Death Knight

Sep 23 Can't Dark Sim copy Shaman Hex anymore? Bug or intended? Doesn't it cost mana in Legion?Desecrator3 Sep 23
Sep 23 Why is crit for Frost DKs weighted so poorly? With 9000 crit on my Frost Death Knight I get 31% critical hit chance. With 9000 crit on my Demon Hunter I get 41% critical hit chance. Why is there so little "bang for my buck?" Neither have any passives increasing crit, so it must mean that internally my Frost DK just gets much, much, much less crit per point than my DH. Why? with the numbers right now, surely "balance" isn't the motivating factor, is it?Snowdance12 Sep 23
Sep 22 Huge Nerf to Apocalypse in PvP Death Knight - Heartstop Aura now decreases cooldown recovery rate by 20% (was 30%). - Heartstop Aura radius is now 8 yards (was 10 yards). - Necrotic Aura radius is now 12 yards (was 10 yards). - Apocalypse (Unholy) now bursts 4 Festering Wounds (was 8). Those are the dk nerfs. I guess I was wrong in saying they wouldn't nerf it and it was a huge nerf which is going to significantly hurt Unholy in arena. Hard to tell where Unholy stands after this until some testing to see the actual numbers.Toxicant90 Sep 22
Sep 22 Teach me the ways of unholy pvp I havent pvp'd on a dk since wrath, i ask you fellow dead enthusiasts what must i do to unleash the full brunt of unholy pvp onto the peasants?Barollarn0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Buffs for Frost; What to expect? Title. What do you guys expect will be buffed for Frost? Doing 60% of the top class' DPS, I'm hoping for a small 30% buff to our everything.Tidaer23 Sep 22
Sep 22 Current best dps for pvp Thinking about leveling my DK. What spec does best in pvp right now?Vaelur12 Sep 22
Sep 22 Blood for leveling? I know Blood just got some nerfs and it seems there may be some more incoming (?). How is it for leveling? I like the idea of feeling near invincible and being able to pull several mobs at once. I may tank the occasional dungeon on my way to 110, but mainly just questing. Still viable?Apsylar1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Hidden artifact head clipping Very neat design which is unfortunately ruined by constant head clipping. Just don't be too excited to get this if you're a Draenei. For anyone curious this was dropped by the withered training final chest.Fourpure0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Remember when Lore claimed... that our strong DPS would make up for low mobility? Still waiting on that strong DPS Lore Sep 22
Sep 22 Unholy DPS- Good? So, I'll get right into the numbers, since my rotation is solid and I've got a firm grasp on it after some experimentation. This is for single target. Burst- 275-300k, higher or lower based on Castigator luck Sustain- 230-240k Stats- Crit 28% Haste 10% Mastery 51% Versatility 1% Is my damage decent considering my stats?Illaandra24 Sep 22
Sep 22 Why Frost Feels Bad, Man Core Abilities Part of the issue with Frost DK is that they have core mechanics that just don't work well with each other. Some of these are long standing problems, and some of these are things that were changed for Legion and haven't worked since. Killing Machine - Your auto attack critical strikes have a chance to make your next Obliterate automatically critically strike. At the heart of what is wrong with Frost is our spec defining passive, Killing Machine. There are two central problems with this ability. The first is that it procs a free crit with the one ability in our rotation that does not benefit in any way from our Mastery. This leaves Killing Machine procs very static, as they can only really benefit from an increase in raw Strength. But this issue pales in comparison to the much greater issue. Killing Machine is procced by a critical melee strike. This presents a terrible situation where you need critical strike chance to proc free critical strike chances. At a certain point, the amount of raw crit you already have makes Killing Machine feel somewhat redundant. In order to have enough crit to reliable proc it, the benefit of getting the free critical strike has been significantly blunted. Solution: Devise an alternate mechanic for proccing Killing Machine. Make it a base chance on melee hit, for example. You can lower the proc rate as needed. This allows players to use haste intsead of crit to proc Killing Machine, and the ability becomes much less redundant. Mastery: Frozen Heart - Increases all Frost damage done by X% The issues with Frost's Mastery are two fold. First off, the amount of extra damage you get has been called into question by the DK community, because it is absolutely dreadful in comparison to the amount of damage that Unholy gets for the same amount of Mastery. It's almost a 2:3 ratio in favor of Unholy. Now, Mastery is a great stat that can be used to tune a spec, and if Frost was blowing up the DPS charts with Unholy lagging behind, that ratio would absolutely make sense. It's a simple "dial" that can be used to tune the ultimate output of the spec. But with those situations reversed, Frozen Heart might need a raw number buff. Solution: Tune Frozen Heart to be more competitive. The second issue is, of course, Obliterate. Our primary resource builder, and the primary beneficiary of Killing Machine (our class defining proc) gets absolutely no benefit from Mastery. This represents a radical change from previous incarnations of Frost, where Killing Machine could be used on either Obliterate or Frost Strike. Thus, you could choose whether to spend your free crit on Physical or Frost damage. Solution: There are several. Allow Killing Machine to be consumed by either Obliterate or Frost Strike. Allow Obliterate to deal a portion of its damage in Frost. Allow the Killing Machine proc to convert Obliterate to Frost damage for that usage. Talents Problem Children There are a few talent that are quite lackluster. Hungering Rune Weapon springs to mind. It's easily fixable (via shortening the cooldown, since it already replaces a base ability). The idea behind Volatile Shielding is decent, but again the numbers are tuned so badly it's not worth using. Frozen Pulse feels like I am being rewarded for playing my class wrong. But it's the last tier of abilities that really fails Frost DKs. I will focus mostly on Obliteration and Glacial Advance, because Breath of Sindragosa is clearly a niche talent, and it's okay to have some of those as long as there are viable alternatives. Obliteration - For the next 8 sec, every Frost Strike hit triggers Killing Machine, and Obliterate costs 1 less Rune. In theory, this is a decent talent. It provides a decent single target DPS boost on a reasonable cooldown, or a decent AoE DPS boost when paired with Frostscythe. That being said, it requires a fair amount of setup, its payoff underwhelms, and the resource pooling that is sometimes required interferes with Frost's already lackluster performance beforehand. It also suffers from the Killing Machine problem (diminishing returns on characters that are already stacking crit). Additionally, spamming Obliterate is a great way to waste Rime procs. Solution: Change Obliteration into a stack based buff rather than a timer based buff. Your next X Frost Strikes will trigger Killing Machine and reduce the cost of Obliterate by 1. This will allow players to use the ability a bit more judiciously, and still get the damage from it without having to tunnel the target for the entire duration. It will also allow players who did not choose Frostscythe to get the full benefit of Rime. Glacial Advance - Summon glacial spikes from the ground that advance forward, each dealing (375% of Attack power) Frost damage to enemies near their eruption point. This is a player targeted pseudo-AoE that deals mediocre damage on an inconvenient cooldown. It is buggy, it is often interrupted by terrain (for which a fix may be coming, admittedly) and it just doesn't deal the sort of damage that a level 100 tier talent ought to. It deals about the same damage as Frost Strike, but in a narrow line, and it costs a Rune. Woo. Exciting. Solution: There are many ways to fix this. Let it hit targets more than once - so that you can deal damage proportional to how many of the shards strike your target. Spread it out into a cone, so it is both easier to aim and can multi-strike. Give the hit some secondary effect that Frost DK would want applied to a target. Or retool the talent and bake it into Frost Strike, which is already in the rotation. Also, and I can't stress this enough, do not let it be defeated by rocks and twigs. Artifact Weapon I'm not going to nit pick every node on the Artifact path. Every class and every weapon has a few "duds" here and there (Guardian Druid gets three points into Maul for Pete's sake). Two of the Golden Dragon nodes, Hypothermia and Frozen Soul, are fine as well. Not amazing. But they are reasonably in line with other passive abilities that other DPS classes and specs get, and either could be made good or bad just by tuning the numerical values. Instead, I will focus on the two Golden Dragons that are truly a letdown. Crystalline Swords - Your melee attacks have a chance to create icy copies of Icebringer and Frostreaper, which will then stab and pierce your foes. There's not a lot of information to go on with this talent description. Generally Crystalline Swords tend to make up about 5% of my total damage output. Honestly, this trait feels lazy. It might as well just say "Do 5% more damage" and call it a day. The swords appear, and then hover there with no animation whatsoever. At first I thought I was bugged. But visuals aside, it's just a flat damage increase. It doesn't matter what you do and there is no thought that goes into using it. Solution: First of all, let the swords do something. Dancing Rune Weapon is a thing, it's in the game, and the same animations could be applied here to at least liven up the aesthetic of the effect. But on a mechanical level, it's still incredibly lazy. Give us some control over their proc rate. Marry it to either crit or haste so it's a number we ourselves can tune. Alternatively, let them deal damage based on the damage the player deals while they are active, thus creating a mechanic out of bursting when both weapons are out. Sindagosa's Fury - Summons Sindragosa, who breathes frost on all enemies within 40 yd in front of you, dealing (2000% of Attack power) Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 10 sec. When you use Sindragosa's Fury, you feel awesome. Then you wait five minutes to feel awesome again. That's the core problem with this talent. It does something pretty great, and then it does nothing for a long time. Generally, you get to use this once per boss, maybe twice if you are lucky. Or you can use it on trash to handle a large pack or to recover from a mistake, and then skip using it on the next boss. It's the cooldown timer on this ability that makes it unfun. Now I get it. This is an incredibly strong attack that covers an incredibly large area of real estate. You can't just go letting us spam this thing or Frost DK would be out of control. But most other Artifact on-use talents (that admittedly deal less damage) have cooldowns between 45 and 90 seconds. That allows them to be used intelligently and often. It feels engaging and powerful, and those abilities become part of a DPS class's rotation. Solution: Reduce the cooldown on Sindragosa's Fury, even if it means a moderate - MODERATE, BLIZZARD - damage or area of effect reduction. It can still be the longest cooldown Artifact trait. Maybe 2.5 or 3 minutes. As it stands in PvE content, the cooldown is often a lot longer than 5 minutes because you spend so much of your time saving Sindragosa's Fury for the right window. You simply can't afford to spend it at any other time.Mortuaebis2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Rate the DK name above you! (Cont'd) The previous thread hit the post cap. GoGoGo!Thaedred272 Sep 22
Sep 22 Trinkets Trinkets Trinkets! Trinkets! They're everywhere!! Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the number of trinkets being thrown at us? I am having a hard time picking and feeling comfortable with my choice. Especially with so many trinkets now have varying proc effects, it all feels a bit too much. Being able to have options is great, but having too many options can feel overwhelming. Let me know what you think! -Unholy's, what have you been sticking with during dungeons and raids? Are you favoring non-proc, concrete stats? or are you seeing big gains with more rng? Update: I'm seeing a lot more Crit recommendations than I expected! I've been trying to get Haste anywhere I can, and feel extremely sluggish if it dips below 13%. I've been using Nightmare Egg Shell from a mythic dungeon and Spontaneous Appendages from Emerald Nightmare. Sorry I'd link these items but I can't get links to work at all.Warishell6 Sep 22
Sep 22 Will Blizzard ever read our post here? After all these complain about fdk dps, no response from any source. Feels awful.Cencens18 Sep 22
Sep 22 Blood dps nerfed, survivability is ok So for those who claim our tank survivability has taken a significant hit and we're much worse off now let me just clarify how our dps impacts our damage mitigation. Skills affected by dps: Consumption - Heals for 100% of damage dealt Unending Thirst - 25% leech while blood shield is active Blood Feast - Heal for 25% of Heart Strike damage Umbilicus Eternus - After Vampiric Blood expires, heal for 5 times damage dealt by Blood Plague while Vampiric Blood was active. Of those Blood Feast was always fairly useless because Heart Strike does bad damage and I doubt anyone relied on Umbilicus Eternus. Consumption got hit fairly hard but it has a fairly long CD anyway so total % of healing isn't much. Unending Thrist is also a nice to have but isn't a major part of our healing. Our main damage mitigation comes from Death Strike, which is unaffected by dps. Death Strike heals based on damage dealt to you, if you do less damage nothing changes. It also generates a Blood Shield based on the amount healed. As healing from Death Strike is due to damage dealt to you then Blood Shield is also unaffected by dps. Our main method of damage mitigation hasn't been touched. So please, for those crying doom and gloom for Death Knight tanking explain to me how bad we've been hurt. Our dps is less, yes. That was the objective of the nerf. Our tanking and survivability has taken a small hit that will barely be noticed.Xenoul52 Sep 22
Sep 22 DK isn't as fun anymore? Anyone else? I've tried and tried to play DK this xpac but I just cannot find it fun anymore. I feel like I have to play my class perfect to even compete with other classes. There have been too many changes for me and the class has just gone a different way than what I used to like. I feel like a wet sponge. Why does it feel like I am playing with a handicap? Do others that main a DK feel this way?Ebolacleave23 Sep 22
Sep 22 More Blood Nerfs 7.1 PTR Just saw this on the PTR notes on wowhead. Not sure what the deal with these are. Specialization (3) Death's Caress Reach out with necrotic tendrils, dealing (100%90% of Attack power) Shadow damage and applying Blood Plague to your target. Blood Plague A shadowy disease that drains 0 health from the target over 24 sec. Heart Strike Instantly strike the target and 1 other nearby enemy, causing 206%185% Physical damage, and reducing enemies' movement speed by 50% for 8 sec. Generates 5 bonus Runic Power Heartbreaker plus 2 Runic Power per additional enemy struck Marrowrend Smash the target, dealing 350%315% Physical damage and generating 3 charges of Bone Shield. Bone Shield Surrounds you with a barrier of whirling bones, reducing all damage you take by 16% and increasing your Haste by 10%. Each damaging attack consumes a charge. Lasts 30 sec or until all charges are consumed. Talents (2) Bonestorm A whirl of bone and gore batters nearby enemies every 1 sec, dealing (128.8%115.9% of Attack power) Shadow damage every 1 sec, and healing you for 1% of your maximum health every time it deals damage. Lasts 1 sec per 10 Runic Power spent. Soulgorge Consume your Blood Plagues within 30 yards, dealing (112.5%101.3% of Attack power) Shadow damage to each infected enemy, and empowering you for 24 sec with up to 15% Rune regeneration per plague. Plagues closer to expiration grant more Rune regeneration. Passive: Blood Boil no longer applies Blood Plague. Artifact Traits (2) Consumption Strikes all enemies in front of you with a hungering attack that deals old 287% NEW 258% Physical damage and heals you for 100% of that damage.Scath7 Sep 22
Sep 22 Bolvar Fordragon qoute. ... I saw this quote in general chat today and thought I would share.Migdahl2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Ok to over cap wounds on pull? Hey guys just wondering if its alright over cap wounds on pull to get Soul Reaper+Apoc out faster? Say my first festering procs 5-6 wounds should go ahead and festering again or pop some wounds and try to build up to 7-8 without over capping?Trigguard3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Nazgrim Please let us use Nazgrim as a combat ally. He was one of the only orc characters I actually respected and bringing him back as a death knight made me ecstatic. When I found out about combat allies I was getting excited to have Nazgrim come and help me out every now and again in the world. When I found out you can't I was so disappointed. Please give him the ability to be used as a combat ally, Blizz! He could come in and asphyxiate a bunch of enemies like he does in the Trollbane and Whitemane quests!Flashfrost7 Sep 22
Sep 22 Guidance on unholy dps gear When should I be looking to optimize Ilvl or crit/haste gear? I have so many epics and I'm not sure when I should be giving up crit/haste for a Ilvl upgrade. Order is Crit, haste, then mastery? Mr. Robot was supposed to save me but I can't get it best in bag to work at all. Base level of crit and haste needed before I start giving up one for the other? Skipping 860s for a 845 with good stats. Help me out fam.Harambabe5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Unholy GCD Rant. Coming into legion our Global Cool Down (GCD) was changed to 1.5 seconds instead of 1.0 seconds and now scales down with haste, while I was initially skeptical, (it seems like homogenization for the sake of homogenization!) I decided to try it out before I got too anal, and my conclusion is that it just doesn't work for the spec. Apocalypse aside, unholy is not a spec about building that one big powerful move but rather a spec about using more moves, overwhelming our opponents with an unnatural frenzy of successive attacks. Our mechanics still reflect this mind set as well, where many classes would proc additional damage, unholy tends to proc more resources, while other classed use their rotation to build to large power attacks, unholy uses it's rotation correctly to gain more resources. This efficiency focus starts at the core of our rotation, using the 2 rune festering strike to let us use more of the one rune scourge strike. Both scourge (with wound) and festering strike (3/3 Rotten touch) deal comparable damage so it becomes more about getting to cast more 1 rune strikes per GCD instead of 2 rune strikes. Our base rotation also has runic corruption, and sudden doom procs. Our artifact has traits like runic tattoos, scourge the unbeliever, and double doom. We have talents like pestilent pustules, infected claws, unholy frenzy(sudden doom procs). Anti magic shell soaking for additional runic power stresses our GCD. We have a 2 set bonus for more resources, and two of our legendarys return runes to us! Then you take into account all our CDs, Dark transformation, Gary the gargoyle, Soul reaper, Apocalypse, and even Wraith Walk are all on the GCD, you would hope that our rotation would have plenty of empty space, but this is not the case. I'm GCD locked with less than 10% haste. Mind you I have 4/3 runic tattoos and 4/3 scourge the none believer, but I have yet to acquire double doom, and resource gains no longer feel like gains, in fact it's not uncommon for me to actually get frustrated when sudden doom procs in the middle of my rotation. Castigator seems to be the only talent in our tree that actually helps us spend less GCD's by having a higher wound popping rate than it's wound generating rate we end up casting festering strike more often. Then we come to pvp and this stresses our already none existent up time. Unholy death knights are still designed around component abilities that must be combined together, we have to use chains of ice to slow, outbreak to disease, festering strike to wound, and then we can finally start to necrotic strike, or scourge strike, which we still have to interrupt with deathcoils/deathstrikes. This becomes painfully obvious with the murloc world arena, where you can't actually kill a murloc between bubble cd even with apoc because it takes you so long to set it up your damage and then you just tickle none stop. On the other side of PvP our damage control sucks, as in our ability to control our rotational dps peaks and valleys. With our damage being balanced around a GCD locked "always on" rotation there isn't any room to play within the rotation. For example I would like to be able to apply festering strike for the wounds, and relax my rotation, let resources fill up while waiting for an opening on the target, then when I see it I want to be able to quickly dump all my runes in a scourge strike spam into his backside then the retreat as my runes recharge again, yet as it stands right now any time you aren't spending runes is a waste. A good form of damage control we have access to is epidemic charges, as they can be spent quickly and left to recharge, or be spent on cooldown, much like our runes could be with a 1.0 gcd. Damage control is important because it differentiates the death knights who stressed out spamming their buttons as fast as they come up from the death knights who are calm and relaxed deliberately delivering the pain where it is needed. Right now the best thing I got is to pray to RNG for a castigator double crit. There is nothing wrong with being GCD locked in a rotation, I just think it needs to be something that is a deliberate choice of talents and gearing as opposed to something that catches me before the first tier when I'm actively trying to avoid it. Losing the 1.0 GCD combined with losing the 15% run speed feels like what we really lost as unholy was unholy presence...Tsalera13 Sep 22
Sep 22 7.1 PTR Blood - More changes sneaking in. Blood for Blood is back in, fellas. Blight has swapped locations with Blood for Blood. It's hard to tell by the wording but Blight might now be an additional effect rather than an outright replacement of DnD. If that's the case then this is a good change. For Blight, that is. Blood for Blood still needs to go. The passive for each point in Maw has been changed, old bonus in italics: ...Neoplasia3 Sep 22
Sep 22 I really dislike death coil. Does it get any better? I'm only 105 now, I dont have the double DC trait, but already im sick of pressing that button. I understand it'll get a damage buff through traits, and it can buff SS damage, but still, it's just not fun. It feels like all I do in this spec is spam DC and I know it's only gonna get worse. If it did something other than buff SS id be fine with it. Would it be broken or op if DC also popped festering wounds? I feel like I really wouldn't mind spamming that button if it was changed to not be so lame. Does it get better at max level in some way I havent seen or talked about here already? What could be done with it to make it more fun?Horrorpops4 Sep 22
Sep 22 Is it time to bench my FDK? I have always loved my FDK, but I think I should bench it for now. I always find myself having to try my best to even compete with other classes. Playstyle of FDK I think is quite fun, but the damage is very stupid. Obliterate is too cute, so all I do is spam FS. Or sometimes I use it just to deplete my runes so FP can go on, since its my 3rd highest damage most of the time. I find myself struggling to move around to avoid aoe damage, since mobility is pretty much terrible. WW needs not to be channeled, mobility in exchange for everything else is pretty dumb. Tried to also look for a random group for raids yesterday, sad to say that not many people wants a dk i guess. Constantly being declined, unless I was with my guild group, but they already downed two of them so I looked for another group. Lastly, the thing I find from FDKs that sorta ruins everything for me, is their artifact weapon. If blizz keeps saying its "class fantasy", smd its bull!@#$. Everything in that artifact weapon, is pretty much useless. Crystalline swords really? a passive artifact weapon skill whose animation is pretty terrible imo. Can't even see it most of the time. Sindragosa, a very cool idea with terrible damage and cd. I mean for that damage, 5 min cd is not worth it. Every other trait is pretty much garbage, armor increase, 4% frost damage increase, these are not even a good boost to my dps. Especially Hypothermia, damage is ok but it rarely procs. 400k out of 20M, is not cool. I know the devs probably dont give a rats %^- and there probably wont be any good changes for FDKs (when I say good changes, all I need is simply damage buff), so I think I'm going to let my FDK sit this one out. Sad to see how cute my numbers are compare to other classes.Wereknight0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Frost DK shooting barrage of yellow things? Hi, sry im not a DK player but I was watching a video of a frost dk and when he would open up with howling blast it would shoot out 5 or so yellow streak sort of projectiles. Anyone know what this is?Ðazen5 Sep 22
Sep 22 7.1 PTR - Frost Has anyone checked out the changes they are making to Frost on the PTR? If so, do you feel like it has made a difference?Makaría11 Sep 22
Sep 22 My damage is low, help me out? I know frost isn't in a good spot right now, but our other frost dk pulls ahead of me by quite a bit (he died early this fight). Just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and looking for outside opinions. I've talked to and worked with the other dk we have extensively, and can't seem to match his numbers. On a single target dummy im around the 175-180k mark over a 10 minute test. Before anyone says "just switch to unholy", I do not like the way unholy is played, I'm better as frost, and I will not play something I do not enjoy. Thank you!Ectheleos10 Sep 22
Sep 22 Tier 19 Frost Set Bonus As it's apparently just a boost to rime's proc chance and rp gen, this will completely kill sole-frostscythe builds such as the one I'm currently enjoying (and the only thing allowing me to stay viable). Perhaps the bonus could also give frostscythe a small chance to proc rime so as to still give it some viability. Thoughts?Cenin2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Problems with Resto Druids? Have any other blood DKs had problems with druid healers? Seems like every time I get one, they end up over healing simultaneous to my death strike, and then leave me at almost no health after taking a series of big hits. Obviously I'm trying to heal through all of this, but there's only so much death strike can do. Is it something with the mechanics of the two classes together, or have I just gotten really unlucky with healers?Doombuggy3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Death Coil Can death coil nolonger be used to heal minions? because that was one of the parts i liked about it :/Alioshya0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Unholy stat weights pve So, icy veins puts crit over haste slightly for castigator, but Noxxic has haste over crit.... Which is it? Thanks in advance..Haxxthc15 Sep 22
Sep 22 Blood Damage Halved? Seems like i can barely pull 110k dps on single target where i would usually pull like 150-160k. any info on this?Zarok21 Sep 22
Sep 22 Bottom tier in everything? (constructive) Blood: Blood at the moment is lacking a bit in survivability because of the nerf to boneshieid and not having any mitigation tools. My plan would be to give BS at 20% DR and then give IBF back. This would allow them to stay with the rest of the pack. (also ignore pain needs a slight numbers change) Frost: Frost... wow. Where to start? First off, Obliterate needs to do frost damage. We have been saying it for a while but honestly there doesn't seem to be a quicker and better way to fix the spec. I really like our mobility right now (there is none) but we need to do some damage if we have no mobility. I think having an active tied to our passive: Crystalline swords would make the spec more fun and balance it.Karegor0 Sep 22
Sep 22 What is the point of frost? A spec which is poor in PVP and PVE. I have tried my best to create more damage and survive in arena and BG but it doesnt work at all. All I can do is to be killed. I even do not have the ability to run because of that terrible mobility.Tryant1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Frost Dk Sep 20th Patch Will they be doing any kind of adjustments to Frost DK when the raid comes out tomorrow? Or will stay this bad until the 7.1 patch? I haven't seen any blue posts or dev updates at allEpidemic12 Sep 22
Sep 22 Constructive Feedback at FDK for Devs Ask yourself real quick, "What can a Frost Death Knight do for his raid group" Well if you could not think of anything, great job! We have nothing to bring to a raid. Let us be constructive and break down as to why though, and what is ok to have, and what is ok to not have. No mobility-Check We move at baseline speed and have wraithwalk, which does not even allow us to attack during it, making it useless in many scenarios. This is fine and fits the fantasy of a FDK, when I think of FDK, I think of Arthas chasing us down in Halls of Reflection. Slow, but unstoppable. This is fine. No survivability-Check We die too fast compared to other classes. We have AMS, which does not absorb our full health anymore, instead only 30% max health. We also have icebound fortitude, which gives us a flat 20% dmg reduction for 8 seconds on a 3 min cd. And a heal which kills our DPS if we use it. Compare this to the demonhunter, who can run circles around us, yet much more powerful defensive cd's than us, they have blur, which is a 50% dodge AND a 35% damage reduction for 10 seconds on a one minute CD, and it also gives then 2 charges of fel rush too. As a slow lumbering death machine, we need to be able to take more hits, and be able to stand in the fire for that extra second due to the severe lack of mobility. Terrible Damage-Check We pull the worst DPS in the game by a clear margin. The best FDK pulled 255K at ilvl 851 on Elerenthe Renferal. The best outlaw rogue pulled 506K DPS at an 853 ilvl. That is a 100% difference in DPS. That is just rediculous, if anything needs to be changed, it is our damage. It is so pitifully bad right now. If you do not believe me, check the raid logs from last night. No utility-Check We have no unique abilities that our better performing unholy counterparts don't have. Take unholy for example, they have a pet, and can be ranged without losing too much DPS. We have no such utility. Please Blizzard, we are 0/3 on what makes a class decent for raiding. If anyone who has read this has checked my armory, I have not done anything on this toon after I lvled him to 110, because I realized how low the ceiling is for us as a raiding class. Please make some changes and make us the Frozen Death Machine we ought to be.Vladamir2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Who are some UH DK pvpers to watch? Looking to see how my build can be tweaked and I'm not finding any pvpers producing content. I remember Reinhardt was all up in UH DK but he hasn't made anything in awhile.Grimgöar3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Death Coil Question So I'm still leveling but even just soloing I feel like I'm using this way too much. Last time I touched an UH DK was back in Cata and iirc DC had a pretty high priority back then, at least to the point where you didn't wand to waste SD procs or cap RP. Now it feels like DC is only really useful for proccing RC, and if you aren't low on runes there's not much point in trying to proc it. So if that's correct does that mean it's actually ok to sit on SD and/or be RP capped if you don't need the runes? That just feels...odd. But trying to use up all my SD procs and not cap RP also feels odd with the new UH style. Hell, first time I looked at the Double Doom trait I thought "I don't need that. I don't need SD to not only store a charge but also proc more often. Do you want me to be RP capped at all times Blizzard?" Kinda wish they'd switch one of the bonuses to making DC be off the GCD instead, if they're going to make it so readily available. I don't mean to seem like I'm complaining. I'm just making sure I'm using this ability correctly. So far our relationship in Legion has been quite awkward.Harkas4 Sep 22
Sep 22 Razorice PvP Does anyone know if this patch fixed Razorice for instanced PvP? I'm going to be really disappointed if rated PvP was released with this being overlooked as many of us are left with unholy as our only option.Haedas7 Sep 22
Sep 22 PVE DPS I was wondering if there were any websites that laid out the BIS items for legion. I know back in the day there was I am just unsure what stats I should be stacking. I see Unholy's stacking haste others stacking mastery. I am a black and white person so i could really use some type of guidance. Thanks!!Icydruid0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Blood for Blood is utterly useless The Blood for Blood honor talent for Blood DK's is probably the most counter-productive talent I have ever seen. 10% of our health for an ability that is our ONLY effective way of producing runic power is just insanity. The fact that you can't turn off honor talents is also ridiculous. Now every time I go into pvp if I use Heart Strike I literally drop like a fly.Kazqueue1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Frost DK - DPS Low Hi guys, Just want to drop my two cents in on the Frost spec. So I've been playing round with the Frost spec a little (main spec Blood), just felt like a bit of variety while waiting for the new content drop. Anyway, I've just found DPS to be terrible, I've got my Frost artifact up around level 10 with no major increases in damage. AOE seems to be pretty neutral, it's no show stopper and probably generally sitting around an average between players. Single Target is an abomination, it's lacking behind a great deal. I am lucky to sustain 140k DPS at 847 ilvl, while other DPSers of the same ilvl such as enhance shammy, fire mage (my main group buddies) are sitting around 230k+ sustained. Also if simcraft is still viable it is also certainly showing the poor DPS output of the current Frost builds, and seems to be fairly accurate to what I'm producing. I'm not one to complain usually and this is just an offspec to me. But I'm feeling you guys that play Frost as your main spec. It can't be much fun when you're at a tank level of dps output. One can only hope Blizzard are implementing some changes to balance out Frost DK's for the new raid content.Ramgoat120 Sep 22
Sep 22 Fresh UH Help I'm new to Unholy and I need all the help/tips I can get! I think I have my stats and talents set up correct, but I really need help with the rotation and CD with spell priorities because I can't seem to hold over 200k dps with my ilvl.Epidemic0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Rune Of Razorice PVP Can anyone confirm Rune of Ravorice is working again in PvP situations? We have several big talents in both artifacts and class talents. I cant seem to see it working still?Mizzon10 Sep 22
Sep 22 I don't get why Vers is bad for blood dks Ever guide I've read has said that vers is a terrible stat for blood dks, yet on my druid tank it is one of my best. It seems like vers would benefit your guys even more than us, given that self-healing is way more important to you and yet every guide says it is among the worst. Can someone explain to me why or if the guides are woefully wrong? [u][/u]Dárìus33 Sep 22
Sep 22 Pets Running Amok I run a lot of dungeons with a friend who mains as an unholy dk. As a healer I can sit back and watch how things happen and constantly I have to say that his pets have pulled some other group or something. He says he does not target those people and the pets are on assist and he doesn't know why they are doing this. Is there something that would cause the pets to go for other groups, sometimes they just literally run over hitting stuff on the other side of the room. Lots of times it's the archer whatever that pet is called. Any help will be greatly appreciated as he is now doing dungeons as dps but in blood spec. Thanks for any help.Fathermike4 Sep 22
Sep 21 The best thing about Frost DKs. Is VTKing them out of your group! GJ Blizz. You could give them a 20% dmg buff right now and they would still be bottom tier. Whoever the DK dev is should get a pink slip for their year end bonus.Cuddlebun8 Sep 21
Sep 21 Legion Is An Amazing expac 5/7 Leave it to blizzard to ruin their hard work by no longer having the commitment to fix things in game. or at least Class Tune ups. rip fdk.Youngsinatra0 Sep 21
Sep 21 PVP- UHDK Do we still run clawing shadows?Noobender1 Sep 21