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Oct 7 ~ Death Knight Reference Guide ~ So the idea of this thread is to help new players with a list of Death Knights who contribute to the community, either with helpful guides (PvE and PvP) or by streaming high-level gameplay. I'm asking for recommendations for this list from the rest of the DK community so that this compendium can be a success. Let's begin. ~ PvE ~ Peroxcyde (Mythic Blood Tanking Guides) ... Troxism (Blood Tanking Guide) ... Skullflower (Mythic Frost/Unholy DPS Guides) ... ... MetaGoblin (Frost/Unholy Guides/Macro/Addons) ... ~ PvP ~ ReinhartDaRussion (2.4k+ Unholy Guides/Utility/Pet Management/Macro/Addons) ... MetaGoblin (Unholy/Frost Guides/WPvP/Montages/Macros/Addons) ... Mes (Multi-Rank 1 Frost Streamer) ... HypeDown (2.2k Frost/Unholy Guides/Macros/Montages/Arenas) ...Xyzdk44 Oct 7
2m How Doesn't Obliterate Scale? I'm not a WoW know-it-all, so excuse my ignorance. I'm always trying to learn more about my favorite class and my DK has been my main since Wrath. Blood DPS in WoTLK and Frost ever since the changes after that. So I hear people saying Obliterate doesn't scale well. The tool tip says it scales based off of our physical damage. So in essence, it scales off our weapon damage and strength. How is that not scaling well? So every new piece we get with Strength on it or after each relic we get that ups our damage for our weapon, our obliterate gains more damage. So it scales with our main damaging stats, meaning strength and weapon damage, as most damage has scaled since I've started playing this game. With that said, I'm also not ignorant to the fact that the rest of our abilities deal frost damage and that mastery increases frost damage. Aside from trinkets, there's no split focus between strength and mastery on our gear. We can aim for both for the most part. So how doesn't Obliterate scale well?Vallidorn6 2m
3m Icebound Fortitude returns to blood! Blood Icebound Fortitude has returned, reducing damage taken by the Death Knight by 30% (remains at 20% for Frost Death Knights). Yes! Just thought you all should know. Not sure if it will make you stay blood or switch back. But at least one thing we've been asking for is back. Happy gaming all!Sulvane7 3m
10m Transmog Rate! I'm beautiful.Mightyblight287 10m
18m Blood DK's... Hang in there! Unless I was mistaken, I just read patch notes saying "ICEBOUND FORTITUDE is coming back to blood spec w/ 30% mitigation instead of 20" while I was at work. FINALLY. I've been reading tons of posts about people struggling w/ the blood changes in Legion. Honestly even without IBF I've been hanging in there. Developers mentioned that brewmasters and blood dks were at the bottom of parses for mitigation so if we keep going strong I imagine we'll get some more love "soon" in addition to the return of IBF. In the meantime, perhaps I can share a bit of what keeps me alive. STATS: HASTE!!!! (try to have haste on every item) > Mastery > Crit > Vers ^ this is my personal preference for stats. Contrary to popular belief blood shield is not completely useless so after haste I gear mastery. Crit after mastery because of the "skeleton shattering" golden dragon. Versatility last priority (I'm aware some people choose vers over mastery because they hate the current blood shield function). Favorite talents built mostly around RP generation: Heartbreaker Rapid Decomp Ossuary Red Thirst March of the Damned Foul Bulwark Purgatory I can roll through most raid fights AND mythics with this set up with few changes. Once again, all my personal preferences. GEAR: Currently, ALL my gear has Haste/Mastery with a pair of haste trinkets. There's still a few other trinkets I'd like to mess with but these work just fine for now. Haste: 11,100 Mastery: 7,500 I have absolutely no problems with this set up and I look forward to the coming changes. Hope this helps even a little bit for those of you struggling! HANG IN THERE. Blood is not dead.Henric3 18m
36m DC dmg needs more increase The Death Coil still suck in PTR, in my opinion, 127% AP is not enough and using DC will still reduce the DPS. As a 35 runic power spell and which will make a 1.5s GCD, the Death Coil should do like 200%+AP dmg to make sure it will not reduce the DPS.Ebonblader5 36m
41m Icebound fortitude patch note: Icebound Fortitude has returned, reducing damage taken by the Death Knight by 30% (remains at 20% for Frost Death Knights). which means developers probably don't know they give both frost and unholy this ice-themed defensive cooldown (but ironically not blood) in 7.0 as they all play fire mage. If they realized this, they might think they made a mistake and remove it from unholy. so please don't talk too much about a cd that blood dk should always deserve. ty.Zeroruin3 41m
41m Vindictive Gladiator. (Non-Elite Epics) Alliance: This weird combination of pink/purple, none of the gear really "matches". Looks like a 4 year old colored it. Horde: Same color scheme as the Elite gear but with short horns on the shoulder, looks bad !@#. 41m
1h Unholy DK Buff Death Coil damage increased by 50% this is our official change for 7.1. thoughts?Blastýface2 1h
1h Frost or Unholy for PvP/PvE? I have been out of the loop for DKs since the expansion started, which spec is viable for either PvP and PvE and if you could explain a small reason why that would be helpful. Thank you!Rzch2 1h
1h Is Razorice Usuable in PvP? The title says it all. It really is necessary in all honesty. Not having it available makes one of our frost talents, Shattering Strikes, and artifact talents, Bad to the Bone, totally useless in all most anything PvP oriented.Queldrin5 1h
1h 7.1 Patch Notes Howling Blast and Obliterate got another percent damage increase. What do my fellow frost death knights think of the changes to frost?Makaría0 1h
1h No blood for blood change? Notes dont say anything about this talent? At least we got IBF backUltimus1 1h
1h Blizzard needs to wake up. Here is how how far ahead ever melee class' best spec is compared to DK's former best spec (Unholy): ilevel Enh Feral Arms WW Ret Havoc !@# Surv 850 9.5% 0.5% 0.5% 2.7% -0.9% 1.4% 8.5% -1.4% 860 12.9% 3.9% 8.6% 3.13% 5.1% 2.4% 8.6% -1.6% 870 14.8% 7.7% 15.5% 6.1% 11.3% 4.8% 10.6% 0.3% Blizzard devs and balance team, the numbers don't lie. We would like a simple explanation about why you guys aren't addressing dks problems to our community. As subscribers to this game, we deserve to know how you feel about dks current state in the game and if you have any plans for us in the future. Doing a few bandaid fixes to some of our abilities doesn't solve the fact that we scale absolutely horribly. Why leave us in the dark? We are part of the community just as much as mages, hunters and rogues are. Maybe we wouldn't be so pissed if you guys simply communicated. It's as simple as that. Instead we get denied and left in the dark. We were not mentioned in any blue posts, while Ele and outlaw both got some feedback and reessurance. Ele and outlaw have better dps specs to reroll to, dks do not. If this continues, there probably won't even be anybody playing a dk in the future. Nobody likes playing a weak dps spec in a "bring the spec not the player" environment. So please communicate with the dk community, it's probably one of the best ways to build trust with your customers. Communication is key.Freezlord4 1h
1h Reroll? Now I want to start off by saying I'm not one to re roll based on patch notes or who's the flavor of the month. But when i see myself and other dks getting out damaged by lower item Lvl guys and being turned down from mythics, I get kinda sad. Should I start to re roll as another class or stick through these troubling times for us.Shalnuh5 1h
1h that's it? Really? Just seeing if I missed something... aside from tweaking number, are there really no other DK changes in 7.1? Nothing to address Frost's crappy artifact ability? Blood's rollercoaster hp bar when tanking and useless gold traits? Festering Strike being the old rogue point system that didn't work well so they got rid of it for them? Wraith Walk just being awful all around? I am honestly asking if I just overlooked a post or whatever. I remember them saying that changes like what we need would be big and need to go with the larger patches.... and they can't delay us again and say 'let's see what data says after Kara launches' like they did with raids.... right? Have they talked to/about us, like... at all?Endion33 1h
1h Just got Sephuz's Secert... ...And I'm not really pleased at all with this drop but I guess I have to make due with what I got... So, I was just curious, how can I put this ring to good use with my Unholy spec? I noticed it ONLY procs from my pets Smash ability, which hurts me deeply so much... Anyway, How can I make good with this in my Rotation? What's a good way to use it for boss fights in Emerald Nightmare? Thanks for the help in advance!Tahleen27 1h
1h Frostscythe Worth Single Target 7.1 So with the 20% damage buff to Obliterate will Frostscythe still be worthwhile single target? The damage will be less but does the fact that it only costs one rune make up for that?Torbity3 1h
1h Frost DK (Arenas), still weak. I've played since the very beginning of vanilla, played most classes in this game but DK always ended up being my main every expansion since they came out in WOTLK. Some expansions, I was upset that I went with DK as most seasons they just felt like a weaker version of warriors. I really enjoyed the Necrotic Strike stacking in 3v3s and Soul Reaper executes at some point. I went with Frost as main spec this expansion as all the pros were saying Frost DK was superior to Unholy for arenas and even considered as one of the strongest DPS specs (and this was even after Chill Streak that was crazy OP got nerfed in half). My Frost DK is pretty much in optimal gear for PvP right now (ilvl 851, weapon ilvl 875, full honor talents unlocked, artifact at rank 21). Granted I've been trying to run double DPS with my friend, DK+Ret seemed to be the most promising in there for 2s. I did fine in 3s but I didn't do as many. I know that Frost will keep on gaining extra damage from the extra few artifact points I'm missing and that it should receive a few buffs in 7.1. The problems remain the same, this spec offers absolutely nothing else than sustained burst damage at melee range (at the limit, you could count in a good snare and occasional death grip). It does decent damage and hits hard into melee cleaves. It has a good heal try to recover but normally just once per game and requires you to waste IBF on it instead of breaking a stun with it (and have enough RP, AND be able to land a hit in melee AND to not have the hit parried/dodged/disarmed AND not be bursting with Breath of Sindragosa or else you can't even do it). As I have mentionned several times in the past, here's the issue overall: Frost DK: 1- Damage: High 2- Mobility: Very low 3- Survivability: Low 4- Control: Very low 5- Utility: Very low With the poor mobility and many classes having great mobility, you can't even stick to half the targets inside arenas to even do your high damage or pick the ones that make more sense for it. The other huge issue here is that any single class that does close, equal or greater damage than a Frost DK automatically is overall stronger than Frost DK in arenas because they normally have at least 1 other strength. I play most classes, my Ret paladin also is at lvl 110 and I'll most likely make him my new main. Rets aren't even a top DPS for arenas right now, let's compare quickly: Ret Paladin: 1- Damage: High (less sustained, bigger damage spikes) 2- Mobility: Very low 3- Survivability: Medium to good (depends on what you're fighting, mass dispell sure hurts) 4- Control: Low (at least the stun is reliable) 5- Utility: High This is what a ''balanced'' or ''average'' class should look like. Some weaknesses and 2-3 strengths. Sure the mobility sucks on my Ret as well but at least I can make up for it with something else. Frost DK has absolutely nothing else. He just gets CCed or Kited to death, you can reset fights against him to win in the long run, etc. Will some people pull it off with Frost DK? Sure there will. It's just that if the only single Strength that they keep is damage, their damage needs to be WAY higher than anyone else's which is simply NOT the case right now. Then factor in stuff like Mortal Strike from warriors that more or less equals to their whole team dealing +25% dmg onto a target against healing, it's pretty big. Unholy isn't that bad but doesn't feel that great either. It feels pretty clunky right now with the long GCDs and shares some of the Frost DK issues except it has a bit more uptime damage (more reliable dmg vs kiting), is a bit sturdier if backed up by heals and has a bit more control. It isn't great but it has a few other things to fall back onto. Still, the whole thing about the pet is a complete mess (corpse shield killing your ghoul to which your stun CC and a chunk of your damage is tied to). So after all these years, I'll be mostly shelving my DK. I'll try to keep him up to date a bit with UH artifact (at 13 only right now) and see what 7.1 brings us but I don't want to spend months frustrated and waiting for fixes that are not coming. Razorice still isn't even working inside arenas, with the artifact talent, that's probably roughly 10-15% we're missing right there but no amount of damage will fix Frost unless it does more than everyone else by a very significant margin. Otherwise, they need to make it very tanky to at least give it back a second strength. Losing survivability AND losing purge has really gutted the spec for PvP when it already didn't bring much to the table.Neosoul9 1h
2h Bone Reapers Hook apperance Ok I've noticed a pattern. EVERYBODY I've seen that has this artifact skin has Apocalypse PAST THE 880 item level with AK6. If there is anybody out there with it lower then this Item Level please post a photo as proof.Sarestian26 2h
2h Unholy should have been the DW spec. So hear me out. I have played a DK as my main since the midnight launch of WOTLK. In the very beginning of WOTLK, All 3 death knight specs could dual wield, tank, and dps, but it was deemed that dual wield was inferior for all 3 specs. Just a couple of weeks into the expansion, dual wield frost became the most powerful spec for about 2 weeks by the simple fact that icy touch did way too much damage. This gave birth to the very first raid worthy DW DK spec. It was a buggy spec that leaned heavily on icy touch and howling blast. Frost strike only hit with one weapon and it still crushed the other dps specs. After the icy touch nerfs, Unholy once again took first place until Ulduar 4pc because of armor penetration, but enough about dps specs. Let's talk about lore Frost gets it's lore from Arthas and Frostmourne. Frostmourne is obviously a 2 hander and the legendary, shadowmourne's lore was based on Frostmourne. So why is frost the defacto DW spec? Because at the beginning of WOTLK. One stupid, buggy, overpowered spec became popular and was quickly nerfed. Obliterate and frost strike were originally designed to be powerful 2 hand hits. They have been changed since then to strike with 2 weapons. Why? because at the beginning of WOTLK one stupid, buggy, overpowered spec became popular and was quickly nerfed. Frost was supposed to be the big hit spec. Like Arthas and Frostmourne, big destructive hits, but it fell into DW because icy touch was overpowered for like 1 month. Ever since then, blizzard has had to retrofit frost to DW. Now lets look at unholy lore. The spec of pressure, disease, pets, the spec of many smaller hits equaling bigger damage. Shouldn't this be the DW spec? Shouldn't unholy's lore fit into the DW death by a thousand cuts lore? This has always pissed me off about the death knight specs. If you have to squeeze a DW spec into death knights. Unholy should be the DW spec. It just makes sense lore wise. Please, please, PLEASE, if you respond to this post. Don't talk about stats, and abilities. I understand unholy's current kit would not work with DW. Please just talk about why you feel frost's LORE should or should not be the DW spec or unholy should or should not be the DW spec for LORE reasons. Blizzard can change any ability or stat it wants. I just think, class fantasy wise, frost should have been the 2 hand spec. Thank youFatal57 2h
2h Little more quality of life for DKs pls. Dark transformation off gcd. Summon gargoyle/valk off gcd. D&D Off gcd. It doesn't feel like this spells need to be on the global cooldown. And just having them off it would feel so nice. Death coil and other issues need to be addressed with our damage, but start with some quality of life things pls.Nekropolis5 2h
2h ATTENTION ALL FDKS: Come help find the Hidden, secret and sexy frost artifact skin. Heres how they look some say its not out yet, but i believe it is. the other specs are obtainable and blizz usually are consistent with how they release things. so here is what we know so far: thanks to this dude over here (all credit for this goes to him) POSSIBILITES -The memory of arthas found on the broken isles. I have only found 3. Maybe there are 2 more and appearantly i found them in all zones except suramar. someone suggested there's one in tel'anor in suramar. i havent found him there (yet). maybe something pops up if you've found them all. -Stormheim. Maybe its STILL hidden in stormheim. Think about it, vikings used runes as well. Maybe it has something to do with the val'kyr or the others. Hidden in a tomb or something (I haven't found anything yet) -I've just seen the trailer for patch 7.1. Maybe it will be added there in the stormheim raid. It explains why nobody found it yet. Because it's simply not available. -If you hit something sometimes the blades let out a 'female moan'. Maybe there is something with that? -The phrase 'no living soul remembers' indicates that nothing on azeroth/outland knows it. Dreanor however is an alternate reality, maybe someone there knows something. -Archeology, but not in the legion area's. Otherwise someone would've already found it. Maybe in Icecrown? THINGS WE CAN RULE OUT -Legion bosses/rares, otherwise someone would've already found it. -Quests, if looking at all the in legion added quests, for DK's only (if other classes could do the quest it wouldnt make sense) nothing points at a quest related to this item. -Class hall, again someone would've found it. -Random legion loot, again someone would've found it. Places I've visited to check for clues and nothing found: All 3 Stratholme instances, Ulduar, ICC, Old Ebon Hold and the lands around it, Invincible's grave, (I think) every tomb/graveyard in stormheim (Yes also Shield's Rest), Terenas's grave, Naxxramas, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. Northrend in general: I dont think we'll find anything there because the timelines dont add up. It's still End WotLK there. MORE INFO The icon is from an offhand wapon from Dragon Soul Ledger of Revolting Rituals If it's from a lootable object it might have the same model. Looking at the runes of the offhand/icon, it doesnt seem to be connected to the stormheim vikings since the runes dont match. Therefore opening a whole new perspective of possible locations to find this. I've also been digging in WoWHead for ALL added chests, books, containers and out of place items. The only thing I found was Mysterious Runestone, but I don't think it's related to our frost DK item. I dont think it will drop directly from old content bosses. Since that would be unfair in comparison to the other classes. However, I do think something might be triggered in old content if you walk in with the blades. Or something drops that will start a quest or something else triggers an event. _____________________________________________________________________________ NOW ITS UP TO US TO COMBINE OUR FORCES AND SCOUR AZEROTH ON OUR QUEST FOR SEXINESS. tldr: help find our sexy artifact skin. post what you know here. keep this alive until we find it.Cheezeit77 2h
2h 7.1 hits tomorrow and no changes for blood Well looks like we'll be going into 7.1 same as we have been with no changes scheduled for blood in 7.1. Glad I got a 108 prot paladin and 106 prot warrior in the works.Andarick11 2h
2h Why is Blood Shield so terrible? Honest question. It's so bad it renders one of our gold artifact traits meaningless. I've never seen it last for more than a few seconds, even on the meatiest Death Strike crits. Most of the time, it doesn't even last a single second. Was it too awesome during Legion beta? Have the devs ever said why this cornerstone of our defensive toolkit was nerfed into oblivion?Trenchant35 2h
2h I really like the changes DKs got I cant speak a lot about frost but blood and unholy look better to me. I hated tanking as blood as I had no real "oh !@#$" button for huge damage besides blood mirror. Unholy deathcoil doing 50% more damage looks good unless im reading it wrong. How much did it do before and how much will it do now? Doing 50% makes me feel better as it now doesnt hurt my dps so much.Meganada9 2h
2h Icebound Fortitude is back? :-D 2h
3h Do DK PVP auras stack with multiple DKs? Title. ie: - 2 DKs with Decomposing Aura reducing max health by 30%/27.75% - 2 DKs with Heartstop Aura inflating CDs by 40%/44%Duurj6 3h
3h So did all the QQ get rid of the DC buff? I noticed the DC buff isn't in the patch notes on WoWhead? Death Knight Frozen Pulse now triggers if you have fewer than 2 full Runes (was 1). Frozen Pulse damage reduced to 66% of Attack Power (was 72%). Glacial Advance now hits targets in melee range more reliably.Cassiean9 3h
3h So Does Decomposing Aura stack?! question is straight forward does decomposing aura stack for BGs? IE 2 dks x2 Decomposing aura?Gonehoerea0 3h
3h Unholy DPS any good? No lifed Sunday to get my dk to 110. So I start talking to my guild leader and he tells me they need me as unholy because blood isn't really optimal. Anyways I got ahead and spec unholy..... And there it is, the cool down blood was stripped of.... It was right there staring back at me. Icebound Fortitude ladies and gentleman. Anyways after everything I've read up on unholy dps; I'll probably end up boosting another toon and leveling that instead. But I am not going to give up on my favourite class without giving it a try.Rawdawggin0 3h
3h Heart-Lesion Runeblade Still Obtainable? Can you still get it via the salvage yard, or can you only get it from buying a boost?Lowgrin2 3h
3h Tmrw should be the Patch Notes anyone else waiting to get disappointed?Iudex5 3h
4h [Constructive] Why Unholy is falling behind EDIT: I've re-structured the thread and made it anew on the General Discussion forum. Make sure to swing by and show your support. Thank you for great feedback, let's make ourselves heard. ----- In case you've been keeping up with the competitive side of raiding, and if by any chance you play a DK, you will have noticed that DKs are sinking further and further down every week, on the DPS side of things. Now, odds are, if you were playing a DK in any sort of competitive raiding environment, you're probably playing Unholy, because of how much Frost sucks right now. Basically, Unholy is our only option to try to be competitive right now. And even that is falling now, to the point where a reroll is imminent for anyone that wants to keep pulling their own weight in a raid. I'll proceed to explain why, and I'll also bring some data I gathered from some other concerned players over at MMO-Champ. So, the first question would be, exactly why are DKs bad? Well, it goes back to when Blizzard decided our class fantasy should be a slow moving harbinger of death, that would slowly creep up to their enemies, slow but steady, unstoppable even, and deadly when in close range. I have to say, they nailed it perfectly on the slow and steady part, since our only movement skill is on a huge cooldown and needs a glyph to work properly (that's a talk for some other time though), and our cooldowns Icebound Fortitude and skills like Death Grip and Chains of Ice make this fantasy pretty good on that end. The problem is that we're not so deadly when in range, especially when stacking up against other classes. I brought some data to show you what I mean. For my first evidence, I'll be pointing you to a post made my an MMO-Champion user, Tiyr, which you can find at the following address: He picked information from Heroic fights, while also showing the item level scaling, with results from the past week (post hotfix that brought buffs to Frost, Ret palas, etc). The results are appalling, no matter what class you compare Unholy to, with a simple graph analysis. And the worst part is that the worse is yet to come. As you can see, every other good spec is scaling much much faster than Unholy. The problem at this point is not that we're simply being outdps'd, it's that we're falling behind even further with each passing week. The same happens to Frost DK, if you want to check it for yourself, only at a much faster rate than Unholy, effectively killing any damage spec for DKs. It's only a matter of time before we're obsolete. I'll remember you guys reading that we were promised we'd be slow but deadly. We're not really asking to be top damage in every single encounter, but as it stands, we're way too far behind, almost to the point of not being viable. The only way to be competitive in single target right now, is to get lucky with the Bracers Legendary, and that's just not a reality for the vast majority of us, and even then, we're still far away from the best specs. In the current condition of our spec being very slow and our utility being limited to Grip+Battle res, I think it's only fair for us to demand to at least be competitive in single target with the best specs in the game. It's simply not fair that classes like Hunters get specs that have way more mobility and raid utility, and on top of that can be at range, do almost 20% more damage than us. Sure, they're a pure DPS spec, but they're not the only class doing 20% more damage than us, even other hybrids surpass us immensely. And I'll remind you guys reading that our tank spec is also doing very poorly, being regarded as the worst tank in the game right now. Raid leaders are running out of reasons to bring any kind of DK to raids, even Mythic+ dungeons. We're slow, we bring subpar damage, and very limited utility, Grip being the only noteworthy one that no one else can bring, but there's always workarounds to it, obviously. As it stands, DK DPS is dying a fast death. In a month's time, we'll be rock bottom, both of our specs. Reroll will be the only option for us, and we'll basically have wasted 2 months of character progression. And Blizzard, this time, please listen to us, flat damage increases on skills won't work. Our problem has been scaling for the longest time, PLEASE, address our item level scaling. --------------- With all of this said, and because we're trying to keep it constructive, I'll add some suggestion of what could be done, some mine, some from others. Feel free to add more, it might give devs ideas and hopefully help us quicker. These are all merely suggestions, not strictly what needs to change. Realistically, only 2 or 3 at most should be picked on and worked up into live. 1: Increase our damage scaling with secondary stats. As it stands, our mastery scaling is very very poor. It increases our Shadow damage, but Shadow damage doesn't even cover all of our abilities, making it even worse. An increase on the scaling of Mastery would make this stat much more desirable, as it stands, it's a dead stat that no one really wants, ever. Besides Mastery, make Haste generate our runes faster, as it used to, even if not by much. With the way Haste works now, the more haste you have, the more runes you spend, and the faster they regenerate, but they'll always generate proportionally to how fast you spend them. This means that no matter how much haste you stack, you'll never be getting more runes like you used to in previous expansions. It's nice to use more skills, but Haste should be more satisfactory to stack, not just make combat faster. 2: Increase Death Coil damage by a %. A generous %, even. Death Coil does not feel satisfying to use, ever. It's a very low damage skill, doing as much damage as our autoattacks during an entire encounter. It's used merely as a filler skill to fish for Runic Corruption and Scourge of Worlds, nothing more. It also means our golden trait Double Doom is that much weaker because Death Coil is inherently a bad damage skill. It's possibly the weakest golden trait of all DPS specs, because of how bad Death Coil is. 3: Reduce the RNG of Festering Strike, to avoid long droughts and bad RNG sessions. Getting 2 Festering Wounds 3 or 4 times in a row is never fun for anyone. Change it from a 2-4 roll to a fixed 3 wounds every application. Rewards good play, reduces RNG of an already RNG spec (Runic Corruption fishing for resources). Castigar feels satisfying because it's an additional effect to the skill. But if we don't crit, and we get bad rolls, it ruins everything and becomes not fun, also resulting in lower damage, of course. 4: Increase the base damage of our Tier 1 talents, they're a big part of our damage. Make Skulker be an actual outlier for Single Target DPS, and worth taking over Bursting Sores for ST. Make Bursting Sores effect baseline, and have the talent increase the effect for even more damage. Make Ebon Fever increase the chance for Virulent Plague to erupt. Make Clawing Shadows cleave to 2 or 3 targets, so that it's a strictly better option than Castigator in some fights. Fix Defile, for god's sake, it's so undertuned it's not even funny. 5: Increase the chance for the Shambler trait to proc. It almost never procs in the situations it needs to (aoe), and when it does, the damage is underwhelming. Increase the chance for it to spawn, keep the damage as it is. Also, please fix bugs such as Shambler keeping us in combat even with no alive enemy in combat with us, and make it unable to pull enemies, it's really annoying in Mythic+ and makes us undesirable for dungeons such as Darkheart Thicket. EDIT: 6: (Thanks to Lahgtah for the suggestion) Make our mastery scale the damage of our pets, including the permanent ghoul/abomination, Gargoyle/Valkyr and Army pets. We are a pet class, and the only one that doesn't get their pets to scale with their mastery for some reason. This buff also works perfectly with the current class fantasy of having lots of pets around you, and would be all around a really interesting buff to fix us, also increasing the skill cap a bit with microing the pet correctly (using grip against bosses, keeping it alive, etc). Can't think of anything right now, feel free to add more or to build on whatever you think is worth picking. ------------ Please Blizzard, we urge you to listen. Unholy is in dire need of help, just as much as Frost and Blood. I really want to keep playing Unholy, it's the spec I like the most, the class I have fun playing with, but I'm being forced to change. Reconsider your priorities from times when you said that we'd be slow moving but deadly in range. Remind yourselves of that one time you said you wanted raids to bring the player, and not the spec/class. DKs as a whole are soon going to be obsolete, all specs, there's no way out but reroll or quitting. We need your attention, fast. Hope you consider our propositions, DKs as a whole are waiting for your answer, we need it. Thanks for reading.Skaz185 4h
4h BDK H Xavius Hey Just been doing some H Xavius and been wanting someone to double check my logs to see what i've been doing wrong :/ I know my healing can be better but i just can't see to get it higher... All opinions and feedback is very helpful!! 4h
4h How is UH Dks looking for Mythic+ and Raids Coming back after a long break and was planning on leveling and Raiding on a UH DK. Im not looking to play the FOTM class just wanting to know how they are doing right now.Biscep4 4h
4h (Unholy) Help request - EN parse included. Hi everyone! I finally joined a guild that regularly uploads their logs and I finally got to see where I ranked in terms of damage for my ilvl. I thought I had my rotation down and was doing everything pretty close to perfectly, but I guess I'm doing something wrong. Looks like I landed in the 69% for my ilvl on Ursoc. I'm open to any feedback anyone might have (gear, talents, rotation, etc.) Thanks a ton in advance. 4h
5h Extra Burst of Fesering Wound So, i took the Castigator perk on my unholy dk. It says when it scourge strike crits, it will burst 1 extra festering wound (on top of the 1 scourge strike already bursts). I've noticed though, that sometimes, i will burst 3 festering wounds, and i can't figure out why? Does anyone know?Dahris3 5h
5h Help our UH Death Knight guys! Hey guys, my guild is looking to start doing mythic EN but I dont really think we have the dps for it yet. A lot of people on logs are doing around the 9th percentile and barely pushing 200k! So I'm taking the liberty of making a thread for each of them and sending it to them for help. So here's our UH death knight, I've compared his logs to a few others and have noticed a bit of differences on top dmg sources. I'm not a DK so I can't make heads or tails of it, would like you guys to look at these and let me know what he needs to change. Any tips is appreciated Thanks! Xavius Cenarius Ele PS: I'M NOT SINGLING HIM OUT, IVE MADE THESE THREADS FOR MANY OF MY GUILDMATES FOR HELP, THANKS DK COMMUNITY.!Versachi3 5h
5h I can wait no longer I really am not one to start forum posts here, but it is really starting to blow my mind how dk's are being treated this expansion. I have played a dk since wrath and have never felt like I was playing the wrong class until this expansion. It's true that we are not the only class that needs some serious help, but we seem to be the ones most ignored by blizzard. Both elemental shaman and outlaw rogue got blue responses saying that they are talking with the dev team and trying to get information back to the community. Dks however only get mentioned passively while they talk about other classes, like when they were talking about frost mages needing help and they said something like "oh yeah and that other frost spec will get something too." They can't even seem to say the words "death knight." The biggest difference between dks and ele/outlaw are that all 3 of our specs are in the same terrible place right now. I am always willing to change to a different spec, and if I were playing a shaman or rogue I would be perfectly happy knowing that I still have a really good spec to play (enhance/sin/sub). However with dk I am left feeling like there is nothing I can do. Unholy leaves me constantly deciding if I want to cap on RP or runes because the gcd is too high, and frost just feels really bad with the current machine gun rotation, not to mention how poorly both are scaling right now. I could go on forever about blood as well, but I think at this point we all know how terribly a tank class with no cooldowns does. With the way this expansion works I feel I have put way to much time into my unholy dks weapon and legendary to main switch to my rogue. I guess I will keep playing and hoping that my raid spot doesn't disappear as I scale worse and worse every week. I just really wish Blizzard would acknowledge death knights and tell us that they understand some of these core mechanical issues instead of throwing out random death coil buffs that do almost nothing for us. Ok I'm done venting now.Spooker12 5h
7h Which rune for blood tanking? Fallen crusader or stoneskin gargoyle? I noticed a mixture of tanks in the DK order hall using one or the other. Is one better depending on the situation? (Pvp, pve? Mythic dungeon, or raid?) At first glance I thought the runes were specific to each spec (frost got razor, unholy was fallen, and blood was stoneskin) Side question, which neck enchant should a tank use? Crit haste proc or the armor proc?Ultimus9 7h
7h Blood DK Defensives You nerfed blood shield to the ground. You removed icebound fortitude You made us pick between self healing and rune tap We have two defensive cooldowns, one is based off RnG and the other can't really be popped in a premeditative fashion. Do you not want blood death knights to be a thing? I don't understand your perspective here... Give rune tap back to us as a spell and put something else in the talent tree.Luridbane20 7h
7h Blood DK Current Balance Issues So with so many of the DK advocates no longer playing WoW or theory crafting much anymore, I have since started to try to make youtube content for the DK and mainly BDK community. Blizzard wishes to get feedback in as constructive a format as possible and we all know they probably watch more than they read. I just released a video about the current state of BDK in Legion and if its something that you are having issues with right now I ask that you watch it and then if you agree with it pass it around so it gets seen. Tweets, shares, likes etc.... Thanks guys.âziel190 7h
7h Macro for tracking Consumption. I read that the hidden skin drops at 1k hits with consumption, but I'm unsure about how to track that hidden achievement.Mâcabre2 7h
7h From one shadow class to another... Us Warlocks love you DKs, we really do. We share your pain. High hopes for 7.2! Hugs and kisses! Or, death grips, whatever works.Marenta5 7h
8h (frost dk) When do I obliterate? I'm super new to dk and used my boost on this toon because I really enjoy the proc system that they have; however, I don't fully understand when to obliterate. Do I only obliterate when KM procs? Do I use it as a runic power dump? My biggest concern is that if I use it when KM isn't up, I might proc KM soon after and "shoot myself in the foot." I know there is no true rotation but I would like to come up with an If_then_ statement for the basic damage abilities...Velamorathus4 8h
9h Frost Artifact Weapon Ability = Disappointing I've experimented with every class at this point and I have to say Frost's Artifact weapon ability is the most underwhelming. I completely forget I even have it unless I exit combat and the swords happen to still there. BM's is passive as well, but at least it's visually significant. Does it even have an animation when it fires off? I haven't noticed. All in all, disappointing :(Belatharia12 9h
10h Addon help Hey all vet player returning for legion. I must say I love it so far and feels great to be back (even if the old lady rolls her eyes). Just wondering if there are any must have Dk addons. For now I am questing unholy but plan to que randoms as a tank. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Chemikal3 10h
10h WTB Strangulate that's literally all i ask for in pvp. i don't want damage buffs.Flotekk4 10h