Bug Report

Oct 19, 2014 [BUG] [Camouflage] This bug has been around before the expansion but I was hoping it would have gotten fixed with it. Here is the text for Camouflage: "You and your pet blend into your surroundings, becoming untargetable by ranged attacks. Reduces the range at which enemy creatures can detect you, and provides stealth while stationary. Traps can be used while camouflaged, but any damage done by you or your pet will cancel the effect. Lasts 1 min, or 6 sec if cast in combat." The text says when I OR MY PET DO DAMAGE, but that is a lie as being attacked by player/creature also breaks your camouflage. Camouflage is also broken by damage over time. So even if you kill whoever you were fighting, and are no longer in combat activating camouflage while taking damage over time causes it to break. I've also found that simple actions, like summoning and dismissing a pet, creating bandages, using bandages, leather working, skinning etc. all cause your camouflage to be broken. And to top this all off, when your camouflage breaks you get stuck with the minute CD. Can this get fixed already, I'm tired and annoyed of losing camouflage because i summon or dismiss my pet!!!Luvulongtine0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Able to loot Garosh multiple times on normal I went into normal SoO to help a friend this week get his BoA staff, earlier this week I ran it and got my own staff, the raid leader on the first one had it on personal loot the 2nd time was on group loot(because that guy forgot about personal loot setting), both runs were done in normal and on the 2nd run I got the off hand BoA and in addition could spend tokens to roll for more loot after I had already done both on the 1st run this week. both BoAs are the ilvl 556 variants.Nazga0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Raid lockout bug It says the only boss i killed in mythic this week is immersus and in heroics only up to galkaras. I dont do normal's so none are locked. But when i go to walk into an instance for SoO it DC's me from wow. A lot of ppl in my raid team and groups are having this prob. We just formed a whole raid group and only 2 people didnt get this problem. Its set me back an entire week from raiding basically... i wont tolerate this.Incorect0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Stuck floating in the air Failed to zone into a HH run and got stuck mid air unable to move. Had the wife bring a two seater over and she was able to move me to the shrine. So now I am floating in the air inside the shrine. Tried multiple restarts with and without addons but still just floating here. Really don't want to wait the 5 days my in game ticket has listed.Pachirísu9 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Sent TI gear to my DK and he doesn't get it Some days ago I sent my DK in Wyrmrest Accord some Timeless isle gear to help him get to UBRS, but when I log on him he doesn't seem to receive anything, is there a way for me to recover the gear?Zulzen0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Frost Armor /Stance Fierce Tiger Disable On my level 78 WW monk I noticed that when I switch talents or glyphs my Stance of the Fierce Tiger gets disable. Clicking it on stance bar, or even in the spell book doesn't turn it back on. On my 90 Frost Mage this behavior has resulted in Frost Armor being disable when switch talents / glyphs. Only solution I found to get frost armor or Stance of the Fierce Tiger back up is to switch specs, then switch right back. Only after I made my selection in talents or glyphs. I also have to do this anytime I want to change out talents or glyphs.Nÿtemare0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 character cant move in uldum I tried to go into the throne of four winds but after trying to go in the instance portal I can now not move my character I had someone that was alliance kill me but now I cant move at the graveyard either. Also on this character my battlenet/real id isnt workingCytanic2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Headless Horseman DC So randomly the entire party DC'd. We all come back in and the dungeon has been turned into the regular version of that Dungeon. Also got a 30min deserter debuff. GG.Vail6 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Character Graphics have not updated I logged into the game for the first time this evening roughly around 11:30pm-12am MST. And everything seems to have updated correctly for the patch... except the new character models. ALL of my characters are currently sporting the old, out-dated models. I've checked my Draenei, Human and NE. I've checked the 'Create New Character' generator, and all of them are still sporting the out-dated models. I've tried restarting my comp. I've tried running game repair. The only addons I have running are Bartender, Decursive and Mogit currently, which have been updated for the current patch (I turned everything off already to see if that would fix the issue, and it didn't) I've turned on my downloader twice today (once in the morning, once in the evening) to make sure everything was installed and ready to go, and my game client says I'm up to date on my patch information... so I don't know why everything else is updated, but not the character graphics. Is anyone else having this issue? Or know how to fix it?Donalae2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Cursor doesn't scale on High res displays The mouse pointer doesn't scale with the rest of the UI when running WoW at high resolution (3840x2160). It makes it incredibly hard to see when there is any action happening on screen.Carnacki0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Bug or Intended? When my weapons are sheathed, my shield hangs upside down on my back.Babyspice0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Daily Quest - Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel I was trying to get my Nat Pagle dailies finished and am having trouble completing one of the quests. It's the "Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel" Quest, where you have to take the goblins raft and throw bombs into the water, hitting the sting rays so you can collect three of their stingers to complete the quest. I've been sitting here spamming bombs and pelting the sting ray with them, but nothing happens. There are a bunch of other alliance and horde players out here trying to complete the quest as well, and it would seem they are running into the same problem I am. Figured I'd just throw a post up to make notice of it. I didn't really want to bug a GM with the issue because I'm sure they are swamped at the moment in tickets.Karrya12 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Achievement Bug (Exploration) Hi, I had experienced a bug today for achievement. Just completed the achievement "Explore Blade's Edge Mountains" with this character. However the server suddenly restart, and then I realized all the explorations had been unticked and it appears as though I still never explored a single area for that region. But through "Recent Achievements" tab, I clearly could see I recently completed it today (10/19/14). Any help?Chowyunfat1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Auto shot and Powershot Auto shot starts as soon as you begin to wind up a powershot. Not sure if intended, but this ruins the ability to trap/power shot a target off of a ledge etc. Even without a trap, if trying to get one off from camo, auto shot taps the target and says "hey, theres a hunter right behind you!" before you can even get 1 second into powershot cast time.Ranwalk0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Eastwind Rest candy bucket Its phased out for me and I have no way to get it. I also found a post from 2012 where a blue responded saying they dont have an ETA....am I to understand that there is still no fix in 2014?Gadred0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 [BUG-QUEST] Breaking the Emperor's Shield The name of the quest is in the title. Upon approaching, or attacking (tried both), the troll, he casts his spell to shield himself. Then, a couple seconds later, he disappears along with all of the stone mogu in front of him. About 30 seconds later, everything will re-appear and the process will repeat itself. I have also tried this without addons enabled and it made no difference.Wunderax2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 HH bug since hollows end started I have been having same issue over and over when qing for the dungen a lot of times it loads up normal low lvl scarlet monastery instead ... its realy frustrating when you q as a dps and some times have 20 min q just to get in and then q for another 20 min ...Idogg1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 [Bug] When entering ICC 25H Get the message 'Please defeat lich king on 25 man normal mode before attempting 25H' even though my lockout is 11/12H.. Next time trying to enter the instance I get booted offline, and then attempting to move after logging in again gets all bugged out kicks me offline again. Trying to put in on 25M Regular mode get the message 'Please defeat lich king on 25 man normal mode before attempting 25H' even though I have it set to normal mode..Gramaru0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 [BUG]headless horseman dungeon I was queued as dps and the average wait time was 6 minutes. after waiting 30 minutes i logged onto my tank and had an instant queue pop but when i got in there it was regular scarlet monastery and not the headless horseman version.Beladia14 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 6.0.2 deleted my Proving Grounds achievements Hello, When I logged in after 6.0.2 landed, I noticed all my Proving Grounds achievements had been wiped. I opened a ticket that sat for 3 days, and this is the response I got: ... What gives? I'm not asking for help completing these achievements, I already got them, and the game now says I didn't. Help, please. Thank you!Assassin1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Crimsonscale Firestorm Are the crimsonscale firestorm Sky serpents on timeless isle breathing fire correctly? Their flames were always hard hitters but they never one shotted me. Especially not once I got above ilvl 520. I am now at 548 and they are definitely one shotting me. No time to even move out. So I was wondering if their flame breath was tweaked down with the squish. Screenshot of what I am talking about for clarification. http://tinypic.com/r/2z6wke1/8Liandrell2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Bastion of Twilight bug I was trying to solo BoT until I had issues downing the final boss. I decided to log into my other account to get help, but when I zoned in on my hunter, they both were phased. I can see my dots on mini map, but cannot see the other character. Unsure if this occurs on any other instance/raid, but a heads up! Edit: When approaching final boss, the trash was up for the hunter, but not my Dk whoch cleared the trash and attempted boss before inviting.Ambrosiya0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 guild achievements lost after realm restart I am Not sure if there's a topic on this already, but I did not see one. Our realm was restarted yesterday and we lost all of our guild achievements and progress on those achievements. We are randomly and slowly getting some of them back but the lost progress on achievements such as number of quests completed etc is not coming back. Guild is Semper Anticus on the realm Sargeras.Serach2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Achievements not ticked, or saying completed All my achievements well unlocked and points still earned, they are not ticked, or saying completed by my character. I'm hoping this can be fixed.Beomare0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 MM hunter mastery issue When DPSing from further than 40 yards from the target as a MM hunter our legendary cape proc. and capacitance charges are wasted. They both show up as buffs, but no damage is dealt from either.Better0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 The August Celestials Dailys Bug. Today is the daily in the temple of the white tiger, and the mobs for these two quest just not respawn: [Round 1: Brewmaster Chani] [Contending With Bullies] So you can't continue doing the daily quest line.Heavywavez0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 no skill cooldown indication on 32bit client. skills are not displayed grayed out while they are on cooldown for users of the 32bit client. so it appears that they are available for use even though they are still on cooldown. this is with all addons disabled. switching to 64bit client fixes the issue but not an option for folks with a 32bit operating system. Please respond if the issue is known and being worked on by the developers, so we can stop making these topics. ThanksMessrtorture1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Take a look at them scenario's damages In the dark heart of pandaria scenario, one of the mechanics, specifically the stone rain thing is 1shotting players. so check it out, will you? thanks :DNightchopper0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Resolve of Niuzao After the patch Resolve of Niuzao appears to be extreemly broken in that it only grants me about 16 bonus armor when it should give me 225 http://wod.wowhead.com/item=103690#commentsLachdononon3 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Bug with Raid Vale of Eternal Sorrows Whenever I queue for the raid and get in, the loading screen loads but then it crashes my game. It completely takes me out of the game. It doesn't kick me back to the character screen, the windows error shows up and completely takes me out of the game. When I load back in the same exact thing happens. There has been a few times that I have been able to load back into the instance, but it either just crashes a minute after I get into the raid or just loads me into the beginning of it and then crashes again. There have been times when I was able to actually get in and start the fight with Immerseus, but it ALWAYS crashes in the middle of the fight with him. I have not been able to advance past him in the raid. I have tried this raid at least 20 different times and every time the furthest I could get without the game crashing was about half way through the fight with Immerseus. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?Pororo0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Instance/Dougeon Bug I have been experiencing issues with dungeons ,in the middle of the instance it would kick me back to character screen then restart the dungeon itself as i re-enter the game on a side note there have been reported crashes to me in areas like kun-lai.Shyrise0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Spell heal/damage not scaling I created a new account using a Recruit-A-Friend invite and I have leveled to 45 but my spells have not scaled up to my level. I am currently playing a Shadow Priest and the spell Mind Flay says it only does 162 Shadow damage. Even heals are not scaling properly. I suspect maybe the account is bugged on the Starter Edition level cap of 20, but I checked my account and the order for the entire collection is complete and I subscribed to two months.Menithias1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Detonate Chi at Level 64? Why do Mistweaver monks get this at level 64 when it literally can not be used until they have their mastery, 16 levels later? This seems to have been left over from when MWs got healing orb at 64. Now it just seems really odd and out of place.Tenzing0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Ordos sanctuary and the blazing chest This used to be possible to corpse run to in order to get a burden. This is no longer possible as the graveyard is on the lower level of the TI. Please undo this change/fix the graveyard bug.Shesalady0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 WoWArmory Bug I recently transferred my mage from Tichondrius to Hyjal. Unfortunately my toons name was taken on Hyjal so I named my mage Outöforder. Since than my WoWarmory page has not populated. I've been here a couple days now. I spoke to a GM, he told me to post it in the bug forums. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/search?q=out%C3%B6forder You see the character is listed. However when you click on the character it gives the Oops Something is Broken - You can blame the murlocs for this little mishap. Thanks for the help.Outofaggro1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Boosted warrior lost all skills and talents I boosted a warrior to lvl 90 and lost all skills, no talents for selection. what the hell!Potpotpot1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Noodle Time Scenario bugs The customers in the Noodle Time Scenario are sitting sideways at the tables. It's taking multiple clicks on the customers to move them to the tables. The food is glitchy when you throw it to the customers. And getting them served is not always being counted in order to complete the bonus portion. I've done this scenario almost every day I've been able. The first couple of days I could do it I didn't get the bonus portion completed due to learning the buttons etc. but once I had it down pat I never missed completing both the regular portion and the bonus portion. Since the patch came out I have not once complete the bonus portion due to the bugs and lag in the scenario.Hermíone3 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Magic Broom + Headless Horseman Dungeon Queue Help! and Warning! I mounted my Magic Broom at the Shrine and flew to Valley of the Four Winds while Queue'd for the Headless Horseman dungeon. The queue Popped and I accepted and I instantly froze. I couldn't move, enter dungeon but I could type to them in party chat telling them I couldn't enter. I did a /reload. Exited game and re-entered. Reset UI and my character is stuck. Every time I try to log back in on this toon, I am disconnected.Jadedstorm0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Talent Tier "GetSpellInfo" Macros Broken I use this type of macro widely across every single one of my characters: ... and have done so for the entire MoP expansion. As of 6.0, these macros no longer update their tooltips. Clicking one causes the correct tooltip to display, but only for around 3 seconds, before it is replaced with a "?" icon. This issue is universal across all of my characters, and persists with all addons disabled. If these are permanently broken, I'll be very disappointed. If there is a workaround or a new alternative macro, I'd love to know :'DYuukai2 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Ebon Hold sanctuary bug So after the latest patch came out, I decided to finally level a DK, but when I logged in, Horde and Alliance DKs were having it out right in front of the Lich King. Has sanctuary status been removed from Ebon Hold, or is this a bug?Krenaltus0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Unborn Val'kyr - abilities not hitting Once the pet goes "Undead" 100% hit chance abilities "miss" their target in PvP pet battles Happened with both Doom and HauntLìl0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 UBRS First Boss adds bug Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this... Whilst playing my Blood DK at the first boss in UBRS, using blood boil when in melee range on his platform is causing between 2 to 8 Iron Vanguard Orc mobs to come running from seemingly upstairs through the doors and joining the fight. I have not noticed this on my warrior tanking or any other toon as of yet. Not sure if this is actually a bug or if its working as intended. CheersForbina0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Druid flight form If you log out while in the new travel form it dismounts you upon logging in. I'm fairly sure its not intended as the old flight form kept you morphed into the bird. It's not a major bug but its fairly annoying logging in and dying because you weren't paying attention.Velusha4 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Saved Variables Not Persisting Hi, I am having an issue where addons that save variables per toon are not persisting those variables for toons with special characters in their name such as my DK here. I can reproduce the issue on all toons with special characters (5 of them) and cannot on toons without (4 of those). I have cleared the WTF folder and checked permissions multiple times. I am running the Mac client btw. For addons that save variables at the account level there are no problems for toons with special characters which points to the issue being introduced on a toon level with 6.0.2. Found this issue reported as a bug on the EU forums http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12206010700 Anyone able to shed any light on this please? ThanksTartán1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Flying into Timeless Isle dismount/death When i flew to timeless isle it dimounted me without warning and i plummeted to my death. Seems to be a lot of problems with flight, like logging into game when flying and falling to death as well. Seems fairly straight forward to fix but........Fairwarning1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Vanishing Gold Okay I had this happen on my mage for the justice/honor conversions when I went to the mail box just as I finished loading, pull out the gold and it didn't appear in my bags. Now it happened again. I sold a sword on the Auction House. I usually check my mail first thing when I log on. The gold was in my mailbox, 147 gold. I picked it up, clicked it retrieved it. I had currently 6079 in my bgs and that amount didn't change. It didn't even appear on my log that I had received any gold. I reloaded my UI, the amount of gold I had prior to selling didn't go up. I don't know where it went. I guess I some how dropped it on the ground and my big tauren hooves stomped it to oblivion. Anyway, just thought I'll let you guys know.Aquine0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Item durability rapidly declines I feel since the patch launched item durability rapidly declines. For example, I was in SoO yesterday and I was a 28%, I repaired at the vendor right before you go down the passage way to Blackfuse and by time I was at the end I was at 84%. We killed the boss and I was at 50%. Anyone else experiencing this? I am spending more gold repairing than I am getting from the instances.Mingxia0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Bugged quest [Putting Their Heads Together] isn't working properly. After I get 100 skulls and use them, Nazagaren won't spawn. I tried 4 times...Caylara1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Hair is showing through My rogue currently has equipped Cranefeather Hood of the Zephyr transmogged to Stealther's Helm of Second Sight. There is a patch on the back of the helm in which her hair shows through. It looks like there was a hole cut out of the helm so her hair shows.Rôguette0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 Loss of control alerts I have looked everywhere on the forums I could think of, and cannot find an answer to this question. Is there no longer a way to disable the icon blackout that occurs with loss of control alerts? It is a highly distracting and annoying function, but I no longer see a way to disable it. I have tried checking, unchecking the loss of control alert box, but it continues? Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it now?Madis2 Oct 19, 2014