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Conclave of Wind & poor GM response I have been doing Throne of Four Winds almost weekly since WoD released. Every time I do the instance The Conclave of Wind does not drop loot. The final boss of the encounter dies, the bodies are unlootable and disappear a short time afterwards. I am, to my knowledge, doing the encounter in a manner that is how it wasn't intended to be done but this bug still persist. For the first three weeks of defeating the encounter things were fine. I didn't get loot, I opened a ticket, and a GM happily sent me the loot I didn't get awhile later. About a month ago though this changed, and for the first time a GM told me I had received the loot and sold it to a vendor. I didn't remember doing this, but I though "eh, must have just forgotten doing it." The week after that I was told the encounter was still is progress, which is impossible seeing as I killed Al'Akir that week as well as I always do. In the time it took to respond I had defeated the encounter again and again the corpse was unlootable so I kept the ticket open saying there must've been a mistake and I was now missing 2 weeks worth of loot. This time I was given a response that boiled down to the GM telling me the bosses didn't drop loot and I must be mistaken. Anyway, fast forwarded to yesterday. I've gone nearly a month without receiving loot from this encounter. I've been told I'm wrong, misinformed and yesterday I was told that I was trying to cheat the system into getting extra loot. The response I got from a GM yesterday actually told me to stop doing the encounter and move on. The GM went on to say that I did receive loot (which the loot linked is dropped by Al'Akir) and that I must be trying to get extra stuff by reporting this issue. Honestly, this issue isn't even about the loot anymore. If I received the month's worth of loot I've missed out on I might make 200g at best. At this point it's a issue of four different GMs not only telling me I'm wrong, but each one giving me a different reason that I must be wrong. From the completely asinine (the boss doesn't drop loot) to the down right offensive (you must be trying to swindle us), the responses I've gotten have really soured me on Blizzard's customer service. For nearly 10 years I've had nothing but positive experiences with GMs and this whole ordeal has left me dumbfounded. It's like the loot in question is coming from the GMs personal stash or something and I don't understand why it seems like they've taken the approach to me that they have. I'm not going the rage quit or go on some smear campaign against Blizzard. I love this game, I have for nearly a decade and I still continue to do so. If I have to accept that I'm going to defeat an encounter and not receive loot then I guess I'll do that, but that's a tough pill to swallow. No, ultimately what I want is to just be recognized as someone who has an issue in-game, rather than be made to feel like I'm annoying a GM who feels like they can give me whatever random excuse they want to so that I go away. Below are two albums on imgur. The first is several screenshots from last week's Throne of Four Winds clear. In them you can see both encounters are defeated and that the loot linked to me by the GM came from Al'Akir (of course checking his loot table also shows this). The second album is the GMs response I received yesterday. I ask only that you read the email and imagine how it sounds from my perspective, which is not at all positive. Thank you very much for all that you guy's do right, I truly mean that, because I hope this is just a little bump in a otherwise smooth road I've had playing this game. Happy holidays and if you need any further screenshots of emails I received from GMs feel free to ask. http://imgur.com/a/3RnuK http://imgur.com/a/B0Rok Balloran28
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