Death Knight

6d Post your most successful 3s comp My fellow Deathlords, Now that arena is live, post your comp and how successful you have been with it. I'm at work and fiending for some bloody pvp action, so humor a poor damned soul.Factory3 6d
6d Recruiting UH for Mythic+ Group Hi, I'm currently looking to recruit a Unholy DK for a Mythic+ progression oriented group. Currently running, a Prot/Blood Tank, Priest Heal, Fire mage, a UH dk, and another choice. If you're interested, and your times work (Sat/Sun 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST) please fill out this list of questionsòrn3 6d
6d Claws/SI for Raids Which do you all find better for raiding? In dungeons, trash takes the most time, but in a raid it feels a little less important to clear it quick considering how many players you'll have. What I've found is that SI is better for bosses, but claws is better for trash because of the extra cleave. I know switching talents between bosses is annoying, but what do all of you guys think about the choice?Belovedscrÿ2 6d
6d Please bring back Death Coil heal on ghoul Hi all, I've been a Death Knight main since Wrath of the Lich King launched - I raided competitively for the entirety of Wrath, and was a high Duelist (around 2400 rating) in 3v3, so I have a lot of experience with the class. My favorite spec has always been Unholy. While I miss some of the iconic abilities that were pruned in Legion (Lichborne for example), the only change I'm really bothered by is the removal of Death Coil being able to heal your ghoul. Currently, of the class specializations that are reliant on pets for damage and utility (Survival and Beast Mastery Hunters, Warlocks (especially Demonology), Frost Mages, Unholy Death Knights), only Frost Mages and Unholy DKs lack a reliable way to heal their pets in combat. Unlike Frost Mages, who can position their elementals out of harm's way, Unholy Death Knight ghouls need to be in the thick of the fighting. In PvP, this often means that the pet takes huge chunks of AoE and cleave damage. It is incredibly frustrating and feels really bad to have so much synergy with and reliance on the pet (Dark Transformation, Sludge Belcher, Death Coil restoring energy, Gnaw, Corpse Shield), and yet no way to heal it, especially in PvP. Sacrificing runic power to heal the ghoul is a significant disadvantage for the Death Knight. If you're Death Coiling the ghoul, you aren't using it to do damage or to heal yourself with Death Strike. If need be, make it so that runic power spent on Death Coil healing can't proc runic corruption or other Death-Coil related talents (such as Necrosis) and artifact traits. Spec'ing into All Will Serve (which has problems of its own as if the skeletal archer is killed, there's no way to resummon it until the ghoul dies) should not be mandatory in order to have high pet uptime. In short, Unholy ghouls are an integral part of many spec mechanics - being unable to maintain our ghoul with Death Coil is extremely frustrating, and being able to heal the ghoul again with Death Coil would not be overly strong due to the detriment of losing damage and (potentially) rune regeneration. TL;DR - Ghoul heal gone bad. Bring death coil heal back please.Aethros8 6d
6d Glyph Ideas? Just throwing one out there, hoping others will give their input and their own ideas on those little things that spice up the world... of warcraft. Glyph of the Wight (Applies to Wraith Walk) Allows you to fly using Wraith Walk when you are a ghost.Chreist5 6d
6d Blood Death Knight PvP How are tanks, and more specific, Blood Death Knights doing in Legion PvP? I ask this with artifact traits and Honor talents taken into consideration. On my Blood DK here, I am able to stand my ground for a while against many enemies, however my damage is far to low to make anything really lethal lol. Will the honor talents and artifact traits improve this to be viable for PvP? I play Blood because I love the class fantasy theme of it. I would try Unholy but I dislike pet classes and Frost is cool but I prefer my DK to not focus on Frost magic, but rather I prefer to RP with Shadow lol. Now that I explained it a little for the reason behind trying to make a Blood DK work for me, has anyone had good results with Blood in PvP? Arena, BGs, etc. I know the the 10% AoE nerf tanks recently got, that will not aid in my PvP for Blood DK issue but I noted it. If you have any info you can help me out with please let me know. I want to make this work but for tanks I suspect that is not an option.Vaerth9 6d
6d Scourge of Worlds When it procs, am I supposed to spam SS and not worry about how many stacks i have up as long as i have at least 1 going? Talented into Castigator.Darthcidious1 6d
6d How does Skeletal Shattering actually work? I haven't been able to find a clear answer about this...does anyone know exactly how Skeletal Shattering is calculated? My understanding is that while you have at least 1 stack of Bone Shield, all damage is reduced by 16% and there is an internal cooldown on charges being consumed. So...does *every* attack have the chance at the extra 8% reduction from Skeletal Shattering, or is it only the attacks that actually consume a Bone Shield charge? I hope the former is true, because otherwise it would be very weak when tanking more than one target. Spell text, for convenience: Skeletal Shattering: "Each time Bone Shield absorbs damage, it has a chance equal to your Critical Strike chance to absorb an additional 8% of the damage." Bone Shield: "Surrounds you with a barrier of whirling bones, reducing all damage you take by 16% and increasing your Haste by 10%. Each damaging attack consumes a charge. Lasts 30 sec or until all charges are consumed." *Edit* Used old WoWhead link, was showing 20% reduction instead of 16%. Edited for accuracy.Zandrin4 6d
6d Frost DK Talents for PVP Battlegrounds What Frost DK talents are you using for PVP battlegrounds? I'm using: 1. Murderous Efficiency 2. Freezing Fog 3. Avalanche 4. Winter is Coming 5. Permafrost 6. Runic Attenuation 7. Glacial Advance I just wanted to see if there were better talents to choose solely for PVP purposes. Than you everyone!Sisper2 6d
6d decomposing aura and reanimation Have you guys noticed these two thing do absolutely nothing when they're suppose to do something? Like reanimation is suppose to deal damage and stun the target it hits and the aura is suppose to deal damage them but don't?Vondoo1 6d
6d Frost DPS, How am I looking? Single Target Raid Dummy 10 minute fight, no external buffs. ONLY Raid dummy was attacked (see screen) 182k DPS Build: Frost Scythe Single Target, No Obliterate.Salhezra10 6d
6d Necrotic Strike Has anyone unlocked all their PvP talents and played around with Necrotic Strike? Your thoughts on it if so? ThanksPozzil3 6d
6d Unholy Runic Power Spending Hey guys, Playing around with Unholy, I've really been enjoying the spec as a whole since I always feel like there's something to do and I'm not really ever resource starved. My main issue though comes to when you have sudden death procs coming through like crazy. I know we're not supposed to let our RP cap but when it comes to AoE fights, if I were to take Bursting Spores would I still want to spend my RP first or focus on the cleaving with SS?Sielon3 6d
6d Want to reroll DK. AM I crazy or? I love shadow priest. However I can't stand my other 2 specs. Disc is fun but I just have 0 interest in healing. I thought my love for shadow would keep me satisfied but I need some more variety. I love how blood DK plays. idc about being OP but I don't want to be useless. Will the blood nerfs kill blood tanking vs other tanks? Will they buff frost? I love it but being dead last doesn't interest me. I'm fine with Unholy being middle of the pack but I really want to see frost there too so I can switch up my gameplay without gimping the group. Thanks !Capríestsun8 6d
6d Campaign question Do we only have 1 quest that requires you to complete 5 Class Hall missions? Or do we have two? I remember the DK in my guild finished her campaign before any of the Paladins or Warriors, so do we only have 1 quest that requires 5 Class Hall missions? Or do we have 2 like Pally's?Xectaa2 6d
6d ll'gynoth Adds As a UH DK is there really anything you can do on this fight? My first thought is to just have us stay near the eye and DPS the adds near there and any tents that spawn next too it. Otherwise DPS just get shot running around so muchKaladk1 6d
6d Gear Guide to Get to Mythics? Hey all, I've been trying to find the best methods of gearing up to run Mythics. I'm currently at 778 iLVL, and plan to run Mythics as Blood. I've searched WowHead and found this, but I'm concerned that there is very little haste/crit on the gear recommended: Are there other guides out there similar to this? Any specific gear advice for a fresh 110 DK? Thanks!Nautkicker6 6d
6d Unholy Dk Pve question I have two leg plate armors that are different in haste and crit. When i use the crit leg plate armor i have 27% crit and 22% haste. When i use the haste leg plate armor i have 24% crit and 22% haste. I'm using the castigator talent as well. Does any one know wich i should use the Crit or haste leg plate armor , given the stats difference?Lildurk4 6d
6d The Why is it that when The Shambler procs it procs at the target and walks toward YOU. In PvP and PvE aren't the targets you're hitting in front of you and in PvP specifically aren't they generally running AWAY from you? What is the point of having The Shambler run away from the direction of your attacks rather than at or through it? Isn't that kind of silly for a golden artifact talent to have a really dumb mechanic? This needs to be changed asap.Jeffhardy3 6d
6d Current FDK problem/solutions First let me preface this article by saying i love FDK and will continue to play it forever. FDK has never been more fun to play, rotation is smooth and snappy to play. its current state it needs massive help. the following are problems that i have noticed. 1. Most spells do not do enough damage i.e Remorseless Winter, Artifact Trait and especially obliterate. 2.Artifact weapon traits have almost no impact on dps with the exception of "Nothing But the Boots' and "Ambidextrous" and of course "Rage of Sindragosa" 3.Back to obliterate. I love how it plays into the rotation but it simply does not do enough damage and it does not scale at all and you almost feel like you are wasting a GCD using it. 4.Artifact trait Crystalline Blades is a super lackluster addition to our "rotation" i say that in quotes because i have no control over it and of course it does not do any damage. 5. On paper it looks like it was made to do single target. Not only does it have the weakest single target but its AoE is mediocre at best. 6. Its ability to survive its total garbage. No defensive CDs other then a 20% DMG RED. That Coupled with no mobility (which is fine its always been like that) means FDK brings nothing to the table PVP/PVE Honestly the vast majority of these problems could be solved but simply tuning damage numbers (alot). Hopefully this helps for the futureYuramic7 6d
6d Raid time! Any last minute tips and tricks to share with everyone? I finally found a "happy point" for stats, 30% crit 17% haste 41% mastery. This feels nice, ruins come back quick enough and dps is good. 210k to 230k on single target. Unfortunatly getting my stats right caused me to lose a few item levels, but I already have a raid spot so I'm not too worried about that.Discopotato4 6d
6d Clawing Shadows w/ enough mastery? Due to some fairly atrocious RNG drops, my stat spread is looking like this: Crit - 26% Haste - 12% Mastery - 57%. With an option to replace my 840 crit/haste neck with an 850 mastery/vers, I could boost my Mastery to well over 60. With raid night coming up, I'm wondering if Clawing Shadows might be superior due to my high mastery, or if Castigator is still the best option.Valendras5 6d
6d Question on Unholy - Pestulent Pustules Im leveling up my DK as Unholy is insanely fun and so Blood as well. I was hoping to have my main be my Monk as it has been since MoP when I switched from a Pally while having a ranged alt. I don't like any of the ranged so DK this expac it is once again! Currently my question is when bursting the sores as UH, aren't the bursted sores supposed to be doing AOE damage or is our only AOE to come from Death an Decay followed by the virulent diseases? Thanks in advance!Alexithymea2 6d
6d pvp and pve frost is useless. talking competitive here. Even at honor lvl 40 with chill streak ( the only valuable talent we get), in pvp we get squashed. PVE we pull bottom dps and if we are doing good and the boss involves mechanics we lose all our damage. This is sad. im trying my best to enjoy it, i honestly am. And its always wait till legion, wait till 110, wait till you get X. Blizzard, you destroyed a class.AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE US. That only adds insult to injury.Youngsinatra2 6d
6d Blood Advice/Youtube Channels Hey everyone, After some minor guild drama, I just found out that I'll be tanking on Tuesday for raids, after having dumped all of my artifact power into apocalypse since legion came out. I'll obviously be spending all day today getting artifact power. Wondering if anyone has any general advice for a new blood dk tanking a raid, and if there are any youtube channels that can provide a good overview of the class. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Doombuggy6 6d
6d Ranked comes out and Razorice still bugged? I'm at work right now so I can't test for sure but I haven't seen anything in the patch notes about it. It has been reported for months. Several posts have been made about it in the bug forums. It still does not figure on their ''List of Known Issues'' and no news about it. This is unacceptable as 10% extra frost dmg on a target ON TOP of the extra frost dmg on melee attacks is a big deal for us in arenas (not to mention a nice talent option that we can't use and an artifact talent that is linked to it as well that doesn't work right now although I doubt many people put points into this seemingly lame talent yet). I really wish they would just give us an ETA about it, at least let us know they're working on it to get it hotfixed ASAP. I don't see what else we can do besides writing up several posts about it in the bug forums although it's against what they suggest to keep it at one post per bug. We need a lot of tweaks on several things for the class but this thing here is obviously not intended, had been going on for a long time and it's hard to believe that it's ''that'' hard to fix to just not disable it inside arenas.Neosoul0 6d
6d Frost/pvp: a great spec or the greatest spec? Hello there folks, As the DK community is abandoning the frost bandwagon to migrate to the unholy pastures, I stand back and wonder to myself. Why? To me, it looks like frost DKs are as competitive as ever. To prove my point I’ll compare them to a clearly balanced class: Demon hunters. I’m going to address 5 points: mobility, survivability, self-healing, CC and damage I. Mobility Demon hunters have increased movement speed and can use 3 abilities on short cooldowns to jump around. Frost Dks are currently one of the slowest classes in the game. What they do get to counter-balance that, is an amazing sprint-like ability, where you can use it to dash through the battlefield. It’s exactly like what most (if not all) melee classes get, only not as long, not as fast, and sometimes small obstructions ahead (like bumps in the road) may block your movement. Ohh and also you can’t attack while using it. Minor detail, that. It’s all fine and dandy. We’re going to give this one to DHs folks, but barely. So yes maybe they have slightly better mobility than frost, but as I’m going to prove in the following points, mobility isn’t everything. Besides, as we all know, the developers have stated that super mobile classes can’t also have great damage and burst at the same time. Think of other examples like rogues and ferals. Amazing mobility? Crappy damage, I'm sure. Moving on. In any case, the point that we get from this is that yes, frost DKs are ever so slightly less mobile than DHs. II. Survivability Frost gets a THREE minute cd that gives them a flat TWENTY % damage reduction for EIGHT seconds vs DHs that get a ONE minute cd that gives them THIRTY FIVE % damage reduction with an additional 50% chance to dodge for TEN seconds. Now clearly frost has the upper hand here for three reasons: a) THREE X TWENTY X EIGHT > ONE X THIRTY FIVE X TEN because MATH (I'm sure that's how it works) b) The 50% dodge overlaps with the 35% damage reduction, meaning that if you dodge an attack, you waste the opportunity to reduce the damage you would have taken, therefore wasting the effect. Joke’s on them. C) Also, since I have a background in physics I can further support my argument by putting this into the table. As we all know from relativity, the faster you move, the slower time flows for you. Therefore since DHs move so fast, it is safe to assume that while their cds are SHORTER, they will take longer to actually come up again. It’s called the twin paradox. Open a book once in a while, jeez. So clearly DKs are better because: MATH, REDUNDANT OVERLAPPING DEFENSIVES and PHYSICS. I should probably mention anti-magic shell here: An ability that allows you to laugh at locks for wasting their dots. Reverse magic has a similar effect, with the extra bonus of throwing back said dots. DKs get extra points again for being less annoying and/or spiteful. III. Self-healing Frost gets death strike which typically requires you to waste 3-4 GCDs and sacrifice damage for a whopping 10-20% heal. DHs get 100% damage leech for 30-40 seconds. DKs obviously have the upper hand again because as we all know, DHs do close to no damage since they’re so mobile. On the other hand 10% of your health is a lot! I mean how much damage can a DH do over 30-40 seconds? I’m sure it’s negligible. Not to mention how you can run away during that period and make them waste their cds. It’s not like they can catch up to you or anything. Hint: Use wraith walk, it’s amazing. IV. CC Frost used to have a targeted stun/5 second silence. Obviously stuns are overpowered, so all melee classes lost their stuns except rogues, ferals, rets, warriors, monks and shamans. To be fair, frost DKs can spec into winter is coming which is amazing and totally works all the time. Except when it doesn’t, which I’m sure never happens. It’s not like people can run away, avoid, or remove it or anything. Demon hunters get 2 stuns. I’m going to go with Frost again, because as we all know less is more. Moving on V. Damage With all the above points, it should be pretty clear by now that DHs do less damage by design. Both their toolkits and their various class limitations rarely give them the chance to do any real damage. There's no need to prove this point. Any person who has done BGs or arena skirmishes will know by now that DHs are rare, do little to no damage and need our help and encouragement. Frost does perfectly well in BGs/arenas and has close to no known counters. So all in all what is our conclusion here? Frost is a balanced, well-thought out spec that is totally competitive in pvp when compared to some other options out there. It's impossible to be a liability if you pick it over anything else. So my question remains. Frost: a great pvp spec or the greatest pvp spec? CheersIlfirin22 6d
6d Unholy VS. Frost (PVE DPS Legion) HI there, still trying to decide on which spec I should use in Legion. I've tried doing research on the state of the two specs, but they've changed so much that by the time I read up on a spec, it's outdated. I know that right now in 7.0.3, Unholy is smashing Frost in DPS. But this is not including the artifact weapon, which will greatly impact the output the class has. I've personally not been able to get access to the beta. So I'm just wondering if anyone can share some figures or experience with the DPS of both specs. I absolutely love both specs, so at this point all I care about is which spec can output more in Legion. Thanks, Senfry#1637 (Feel free to add me if you'd wish to talk anything Deathknight.)Betrayer22 6d
Sep 20 How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies. This is a quest in the dk starter zone where you use Keleseth's Persuaders to reveal the Crimson Dawn. I've been whacking away at scarlet NPCS (not the civilians, the priest, marksman, and commanders) for about half an hour without a quest update. Is this a known issue? Or am I the most unlucky fresh dk in the game?Jotunheimr26 Sep 20
Sep 20 pet healing... why was it removed??? the damn thing dies instantly and somehow i think pet re-summon is bugged il have off cd and it dies then its blacked out i realize the penalty from corpse shield but its not that.. im seriously rethinking uhdk so much crap to put up with whos idea was it to take out pet healing??Apoc1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Artifact weapon. Ok so I have the blood and frost artifact weapons but I tried doing the unholy artifact and well I accidentally abandoned the quest and I'm trying to go back and redo it but it won't show up in my class hall anymoreJfortanelli5 Sep 20
Sep 20 Wtf are these rankings!? Is this a fkin joke? UH cant be 15th. This has to be written my morons. Someone please confirm that this isnt reality because my performance is telling me that im way higher on that list.Darthcidious16 Sep 20
Sep 20 Leech Stat Weight/Value for Blood Hello everyone, Quick question-- How does leech stack up compared to our secondary stats? Most sites I look at only give weights of the main secondaries and do not include leech... I have a difficult time deciphering exactly how much value it is adding to my tanking overall. I have 4 pieces that i got lucky and rolled it (8% overall leech), but I also have a couple different pieces that are the same ilvl that have a socket... how does a socket (i.e. 150 extra haste) compare to ~450 leech? Any clarity on leech's value in general would be appreciated. Thank you!Palabee1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Ashran Honor XP. Dunno why more people don't queue for this. It's a good way to gain honor levels. Maybe it doesn't reward relevant gear? Still seems a faster option than BGs or Arenas for leveling Honor talents. Or Prestige for artifact skins. Any hardcore PvPers up for discussion on the merits of this?Zephyrath0 Sep 20
Sep 19 Frost DK 7.1 Update So any word from any Developers or Blue Posts speaking of the Frost DK terrible Single Target DPS and how immobile we are? I seen the 7.1 PTR notes and all they've done is nerf Frozen Pulse. I really hope they work on adjusting the class because I love it so much...and it's kind of too late for me to go Unholy with all the AP and gear I spend hunting, you would think they would allow us to at least respec if they don't want to work on the specEpidemic21 Sep 19
Sep 19 Which class hall upgrades did you pick? Hey all, just wanted to hear from other DKs on which class hall upgrades you've chosen so far.Mowdown3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Army of the dead Dance Im sure i'm not the first person to point this out. But why is it when you /dance while Army Of The Dead is out do they not do the Thriller dance? Step up your game blizzardSimbá0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Old war or Deadly Grace With raids starting tomorrow. I wanted to throw this to the community. What potion will you be using? I haven't really done much testing with it but Old War seems to be a better way to go then deadly grace.Clawles1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Legion Unholy pet macros Hello everyone, as many of you may have known, when you switch between your ghoul pet and the talented Sludge Belcher pet, your macro for gnaw does not work anymore. Instead of having to create 2 macros for each pet I have a macro you can use that will switch the spell based on whichever pet you have out at the time. The first macro is just your ordinary gnaw/smash button in 1 and the macro is #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination] smash; [pet:ghoul] gnaw; So now just set that to a bind and you're ready to go, you won't have to switch back and forth different macros depending on which pet you have out. Next up is the focus gnaw/smash macro, here it is: #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination,@focus] smash; [pet:ghoul,@focus] gnaw; The last macro is to combine the ghoul's leap ability with the abomination's hook ability, here it is. #showtooltip /cast [pet:abomination] hook; [pet:ghoul] leap; If you wish to make a focus hook/leap macro just repeat the steps from macro 2. Good luck all and I hope this helped someone out.Necroblight8 Sep 19
Sep 19 DK unholy/frost issues Just some things with DK's that I feel could be better. Unholy: Am I the only one that despises death coil? It's our only RP spender and it's the most limp @*%@!!!!, wet noodle spell in the game. It does next to no damage and looks super lame. Blood and Frost have usefull spenders, why can't Unholy? I understand if they buffed the damage the class could become overturned, but do something to it to make me want to use it. It's super annoying when I have runes to cast spells that actually do something, but I don't want to cap RP and have to dump coils. It's just really not satisfying and feels like a detriment to my dps when I get sudden doom procs and have to waste my 1.5 sec GCD (which is too long tbh). Frost: We all know the spec isn't worth touching, but that could be fixed with number tuning. My problem is with the artifact weapon: Blizzard successfully found a way to make frostmourne lame. They gave Frost, a four button spec, the only passive artifact ability and made it do like 7 damage. The active (that you have to unlock) has 5x the cd of normal artifact abilities, and is outshined by a lot of them anyway. I was pumped to play Frost in legion; it was always my favorite spec. Needless to say I gave up on that pretty quick and just stuck with unholy/blood. I think Blizzard did a great job with legion, but I think that DK's could use some little fixes that would make the class more fun to play.Sallustio24 Sep 19
Sep 19 How To Get Old Tier Sets Hi guys! I'm new at playing blood dk @trollbane, but right now I'm doing my best to get the hang of it. Just want to ask a few questions regarding old tier sets. Is there any way that I could get them? The reason why is because of Transmog purposes. Some of the tier equipments are freaking cool (Conqueror's Darkruned Battleset for me). Is there a way to possibly "buy" or get it somehow? Or are there some other good looking tier sets out there that you guys like? Give me some recommendation! Thank you and have a good day!Sallos2 Sep 19
Sep 19 UHDK: Glyph of Blighted Soldier Was tinkering about with my UHDK and noticed out of all the undead models used from talents and glyphs. One seemed to be bypassed. I figured that it would be just a nice change to add on to the talent All will Serve. Instead of a random skeleton: Melee / Archer, why not a blight / ooze / slime minion? Example: Doing the same thing as the talent, just a cosmetic change to the melee or ranged skeleton, but instead of arrows, it "spits" its bile at the target.Tusktickular2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Mythic+ Overflowing Can a blood DK from beta confirm if this keystone modifier effects our self heal? Google and a forum search didn't give me anything, hoping someone with experience in pluses on beta can confirm. If this does effect our own self heal then that would be horrible, 80% of my healing in mythics right now is overheal and the only way to stop that would just be to cap out RP and avoid using HS and BB.Garagos0 Sep 19
Sep 19 How is no one talking about this? If you head over to WoWHead and look at class changes for 7.1 UH DK. It has Deaths Advance listed. Are we getting it back in 7.1? Scroll past the first class changes part. It's a little further down the pageClawles15 Sep 19
Sep 19 doing damage or mechanics. the life of a FDK . mechanics win every time because staying alive.Youngsinatra0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Need tips from fellow UH DKs So last night in a lfg group I was in a dungeon I haven't done before and I haven't updated recount yet (I'm going to soon just keep forgetting) but I start getting talked to like crap by this druid tank and monk dps about how me and another dps are terrible and don't know our class. Calling us morons and just generally being really rude. Now I've played this game ten years and I'm sure I know my class but too humor these jerks I'll come to you all and ask if there's any tips that will help me out. So first I know I need more haste and second I could probaby use help on a rotation single target I use outbreak than two FS then SS if apocalypse is on cd and DC too dump rp trying to keep it from capping. Aoe is similar I just utilize DnD and epidemic in the rotation. Keeping dark transformation up as often as I can and arbiter when I have alot of rp. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I know I'm not the best player but I'm atleast decent and I think these two were just being a-holes but now I'm questioning myself. Thank you for any advice.Matis22 Sep 19
Sep 19 Blood DK Triple Dipping nerf? 1. Death and Decay got a mob limit, allowing HS to only hit a max of 5, down from All enemies inside DnD 2. Heartstrike got a 50% damage nerf during prepatch 3. Blood for Blood pvp Talent remained unchanged despite the above 1 and 2 nerf. PvE: Nerf 1 and 2 really made Blood Feast quite irrelevant as a trait. Would make a bit more sense if after nerfing Heartstrike by 50%, that DnD mob limit would be removed, thus the only balancing factor needing to be tweaked would be HS, if the healing seems too much from Blood Feast during AoE or too little. PvP: Nerf 1,2,3 really did a number on Blood DK. Most blood dk's who kept up with the news and those who played beta know how bad this talent is for WorldPvP content and Instanced PvP. Blood for Blood talent was not nerfed to compensate for the 50% nerf to Hearstrike. What this did was negate the benefit of the talent while still keeping the extremely high 10% hp cost. The reason the talent was somewhat negligible was because HS would hit soo hard, you could minimize the health lost with the health gained via the Feast of Blood talent. Overall: hopefully future balance patch addresses this issue. It greatly affects the gameplay if Blood Dk's who by mistake got honor level 10 and picked Blood for Blood. With no way to remove it, they have a more difficult time doing PvP related WQ's and if they are on a PvP realm, they won't be able to enjoy their PvE experience as much. Edit: Also for Enhancement Shaman, Forked lightning is also grieving in PvP WQ's pulling mobs within 40 yards at random, can no longer use stormstrike if this talent is taken. Seems like a bug like what feral had with mangle at wod beta that aggroed everything.Blvdblood48 Sep 19
Sep 19 convince me to roll blood or UH I want to level a DK for fun, but haven't played them in quite a while so it's hard for me to really say which one I'll like. I like a class that is fun to level as, but also want to be able to do some non serious stuff like raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds. I'm leaning UH, but I also hear blood is a lot of fun. If it was easy to swap AP from one weapon to another it wouldn't be a worry but since we can't do that I have to pick before I start leveling!Moojerkz10 Sep 19
Sep 19 UH dk DPS I was curious to what stat really does increase dps? My spec has castigator, postules, and soul reaper. The stat I keep reading about is having a higher haste? My crit and mastery are 35%+ but haste is 9% In most dungeons at 844 ilvl I get 180-205k dps. Any advice would be great! Thanks!Vaelax4 Sep 19
Sep 19 That 4th Horseman Quest (Spoilers)... Spoilers for those who haven't done it yet So we've just severely annoyed the Paladins, who should be one of our allies, just so we could get Darion Mograine as a Death Knight, when he was already a DK to begin with. Should we send a fruit basket to Light's Hope Chapel with an attached note: Dear Paladins of Azeroth, Sorry for invading your hall, killing several of your guards, injuring Lady Lliadrin and attempting to raise Tirion as a Deathknight. None of the Ebon Hand really wanted to do it, but the Lich King said it would be a good idea and none of us could think of a better one. As it turns out, we weren't really supposed to raise Tirion, this was all part of some elaborate scheme to get Darion killed and then raised again as an even better DK. So it looks like this Lich King is just as crazy as the old one :( So, no hard feelings and we can be best friends again? All the best, Deathlady MurdinaMurdina66 Sep 19