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Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Live version of the game. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth! Ujumqin3
Nov 2, 2010
Bug Forums Guidelines Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to Blizzard Entertainment's Quality Assurance Department to report issues. Unless a moderator asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post. Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance. The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you. Please read them before doing anything. Invalid Posts Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be deleted immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened on the server" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Bug Reporting Guidelines o Any time you encounter a suspected bug in the game, you should contact a GM via the in-game petition system. Many issues can be rectified immediately by a GM. o State if custom UI mods are being used. Try and test bugs with NO UI MODS INSTALLED. o Supply screenshots where applicable. o Provide as much information as possible, give full names of NPCs, abilities or locations that are involved in the bug. Give ability descriptions as well. *DO NOT ASSUME* that the QA person on duty knows what you are talking about. o Use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We can not address bug reports that we do not understand. o Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Ujumqin2
Nov 2, 2010
Bug Report FAQ Hey Everybody! In an effort to reduce the number of sticky threads we have active, I'm creating this thread to cover a lot of common questions and issues that related to the Bug Reports forum. Notice: With each new patch changes are made to the blizzard UI that can break third party UI mods and cause any number of problems in the client. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of your mods and test the situation again. If the issue does not happen without mods installed then it is not a WoW bug and you should contact the mod creator for further assistance. -------- Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs. There are many issues that are repeatedly reported in this forum that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. 1. Realms are down, laggy or crashing. 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory aren't updated 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. 9. Website issues 1. Realms are down or crashing. Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or the Hyjal Realm is not currently online. Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed at the Realm Status Forum http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011700/ 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP. All reports of exploits, cheats, hacks or the players who are using them should be reported via the in game GM reporting tool or via our web-form at https://us.battle.net/support/en/games/wow 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory is outdated Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63. The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take days or weeks for this information to update. This is especially true if your characters recently changed realms, or were a part of a realm-merge. 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. Example: Characters do not show up on the guild roster after 500. The guild UI is intentionally capped at 500 members and may act unpredictably when a guild exceeds this size. We do not limit guild membership to 500 but recommend not exceeding it. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. Example: 20% haste only increases cast speed by 17% The formula for hast effects is: NEW_SPEED = OLD_SPEED / (1 + HASTE_PERCENT) This can be a bit confusing, but it assures that no amount of +haste effects will result in zero or negative attack or cast speed. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast. Because of the Client-Server nature of the game it is possible for two mutually exclusive actions to occur at the same time resulting in some unexpected behavior. Although efforts are made to minimize these situations they will still happen on occasion. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. Example: A shaman uses Fire Nova Totem to kill several quest NPCs and gets no credit. This is an intended behavior, a player must do damage to an NPC for it to give credit. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. Example: When kicked while casting a Healing spell, priest discipline spells are also locked out. Counterspell effects lock out schools of magic not trees. Discipline is a spell tree which includes many holy spells. 9. Unable to view items on armory, or character not found The Bug Report forums are only for in-game bugs or issues within World of Warcraft. For any issues with our support pages or websites, please visit the appropriate forum at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1025938/ Zorbrix1
Jan 17, 2014
Do Not Make Multiple Bug List Posts Greetings Bug Report Forums, While this rule is listed in our bug guidelines post I wanted to stress the point. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/933154110 ... The way our system is currently structured we consider each thread its own issue and it gets researched accordingly. When we get list posts it bogs us down and they frequently contain a number of issues that have already been addressed in other threads. There are exceptions, such as the Quest Typo Megathread, but those are at my discretion. Please search the bugs that you find, the less threads about the same issues helps us immensely. Thanks again for all your help and all your reports. Sapperwix0
Jan 29, 2011
Information to Include in Bug Reports Hi Everybody, It's really important to include specific details when reporting an issue you're experiencing. Who - Character Name What - The problem you encountered Where - Realm Name + Location out in the world (zone, raid, BG, etc) When - Roughly when the issue encountered, or if an ongoing issue when it first started happening. How - Any steps you took to reproduce the issue Without this information, we often have to guess at what happened, or request more information from you - both of which slow down the process or lead to un-reproducible reports. Zorbrix0
Feb 26, 2015
Missing Zeppelins and Boats Hi all, We're aware that some of the game's Zeppelins and Boats may be missing or late. This is fairly inconsistent (a lot of realms have transports working properly), and different realms have different problems. We're still investigating into this and will continue to apply fixes. We know that boats are a pretty important part of WoW, and we'll get them up and running as soon as we can. Zorbrix0
Jul 20
7.0.3 Known Issues - Updated 7/19/16 Greetings all, Below is a list of our currently known issues. Please be advised that this list does not include every issue that we know about, but a majority that we feel will impact you the most. Spells, Talents and Abilities Channeled spells are randomly disrupting themselves. Death Knight - Death Strike gives a 40% increase to Shadow Empowerment rather than 45%. Druid - Activating the reticle for Starfall , then finalizing the cast for Starfall when below the amount of Astral Power needed to successfully cast it, does not return an error message. Druid - Balance Affinity's Lunar Strike doesn't hit nearby targets similar to the Balance variant. Druid - Players are not able to cast Prowl in Bear Form or in Moonkin form. Druid - The level 100 Balance Talent Fury of Elune can be cast such that it is in the trees and not on the ground. Hunter - Casting Dire Beast briefly disrupts the auto attack animation Mage - Frozen Orb breaks invisibility and loot windows when it ticks. Monk - Soothing Mist lacks floating combat text on its healing events . Monk - Touch of Death needs an updated tooltip to reflect 50% of your HP in damage instead of 100%. Paladin - Blade of Wrath's DoT effect is dealing less damage than its tooltip suggests. Paladin - The debuff aura tooltip for Repentance contains a token error. Paladin - The duration of Consecration on the totem frame does not match its duration. Paladin - The level 90 Protection Paladin talent Judgment of Light debuff aura tooltip as seen by the party members shows healed for 0. Priest - Creatures afflicted by Dominate Mind can still sometimes be controlled by the player while also Feared . Priest - Mind Bomb's talent tooltip description states that it is a 2-second stun when it is 4 seconds. Priest - Void Eruption , with the talent Legacy of the Void , generates a warning if insanity falls below the required amount after the spell has started casting. Rogue - Marked for Death does not work with macro modifiers such as @focus and @mouseover. Rogue - Vendetta The spell effects are not animating properly while spell is active. Stunning a player target after they get hit with a disorient causes their in-game position to warp out of place. The tooltip for Strength on the character info frame does not indicate that it increases parry chance for tanks. Warlock - Soul Effigy is seen by other players. Warlock - The Imp's Firebolt sometimes costs more than 40 energy. Warrior - Ravager's spell visual doesn't clean up when its duration ends. Legion Pre-Patch Content Multiple mailboxes and sign doodads are missing from Stormwind in certain quest phases. Magni Bronzebeard offers the player a conversation option that he does not respond to. Broken Shore Scenario: Argent Dawnbringers & occasionally exit & re-enter their Legion Cage goober before being released. Other player's class pets can be seen during some of the client scenes. Demon Invasions - Mazgoroth : The tooltip for Fel Slash contains errors. Demon Invasions - Malphazel : Shadow Illusion lacks a detailed tooltip. Demon Invasions - Gorgoloth : Meteor Slash and Fel Breath's damage is inconsistent with their tooltips. Demon Invasions - Flamebringer Az'rothel : Flame Breath and Rain of Fire's damage is inconsistent with their tooltips. Demon Invasions - Fel Lord Kaz'ral : The tooltip for Fel Spike lacks a detailed description. Demon Invasions - Darkmagus Drazzok : Shadow Image's Shadow Clone lacks a detailed tooltip. Players exiting The Broken Shore Scenario mounted will remain mounted when loading into the deck of The Skyfire. There is screen popping after the final cinematic of the Broken Shore Scenario. There can be duplicated broadcast text during the quest "Fate of the Horde" . Broken Shore Scenario: Darkspear Headhunters and Darkspear Witch Doctors are having a difficult time navigating the terrain. Several of the Glaive Thrower's spells list the wrong damage value in the combat log tooltip. Transmog 2.0 Precious' Ribbon cannot be used for transmogrification. Shadow's Edge cannot be added to the Transmog collection. Some PvP items from Blaze Magmaburn have been changed to Horde only. Illusion items lack an "Already Known" tooltip. Long female Pandaren tails are not displaying correctly in the Appearances UI. There are wands that do not display any Weapon Enchantments. Players don't receive any chat notifications when they use "Ensemble: Scale of the Scarlet Crusade" or "Ensemble: Chain of the Scarlet Crusade" which may cause player confusion. Some weapons do not have the option to apply a Weapon Enchantment appearance in the transmog UI. Items that don't have a visual model will not have any models in the enchant Weapons tab. The source for Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak does not denote the boss difficulty for each version of the cloak. Several weapons in the One-Handed Maces category are not properly centered in the Wardrobe. Certain Daggers are not centered in the Transmog UI cameras. Certain One-Handed Swords are not centered in the Transmog UI cameras. Systems & Misc. Enemy creature nameplates can sometimes fail to update their health bars when damaged. Twitter integration fails to pull screenshots when tweeting. Legendary items flagged as Report to Guild Chat do not display correctly in the chat log. Players are erroneously informed that there is an available Honor Talent at level 100. Arvaanas0
Jul 19
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Colour Profile Bug for Wide Gamut Monitors I have recently updated to the pre-expansion version and sadly found a bug that is commonly happening on almost all the Blizzard games, which now expands to WoW too. I use a Mac Pro for gaming (also my working machine) with two Dell UP2414Q monitors. As you know these are wide gamut monitors, meaning that they can display a lot more colours than normal ones and are hence fit for professional designers. However, for these monitors, colour profiles need to be set separately to make the monitor display the right colours. The original colour profile from Mac by default has a too high grayscale value that makes the entire screen brighter and loses a lot of contrast. I have been using the customized profile for years, and the old version of WoW does honour it, which makes me very happy. But, from the new version, the game stops considering the profile and just displays the colours with the default profile, which makes them very ugly. The same thing has been happening for Starcraft 2 ever since its start. The difference is, that Starcraft keeps checking the colour profile all the time whenever the game window is on focus and firmly uses the default profile, while WoW only checks for once during the start of the program, since this expansion. The former versions just uses the one that's selected by the user in System Preferences. I have tried to adjust the gamma settings in the game system menu, with no effect. I am personally a programmer too and know that only the programmers can fix this problem. Before the formal version comes, I sincerely wish that your programmers can have it fixed for us pros to enjoy. Thanks. I am happy to help with anything that you need further. Tsukûyomi1
CRZ Bug/Change in Stormwind/Org for RP Hello! As a player on Wyrmrest Accord, we've always appreciated being exempt from major city Cross-Realm phasing for the sake of roleplaying. Today's patch reverted that exemption and this is hopefully a bug. If it is not, this change will destroy our server's thriving RP community, and prevent us from finding partners, both new and on our friend's list, without joining a group. Already, multiple people report not being able to see ANYONE in major city hubs from their server. Please address this before the community disperses to less-desirable RP mediums! Theosophy1510
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Tmog not unlocking for eligible alts Moved from tmog forum as I'm now convinced its a bug. After doing RFK a few times for tmog on my 100 rogue and unlocking dagger and bow skins (Swinetusk Shank, Nightstalker Bow), I logged onto my 100 hunter to go through for the mail skins when I discovered that those dagger and bow skins unlocked on my alliance rogue on the same server were not unlocked for my alliance hunter on the same server. I then logged onto my 100 horde rogue on a different server and found that they were not unlocked for him either. Nor for my horde warrior. Now when I did this same thing yesterday (ran a low level dungeon for tmog), I had no problem with items unlocking for all classes able to use them. I went through Deadmines and Stockades a few times and unlocked most of the skins for all the toons and they remain unlocked across all of my toons that are eligible. But today, and in RFK (I will update after trying a different dungeon), it seems that item skins have been made to only unlock for the character which looted the item. UPDATE: Ran a Maraudon and received a Megashot rifle skin on Hunter. Logged both rogue and warrior and neither had it unlocked in their wardrobe. CLARIFICATIONS: Refundability is not an issue as all items were bound after I equipped them. Also yesterday the tradeability of items had no impact on their unlocking in the wardrobe, as they'd just be removed upon trading. The way it worked yesterday was that (I run with a mage alt I'm levelling on a diff licence), when I looted a skin on my main, there would be a short interval of about 20 seconds and then on my mage I could mouseover the tooltip and it would have refreshed to reflect that the item had indeed been unlocked for that toon too (if eligible), despite it retaining the refund timer. I read over yesterday's hotfixes and they messed around with the tmog system, reclassifying some plate items into mail items, so I can only assume they either did something which had an unintentional effect of which I am now experiencing, or that this is somehow new policy: that we must unlock each piece of tmog on each character we have. Can anyone replicate the issue I'm having? Just run a dungeon and unlock a skin and then log and check if it has unlocked on an alt? Bullsigh1
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[BUG??] Transmog system feedback I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. So if it is, then count it as a bug report. If not, count my comments as feedback. I have been "shopping" for appearances all day by running many raids. I have noticed that multiple items (particularly purchasable gear in ICC, however not exclusively) will have the same artwork. Learning one item shows it as learned in the wardrobe, but mousing over the other item (which has exactly the same artwork) will show the item appearance as not yet learned. Now I would think that this system would be built so that the artwork pieces themselves are uniquely defined in the database. Once that artwork has been learned, other pieces that reference that artwork key should not show that the item appearance has not yet been learned. What the system appears to be actually doing is uniquely identifying the items themselves, not the artwork. When you right click a piece of artwork, you can see if multiple items have that same appearance. This causes the user to have to wade through their wardrobe whenever they see that an appearance is not learned. This is, I think obviously, counterproductive. So hopefully this is a bug and will be addressed in an appropriate fashion. If the current behavior is intended, please consider redesigning the whole wardrobe system to something that makes more sense for the user. Once an appearance has been learned, the user shouldn't be misguided when another item with the same artwork says that the appearance has not yet been learned. Thanks. Bête0
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