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Oct 7 ~ Death Knight Reference Guide ~ So the idea of this thread is to help new players with a list of Death Knights who contribute to the community, either with helpful guides (PvE and PvP) or by streaming high-level gameplay. I'm asking for recommendations for this list from the rest of the DK community so that this compendium can be a success. Let's begin. ~ PvE ~ Peroxcyde (Mythic Blood Tanking Guides) ... Troxism (Blood Tanking Guide) ... Skullflower (Mythic Frost/Unholy DPS Guides) ... ... MetaGoblin (Frost/Unholy Guides/Macro/Addons) ... ~ PvP ~ ReinhartDaRussion (2.4k+ Unholy Guides/Utility/Pet Management/Macro/Addons) ... MetaGoblin (Unholy/Frost Guides/WPvP/Montages/Macros/Addons) ... Mes (Multi-Rank 1 Frost Streamer) ... HypeDown (2.2k Frost/Unholy Guides/Macros/Montages/Arenas) ...Xyzdk44 Oct 7
2m Frost DK / 2's What are good solid comps for DK's in 2's?Alerthan0 2m
10m Having trouble with FDK, seeking advice. Im currently ilvl 879. My stats are 24% crit. 23% haste. 35% mastery. I seem to be parcing low in my raids with about 350-380k dps. I was wondering if anyother FDKs could look at my gear and let me know what pieces I should try to replace to improve my stats. Thanks in advance.Frostmere8 10m
10m IMO I think we all need to chill out. Everyone is buzzing about current changes, good and bad. Personally Im not worried. Overall, if you look at the 7.1.5 ptr cycle so far it makes sense. 1st wave - mechanical and QoL improvements 2nd wave - (current) talent rebalance and secondary stat 3rd wave - (only logical direction) Base character stat and passive ability tweaks/changes. Everyone said cookie cutter sucks, their working on it. Everyone said secondary stats and ilvl on jewelery sucks, their working on it. Everyone said scaling sucks, well their working on that too. Everyone was outraged over shotgun nerfs and buffs, well their doing changes waves and actually testing results compared too estimates. Give them time.Nergali2 10m
11m Feel---spikey? Was thinking about gearing this guy tried Netharians Lare and DarkHeart NORMAL Keeping bonesheild up etc Even with that I'd be fine one mine that then toon about to tank the floor. I don't know if anything can be done about that.Cedartusk7 11m
13m Prot or BDK So I started tanking dungeons yesterday. I'm not good but getting better. I switched from prot warr to blood dk and was bored out of my mind. It was harder to keep threat and outside of bone shield and ds we have no real mitigation. I was lookin at ptr changes for prot and decided screw it I'll stick with blood. Then I looked at blood changes and now I have no idea which to pick. Both seem like they're gonna get shafted in 7.1.5. Am I wrong? I'm just looking for advice on which to pick to learn tanking, prot is a lot funnier but idk about these changes.Jollyjdruid29 13m
43m Your Method for Unholy There has been quote a bit of commotion lately about Unholy. I am just curious as to how others execute their "rotation". I am asking about those with talents: Bursting Sores, Pestilent Pustules, Castigator, Infected Claws and Soul Reaper. For me it is VP and DT while closing in, festering until at least 3 wounds, SR if 2 or more runes available otherwise DC until more runes are up then SR, prioritize 3 stack of SR then just juggle FS and SS with FS not being used when target has 5 or more wounds and SS not being used when target has less than 3 wounds. Needless to say cool downs are thrown in here and there but I am more curious about the general rotation people use. So that is just me and I should also point out my experience this expansion has just been dungeons, Mythic 2 is the highest I have been. I have only been in raid once, and it was LFR Xavius where I feel my numbers were bloated due to adds.Burdack2 43m
59m Blood Shield, Mastery and 7.1.5 Hey guys so lets discuss. I really like the idea of our mastery and think with the right tweaks it can be a really really nice defensive. how do you guys think they should go about fixing this that we are not rediciously overpowered? Currently blood shield isn't a serious thing it's more like a brief buff to fill up the buff bar to make it look like your toon is hulking even when they aren't. I would like a real nice absorb/shield maybe a shield that built up over time and is only consume if an attack consumes more than 10% of your total HP? etc? Right now buffing mastery might make it a bit over powered saying how we can spam death strike for the biggest and craziest blood shield numbers (I did it in MOP and was a god). What do you guys think?Karthíus4 59m
59m Shattering Strikes VS Icy Talons I can't decide what to go with, i tried both on target dummies and they both seem to do basically around the same damage, perhaps my other talents aren't set up correctly? Which is better for PVE dungeons etc, because atm, i feel/see no difference. Thanks :)Vellaura13 59m
1h Help with DPS My dps is really bad for my ilvl especially on certain fights. I don't think its my gear or stats. So it has to be my rotation. Posting my most recent log. Hoping you guys and gals can help me out here. Thats my guild log so you can see how I did across all fights. When compared to the other FDK in my guild my dps is horrible. Granted he has better trinkets and a dps leg. But I doubt that would make him pull that much more dps then me. On my armory i have a seed pod equiped. That was just to mess around with tanking. I use an 865 ursocs when I'm frost. And go with RA/Oblit for raidsClawlas3 1h
2h Unreal devs notice mention hunters in forums They responding to a thread that had over 250 comments and 100 likes and we've had more than that and they apologize to the Hunter community for their mistakes but we cannot even get noticed or commented by Blizzard devs..Andarick11 2h
2h Can we talk about Crystalline Swords? I'll start by saying that of course I understand there are more pressing balance issues for the class across all specs. I didn't get to play the beta for legion, but my understanding was that the static floating swords were simply a placeholder. Then the game launched and nothing about them changed, initially I couldn't accept anything but a complete overhaul of this passive. I don't understand how they fit our class fantasy at all, but overtime I've grown to accept the amount of passive damage they do in the background. But seeing those swords still doing nothing is just a constant slap in the face, the simple aesthetic of both swords facing the same direction kills me on OCD symmetry terms (at least with the runeblade appearance it doesn't matter). So I just figured I'd start a post since I couldn't find a directly similar one, and I'm curious about others opinions on the matter. Is it fine, should it change, does anyone else even care at this point? Maybe with some dialogue Blizz will acknowledge that they are looking at this, probably a long shot but who knows.Thanatoasty15 2h
2h Help me improve (UH DPS) Hello Fellow DKs, I'm probably what you would describe as a casual player. I raid 4 hours a week with my guild, we are 5/7H EN. We recently started parsing our raids just to see the numbers and such. Seeing the actual numbers, I dont like mine, at all; I thought I was a bit better than this lol. So I'm asking the community here for some advice on how to better it. As you can see from the log below, I have a grasp on the priority system, I'm just kind of clueless as to why the numbers are so low. One thing to note: I havent been using a pre-pot but I'm curious to know how much DPS that actually adds. I have been using Flasks and The Hungry Magister for food.îomedes11 2h
2h Bliz Please Communicate with Unholy DKs First of all, I get all DKs want some communication, but I think we all realize Unholy is in the worst shape of the specs, and deserves some communication from Bliz. I'm gonna try to keep this real short as others have done it better than I will. Here are the big issues facing Unholy DKs: Mobility - Do I need to say more? Odyn makes me want to cry as I do the mechs and end up last on the meters if we wipe before phase 3. RNG - Anyone who plays Unholy knows how bad this can be, and even when it's not we just do OK, not great. Numbers - We just don't parse well. We don't scale well. Gargoyle hits like a wet noodle. Single target - We can't build for single target because we're stuck taking 90% of the same talents for every fight that benefit both AoE and ST. I think you're trying to create a differentiation given the latest version of the PTR, but given that you're ignoring Castigator which is the bedrock of our rotation as it's the only thing that helps beat the RNG monster that is building wounds, I doubt it will help that we have 25% more uptime on Unholy Frenzy. AoE - We're pretty damn good, except Frost is just better because they can move (and stun, but hey I don't want it all) and do it just as well as us. Think about that sentence a bit and talk to me about spec balance. Finally, please, just talk to us. I see what you're doing on the other forums and it's a great step in the right direction. Please continue doing so! Unholy has been clamoring for discussion here, on the PTR forums, on MMO-Champion, and I'm sure other places. Tell us a vision for DKs that makes us slow moving, hard hitting juggernauts and how we can meet you to get there. Here's hoping. ThargorThargor9 2h
3h Is it just me? Or is Blood spec boring as all hell? I love the idea behind blood tanking and I love doing it, but the spec seems insanely boring. As a side note it lacks a sense of flashiness as well. Very few visual effects to keep the users attention imo. As the title this just me?Houshoku1 3h
3h 7.1.5 Unholy Feedback (Share this please!) With 7.1.5 going on the PTR soon, i would like to give my feedback on what could help unholy with many of the issues it has right now, as well as explain my frustrations while playing the spec in all forms of content. In 7.1.5, Certain utility is said to come back to some specs, mandatory talents are rumored to be baked in, and adjustments will be made to existing talents and possibly adding even new ones to our talent trees. There will be more traits for our artifact weapon, and i figured this is our opportunity to fix many of the concerns with our spec. So, below are my ideas for some updates for unholy that i hope are implemented. I frequently update this post with new and better ideas that I get from comments. Be sure to post yours and if I think its good or popular opinion votes for it, I will add it to the main post. :) This post was a collaborative effort, and i would hate for the comments on it to go to waste. Please do read them as well, as they provide very good input and suggestions, most of which form this post. TLDR: for those who are lazy --Too much RNG on top of RNG, leaving our runes and runic power generation extremely unreliable at times, with no system in place for consistent bad luck. --Many talents such as Soul Reaper , Castigator, Bursting Sores, etc are so strong that they outweigh every other option, leaving little choice, they must be made baseline. They also are very important to have. Example being Castigator as our only functionality with crit, and Bursting Sores serving to make target swapping less punishing. --Too much ramp up on our damage, especially for our AoE, I believe the addition of unholy blight as guaranteed festering wounds over time in an AoE Radius is a great suggestion. -- Our pets don't seem to matter that much. The pet and mastery change, I believe, will solve the issue, but this is personal opinion. -- Mastery doesn't feel good. This relates back to what I said. -- We need our mobility and utility back, or to fit class fantasy. We need to be doing better damage if we're going to be the slow powerhouse class. One or the other, preferably both though to a degree. -- A few talents could benefit from being swapped around into different rows. -- A few talents arent worth taking and could benefit from some changes. -- Pets need major fixing, including the swap from abomination to ghoul, but also a shorter cooldown on Raise Dead, and to have a smaller aggro radius. --Death coil is un-interesting, and generally not liked. The suggestion of a DoT on deathcoil was amazing. --Virulent Plague is very weak right now --We don't feel rewarded for the in-depth decision making required to play unholy to it's maximum potential. (Frost, while not the greatest either, is a much simpler spec, and is rewarded a lot more for less effort required. Fury as well, Sub rogue as well, Fire mage as well... the list goes on.) On with the in-depth constructive feedback that this thread was made for: RNG Our resources are generated through layers of pure RNG, in which it is very hard to control. However, those layers are very synergistic with each other, and when one fails to come through, in many cases, the others do as well. -- Layer 1: Wound Application: With Castigator we apply a number anywhere from 2 to 6 with our festering strike, with a cap on 8, setting us up for overcapping on wounds if we manage to get the highest crit possible, it is at that point where we rely on INFECTED CLAWS with a 35% chance on Claw/Cleaver to apply a wound to save us. And if we don't reach 8 wounds by the time we are depleted on runes, we find ourselves crippled in our rotation for a long time afterwards. -- Layer 2: Wound Bursting: While this is less extreme without the legendary bracers, a single Scourge Strike can consume anywhere between 1 and 8 wounds, without the bracers, it can be up to 3. However, our RP Generation is reliant on this and Pestilent Pustule's effect can vary wildly purely based on this randomness. -- Layer 3: Runic Power Generation Per Rune: Directly linked to layers one and two, Runic Power Generation PER RUNE SPENT can vary wildly. This randomness directly effects our availability to push onto the next layer -- Layer 4: Rune Regen: This layer is immediately affected by the three previous layers, and then has its own random aspect applied on top of it. Layer Two, through Pestilent Pustules, immediately can generate Runes. Better RNG in that layer begets better performance from layer 3, and then this layer. Finally, consumption of runic power and runic corruption has a random chance to increase rune generation. You could go an entire 10 death coils without proccing it, leaving us starved and depleted on resources with nothing to do but watch our runes recharge on their own. It is at this point that we rely on sudden doom charges to come through for us, although, thats just an extra one or two tries at best with no increased chance to proc runic corruption. What happens when those don't come through for us? All of these layers feedback loop onto each other, and when one goes wrong, inevitibly, the rest do as well. We can get lucky, but we can also get just as unlucky, which in some cases, happens to the best of us, regardless of how well we play. This leads to frustration, but also times when our dps fluctuates. We can go from great dps one pull to horrible dps the next, and its out of our control for the most part. We can get around the first 2 layers with enough crit, to an extent, making crit our best stat, but devaluing the rest of our stats, making people hate having anything other than crit haste on their gear. Ramp up & AoE First off- I want to say I'm a huge fan of the wounds mechanic. I think it is extremely engaging, and very fun to use. Props to Blizzard on that! .. However, there is one problem with it, and the same problem rogues ran into before, back when combo points were on their targets. I'm sure enough of us already know how the combo points worked prior to the change, and it was one of rogues weakpoints. Now, we have a very similar system with unholy, although a bit different, it still functions relatively the same. We run into two specific issues when multiple targets come into play. -- Target Swapping: I'm sure enough of us already know how the combo points worked prior to the change, and it was one of rogues weakpoints. Now, we have a very similar system with unholy, although a bit different. There are drawbacks to our wounds mechanics when additional targets comes into play. We lose much of our dps if we were to immediately swap to that target without consuming the wounds on our current target. Festering strike consumes 2 runes to place wounds on your target. If you placed those wounds and then suddenly additional targets were to appear, you would want to break them before swapping, just like rogues did back then with their combo points. So, that's a few scourge strikes to use before you swap, leaving you 3 or less runes available to use, but you need to put your plague on the new target too, leaving you 2 or less runes left, then you would festering strike (If you even can), leaving you with no runes left to burst the new wounds on your target, assuming you had any. We can mitigate this dps loss to a degree with bursting sores, which also happens to be the best single target talent in the row, that way we lose less damage on the priority target when we burst our previous existing wounds. It's our saving grace, and without it, things would suck. Luckily, its pretty much our mandatory talent so it isn't as bad as it seems, but I feel as though it should be baseline at this point. -- AOE: So, many targets come into play now, what do we do as unholy DK's? We put our outbreak on, Dark Transform our ghoul, and place our DnD. With infected claws, our pet applies wound to targets with a 35% chance on claw. Dark Transformation allows it to apply wounds to multiple targets. To reap maximum benefit however, we want multiple wounds on our targets when we DnD and burst with scourge strike, however, this takes a while. And imagine a scenario where the mobs are pulled outside of your Death and Decay. You might as well call it quits for another 30 seconds until it comes back, you can't AoE now. So, we have to pre-plan our death and decay to where the tank will pull the mobs, we have to wait for some wounds to go out on our targets, and we have to hope we were right with our placement, which is a rather small radius, or else we are extremely punished for it, while other classes can do relatively similar damage with only 2 or 3 GCD's used and not be tied into such a small area. A problem lies however, where our pet doesn't place the wounds fast enough.. Why then, cant we have an on demand way of applying wounds to multiple targets? And lets hit two birds with one stone here.. Defile isnt useful... It makes the radius larger, it does slightly more damage, and gives you mastery, but it cant compete with soul reaper, meaning we never take it. I will get to that later on, but why cant we have some way of applying on demand wounds to multiple targets? I know we can use infected claws and dark transformation, but it isn't reliable. The chance of the wound being applied is fairly low, and the amount of time it takes for the wounds to be applied to those targets are rather long, and often case scenario is they die before you make the most use out of it.. I know blizzard would rather get feedback on the problems, rather than take the solutions, but I see this as one of the only possible solutions, which is why I'm mentioning it but: The unholy blight suggestion made by Helrond on page 14, now also on the main post further down, was a wonderful addition, and a change I would be extremely excited to see made live. And although we go through all this work for our damage, other classes do it much better anyways. It's really sad. Our pets: We have some problems with our pets, as most pet classes do. Here's the inherent problem though: -- Dismissing and Resummoning: There are optimal paths through numerous M+ Dungeons. Some of these involve jumping over ledges, or running through narrow voids of aggro range. Unfortunately, despite many fun assurances far in the past regarding pets - The ghoul has an active aggro radius just as large as a player. This is PUNISHING to unholy, combined with the cooldown on summoning, as we have to repeatedly summon and dismiss our pets throughout a dungeon. While this alone would be frustrating, it is somewhat manageable. -- Mechanics that kill your pets: There's also mechanics - sometimes in these same dungeons - that will straight up kill our pets. An example of this is the final four seawitches in Eye of Azshara. They will turn, directly target a pet, and lightning blast it; Instantly killing it. While this can be advantageous if you have limited interrupts, this is directly punishing to a Pet class that has a cooldown on bringing the pet back. Another example is the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket, he will nightmare bolt your pet and kill it in one shot. -- Aggro Range: To even further exacerbate this problem; When you are trying to sneak around mobs, sometimes the pets will path wildly off to the side due to some fluke in the terrain pathing. While obviously a bug, it does compound the problem that the pets DO have an active aggro radius, which means, if your pet pulls something, you have a risk of wiping or losing time, meaning dismissing your pet, punishing you with a 1 minute cooldown and a GCD.. -- Standard Ghoul vs Abomination: At the moment, taking the abomination over the ghoul leads to more damage due to more reliability, leaving the other options almost invalidated, unless Asphyxiate for pvp. The standard ghoul's cleave doesn't always hit everything in its range, and sometimes it bugs out. So the other talents in the row don't help us very much when our only way to counter this is to take the abomination.. As well as debilitating infestation not having many uses whatsoever. Death coil: -- The general consensus with death coil is people don't like it. On top of the double doom trait, the sudden doom procs themselves get somewhat annoying, although they do happen to be beneficial to our bad RNG at times when we try to proc runic corruption with no runic power whatsoever. But people don't like death coil. It isn't interesting. It uses a gcd we would rather use bursting wounds instead. Honestly, It doesn't do much outside of a chance to proc runic corruption. I did propose an idea in this post that it could apply a DoT, like a fire mage ignite, nothing to micro-manage, just something to make it more interesting. Or even possibly removing it from the GCD may be a good suggestion to take, but people right now don't feel good about casting death coil, and I believe a lot of the people who liked this post liked it because of that. For our class theme, having that passive DoT as a plague would be rather cool too. I'd like to see that in. Mandatory Talents: We currently don't change almost any of our talent choices because they work on all occasions. Those being Bursting Sores, Castigator, Soul Reaper, Infected Claws, and Pustilent Pustules (although I very much dislike the functionality of this talent.) I feel as though they should be baked in. They leave no other options, they're simply either too important or the other talents just don't measure up. -- Personally, Castigator, if any should be baseline. It's our only interaction with crit, the only reason we justify having crit on our gear, and the only thing holding our spec together, otherwise our opener would start at 6 wounds max, if even that, because we have a plague to put on the target too. -- I already mentioned how important bursting sores was in the Ramp up section, so arguably, it should be baseline as well. -- Soul reaper is way too good to pass up, and the other talents in the row are extremely underwhelming. -- Pestilent Pustules (although unreliable and I dislike it) is how we regen our runes for the most part when runic corruption fails to proc, so we need it, or we need SOMETHING BETTER than we currently have to regenerate our runes, I like the idea of a row for rune regen, and I have suggestions later on in the post. -- Infected Claws is how we recover from bad wound RNG, its stronger than Shadow Infusion more or less, and Necrosis doesn't feel worthwhile at all. It also plays a key part of our pets importance. It's a good talent. I very much like it, but I do wish our pet had it baseline to make it more interesting. Class Fantasy vs Class Reality + Mobility Concerns: It is a fair bit obvious to everyone that we aren't the strongest melee. Otherwise we would be higher on the rankings and be more useful in single target encounters. We were, however, told that deathknights are slow but powerful and supposedly deadly in range, but only one of those things are true. We Are Slow... -- Mobility A bit too slow perhaps. Our mobility is a concern, but it wouldn't be as much of a concern if we actually were as strong as we were told we would be. People seem to like Deaths Advance way more than wraith walk and it might be a good idea to bring it back. Wraith walk itself has a lot of flaws, its nice for breaking roots and all, but we can't do anything while it's active and it requires a glyph to function normally. Without the glyph, it gets stuck on things all the time, you cant use it to move up stairs, and you can't use it on certain terrain, and its really unreliable. -- Damage: We don't do the damage we should be doing with our lack of mobility as a trade-off. We were meant to be slow to justify being strong, but we aren't strong, and rogues while having more mobility, AND utility, are doing the most damage. We, excluding survival hunters, are doing the lowest damage, while still having no mobility. -- Pets: Our pets in general don't do too much damage on their own. Well, that's not entirely true. It is noticeable if you set your pet to passive, but they don't have much more interaction with you besides that. Hook, stun, passive damage, that's about it. Which is why I like the infected claws talent, because our pets matter a bit more. Not only that though, but the legendary shoulders, aren't actually that strong. Because 30% more pet damage doesn't really add up to be that much more. Fitting the theme of the class I'd really like to see our pets being a bit more of our dps than currently. -- Plagues: We don't have much interaction with plagues, and our virulent plague doesn't do much damage at all. Another general consensus, like death coil, is that people don't feel very compelled to cast it. We would love to see more interaction with our plagues, and to mention another suggestion I brought up, the death coil DoT would be great to see in the game. Lack of Utility: -- Gorefiends Grasp: Many deathknights, including myself miss this ability. Yes, its there for blood, but its severely missed by the rest of us, and that utility that we used to have is now gone, leaving little reasons to actually bring a deathknight to your group other than a death grip. Also, when your AoE is entirely reliant on enemies staying in your DnD, having gorefiends grasp back would be great for those moments where you wish you could just bring the mobs back in your range., and with utility coming to more specs, we are all hoping for this. -- Anti - Magic Zone: It exists in pvp, but it had many uses in PvE. It's still a niche ability, helping only with magic damage, but its something a lot of us would love to have back, and again, another reason to bring a Death Knight to your group. These are some popular suggestions for unholy that could be implemented: -- Death's Advance This would solve our mobility issues for the most part. Most DK players I know of would prefer this over Wraith Walk. -- Gorefiend's Grasp and Anti-Magic Zone for all DK specs This would add more utility and provide more reasons to bring a DK to your raid. Right now, there arent many. Gorefiends can be thrown into the talent row with Asphyxiate and Sludge Belcher, replacing Debilitating Infestation. While Anti-Magic Zone could replace Spell Eater in the Defense and Movement row. Dark Transformation, Gargoyle/Dark Arbiter, and Raise Dead OFF the GCD. It's sort of frustrating, although not a huge deal, having to use 2 unnecessary GCDs every time to summon your gargoyle and Dark Transformation, especially since you need them during certain windows like Heroism. And if your pet died... that's another GCD :/ (This is more of a QoL thing, nothing much more than that) -- A stacking DoT on Death Coil. This would add so much flavor to death coil, make it feel great to use, and in some cases may even make death coil a priority cast. Right now we only cast it if we have 3 or less runes, regardless of being overcapped on runic power. (This isnt something that needs to be micro-managed, rather passive DoT damage like fire mage ignite, but if you predict downtime in a fight, stack a big hitting DoT with a barrage of death coils before you leave melee range first.) Additionally, for a spec themed around plagues, you don't really use many of them. What's the deal? -- Ramping up Damage on Death Coil Your Death coils increase the damage of your future death coils by 1% stacking up to 100. (works like execute trait on the fury artifact.) -- Increase RP cost of Death Coil to 45 We over-cap on RP anyways, and this makes death coil a lot more reliable to proc runic corruption instead. I don't believe this would actually be a nerf at all to be honest. We hate the RNG on our rune regen and this could help a ton. We also wouldnt need to use death strike for anything other than sustain, which is what it should be used for. -- A quick fix of the Double Doom Trait that fires off 2 death coils as opposed to one on cast when you have 2 charges stored. -- A talent row devoted to rune regen. (with the removal of pestilent pustules) 1.) Passive talent when you are depleted on all runes, you are guaranteed to proc at least one runic corruption with death coil. 2.) Modified blood tap: Spending 10 runic power grants you a charge. Consuming 8 charges triggers runic corruption. Runic corruption can no longer trigger from spending runic power. 3.) Rune Strike on a 45 second cooldown, consuming 100 runic power to proc a long lasting runic corruption, (thinking 3 times the duration of current), where you can spam your runes without worrying too much about the consequence. Does mediocre damage, if any.. -- Castigator Talent made baseline into Unholy & adding a new talent to the selection This talent is a mandatory pick. If you don't have it, you're doing it wrong. This is the only reason we take crit. Other than this, we have no real benefit to having it. Also! The other talents in the row are unique and cool! I would love if castigator was baseline and we got to pick something else on top of it. --Pet damage scaling with mastery: Your shadow damage is increased by X%. Your pets damage is increased by Y%. Or alternatively they deal a % of their damage as shadow. This makes mastery AND our pets matter more. -- Necrosis charges storing up to 5: This would help the talent fit into our rotation and make it more reliable to use. Also, right now it's not very competitive with the other talents in the row. Alternatively, Scourge Strike could increase the damage of your next death coil stacking up to 3x, a lot like focused rage is for warriors. -- Unholy Blight for on demand wounds on AoE Unholy Blight: Costs 1 rune. 30 second cooldown. Envelopes the Death Knight in a swarm of insects that do AoE damage around the player (same radius as remorseless winter) that apply festering wounds every second to enemy targets in it's radius. (This could replace blighted rune weapon as this talent would perform a similar function, just more reliable for AoE, and BRW is almost never taken anyways.) --Soul Reaper should be baseline The ability is too good to pass up. It's very fun to use as well. The other talents don't compare to it whatsoever either, especially not the current defile.. I think the majority of players would love to use soul reaper and dark arbiter together too. Since it scales better with haste, the 21% haste buff on top of it would synergize quite well. -- Epidemic refreshes and spreads plague to nearby targets This would make the talent more useful for situation where the targets spread out. -- There should be a shorter cooldown on Raise Dead (25-30 seconds) You cant do much to keep your pet alive, protective bile only does so much, there's no way to heal your pet, and if you used corpse shield, good luck... Not only that, but as far as class fantasy goes, a Death Knight wouldn't stop to think about his beloved pet dieing, he would just raise another and shrug it off. -- Standard Ghoul should NOT be a DPS loss Reasons why the abomination, despite not having higher dps ratios, is a dps gain over the standard ghoul is because of how much more reliable it is. It's cleave hits everything as long as it's in range, whereas the regular ghoul does not, and many times even misses point blank. Also, Huddle stops your ghoul from attacking, whereas protective bile does not. We should take the abomination for utility, not for it being the only talent you don't lose dps with. The Fix: Make the ghoul function relatively similar to the abomination, minus the hook. -- Pet aggro range needs adjusting Our pets currently aggro things way too often. I would suggest they don't aggro anything at all until they attack them, but that might not be very realistic, maybe just make it a lot smaller or something? Please, Also, Do read the comments. There are testimonies from many players as well as great suggestions, many of which I borrowed for this post. A special shoutout goes to Kraeftig for reminding me of many frustrations I have while playing Unholy, as well as Magdalena, from the Dk Discord who told me what sort of feedback does and doesn't work, as well as telling me to put an emphasis on the problems, rather than the solutions, as that generally is received better.Sídiøn286 3h
4h If you are unhappy with your DK Neverwinter diamond is free on Do yourself a favor and go try the blackguard. Everything a DK should be.Tyrlithiel6 4h
4h Rate That Mog! How I look?Reapérs91 4h
5h The upcoming nerf to Howling Blast scaling. Just don't. Just because you're buffing freezing fog doesn't mean you can over all nerf howling blast! I don't even choose that talent with my current set up! It just flat out nerfs my damage! You're just trying to push for the Breathe spec in pve, but the damn breathe spec is garbage in pve because half the bosses you can't even stay on long enough to get full use out of it. Example) Elerethe, Nythendra, Illgynoth, Dragons, Cenarius. Consistency spec is good because it's consistent. I like consistency! Stop pushing for the stupid breathe build in pve, it doesn't work!!! Do not nerf howling blast. Nerf it for pvp if you must but if you nerf howling blast in 7.1.5 it will be a hit.. though minor hit, to the consistency spec.Deathkman16 5h
5h Bursting as FDK I rolled fotm a little bit ago. Queued for an hour and hit 1600 but I'm not sure if I'm being optimal. Can someone with experience explain what types of burst we have and how to use them?Níghtwing7 5h
8h Fellow DKs Are you unhappy about the current state of your class? Are you worried that Blizzard is going to release 7.1.5 with a FUBAR Unholy design? Then join us here: And sign our petition.Witorius1 8h
8h 7.1.5 DK changes, if blizzard cared. 7.1.5 Quality of Life Wishlist for DPS and PVP DK 1) death's advance is back, for all specs 2) lower base GCD to 1.25 seconds. Give all specs 20% haste on the pvp template. 3) strangulate returns baseline for all specs 4) Festering Strike adds 3-4 wounds 5) necrotic strike ADDS one festering wound to the target. 6) deathgrip pulls you if target is immune 7) deathstrike refunds RP if it does not hit. 8) IBF lasts 12 seconds. 2 min cd.Shunyata11 8h
10h Blood talent: Soulgorge wutEricðraven5 10h
13h please let frost transmog 2h I want to feel like I'm playing 2h frost dk even if I'm notMagerleague195 13h
14h Thinking of switching to DK as a main? Hey, So ever since late Cata/MoP I've been a main rogue. However, with the Legion changes to rogue I find myself no longer enjoying the class, at all. (Not because of DPS etc but rather I hate the play style now) So I was thinking about playing a new class. Specifically, I want a class that can be played as a Worgen, and that if possible can tank. Out of the three options I have, I am really considering DK. However, I have a couple of questions: 1.- I know that Blood DK's playstyle is more reactive as opposed to proactive; how does this play at higher gear levels? Do your healers become less relevant when a Blood DK is tanking? 2.- I've been reading that Unholy is in a really bad position. Would it be correct to say that right now there's no reason to play Unholy over Frost? How likely is this to change? 3.- How is frost looking right now? What are their strengths or weaknesses? Thanks in advance!Snifferest8 14h
14h Developer Response Time I'm not trying to be nasty, I swear. Just a little baffled at the lack of communication lately. Any of you play LoL? The patch notes from Riot always have these little foot notes with explanations for each of the big changes or even little changes sometimes for minor patches. They have like a TLDR version too. I've seen this frequently on some other game forums. Blizz is HUGE. How do they not have better community managers? For you long-time wow forumers, has it always been this way? I feel like there's probably always a lull or "quiet time" between patches but keeping this quiet seems silly AF.Henric0 14h
14h Blood Resource Gen Nerf From the new 7.1.5 build -Heartbreaker Heart Strike generates ̶3̶ 2 additional Runic Power per target hit. Blood Death Knight - Level 56 Talent. -Rapid Decomposition Your Death and Decay deals damage ̶5̶0̶%̶ 15% more often, and while in your Death and Decay you generate ̶1̶5̶%̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶R̶u̶n̶i̶c̶ ̶P̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ 1 Runic Power per sec. Blood Death Knight - Level 57 Talent. Like, I get the whole talent diversity meme, but I don't get how nerfing the talents that are the only way Blood doesn't have horrendous resource generation/management and buffing talents that do completely different things helps anything. If anything Blood is going to feel clunkier and clunkier to play, even though this is already the worst iteration of the spec. (the rest of the build datamining is on mmo-champ before someone asks)Vaelias38 14h
16h No haste cap for Blood DK? So the priority I've been following for gearing is: Haste >>> Crit/Vers >>> Mastery From what I've gathered so far, there are no caps for haste and I should just continue to stack as much as possible in combination with Crit/Vers?Felsbells7 16h
16h Unholy Hidden Apperance & the PG method Simple question, Is the Proving Grounds method of farming the hidden appearance still working? I'd hate to be wasting my time.Asukira2 16h
17h Blood Changes I'm trying to understand the changes but can't really wrap my head around it. Did they just nerf our only viable talents in an effort to make some of our worst talents a little more attractive? Rapid Decomposition got slammed but nothing else in the line was changed? I'm not complaining yet, just looking for some perspective. Edit: looks like they're preparing our resource generation for the Tier bonus. What about those not looking or unable to raid?Darroh54 17h
17h Fix Death Strike Please It's been bugged ever since alpha. When you use death strike on a target, and it get's dodged/parried/immuned then you DONT get a heal. And to top it off, you also consumed 45 runic power....for nothing. It hasn't been like this before. I remember Death Strike always working regardless. Why hasn't this been addressed? This is a serious problem especially considering the fact that it's basically our only heal.Zagnarox35 17h
17h scream and complain louder confirmed worksFinesthour1 17h
17h Great idea for mastery with bone shield Let's all out scrap mastery scaling with blood shield because we've tried that in Legion and it was a flop Now how about the mastery improving our bone shield damage reduction percentage--for example every 10% mastery increases bone shield by 1% For example, 0 mastery = 16% bone shield but with 10 mastery = 17% , 20 mastery = 18% and so on any ideas? Think making mastery with bone shield scale would be great...Andarick4 17h
18h First mages. Now hunters? So mages tell them they are idiots they get a reply back. Now hunters tell them they screwed up ((in bolds in a mean manner) with them getting a reply. And here is a post. Going with all civil discussion about how to improve death knights mostly in the Unholy spec with over 250 posts and about 100 likes. and no reply? Do we have to be uncivil and child like to get a reply? I like this spec blizzard. Would love some feedback about this.Clagmore5 18h
19h It is the little things Like getting the blue skin for the hidden Artifact weapon that is all.Dèadèyès0 19h
22h Newbie Wondering: Blood or Frost Hi, so i just finished with my ret pally and am looking to start a new class. I have made a death knight but cant decide which spec is better. I like bloods ability to summon minions but frost looks impressive too. I've seen a lot of back and forth and heard one or the other was recently nerfed. What is yalls opinion on the two specs?Vlynin2 22h
22h Death Coil Damage Based on Runic Power At a cost of 35 Runic Power, Death Coil causes damage equal to 127.5% of your Attack power as Shadow damage to an enemy. A new talent for Unholy Death Knights to invest in would be increasing the damage of Death Coil based on how much Runic Power you've accumulated. For example, at 70 Runic Power, the Death Coil projectile increases in size and does 2x more damage. Then, at 105 Runic Power, Death Coil deals 3x more damage. Another idea is to simply have the critical strike damage increase incrementally with Runic Power, so that Death Knights would have to gear accordingly to use this talent to its fullest. Finally, would this work best as a talent or a baseline part of Unholy? Is it a bad idea altogether?Pelinkovac6 22h
22h Patch 7.1.5 COMPLETELY misses the mark Hello, this is my sort of review-esque of the most recent PTR build, and discussion on Blizzards mindset behind the current state of DK. I am currently 7/7M for reference and 881 ilvl, with DPS being my main spec(s) although I do tank M+. I also began this expansion as unholy, but after not getting the legendary bracers within the first two months decided to switch as frost was more reliable for higher AOE dps. Overrall its pretty frustrating when none of the great suggestions we are making are being even noticed or acknowledged, there is a great post for improvements towards Unholy that seems to be shadowbanned for the Devs apparently? tldr: They haven't addressed or done anything about DK mobility or lack of raid utility. Howling Blast nerf is pointless as the first 2 talents are still going to probably be the BiS in terms of choices. Blood DK nerfs seem to be coming from someone playing this game from a LFR Mindset, nerfing the goto talents just to make the other ones seem more "appealing" is not fun gameplay, just make them baseline and create something new. Unholy buffs to other talents that arent the current "Main" ones essentially did nothing as the spec either needs to be rebuilt or have half the talents added as baseline, castigator and SR are just too good to give up. Frost: I really dont understand why they cannot just add Frozen talents as baseline, creating a higher skill cap for the spec as you would to need to manage buff uptime. Luckily the HB nerf didnt also apply to ST, but it seems ridiculous that I even have to say that since nerfing a class over M+ strength seems ridiculous. I would have also liked to see Frost Scythe be able to trigger rime procs, as in its current state it effectively takes away have the specs rotation. Some number tuning might be needed but it would feel good to effectively not have half your rotation gutted just because of one talents strength in high AoE situations. And of course, they still havent fixed Frost's Legendary helm, which effectively is a stat stick on bosses as it cannot even proc the passive. Unholy: Where do you even begin with this class. From the horrendous amounts of RNG with all 3 of the Golden Traits being RNG procs, to the very rotation itself being a complete throw of the dice. Not to mention the entire rotation being tied to DND, which if a tank moves the adds out of might as well alt tab and load up Netflix. Like I said above there is a great post about changes that could be made, but for some examples having pets scale with mastery as well, castigator directly baseline, either shorter CD on DND or Epidemic baseline, and of course across the board number increases as currently UH sits almost dead last for DPS specs. Blood: Once again one has to wonder why "Main" talent choices were not just made baseline. It is extremely poor game design to just Nerf what the majority is taking, why not look towards why everybody is taking the exact same, and buff the class accordingly? The direct RP generation nerf is just brutal but also nerfing the Gorefiends Talent as well effectively nerfs the only reason to play Blood Tank - the high amounts of control they bring. Anyways this is just my 2 cents and it feels like the only way to get things changed is to either make repeated forum posts or get something up voted on Reddit, which is another issue in itself.Baelrok0 22h
23h What spec for pvp this expac? I know frost is generally the go to spec for pvp but I'm wondering if it's worth trying unholy. I've played unholy for a majority of WoD but had to switch to frost cause my arm was in a cast. Can unholy compete with frost in Legion? I already know the general rotation of unholy ever since the updates.Plagueborne3 23h
23h Frost DK is too strong Please fix, and don't do some other FotM class... just fix.Sequence63 23h
1d Str reduction in BG's I know we've received two 10% str reductions when entering a BG, but when I go in, i drop from 25681 to around 17800. This is amount is larger than the 20% reduction by approx. 2745 str (11% more). Can someone help me understand where that extra str reduction comes from?Hemotosis3 1d
1d Call to Arms My fellow brothers and sisters of death, I call on you for your assistance, your knowledge, and your persistence. Visit this thread: Provide what we need to Suffer Well. Links to threads, suggestions. Let this be our stand against the tyranny of Blizzard's Light.Myronas1 1d
1d FDK Legendary DPS Increases Anyone know how much each of the legendaries increase DPS? I just got the helm and was wondering how much DPS increase i could expect. Something like 8/20 (RW uptime) * HB damage * (1.4) would be max increase or something right?Zrocker18 1d
1d Stacking haste? So recently I changed my spec to stacking more haste and mastery. Currently I'm at 27% haste with food, 30% mastery, and 25% crit. I ran SimC when i had 21% haste, 25% crit and 7% verse with food buff, mastery sitting at maybe 23%, and they both literally gave the same single target dps of 350k. I was running mythic Ursoc and managed to sustain on average about 370k+ while alive, and always ended up at 350k-353k on average after death with the haste build. So I'm either going crazy or maybe haste is a worthwhile stat. Mind you last week i ran the verse build and the only change i have had is the crappy legendary ring which probably didn't change much but at death I was around like 330k on average.Drapster7 1d
1d Was going for Cecil FFIV Dark Knight Mog Did I nail it? is there a better helm out there? Cecil: 1d
1d FDK Utility Comparison I play both a fire mage and a frost DK. I love both classes and have played both for a while now. I have felt that FDK was over pruned with legion and people talk about the utility of mages so I wanted to compare the 2 classes I know most about. I know comparing classes is dangerous but I wanted to look at this from a neutral standpoint and see what really popped out in the area of utility. None of this takes into account talents. Its just the basic core set for each. I did the following more to break down the differences of each class and decided to post it if anyone else found it interesting. Fire Mage Utility 1. Blink - 20 yard teleport 15 sec cool down 2. Invisibility - go invisible, 5 minute cool down 3. Dragons Breath - Disorients target for 4 seconds 4. Ice Block - encase in Ice for 10 seconds negating all damage 5. Frost Nova - Blasts enemy freezing them in place 6. Time Warp - Increase Haste for all party members for 40 seconds. 5 minute cool down (10 min debuff) 7. Portals - Port self and others to major cities. No cool down 8. Conjure Refreshment - Do I need to say more? 9. Ice Barrier - Damage Shield absorb. Last 1 minute, 25 sec cool down 10. Polymorph - incapacitate target 11. Counterspell - 6 sec interrupt 24 sec cool down 40 yard range 12. Spellsteal - Steals beneficial magic effect from target 13. Slow Fall - Slow falling for target 14. Cauterizing Blink - selfheal every time you blink or shimmer Frost DK Utility 1. Remorseless winter – 50% snare 20 sec cool down 2. Rune Forge – Enchant Weapon 3. Raise Ally – Battle Rez 4. Icebound Fortitude Reduce all damage by 20% 3 minute cool down 5. Wraith Walk – 70% speed increase for 3 seconds 45 second cool down 6. Anti-Magic Shell 5 Sec shield absorbing magic damage up to 30% health 1 minute cool down 7. Pillar of Frost - Immunity to snares. Strength Boost 1 minute cool down 8. Mount Speed - Extra 10% speed 9. Chains of Ice - Snare target reducing speed by 70% 10. Empower Rune - Activate all runes and generate 25 rp 11. Sindragosa’s Fury - 50% Snare 5 minute cooldown 12. Plate - Wear heavy armor 13. Mind Freeze - 4 sec interrupt 15 yard range 15 sec cool down 14. Path of frost - Walk on Water 15. Death Gate. - Port to Ebon Hold. 1 minute cool down 16. Death Strike - selfheal. 17. Death Grip - Pull target to you Results (This is my opinion based on my own experiences in PvE and PvP.) I have the category and then the class I feel is better. 1. Mobility. Mage: Blink/Shimmer makes a mage very mobile. Wraithwalk is a joke. 2. Disable. Mage: Polymorph and to a certain extent Frost nova can completely shut down a target. 3. Group utility Mage: Time warp, Conjure refreshement, Portals, slow fall. FDK has path of frost and battle rez. 4. Damage Mitigation Tie: FDK has AMS, Icebound Fortitude and wears plate armor. Mage has Ice Block and Ice Barrier. Ice Barrier is what makes mages catch up here. 5. Snares. FDK between remorseless winter, Chains of ice and Sindragosa’s Fury. If we were comparing to a frost mage than the Frost mage would win here. 6. Escapes Mage: Invisibility (when it works) and blink can go hand in hand of getting a mage out of trouble. FDK is pretty much engaged until they win or die. 7. Self Heals. FDK: Fire mage can heal 8% of their health every time they use shimmer or blink which is every 15 seconds or less. FDK has to have rp to use death strike but with Icebound up it can heal for more… But icebound is on a 3 minute timer and only lasts 8 seconds and you have to hope you have RP when you pop it to get heals. The piece that puts FDK ahead is Fallen crusader but its RNG dependent. 8. Interrupts Tie: FDK can interrupt every 15 seconds but only at 15 yards and for 4 seconds. Mage can interrupt every 25 seconds but for 6 seconds and at a 40 yard range. 9. Self buffs Tie. Mage has combustion and FDK has Pillar of Frost and rng procs from Fallen Crusader. I might lean towards FDK on this one a little 10. Other Misc Mage: Spell Steal is amazing when used right. I love using this ability on my mage. Conclusion FDK does seem to have more utility as far as what we have at our disposal in numbers but the quality of that utility just doesn’t compare to blizzards pet class or other classes. The PTR that posted last night only addressed talents for FDK and failed to address our core issues and lack of good utility. I have posted these ideas before and still stand by them. FDK needs the following added UTILITY in my opinion Wraithwalk given a second charge and speed increased to 100%. I still don’t like this ability Sindragosa’s Fury has its cool down reduced to 3 minutes. Asphyxiate given to FDK so we have a reliable instant disable. Death Grip either pulls you to the target immune to the grip or gives you a second charge if it fails. I do think the class needs some core redesign but that's for another day.Ulthas9 1d
1d Unholy the Caster? Has anyone else played around with this style of play? It seems to be my most successful method in pvp vs toe 2 toe.Serothil15 1d
1d Mythic nythandra Does sindragosa's fury actually work on the mind controlled people? I've used it several weeks and it has only hit the boss.Akusalol8 1d
1d missing sword hey guys need some help here just got this death night and one of the swords dissapered, its red in the top right like it need to be repaired but i cant. im running around whit one sword and dont know what to do pls help (btw new player to the game be gentle)Tioluci2 1d