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1d ~ Death Knight Reference Guide ~ So the idea of this thread is to help new players with a list of Death Knights who contribute to the community, either with helpful guides (PvE and PvP) or by streaming high-level gameplay. I'm asking for recommendations for this list from the rest of the DK community so that this compendium can be a success. Let's begin. ~ PvE ~ Peroxcyde (Mythic Blood Tanking Guides) ... Troxism (Blood Tanking Guide) ... Skullflower (Mythic Frost/Unholy DPS Guides) ... ... MetaGoblin (Frost/Unholy Guides/Macro/Addons) ... ~ PvP ~ ReinhartDaRussion (2.4k+ Unholy Guides/Utility/Pet Management/Macro/Addons) ... MetaGoblin (Unholy/Frost Guides/WPvP/Montages/Macros/Addons) ... Mes (Multi-Rank 1 Frost Streamer) ... HypeDown (2.2k Frost/Unholy Guides/Macros/Montages/Arenas) ...Xyzdk41 1d
1m Best looking DK Race? Just wondering what opinions are, I'm staying Alliance and I originally went Worgen, tempted to race change though. What are your thoughts on the best looking DK race for both sides? I'm torn on Alliance, but on Horde I would say Orc/BE.Ashès4 1m
3m Frost DK... I want to be able to play one. ... I'm going to start this off and say that my DK is just an alt I play with a friend. I currently main a pally so I have very little bias when it comes to DKs. However, Frost just absolutely sucks. In the quote above, Death Knights are said to be something you want to kite and avoid at all costs which should be easy to do because of their low mobility. I LOVE this. It really adds to the class fantasy of this slowing encroaching death. However, right now (as everyone else knows) frost is bottom of the pack and useless. They have no mobility (which again, is great), no toolkit to help in raids (fine), bottom DPS (why?) and their main ability (obliterate) is outclassed by a skill that is meant to do AoE damage (how does that make any sense). What needs to happen, plain and simple is for obliterate to do more damage by dealing frost damage (thus scaling off of our mastery). This will give us a slight buff to dps and makes this viable in the FDK's rotation. Right now (even in the beta with artifact weapons) lots of youtubers and forum posters, even on other classes forums, have told me time and time again to just give up on my DK because they are "garbage" and honestly, it's starting to feel that way. Thanks for reading and hopefully this gets some attention. I don't mean for this to come across as whiny but rather a constructive post where we can talk about what needs to be done to help the DK feel stronger in its place which is face to face with the enemy. (TL:DR my thoughts are just make obliterate scale in some way as right now, Frost feels very weak even when you finally catch targets)Hecem53 3m
9m Thanks, Blizzard. We are in a really good spot at PvP right now! Thanks for making Unholy do less AOE damage than every other DPS can do as single target. Thanks for removing Death's Advance and making our mobility almost inexistent. Thanks for making our survivability one of the worst in the game. Thanks for making our cc look like a joke. And now, thanks for nerfing Apocalypse and destroying our only way of being useful in arenas. We didn't ask for every single trait. We just want to have some utility, be it damage + cc - mobility - survivability, or damage + survivability - mobility - cc, etc... How is it possible that your simple gaming community can see the obvious lack of logic behind this nerfs, and your specialists can't? Seriously? Don't make it like WoD again... For those who didn't know: Death Knight - Heartstop Aura now decreases cooldown recovery rate by 20% (was 30%). - Heartstop Aura radius is now 8 yards (was 10 yards). - Necrotic Aura radius is now 12 yards (was 10 yards). - Apocalypse (Unholy) now bursts 4 Festering Wounds (was 8). - Chill Streak (Frost) now deals 7% of the target's health in damage per jump.Algaroth3 9m
35m Dk feeling weak... :'( From the start of the legion patch, UH was alright. Sure, a lot of things changed, but our diseases did decent amount of damage, and we could manage to get top of the charts if we knew how to spread it well. Now, due to the low key nerfs blizz has been doing, our diseases are useless. We do the same damage as a tank in pvp. Our survivability is the worst in the game, worser than any cloth user. Pretty much on the same level as a DH, but with no dps to make up for the lack of survivability. Ive switched to blood, happy to say its the best spec for DK to do pvp in currently. The battles are long, our mobility sucks, but at least I can defeat 80% of all classes 1v1. Also, frost. Frost hasn't been doing very well either. It is currently still battling the nerf illness and we wish it a full recovery in legion. Hopefully, with a 2hander too.Dethz8 35m
38m DK Legion BETA Hey people of the BETA, can i ask if apocalypse have a passive to summon an army of death ghoul? and if this works on BG's as well?Quimey5 38m
41m What's wrong with DK's having mobility? Really scratching my head at the recent talks of removing Deaths Advance. They will buff Wraith Walk, but that's a damn long CD compared to monk's roll or warriors charge. My question is why. DK's have been complaining about their severe lack of mobility for a LONG time and just when it looks like we get a nice passive to aid with this it gets removed. I really do NOT wanna spec into Lingering Apparition just to be competitive on high movement fights.Torelli491 41m
1h Lone Wolf for Unholy Anyone wish there was something like this. I honestly don't like my ghoul/abomination companion. I don't need some mashed potato brained creature helping me dps, I'd prefer to just be stronger on my own.Pungewort12 1h
1h Frost - 2H - Frostscythe What do you guys think of using a 2H for frost spec, abandoning obliberate and frost strike (i know this sounds crazy) and just spamming frostscythe and using your runic power only for death strike and breath of sindragosa?? Just a thought, what do you guys think? (i know it would be SO repetitive)Mâgick4 1h
1h Do Blizzard devs hate DKs? Ok, so I get the whole class fantasy thing. Classes and specs should have strengths and weaknesses. It sounds well and good. It works for other specs. But look at DKs. Blizzard wants DKs to be slow and immobile. They're the least mobile class. They want them to apparently have no utility, low survivability and self-healing. All well and good. So they've got the weaknesses part of the equation covered. But where are the strengths? Where do DKs excel? Where is the compensation for all these negatives? Right now in Legion Unholy is middle of the pack in dps and Frost is dead last. How is that acceptable? How does that make any sense? I'm not trying to QQ, but there has to be a reason for this. Does Blizzard want to destroy the first hero class because there's now another? Do the devs just have something personal against the class? Where is the rationale, because the current state of the class makes no sense. Is the class fantasy they're going for a slow, immobile class that does no damage? Well, Blizzard, you nailed it. Admittedly I'm a little triggered right now after just reading that DK legendaries in Legion just received a bunch of nerfs. I mean...really? After everything else the legendaries needed to be nerfed too? Granted, a lot of other specs also got some nerfs (and some got buffs), but those other classes have other things going for them. I just don't know where Blizzard is trying to take this class. Does anyone have any idea? By the way, I'm speaking mainly of Frost and Unholy specs. I haven't really paid much attention to Blood, though I did read they got some hefty nerfs. It's pretty mind-boggling after months of number tuning Blizzard devs were so off-base from where they wanted the spec that they'd nerf a base ability by 40% a week before the expansion. But I digress. I'm going to go eat a pie.Geven42 1h
2h Huge Nerf to Apocalypse in PvP Death Knight - Heartstop Aura now decreases cooldown recovery rate by 20% (was 30%). - Heartstop Aura radius is now 8 yards (was 10 yards). - Necrotic Aura radius is now 12 yards (was 10 yards). - Apocalypse (Unholy) now bursts 4 Festering Wounds (was 8). Those are the dk nerfs. I guess I was wrong in saying they wouldn't nerf it and it was a huge nerf which is going to significantly hurt Unholy in arena. Hard to tell where Unholy stands after this until some testing to see the actual numbers.Toxicant55 2h
2h Artefact: Frostmourne I must start by staying that I am exceptionally excited about the release of Legion. The story arc, changes to the honour system and implementation of artefacts and class orders all seem conceptually awesome. However I can not believe that Frostmourne will not be an artefact. There is no other weapon that is as intrinsically linked to the very soul of a class as Frostmourne is to Death Knights. It is the corrupting influence responsible for the creation of our most hated adversary, it is source of our own dark rebirth, simultaneously destroyer and creator. It was only with Frostmourne's destruction during Arthas' downfall that we were truly free to pursue our own destiny within Azeroth. Within the context of legion, no other weapon seems as fitting as a reforged and resurgent Frostmourne, wielded by the paragon of the Death Knights, repurposed to take the fight to the demons who set in motion the events leading to the very creation of our class. I completely understand the desire to afford each individual specialisation a unique artefact weapon and the intent to distinguish Frost through DW, but I personally am desperately hopeful that after all these years Death Knights we will be able to return to Icecrown Citadel, collect the shattered remnants of the blade and either reforge Frostmourne in its original form (2h - Blood & Unholy) or as icebringer and soulreaper (DW - Frost). The distinction between the Blood and Unholy spec variants could then be made through the method in which the weapon is reforged. If there are any Death Knights out there who disagree, I would genuinely be interested to hear why?Anaverous35 2h
2h BIG problems with DK Design in LEGION To the Lore's Post ... So right now by this logic if DKs have the lowest mobility / uptime then they should be doing the most melee damage. Well right now every single class out there out trades UH in melee and most of them out trade Frost DKs due to lack of control. Monks, Ferals, Rogues just laugh at us and our damage. Will be releasing a video where we won vs Venruki's 3s and their feral did 50% more damage than my UH DK SINGLE TARGET. UH and Frost became deadly and whats the first thing came around - yeah lovely nerfs to (UH the most to the point of spec being completely useless at the moment.) Well if our damage got nerfed can we see an increase in our CCs or mobility. I do not understand what formula do our developers use designing a class. You designed a crap like pandemic, shadow strike abilities that are brain dead and require only 1 button to press to be effective then you turn around NERF UH's MASTERY, DOT Damage because you designed a terrible talent that lets us TOP DPS with 1 button. Then you say DKs damage is too high so you nerfed it on par if not less than other melee and then both HOLINKA and LORE say that the classes with most uptime should be doing the least damage. Well how bout either nerfing other melee or buffing DKs back. Please make up your mind. If you can't design classes why not take community's feedback instead of pointing fingers and saying "daddy knows best". DKs participated in Blizzcon in MOP season 12 and won last time in Cata Season 9-10. Are you serious? Since Ghostcrawler left I have not seen DK coming anywhere CLOSE to being viable in competitive PvP environment. Yet Tournaments filled with Rogues, Warlocks, Mages, Warriors. Can you please design classes that make sense? It's not hard trust me. Here are a few lessons: Least mobility + Least control = HIGHEST DAMAGE (by miles) Least mobility = Good Sustain healing (we cant LOS or kite so we need a stronger heals than WW, Ferals, Shamans) Cleave Bloated damage =/= effective damage. If we do 6 mil damage and feral does 5.5 mil damage feral is infinitely stronger due to off heals, CC, mobility but most importantly SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE VS AOE SPAM This is infuriating seeing your favorite classes stripped of utilities, damage, complexity and not given anything in return (UH lost 13 binds). yet you cant balance the numbers anywhere to be playable 2 weeks before release with lots of false promises about your DPS templates that do NOT work. Please get your head in a game and balance the rest of the game so maybe we can have an ounce of enjoyment in a new facebook game called WoW.Reinhart74 2h
3h DK Pet Model Update I know a lot of people are asking for model updates on various things, so there's a lot of pressure for the art team in this regard. However after seeing Warlocks getting visual updates to their pets, I think it could be time for Death Knights to get their turn with ghouls and abominations. Abominations I'd especially like to see updated. They're super old vanilla but I like the design, so it would be cool to new.Kronck5 3h
3h Rate the Transmog 7.0+ So it took a little for the Armory to start updating and now it looks like Avatars are showing. Though mine confuses the hell out of me. I'm putting a image link cause eventually it'll sort it'self out. 3h
3h lets give pallies ashbringer 2nd most baddass sword in history, behind Frostmourne of course. But give FDKs some random !@# sword. make fdks great again Pogchamp.Cheezeit12 3h
4h Dk all will serve How far behind is all will serve from the other two talents?Deminor15 4h
4h Huge Frost DK ''hotfix'' (PvP)? I logged onto my DK and while I was specced Frost, I took a quick look at those honor talent again until I realized that Heartstop Aura has been nerfed from 30% to 20% alreay and that Chill Streak just passed from 12% target's max hp down to 7%..... that's almost cut in half as well. So that's our ultimate final talent for a spec that has absolutely zero strengths outside of sustained burst damage? Why the hell has this game been in beta all this time and then all of a sudden, make huge changes like that 4 days before release when people have been using the beta and the prepatch to make up their minds about which class to go with? I was set to keep my DK as my main but I'm so pissed off at these changes on top of all that I've seen that if Frost isn't bursty enough (and has crap mobility and crapy survivability and no CCs in a bursty meta), it'll be completely useless in PvP. Unholy already had pathetic single target damage, Apocalypse was a big part of it apparently and that also got cut in half it seems from what I just read.Neosoul1 4h
6h Rune of Razorice bug Rune of razorice is not applying in instanced pvp. (arena's atleast). Pretty big bug imo. This was present in legion beta, and has been ignored. I posted this in the bug report forum, but it went unnoticed. Just posting it here to get more people aware of the bug.Proseph38 6h
6h Death Knight Race. So I'm stuck trying to decide between Undead or Blood elf. The Pros and cons I have found for each are as follows. Undead Pros -Racials really feel in line with the Death Knight -The bones and rotting flesh work well with the look of a Knight of the Damned -I like the animations for Two-handers and one Handers, passable casting animations Cons -Death Knight voice for Undead is just awful, I could disable it but if I make a death knight I'd wanna use the voice. -Undead sit a little awkward for my tastes on their Archeus Mounts -No unique Death Knight custom character creation options, the Glowing Blue eyes look awkward with Undead as they still have the yellow bit on the sides Blood Elves Pros -Unique Custom character creation options. -Death Knight Voice sounds great on them -Racials while not fitting the undeath theme still work well with Death Knights. Cons -I hate the two-hander animations, can tolerate one-handers So if anyone can help me figure out which race to go that'd help greatlySteelhorn5 6h
8h Marrowrend/Bone Shield graphics I would like to suggest that some glyphs are added to alter the appearance of Marrowrend's Bone Shield. While the current graphic fits well for a traditional blood death knight, the changes in Legion introduced a vampire theme to the blood Death Knight, with the Blooddrinker, Red Thirst, Soulgorge, and Blood Mirror talents - which happen to all fit evenly into the same build. While I have an appreciation for the old graphics from when we were running around with the other death knights dying on stolen horses, I find the visual a stark contrast to the sanguinary abilities your character can choose to specialize in. I would like to see a glyph that allows for Bone Shield to fit more closely with the existing blooddrinker theme. I furthermore suggest a glyph for marrowrend that 'sheds the unimportant parts of Bone Shield' and surrounds the character in globes of marrow, a simple recoloration of the Shaman's Earth Shield. Just imagine what that would look like. Any thoughts?Vrykolakas6 8h
8h Advantages of Blood over other tanks? I was planning on using Blood for raiding in Legion but if 110 is anything like 100 I feel like I might as well roll another tank. Probably warrior. I really don't want to relearn a new spec so close to xpac launch, but at the same time I don't want to burden my healers in Legion by taken massive spike damage on my paper thin, but slow as a brick DK. Are there any positives for Blood at 110?Impudent29 8h
8h Can someone explain the KM pvp talent to me? I don't get it in the slightest. We want melee crits ->to get killing machine -> to make oblit crit -> to aid us get rime. Right? Taking this talent eats away free oblit crits and replaces it with one on a 45 sec CD for 50% more damage. I am no mathematician but these numbers don't seem to add up. In 45 sec you can get tons of killing machine procs. How does this talent help in the slightest? I guess if it works with obliteration and causes each of the 4ish tops oblits you get from it deal 50% more damage you are now hitting for 6 oblits in the span of 4? I am just seriously confused. Am I missing something big about the talent. I have played a good bit of frost pvp and nowhere can I think that this talent would aid in my burst. I guess it gives a slight bit of control but to what end? Then again I am not claiming to know !@#$, I might just be talking out of my %^- and this may be the best talent ever. Could someone clear this up for me?Vahrok0 8h
9h Will Apocalypse be nerfed? (For those who don't know:) Artifact Talent Rank 1/1: Strikes an enemy that deals 220k physical damage and bursts all festering wounds, and summons a minion of the Army of the Undead for each festering wound you burst. I hope this doesn't get nerfed/tuned down, i've spent days figuring out what artifact weapon I want to start on first, and I think I finally found my answer.Malgroth13 9h
9h Unholy Dk PvP 7.0 Legion Hello everyone, I just wanted to share what I think is going to be the best talents for unholy Dk in 3v3 and 2v2, and also some tips on how to play Unholy in Legion. This is completely subjective and you guys can critique my choices all you want. This is just my opinion on what is best. I'm going over several builds and some reasons why each build is the way it is. Best 3v3 build for Unholy Dk: Festering wounds are the main mechanic of the Unholy Dk spec, and this build is going to be the best to optimize on festering wound damage and festering wound application. Almost every talent in this build is tied into the Festering wound mechanic. 1st tier of talents: Bursting Sores, This is the best talent in this row because it increases festering wound damage when burst by 50% and gives an AoE effect to festering wound damage. 2nd tier of talents: Pestilent Pustules, This is just going to help you with your rune regeneration, and is very good because your going to be popping festering wounds consistently throughout a 3v3 match. 3rd tier of talents: Castigator, This talent is rng based, but is still better than the other two. Adding or popping 2 festering wounds based on critting festering strike or scourge strike is very good. 4th tier of talents: Asphyxiate, Sludge Belcher Both of these are good. I would say pick Sludge Belcher if you have enough stuns on your team and you need more utility, and if you don't have enough stuns on your team pick Asphyxiate. 5th tier of talents: Corpse Shield, This is far better than the other two. 90% damage reduction but all damage taken is redirected to the pet. I would recommend making a huddle/protective bile macro with corpse shield so your pet doesn't die and you get the full effect of corpse shield. 6th tier of talents: Infected Claws, The main focus of this build is to apply and pop festering wounds, so this is obviously going to be the best for this specific build. 7th tier of talents: Soul Reaper, Soul Reaper is very unique, and I love the change done to it. It gives you 7% haste for each festering wound popped while the Soul Reaper buff is active on you. This has a ton of synergy with the artifact weapon. The way you will use this is when you get 8 festering wounds on your main target, you apply Soul Reaper, then use your artifact weapon. This will pop all 8 festering wounds and give you 3 stacks of Soul Reaper buff which is 21% haste for 15 seconds. Honor talents that are the best for 3v3: 1st tier of honor talents: Relentless, Gladiator's Medallion If you're Orc I would 100% recommend you taking Relentless. Dk's aren't very prone to dying in stuns and Relentless stacked with orc racial is very good in general. I would probably use Gladiator's Medallion if I was any other race, but i'm not sure, I haven't been playing any other race other than Orc on my Dk. 2nd tier of honor talents: Sparring, Reinforced Armor Sparring against double Melee, Reinforced Armor against double caster or melee/caster. 3rd tier of honor talents: Cadaverous Pallor, Dark Simulacrum, Anti-Magic Zone You can use all three of these in different situations. I would use Cadaverous Pallor against any lock team, it shuts down a lot of their damage. I would use Dark Simulacrum against any mage or druid(balance/resto, since feral no longer has clone). I would use Anti-Magic Zone against any bursty double caster comps. 4th tier of honor talents: Decomposing Aura, Heartstop Aura, Necrotic Aura All three of these are completely comp based. I would use Decomposing/Heartstop against any double melee. I would use Necrotic Aura if I was playing with a Warlock, Mage, or Shadow priest. 5th tier of honor talents: Crypt Fever, Pandemic Use Crypt Fever against teams in which you're going to train a healer or a specific target. I would use Pandemic if I was trying to cleave with a warlock or a spriest. 6th tier of honor talents: Unholy Mutation, Unholy Mutation is the only viable talent on this row in my opinion. Reanimation is really gimmicky and never works since every class have some form of cleave effect. Necrotic strike just doesn't absorb enough healing for the amount of resources used(1 rune, and 1 festering wound). How to play Unholy Dk in 3v3: The main purpose of Dk in the 3v3 meta currently is to do a lot of damage and disrupt people as much as possible with ranged mind freeze, grip, pet grip(if your talented into sludge beltcher), and your stun. Like I said your main damage is coming from festering wounds, so you're going to be using festering strike a lot more than you used to in previous expansions. Also you wan't to always use your Artifact weapon apocalypse when the healer is in some form of cc or when your trying to do as much damage as possible in a rot comp. The ghouls from apocalypse give buffs which increase your damage by a large amount. Thanks for reading my Unholy Dk 3v3 guide, if you think there are better talents then what I have picked you are open to leave your opinion below. Thanks :DBluntyx1 9h
10h Another Frost Nerf! YAY! Ok, so the spec specific legendaries that we have? Guess what... The Wrists, that provided Pillar of Frost a 20% Increase to Frost Damage? Ya... It's 15% now... Oh, and the ring that provided an Extra Charge to Empowered Rune Weapon/Hungering Rune Weapon and increasing the rate of recharge time by 20%? Ya... That's 5% increased rate of recharge time now... On a good note... The 5% Increased Frost Damage from Razorice now properly provides a bonus to all the Frost Spells now, and not just Frost Strike like it used to... So essentially they fixed a bug that was causing stuff to not work properly, and then nerfed us some more. Oh, and none of this was posted in the Hotfix notes... Seems legit.... .................................. ^%$@^% &^$*&# &^#%!&$ ^@%#&$^ %@^&~!Jarrlaxle2 10h
10h Runeforging. It's been gone from my spell book since prepatch... Is there a way to get it back? why's it missing? many questions. much sad. WoW.Insertbrain7 10h
10h Why are DK Legendaries so bad? If you take a look at Mages legendaries you will notice that most of them are fun and actually useful. Shard of the Exodar for example, doesn't cause Temporal Displacement on the caster after casting Time Warp. Darckli's Dragonfire Diadem increases Dragon's Breathe damage by 100% and it's range by 25 yards. Those legandaries seem fun and useful right? Then you get a spec like UH DK which has 3/4 of it's legendaries depend on chance, small chance btw. Uvanimor the Unbeautiful has a 10% on your pet's attack to activate 1 of your runes.. this doesnt' sound fun at all. None of them sound fun at all. Why are all based on chance while most other classes have flat out damage increases not based on "10% chance to refund 2 runes?" wtf.Maraloc4 10h
10h Let me get this straight So... As Frost, without a very specific legendary, we've had our Self Heals nerfed into the ground. We've got 0 Raid Utility, 1 Group Utility with Path of Frost, and 1 Self Utility with Deathgrip (Arguable whether this is utility). Meaning we are extremely lacking in Utility... We are extremely lacking in Mobility (Which is fine, provided that DK's are SUPPOSED to feel dangerous when they get in range). Our usable ability from our Artifact maybe does 200k Damage every 5 minutes at 110. And finally... Our DPS is on the same tier as my battle pet. This is acceptable?Jarrlaxle9 10h
10h Gathering Storm So level 90 talents for DK''s are pretty cool. Frostscythe hits for tons of damage (especially when paired with killing machine), Runic attenuation can actually be pretty useful to keep your rotation going with more runic power abilities... Then there's Gathering Storm, sure 100% additional damage seems to be great on your aoe spell but it still seems less than great when compared with the other two. Could we possibly have it stack higher (instead of just 10) and instead work on the amount of runic power spent? like perhaps a stack gained after every 10-15 runic power spent? Setting up for a combo like this would keep a DK player choose between using frost strike with frost talons up for sustained damage, applying death strike for healing, or getting a large amount of burst dps by waiting until you have max runic power. To get max efficiency out of Gathering storm you have to pair it up with horn of winter and Gathering Rune weapon, and even then your only doubling your RW's damage (which at level 100 with mostly 700 gear im hitting around 4000 damage per target). Could we possibly get a buff with this talent?Vogekth0 10h
11h Best professions for a DK? I'm pretty much set as my first one for Enchanting so I can enchant my own gear, plus make a ton of money enchanting others. However would maxing enchanting/Engineering be a good mix? That way I can also make my own gear/weapons at max level? I wouldn't have mining which would suck but I could probably afford the mats with enchanting. What do you guys think at 90 with those maxed? I'm definitely getting enchanting, and wanted JC, but I think Engineering makes more sense. Also I've got another quick question for PvP: Is unholy still better than frost in PvP? I'm mostly going to be doing PvPDivergent16 11h
11h What makes Arbiter so good for PvP? Granted I took several breaks (just recently came back from a 2 years break), I still played WoW a lot since day 2 vanilla and DK has remained my main or one of my mains at all times ever since they came out with WOTLK. I mostly PvP (more particularly arenas, mostly 2v2s right now since our healer has left a few years ago and we didn't bother to find a new one). I know that the Arbiter is supposed to be the clear best choice on that tier for PvP, especially for arenas with Defile being an other viable option for BGs. Yet, I still end up using Defile over the Arbiter, not because Defile is so great but simply because the Arbiter seems to be just plain awful on paper and not work out well for me in 2s (Defile is far from great in 2v2s and Soul Reaper seems to be almost useless for PvP when you're getting kited nonstop but I could be wrong here). I see the top DKs use it in their videos when they play Unholy at 110. It's just that so far, for me, it feels like the Arbiter is hardly better than the base Gargoyle and in some case, simply worse. Pros: 1- More burst in a short period of time. Cons: 1- If not buffed with runic power (additive %, not multiplicative), it does the same damage as a Gargoyle BUT only lasts 15 seconds instead of 40. If unbuffed, it then would deal less than half the total damage a Gargoyle can do. 2- It actually does not even deal the same base damage as the Gargoyle in PvP because the PvP template says that it deals only 70% dmg. 3- It requires a ramp up time where you need to build a full runic power bar 4- It is very vulnerable to CCs due to its much shorter duration (especially bad vs priests) 5- If your DK gets CCed and can't keep on spending RP fast early on, the Arbiter's damage won't grow that fast or that much. 6- The damage increases as you spend RP so if you keep on buffing the damage say after it has been out for 10 seconds out of 15, there are only 5 seconds left for it to ''hit hard''. -Overall, whenever I tried it in 2v2 (double DPS teams), the ramp up time was too long and I was half dead before I could pop it while the Gargoyle can be cast immediately (fire and forget). -If I don't calculate in details but overall quickly, since it only deals 70% of its damage AND also only lasts 15 seconds, I think you would need to spend a full RP bar PLUS a deathcoil proc to get its total damage to be even with 30 seconds of Gargoyle. This means that I'd literally have to ramp up and hold off for a full RP bar, pop it, not get CCed, spend it all AND have time to quickly rebuild a new full RP bar and unload it ASAP for the Arbiter to deal about the same damage as an untalented gargoyle could have done but in half the time. -If the player does not die from it (the rest of unholy's single target dmg is quite pathetic right now), this talent was a complete waste as the regular Gargoyle should normally dish out more total damage overall AND you lost one of the other 2 talents (which aren't great either but which are clearly upgrades at least). So I'm sure I'm doing it wrong or overlooking something or underestimating something else but I can't seem to find it. Could someone explain to me what makes it so great in arenas and how to use it properly if I'm not using it right?Neosoul1 11h
12h Issues with Blood DK's design Just to preface this, I don't want to make this just another post whining about 'waa, blood isn't a top tank anymore' because that's been done to death at this point. However I do think that there are some core problems with Blood's design as a tank that worry me about it going into Legion, and I'd really like to bring them to Blizzard's attention and potentially get other people's thoughts on them. The Reactive Playstyle This is one I'm a bit conflicted on, because on the one hand I appreciate that Blizzard is trying to preserve Death Strike as the core defensive ability. On the other hand encounters in Legion are very clearly designed with tanks having active mitigation and Blood is the only tanking spec that doesn't have any. This means that instead of the steady damage intake other tanks will have, a Blood DK's health will be rubber-banding back and forth constantly as they take big spikes of damage and then (hopefully) heal portions of it back up. But that's not even the worst part. Take the Spear of Nightmares ability from a certain Emerald Nightmare fight, for example. It deals high damage to the tank and then spawns a damaging area, the size and severity of which is based off of the amount of damage taken by the tank. Blood is the only tanking spec that completely lacks a method of dealing with this mechanic, as it has no active mitigation and will thus spawn a full sized pool every single time. This isn't even the only such instance, as there are many abilities in both 5 mans and raids that are clearly designed to be proactively avoided, not just reactively healed up. Mashing a reactive tank into a role that was clearly designed with proactive tools feels, to use an overused buzzword, incredibly clunky. The Terminator Mobility Blizzard's philosophy on Death Knight mobility has always been consistent and I actually admire them for sticking with it even at the height of class homogenization. While other classes might dash and blink around, Death Knights should be slow and steady. Blizzard even reaffirmed this earlier this month in the DK class forum. The problem is that, just like with Active Mitigation, Blizzard clearly designed the raids for tanks to be moving around. While a warrior might be able to heroic leap out of the raid to drop a debuff and then immediately charge back in, a DK is going to be hoofing it both ways and losing a ton of uptime on the boss. The Utility Belt You'd think that given our troubles with active mitigation and mobility, we'd at least bring a lot of utility to the table. I mean after all Blizzard has done a pretty good job so far of keeping tank survivability in the same ballpark (excepting those poor poor Monks), so utility is now one of the greatest ways a tank can differentiate itself and provide value. Paladins bring hand of protection, warriors bring commanding shout, and druids bring stampeding roar. Meanwhile DK's bring... Gorefiend's Grasp and Death Grip, both of which will do nothing but pop up a handful of 'immunes' in the current raid encounters. Commanding Shout and Stampeding Roar are abilities that you will find a use for every single encounter, whereas Gorefiends is an ability that you will have a legitimate use for maybe once or twice in an entire raid. Bringing it all home I feel like I should clarify that I actually think Blizzard has done a fairly good job of tank balance going into Legion. Every single tank is going to be viable for all content. That's absolutely not the issue and I'd be dishonest to claim otherwise. Blood will obviously be able to tank mythic content, both in raids and five mans. But if every tank is viable, why deal with the one who has the most drawbacks? Why do Blood DK's have to sacrifice smooth damage intake, mobility, and utility just to perform as well as any of the other tanks who don't have to give up a single one of those things, much less all three? Prior the the latest round of hotfixes the answer was 'higher damage' but now DHs and Paladins beat them in AoE and practically every other tank does in single target as well. TL;DR Blood DKs 'class fantasy' involves giving up smooth damage intake, mobility, and utility, but they don't get anything in return compared to tanks that have all three.Mordenn32 12h
12h Frost DK artifact talent choices So, I picked this beauty ( up from the lovely shaman forums and was wondering if something similar exists for Frost and Unholy. A flow chart or some beta experience in talent flow for Frost specifically, would be fantastic, thank you for your time!Adörabull0 12h
13h Blood DK, ugly girlfriend of Vengeance DH You must have heard that Blood DK's were amongst the best tanks in Legion Beta... at least Blizzard developers must have. Or maybe after the pre-expansion patch, you must have seen many premade mythic groups specify "No DH" when searching for a tank... maybe the developers saw that. Squishy, I guess. I defended the spec to friends, pointing out that DH's only have two talents and advised waiting for the expac to roll out. Well, no waiting - this week Blood DK's were hit with the heavy nerf-hammer again. We don't deal as much damage, we don't heal as well, and now blood boil is 39% less powerful - add this to the fact that our mobility is less than stellar by design - and we look pretty puny. It's only conjecture, but I believe much of this is to make the Vengeance DH look more appealing in comparison - to folks with little patience. The "ugly girlfriend" thing. Obviously some of it has to do with PVP - which also changes in another week. But a huge nerf to Blood functionality in the tank position without balance is shortsighted and, in my opinion, unfair to people who would like to tank on a DK - would rather play the class and spec they like than be forced to play something else. Let's have a bit of balance here please, Devs. Don't make us weak simply to help your latest "hero class" make it into groups.Monsterchow32 13h
13h Current Beta DPS (Unholy 17th, Frost last) This was done on a patchwork sim where there is no movement and pure dpsing. This doesn't take into account the requirement of moving as a melee during mechanics and thus we fall further behind: 13h
13h New DK themed Weapons Some time ago i saw how in a patch, some weapons where added on the game. They have a very cool model, found only the unholy ones, but I think there is for frost and blood as well I think they are for our trops in legion, but I want to lay a hand on those models, they look so cool. What do you think?Quimey9 13h
13h KM causes obliterate to deal frost damage That way it can at least partially benefit from mastery and feel like the hard hitting proc it should be. We don't get many km procs anyway Obliteration could be too strongth thoughJanus0 13h
14h How Frost is in one picture 14h
14h im tired of the arrows to the knees as a dk im really tired of taking arrows to the knees with every hotfix and patch.Flìp10 14h
15h Blizzard, you have to give Frost something. Damage (which makes sense), Mobility, or Utility. You can't just have the spec be garbage at everything...Leriea11 15h
15h Dk changes for the first hero class I think it's time to give DKs some love. Hen you compare DKs to DHs it's obvious who you like better in terms of looks. What I'd like to see in the future for DKs. 1. Arthas' eyes 2. Rune tattoos 3. Battle scars 4. Tameable undead 5. Runic empowered abilities (seriously they just feel like a warrior. I want to see weapons glow when something proc. I want to see blood DKs dripping with blood) 6. Two charges for death grip (with DKs mobility nerfed at least an extra DG would make things a little more better for DKs) also a new animation where an undead grabs the target and pulls them underground so far to the dk. 7. Replace death strike with death siphon. 8. make a "meta" ability for DKs (unholy) allow them to turn into a banshee. 9. Change blood to two one hander and frost to 2hned (reason for this is because the idea of frost dk tank was that they were so proficient with swords they didn't need a shield to tank they only needed another sword) plus this would make a lot of 2nded frost lovers happy. Edited: 10. Different eye colors.(Dairuin's suggestion) 11. New cloaks (need new ones in general for everyone) 12. New skin tones (Lahgtah's suggestion) 13. New armor that LOOKS like a death Knights armor.Vivicus9 15h
16h Fallen Crusader Not Proccing in Arena Is anyone else having this issue?Fieldmarshal6 16h
16h Lich King again?? Um... so how did we start working for the Lich King again? We kicked old one to the curb, then killed him. The new one was supposed to just be the jailer of the Scourge and now all of a sudden he woke up again and wear his mark?? What is he actually even contributing? We never served Lich King (Bolvar) so I'm kind of confused.Ìncubus3 16h
16h Unholy Pet Management? (High-Rated PVP) Hello Death Knights! I've recently started playing an Unholy DK, and the mechanics and overall feel of the spec is awesome. I mostly play the game from a PvP point of view and was just looking for some help managing my pet as Unholy. Obviously, I'm assuming that keeping your pet on assist at all times is a bad idea, especially from an arena perspective. If the enemy is LoS'ing you around a pillar while your pet is on him, they will have an incentive to kill your pet. With that being said, what do you find the best way to manage your pet be? When I used to play Hunter, I would keep a simple attack/follow macro that I could press on demand for my pet to attack my target if following me, and vice versa. Do any of you use a macro that has your pet attack with the use of one your attacks? Example: press Festering Strike on a target, and your pet will attack that target. On another note, I just wanted to talk about pet abilities and using this to the strongest capability possible. Which abilities do you keep toggled on in a PvP scenario? Which ones do you have toggled off and manually activate when you feel needed? Finally, regarding Corpse Shield I was curious to see what the ideal macro would be for this ability. Some videos I suggest say to pop Corpse Shield and right before your pet dies, to dismiss it so you do not suffer from a 30 second resummon CD. Other videos I've watched suggested that as soon as you Corpse Shield, you have your pet go into Hurdle so it takes reduced damage. I know this is a very lengthy post and I greatly appreciate any light you can shed on me regarding this matter. I feel pet management in itself is so complex however, very rewarding if you know what you're doing. Anyways, thanks guys and hope to hear back from you!Chinasty2 16h
18h My Bone Shield Stress and Marrowrend Desires I'm scared to tank as a blood dk. I'll share my worries and blood dks can tell me if they're legit worries or if I'm blowing things out of proportion. My Bone Shield worries: Bone shield only lasts 30 seconds, so you're rushed to go to your next mob or else you lose all charges. But you're bound to be in situations where you can't be at your next mob within 30 seconds, so you're gonna lose all charges in those cases. Now, you must then rebuild your bone shield from scratch. But doing so means using the single target marrowrend ability instead of multi-target attacks. So when first starting the fight against multiple mobs you're now risking losing aggro on them all just so you can probably shield yourself. You're then putting your teamates at greater risk of drawing aggro. That's a lot of stress to be going through for each and every mob! Yikes! My proposition for the matter: Non-target castable marrowrend Have marrowrend be able to be cast without a target. All it does in this situation is build the usual amount of bone shield charges for the usual cost. The outcome of this is that you never have to worry about your bone shield expiring before your next mob. But also, you can start your next mob with a full 10 stacks of bone shield and thus focus solely on your aoe aggro attacks to start out with. But would this be too overpowered or too ez mode of a buff? -------- Now look, this is all my completely unexperienced perception of the matter. Am I blowing this whole bone-shield stress out of proportion? What are your thoughts about bone shield's current mechanics?Pungewort4 18h
19h Ways I would change DKs I think Wraith Walk should either have two charges baseline, or just have the cooldown removed, and just have it drain runic power instead, by like 10-15 per second. Everything else I personally wanna change is for Unholy, cause it's mainly what I'm focusing on. There's just a couple things that I've been thinking of. For Unholy, I would get rid of the talent Epidemic, and bring back Unholy Blight, and make it work more like Remorseless Winter does for Frost now. Epidemic is like an underwhelming Blood Boil, and Unholy Blight would look really nice with one variant of the Unholy artifact weapon, Herald of Pestilence. I think it would really help with the spec's fantasy. Also, I would slightly decrease the damage Dark Arbiter does and extend the duration of it to like 35-40 seconds. The short duration makes me like the gargoyle more. The Val'kyr is cool, yeah. But it's so short I almost don't care. Especially since Soul Reaper is amazing. I don't wanna lose gargoyle and soul reaper for a 15 second val'kyr. I also think Death and Decay should be green/purple for Unholy. Blood should have red runes, but Unholy should look more disease-like. As for cosmetic things, I have always wished the color of our eyes would change depending on our spec. Unholy should have green eyes, frost can keep blue, and blood should have red. Normally people like to make transmogs based on their specs, so I would love if the glow matched the gear you wanna wear. I also think one cool idea for a glyph would be to change your Wraith Walk into something more like the Paladin's new charger ability, and summon the Death Knight horse to carry you instead of levitating.Ryuzukh10 19h
21h Blizzard, comments on state of Blood/Frost? Blood's niche tanking rolls are outclassed and in some ways blatantly stolen by other tank specs (DH/Prot War - Self healing) and our damage, which was always a strong point, is extremely subpar now. Frost hits like a wet noodle, period. The rotation is mind-numbing...this is a personal gripe, not necessarily an issue (Matter of fact, BM Hunter is even simpler...difference is, its not bottom-tier dps atm). Obliterate doesnt feel impactful..2 rune cost for an ability that only feels marginally strong when KM proc's is not fun. Howling Blast used to be killer. Its like a soft breeze now. I resent being forced into an Unholy spec (which itself isnt terribly great, and has seen a couple recent nerfs) because of Frost's performance and over-reliance on procs to do any sort of decent damage. Unholy at least can actively control and line up their damage - their proc (Sudden Doom) opens up a few rotational opportunities (esp when talented) and/or supplements your normal doesnt control it entirely and dictate whether you do decent or crappy damage like Frost's does. Some word, any word that these issues are being taken seriously and will be managed prior to the release of the first tier of Legion raiding would be IMMENSELY appreciated. Most of us love our DKs and have played them loyally since WotLK...but there are limits, and I think some of us would like to know if we should jump ship now, while there is still time, or if it's going to pay off to stick with it by the raid tier release.Relleck8 21h
21h Ghoul stats Quick question as I cant find any info on it. Are ghouls affected by haste and attack speed? Also, is there anywhere I can go to see all the stat modifiers for DK? ThanksÂpplebear1 21h