondering is it ok if i use some screenshots in wow with proper citation for my narrative collage story, none of this is for profit, it is all EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY and will never be sold or more ever made again.Azsharas3 2d
2d Abandoned Artifact quest cannot restart I accidently abandoned my artifact quest just after leaving the Violet Hold, I thought I had clicked the Engineering one, and now I can not get back into the Violet Hold to reacquire it. I submitted a ticket but got told to go to Wowhead for information - nothing there. I have also submitted a bug. So now How do I get back on track? Also, I cannot get to the class hall as I have not finished the Artifact quest. I think the quest that was abandoned was called "The Path of Atonement". Cannot progress this character at all in Legion!Quinlly191 2d
2d What happened to World Quests? Have the number of world quests been drastically reduced with patch 7.1? There used to be several to choose from in each area, and after doing them new ones would pop up after some time. Yesterday, there were only a small amount of wq in each area, just enough to finish the emissary. 18 hours later, there were still no new world quests popping up on the map. 24 hours later and I finally see 4-5 wq in each area, except Valshara which only has 2 wq, and most of which reward nothing I need. I rely on the world quests to get most of the artifact power I need to upgrade my weapon. At this rate it's going to be months before I can get the 200k I need for my next upgrade. If world quests remain as they are now, since patch 7.1, the next expansion will arrive before my weapon ever has a chance to be completed. So I'm wondering, what happened to the world quests?Lazuliann0 2d
2d A new form of harassment? Hi, i don't know if this issue merited a ticked so i decided just to post here. So a few minutes ago i logged in and decided to queue to black rook hold to complete a quest, (as a tank) i got the popup window to accept, so i joined. The group was formed by 3 players from illidan and one from azralon i wont post names, i guess is not allowed, just a few seconds after i join they re queue, i didint notice we had someone missing so i clicked to accept again and i got a popup to joung the headless horseman instance, so i declined, then one of the dudes from illidan types in chat "i will not move", they requeue again another time, i declined, then anothe dude from illidan uses the /rude on me, and they equeue again. After i declined a 3rd time they start to /bye to me and puff i got removed from the instance.... So now ill have to wait 30 minutes to join my instance again for not wanting to join their instance. I have screenshots from the chat window, if this behavior is rude enough to get them a warning or something like a 3 day ban from using the queuing system i would be glad to open a ticket or call support to provide the screenshots. Lok'tar Ogar!!Gynso19 2d
2d Using Hearthstone/Dalaran Stone Since the 7.1 release, whenever I use my Dalaran or Hearthstone the screen with the progress loading bar freezes at various points about 90% of the time. I have to ctl/alt/del to kill it and restart. Then about 50% of the time it will go through. I first thought it was addons, so I got rid of all of them and tried it. Same thing. I tried lowering the graphics settings and it still happens. Also, my frame rate has SERIOUSLY DROPPED since 7.1. I had no problems at prelaunch and launch: ran GREAT. But with this patch all heck is breaking loose.Eloryn2 2d
2d world quests not showing up on map before it would show all the rewards to all the world quests now i have to go to each zone on map and mouseover quest to see rewardsForall3 2d
2d Kara Pre-req? Kwaai0 2d
1d Once-Fashionable Nar'thalas Leggings changed? Why on earth did you guys decide to change these? I bought them specifically just for the transmog. They looked great with my robe (with the cool scrolls showing). Now with 7.1 they're suddenly a lackluster pair of pants with no scrolls? I just don't understand why you do things like that. Is it just a screw up? Or were you just screwing with folks who liked it for transmog and already paid 4000 gold for them?Jobui1 1d
2d New CRZ bogging down questing zones Fighting for quest mobs on Proudmoore right now is insane. We're such a high pop server... Most tagged by allies are dead before you can even get halfway to them, but now horde from Zul'Jin, Tich, and some other places are tossed in? Everyone's being a dbag to each other just trying to get these done. There's hardly anything to tag unless you sit in one spot and wait for respawns. And honestly, I don't enjoy being a douche to other players - especially not while just doing dailies. What's the deal? Why do we need this many people fighting over things in one area? Mobs were already vanishing almost instantly when groups are together, but this is ridiculous. Using an older laptop during travels is making this a lagfest too, even with all settings on low/disabled. Honestly, it's infuriating. So much that I don't even want to login and finish my dailies. I can't imagine how frustrating this would be for people who are deployed or also PCSing during military stuff that have this issue, without being able to take along a more dedicated computer... I mean, honestly.. It's never THIS bad. 2 fps is just unplayable.Vegå0 2d
2d laaaaaaaaaaaag !! I've only noticed this since legion. I play on Oceanic where my ping is usually around 20ms. Every time I join a group which is hosted by a US player, my ping goes to ~250ms, working as intended. But the issue is, after i leave the group, my ping stays at ~250ms. This is a pain in the backside and looting is dreadful. I am not interested in subscribing if we go back to how it was at the start, i hated it. Can you please advise how to get my ping back to ~20ms after leaving a US group?Fozzi2 2d
2d Legion Companion App Crashing Legion Companion App crashes trying to log on with my shaman. I noticed someone from the EU side was having the same issue with a shaman. I have no issues logging on with my DK. I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and still having the same issue. I have a feeling that it might be shaman class specific.Praesul1 2d
2d Battle Net not loading. I cannot get Battle net to load. It was working yesterday.Pahpah0 2d
2d Dungeon Finder Bug I queue for a random legion heroic. The queue popped, I hit accept. But then the interface went away and I've got a cooldown saying I can't queue again for 15 minutes. Is this a bug?Bearmojo1 2d
14h Crown of Eternal Winter bug? It seems as if my Crown of Eternal winter special skull facial appearance no longer appears randomly. It doesn't seem to appear at all. Anyone know if this was an intended change or just a bug from the newest patch? I don't remember them announcing any changes to the cosmetic item.Sylvanrea2 14h
2d Blizz you owe me Ancient Mana. I was loading for the Withered Training and used 650 mana for 10 withered and upon loading I was disconnected. When I logged back in, mana was gone and the scenario was failed. So refund my loss or give me back my scenario. This is unacceptable.Hanabiwasabi25 2d
2d Cant log back in after DC If I log in from battlenet it auto logs me into the game no problem. If I DC and put in my password, it tells me its a bad password and I cant log in. I have to exit the game and enter that way. I have tried to change my password but it wont allow me too. I need help rectifying this problem. ThanksFurious1 2d
1d Call to arms icon not removable ??!! What idiot decided to make the icon for the call to arms garrison ability not removable from the screen. You use to be able to move it to an action button, now it stays on the screen taking up space !@!Braimon18 1d
2d Druid Class Hall Started playing after a year break and started to work on my Druid. I somehow lost my way doing the artifact quest and cannot find where I need to be. Also, I read that at lvl. 102 a character can choose a 2nd artifact, etc. so I got to 102 and headed to DreamGrove. The command map is highlighted but I cannot click on it. Also can not interact with the NPC's there except for vendors and flight master. And for what it's worth I finished a zone and got quest to go unlock next zone...which as I stated I can't click on it to do anything. Be nice, I'm old and confused and feel like I'm missing something obvious but just can't figure it out.Lunareth3 2d
1d Battle for Shattrath not working I accept the quest 'Battle for Shattrath' from Archmage Khadgar, head to the entrance of Shattrath Commons (where the quest is supposed to start) and there's nothing there. From doing a search on other sites/forums I've discovered an instance is supposed to start as you head towards Shattrath Commons and there should be an 'iron star' there but, once again, there's nothing in this location to trigger the quest starting. I've tried logging in/out, exiting the game, abandoning the quest, porting to my garrison and returning, etc. Nothing is working. I've also seen many players standing in this area who say they face the same issue as me. This is on realm Magtheridon.Mondohh4 1d
2d In game Ticket system stinks I just want to open a ticket and describe the problem but I have to jump through 100 hoops to get there and often I never reach it! I just want to skip to option #4, but YOU WON'T LET ME! My Problem: My Fel Imp has disappeared with patch 7.1, its not an item (techically) its a spell, that was applied to my Summon: Imp spell. it cost 4k gold on the AH and I know it is still in game! please help!Feverpitch9 2d
2d Bnet client replaying videos How can I stop the bnet client from auto playing the videos. I have seen one other post about it using up all of someones data, but I cant find the thread now. Any help would be appreciated.Valinthria3 2d
2d freezing why is the game for me at least freezing on load screen. it also take like 30 seconds to open any windows like bank/pet info it is like the game just locks up. 4 times today i have had the game lock on the loading screen one was coming from dreadscar to dal suramar to garrison and 2 differnt uses of whistleCdarla2 2d
2d Can't Watch Illidan Cutscenes Hello, I have a weird issue on my computer. I cannot watch the Illidan cutscenes. I can watch any other cutscenes, such as the cutscenes in Val'sharah, Stormheim and Suramar, but as soon as it's Illidan, the screen goes black. I have the audio and even the subtitles of the cutscene, but no image. For instance, the first cutscene where we are suppose to see baby Malfurion and baby Illidan, I see a black screen, but I can hear the surrounding Night Elves talking to each other and I had the subtitles of the cutscene displayed. It's hard to replicate, since I can only watch those cutscenes once per character, but I think they are working in my secondary computer, for I remember seeing one of those cutscenes when I was playing on it. My main computer has a nvidia card (gtx 980ti) and plays WoW at max settings (except antialiasing) with a resolution of 1440p. My secondary computer has a much weaker nvidia card (gt 730) and plays at average settings with a resolution of 1080p. It happened to me before 7.1 and I made a new character yesterday, after 7.1, do the Illidan quest chain and the cutscene was still black.Kladius0 2d
1d Sephuzs Secret Sephuzs Secret legendary rant. Seriously blizzard..? Like, for real? After countless hours farming and farming then farming some more youre gonna give a protection paladin a movement increase legendary that only procs off Hammer of Justice and Arcane Torrent?! I was happy at first thinking, hey this will be a nice buff whenever i pull using Avengers Shield. BUT GUESS WHAT Blizzard patched that the day I got it. Ive been playing this game for 12 years and highly considering forfeiting it finally. The games loot mechanics are broken and blizzard doesnt seem to be listening to the consumers at all. Many people have looted this and simply deleted it to prove a point. It will probably be months now until I see a legendary worth equiping. RANT OVER. Thanks.Ween17 1d
2d Dungeon Resets Why has the game stopped giving warnings in dungeons of instance resets? Like most people, I have certain times of the day I can play, mostly mornings for me. I honestly don't know at this point how many times my dungeon groups have been removed during a fight without any warning. We all end up whispering one another the same thing, "did I get kicked?" Nope, it was an instance reset without any warning. Is this really putting someone out at Blizzard to enable dungeon reset warnings like it used to? As a customer, am I really asking too much?Maistresse3 2d
2d healing surge not instant for enhancement!? The tool tip does not include maelstrom cost, and surge now always has a cast time even with maelstrom.Teslakk1 2d
2d Item Restoration now working I did the item restoration on the site and it says the items were restored, however they have not showed up in my in game mailbox.Drezdën3 2d
2d How to delete character from retrieve option Hey guys, was just wondering how I could remove my arms warrior from the 'retrieve' screen so I never have the choice to bring the character back without contacting blizzard. Name is Lovekirsten and would like the character to be permanently deleted.Kirstenlol2 2d
2d Unable to Delete Character(s) So, an issue I'm having is that I can't delete one of my characters that I started playing and decided not to level. When I attempt to delete said character, it tells me that I can't because I have mail, or because I have an heirloom item in my bank/void storage/inventory. I don't own a void storage with this character or any other character (I'm new to the game), I have nothing in my bank, no heirloom in my inventory, and no mail at all. So, why exactly can't I delete my character?Vethyetix10 2d
2d Problem with new druid change path 7.1 I already have a druid lvl 2 before the path 7.1 I read that some classes will change at start because was to strong ore something. Yesterday I decide that I will lvl up my druid. When i enter the game I'm at feral spec BUT without any damage ability. I had Moonfire, until like lvl 4 or 5 that i unlock Regrowth. After that until lvl 8 I unlock Feral form and Dash. But at this point ANY damage ability even in feral spec. Thanks God I had heirlooms because if not i will be VERY VERY difficult to lvl up until lvl10. Why the **** you change a feral druid lvl 1-10. I'm a druid that only attack with my Staff. Please PLEASE fix that because i was really tired to lvl up a character even with the full set of heirlooms.Rhazael2 2d
2d Prestige 4 rank 50 feeling robbed I hit prestige 4 rank 50 trying to get all the progress I could outside of PvE since I enjoy PvP too. Now that I hit max prestige at 4, I find out that I can't prestige anymore and that instead I could have gotten artifact power and gold from all the talents from before. I feel a little robbed now from all that artifact power which is a considerable amount at this point of the game. It would be nice if blizzard could give the people who are prestige capped right now something back for all the artifact power and gold they are missing out on now.Xfailure3 2d
2d The Battle for Shattrath quest not starting up I've abandoned & hearthed out of the zone, tried running up to the starting place by foot but the sceneplay refuses to start. Khadgar & the group don't begin following me & I run up to what should be the end point for part 1 with nobody there. I've run across multiple people of both factions who're also having the same trouble. One said they put in a ticket over 10 hours ago. Is a ticket all that can be done?Kiritgar1 2d