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Oct 26, 2010 3d
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Final Thoughts on Legion Blood and DK Overall Before logging off last night I decided to do some final testing to see what all was in store for today. In the end, I'm very happy with how Blood has been reworked. Will it take some getting used to for everyone? Of course. Just as anyone else with their specs. But the tweaks are very minimal. I've found there to be two ways you can play Blood. And this is in regards to PvP at this time... The first is anti-melee (livelord) spec. It feels a lot like the WoD version of Blood at the moment and relies on bloodworms and just upkeep of your bones. It will take quite a while for melee to finish you (if even at all). The second is anti-caster/ranged (DPS) built. It feels much like the old end Wrath/Cata build where you just scare the heebie jeebies out of people, it relies heavily on: grips, DnD, blood plague, heart strike. Definitely recommend bone upkeep for this as well. Blood mirror will take excellent timing and learn when other specs will begin their burst rotation. I believe the main build everyone will go with is the DPS build as it feels just as livelord as the anti-melee, but you don't sacrifice your burst or damage. I have no comments on Frost, other than I wish you all much luck. It seems Unholy and Blood may be the two most played specs. Unholy now... There are NUMEROUS ways to play this build. I've not experimented with it myself, but I've dueled SEVERAL others. My thoughts on it are you want to maintain range constantly from your opponents. Melee are easy to kite as you dot them and run. Ranged and casters you just want to burst down ASAP so they don't do anything harmful. Unholy though, is probably the superior spec just in regards to it feeling super tanky, extremely well pet managed, and outstanding DPS. Just remember to practice your kiting skills, and you're golden. Good luck, and suffer well. Tylissius29
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Why are folks so mad about 2H Frost going? First off, as a Mythic raider (who's taken some time off and is currently on vacation), I am biased towards the DW frost and Unholy playstyles solely because those specs have been the most raid-viable specs since patch 4.2/Firelands, so if there's something I'm missing regarding why 2H frost should stay, please let me know. If I'm wrong about something, I wouldn't mind having someone explain why as opposed to just being told that I'm wrong. Let's be civil about this. Although I played 2H frost during 4.0-4.1 (the one and only time when 2H frost was viable in a PvE environment as a dedicated DPS spec), I have to ask why people are so disappointed about the spec's removal in Legion in favor of Dual-Wield Frost. Although wielding a big sword, mace, axe, or polearm looks pretty cool, the spec's pros end there. It's a spec that, like its superior Dual-Wield Counterpart, depends far too much on Killing Machine procs to deal any form of damage. However, unlike DW Frost, which depends on both Howling Blast and Frost Strike to deal damage with occasional Obliterates to dump excess Unholy runes and generate Rime procs, has the overwhelming majority of its damage centered around Obliterate. Frost Strike, Howling Blast, Soul Reaper (to an extent), and diseases are just an afterthought because Obliterate just hits so hard. The spec is notorious for experiencing serious downtime, as well, since its damage outside of Killing Machine-boosted Obliterates is literally nonexistent. It also leads to horrid gear scaling issues: while DW Frost benefits from all secondary stats, with Crit being a lot weaker than the others, 2H frost only really scales with Haste, Multistrike (hardly, in PvP, due to the stat's nerfs), and Versatility, which is only really common in a PvP environment. Lastly, tuning it around the existence of Might of the Frozen Wastes leads to massive scaling issues between the two specs, with DW Frost coming out on top the majority of the time and 2H frost being left with even more damage centered around Proc-boosted Obliterates and with terrible gear scaling issues. There's also the argument that "2H frost fits the theme of what a Frost DK should be like!" How, exactly? Mastery increases Frost damage. Obliterate is physical damage. There's almost nothing Frosty about Obliterate. Sure, the ability hits very hard, but the truth is that you're just looking at a big 100k crit as opposed to a 70k Mainhand crit and a 40k Offhand crit (with the latter being DW Frost's Frost Strike). DW frost hits just as hard as - if not harder than - 2H frost with its main nuke. The thing is, however... 2H frost does nearly nothing apart from hit very hard with Obliterate. DW frost hits hard with Frost Strike, Howling Blast, and Soul Reaper - which is actually a concrete 6 digit number that, thanks to DW's need to stack a lot of Mastery, hits even harder than 2H frost's Obliterate. In a PvE OR PvP environment a DW frost DK can do some very noticeable damage just spamming Howling Blast, which is where 2H frost is once more outclassed in a PvP environment because nobody in his or her right mind is staying in any mdps's melee range unless said melee is stunned. The whole "I hit for bigger numbers" argument for 2H frost is completely invalid (and almost ignorant, in a way). My question now is this: what's bothering so many DKs so much? What if DW frost played exactly like 2H frost (which would be another scaling nightmare) in that its damage was centered around Obliterate but it still did plenty of damage with its Frost-damage abilities? What if 2H frost wasn't being removed in Legion and it played exactly like DW frost did? TL;DR: Why are so many people favoring such a broken and inferior spec? What sort of a playstyle change would make both sides happy for once? Dreadfury425
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