Bug Report

1d ICC gunship battle. After completing this encounter, once the ship begins moving, the screen rotating twists my camera perspective to the side and locks it there every time.Përdition3 1d
1d Archmage Alturus seems to be missing I'm trying to turn in the quests The Master's Terrace and A Demonic Presence, but there are no NPCs in front of Karazhan. Is it a phasing bug? Maybe because of the new Dalaran?Denayethran5 1d
1d Guardian Druid Mastery Bug I know you stated this already but this a a reminder in case you forgot to please fix the attack power portion of the mastery nerf. It is negatively impacting our ability to hold threat. It needs to be doubled back to what it used to be before the nerf.Tankform0 1d
1d New Streaming To Facebook Bug The buttons for the stream in the game client cover up the mob names and sometimes their paper doll and health bars. These icons need to be moved to a different location.Eleminá0 1d
1d Unable to complete Mariner's Revenge Figured that I would make my own topic. I've researched the issue, and it seems that most people experience issues after they have disconnected. I have not been disconnected at any point during this quest. I accepted the quest, hopped on the boat, and am unable to hit anything except for the birds in the air. I have tried the following: -Left the boat and re-entered; no go -Abandoned the quest and re-accepted; no go -Swam out to Leviathan and tried to kill it; no go (no attack cursor) Not sure what else to do. Any thoughts?Khisanith0 1d
1d Bug - Mariner's Revenge Trying to complete the quest "Mariner's Revenge" in the Dread Wastes. Zero target marks are appearing, zero hits are landing, on all four sites. Spraying the thing at random with hundreds of shots didn't work. Leaving the boat and getting in again didn't work. Dropping the quest and picking it up again didn't work. Some have suggested killing Jiao manually to get the thing to reset, but you can't target Jiao outside of the quest. Can't complete the quest, and therefore can't complete the achievement.Kahleb2 1d
1d Ray of Frost on Mac I'm playing a frost mage on my Mac and noticed that Ray of Frost animation is not working for me. It doesn't appear. The character is channeling the spell and there is a blue light in his hands and a blue light on the target, but there is no ray between them. My particles settings are full.Stormur0 1d
1d Noggenfogger Elixir Id like to suggest to make Noggenfogger stack up too at least 200 just like herbs and ore items, its a pain in the butt to have to use up 10 bag slots for this potion if you want to carry 200, this should have been implemented already. Once y'all did this with ores and herbs i don't see why y'all cant do it with this potion specifically, or even all the potions and flask. Whatever the reason for not doing it for potions and flask okay, but i think Noggenfogger should be allowed to stack up too at least 200 considering how many people use it mainly for the shrinking buff. Thank you for your time and i hope y'all consider this. :DMinitwo2 1d
1d Obsidian Nightwing Mount acting buggy When flying into a different area, specifically ones that pop up a display that informs you that you entered a new area and zone, the mount growls and twitches like it has hit a wall or received damage. I know this isn't game breaking information but figured you'd like to know =D. CheersChadeus1 1d
1d Leather Felshroud Chest not displaying stats I opened all of my Legion invasion boxes on my level 100 rogue and received 17 Felshoud chest pieces (#138192). The items are not displaying any stats, but rather just say, "Retrieving item information" on the tooltip. I logged out of my character and back in, but there was no change. I have waited about 30 minutes, but there is still no change. ETA: This is now happening on the Lucky Shirt (#138385) from Lenny McCoy in Stormwind. I am also unable to equip the shirt.Stormborn1 1d
1d MoP Farm Broken after Legion Pre-Patch I still am using the farm in order to get Motes of Harmony to get the Blackmsithing Patterns. Yet when I farmed them up yesterday and tried to till the soil with the plow. I came to find out it doesn't work as it once did. I plowed over one line of 4, only 1 of the plots actually ended up being tilled. Also the Stuborn weeds don't always act as they are supposed to. I'll try pulling one up only to find out that I'm, not doing anything, even though I'm hitting the key. Also I after planting the Songbell Seeds yesterday, I log in an hour after server reset to find they haven't grown..... I can tell this is a bugged area because the same things are happening on 2 different characters.Phoenixbeard6 1d
1d Heroic Rune of Re-Origination Several of my mates have claimed that the heroic rune of re-origination still functions on their level 100 characters and I'm certain this is a bugZyroe0 1d
1d No loot Nalak I've killed him twice in 45 mins and no loot, gold, or anything else has dropped from him.Illuminori0 1d
1d Nalak and Demon hunter issue Killed Nalak on my demon hunter and says "you where not eligible to receive any loot from this boss. you have not been charged for your bonus roll. I should still be able to have a chance at rolling for the mount.Anothercandy1 1d
1d [Warrior] In For the Kill I believe the level 75 Arms Warrior talent "In For The Kill" is not operating correctly. The tooltip reads: Mortal Strike generates 20 Rage when used against targets that are below 20% health. I interpreted this to mean, instead of consuming 20 rage, Mortal Strike should add 20 more to my current pool, resulting in a net gain of 20 more rage (Have 20 rage, use Mortal Strike, talent generates, now have 40 rage). However, instead of generating Rage, Mortal Strike will refund rage, resulting in a net gain of 0 rage (Have 20 rage, use Mortal Strike consuming rage, talent refunds, still have 20 rage). The end result is that an Arms Warrior still requires the initial 20 rage to use Mortal Strike. Am I mistaken in my interpretation or is this a bug? If I am mistaken, I propose "generates" be changed to "refunds" to more accurately reflect the behavior of the talent. Another suggestion is to reword the talent entirely, so that it states Mortal Strike no longer costs rage on targets below 20% health.Zirashi1 1d
1d upgrading glitch Bought plans for level 2 barn, 'learned' them, then switched toons for more money to complete upgrade. When I came back the barn is grayed out and it says I dont have the plans.... but when I open the plan seller it says I do have those plans.Oversouls0 1d
1d ARCHITECT TABLE NOT WORKING So on my demon hunter I just finished my draenor questing to get my garrison and I want to level up my garrison to level 2 and when I click on it it just does nothing... when I hover my mouse over it my cursor doesn't change like normal on my other 100 but I see it says "architect table" at the bottom right. It does the same exact thing with my command table... help please. I have done all the quests that my architect gives.Hyrae2 1d
1d Bonus Health Bugs Ok, I started posting some of that in the Death Knight board but now I see it should actually be here. And I found out that it is not only a Death Knight thing. My Death Knight thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748456456 TL:DR Some Bonus Health Buffs increase the Bonus Health from other buffs. WARNING! beware of the math! Ok, I know that Bonus Health is a multiplicative percentage, meaning that one 100% increased health buff and another 100% increased health buff is not actually 200% increased health, instead it is 300% increased health, to a total of 400% health. And the math is as follow: base health = x buff1 = + 100% = 200% = * 2 buff2 = + 100% = 200% = * 2 buff1 and buff2 = x * 2 * 2 = x * 4 The thing comes when if you have any buff with the effect: Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % because this effect also increases the ammount of health gained by other health bonus effects like Apply Aura: Increase Max Health - Stacks and some Dummies with a server-side script. For exemple using only a Death Knight you can see the effect as in my original post: having Foul Bulwar that increases your health by 20% and activating Vampiric blood that should increase your health by 30% it should add up to 56% bonus health because of the multiplicative percentage: base health = x Foul Bulwark = +20% = 120% = *1.2 Vampiric Blood = +30% = 130% = *1.3 x * 1.2 * 1.3 = x * 1.56 But if you do so you will notice that your health will be more than 156% your base health, and that's because the Foul Bulwark buff is increasing the effectiveness of the Vampiric Blood buff by 20%, making it 36% increase health, and adding up to 63.2% bonus health because of the multiplicative percentage: base health = x Foul Bulwark = +20% = 120% = *1.2 Bugged Vampiric Blood = +36% = 136% = *1.36 x * 1.2 * 1.36 = x * 1.632 Foul Bulwark is a buff with the effect Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % that increases the effectiveness of Vampiric Blood that is a buff with the effect Apply Aura: Increase Max Health - Stacks. As tested, adding buffs with the Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % effect they stack together as a normal multiplicative percentage (without increasing the bonus health of one another) and then the resulting percentage affects all other bonus health effects. It was tested with the Restoration Shaman [ b]Ancestral Vigor[/b] buff that is also an Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % effect and the Blood Death Knight talent Anti-Magic Barrier that is a Dummy with a server-side script it was like that: base health = x Foul Bulwark = +20% = 120% = *1.2 Ancestral Vigor = +10% = 110% = *1.1 current total = *1.2 *1.1 = *1.32 Vampiric Blood = +30% *1.32 = +39.6% = 139.6% = *1.396 Anti-Magic Barrier = +25% *1.32 = +33% = 133% = *1.33 total = x * 1.32 * 1.396 * 1.33 = ~2.45*x = 245% and should be: x * 1.32 * 1.3 * 1.25 = x * 2.145 = 214.5% As far as I tested all the effects that are Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % indeed increase the effect of other bonus health effects: Apply Aura: Mod Increase Maximum Health - % effects: Blood Death Knight Foul Bulwark Talent Restoration Shaman Ancestral Vigor Talent Guardian Druid Mastery: Nature's Guardian Protection Warrior Indomitable Talent Protection Warrior Last Stand Other Health Bonuses that get affected by those above: Blood Death Knight Vampiric Blood Blood Death Knight Anti-Magic Barrier Talent Arms/Fury Warrior Commanding ShoutSumian1 1d
1d Frost Mage HFC 2-Set Not functioning Pretty simple/ "Water Jet resets the remaining cooldown on Frozen Orb" It is not doing this and has not the whole pre-patch. Just tested this week 1 of patch and also right now 8/26/2016. Yes its the last week of WoD, but a fix would be nice for Dungeon Leveling in legion, and also Timewalking.Sassyfras0 1d
1d Camera Super Sensitive I am downloading WoW for the first time on a new laptop and everything is working fine except the camera. If I try to move the camera even by a hair it makes the camera move all the way up or down. this even happens if I try to right-click to loot or left click to target a mob. Can i please get some help? I have donloaded other games to see if the same issue persists but it does not.Kulutauroh0 1d
1d Apolyon and Death Knights When using "Apolyon, the Soul Render" on my Death Knight, there is an issue with combat animations. None of the new Death Knight spell effects (i.e. Festering Strike, Heart Strike, Scourge Strike, Death Strike) work or appear. My character swings the sword properly, but none of the purple/red slash effects appear. I've tested multiple other weapons and all of them work properly except for this one. Thanks!Vandhu1 1d
1d Temple of the Jade Serpent -Demon Hunter When in combat with Wise Mari on my Demon Hunter the Corrupt Living Water's will not leave the fountain, I have done this multiple times on Heroic and the issue only happens on my Demon Hunter, and it's every run I do on him.Flipz0 1d
1d Out of range? I was just in HFC LFR on my dk Valkyrina-Hyjal. I died on the fight and when I rezzed it said I was too far away to loot corpse. Then I went in another LFR and it said I was out of range on every mob. I couldn't attack at all. I went out in the world and there are no mobs showing. No players are showing in Org. What broke my death knight? I logged out and back and I'm experiencing the same problem. My other characters are fine. edit- Working now but I thought I'd still share that bug. WeirdFenlara0 1d
1d Character models I have unchecked the box that allows new character models to be displayed. Not being a fan of the new Blood Elf models I have always had them turned off. Since the patch this is not working. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.Ravenlee7 1d
1d Are invasions bugged? It's been 2 days now where I have run into this issue. during phase 1 and 2 the zone will be full of players (40+) but once phase 3 starts, the zone for some reason becomes empty, I usually see 4-6 players trying to solo everything/bosses and the meter becomes extremely slow, the zone appears near empty. Is this a phasing glitch? or are people really living after phase 2 for some unknown reason to me? It's been happening often, I've been unable to finish the entire invasion.Nysik2 1d
1d Soloing Ulduar 25 - Flame Leviathan is bugged Soloing Ulduar 25. Got into a demolisher, killed all the towers. Got to the boss. The attacks 1 & 2 in the demolisher won't work on the boss. Can't do any damage at all. The boss is 136M (skulled) and once my vehicle is destroyed, almost can't damage him with my normal spells. I'm pretty sure is bugged. Tried disabling all the addons, using a Siege (same thing), trying other demolishers. I end up wiping because the buttons 1-2 don't work on the boss.Galora3 1d
1d Garrison building issue. I want to upgrade my Scribe's Quarters to Level 2. Purchased the plan using Outpost Building Assembly Notes. Learned the plan. Can't upgrade because I don't have the plans.Redrider1 1d
1d Achievements on Armory I am posting this on my main character, which was created in WotLK. If you look at the side panel, it will say that I have 15,005 Achievement Points. If you go to his armory page, it will show that he has 14,865. Now, if you go to Merohlke's page (my alt, created in WoD), you will see he has 17,190 Achievement Points. The issue here is that for Eiricht, it is not counting Account-Wide achievements. The best example to view this is with Pet Battles. On Eiricht's armory, it only shows him having the Pet Battler achievement, which is supposedly character-only. If you were to look at Merohlke's armory page, you will see that he has Account-Wide achievements unlocked, along with Pet Battler achievement (even though it shows him earning 0 Pet Charms). Edit: Should note that all Pet-Battle related achievements were done on Eiricht.Eiricht0 1d
1d Druid Flight Form + Renewal Renewal ( talent ) says "usable in all shapeshift forms" and when you try to use renewal in travel form it says "Not useable in shapeshift form".Fkurmagazine0 1d
1d Chess Event Bug I'm unable to leave Warchief Blackhand once starting the chess event. Tried leave vehicle keybinds and also tried leave vehicle script. Anybody else having these issues? Was able to beat it without leaving on this character, but no other characters can pass it.Shazer1 1d
1d TARGETING BUG I can not target allies using the tab method i noticed this and this is a huge huge deal for me as i am a healer and i cant target my allies!?!?!?!?Donyull0 1d
1d TARGETING BUG I am a healer and i use "or used " the tab method to target said allies. Lately i have noticed that this does nothing anymore is there anything i can do to fix it or is it just your end i would really like to play my spec but if i cant target my allies i cant heal them?!? This really is a huge issue to me because it is just a few days till launch and my sub is also due in a few days after that.. but no point if I cant play =(Donyull0 1d
1d Warlock pet and stealth When vanish is used the warlock pet continues to chase the target and often get it out of stealth even if vanish was used and no debuffs. This could be will all pets or just fel reaver.Kopogero0 1d
1d Master Plow Are we ever going to have this fixed ? Are we EVER going to be given any type of answer from anyone with knowledge about this problem ? There are numerous posts about this with no replies about what is going to be done if anything !Vyndetta9 1d
1d Chat Bug Anyone else experiencing in game chat bugs? I get a message and and nothing shows up except an alert from the person who sent it. I can read it through the bnet chat if I minimize or I can read it if I blindly responde to the person. Any fixes? I know it's usually "Reinstall" but I tried that and still have the issue.Awetosis1 1d
1d CRZ in Roleplay Cities has returned. When 7.0 first launched on live servers, a change was made that sharded, phased, and cross-realmed most of the zones in the game. This immediately damaged roleplay communities, fracturing servers, making cities feel dead, and causing conflict between communities. We had a 70+ page thread on these forums about it before getting a reasonable response. Blizzard reverted the change. When the Demon Hunter pre-release began, sharding/phasing were returned with a promise it was "temporary", to reduce lag and server load. We dealt with it. As of this morning, Cross-Realm has returned to the cities as well. Now, in our sharded cities, off-realm, non-roleplaying people are taking up space where another on-server person can be. Why? Is it pure neglect? Roleplay servers are your most devoted playerbase, we'll be here long after everyone else, and it feels like Blizzard is jerking us around without a word of reassurance or even the slightest acknowledgement. This is unacceptable.Theosophy0 1d
1d Sap Macro and Tab Targeting Bug I was getting Error#134 when trying to log on today. Deleted my cache folder and logged on as usual, however the sap macro(one I have been using for years) and target nearest enemy player would not work, which is weird since they were working just fine yesterday and I did not change anything apart from deleting cache folder to fix Error#134, please look into it. Sap macro: #show sap /stopattack /cleartarget /targetenemyplayer /cast sapIty0 1d
1d 2x damage Rake overwritten by regular Rake I noticed that if I Rake after I get my stealth opener Rake (which doubles the damage) the lower damage new Rake overwrites it. This happens often in PvP because someone will trinket or otherwise remove the slow from Infected Wounds, so you need to Rake again to apply a new slow.Granray0 1d
1d Unholy lvl60 talent I switched from Sludge Belcher to Asphyxiate and now I still have a functional Abomination with the Hook talent and a working Asphyxiate. I have hearthed, logged out and resummoned pet and I still have both Talents.Ferenczy0 1d
1d Karazhan scenario bug When I'm supposed to enter Karazhan for the prepatch quest, it flashes an error message about the instance. I'm pretty sure this Demon Hunter's existed long enough that I should be able to do it.Layssaela0 1d
1d Error #134: Duplicate PVP Talents Error #134 After the new patch that came out on the 25th of August 2016 a new error has shown up as "Duplicate 'unique key' 211489 found for ID 1948 in DBFilesClient\PVP Talent.db2 I have no idea what that is but its apperantly a duplicate honor/ PVP talentShyvanià10 1d
1d Tanaan Jungle - Temple of Shanaar combat mode Hey guys, I'd like to report a bug on this zone, I've been on combat mode 2 times already, even if I click my feign death skill (i'm a hunter) I stay in combat and the only way to get out of it is hard closing wow ALT + F4, it's only happening on this zone. Thanks EDIT: The only way I get out of combat is if I teleport with a stone either to a city or to my garrison, the ALT + F4 hard close doesn't work...Taunt0 1d
1d Broken Shore Ring Reward Bug! After completing both Factions Broken Shore Scenarios on several characers (all of which are lvl 100) i noticed that all the Alliance Signet of Stormwind I received were ilvl 700 while all the Horde Mark of Orgrimmar I received were ilvl 685. None of the alliance rings were upgraded to epic quality, the quest even states the alliance ring is ilvl 700, this needs to be fixed!Karuko3 1d
1d Trash Before Durumu Evade Bug If you play a Vengeance DH (untested with Havoc) and 4 small trash mobs, before the boulders fall, on the platform where Durumu spawns, they will evade bug if you attack them in any shape or form.Edgelady0 1d
1d More Pandaria Bosses Not Dropping Loot to DH Nalak, the Storm Lord that spawns outside Throne of Thunder does not drop loot for demon hunters. I specifically am in Vengeance Spec when I kill him. I've yet to receive even gold.Edgelady0 1d
1d Flying Crane Kick/Roll I noticed the past few days when i would use roll or flying crane kick on my monk regardless of where or what surface I am on it will randomly just stop as if i hit a wall. Im pretty sure thats not intended to happen, so you might wanna take care of that.Vegnagun0 1d
1d Unresponsive Keybind Hello, starting after a small update Wow did yesterday, my keybind for 'target nearest friendly player' is completely unresponsive. I've tried binding it to several other keys with no success, I've tried reloading ui, I've tried disabling all addons, I've tried resetting to default and then rebinding, I've tried rebooting several times and this remains unresponsive. All my other keybinds are working fine and I made sure none of the keys I was trying to use were possibly reset and bound to anything else. The only thing I can think is I got the error 134 last night and deleted my cache to fix it. I don't know if that could have done anything, but I've tried almost everything with no luck to get this function working. Any suggestions would be great, thank you! (I wasn't sure if I should post this in bug report or technical support, sorry) (Edit: Almost 11 hours later and I still haven't found a fix. I've tried the macro line /targetfriendplayer hoping for a workaround but that isn't working either)Velul0 1d
1d Rogue Stealth and the New Questlines I was left on the Broken Shore scenario after the cinematic. I believe it was because my rogue was stealthed. When I left stealth and dropped group it caused me to be immune and I could run around for a while exploring. All the mobs attacking me triggered immune messages and I could not hearth and the timer to teleport me to a graveyard kept retriggering the countdown and never finished. I was also in Karazhan with Khadgar and in that part of the scenario where he's at the arch that's glowing and the very first custodian is activated. The Custodian would not activate until I left stealth.Raelic0 1d
1d Warlock pets and stealth I'm surprised still some major bugs exist in this game so late into launch like warlock fel reaver for example still chasing/following his target when in full vanish even though there are no DOTS/debuffs on it. FIX THIS ASAP.Kopogero0 1d
1d King of Monsters Still Very Buggy I picked up this garrison daily multiple times, and no matter how many NPCs I killed and consumed, my character never transformed. Noticed on this character. I believe this achievement has been buggy since inception, but the bridge patch may have affected it in a different way.Anraleth0 1d