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Oct 16 Disconnected all day long have DC'd 10 times today, never have it happen so many times, I have lost my time in several dungeons, who will give me back my wasted life?Stinkyfingr1 Oct 16
Oct 16 BMAH Nagrand Bugged? I am new to WOW and have never used the BMAH in Nagrand or any other place for that matter. I enter and there is no Madam Goya only Mr. Knuckles, and he says she said something about a city in the sky. How do you get this to work please?Johnocos3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Character transfer question HI, I'm just wondering what will transfer with my character to a different bnet account, but he hasn't been logged into since cata, so would his mounts and stuff transfer with him? Cuz I mean none of it has been added to the collections yet.Kavemann2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Leveling is terrible, and has been terrible. Why is this my leveling guide - Why are all flightpaths locked at lower levels making it inefficient and just un-fun to go exploring the zones. Why is this still a thing. Is it because Blizzard expects us to pay for boosts every new character? Or is leveling just overshadowed by new content. When can we expect a legion-like update for Kalimdor + Eastern Kingdom for levels 1-58, and an update for Outlands- being that questing there is also incredibly inefficient (People just dungeon from 58-98.) Draenor zones are also yet again... Incredibly inefficient for anyone without flying- and going back to just get flying taking a WEEKS worth of investment is just silly with Legion content being out. Your arguments may be; You should already have flying in Draenor, but I didn't play at the start of Draenor- and I'm glad. I started 3 weeks before and it was a terrible expansion(My opinion). Maybe the argument for 1-58 overhaul is nobody cares, and I want to say !@#$ you for that opinion- everyone cares who is leveling. Whatever the reason for the current state of leveling, it isn't a good one other than 'we overlooked it' So despite all of that. When can we expect something new.Aurelionsol9 Oct 16
Oct 16 Complaint avenues, not a survey. This information was already provided in the capacity that we have it. ~VaegrinnValangrr7 Oct 16
Oct 16 Very Misleading Tooltip for Order Adv I just unlocked the Grand Crusade advancement and I'm incredibly disappointed by the functionality and tooltip text. First things first, the ability does not allow you to complete a blue/rare WQ on your map. I don't see how this can be considered a good design decision. The ability took me weeks to unlock and is only usable once every three days. If I want to skip a dungeon or avoid dying a dozen times in Suramar City once every 72 hours, I feel like I have earned that by choosing this advancement. Second, at no point, when choosing Grand Crusade, When reading the tooltip of the Silver Hand Order, or the ability on my map "Vanguard of the Slver Hand", does it specify a limitation on what WQs can be completed. If I had known this information previously, I wouldn't have spent the 12 days and 12.5k resources on it. I would urge Blizzard to re-think the design choice of the ability. If however, you are confident in your choice, at least update the tooltip to prevent people like me from wasting their time on the ability.Malfunktion2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Remade topic, since Vae... Closed the previous one without allowing me to respond due to de-railing, so please stay on topic. Getting harassed/trolled/spammed constantly and nothing I can do, because report spam/language no longer works to ignore/stop messages. I put it in report bug but this issue is large enough to where I need instant help, my ignore list is completely full and therefore I relied on report spam and language to get rid of people ruining the game for me and making me unable to play. However this function is no longer working and there is too much spam and toxicity in the game to where being logged in and spending every second reporting people I'm still getting so much spam nad harassment/trolling that I can't play the game. It needs to be fixed, either by Blizzard actually enforcing their ToU or by them fixing the report feature to how it used to be and ignore all messages from those players until you re-log; or some other alternative method. As stated, it does NOT currently ignore players after a report; and they are not 'getting on another character' it's the same player on the same character. They don't have to change characters, and I don't re-log inbetween each line of code. As stated, I already reported the bug; but since this has been a bug for 3+ months and I've completely exhausted my own resources on the ignore list to where there is literally no one I can remove I have no other option but to post here in hopes of finding a resolution through alternative means. Perhaps if your ignore list is full, the report feature no longer ignores them for the duration? I have no idea, but as it stands just having to completely turn off my chat to even play isn't working out for me.Valangrr8 Oct 16
Oct 16 reloading WoW My computer crashed and I need to reload WoW. I installed the the original issue of WoW and can not get into the game, Please help. I am having withdrawal symptoms. (:Ili2 Oct 16
Oct 16 BlizzCon Goody Bag Are they sold out? I want to buy a Virtual Ticket + Goody Bag, but can't find where to check if the Goody Bags are sold out.Frankoo1 Oct 16
Oct 16 hunter campaign bug? my hunter class hall maybe bugged. i have zero order hall quests showing after trying to compleat this chain of quests it disappeared on me i was on the second to last of the quest chain dont know what happend it isnt showing up in my logs and other in my guild have not had this issue i am at a loss and kinda irritated about it because my other alts which i started after the hunter are done and have third relic slot open new flashy second tier of looks applied and my hunter is stuckNadraellin6 Oct 16
Oct 16 Big problem. Getting harassed/trolled/spammed constantly and nothing I can do, because report spam/language no longer works to ignore/stop messages. I put it in report bug but this issue is large enough to where I need instant help, my ignore list is completely full and therefore I relied on report spam and language to get rid of people ruining the game for me and making me unable to play. However this function is no longer working and there is too much spam and toxicity in the game to where being logged in and spending every second reporting people I'm still getting so much spam nad harassment/trolling that I can't play the game. It needs to be fixed, either by Blizzard actually enforcing their ToU or by them fixing the report feature to how it used to be and ignore all messages from those players until you re-log.Valangrr26 Oct 16
Oct 16 Constant disconnects this morning I am constantly being kicked out of the game. What the heck is going on??Khaleeia3 Oct 16
Oct 16 The Power Possessed Broken I completed the quest 'The Dark Riders' to get the Warlock Affliction Artifact weapon. After I completed it Revil Kost now has no quest to give me. I portaled out of the scenario and now cannot get back in. Also because I cannot pick up the next quest 'The Power Possessed' Calydus is nowhere to be found in or outside my Class Order Hall. Very frustrating as I can now not continue! Reading on WoWhead says he should have a quest to give me after turning in The Dark Riders and he does not. Now I have no quest and he's broken Calydus.Nesely15 Oct 16
Oct 16 scholomance for Rod of Azure quest I need to get into Scholomance to do the Rod of Azure quest, but I don't have the key. My understanding is that it's no longer possible to get the key? Is there some other way to get into Scholomance?Tiermi4 Oct 16
Oct 16 Deserter after being Kicked? Not sure what happened, tanking a dungeon, did a mass pull, and i get kicked then get the debuff of deserter. I didn't leave the groupAkyllez2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Mail box gold game token? i wanted to send my friend enough gold for a game token but hes not currently subbed, can you buy a game token with mailbox gold while unsubbed?Oliveia2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Custom Products Hey there, I know I may have placed this in the wrong spot, but I've no idea where else to place it. If you may, and would like to move it to the appropriate spot by all means do so :) Recently I've been looking into having a custom mousepad and deskpad made with WoW art on it. The website said that unless I get permission from Blizzard to use an image, I cannot have them make any images associated with WoW unless they're fanart. Now... We all know that fanart isn't always the best and its hard to find one yoh like the most, if any at all. The image I have, isn't a fanart piece, its an actual WoW piece that I want made into a deskpad. The website essentially takes their products and cloth, puts the image given to them on the product and then sells you your mousepad, deskpad etc. I've looked everywhere in the legal documentation on the blizzard site and nowhere at all does it say that this custom product company can't make it for my personal use. Does anyone else know anymore on the legal documentation or whether or not I truly am allowed to get this company to make me a product?Bloodhearte59 Oct 16
Oct 16 Previous xpac's character boosts Can you still get them? Like if I bought a copy of pandaria could I add the key to my acct and get the 90 boost instead of Legions 100?Hailraiser5 Oct 16
Oct 16 I created a WoW2 account by accident Is there anyway that I can have the WoW2 account time switched over to the WoW1 account I really don't want to start all over again.Reylindra2 Oct 16
Oct 16 tutorial irritations So I'm a returning player, and I cannot express in civilized terms how frustrated I am with the unskipability of the tutorial process in the current rendition of the game. I find it to be in poor taste to not include a skip option for the basic tutorials, and rather offensive that you think all players need their hands held through the process. Let some of us crash and burn. We'll learn more from it, and be more quickly connected with the friends we already know that play. Let me state that the tutorial in and of itself isn't bad. But not providing a quick 'dump me into the game because I think I know what I'm doing' option is at the very least irritating.Miiras1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Unable to join guild after changing faction Hi, Can an admin check my gnome rogue character. I changed faction, however unable to join friends guild due with error. ThanksHumington1 Oct 16
Oct 16 DISPLAY AGGRO BUG help me Someone could help me. I do not see the percentage aggro over the portrait of monster .. I have reinitiated the interface, I did a repair records, but its still not working. please help meKenshiros1 Oct 16
Oct 16 DH havoc hidden artifact bug I killed Downfall three times, none rewarded my hidden artifact skin. I did kill him using the NPC lady, jumped down from High Mountain, Dalaran and still nothing. What am I doing wrong? (Yes, I have AK5+ and yes, of course, I finished my class hall campaign)Athirael6 Oct 16
Oct 16 Solo WoD raids only drop 10m amount of loot With Legion now out and being high enough item level, I have decided to go back and do WoD raids for transmog. However, since raids were changed in WoD to work on the old flex system, loot only drops as if there were the minimum number of people in the raid. I was wondering if there would be any changes in the future for you to select 10m or 25m for WoD raids as to change how much loot you receive. It is quite annoying right now for only 1 piece of loot to drop.Verenan1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Alt-Tab log out Whenever I go alt-tab out of WoW during a flight or loading screen I get back. I was wondering if this is a part of the game or if it is a problem on my end. If it is on purpose could someone explain why?Blamley1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Option to purchase game time hidden? So, I'm sure there are people who share this opinion - I don't like to add recurring payments to my card unless it's absolutely necessary. Luckily, WoW has an option for me - the ability to purchase game time in discrete chunks! Perfect! But what's not perfect is how this option is hidden. Let me walk you through the experience of trying to buy game time without subscribing. I notice next to the "Play" button on the launcher that I've got only a few days of time left. I mouseover it to see exactly when it expires - that's soon, might as well get some more. Luckily, the mouseover text informs me that I can click to buy more, so I do. This takes me to Account Management for my WoW account, where there are a couple of different places to click for "Game Time and Subscriptions" - great. I click on both, and the page ends up looking like this... i. imgur. com/EoTPZEm. png Uhhh... subscriptions or prepaid cards? That's it? I'm at my computer ready to give you money right now, but I don't want you charging my card month after month - I'd rather check whether I think I'll still want to play when I'm about to run out, and make one purchase based on how long I think my interest will stay peaked - so you're going to make me go out and buy a card? Really? Now, I am actually aware that if I decide to go to the Shop on the client, I can find the Game Time option I want, but it's not on the front page, and I have to scroll pretty much all the way down through the World of Warcraft section to find it, while subscriptions are visible without scrolling at all. It seems like the designs of the client and especially of the website are set up to hide the ability to simply purchase game time, presenting subscription or going out of my way to purchase a prepaid card [when I'm already ready to give you my money!] as my only options. I'm sure you love having subscribers forget to cancel while they're not actively playing the game, but I really don't want to end up paying for services I'm not using! This presentation of my options - pushing me towards a system I don't want to use because I know I'm likely to forget to cancel, and I want to be careful with my money and remain fully aware of when I decide to spend it - this presentation honestly feels exploitative. I hope you'll consider adding links to purchase game time a la carte to the Account management page - even if your preferred payment is subscription, you should present the other available options fairly as well. It would also be great to present the Game Time option up on the same level as subscriptions on the Shop, but at least in that case it's available at all.Kyrien13 Oct 16
Oct 16 WoW, I have Hearthsteed but wont work So I played Hearthstone and WoW at the same time, I have done the 3 games and won and it said I had the Hearthsteed along time ago. I never thought about it or ever even thought of equipping, but when I tried it said I cant place or it wasn't in mail box..? I didn't buy the game at the time when got the achievement, but I just bought about 2 weeks ago. It shows the Hearthsteed in My collections, but I don't know how to equip or use..? Here is a picture of it in My collections: Anyone know how I can get it or use it? Thanks!Turtlebooty1 Oct 16
Oct 16 sideways/slantwise movement. hello, i use charge skill a lot. My character rotates sideways or slantwise. is there a in game feature, that allows my character to go forward automatically. or is there an addon possibly that will do that.Astdecom1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Stuck on Leatherworking Hi guys, I just completed the quest mounting made easy and I am completely stuck on level 760 LW all my recipes are all grey. Even tried to get the 815 IL recipes but they all stay grey. I have no clue what I should be doing to get to 800. Any advice? I'm so stumped :(Deadmon2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Faction Transfer Issues Just faction changed this hunter and i have no artifact weapon quests or class hall quest to do. Just sitting here in dalaran with nothing popping up or nothing to do. I've tried a lot of things to try and get the quests to pop up. Deleted dalaran hearthstone, went to stormwind trying to get dalaran starting quest, reloading, relogging, swapping specs. Nothing works.Zoiacutie2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Gift Legion Queued Cancel Options I bought legion for my brother and gifted it to him a few hours ago. I figured it would be instant or at the very least no longer then an hour. I had to go to a wedding, but if it's still queued by the time the wedding is over I'm just going to run to bestbuy and buy it there. I need a new mouse anyways. Can you please explain the process of canceling queued orders?Vicess4 Oct 16
Oct 16 First Aid issues At the start of Legion I had a quest to heal some fallen solders. I can't remember the name of it. I dropped the quest to make room for another quest. After that I have not been able to come across the quest again and my First Aid seems buggy. On my character I cannot create: Stabilize [3] Treat Fever [1] I have the items required in my bags but the Create All and Create buttons are greyed out.Rexigar5 Oct 16
Oct 16 Recruit a Friend "issue"? Emphasis on the quotation marks because I am unsure if it is actually an issue on the game's / Blizzard's end or ours, and we just have to be patient. I have read everywhere and could not find a concrete answer. :::WARNING WALL OF TEXT::: I upgraded my starter account using the $10 upgrade that gave expansions up to WoD and a free month of game time. A day later, my friend did the exact same thing. When we were level 1 in the human starting zone, I RaF'd him and he got the email and clicked on the account that he wanted upgraded. I have read that you can "retrolink" if the recipient account is 30 days old, which it obviously is. I am not sure if "retrolink-ing" is the same as normally doing the RaF. However, a day has passed and when we logged in, it seems that nothing has happened. Today I emailed him again, which I think just created another starter account... But for some reason, he has three accounts in total: The account he upgraded, and two trial accounts. I can only assume that one of the extra trial accounts is because I RaF'd him again today, but that would mean that the main account is not RaF'd and the two starters are, and that the first RaF attempt created a starter. I asked my friend and he said he for sure clicked the account he upgraded to be linked. So what is the "issue", if there even is one? Do we just have to wait a couple of days longer? Thanks.Xealyth5 Oct 16
Oct 16 AOTC Just a quick question, when will ahead of the curve be going away for EN? Will it be unavailable to obtain when 7.1 drops, or will we have it for a bit longer?Ôrnstein9 Oct 16
Oct 16 Pvp title and faction switch? Sorry if I put this in the wrong thread, not used to forums. Anyways there is a PVP quest in WoD garisons to kill 500 of a specific race; and depending on what you kill you`d get, something such as " the death stalker" for 500 undead player kills; problem is.. I`m a horde player and I want this title badly. Is there any way I could just faction change ally, do this, then faction change back but STILL have this title? I would like a 100% confirmation if i`m gonna spend A LOT of time doing this and paying for 2 faction changes.Omnipotencè2 Oct 16
Oct 16 7.1, LoreGating, and disabilities First, let me clearly state that I am now, but have not always been, a casual player. I have come to love LFR and LFG for one reason - I no longer have the physical ability to play the game like I once did, and I love being able to see all the lore and story that comes in some of the dungeons, and particularly, the end-game raids. As an older player (I was not young when the game came out and I have been playing since BETA) and one who has gone though physical adversity, I really appreciated the commitment of the devs to 'bring to game to everyone'. My inner lore nerd could see ALL the content. Imagine my utter disappointment then, when I found out that 7.1 would gate not only the most important and largest portion of the expansion, but a huge lore focus behind a high level skill based system. This is not only disappointing, its stressful. Do I try to go back to healing, a position I try not to after 8 years of being great at it, just so I can hope for a chance for a seat at the Karazhan table? Do I stick to DPS, which I am not great at or have any love for, and go back to Vanilla-esque shouting into the void of trade chat? Either choice stinks, so I am left with a third, equally terrible choice: Believe that Blizzard no longer cares about accessibility for all (particularly the disabled, like me) and just quit my sub for a while until they get their heads screwed on right. Maybe I can watch a video. For those curious: I have nerve damage in my hands from chemo treatments, so yes, its a real disability thing, not just a 'wahwah I don't want to work hard thing'.Vairenne8 Oct 16
Oct 15 Removed from Group at Final Boss For two days in a row, I've run heroics as tank trying to get the satchel. Both times I've gotten all the way to the final boss, only to be removed. I would accept this as the cost of doing business if i sucked, but both times we didn't wipe nor did anyone complain. Also, it's not like it was a guild run where everyone joined up to kick me. Also, I received a message from a DPS in my most recent run asking why he was removed as well. Is there some error that is breaking up groups when you queue with the satchel, but then the system transitions to no satchel as other tanks and healers join the queue? Both times this happened i was unable to queue with the satchel afterwards - the option was gone.Celts4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Can't use Huge Seaforium Bomb in IoC BG I right click to pick up the bomb, but I don't gain an extra action button to use it.Zwary0 Oct 15
Oct 15 Enchanting lua error nothing has chanegd since last night (and i could use it then) but now i can open book, but i cant click on any of the stuff to make. i have tried reload ui and disabled addons (i only used skada and coordinates on her anyways) Message: [string "*:OnClick"]:2: Usage: GetRecipeLink(recipeID) Time: 10/15/16 17:56:10 Count: 1 Stack: [C]: in function `GetRecipeLink' [string "*:OnClick"]:2: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1> Locals: (*temporary) = nilLockedheart1 Oct 15
Oct 15 ICC problem Hello, here is my problem... I go to Icecrown Citadel and want to change it from 10 man heroic to 25 man i did kill the first boss but forgot to change it to 25 man now it wont change it to 25 man heroic or 25 man normal it keeps putting it to 10 man heroic. I can continue but i want to do 25. Anyone has or had the same problem and help me fix it?Savrashade2 Oct 15
Oct 15 Quest: A New Invention - Seabound Mystics I have been trying to complete the Beast Mastery quest "A New Invention" for almost a week now. The quest requires going to an area of Highmountain and killing "Seabound Mystics" for an RNG drop. Unfortunately, this area appears to be phased, and all I can find is Seabound Officers and other miscellaneous mobs. I have researched the WoW Forums, the MMO-Champ Forums, and the Reddit WoW Forums about this issue, and apparently the answer is: Keep throwing stuff at the wall until the game randomly decides to unphase the area. Examples include: realm-hopping (didn't work), logging in/out (didn't work, but it did summon TWO of Khadgar's Pink Stalker to annoy me), going into/out of a dungeon (didn't work), waiting for the in-game time to "flip" to the next hour (didn't work). I asked a GM about it, and I got the above suggestions also! Doesn't that imply that something is COMPLETELY BROKEN? I shouldn't have to brute force a zone phasing or "fish" to get the correct location. I mean, what next? Perhaps tossing salt over my shoulder, stepping on a crack, wishing on a falling star, walking in a circle backwards, or chanting "Seabound Mystic" into the mirror 3 times will make them appear...? I really want to change Hati's appearance (not sure why this quest even requires 110; you should get it immediately). My character is parked in this area, and every morning and evening when I leave to/get back from work, I log in and check, to no avail. What am I missing? Open to any suggestions/advice! Thanks kindly.Weaver13 Oct 15
Oct 15 Twitch title It's now Saturday and others have already received their title so I think it's fair to ask why I haven't gotten mine. My twitch acct's been linked for a while(I double checked) and I watched both days AND have actually watched Sunday's VOD twice. So what now?Kamellyon36 Oct 15
Oct 15 Returning Players I almost have my neighbor convinced to return to Warcraft after being absent for over a year. Is there any kind of recruit a friend or anything to help convince them to return?Bloodrnscold4 Oct 15
Oct 16 Oversided Hunter Pet: Help! Since Legion began and I started using the essence swapper, my secondary pet (Hati) has occasionally become oversized. Relogging always fixed the issue. Yesterday evening, relogging failed to fix the issue. Exiting the game, using the swapper again, switching out to other pets does not fix the issue. I am at a loss. I can no longer enter instances because the oversized pet upsets other players and limits visibility. Other players in forums have suggested the oversized pet is the size of the beast prior to taming -- I don't think so (I have a spirit porcupine that is as big as a house now, larger than it was in the wild). Please help!Dusker5 Oct 16
Oct 15 Help please (RAF) Hey im currently doing the <RECRUIT AN EVIAN> aka recruit a friend and i paid for 1 month of game time (after the intial free month u get for purchasing the game) and i was wondering how to get my friend bode his free month of game time because he hasnt received it? thx in advanceEvianx1 Oct 15
Oct 15 So ive been playing on US servers for years And i am currently deployed to Afghanistan, the ping is awful. Is it possible to play on EU realms while im here? Ive read that you can have both EU and US realms under one do i do it? Second question.. If i can do it, since its under one account will i still have access to my heirlooms? Any help would be appreciatedMiñ33 Oct 15
Oct 15 LFG Bugged - Specific Dungeon Queue I'm attempting to get into the Eye of Azshara dungeon to finish an Alchemy profession quest (Put a Cork in It). When I use the LFG and queue for that specific dungeon, I'm perpetually stuck in queue (nearly 3 hours last night and 15 minutes and counting this morning). When I attempt to queue for any other dungeon, I'm pulled into a group around the same time as the estimates (about 30 second wait when queued for Darkheart Thicket). I've completed the Azshara zone and have even completed this instance once previously (for the Pillars of Creation questline). Appreciate any insight you have, as I'm very frustrated I'm unable to continue my Profession leveling path. EDIT: After discussing with some fellow guild members, it seems like it's not limited to Eye of Azshara. Changed title to reflect general issues with queueing for specific dungeon.Onedeefour17 Oct 15
Oct 15 Zygor addon allowed to charge for use? As far as I'm aware, I thought it was illegal to create an addon that requires money to be used, which is what Zygor does as the content they provide for the addon, the guides, require money. Isn't that against the ToS or EULA? I thought that someone got in trouble for this a while ago.Shiftuh3 Oct 15
5d how do i walk in wow?!? does anyone know what key to press to be able to walk? if someone could tell me how exactly i could do this please reply.Crideseatina3 5d
Oct 15 Bots bots bots, and more bots I literally keep a list of bots every week and constantly report them and see little or no reaction by the customer support system. Only once, have I had a gm personally log on and check my list and ban 10 people on the spot. 3 days later, brand new DKs and DHs filled the spot of all the botters I had got banned. botting the same paths... farming the same nodes Most gms or customer service reps... simply just reference me to which does nothing for me... I see little or no reaction... ... srsly if you want to fix the problem PERMA ban people on the spot.Lotharios4 Oct 15