Bug Report

5h Dragons of Nightmare trash refusing to reset My guild was clearing trash on the way to the Dragons when someone accidentally pulled the dragon before the boss. We wiped, ran back in... and all of the trash was still sitting right on the portal. No matter what we did, the dragon wouldn't go back and they would reset back to full health once we left the room. We even tried clearing a different boss first in the hopes it would reset the trash by going through a different portal. No luck. Eventually, with extra tanks and healers, we were able to do it. Frustrating though.Aaeli1 5h
5h mm hunter quest trying to get new spec for hunter and doing quest to get the bow for mm and it wont let me pick up the bow in the questKenadian0 5h
5h No option to change spec. When ever i try to change specs, the paladin trainers only have one option ''Proving grounds'' no options to change specs, i have tried other paladin trainer, asking the guards, going to other cities/towns none of these work i get the same option proving grounds. I dont have legion im not sure if that affects anything.Sagemerlin2 5h
5h Void Form no longer showing Tentacles After the hotfixes today, our glorious tentacles are no longer showing in Void Form, even after maintaining it for an extended period. I feel much less drawn to the power of the Old Gods much without them, please fix! =)Nazgum9 5h
5h Mythic Nythendra Exploit Some guilds have recently been using ret paladins to exploit a glitch that allows them to stack increasing amounts of damage. Example here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cwzKRJVGqmA3B27t#fight=23&type=damage-done As you can see, on each wipe the ret paladin, Wavy-Thrall from the guild Swarm-Thrall, does increasing amounts of damage up to the point where by the end of the fight, this ret paladin is pulling 800k dps. By wipe 5, the ret paladin dps is over 400k, and by wipe 19, the dps is over 700k. You may say this is just procs/cooldowns lining up, but in comparison, the HIGHEST parse a ret paladin has done was 400k. The parse in this log is over twice as high, and over twice as high as any class in fact. In case the warcraft logs link is down, here is a link to a few screenshots of the parses: http://imgur.com/a/yPxdeRäbid0 5h
5h Ley Race Aszuna Bug As of now i am unable to mount the mana saber required to run the race, clicking it just gives the debuff and gives the bar for the quest at the bottom of your screen, but no matter how many blue pillars of light you run through nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue with the quest? It has a nice upgrade for me and one day left on the timer, so it would be great if this could be fixed.Margrath0 5h
6h Fire Mage Weapon quest broken Quest: The Frozen Flame for the Fire Mage artifact quest is broken. I managed to get into the instance and got through the entrance and took down the npc mini boss at the Frost door on the other side of the ice blocks. But once i took him down, the frost door disappeared. I could not even go through the the opening there because, of course, the frost door was not visible, and I could not target it. I got the first part of the quest done, but when I tried to abandon this quest so I could start over, the abandon button was greyed out and I could not even abandon it. I ported over to the crater where I initially met the npc mage to get into Icecrown, but nothing was available to me. So now what do I do? I've already submitted an in-game bug report but there's no telling when I'll get a reply and I wanted to complete this artifact quest tonight. But as things look now it appears I won't even be able to do it at all. Major bug and apparently I am not the only person having issues with this quest line. =========== I also submitted a support ticked online where I included a screen shot with my bug report. The screen shot shows the quest on the left side of my screen and on the mini-map to the right, there is an empty circle. However, nothing is there for me to re-engage in order to be able to complete this quest. Why is there not anything in place to fix things like this? BTW ticket #57170505.Krilyn0 6h
6h Dro in Withered Training. Yeah, sitting here at 41 withered, trying to trigger him... Thought you guys said you fixed this.Aziker2 6h
6h Stormwind Harbor boats missing Hey folks. I saw a post from 7/2/16 as the most recent but the boats were working for me before patch yesterday. Today on the latest patch, neither the Northrend boat or Darnassus boat will arrive in Stormwind Harbor. This is confirmed for both me and a guildmate, we've been waiting almost 20 minutes. What gives? lvl 100, all possible phasing quests that we know of completed (cataclysm related phase), etc. Did the new pre-launch event that's going to be occuring in Stormwind lock people out of the boats?Kenlaile43 6h
6h disturbing the peace On my warlock I have all 3 pieces and when I get smashed and /dance in Dalaran it doesn't give my warlock the achievement.. I have sent in a ticket and even though they can see I have the 3 pieces of brewfest gear they say they can't verify it..Well isn't that the problem? I am doing what I am supposed to..So how can you verify that I tried and it is not giving me the achievement?Glorindal1 6h
6h Gauntlets of the Malevolent Intent When I am out in the world (stormwind, broken isles, etc) my gloves show as red and indicate that I do not have the proficiency to wear that item. When I am in an instance they "re-activate" and she up. My ilvl goes from 859 to 805. http://imgur.com/a/m4vys - Screen Shot showing thisSmoogapooga0 6h
6h Mythic + Sanguine Spider Pools Mythic+ BRH spider sanguine pools? Are they suppose to apply poison stacks to you from their pools or is this a bug? I tapped one crossing over and almost died to 5 stacks (Mythic +5)Lothic0 6h
6h Armory app showing incorrect item levels Armory App showing incorrect item levels for legion epics. I can look at and inspect an item that shows iLevel 835, and when I buy it it shows 810 in my inventory.Dunkelzahn1 6h
6h Battle Resurrection I've been experiencing a very annoying bug. When I get battle res, I'm getting kicked out of the server and have to login back to continue the fight! Please help me! ThanksArkthor0 6h
6h Voidwalker Bug Have noticed that since Legion launch Voidwalker suffering ability is pulling all "neutral" yellow mobs as well which ends up being a mess with zones where you have lots of pack animals hanging around necessary quest mobs.Exilon1 6h
6h Mission ilvl outscales follower levels I recently got 5 of my followers from 805 to 810 all at once and I had been mostly seeing missions around 800-815 lvl requirements that i was able to at least complete with at least a 100% success chance for various rewards/upgrades. However right after upgrading to 810, all the new missions are showing up as 830 and 835+ and none of my followers have the item level to match and as such don't actually counter any boss or minions/spells nor do their items equipped count either, so I have sub 60% success chances for the SAME rewards as before with no way to complete missions nor get extra armors from the rewards to level said followers. This really does not feel fun as I now have to wait nearly 24 hours for a slim chance of a single +5 lvl upgrade from a order hall work order to even try get my followers up to be able to run these new missions with a half decent chance of success for rewards that aren't even better than before. Edit: Not to mention there are players that won't have the order hall work orders, how will they be able to level up followers at that point...Rauvir1 6h
6h Abandoned Artifact Quest... So I abandoned my fire mage artifact quest thinking I could go back and choose frost mage because I did not like the way that the fire mage played. I cannot go back and pick up the quest, nor can I play on the Broken Isles to 102 to get another artifact weapon quest. I have tried speaking to all the npcs to get the quest back, but that is not working either. I dont know what to do in order to get this quest back. Any help is appreciated.Takemymagic1 6h
6h 500 Potions of Old War and no rank up I have now made over 500 Potions of Old War for myself and my guild without a skill up. It took on alchemist 120 for the Potion of Deadly Grace and only 160 for my Deadly Grace rank 3 skill up. The the proc on the rank 3 skill up for Potion of Old War seems bugged or broken to me.Belezibub0 6h
6h Combat Ally stopped getting EXP I don't know what's going on with my combat ally from my class hall. All of sudden they stopped getting EXP. I brought them with me and they've reached lv 110 - rare version. Theyre mostly 10000-20000 to epic version. I have tried to switch to another combat allies, but none of them are getting exp. The only way to lvl them up is via the class hall mission board. Is this intended?Netero1 6h
6h Sylvan Elixir: unreliability discourages use Sylvan Elixir is basically the same mechanism we had in Draenor via tents, and it has all the same problems. - Disappears if you need to drop into a city to check mail or the auction house, or just as a way to move from place to place. - Disappears if you log off, even for reasons not under your control. Login servers just had a hiccup, and I was disconnected while doing world quests in Highmountain. I had 50 minutes left on the Sylvan Elixir buff. Ten minutes later, after I can log back on, the buff is gone. - Disappears in other unpredictable ways when rezoning. The buff is supposed to last 60 minutes, but in practice, I find that I can use it for 2 world quests on average, and then it's gone. Not only is this costly, it's also annoying, unpredictable, and makes the buff overall not worth the hassle of sitting still for 10 seconds as a tree. Few other buffs in the game work this way. Food buffs do not work this way. Elixirs do not work this way. Flasks do not work this way. If they did, many fewer people would use them. Even the buffs obtained from Nightfallen, that work only in Suramar, don't work this way. You can keep those buffs wherever you go, instances and other continents included. It just isn't effective. Please fix Sylvan Elixir so the buff remains, and is simply not effective outside of Broken Isles. Otherwise, it is a feature that is over-promised, and under-delivered.Elorynx0 6h
6h No Loot or Ach from Council of Elders Hi, I just killed Council of Elders in ToT 25-Man Normal and I never got any achievement nor loot from this encounter. Hopefully this bug can be resolved. Thanks!Alainx0 6h
6h World quest I was on my unholy dk and I was doing the wq for the nightfallen where you have to train withered and I spent 900 ancient mana on it my game disconnected and wouldn't let me in. finally once I got on after about 5 mins it took away my ancient mana, world quest, and time. I didn't get any rewards for it either. I'm extremely unhappy and want my rewards please and reputationFrantic0 6h
6h Withered Army Training Warrior Bug I was on my fury warrior and one of the bosses defeated me. However that "second chance" ability that warriors have (where you have 8 seconds to kill your target and avoid death, or something like that) activated. I did not kill my target and died, meaning I was removed from the scenario and had to run back to my body. I did not get any credit or loot whatsoever. As you can imagine, it was quite irritating. My point is that the second chance ability bugs out the scenario so that you don't get teleported to the scenario entrance and end it the way its supposed to. Pretty substantial bug that needs looking into asap.Falmor13 6h
7h Withered Training - Holy Priest Bug If you die during withered training as a holy priest, it will teleport you out of the dungeon as Spirit of Redemption. It will then kill you after SoR and teleport you out of the Scenario (to the graveyard) and wont let you loot your chests. I think this is happening because they are supposed to save you from death at 1hp during the scenario. But instead Holy Priest register 1hp as SoR which then ends up killing you, instead of being saved like other classes.Renray1 7h
7h Male worgen eyes no longer glowing All of the eyes of my various male worgen characters (both normal and my death knight) are no longer glowing. It was one of the few things male worgen had, to be blunt. :P This really needs to be fixed.Tomdrake79 7h
7h Excluded Battlegrounds Don't Save As the name implies, when you exclude a battleground by unchecking its name, the choice doesn't stick and reverts back as soon as you successfully join a match. Mine was originally set to AV and Strand. When the prepatch hit only Strand was unchecked. When I exclude AV as well, and then join a match, it goes right back to only excluding Strand.Greedybeaver14 7h
7h Auction House Bug? I was just posting some things on the AH and I wanted to do a price check on Legion enchants to see if they were worth putting up vs just putting up mats. When I hit search, it just endlessly spins the "Searching for items..." message. If I go into any other category, shoulder enchants, armor, gems, etc. it all comes up fine, though I can still see the "Searching for items..." message blinking behind the listings. I've tried disabling add-ons, relogging, etc. ANyone else noticing this or is my computer possessed?Jofurr1 7h
7h Ancient Vrykul Ring NOT spawning pools Went to level up my preist fishing ... (4) FOUR times I threw the Vrykul ring and NOT ONCE did the pool spawn! Had one in bag and fished up the other three... The lure indicator was up, but no pools! I started at skyfire triage and moved around the map, throwing the lures in various locations but ZERO oodlefijsk pools spawned!Ureonfire1 7h
7h Withered Training Fury Warrior Bug If you die in the Withered Training Scenario as a fury warrior, the valkyr shows up and you get teleported out of the instance. The second you return to the surface you die, teleport out of the scenario, and lose all loot you've acquired. In addition, there is no way to return to your corpse so you're forced to take rez sickness as well.Kyit2 7h
7h Withered training release spirit bug I was doing withered training and got about 20 withered worth of chests. I had 2 withered left and thought I would test my luck with Dro. I died to him and got teleported out. When I teleported back to the entrance I got the option to release spirit, so I released, made the run back and noticed that I couldn't rez and that the chests disappeared. I didn't think it was a big deal because surely the items would go straight to my mailbox. Well I was wrong. I hope those permanent chests don't go away for good without me getting upgrades. If they end up resetting then it's no big deal but if they end up going away without me getting the berserker upgrade, mage upgrade, etc. hopefully there can be a way for me to get those items through a gm or something.Sober0 7h
7h Glpyh of the Blazing Savior not working When I try to put Glyph of the Blazing Savior on intercept for my Prot Warrior, it gives me a progress bar and then an error stating, "That glyph cannot be inscribed here".Bayzique2 7h
7h Spirit Cauldron, missing charges ? Good day, Last night and last week we experienced a weird bug about the number of charges from the Spirit Cauldron. The tooltip say 30 charges but we only receive 25. During our testing, when we used a cauldron, we make sure that everyone in the raid wasn't under the effect of a flask and also that no one in our raid had a spirit flask (unique) on him. Everyone in the raid was from the same guild. Anyone experienced the same issue ? Thank you PS: I did xpost in the customer support section, i'm not sure if it's a bug or working has intendedKillmöre4 7h
7h Thalyssra's drawer quest Can't loot any of the items since they just dont appear when I click the objects. The loot table is there but no items.Daemondawn1 7h
7h Withered Training Disconnect I know this is a well documented issue for a lot of people. Today was the first time it happened to me. First run after getting exalted, hit the door to the right that requires two beserkers and was immediately disconnected. Just like everyone else, lost all mana and did not get anything from it. Trying to get the fox/Toys/Blood hidden. Sucks to have 2k mana go down the drain. Hoping this gets fixed soon. Other than that, great expansion.Syko0 7h
7h DH soul cleave heal agroing other people mobs I don't recall seeing this till recently and maybe its working as intended but i'll be out killing mobs for quests and i'll soul cleave, and mobs other people are fighting(who arent really all that close to me) agro onto me. my soul cleave definitely doesnt hit them as sometimes the mobs have come at me from behind. Sometimes its not so big a deal cuz i have to kill the mobs anyway. When it is bad is when alliance have the mobs tagged and i end up tanking mobs for them. Its even worse in suramar city when questing in the elite area. One reason cuz I end up tanking more elites then i can handle. Two is I'm tanking mobs i get no credit for. And I even agro mobs people agro when they are just running through if I happen to soul cleave when they are running by(again the mobs arent close to me when I soul cleave)Illidam0 7h
7h Garrison [XP] reward gives 0 experience. Usually the [XP] reward (the Draenor version of Player Experience http://www.wowhead.com/item=120205/xp) should give my character about 3% experience. But now they give me 0 experience. I double check that on 4 alts (on 2 realms). All of them are below level 100. It's not in my the bags, not in my mailbox. and no experience at all. It seems to be a bug, But didn't see anyone report/discuss about that. i posted this on Returning Player Help and Discussion, but I think it's better to re-post it in here. ThanksArgeras12 7h
7h Fury Warrior Weapon Sheathing BUG Race: Female Tauren Class: Fury Warrior I'm having an issue with weapon sheathing. I'll battle a mob and get on my mount to have my hands still holding the two-two handed weapons and the reins for my mount. They do not appear on my back. I tried putting away my weapons, but when i do, the weapons re-unsheath automatically back onto my hands. I have to hit the sheath weapon button again for my weapons to finally apear on my back. Then I can get on my mount and 75% of the time the weapons stay on my back. Has anyone run into this before and have a fix, macro, addon...etc. This looks really stupid and I'm sure theres ~3% of the WOW population that still plays the fury warrior and can help me. XD Thanks in advance for anyones time and efforts in helping me/us.Gangrened6 7h
7h Feral hidden apperance stones bugged Several druids have been racking their brains for the past few weeks on how to acquire the feral hidden artifact appearance. Our discord group has been using this script to see if #1) the event to get a screach is true (need AK#4), and if a stone is up in either feralas, hinterlands, or duskwood. /script for q,i in pairs({["Event"]=44326,["Feralas Act"]=44327,["Hinter Act"]=44328,["Dusk Act"]=44329,["Feralas Tou"]=44331,["Hinter Tou"]=44332,["Duskwood Tou"]=44330})do print(q,IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(i))end After touching a stone in one of those zones, the quest dump command should go to True for touching that stone. This works as long as you do not log out of the game. For most people, logging out of the game resets the progress and returns it to FALSE, which is not supposed to occur. Furthermore, every daily reset erases any progress on the stones you have touched. One of the druids in the discord sent a report to a GM and this is his reply: "Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. My name is Game Master Tanangha, but my friends call me Angha! :smiley: I understand you were having some trouble with the Druid Stones deactivating. I would be happy to take a look for ya. Firstly, I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this. After doing a bit of digging, I found this is not working as intended. That being said, I would advise you to please report this bug on the forum link below or by using the in-game option through the help menu. Our Developers use this tool to determine bugs that need fixing, and your report will help get this bug fixed more quickly." Please, hotfix this issue, AND PLEASE TELL US IT IS HOTFIXED so we don't go crazy(er)! Thank you, loving legion so far regardless! -SymbiosisSymbiosis26 7h
7h Pally Self Heals lower during Raid Im talking about hand of the protector. Right now it is sitting at 32%, joined an LFR and it went down to 8%.... Raided yesterday with guild and it was at 22%.Äbyssion0 7h
8h Ursoc's Rending Paw Is Ursoc's Rending Paw bugged currently? Just got it on my pally and it reads as follows, +1233 Strength Equip: Your critical autoattacks have a chance to cause your target to bleed for 9,117 Phsyical damage over 8 sec, stacking up to 1 times. Why is it only stacking 1 time? Thanks in AdvanceKelstrun35 8h
8h Goblin Slave Pits I was playing in the goblin starting zone of The Lost Isles doing the last few quests in the Slave Pit area. I went to check out the raised area where the trainers were being kept, and I fell in. I got stuck and had no way out. I used the button on the help options to get unstuck, but it hearthed me back to the area where you fight the alliance storming the beach with the planes overhead. The place was empty due to to phasing, but I had a long trip back. Is there a way to make it so you can't fall into that hole? I fell in near one of the edges.Eloryn5 8h
8h Feather of the Moonspirit (Feral Druid) So over the past few weeks i have received 2 scratch emotes sending me to Duskwood and Feralas. Within those few weeks the console command would show these events as true. As of today though, both events have been showing up as false. So it seems that maybe there was a "hidden" hotfix that may have reset some of our progress. Is there anything we can do? or do we just need to wait it for 3 new scratch emotes.Nyocti0 8h
8h Strange DND Cleanup Buff I have a yellow gear icon in the buffs area next to the minimap. The tooltip says DND Cleanup. What gives? Zynthas Malygos - US - AllianceZynthas22 8h
8h Cross Realm - not returning to home realm I've recently encountered a bug where after leaving a group finder group on a different NA realm (not sure which) I would not return to my home realm until I changed zones. This wouldn't be a problem for most players but is particularly noticeable as an OCE player being stuck on 250 ping (instead of 40). Has happened twice while questing in Suramar (court of stars outdoor (non-instance) quests) - Look up group for Stellaris Libertine/Collaborators, join and get phased to a different NA realm (non OCE), finish quest and leave group, don't phase back. Logging in and out doesn't fix the issue, only changing zones and returning. EDIT: Scratch that, first time it happened leaving the zone and returning fixed it. This most recent time I'm still stuck on Kel'Thuzad in Suramar, other zones are Frostmourne (or at least Oceanic).Rincewald2 8h
8h Hunter Campaign No Hunter Campaign Quest progression available. I completed "Scouting Reports" and there was no quest given, or clue of how long I will be waiting. If this is meant to be, it would be nice to have a timer of when my next campaign quest would be available. If it is not meant to be, I am bugged.Ellíe6 8h
8h Infinite Herbs With Herbalism. Having felwort rank 3 allows you to have "Seeds" drop from any harvest. These "seeds" can be planted and shared with up to 10? maybe 5? people. After shared most likely 1/10 will proc another seed upon harvest. Creating an endless loop of harvesting. Now i want to use my seeds just like normal for me. But after knowing this exists I am wondering is this a bug or intended so i know 2 or not 2 do this?Mustacheo1 8h
8h Guild Invite Faction changed yesterday, now when someone tries to invite me to guild it says they are already in a guild and I am not receiving the invite.Kymaticà2 8h
8h The Grimoire of the First Necrolyte I submitted a ticket concerned about a potential bug with the drop rate for skulls. The response from a GM, was to confirm my suspicions and request I submit this as a bug in the game. If this concerns you please do the same in order to bring more attention to this. Thanks in advance. Here is the response from the GM last night. Game Master Dantilin at your service! This does appear to be a bug, and we appreciate your report. If you haven't already, could you also report this in game? https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/4300043Trangz0 8h
8h Confront Akkari Shadowgore I have the quest "Closing In" I'm doing very little damage to Akaari Shadowgore as a subtlety rogue with the armor I have at level 100. I've tried everything and almost succeed once but cannot kill her. I did very well in all parts of the game leading up to her and She is WAY over powered for my character right now. She is doing about 3X damagek to my rogue than I am to her. I would just like some feed back as to whether I'm stuck or is this something that will be looked at . ThanksSliceômatic1 8h
8h Using two darkmoon decks so i bought a second deck today but it looks like you only get the benefit from the deck with the highest current roll? Is this working as intended? If so i just wasted 100k...Tyrerlulz0 8h