Death Knight

10h Eye of Command BiS? Since Darkmoon Card: Domininon was one of Unholy's best trinkets, Eye of Command should pull even further ahead due to increased STR and more consistent crit. Has anyone done testing on it yet?Felsbells3 10h
10h Maw of the damned: Not a runeweapon? I've tried my had at a few artifact quests at this point and I still feel that blood is by far the weakest one. It feels like the leftovers of a third demon hunter spec that they scrapped. Frost is great, and unholy is fine both thematic to the class and cover different generations of death knights. The paladin ones all seem amazing really in comparison to blood. Hunter ones are weak but at least involve hunting. However blood's weapon just has you go to a demon smith and steal their weapon. Its got interesting lore behind it but does not feel like it fits death knights at all. Why was this weapon not gore-fiend's torch, or really any other death knight's weapon. If one of the steps of the quest was to throw the maw into a rune forge and make it into a rune blade i think I'd feel a bit more content but the whole endeavor feels half baked.Yakmon16 10h
13h Unholy Hidden Appearance I've just gotten into the search myself. I wasn't really going to bother doing it, but then I actually seen the weapon appearance, and I have to have it. I've read everything I could find about people's suggestions and speculations, some of which I expected to find; such things like, Abomination champion related to hook. You know, the initial thoughts of anyone that began looking for this. I'm looking to see if anyone found anything after receiving level 5 Artifact Research.Schwarzewing116 13h
14h Corpse Shield nerfed? So... we can't reset de HP of our pet without us put the debuff of the dead pet and still no way to heal him? ... TY Blizz for listen our feedbacks. (That 50% buff for Death coild increased our damage by 100%, now we are top tier *sarcasm*) Now CS is so useless, I can't use it propelly before waste a GCD resetting my pet HP.Nécronox7 14h
14h Frost Hidden Skin HUGE lead So checking out tomb of kings and...has anyone noticed that ship with the blue eyes pointing in the direction of the tomb of kings and in that tomb there is a room called "throne of the icebreaker" (not sure if that's it exactly but) I think this is huge because I have not seen any other Viking ship with blue eyes at the headSitrom12 14h
15h 7.1 Stat Priority - Frost PvE Is Vers > Crit > Haste > Mastery correct? This seems to be what I'm finding online, but Vers being top stat seems kind of odd.Discopotato10 15h
16h UH DK Fixes/changes Here is a list of things I've come across/come up with that would help UH dks not feel like the red-headed step child of blizzard. 1) Death Coil now procs Scourge of Worlds 100% of the time. 2) Sudden Doom Increases Death Coils Crit chance by 100% and has a 100% chance to proc Runic corruption 3) Death Coil Now can heal your pet for 20% plus an additional 10% over 6 seconds 4) Dark Transformation / Summon Gargoyle are now off the GCD 5) Raise Dead Cooldown Reduced to 30 Seconds 6) You can now cast while Wraith Walk is active 7) Festering Strike generates 3 Wounds 8) Unholy Mutation/ Shambler / Virulent Plague eruptions no longer bring the Deathknight into Combat 9) Nectrotic Strike no longer needs a Festering Wound to activate 10) Summoned Pet speed increased to 120% I know its a lot but none of these are game changing or would make UH dks OP, most are quality of life buffs + single target dps increases. thanks for reading flame awayNydrek3 16h
16h Trinkets So icy veins is out of date so in not sure what to use. Unholy spec. I have 860 karazhan last boss trinket, 850 memento (supposed to be bis but Idk if it's out dated) and 855 ursoc paw. I think the Kara trinket for sure for the crit bonus and also the flat out strength. But Idk about the other two what to pick. Currently using pawGrípped3 16h
16h Blood Gear - Keep getting haste/mastery Wondering what you guys are doing for gearing your bloods. I was stacking haste/crit but keep getting haste, mastery gear. Is haste/mastery still viable for tanking? Anything I can do with loot specialization settings to get haste/crit/vers?Ithinin14 16h
18h Now Transmogable! Shadows edge and sulfuron Hammer. Now selectable! Keeping everyone up to date!Svala4 18h
19h To all the dks that said just go unholy. "Just go unholy it's better it's more fun it's this it's that". Now that the shoe is on the other foot just go frost it's better it's more fun ........ Feelsnice to have made the right choice as frost. GL and getgud unholy. Mic drop.Rustycrusha63 19h
19h Frost Relics At what point does iLvl trump the bonuses of a relic for frost dk? I've got a few relics that are adding 4-6 item levels to my weapon but have no idea if they are an actual upgrade.Zolera5 19h
20h Frost VS Unholy I've tested both specs out since 7.1, and here's what I've been able to figure. I've tried out the Castigator build on Icy-veins compared to a pseudo-Machine Gun build with Runic Attunement instead of Frostscythe. I can sustain anywhere from 250-280k DPS on a Single Target Raider's Training Dummy with Frost in my current gear. I can sustain anywhere from 190-220k DPS on a Single Target Raider's Training Dummy with Unholy in my current gear. I've tried re-orienting my talents several times with my Unholy build to achieve higher numbers, but to no avail--I can't beat out how good my Frost spec is right now. I can't stand how weak Death Coil is right now, by the way, even with its damage increase. I made a post about this earlier, but I think Death Coil's damage ought to be based on how much Runic Power we've accumulated and consume a larger portion for more damage. Death Coil doesn't feel like the iconic ability it's been throughout Warcraft history. They're just little green smoke bubbles now, weak and uninspiring--not at all what I imagined these Juggernauts to be throwing in battle. Very disappointed with Unholy, Blizzard. Every single Warlock pet was updated and given sweet new graphic skins, but I'm still stuck with the classic paper mache Sludge Belcher that looks like every other Abomination. If you could do it for Stitches in Heroes of the Storm, then you can do it for ole' Belchy. Sticking to Frost and it's Blades of of the Fallen Prince. Hail to the King, baby!Pelinkovac3 20h
20h Blood DK Design Hi all, I've been doing some thinking about Blood DKs in general, and I wanted to share my thoughts and hear some others' thoughts on changes you'd like to see to the current design. Talents Instead of having a central theme to each tier, there are wierd bundles that pit talents that do completely different things against one another, and I think this is a mistake because it removes choice. There are 3 culprits: Heartbreaker in the 56 Tier, Spectral Deflection in the 57 Tier, and AMB in the 58 Tier. It mostly comes down to RP generation. We will prioritize RP generation always, because Death Strike. Heartbreaker removes all choice from the 56 tier, as it provides more RP for Blood Strike and essentially offers Resource generation amidst two mediocre healing talents. Spectral deflection, an option for dealing with burst damage, is completely out of place among two resource-based talents in the 57 tier. Anti-Magic Barrier is out of place as a cooldown talent among Bone Shield utility talents in the 58 tier. There is also strong anti-synergy between Foul Bulwark/Ossuary and Tombstone, which is otherwise a pretty cool ability. Consider this: 56 (HEALING) - Bloodworms, Mark of Blood, Blooddrinker 57 (RESOURCE) - Rapid Decomposition, Soulgorge/Blood Tap, Heartbreaker 58 (BONE SHIELD) - Ossuary, Tombstone, Foul Bulwark 60 (Ability Augmentation) - Anti-Magic Barrier, Red Thirst, Vampiric Focus 75 - no changes 90 (BURST DAMAGE) - Will of the Necropolis, Rune Tap, Spectral Deflection 100 - no changes This simple redesign puts like talents together and makes for some interesting choices (with slight tweaks to particularly bad talents). The 56 tier becomes the healing tier. Replacing Heartbreaker with Mark of Blood leaves players with an interesting choice between three distinct healing talents. The only talent that is weak here in my opinion is Bloodworms. I propose that BP damage ticks have a 40% chance to spawn a Bloodworm. Bloodworms leech health equal to blood plague's damage from your target for 15 seconds, and then burst, healing you for the leeched damage. When you drop below 50% health, BWs automatically burst and heal you. you would spawn between 3 and 13 per min 99% of the time, healing between 1122% and 4862% of your attack power per minute. It would also be cool if MoB could be applied more than once. This would allow the player a choice in RP expenditure; to heal for more overall, but over a longer period of time, or to burst heal. The 57 tier becomes the RP generation tier. Placing Heartbreaker among other resource generation talents makes this tier an interesting choice, factoring in mobility and interactivity. The only sucker in this tier would be Soulgorge. I happen to love the concept of Soulgorge, but its execution is awful. The biggest issue in my mind is the amount of runes you have to spend just to get going and spread blood plague around. I propose that SG be more like Plague Leech, Consuming a BP from your current target, granting you up to 15% rune regeneration rate for 24 seconds. Plagues closer to expiration grant more rune regeneration. SG could also just be replaced with Blood Tap, another weak talent. To make BT competitive, Change its recharge time to 15 seconds and remove interactions with Bone Shield. BB still applies BP. That makes all of the talents viable in my opinion and makes the 57 tier an interesting choice. In order to offset the nerf of not being able to take HB and RD, I propose that 1. RD increase RP generation by 30% while in DnD, up from 15%. So that would mean 13 RP for every Rune and 20 RP for HS. 2. HB Increases the bonus RP generated by Heartstrike by 5 and by and additional 3 for each target hit. So on a single target HS would generate 23 RP baseline. 3. To keep Soulgorge competitive, add that for the first blood plague consumed, the rune generation bonus is doubled. So on single targets it is competitive, but with more targets one has the potential for more significant rewards in exchange for the micro management. 4. BT would be strong as proposed above. The 58 tier becomes the Bone Shield Utility tier. Anti-Magic Barrier was again completely out of place as a cooldown talent among Bone Shield utility talents. Foul Bulwark and Tombstone make this tier an interesting choice about how the player interacts with their Bone Shield Charges; keep up 5 for decreased DS cost, as many as possible for more health, or a variable amount depending on if you are ready to use TS? This also removes the anti-synergy between TS and FB/OS by placing them in the same tier with one another The 60 tier becomes the ability augmentation tier. The player can choose to augment AMS's absorb and give it utility for non magic fights, to increase VB's up time, or to gain more control over their self healing through DS. Vampiric Focus increases the percent of damage taken healed by Death Strike by 75% but reduces the baseline amount healed by 75%, making DS heal for 35% of damage taken and 2.5% of max health minimum (See DS section below). AMB isn't an obvious choice, but it would be amazing for magic damage fights. I propose making the health bonus 30% to match VB with some non-magical utility. The 90 tier becomes the burst damage tier. It isn't entirely clear what this Tier is meant to do, but It seems like it was meant to help deal with burst damage. Foul Bulwark was again not a terrible fit, but Spectral Deflection was bizarre up at 57. The choice here would be between reducing damage after the burst to allow for recovery, reducing damage for a short period to catch the burst, and using an extra BS charge to passively reduce the damage. Something needs to happen to Will of the Necropolis. It could increase your healing received as well as reducing damage taken, or just reduces the hit that brings you below 20% health as in the beta build, or makes your next Death Strike free, or it reduces damage taken by way more, like 75%, but only for like 5 seconds once per minute or something like that. As it stands it cannot compete. Alternative Talents It has been stated below that having the tree as proposed below would remove some interesting synergies that allow for the player to create themes. To address this concern, all that would really need to happen to the trees would be to buff weak talents: 56: BW and BD need to compete with more Death Strikes from HB. BD needs to almost always heal for more than DS. Drains 18% of health over 3 seconds, almost doubling a DS baseline heal. BWs should be stronger and more reliable. BP damage ticks have a 40% chance to spawn a Bloodworm. Bloodworms leech health equal to blood plague's damage from your target for 15 seconds, and then burst, healing you for the leeched damage. When you drop below 50% health, BWs automatically burst and heal you.57: SG needs to be more competitive with RD. SG Consumes a BP from your current target, granting you up to 15% rune regeneration rate for 24 seconds. Plagues closer to expiration grant more rune regeneration. BB still applies BP.58: RT needs to compete with Oss. AMB is weak. Rune Tap Recharge Time lowered to 30 seconds. AMB Bonus health increased to 30%.60: MoB and TS need to compete with RT. MoB can have multiple applications on a target (essentially makes an RP choice between MoB and DS. May need to decrease heal to 1%.) TS no longer has a Cooldown, consumes up to 5 charges, generates 4 RP per BS charge consumed, and the absorb lasts until canceled.90: Fix WotN. WotN deacreases damage taken and increases healing received by 20% below 35% health.Would be nice if Vampiric Focus was in there some where. I keep turning to AMB because it is very niche. Maybe it could be replaced. Ideally VF would just apply to DS Baseline. Death Strike Death Strike is basically the only thing we spend RP on. This is pretty boring. I think the intent was for there to be engagement in timing Death Strike to do above-baseline healing, but currently for that to happen we need to take more than 50% of our health pool in 5 seconds (.1L<.2D <-> .5L<D). anything short of that and we just spam away with no consequence. I proposed Vampiric Focus to allow players the option to take more control over their DS healing. I personally think that VF could be applied baseline to DS without much change. you would only need dto take 29% of health in damage over 5 seconds to match the baseline 10% heal currently. Mastery This one's pretty simple. I think it that Blood Shield should result from all healing we do to ourselves. That would passively buff the shield to become more relevant as it would include healing from blood plague, from healing talents, and from DS. Bone Shield Charges should only be consumed by direct damage. As is, DoTs and Aura damage make management of BS overshadow everything else. General Design Death Strike being dependent on damage taken sounds cool, but in reality it is impossible for players to gauge effectively without an addon or some other tool that measures the damage taken for them. I think that if this design is to be pursued Blizzard should just add an indicator into the UI for Blood DKs. This would give us 3 different things to keep track of: Runes, RP, and DS, which is what is done anyway, though it is a bit cumbersome. I think that Blizzard could do to Blood Dks what they did to BrewMasters. They could remove RP like they removed Chi and put everything that cost RP on a comparable recharge that is decreased by Rune expenditure. They would then replace Blood's RP bar with an indication of DS's heal size, similar to BrMs' stagger indicator. That's all I have for now. I'd love to read some other ideas or hear feedback about my own!Jabalkaz9 20h
20h Frost Dk talent issues/bugs Feel free to list any more that you find. The only way we are ever going to get these fixed is being vocal so have at it -Abominations Might currently doesn't daze when used against players. -Deathchill removes chains on ice on a target when the root occurs. This may or may not be intended but it suuuucksPlumera0 20h
21h Returning after a break to a simplified game Hello all, So I took a break before Cataclysm because of work schedule and now decided to come back for a bit. I'm on the 7 day SoR. Anyway on to my question. So I seemed to have noticed that the game is much more simplified as of now. And they removed a lot of things that allowed for uniqueness in the game. Such as Sigils for DKs, mele weapons for hunters, ranged for others, and a talent free that almost gives no room for tweeking. So I can't seem to find a thread about all of this or patch notes. Does anyone have some insight into these and the other changes of this sort? Thank you in advice for your help, -DizAatlas24 21h
22h Haste vs Mastery trinket So this may be a dumb question but from what ive read is that haste is frosts DK main stat to go after, followed by crit to 20% then mastery. I have been using a warforged counterweight from BRH (845), but just today got a heroic warforged Spont. Appendages (870) from Illgynoth. Should i drop the 845 trinket for massive mastery boost or no ?Morgrim0 22h
22h Unholy artifact skin after 7.1? Can you still get unholy hidden artifact book in class hall or proving grounds after 7.1 or am I just really unlucky?Nóxxs0 22h
22h Since 7.1 is Necrosis worth taking? It wasnt competitive before but what about after the buff to Death Coil. Anyone have any numbers or thoughts?Dîomedes3 22h
22h 7.1 Artifact trait path? So with the buffs in 7.1 to some of Frosts abilities, is the artifact path found here: Still the proper way? Cause I've heard everyone say Frozen Soul gold trait, and the ones leading into it (over-powered and ice in your veins) are useless. I'm at the point where my choices left are: Bad to the Bone, Chill of the Grave, Ice in your Veins. If I go Ice in Your veins to get Frozen Soul will I really see any DPS gains of note? Or should I divert off the path and get something like Bad to the Bone first or Chill of the Grave?Phaaze8 22h
23h tier 10 blue set So does anyone know whether we will be able to obtain the tier 10 264 blue boots belt or bracers for the off pieces of gear? there are models in the game now since one of our champions has been shown to wear the model.Vizantius7 23h
23h Tanks? I have become somewhat partial to tanking recently and was wondering, how do DK tanks do throughout the leveling process and at end game. I hear tell they are the slowest moving characters, but their survivability is pretty good. On a related note, any tips for a new DK tank?Drakean4 23h
1d Potential rotation problem? Hey fellow Death Knights. I need your help. I'm pulling what I feel are low numbers for my ilvl. This is becoming a problem as my guild is progressing Mythic Emerald Nightmare, where i'm usually sitting at the bottom of the charts. I need your help to see what I can be doing better and become less of a liability in DPS. Here's the breakdown: Unholy ilvl 866 Strength 25,091 Crit 28.35% Haste 20.10% Mastery 39.69% I'm currently pulling about 230k Single Target dps on the Dummy over a span of 8-10 min. These number feel extremely low for someone pushing 870 ilvl and I think it might be a rotational problem. Thoughts?Felsbells2 1d
1d How much haste for unholy PvE Just wondering what is the haste cap for unholy in PvE?Dierge8 1d
1d Am I Playing Blood Wrong? Was doing Mythic Halls of Valor earlier today (first Mythic on this toon) and I was getting absolutely destroyed. Kept Bone Shield stacks above 5 at all times. Pooled runic power through DnD procs. Dumped RP when almost capped. Saved DS for larger hits. Actively mitigated hard hitting spells with AMS. Vampiric Blood pretty much stayed on CD just to keep me alive. Is it my stats? Am I somehow doing it wrong? Been replacing pieces to drop as much mastery as possible. Working on getting my haste above 20% atm.Torvos23 1d
1d Hidden Artifact I saw someone wearing the red hidden artifact appearance. He never responded to my inquiry of how he got it. Just wanted to let y'all know someone has it, and if someone does can they please come forward!Noobender6 1d
1d Weapon enchants, frost What enchants should I use on my weapons as frost spec? Razor rice and what else?Cajiin5 1d
1d Frost Obliteration Hey I was just wondering how you guys were using this CD in PVP. Been playing unholy the whole xpac and was just playing around with frost a little. Do you use it as a obliterate spam to gain quick runic power to dump Frost strike or are you guys using it as frost strike obliterate cause that kind of feels clunky tbh and since its hard to stick to a target seems pretty useless. This is for PVP btwNergaul3 1d
1d Seal of Necrofantasia?Frost Hi all, this legendary dropped for me last night and was wandering if it was a good legendary for frost atm? I am kind of thinking it works against us since we want to be rune starved for Frozen Pulse to take effect. If it's good, how does it affect our rotation? Seal of Necrofantasia+ 1665 Stamina + 1397 Critical Strike + 776 Mastery + Socket Equip: Empower Rune Weapon gains 1 additional charge and recharges 5% faster.Pometheus2 1d
1d Frost Mythic+ Haven't had the chance to run any mythic+ since 7.1 went live. What build are people leaning towards for mythic+? I was thinking of trying my ST build with RA and see if I do enough aoe with FP and HB.Damark10 1d
1d 7.1 Frost Stat Priority Hey fellow FDKs, with the buffs to Oblit is there any change to our stat priority or should we still follow what Icy Veins recommends: Strength; Haste; Critical Strike (until 20%); Mastery; Critical Strike; Versatility. I already changed my play style to accommodate for the buffs but as I touch Heroic EN and Karazhan I want to make sure I pick the most optimized gear. Thanks in advance.Arbite41 1d
1d frost dk good for solo pvp now? Hi all - Thinking of dusting off my frost dk and give it a whirl after the damage buff. I play pvp fairly casually and mostly solo. Wondering how they are doing in the following pvp categories after the buffs? Are we still handicapped by the fact we're still a damage bot (tho now much stronger?) 1.) Unrated BG 2.) Rated BG 3.) World PvP 4.) Duels 5.) Skirmishes I also have a ret pally in waiting and know they're fairly strong for solo pvp in most scenarios. However I really like the animations and lore of frost dk so would love to try and make it work. Many thanks!Kruen10 1d
1d FDK Hidden Appearance Looking around Shield's Rest I found these two crossed swords on an altar in front of two Deathcaller Mystics. Also, there is a Tomb of the Old Kings, which I am planning to check out as well. Probably going to bring Koltira with me since he can understand dead languages and hope for the best. Location of the swords is 78, 10. Hopefully they will lead to something. 1d
1d Frost buff feels good in PvP I actually do damage now and can compete with other melee (except shamans) Buff was the best thing that happened for frost dks.Gkdlswmlli12 1d
1d How big was Frost's buff? I run with a Frost DK (I'm Unholy) and he shot up the damage charts. We used to be around the same DPS 220-250k now hes at a solid 260-280kDîomedes13 1d
1d Delete wrong forumNautkicker0 1d
1d Frost DK PVE and PVP spec Ideas?! Hey guys, Maining my DK from now on! been playing unholy PVE and PVP, wanting to try out frost for a bit now could you guys help me out with a PVP and PVE spec and give me a quick run down on rotations ETC would be much appreciated! Cheers!Rhayegar2 1d
1d Race? What race for horde is good for pvp as a dk?Caajin13 1d
1d New Frost DK need rotation/talent advice Hey everyone, just started playing Death Knight really. Looking for some info on my rotation. I'm pretty new to MMO's as a whole, but I'm trying here. I'm interested in PvP. I want to set up a single target rotation & multi-target rotation. I'm also not sure on which cooldowns I should try to keep up. As for talents, I can't really pick any in PVP right now as I only have 1 talent unlocked. Going to keep grinding there. Right now my rotation is basically; -> Obliterate spam. -> Howling Blast when proc. -> Frost Strike when on cooldown. -> Glacial Advance & Pillar of Frost once their cooldowns expire. -> Death Strike when needed. On a training dummy (PVE), I'm doing about 193K at iLVL 786. I also only have about 10 points or so in my Artifact Weapon. So I have none of the extra skills there to help.Callon2 1d
1d Terrorbound nexus So I recieved a 870 terrorbound nexus from my M+ chest on Tuesday and have been using it over the past 2 days. My experience with it so far is that it seems rather amazing for unholy death knights at the moment. 1) our mastery passive increases the dmg applied by the proc. 2) the proc can crit and considering we stack crit, it can hit fairly hard. 3) it seems to make us more of a viable pick for M+ as it is usually top 3 in dmg for me during trash pulls. What are your guys thoughts?Searis0 1d
1d Solved, case not closed. OK, where to start, While doing world quests something happened, While being Frost, An Icy white/blue rune appeared on the ground after killing mobs. Its easy to miss as it gets covered or hidden in all the frost effects(I'll leave a link below showing it). When moving the mouse curser over the Rune the curser changed to an interaction curser, right clicked, a channeled spell cast happened. No buff ......... nothing at first (I posted this earlier and some dude said it was debunked without looking at the jpeg and assumed I was talking about the environment runes, I will say this right now THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED OR WAS TALKED ABOUT YET ON ANY FORUM as its not from the environment its something that just happened and appeared) Then another tonight appeared, same thing. So here it goes............. Theorycraft After killing and channeling enough of these runes(or possibly RNG like unholy after a certain amount of casts) - The "Runes of the Darkening" will appear in your inventory after you collect them or loot it from the runes. Now after that, If you look at the Runes and the sub-Quote on Runes of Darkening you will highly notice they look like the Runes on the outside of the columns before Helhiem in Stormhiem, enter take the Runes to Helhiem(possibly Helya), where they will or can be translated, as no one living knows the language. Boom from there your guess is as good as mine, lets all start the race to world first, finally. - here is the photo so you know what you are looking for.Deathpoke17 1d
1d Rotation & Spec Help So I recently got my DK up to 110 and began running LFR and Heroics. I quickly came to realize that the rotation for the Unholy is incredibly tempermental and at times, one false click can leave me waiting for a rune recharge in which my DPS plummets. 2 things: Is Frost more approachable? If Unholy is where its at, are there any tips or tricks to learning the details of my rotation in order for me to pump out some decent DPS?Mysterys0 1d
1d Frost spec (Runic empowerement) Since patch 7.1 i noticed that the proc rate of runic empowerment has been reduced. is it just me or did it actually change ?Sðlid1 1d
1d Testing an Unholy Mastery Build Hey folks. In the spirit of trying to create more constructive discussion I'd like to start a little think tank. With the changes to Death Coil I started to explore prioritizing Mastery and changing my build accordingly. I would like to see if some others can help me test the following: ... My initial testing with sub-optimized 860 gear (20% haste, 28% Crit, only 50% mastery) with effectively no legendaries gets me to 350k dps on a 5 minute window. A flask and food was used, but no DPS potions. I will be experimenting a bit more and post updates. A better grip on stat weights will be posted when I learn how to create the appropriate rotation priority in sim software. Would totally like to get more folks trying new things as you learn a lot from getting outside of the accepted comfort zone.Sellvage4 1d
1d Question about Ossuary talent So Ossuary reduces the cost of DS by 5 runic power with 5 stacks of bone shield. Is that reduced runic power cost detrimental to Blood Thirst talent? In other words, Blood Thirst reduces CD on Vampiric Blood per 6 runic power spent. So when using DS with Ossuary, does it count as spending the full runic power cost of DS, or the reduced amount?Mandrick5 1d
1d Gnaw bug or tooltip problem? my gnaw gets used and then 1.5min later when the icon refreshes I can't use it. However if I wait 30 sec more I can use it; and after an arena once the cd on Gnaw said 2min. is there something that changed on 7.1 or is it jsut me and i'm crazy. Cuz its kinda annoying having to count to 30 after every gnaw to use itRetep2 1d
1d Frost DK in 7.1 So I was on the PTR last night doing some testing on the new changes. A lot of people are saying that the new changes aren't great for long term scaling because of obliterate being physical damage, and that may be true, but frost is really good single target in 7.1. With my current gear (865 as frost/867 as unholy) my dps on the ironforge raid dummy(so i didn't cleave) was as follows: Frost without buffs bounced between 310-320k. Thats with using obliterate and single target talents. Frost with buffs bounced between 320-330k. Same talents and basic rotation but with flask/food/rune. Unholy with current settup on my armory was only doing between 260-280k dps without buffs and 270-290k with buffs. Each test was 4 mins long and I did a few tests for each spec. I know that this info isn't really solid but I urge you guys to hop on PTR and do your own testing! From my small amount of testing, frost is going to be quite good in 7.1 and I'm excited. P.s frost swords have 20 points and ilvl 875, apocalypse has 24 points and ilvl 889.Redchimera66 1d
1d UH In-Combat bug In BGs if I have diseases on opponents and die I rez in-combat. This is super frustrating when I can't mount out of the graveyard. Anyone else noticing this irritating bug?Hugenugs6 1d
1d Castigator Stat Priority After we get 20% haste and start pushing out as much crit as possible, do any other stats overtake haste as a secondary to crit stacking?Sacredsoul1 1d
1d Glyph Glitch So before 7.1 I had the both the Geist and army glyphs. Now all I summon are the basic gouls on raise dead and all goul "army". Anyone else experiencing this? Also how do I start the new Suramar quest line? Do you need exalted? Nothing from the main area for me :(Brugah0 1d