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4d Level 100 boost question Do I only get the 100 boost if I pre-purchase or will I get it if I buy after the expansion comes out like with WoD? The store page makes it seem it's only for pre-purchasers but that's not how it was with Warlords so I'm curious.Walthris3 4d
4d starter account hey so how do I use mailbox as starter account? my game time ran out and a friend was going to send me good to get a token but cant use mailbox? is there anyway around this problem?Nakedninja2 4d
4d Refer a friend help. So my monthly is about to expire, and my friend is coming to wow obviously. so i know how it says when the newbee buys the membership you get a free month. but i was wondering if it could work vice versa since i was about to renew i wondered if he get could get a free month while i was at it.Gravitycats14 4d
4d Live Chat Support. Did Blizzard drop live chat support? I've looked all over and Warcarft's site and it is nowhere to be found. All I can do is submit a ticket.Pyroxx26 4d
4d Sudden framerate drops Abny reason why today long after the last patch, I would suddenly get massive frame rate spikes and then drops down to less than 50FPS? my latency is fine and is within normal ranges. Everything is updated in my system, I've tried repairing the game, I've tried deleting the WTF folders etc...I've even gone as far as disabling addons..I've been reading about others having these issues and supposedly, is there an offical response from the cause of it being from the last patch?. And is there any idea as to how I can fix this? The game is unplayable.Cheeseyrice12 4d
4d Hello Blizzard! I am interested in trying WOW again but i am unable to pay for a prescription for this month. Can i have a day of premium to see if the game is fun to play again? Thanks! =)Soulnomadic4 4d
4d Closing Threads Well, I read the rules and regs regarding posting on the forums and, guess what? My threads and responses violated nothing. Orlyia seems to believe that he/she can insult at will and close what he/she wants. I am not a green sweetheart, I have been playing this game a long time and just haven't felt a need to post until today. I have the right to post my feelings and objections without you trolling around closing them at will. I am a customer.Volbouric12 4d
4d Bots! Bots errywhere! I've been reporting these guys for a week or so now, when there's only four it's not a big deal, but today there are fifteen. They're all pathing the same in a big conga line of goldfarming nastiness, have been for at least a couple weeks. Hopefully someone will see this & wield some hot banhammer justice. Lion's Landing in Krasarang 80, 25 ish in the quest area with the demolishers. Edit: Okay, sorry, I don't want to get myself banned. I was trying to help.Vexx3 4d
4d This character was transferred too recently I am trying to transfer a character from one account to another (same server) but am getting the "This character was transferred too recently" error. Steps I have already taken: I have confirmed that the character has not been transferred whatsoever for over a month. I have tried using both firefox and google chrome to complete the transfer but receive the same error.Bmahbro18 4d
4d Character Transfer info The website didnt give too much info on what happens in a transfer, is it 25 for one character or can you select more than one of them on your server and move them?Ollyup2 4d
4d Merging accounts Just out of curiosity, is this possible? and what are the "rules" along itVendica2 4d
4d ... Greens are players like yourself. *I* closed that thread as I am going to this one. --OrlyiaVolbouric0 4d
4d Raiding at Lvl 60? I heard you could raid at level 60 but i see that raid finder is at level 85... Im still a noob at this game so this probably is a stupid question i am asking so sorry for all of you guys who think im stoopid. xD Thanks to all who respond :DDaredric6 4d
4d Where Glyphs??? Where did the Glyph entry screen go ... ??Limeberri2 4d
4d Downloading Legion Just a quick question, does anyone know how soon we will be able to pre-download legion? Myself having a very limited data cap, it would help to know as soon as possible when I can download it ahead of the release, I know the Legion Prepatch did it like a week before, will this be similar?Fåelystiri6 4d
5d level 100 Boost - Professions Do the professions have to be any level in order to be leveled to 700? (And the character is 60+). Say I changed my profession over and I am level 60 but have not started to level my profession any. will this disqualify my professional boost to 700??Daggerixur1 5d
5d Cant remember email address but I know my battletag, please help? I'm trying to log into my warlords of draenor account but I can't remember that accounts email address. My battletag is Mothalius#1275, can someone help me out please?Daotan0 5d
5d Experience from garrison missions what do we do when we don't get experience anymore and 90 percent of your garrison missions is only for experience. how does that help us or even make us want to do missions when again, we don't get nothing for it. you took away the gold. you have a cap on what we can get for experience. so basically we hardly get anything now. to me this feature is a joke. and not standing up to the blizzard standards. Why do we even have a mission if theres not very much to do with it. I only now go on one toon just to get the few missions I can do personally for draneor. the other thing too is to finish the achievement for exploring the spires, the quest to finish exploring the spires region is messed up and somewhere on the quest, I got disconnected and cannot finish that part of the exploration achievement quests, so I cannot get my flying ability.Vannan2 5d
4d Pausing Game Time I would like to pause my remaining game time as I know I will not be able to play the game within the remaining game time that I have. I know there is no feature now, so my alternative would be to ask for a refund but that causes more problems in the future, so I would like this to get passed on to someone who could push for such a feature in account services. ***There are other MMOs who have such a feature so its not a new thing, and just letting my game time expire is unacceptable, its greater than a month. ^ Found out my impression was wrong, so I'd like to clarify that this statement is false.Facesmash21 4d
5d Valorous Frostfire Robe Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with their Valorous Sets not being transferred to the Appearances tab? When 7.0 released, every piece of gear I owned except my Valorous set, transferred. I decided to wait it out a few weeks and checked back today to see if it was all there. The circlet, leggings, and shoulderpads are there but the frostfire robe isn't. I equipped the robe and still no-go. It does not list "appearance not collected" on the item either. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!Adria1 5d
4d Getting pulled to PVP server I am on a PVE server. When I invite my friend or alts from PVP servers, I sometimes get pulled to their server. Even though I am 1)higher level, 2)originated the invite. This never happened before the Legion pre-patch. For example: Today on this level 100 character on Whisperwind I invited my level 82 mage (also Whisperwind) and my BFs 93 rogue from Sargeras (pvp). At first we were on Whisperwind, and later we got pulled to Sargeras and flagged for PVP. The other day my level 100 Shaman on Whisperwind-PVE invited my level 100 hunter on Sargeras-PVP, and again my Shaman was pulled to the PVP server. Pre-patch it was always the higher level toon dictated what server you ended up on, and after that, who originated the invite. But now I have no idea where I will end up. It is making me not want to do invasions with my friends on other servers. What are the parameters now that dictate what server you end up on?Momilani12 4d
5d WoW keeps disconnecting me I recently subscribed to WoW after hearing about the upcoming Legion expansion and am super stoked at what's in store. Unfortunately, after only having the game for about a month, I am experiencing some issues with remaining connected to the game. My network is working just fine, and my laptop is compatible with World of Warcraft and its content. I haven't seen any updates about connection problems because I wasn't sure if this was an issue for multiple players, so I am very confused as to why I am not able to remain logged into WoW. I would really hate to have to unsubscribe from the game, being a huge fan, but I have been having the same issue now for about a week. I have run repairs on the window many times and everything is good to go. If customer support has any insight on why this has become a problem, I would really appreciate any advice on how to overcome this :)Legolai1 5d
5d Wow token shop help - shop error Hello all. I love wow it's fun and great. I am making tons of characters. I am fairly new but want to invest in heirlooms. To do that, i am buying a wow token and buying some heirlooms with the gold. So my problem is i am using a credit card visa (prepaid to be safe) and i put 22$ in it. I know the token is 20$ and the texes state tax is like 8.756% or something like that. So it should come out to 21.69$ or something close to that. I try to purchase a token and i put in the csv number and after verifying it says "shop error" "contact support". I was thinking that i should wait a little while to let the data in my card and in my account page settle down, but at any rate - is the shop down ? or is it an error on my end ? or maybe i do need to be patient. Any help is appreciated.Battletap13 5d
5d pre-purchasing legion shows up as what? I was just wondering, I know game time shows up as blizzard on my card but does legion show up as legion or just blizzard?Monkeybiz2 5d
5d Flagged on my char My char is flagged for pvp and its been disabled and i cant get it to go offBamarama7 5d
5d Alts banned within 24 hours of creation? First off, let me say this: I know we are supposed to use the ticket system to appeal bans, and I currently have tickets opened for both accounts that have been banned. Both tickets have been answered with "Need more info" Now, onto what is happening. I decided to multibox (don't flame me for this, it's perfectly legal) again, so I created 2 throwaway emails, and bought them some WoW accounts for RAF. I successfully played one session multiboxing, where I leveled all my characters up to 19, and that is all I did, no trading between any of them, and the alts have maybe 50 silver each. I go to login the next morning (yesterday) and both alts have a ban hammer. I'm thinking "wtf, that guy that was pissed at me in the dungeon last night must've mistakenly reported me for botting." So I submit a ticket thinking i have been banned for botting. I got in contact with a game master via live chat, and confirmed that my ip address was the only one that accessed these accounts. I then check both emails, and both bans were issued with "Abuse of Economy." I proceed to be agitated, and resubmit/merge the previous tickets that I have submitted to account for this "Abuse of Economy" notion. Now both tickets have been answered, and both say they need id verification. Now here is my problem with this situation 1. I still have absolutely no clue as to why my accounts were banned, I never got a straight response to that. 2. Neither of these accounts should have been banned since they did nothing wrong. That's like throwing a random person in jail and saying make a case for yourself because we are blaming you with the murder of X person. 3. Neither of the accounts have my real information on them, so id verification is useless. As I said these are throwaway accounts, once I finish with RAF, I will forget the user and pass because they are only going to be used to help my main. I didn't put any real information on them as a safety precaution to ensure my safety. As a final note, I did include a picture of my ID, which is connected to my main account (this one) and in the picture I listed all accounts used in the multiboxing on a note with my handwriting. Not sure what more I can offer, and the thing that bugs me the most is: Why were they banned? Abuse of Economy: Account Action: Account Closure Offense: Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy This account was closed because it was involved, either directly or indirectly, with the unauthorized exchange of in-game property for "real-world" currency. This exchange detracts from the integrity of the World of Warcraft game environment. I just posted this in the WoW section, but people said I should put it here instead, you guys can close that other topic.Edragel21 5d
5d Question about DH 70+ Requirement I transferred my Warlock to a PVP server because i had wanted to try it. After understanding how much more fun i had raiding (Especially mechanic heavy raids like HFC), i decided i wanted to bring my lock back to a PVE server. That being said, I'm not done with PVP. I want to leave my Demon hunter on this server but i'm afraid he will be locked if i transfer my only other 70+ character. Please respond ;D.Panthilda4 5d
4d Advertisements causing WoW DC TL;DR: download an add blocker to stop DC'ing. Not just your OS pop-up blocker, but an addon for your browser. Hello folks! This discussion is about my now resolved ticket; I was hoping to satisfy personal curiosity. For the longest time I was getting consistently disconnected from the game when I launched a web browser. I went back and forth with BlizzardCS and tried multiple browsers and other DNSs and several recommended steps. I could play WoW, stream HD tv, Ventrillo, have other internet functions rolling, all running perfectly, but the minute I loaded a web page - DC. Some web sites wouldn't be too bad, but WoW would DC everytime I went to WoWHead. Every time, every page. While doing some independent research I came cross a small non-upvoted post ,from people with similar issues, saying that an add blocker solved his issue. This wasn't anything Blizz had recommended and I could see any harm it. So i tried it, and have been stable ever since. I wasn't getting like pop-ups, so I'm guessing its all those banner advertisements... Anyone have any idea how an add blocker would resolve my issues or how adds would make WoW so unstable? I wasn't having issues with anything else.Zatfury6 4d
4d Blizzard, you brought back motion sickness Whatever tweaks you made to the graphic engines/drivers, it has also brought back motion sickness. Particulars: - Returned the week of August 15th - Leveled a toon 1-20 in old world Azeroth - iMac retina, late 2015 - Allowed it to set settings via "recommended", and it picked level 3. I can't go more than an hour and I want to barf. Please un-tweak your changes.Nodeadster9 4d
5d I can't buy the game. I'm trying to buy the game... For the first time, not every expansion but just the game to go over level 20 and get more money and stuff... But everytime i try it says; "To continue, we’ll need some additional information so we can secure your account." (Wich is a security question menu) I select a question and i type the answer... And this pops "Whoops! Looks like something went wrong. Please give us a few minutes and try your request later." I also get this error when i try the shop option instead; "Whoops! We're having problems loading some content. Please try reloading this page using the button below. Thanks! Error code: BLZBNTBNA000003E8 (1105)"Catherrien15 5d
5d Cannot delete DH (Not in starter zone) So I decided I wanted to make a Nelf instead of a Belf and went to delete my current horde DH, I get the message "Cannot delete because of mail, Heirlooms etc" Cool, So i delete EVERYTHING on him, I never access void storage and never used my bank so there is nothing there. No mail in the mail box. Still getting the error. Open a ticket. 24 hours later, No response. This is *really* frustrating, Is there a fix that will get this DH deleted before the launch of legion?Kaylyth8 5d
5d Legion Deluxe Edition This is probably a stupid question but will the digital deluxe edition still be available after the game releases on the 30th? I have to wait a few days after for my birthday to get it but I really want the deluxe edition. I've been gone from serious playing for years and I'm excited to jump back in with this new expansion.Ailirria6 5d
5d New player upgrade discount question It is 3:57 am central time and i was offered to upgrade wow for 9.99. I am so interested but i don't know how long the deal will last. I am going to go to gamestop today to buy a 20$ battlenet gift card but i don't know if the discount is only for 24 hours. I also am going to likely buy legion on the first of September. The reason i want to know how long the discount last is because of a big reason. I live in texas and have 1$ in my battlenet balance from buying hearthstone cards this month. If i buy a 20$ battle net balance gift card i will have 21$ but the tax in texas puts the wow standard edition at 21.79 with tax. Grr. I will stay up for a little while longer leveling my characters, but i really want to steal that 50% off deal. If any gm can confirm that i have 24 hours that would be great but to play it safe i think i might just use a credit card soon. Thanks ttyl blizzard and thank you for keeping me entertained !Battletap4 5d
5d Accidentally Closed Customer Support Survey hi i accidentally closed my customer support survey. I was going to leave really good marks because the support representative was very helpful. Is there any way I can retake the survey or something like that because I feel pretty bad after they were so helpful and I didn't leave them good marks.Lunastari4 5d
5d Stuck at connecting Been stuck at connecting screen for about 15 mins now. Restarted battlenet still not working and tried manually logging in without battlenet. Husband was playing fine then his got stuck in a loading screen. Our internet is working great we are playing other things right now with no problems. Every weekend seems to be some kind of problem logging into WoW :( Still showing connecting...Tenzee3 5d
5d Whisper not working on Demon Hunter I've tried logging out, logging back in, changing chat settings and I still can't whisper other players on my demon hunter, anyone know why??Rubixcubex6 5d
5d Guess what the weather is like in Stormwind! It's cloudy with a chance of Varian! :-D All jokes asides, Anduin is unkillable right now, as he heals 20-25% once you get him to 50%. From what I've been told this is intended behavior (as Alliance can't kill Saurfang right now), but couldn't it have been a litttttle more obvious that the giant heal was intended so that groups don't waste their time.Drhannah3 5d
5d World of Warcraft has stopped Working I can launch the game, select a character, create a character, mess with options and addons, but as soon as I try to enter the world, the game crashes with this error. This only happens on one of my computers, which was running the game fine last night (with a warning about minimum requirements and performance). But today, no luck.Vyskol3 5d
5d Missing Mounts From List So I've noticed since the 7.x patch for Legion that I am no longer seeing all 204 of my mounts in the selection window. Even when searching for specific mounts I know I have, they come up with nothing found (even when I have "not collected" checked too!). I'm going to open a ticket in game, but has anyone else been having this problem? I've already tried disabling all Addons, and checked on nearly all my characters. Still not showing up, I suspect this is an Account problem.Rys11 5d
5d cant revive/call pet my pet died and I have tried reviving it to call it and when I try to call it, it says my pet is dead and I have to revive it before I can call it but have tried revive it at least 4 times thanksAulora6 5d
5d Lost my main character after transefer! :( Hello! I already have a ticket for this issue! Long story short I paid for a transfer and once I was on the realm i paid for there was a name that my low lvl character had that I wanted to be for my main which was lvl100 and my low lvl was a 10 well i went you delete my low lvl character and for some reason it deleted my lvl 100 druid! I don't know what happened but I am kind of worried and hope I can get him back:( there was a gm that said he has been undeleted but I don't see him on the realm:( so I had to mark the ticket as still opened!Furyswipe8 5d
5d Lost Free account So I got an account wiht the free version to level 20 and then I bought the actual game and my level 20 dissapeared..anyway to get it back?Callmefef8 5d
5d Cannot Delete Character "The character has mail or has a heirloom item in their inventory, bank, or void storage and cannot be deleted." This is a very old problem on character creation when people get auto mailed items from Garrison achievements or special events. It's not as simple as running to the mailbox if it's a Death Knight or even worse, a Demon Hunter. This is exactly the kind of thing that should have been fixed in 6.1 Has anyone found a way around this extremely annoying hurdle? The toy mailbox does not work because it requires 425 Engineering.Darzhul2 5d
5d Bind bug Hi, Everytime I got dc in a skirmish game, I lose all my keybinds and spells on bars in all 3 specs. How do i solve this?Morbid7 5d
5d Can't Afford Legion [Carefully Read] I recently went and put around $70 on my debit card, since I had a -$10 deficit on my account so I was left with $60. I then went and pre-purchased Legion. As I went through all the instructions to do so, it said I was okay to go ahead and play. And so I did, I boosted a character, made a Demon Hunter. Until I went and checked my bank account and it only said I had 59.96 on my bank, and when I went to my PayPal it said that the game was $65.74 due to the conversion between countries $CA to $US. Both of said links are picture proof captures from Gyazo. I would like to request a refund and as of current I have a ticket waiting.Pietrosmom33 5d
5d Can't complete Twilight Shores due to phasing Hello, I can't interact with Fargo Flintlocke to complete the quest "Twilight Shores" ( This is because of the Legion event phasing - when I go to the Stormwind Harbor: I see dark rainy weather, gyrocopter fleet, naval fleet, etc. and Fargo Flintlocke is phased out. Can a GM force complete the quest or reset the phasing? I can't unlock Twilight Highlands without this quest and can't continue questing with my RAF.Vipereon2 5d
5d Lost Runeforging I've reset my UI and tried switching specs and can't find my runeforging. I want to file a petition but can't figure out which category to use. Any help would be appreciated. ThanksAbdestroy1 5d
5d Collectors edition pre-order If I buy the collectors edition of Legion is it possible to refund the Digital Deluxe?Myodren3 5d
2d Moonguard; Random MS Spikes I've been on Discord most of the night with no lagging issues at all. Doing dungeons on my 78 and I get random 250 -> 1200 jumps from a stable 25ish. Is anyone else on the Moonguard or other West-coast based servers acting up? EDIT; A few other people in my dungeon group from Moonguard are also saying they're experiencing MS spikes.Nocuous5 2d
4d Where is the graphics bottleneck? Hi I am trying to get 60 FPS while running the game on 3840x2160. For the most part it is going pretty well. However the game will randomly go from 90+ FPS (yes I know monitor refresh rate is limited to 60) down to 30 and then on a few occasions it even dipped as low as 2 FPS. Before coming here I thought I could try to find the problem on my end. At first I thought maybe its hardware but the GPU load is averaging around 40% and maybe goes upto 50%. CPU is averaging around 12% and the stress is so low that it doesn't even need to go past 3GHZ. For the life of me I cannot figure out what is causing FPS to dip so low. Has anyone ever encountered a similar situation where the game fps keeps dropping? I would genuinely be grateful for any information on how to get this sorted out. Thank youNoordein11 4d