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Sep 20 ~ Death Knight Reference Guide ~ So the idea of this thread is to help new players with a list of Death Knights who contribute to the community, either with helpful guides (PvE and PvP) or by streaming high-level gameplay. I'm asking for recommendations for this list from the rest of the DK community so that this compendium can be a success. Let's begin. ~ PvE ~ Peroxcyde (Mythic Blood Tanking Guides) ... Troxism (Blood Tanking Guide) ... Skullflower (Mythic Frost/Unholy DPS Guides) ... ... MetaGoblin (Frost/Unholy Guides/Macro/Addons) ... ~ PvP ~ ReinhartDaRussion (2.4k+ Unholy Guides/Utility/Pet Management/Macro/Addons) ... MetaGoblin (Unholy/Frost Guides/WPvP/Montages/Macros/Addons) ... Mes (Multi-Rank 1 Frost Streamer) ... HypeDown (2.2k Frost/Unholy Guides/Macros/Montages/Arenas) ...Xyzdk43 Sep 20
19m Is the class quests gone? I logged on for the first time in a week four days ago, and I saw that my next class quest for the horesmen horses that involves the Darkheart Thicket is gone. Tried going back to the questgiver, and it's not coming up, and I can't even talk to Darion about the next horseman (Whitemane). I sent in a help request, but Never heard back from them. I was wondering if any other DK's have seen the dungeon quests removed too, or if they did an update and now it's level cap material...Eviania0 19m
20m Breath build vs Machine Gun build Hey there guys! I'm pretty new to Frost and I followed Hazzedgaming as a guide. He seems to very strongly feel that the Breath spec is better than the Machine gun build, and I was wondering what you guys think post-buff! I know it sounds weird to base one's opinions off a streamer, but he seems to know his stuff. I've tried both, and it comes out around the same except Breath does terribly when breath isnt up. What do you guys think?Gghax15 20m
21m DKs, Too much utility to none at all? I realise that Death Knights kept having new fun utilities thrown at them since being introduced into the game, and that over time it grew into an insanely overpowered tool kit for many situations (mostly dungeons). However, it feels that now after being gutted we don't bring anything to a group. It feels quite bad. Lets look at what we had for utilities: Army of the Dead - Useful for tanking big or dangerous pulls Gorefiend's Grasp - Pull mobs together for cleave/to stop casts/move a group into something Anti-Magic Zone - Reduce magic damage in the bubble, for all party/raid group Remorseless Winter - Area of effect stun. I know that Frost still has Remorseless Winter, and can talent it to still stun (That's a whole other issue, Frost sucks and that talent is so unnecessary. The stun should be baseline, come on.) but as Unholy I bring nothing to a group. I don't bring CC, stuns, or group damage reduction. I very much miss having a more active role in a dungeon group. I liked using Gorefiend's Grasp to group things up for my party, or coordinating a Remorseless Winter. I'm speaking more for Unholy here since it's the more viable (currently) over Frost, but we need something given back here. All we have is a Death Grip, which is fun and handy, but it's not enough for me to feel like i'm actually participating in the group. I completely understand that Death Knights accumulated too much utility. But we do need SOME of it. Work with us, a little bit. Let us feel like we actually bring something to a group other than some damage. I want to work with my dungeon team. With dungeons playing a bigger role this expansion, I feel that we were over-trimmed. Please reconsider some choices!Vexisle0 21m
22m Reminder why we still play our frost DKs The struggle is real, but stay strong frens. There will come a time when we will be the coolest once again. Heh.Doomtaco1 22m
23m UH PvP build Hi guys I was wondering what talent compositions would be best for 2's 3's and RBGS.Eruntien3 23m
24m Artifact weapon Sheath on the Back Blizzard can u pls make the frost dk artifact Sheath on the Back? I love the blades, but I hate when they Sheath on the waist, so Im gonna transmog to the Heirlooms ones just because they do! Does anyone else thinks the same?Hennik7 24m
27m Blood DK Current Balance Issues So with so many of the DK advocates no longer playing WoW or theory crafting much anymore, I have since started to try to make youtube content for the DK and mainly BDK community. Blizzard wishes to get feedback in as constructive a format as possible and we all know they probably watch more than they read. I just released a video about the current state of BDK in Legion and if its something that you are having issues with right now I ask that you watch it and then if you agree with it pass it around so it gets seen. Tweets, shares, likes etc.... Thanks guys.âziel150 27m
31m it will only be a matter of time cleared EN again yesterday. one shotted every boss, then downed heroic Nyth before running out of time. i was a solid #2 in every fight as a FDK except Xavius because !@#$ that guy and running around. Only a matter of time that the other dps will be same ilvl as me (852). im pulling 215-230k on fights. Pretty scared im going to go back to the bottom :(Youngsinatra11 31m
34m blood for blood honor talent as blood the bottom tier talent you will get is blood for blood, 50% dmg increase to heartstrike but it now costs 10% of your total hp. is that even worth it? i get that it is a nice cleave and that is a sizeable chunk of dmg for a cleave. but most pvp isnt clumped up and 10% for only 160k dmg doesnt seem worth it.Homz6 34m
46m Important Bullet points about unholy DPS. So Blizzard. You wanted statistics. Here are your statistics. You want bullet points. Here are the bullet points. 1. The best death knight in Emerald nightmare got 160th place. ALL OTHER CLASSES HAVE AT LEAST 1 SPEC HIGHER THAN DEATH KNIGHTS. 2. In the top 200: 68 warriors, 34 mages, 13 hunters, 24 rogues, 14 priests, 10 demon hunters, 23 druids, 3 shamans, 5 paladins, 3 monks, 1 warlock, 1 death knight 3. Warlocks are getting MASSIVE BUFFS 4. ALL OTHER UNDERPERFORMING CLASSES AND SPECS ARE GETTING BUFFS 5. unholy death knights are getting NOTHING. 6. Death Knights basically REQUIRE addons to effectively use the bursting sores mechanic. 7. Death Knights that REQUIRE addons and work their heart out are still the bottom of the DPS. Blizzard, you want us to be slow, unmoving juggernauts that do massive damage. Here are the statistics. Here are the facts. We are not doing what you claimed we should do. First off, our lack of mobility is KILLING OUR DAMAGE. We need more mobility options. We don't need to be monks or demon hunters, but we can't lose 5-10 seconds of DPS time every time the boss moves. This is unacceptable. To start with a SIMPLE FIX to our damage. Remove death coil, dark transformation, and gargoyle from the GCD. This has been stated many times before. This will still not fix our DPS, but it will be a step in the right direction. We STILL will need more damage buffs to be in ANY sort of contention. Death coil needs a buff in damage, but these are some simple QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES Unholy Death knights have. Please Blizzard. I am begging you. I played WoW in Beta. I started my account the day WoW came out. I started my Death Knight after waiting in line at midnight to buy Wrath of the Lich King. I love my Death Knight, but you have made me want to reroll more than I have ever wanted to with what you have done to Death Knights in Legion. Why do you hate this class so much? Why? Why do we have the worst mobility and the worst damage in the game? Please Blizzard, please fix my favorite class. You have the numbers. You have Ideas. Please fix us. Is there noone at Blizzard that plays a death knight? Please, listen to us, listen to our community. Help this class. I love my Death Knight, but Blizzard seems to hate Death Knights. Please let me continue to enjoy my death knight. Thank you.Fatal53 46m
50m List of problems with Unholy I realize there's already a post on this, but quite frankly I don't like the OPs take on the bullet point situation. It was (to me) a list of complaints comparing us to other classes that offered nothing contructive to the devs. That being said, I have no problem with people voicing their complaints, but if you want something done about a problem you need to offer solutions, not complain about it and then offer nothing in return. So anyways... (I realize frost is dumpster. Blizzard is well aware im sure, so lets keep this about unholy.) I went ahead and smacked a dummy for a few minutes and racked up a bunch of damage using my normal rotation to see what my damage distribution would look like and to find out why the above image looks the way it does. I took some screenshots along the way. The following were over 112 Million damage to a normal dungeoneer dummy. (DT Abom + skulker) (Gargoyle, normal abom) 1. Gargoyle and the normal abomination do way too little damage. The fact that my 3 minute CD does as much damage as my neck enchant is absolutely insane. I used it twice over this test. I dont need to say more about that. As far as the abimination goes..I know it has poor uptime due to Dark Transformation, but a 25k max cleaver crit is...depressing to say the least. 2. Death Coil is used for its utility rather than for its damage, and hinders our DPS when we get Sudden doom procs close to RP cap. The title of this bullet pretty much says it all. We arent using death coil for its damage. In fact, I hate hitting it because I know that it lowers my DPS to do so, and then I have to work way too hard to bring it back up. 3. Instructor's Fourth Lesson Legndary is too crucial to increasing ST DPS. While I do like that we have a legendary as strong as this one (And i dont want it nerfed), the others simply need to be brought in line. Warcraft logs of unholy DKs always have a DK at the top with this legendary, and they're usually ahead by a large margin. 4. Pestilent Pustules almost seems mandatory for most encounters. I really like this talent. I absolutely HATE EPIDEMIC. In order to take it, I'm dropping a talent that refunds a rune to take a talent that spends a rune instead. Pestilent Pustules makes the rotation SO much smoother and enjoyable to play. I really don't want to drop this talent, and to be quite honest I feel like its effects should be a baseline passive for unholy. 5. Wraith Walk Cmon...really? This spell is absolutely and unequivocally the worst spell in the entire game. A 3 second sprint that has a mandatory glyph attachment, causes a GCD, and disables your ability to cast (And even hit escape because its channeled) while its active. If anything, increase the duration and lower the speed increase, and allow us to attack while its active. Give me a movement spell worth hitting. 6. Gargoyle, Dark Transformation, and Wraith Walk need to not be on the GCD. Quality of life fix. If you made any change suggested here, this would be the one that most people would want. Not only would this help with DPS overall, it would mean we wouldnt waste any time on our prepot. I'm sure there are more issues that could be addressed, but these are my main concerns.Uhvin2 50m
1h Runeforging still useless in PVP Runeforging enchants does not work in PVP which is very significant because some talents and artifact traits become useless such as Shattering Strikes and Bad to the Bone. Frost is most affected because they heavily rely on Rune of Razorice.Tinsel7 1h
1h It worked! We got some attention! 1h
1h Fost DK Death Strike PvP Has anyone figured out why Death Strike does not proc or the ability is nearly useless in PvP? Despite having rune power and all runs you can only use it at a .0001% chance? What's the mechanics there does anyone know? I ask because it's rough being frost DK in BGs and not great being undead or blood either still. Kinda gimpy.Koodies11 1h
1h Proposed change to artifact tree I know there's 100's of these posts, but since we finally got a Blue response I thought I would throw an idea out there. I posted this in another forum thread but it risks being buried. Crystalline Swords - Remove it entirely. It is dumb, weak and universally loathed. A passive as the main artifact ability is very underwhelming. Sindragosa's Fury - First artifact talent. Replaces CS. 1.5 Minute CD, 2500% AP as frost, retains slow and range. Old Sindragosa Gold Trait - Replaced by buff to Sindragosa's Fury - SF now costs 1-5 Runes, damage increased by 20% per Rune spent. CD reduced 10 seconds per enemy hit (Possible but not necessary. This gives it a little viability on trash.) I also feel that the talent that increases DS healing while IBF (or PoD I honestly forget which) is active needs to go. Make that a PvP talent. Replace with: Ice in the Machines - 3 rank trait - Rime has an increased chance to activate by 3/6/10% while Killing Machine is active. Frostscythe can now proc Rime while Killing Machine is active. The healing increase just bugs me as an ability I have to spend points on (especially since traits get really expensive) and the added FS procing Rime is huge. Limiting Procs to only when KM is up keeps Oblit from being 100% useless and overall just feels like a better point investment. These are just my 2 cents though, I'm happy with the damage buffs but would like to see the class go even further.Deathbold1 1h
2h A friend suggest me reroll Two dks (A tank and a dps) in their guild volunteered to be benched during raid progression. I love my dk, it will probably always be my main. But I'm here to rant. !@#$!Zeroruin1 2h
2h Legion Unholy pet macros Hello everyone, as many of you may have known, when you switch between your ghoul pet and the talented Sludge Belcher pet, your macro for gnaw does not work anymore. Instead of having to create 2 macros for each pet I have a macro you can use that will switch the spell based on whichever pet you have out at the time. The first macro is just your ordinary gnaw/smash button in 1 and the macro is #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination] smash; [pet:ghoul] gnaw; So now just set that to a bind and you're ready to go, you won't have to switch back and forth different macros depending on which pet you have out. Next up is the focus gnaw/smash macro, here it is: #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination,@focus] smash; [pet:ghoul,@focus] gnaw; The last macro is to combine the ghoul's leap ability with the abomination's hook ability, here it is. #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination] hook; [pet:ghoul] leap; If you wish to make a focus hook/leap macro just repeat the steps from macro 2. Good luck all and I hope this helped someone out.Necroblight14 2h
2h Can't get 3rd horseman quest? If this is the wrong place to post this feel free to make fun of me. I finished a few class hall quests and then LK started giving me a speal about the 3rd horseman and to get raise them but I never got a quest. Is this a bug or what am I supposed to do here?Sumkindajerk15 2h
2h Why would we need Double Doom trait? For now i'm at lv22 weapon and don't have that trait yet but I feel like there's no reason to spend points on it since I have enough runic power to spend on death coil so there won't be any increase on DPS. Anyone can tell me why we need it?Aurotha20 2h
2h My advice for unholy DK's in mythic +'s Yes, we all know the standard raid talent spec AWS/BS PP Cast Abom Your choice SI SR This is your go to raid spec and you are probably using it for mythic pluses, but let me give you some advice. What is more difficult in Mythic plus. Trash or bosses. In most cases, it's the trash, so I started using a hardcore AoE talent build BS epidemic cast abom your choice SI Defile I'm still experimenting with defile vs soul reaper. The single target loss might not be worth the AoE gain. However, when you go full AoE build, you annihilate those hard !@# trash packs. I highly recommend it.Fatal8 2h
2h Frost DK PVE: Feedback Post 2016-09-28 Please post constructive and concise feedback. The below feedback is from after playing Frost in a 7/7H clear last night. -Damage overall still feels low and logs support it -A bigger focus needs to be put on increasing our single target damage -Howling blast feels like it hits for nothing when its procs (Increase its main target damage?) -The talent Permafrost caps out way too low for it to make a noticeable change in damage reduction. With our low mobility it is also very easy for the buff to fall off -White walker should not be tied into our only speed boost. (Have it lower IBF to 1 min?) -Wrath walks cd is too high or needs a second charge (unholy can do dps from from range, we cannot) -It still feels like we are lacking the raid utility that unholy has (2nd grip/Corpse Shield) Also could we please get some interesting glyphs? A glyph to sheath Blades of the Fallen Price on our back would be nice as there have been countless requests on the forums/twitter and beta feedback. Would be a little bit of a win.Tzunami37 2h
2h DKs, How Are You Playing Legion? I don’t mean that title sarcastically. I’m honestly curious about what people are doing. I started off leveling frost, and I’ve been playing frost almost exclusively since Wrath. Even after it was clearly under-tuned at launch, I decided to stick with it until the balance patch. Now, it’s clearly still behind, as is UH, and I’m just wondering what people playing DKs are doing. I have had a ridiculously hard time getting groups for everything in both PvP and PvE, and I’ve been sticking to world quests as a result. What’s been working for all of you? Are you sticking with it in hopes it gets better, or getting ready to reroll?Dagrimoth30 2h
2h PvP trait line What are some other unh dks hitting up trait wise?! i see shambler doing a ton of damage and unf i've opted to get the other 2 first! rip! lmk your thoughts experiences and builds! : )Dark3 2h
2h Switched ships to prot paladin Went from 855 blood ilvl from a whiles back to now a 840 prot pally and 840 prot already feels much better. I really really hope they fix blood to bring good because fk prot warriors and paladins id jump back blood if they ever fixed them again. Blood is my breadt and butter and started tanking as frost back in Wrath more of a Vet dk tank than you.Andarick6 2h
2h Negativity vs Constructive Criticism? I've been reading the Death Knight forums for a little while now and to be honest 76% of the posts I'm seeing are people complaining about their own spec. It feels more like outrage than calm "hey blizz, I feel like you could improve the balance of my spec by doing...". Personally I main a Death Knight and I haven't seen any issues of the class that are outright horrible. Sure there are little tiny things but I wouldn't make a post saying "Blizzard broke unholy dks #rip". I feel like people are over reacting and I don't think it's going to help blizzard understand what the real problems are here. Thoughts? Ideas? Share 'em here. Disclaimer (I don't play Frost because lol who plays frost I mean come on)Noolore6 2h
2h "Machine Gun" FDK - question From what I understand, with this build you're essentially not using Oblit at all (someone posted a good explanation yesterday in another post about how even with Rime procs FScyth spam alone is higher dps). So my question is, are you only using HB then to keep up Frost Fever? As I assume that rune should otherwise go towards FScyth (and/or GA if you're using that, which the build seems to indicate you should be)Vulwraith68 2h
2h Thoughts on frost DK? I love frost and it puts out nice damage if you can maintain breath and runic power but does anyone have any tips for defense ? DS is pathetic . I took the upgrade for better magic shell and better healing in the artifact greet with ice bound fortitude but if I go up against a monk or ret it's over no matter what I do it's over .Exonus0 2h
3h Hypothermia trait Just curious, does it have a little proc effect animation, or is it just a "o there's some extra damage"? I play with numbers off, so I was just wondering if I'd see it proc with a little poof or something.Noraver5 3h
3h Blood Improvements I agree with a lot of the comments and other suggestions related to Blood DKs needed another DR and our mastery being pretty terrible. Have my own take on some changes I think would help. First I'll say I like crit being a top stat for blood. Helps make us unique from other tanks. 1: Change our master to "when ever you crit your main target heal for % of the damage dealt over 6sec". Also passively increases crit by %. This should be significant and not equal to our current puny little shield. 2: Deaths Caress. Cool ability and decent animation yet almost never used. Buff this to a form of DR. In addition to the current effect "Reduces the damage the target deals to you by % for 8sec" critical ticks instant heal for % dam. 30sec CD. Perhaps not the general big aoe DR others were looking for but I also think the addition of these self hots will help smooth out our damage spikes. Without trying to get greedy I'd be happy if the CD of wraith walk and AMS were both recused by 15sec and the CD of DRW was reduced by 30sec - 1min but that may be asking too much.Fashak4 3h
4h Ambedexterity? So im 7/7 normal and 2/7 heroic, i do ok dps never top, but never bottom, usually around 3rd-5th. My question is my artifact is only lvl16, im at the point to put points in Ambdexterity its at 0/3, how much does it really help frost dps? Any insight on it or am i just praying its gonna help me more than it really is?Reapérs8 4h
5h Latest Buffs To DK Were all the buffs implemented to Death Knight, specifically Frost? I was told there are another wave of buffs due to take affect next week? Is this true? If so where can I find the notes on these changes? Thank youWhipsngrams6 5h
5h The Shambler Artifact Trait Issue I can't be the only person to have the shambler randomly spawn near a pack and cause that pack to aggro. I strongly believe a mob that you have no real control on when or where it spawns should not be able to aggro mobs. This is mainly a problem in Mythic + runs where your often trying to only pull what ya need and GO GO GOMaligaro1 5h
5h Unholy DK BiS List? Are there any reliable, updated BiS Lists for Unholy DK at this time, I have found some but im looking for one that goes over every piece of gear, Thanks!Greenguyman4 5h
5h Glacial Advance - still pathing issues? Run in to this seemingly all the time, where GA just seems to form a giant pile of ice shards in one spot rather than doing it's thing. E.g. just ran BRH, GA seemed completely useless on the stairs due to this pathing problem still being present. I assume others are having similar experiences?Vulwraith3 5h
6h Death Knight needs substantial buff The newest simulationcraft damage meter is shown here: As you can see, the dps death knight is just slightly better than the dps priest, even though that Havoc DH is greatly nerfed, they still have better single target performance than Death Knight. Some of you may say that SimulationCraft is merely an ideal situation simulation that can not reflect the real data of a fight. Then how about we look at some real data from warcraftlog. Here is the fight data for Heroic Ursoc: Put aside the overpowered arms warrior, death knight still have the lowest single target damage, even lower than the shadow priest. Then someone will say that deathknights have great AOE ability, how about we take a look at the Heroic Cenarius: Death Knight, once again, has the lowest damage among all. And again, after this week's hotfix for "class balance", I am pretty sure that you guys will not see any death knight in top 100 for any heroic boss fight in the emerald nightmare raid. So, blizzard, how such "class balance" hotfix seems fair for death knight? Not even mention the pathetic frost spec. Sept 29th Bullet points for why DK needs buff: (1) Lack of mobility, the worst among all classes (2) Blizz said the reason of the lack of mobility for DK is to compensate their strong damage, however, currently, both unholy DK and frost DK has just mediocre cleave and weak single target damage. Unholy need to either have a much better way for its runic power usage (such as increase the damage of death coil) or use another way to strengthen its single target damage. (3) Lack of cc ability, absolutely no cc for unholy DK. The place where that control of the undead is viable is too limited. (4) Combine point (1), (2) and (3), unholy DK is really hard to find its place for mythic+ dungeons.Outlanddeath72 6h
6h Advice needed I've been reviewing logs and noticed that other dks around my ilvl are just wrecking my dps and can't figure out how. I noticed through logs that their festering wounds are doing a HUGE amount of their damage where mine is not. Before anyone says I don't burst enough, I do. One instance I saw I burst about 110 while another DK had 118 and yet his wounds did almost 27% of his damage when mine did 16. I'm doing the rotation properly and I think my gear is strong enough. Does anyone have any advice?Aggroburger5 6h
7h Frost DK Build and Rotation help So I am about to level to 110 and am doing pretty good damage for solo lvl and dungeons (for now). I know the recent state of FDK damage and all of the complaints about it but I love the feel and idea behind it so I am going to power through and hope for a buff, however until then, I need to know what the ideal build and rotation is for both the breath spec as well as the machine gun/frostscythe spec. Especially in regards to Remorseless winter and how to work it into both (if at all). Any help would be great thanks!Bacàrdi2 7h
7h Blood PvP: Blood for Blood Okay, maybe I am missing something here... But this appears to be the WORST talent in the game. Literally only detrimental to the DK, and tremendously so. It says heart strike does 50% more damage but costs 10% of your max HP. So...heart strike will now hit for about 15-30k extra damage...and will hit you for 200k or more. Who would ever want this? A lot of people specced into this ability thinking, "It's an honor talent, it must be beneficial..." I have been avoiding it because it's clearly worthless. They should just remove the self damage or change the talent completely: If they wanna keep the self damage theme going something like: Death Strike heals for less HP but hits harder. Consumption does more damage but no longer heals against players. Or hell, just make one of our abilities hit harder without penalty because Blood DKs aren't exactly blowing people up in BGs and Arenas (we're pretty awesome in world PvP, though).Bombei4 7h
7h Unholy Minions :) Disclaimer: I love unholy as it is. This post is in no way saying "BUFF UNHOLY BLIZZARD. CHANGE THE SPEC. BLAH BLAH BLAH". This is just a idea I had while out questing and I thought it would be interesting enough to share. I think we all agree that the Abomination needs a model update but that got me thinking about the Unholy minions as a whole. Deathknights are unusual with their minions as they don't get to really pick what the minions use is. As it stands it's just a dps increase. I'm suggesting that we get multiple minions (we are the raisers of the dead anyway). Why can't we have a tanking minion (blood), slowing minion (frost) and a dps minion (unholy). Warlocks can do it, hunters can do it. Why not us? :o I feel like a change like this would just add another level to the minions that could be super fun to play around with. Obviously not everyone likes the minions on unholy and we call those people frost dks. Thanks for hearing this idea out, post your thoughts down bellow.Noolore10 7h
7h Idea for unholy without a pet. First off I just want to say that I love the state of unholy right now. It has a few small issues but nothing that really needs major changes. The only thing is keeping some people from using unholy is the reliance of the pet. Pets aren't for everyone, personally I like it, but a good number of people are frost because they don't want the ghoul to worry about. Also with frost going dw only, there isn't a straight up 2h petless dps spec anymore. You could change this by replacing the necrosis talent with a new one, that changes raise dead into a passive ability that is similar to the old desecration model that could proc while fighting. Have ghoul claws coming out of the ground to damage enemies. Dark transformation could change the visuals and increase the damage. This way you could keep the class fantasy of a necromancer knight without changing too much.Vishas10 7h
7h goodbye stacking necros 7.1 yep 45 sec cd on necrotic strike. its a 200k trash heal absorb now on a 45 sec cd. gg blizz. and no buffs to uh. awesome.Apoc34 7h
7h Silver hand vs. Ebon Blade After the events of Ebon Blade trying to raise Tirion as a horseman what is the standing between Death Knights and the Silver Hand? Are they not allowed to go to the chapel in the plaguelands now? I'm confused how this plays out because it is pretty risky move on the death knights part and I would assume it affects their reputation with paladins order and allianceSpruk2 7h
8h Unholy Attainment - is this a bug? This must be a bug. The previous 4 missions took 12 hours and when I started this one last night, it also said 12 hours. I checked it this morning and it's at 1 day 15 hours left (after sleeping for 8 hours). Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? Screenshot: 8h
9h Thought towards Consumption. I have been reading a lot of threads on blood death knight lately, and although I share some of the concerns, I don't feel like our spec is in a bad place, some of it is just growing pains with the changes. I do have an idea that might give us that "oomph" we may be looking for, and that is with Consumption. Since our Death Strike isn't what it used to be maybe Consumption could give us an absorption shield equal to quadruple the damage dealt if it strikes a single target, but retains its effect if it hits multiples. When running mythic +, Consumption is great to fill my hp bar back to full on trash, but against raid bosses and the like the ability feels a tad unfulfilling. I feel like with an effect like that, we could have better decision making throughout the fight, and it could get our once every 45 second Blood Shield we all loved and remember. Thoughts or feedback?Kørrgøth2 9h
10h Problems w/Class Hall armor. I've had some issues. I purchased the bracers but it has not registered that it has in the achieve windows. Does anyone know what is going on or have the same issues? Thanks.Farmerbetty1 10h
10h Unholy Hidden Appearance I've just gotten into the search myself. I wasn't really going to bother doing it, but then I actually seen the weapon appearance, and I have to have it. I've read everything I could find about people's suggestions and speculations, some of which I expected to find; such things like, Abomination champion related to hook. You know, the initial thoughts of anyone that began looking for this. I'm looking to see if anyone found anything after receiving level 5 Artifact Research.Schwarzewing58 10h
11h blood dk HELLO DK COMMUNITY! I wanted my alt to be a tank and I figured DK cause ive healed a few and really liked them. but from what im reading on this forum...there are people down grading blood spec. was wondering whats the actual say on them for people who main blood spec. this has me very discouraged.Bigmonk3 11h
12h I like to play blood dk I like how blood feels and the animations with them. I'm told they're bottom of the pack for tanks in dungeons and raids but I seem to have no issue in dungeons. The only issues I have is that the gold trait umbilicus something doesn't seem to work if im fighting more than 5 enemies with blood plague on them. Maybe the shield is dying in 0.1 seconds and I dont notice? All in all blood is fun to me, this isnt a buff blood dk thread, just wanted to share this with everybody.Meganada0 12h