1d Feral hidden appearance Guys! I just got the screech from the Feralas portal!! I went in and found the owl stone and clicked it, got the 20 second buff and the emote. However I still don't have the appearance.. Do I have to get screeches from the other two possible portals as well? (Hinterlands/Duskwood)Aruadragon13 1d
1d Artifact Reset So assuming it would be easy to reset artifact talents I stupidly did not follow the guides out there. Now I'm 4 lvls away from getting my second gold trait. So I'm working on gett 3/3 Sunfires and 1/1 Moon and Stars. My question is should I reset, lose the 30k+ Artifact power I have saved and follow the recommended paths?Yukiaze1 1d
1d Feral dps question Hello, I've been running with BS, SotF, JW, and BT and pulling anywhere from 220k-240k on Ursoc with no pots/flask at 850ILvl. I haven't really played the LI,SR,JW,BT spec so I'm out of practice with it and I feel like I would just mess it up and end up losing dps. How much dps would I gain if I did switch? I feel it's a pain in the !@# to play with LI, and SR but If it'll get me up around 270-300k I'd bite the bullet and switch.Remorsë6 1d
1d Does Ashamane's Bite work in PvP? got 30k AP to go to get it, just wondering if it still has a chance to proc in Arenas and BGs, thank youGlavebourn1 1d
1d Too much crit, Guardian druid Is anyone else getting an absolutely crazy amount of crit on their gear? It's starting to worry me. Every major Ilvl upgrade I seem to get has crit on it. Am I getting really unlucky or does it just seem that leather gear is overloaded with crit at the moment. If that is the way it is, I really wish blizzard would increase the dodge ratio on crit >.<. Is crit really that bad for Guardian? It seems really underwhelming. I really wish reforging was back in the game. I'm starting to feel like I have to pick between ilvl and getting accepted easier into groups or actually being effective at nearly 10 lower ilvl. It's getting to the point where my haste is starting to feel pathetic, that can not be good for my rage generation.Dárìus2 1d
1d Raid and Mythic + Stat Weights for healers Does anyone have any stat weights they use for Mythic+ or Raids for like Prawn or something? I'm using the one from Noxx, but I believe mastery > Crit for progression. Can i simply just replace the weights for Crit and Mastery? Example. Crit - 7.04 Mastery - 4.54 Can i just switch those numbers and be fine?Brotool6 1d
1d How are Boomkins As per title. Want to make a ranged character, and really torn on which one. Always liked the concept of the Boomkin, but hated the lunar/solar bar mechanic. Just curious how people have enjoyed them for leveling/WQ and in mythics. Lack of AoE seems to be the biggest problem, but that seems to be the theme for all casters. Seems all the other class forums are full of issues, but this one is relatively quiet. Not sure if that is good or bad. Anyway, opinions on the state of Boomkins would be much appreciated.Mistycal31 1d
1d Balance Dreamgrove set question I've been sacrificing some haste to hold on to the 6 piece bonus (500 INT). I'm not sure if this is the optimal route especially since I've yet to see anyone else really even have it. So my question is should I abandon the set pieces without haste and pick up other items, or should I try to keep my set bonus?Cashville1 1d
1d Full moon stealth nerfed? No longer does it initial big bang on targeted person? My damage just splits... No initial big boom anymore.Treesaiyan1 1d
1d Predatory Swiftness Bugged So we all know what it does instant free cast in any form heal but every time i cast it in bear form it takes me to NE form then i die instantly is this intended or is it bugged?Franck1 1d
1d Resto druid haste What's the ideal amount of haste to have for resto? I know more is better.Cajin2 1d
1d Any way to make Travel Form... faster? I wanna run around in Travel Form forever and it's just not feasible at 40% speed. Where's my "class fantasy"?! I get that it's tricky because you can enter travel form in combat, but I would think it'd be pretty easy to not let it click up to 100% speed until you leave combat. That might be a little bit of a headache with it slowing down every time you aggroed anything, but a) you could probably make it so it doesn't slow down until you're actually dismounted like a normal mount or b) I would personally just deal with that for the fun factor of being able to travel around in my forms.Huolo33 1d
1d How are druids? I am currently maining a priest and just can't deal what blizzard has done to them. I played disc and we'll they !@#$ on that spec to me. Some like it but I don't I came to heal if I wanna dps I'll go dps not this hybrid junk. So my question is how is resto doing in mythic dungeons/normal raids? ThanksNiellä1 1d
1d Thinking about rolling a boomkin... I've been leveling a boomkin, and really like it. I was wondering how those that play the class feel about it? How is your damage mythic/raiding wise? Does the class feel good over all, and such.Bluebehuntin7 1d
1d Glyph of Cheetah breaking? Has anyone else logged in and become a stag again after having used the glyph? I was a happy cheetah until this morning.Dysis1 1d
1d Cyclone dr not showing Hello fellow druids. My question is regarding cyclone DR, it doesn't show up for me in Gladius. Does anyone know how to fix this? It works on my mage, shows poly dr and everything. Thanks.Owligárchy1 1d
1d Frost Relic! ARG! I have an 803 frost relic in my weapon. my other relics are higher but i cant seem to find a higher frost relic. Any advise where to pick one up higher?Oakenmight5 1d
1d Artifact moonkin forms. Man oh man, would that have been freakin cool looking. I dream of the day when I can be a fiery demon turkey from hell. Lost opportunity? Not enough time to do so? Blizz this would have been awesome. I wonder about next xpac though. People will be bummed if they lose their badass druid forms that they have now. I'm attached to some of the cat forms myself. Still fun to think about how moonkin could have looked. :/Blodskrig0 1d
1d Heroic raid talent question Let me start by saying i am glad i have this problem as it means for the most part I don't feel like some of my talents are completely useless. Anyways I am having trouble picking between: Prosperity and Cenarion ward SoTF and Cultivation. Now i know a ton of people use SOTF prosperity and i have not seen any numbers on these exact heals but i liked the idea of a free extra hot coming from rejuv, as it is more mana efficient imo. Cenarion ward is newer to me since I like many other druids have been very used to SoTF builds, but i just like the extra snipe style big heal it can give and save a player. In the long run I would imagine SoTF Prosperity being better, but I was wondering your guyses opinions OR if you have any logs you can link that shows the differences that I cannot seem to find I would greatly appreciate that as well.Mooblob0 1d
1d How do Druid shapeshift form aesthetic work? Hi, so in the previous xpacs each of the druid races have their own unique look to them. I was wondering now with Legion being that each artifact weapon skins have 4 different color variations to them. I was wondering if the race we select affect the skin or not. Tanks.Kejunwen3 1d
1d Feedback - Legion Resto Mark of the Wild Here is a list of concerns with Mark of the Wild being made a Resto only single target/1 per target buff to replace Stampeding Roar as "Resto Druid raid utility". - The concept of having one player pick another player to buff has been tried multiple times before - Dark Intent, Tricks of the Trade, Power Infusion being castable on other targets, Symbiosis. It's always something that has been removed, because it creates too many problems. Every DPS in the raid will want that buff on farm "to parse". It creates irritating social issues, annoying whispers begging for it, and just general degenerate behavior. I don't see how this adds to the play style of the spec. - It is very trivial in terms of overall raid DPS/HPS gain. Assuming that 5% extra primary stat gives a 3% DPS gain, in a 20 man raid with 14 DPS, 2 tanks (counted as half a DPS) and 4 healers (counted as half a DPS combined), you are looking at a ~0.2% raid DPS gain. That is completely trivial and something that you virtually will not notice in terms of raid value. It seems very weak for something that is intended as our primary raid utility. - Resto Druids have inadequate raid utility with this change. We lost Stampeding Roar for a raid utility which is almost inconsequential. Meanwhile, Holy Paladins not only retain all of their current utility, they also add additional utility through their Aura talent row. Priests maintain all of their utility. Shaman maintain access to all of their cooldowns, double SLT, etc. How is removing Stampeding Roar justified when Resto Druids were already lacking in the utility department compared to Paladins/Priests/Shaman? You already see a situation in current Mythic content where Disc/HPally/RShaman is the default healing composition, with one remaining spot for the other 3 healing specs to fight over. Why would you strip most of the utility away from one of the specs most lacking it while actually buffing the utility of Holy Pallies. I strongly urge reconsidering removing Stampeding Roar and reconsider adding this weak and poorly designed replacement that will cause more problems than it solves. If Feral/Guardian need extra utility over and above the baseline of the spec to make them more desirable, then you should give them something new to satisfy that niche. Don't gut Resto utility just to make Feral stand out.Tiberria14 1d
1d Guardian ranking ok so I ranked really high in the spider/roc boss on heroic and I felt like I did horrible on that boss but on the other 4 (I'm currently 5/7 H) I felt like I did amazing but ranked really low can anyone explain to me if possible as guardian what I need to do to increase my rankingsFunny0 1d
1d Balance legendary...why no boomkin skins? So I'm looking at all these cats and bears with their cool green and brown skins, and I wonder why they couldn't do that for boomkins. Instead we get a scythe? Its such a mismatch. I understand the...lore aspect, but wouldnt it have made more sense for ferals to have the scythe? Seems dumb to me, at least a missed opportunity.Bumnessa14 1d
2d Where do people go to talk PVE resto healing? Fansites, forums, etc. Is there a grove somewhere on the internet where all the trees gather?Wom1 2d
2d YSERAS GIFT IS BROKEN Am I the only one that has noticed yseras gift being broken for guardians? It is supposed to heal for 3% of MAX health and its only healing me for about 1.5%. I've checked numerous times and its waaay off. I have 3.4 million health in bear and its healing me for 51171 if my math is correct it's supposed to be healing me for 102k every 5 seconds...am I missing something?? 3% is 3% correct?Shadowbubblz3 2d
2d Haste Cap? Curious if there's one before I should look to other stats, right now I haven't gotten very lucky with gear in my current raid team but I've been playing moonkin since... Well, Hellfire actually.. Back in MoP I didn't really enjoy it all that much. Having my stats shifted around to requiring haste heavily over mastery sorta messed my damage up. Curious if there's a point where you should stop stacking haste. I'm literally sitting in 33% haste unbuffed and EN gear doesn't seem very nice for moonkins. There's a few pieces with haste on it but it's favored towards other stats. I've actually been gimping my ilvl in favor of haste gear. So, I'm asking, is there a point where you stop stacking it to take the ilvl increase?Risìngmoon4 2d
2d What was the HT macro... That I saw someone post in one of the threads but could not find it. It was the that you can cast HT only in cat form (so basically it doesn't take you out of cat form in the event you don't hit HT during the predatory swiftness proc. Anyone mind sharing it again please?Kelea2 2d
2d 2nd Spec for Guardian main Hey guys I'm going to main as a Guardian this expansion, but am looking for a 2nd spec. I'm leaning towards DPS. I'm not sure feral is fun (love playing guardian so far). I played some feral during WOTLK and it was cool, but I definitely felt more pressure (lots to do but not necessarily fun things) than the Boomkin I also played. I didn't really play either for WoD (stopped playing mostly). Which is better for 5-man, Boomkin or Feral? Have things changed for Legion (from WOTLK?) a lot? My second spec I would like to be in a good state and be fun. Basically, if I felt like taking a break from tanking (or if I wasn't a good tank due to inexperience and was asked to) I would like to still do the content (and get a grasp on it for tanking). I have mostly played RDPS classes.Scootaboot6 2d
2d Leveling as feral or boomkin, needs advices. Hello all, I leveled my hunter first in legion and i kinda had a blast (but leveling with my hunter is always a blast for me and i always level her first) so now i used my boost to put my druid to 100, she was still 90 because I barely played since mid panda xpac. I only play her as resto at max level, mostly to heal bg. I really love my resto druid i just hate to level her. - in WOTLK i leveled from 1 to 80 as boomking alone and it was tedious for me (maybe because i was a new player and it was my first toon or maybe not i don't know) - in cata & pandaria i leveled as feral, it was less tedious, but melee is really not my play style so it's was a chore for me. Now i used my boost to her to get her to 100 and avoid 10 levels to do and i'm still not sure what spec to use to level. My preference would go to boomkin but in my memories leveling in boomkin was tedious and frustrating, so i wanted to ask you guys who leveled your druid as boomkin or feral, well the pros/cons. Is boomkin fun to level with? Would be feral a better option and go "faster" well even if i'm not really in a rush. Or are both specs ok to level with ? ps: english is not my first language, so please excuse my english mystakes :)Milastyne8 2d
2d ptr-build-22685 Specialization (1) Incapacitating Roar Invokes the spirit of Ursol to let loose a deafening roar, incapacitating all enemies within 10 yards for 3 sec. Damage will cancel the effect. Usable in all shapeshift forms. Now requires Level 28, down from 56. no matter how much you lower the lvl to get it...it is still the lamest of the games CC...Animalist0 2d
2d Boomkin Form So I decided to start leveling my Balance Druid today and one thing I loved about them back in the previous expansions was that you had the option to override the Boomkin Form to see your characters transmog while still remaining in the form. Can you still do this? I can't find any glyphs for it. It was something I really enjoyed about the Boomkin.Amellador1 2d
2d 7.1 Travel form question So currently travel form allows us to move at 140% speed. If you are feral or have feral affinity it's 15% more, so it is at 155%. So, in 7.1 travel form is getting buffed, or a glyph you can buy I don't remember, to go 100% faster. So, in feral, or feral affinity, well travel form be at 215%? Ground mounts travel at 200% and 210% with the guild perk. So travel form would be 5% faster, except for Pally and DKs which move at 220%. Is this true, god I hope it is, or am I over looking something? Edit: Just tested it and travel form is capped at 200% and doesn't benefit from feral 15% speed increase or the 10% guild perk. I enchanted the cloak with gift of haste and the boots with minor speed and still travel form is locked at 200%. I guess it's better than what it is at now but still disappointing. Edit 2: The travel form speed increase is not a glyph but automatically applied.Shaggy8 2d
2d Daggers are not my cup of tea. Any chance on opening up transmog for these? I mean outside of daggers. I genuinely dislike daggers. I really liked the way I looked before with the huge maces or staves. Every time I have to pull out my mount I am reminded of why I want to play a different character. I'm at a point where I'm running around in the sadly slow travel form just to avoid having to see these daggers. Edit: I just want to add that the Druids in Wailing Caverns used Maces and Axes. Plus, I'm fairly certain that the original book that came with vanilla showed a Druid wielding an Axe. Regardless, I would just be happy to have the option to hide my weapons if they have to stay as daggers.Jac9 2d
2d Closest thing to Feral Hey, So my SO wants me to play with him, but he's pretty unwilling to level an Alliance. I have quite a few Horde at 100* (Hunter, Demon Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, Monk), but I'm really enjoying Feral. I'm mainly looking to casually PvE on this new toon. * I'd rather not level a Rogue because my Horde rogue is a male Pandaren :(Moonphoenix5 2d
2d Best 5 followers? Best combat ally? What team do you guys choose and why? Thanks in advance for any insightSoulltex11 2d
2d World Quest Trinkets all Agility? Since hitting 110 every world quest trinket I have seen is agility? I am resto.... Someone said that it is just random and doesn't go by spec? Do I just really have that much bad luck?Kitten30 2d
2d Need help, dying a lot. So this is my first time playing druid and I'm really liking Feral, however I seem to die a whole lot while questing. What am I not doing, or what am I doing wrong? I just seem to have no real way to mitigate damage outside of Survival Instincts.Lorinthon11 2d
2d Resto Druid in PVP after patch How is RDruid doing in BGs and Arenas after the patch?Nilfelor2 2d
2d Feral moonfire taking me out of cat form? pvp When I pvp, right after getting out of stealth with rake and then moonfire, it takes me out of cat form, but later on i can moonfire freely. This does not happen outside of pvp. Is this a bug? I do have lunar inspiration btw.Fatlover2 2d
2d Best Spec for a Gatherer (Herb/Mine) Hey, So my main is Feral and I'm working on my farming alt which is at 105 now. I've been balance and he's purely for herbalism/mining and i need to get him to 110 for Suramar. My exp with Feral thus far has been good. My farming alt has always been balance but I'm wondering if it's not the ideal spec for a gatherer. Would Bear or Feral be better than balance? My dps feels low and the long cast times are bumming me out while leveling. I love Feral but if Bear is any good I'd like to try that out for some variety. Would my dps be too low?Beerhaus4 2d
2d Where is the mythic plus chest in hall? I can see on my warlock where it is, but I just did 2 of them and I can't find it in the Druid hall?!Irunbru12 2d
2d default troll cat form The default troll cat form's hair should be flat or 3d.Mojotown0 2d
2d feral question hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could give me some input on how feral druids are doing in pve in legion as far as questing and finding rares and survivability I have been having a lot of fun with my disc priest but was really wanting to try a feral druid to bring in to legion so was just wanting to know a little more about them . Thank uCicelia4 2d
2d Cmon really? I'd like to slap the crap out the all the people who played Boomkins in the Beta. Worst Feedback ever , the class sucks so bad right now . Self heals are garbage , mana pool is worse then ever , NO AOE unless i'm full on Astral power , No procs . The class is so broken ATM ... Good job everyone who played Beta , You all suck at life!Puurfection14 2d
2d Starry Kitty Form So occasionally as I'm running around, I notice other druids in a regular non-artifact cat form but they have the appearance of Astral Form (spectral with stars all over the place). Forgive me if it's a noobish question but how do I do that? Is it a glyph or something?Sindralai2 2d
2d Did you improve Wild Charge AI? Using Wild Charge in Stag form feels really good now, like jump off something, and then hit it and go extra distance good. Feels like it works like it should. I'm pretty sure it didn't use to work this well. Feels good. Was just curious if you improved on it or what?Sultriss1 2d
2d Give us the tree form back please!!! I consider myself quite an old WoW player, been playing since the BC xpac. I remember when druids use to be THE shapeshifter class, having a form for everything in the game. Since cataclysm, druids no longer have this title, as they lost the Tree of Life form. I usually main a druid in the xpacs, and play almost exclusively as heals and I hate beeing me. I want to be a tree. What's the point of playing ~~ThE ShApEsHiFtEr~~ class if you DON'T shapeshift??? I understand that they took it out because of PvP balance and wanting druids to be capable of healing AND doing damage sometimes, as other healers do (you could only cast resto spells on the Tree of Life form). But now that legion has a separate PvP talent system and they can perfectly make a tree cast Moonfire from time to time, what's the point of the lack of Tree forms?? There's none! I just want it back, I want to be a Tree again. And I dont want that same Treant model from WoTLK - for you guys that will say "Just use the tome that the girl in the order hall sells". Every class on the game have nice animations and gorgeous character models, why do we have to use the treant from from 8 years ago? I want a new Tree Form, a beautiful Tree Form, and reason for all resto druids to use it (really, it can be anything, I don't know 0.1% healing done is more than enough) Let me know what you guys think.Demigirl8 2d
2d Boomkin raid issue? Boomkin damage broken or something? I always pull 170k+ in raids I was in quite a few attempts at a boss in a raid today first time with another boomkin and I was pulling about 120k after the "buffs" Then when they lagged out my damage shot back up on the next attempt is something wonky right now with boomkins?Korigal12 2d
2d Feral help Hey everyone, As the title says I just need a little help with playing feral. I'm specced the way Icey-veins suggests and I'm still learning the rotation. Typically I tank but I do better when I DPS compared to the others when we need a dps off spec. First of all, I'm wondering why jagged wounds is better than picking sabertooth. It's not something I've tried because I don't want to slack. Wouldn't the constant FB / constant rip refresh out preform the faster JW dots? (I'm having some troubles keeping everything up consistently though fights so it just seems more like a viable option for me to not worry about rip) Secondly the aoe/cleave. I can't do anything, on trash packs on boss adds I feel just useless. Is it just shread/moonfire/thrash for the most part? I switch to bear even when not needed to do trash atleast because I can do more damage that way, lol. Anyways, just looking for general tips and suggestions and I haven't been able to find anything online that's not outdated / was written in beta. Cheers.Tickletummy7 2d
2d Resto Druid Hidden artifact appearance Anyone gotten it? I'm trying to find out what the plant looks like so I'll know when I plant the seeds if I can look forward to getting it in three days. :/Bullguard17 2d