2d Is resto druid really not good pvp? It feels like we go well in bg's but I havent done 3v3 yet. Im reading from some ppl that resto is poor in 3v3. Is it really not good?Serithin4 2d
2d Dps Druid - premade group finder "Denied" Problem: So even with a solid (445+) gear score, its rough getting invited as a dps druid. I'm making this post to draw attention to the problem that dps druids are in a bad enough state that its pretty expected to get rejected when applying as dps druid in the premade. (even with 845+ gear) This can be easily tested by the devs simply by making a druid with 845-850 gear and seeing how many rejections we experience for each acceptance. (spoiler alert: its bad unless you're apping to ongoing dungeon/raid groups who are desperate for whatever extra damage) Really our damage just doesn't compare to the top tier dps classes (DH, WAR, Hunt, Rogue, Priest) and savvy group leaders know it. Sending a tell to the group leader letting them know that you know the instance can help, but it still doesn't fix core problems: Solution: Our dps needs to be in line with the other dps classes. Yes a few very special snowflakes are able to really crank out good, constant, dps on both single target and adds, but in general most of us, even when excelling, make around middle of the pack, and the majority of us fall below. Same player, same level of skill, playing a better dps class is going to do 3-4x the damage we turn out on one of the "better" damage classes. This is a bad system and I'm hoping it gets noticed in the upcoming(?) balance patch.Ecoeco7 2d
2d Balance legendary...why no boomkin skins? So I'm looking at all these cats and bears with their cool green and brown skins, and I wonder why they couldn't do that for boomkins. Instead we get a scythe? Its such a mismatch. I understand the...lore aspect, but wouldnt it have made more sense for ferals to have the scythe? Seems dumb to me, at least a missed opportunity.Bumnessa11 2d
2d Guardian Druid Artifact I'm just wondering if there is anyway to reduce the cooldown on rage of the sleeper?? I like gathering a ton load of mobs then making them melt.Mulv1 2d
2d Log Review Morning Everyone, I've pretty much always played healer - and went boomkin this expansion. I know that I suck - I recognize this, and am trying to improve. Can someone either recommend someplace to link - or would be willing to look at my logs? I read Cyous guide - I'm in particular talking about the fight Heroic Ursoc in EN. My logs from last night: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9GNXaYv4QKyPkqm3#type=damage-done&boss=1841&wipes=1 I have 843 gear, but my haste is only 21%. I don't have good trinkets. I've got two gold dragons in my artifact. I've tweaked my opener, tried using pots, and tried to reduce my movement. Some attempts are better than others, but I'm awful on all of them I think. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Cloudfury2 2d
2d Shard of Nightmare = too long :( 10 mission for one shard seriously please change this due to ALL other classes get 3 12-1 day mission :( i had failed one 3-4 hour mission and now 8 hours for 1 shard WTF i don't have this time to wait i want my damn 3rd relic slot ASAP for my guild raid and to stop me from being kicked from heroic/mythics dungDrakferal8 2d
3d Force of the Forest vs Laughing Sisters Just wondering which you guys selected for your order advancement? I'm trying to make some sense of the "wording" Laughing sisters says; "Newly recruited Dreamgrove Treants become Daughters of Cenarius, increasing their chance of missions cussess by 5%" Force of the Forest says; "Newly recruited Druids of the Claw become Keepers of the Grove and gain; 'Wild Growth' - Increases success chance of missions with Minions by 15% " --- So... are the "minions" it talks about the Druids of the Claw/Keepers of the Grove? Or do the mission types have a "Minion" type to them? Just wondering what will benefit me more Thanks guys :)Wurmwood13 3d
3d Mookin Form and Wrath of Ashara I seem to be having a lot of difficulty maintaining dps while on this boss on mythic, it is like everytime I start casting something I have to move. The only thing I can do is moonfire and sunfire, and sometimes a few other in between. But other than that, pretty much can't cast to maintain dps unlike melee instant attacks. Any suggestions? Maybe I just need to l2p. It is easy when I am the healer but when dpser in moonkin, it is a bit different.Cerebrias2 3d
3d WeakAura for Protection of Ashamane Anyone know how to set this up? I have spent an hour trying to firgure out how to track the internal CD for protection of ashmaneYahowah2 3d
3d Let me return to life in form please! Hey all, I'm not sure if this is a balance only issue but I have a feeling it isn't. I really don't understand why when rezzing, be it battle rez or normal, we then have to shift into form to keep doing our job. I know it is a little thing but it would really help speeding up recovery if just like when we spec swap, when we rez we are put into the appropriate form(and for balance with the talent, a blessing). I could see, from a tank pov that coming back to life as a bear could save a second or two of panic time for the rest of their group and I find it sad that druids have to take the extra (yes I realize incredibly small) amount of time to shift and get back into the fight. Bears and cats at least have abilities that auto transform them, moonkin don't.Elci0 3d
3d My Feral Druid DPS is low I need some help here my dps is real low and I cannot figure out why. what am I doing wrong?Bottlecaps14 3d
3d New resto HELP! Hay, im pretty new to druid healing normally heal with my priest. Was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on what im doing wrong. I am Ilevel 830 and just get torn apart in mythics. Rotations: single target: Efflorescence>Lifebloom>Rejuvenation> Rejuvenation >swiftmend>Regrowth AOE : Efflorescence>swiftmend> wild growth> Rejuvenation Any help would be appreciatedSilloute7 3d
3d Idea for cleave/aoe help for Mythic+ boom I love playing Boomy and will play it no matter what, and I'm not asking for us to be overpowered or super great at every aspect of the game, but I had a thought about our moon spells and I wanted to share it and get your opinions. New Moon - Stays as is Half Moon - Changes to hit an extra target (like ice lance or maul or whatever) Full Moon - Applies Moonfire to all targets it hits. This would change the flavor of half moon to be slightly different then new moon which I think makes sense because right now they feel too similar(imo) and full moon would make sense because I mean come on we are dropping a moon on stuff lol..the leftover "residual" damage would be the moonfire ticks on the targets. I think this would allow us to cleave/aoe better without being OP. What does everyone think? Is it too much? Is it not enough? Please let me know what you think.Grégorios2 3d
3d Boomkin Stats to Maximize DPS What are the % I'm looking to get for haste and crit? Once I reach a certain DR amount, what is the next best stat?Moonu4 3d
3d "Full Moon" Castable while flying? So I was just hanging out in Northern Stranglethorn on my Monk when a Druid flies up to me and starts casting "Full Moon" while in flight form I don't think ANY spells with a cast time are usable while flying. http://imgur.com/a/NHeaLLiard3 3d
3d Combat Ally So i keep seeing druids run around with "druids of the claw" as combat ally, how is this done?Koobo2 3d
3d Shapeshifting Back in the day when I played my Druid and she was rooted, stunned, or a variety of other effects I could simply shapeshift them away. Did this change or was it narrowed down to specific styled effects? Thanks!Phirtygo2 3d
3d Energy starved with Savage Roar Anyone else find that it totally blows to pick up another another 5 point spender talent that has been severely nerfed post 6.2? I find it much easier just to get something like Incarnation for heavy burst damage and just wreck with Shred and Ferocious Bite instead of having to refresh a third CD on top of Rake and Rip. Or do people that use Savage Roar just not even use Ferocious Bite because it energy starves you badly? Just wondering how people are managing the severe lack of energy with another 5 point spender, and if they're just basically ignoring Ferocious Bite and using Shred, Rake, Rip and Savage Roar. I'm starved for energy a lot just maintaining Rake and Rip, with Shred as the combo builder, let alone Ferocious Bite for another finisher. I usually always make sure Tiger's Fury is used when energy is <20 but that only allows for 1-2 extra combo points max every 30 seconds. With terrible RNG for Omen of Clarity I find myself just auto attacking for literally 3-4 seconds while waiting for Shred to become available. I think our main combo point builder, Shred, needs to cost maybe 10 energy less. Almost half our energy bar is kind of high for our main filler. Also, Feral AoE is just garbage unless there are a LOT of adds, and I mean a lot. Icy-Veins recognizes this but I'm not sure if it will ever be changed. And as far as 2-3 targets goes, keeping our dots up on all targets is virtually impossible, but I know if our dots were to spread between targets we'd be OP as heck. Not much they can really do about that I guess, unless they just allow Rake and Rip to also effect one other target only. That would make our cleave way better than having to maintain 4-6 dots on 2-3 targets, with how slow energy is regenerated.Thwompthing3 3d
3d Legion Moonkin and PVP concerns. I'm very happy about getting rid of the eclipse bar system... but this moonkin preview we saw left me pretty concerned about what's comming for us in pvp, since current moonkin is very pvp friendly thanks to its high movility and the fairly good burst potential, being the three satrsurge charges the key to succed.... however with this coming build/spend resourse system we will be forced to cast a lot in pvp which will lead to a lot of school locks and silences, for example in 2V2's it's all about killing as fast a posible and cc, and with this much casting we will be spend most time of our time locked leading to a rather soon death. POSIBLE SOLUTIONS -letting us start any fight with full astral power which would recharge out of combat... thus out of combat we would have a fully filled astral power bar. -buffing celestial alaignment so that our astral power bar fills a 100% inmediately and reducing the astral power cost of starsurge from 40 to 20 or 25 so we could cast more than just two of those (asuming the astral power bar fills at a 100) or -returning starsurge to the current state, so it would consume mana and would have 3 charges. The main thing is that with any of those solutioins could have the posibility to do some instant damage without too much requirements specially when bursting, like we can currently with the 3 charges of starsurge in warlords, i'm not asking for too much, cuz as we all know the least viable caster classes in pvp are the ones that over cast too much like arcane mage, destro lock, shadow priest, demo lock, and ele shaman, specially against melee clases or mages wich can interrupt you and school lock you too much.Keldark37 3d
3d boomy are weak Need more dmg dots dmg , nerf full moon , need instant roots. thats it downvote me if you want.Kange9 3d
3d Treant Form Error I purchased the "Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form" from Amurra Thistledew in "The Dreamgrove," and little did I know that the tome would be permanent. Well, the problem is that it causes my Special Action Buttons 4 and 5 to constantly switch when signing out and back in, and also when switching specs between feral and Balance. This means that when I should be switching into Moonkin form (based on my last bindings) it will sometimes put me into Treant form instead, which means I no longer have a bind for Moonkin form. I have to go back in during gameplay and change my bindings back and forth constantly. This is very annoying and must be an error! I find myself constantly having to go into my keybindings during battlegrounds because it plays the switcharoo on me when first signing in and when switching between specs. Is there anyway this can be fixed without having to mess with addons like Bartender4? Personally, I'd love to be able to remove Treant Form along with other tomes!Avette4 3d
3d Druids in Legion? So what do you guys think of Druids in Legion? I have not played since MoP and am getting back into the game. I have only ever played a DK to max level, and want to do something different for Legion. I cannot decide whether I want to Tank, Heal or DPS. Healing is last on my list though, so I was thinking of using my 100 boost on either a Warrior, Mage, or Druid. Was wondering if you guys had any thoughts? Maybe compare Guardians to Prot Warriors? I know buffs and Nerfs change everything stat wise, so I was kind of just looking for if Druids (Mainly Guardian and the 2 DPS specs) are fun to play/ more fun than Warriors/Mages of similar specs (ie. Guardian V Prot, Feral v. Arms, Balance v. Mage) Sorry for the long post. Thanks guys, Have a good evening!Jyrk4 3d
3d Guardian Druid Mastery V.S. Versatility I'm wondering if anyone can explain how/why versa is getting simed ahead of mastery for tanking? My most recent sim from Ask Mr. Robot gave me these statweights: Armor=6.35, Versatility=1.1, Stamina=1.05, Mastery=.91, Haste=.34, Crit=.22 The only things I can see causing this are: We are getting hit hard enough for the %damage reduction of versa to matter. This makes no sense to me because our toolkit for tanking consists of several flat DR cool downs. Or, Versa is scaling with our mastery (making Nature's Guardian heal more) At which point I'd imagine a min amount of mastery would still exist before staking versa. The only other argument I can think of is that more versa means less to heal. However, mastery works very similarly in that it makes healing us up when we do take dmg easier. And in a raid setting with 4-5 healers wouldn't mastery become even more valuable due to more sources of incoming healing? Not to mention that the %increased healing part of our mastery scales much higher than the %DR part of versa. TL;DR Does anyone know why versa is getting simed ahead of mastery?Zantherion3 3d
3d Dispel Protection PvP Talent We really need something like this. It's really brutal ATM as a Resto Druid against any Shaman/Mage/Priest teams that know how to properly dispel spam and basically nullify Druid healing. And no, Lifebloom itself doesn't heal enough nowadays even if it's getting spam procced. The simple fact that we had a lot of random buffs removed as well as Lifebloom stacks have left Druids really vulnerable to dispel spam. This dispel system overall needs to be reworked a little bit to compensate for this.Funkywhale0 3d
3d How much DPS should a balance druid have Example, level ilvl 830 Heroic dungeons + Mythic Single target = ? End of dungeon totals = ? With average gear, nothing really done to min max stat priority and I able to constantly hit between 100k-130. ( I sorta feel that extra 10 ilvl to 840+) will greatly improve and shouldnt worry too much about the numbers now unless everyone is on the same playing field. Comparing to other classes who are ivl 840 + with better gears ... I see them ranging from way above ... to just barely ahead. But yet I am being told the DPS is low but this is coming from others who actually dont play a balance druid. Looking to improve as much as I can, anyone able to provide what kind of numbers you guys are pulling .Akkor0 3d
3d Where is the mythic plus chest in hall? I can see on my warlock where it is, but I just did 2 of them and I can't find it in the Druid hall?!Irunbru4 3d
3d Laughing Sisters Any way to shut them up? Good gravy! Yes, hi! Also, I know everything is fantastic in the forest! If we can't shut them up, at least let me murder them!Deviation0 3d
3d Feral Attack on Stormwind Made a short pvp movie with some duels outside of Stormwind and I wanted to share it with the rest of the fellow druids! Keep in mind I've only made a handful of montage type videos, let me know what you all think. I am a growing channel and want to produce great content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkzKi0TTke8Olfis0 3d
3d Druid Only Guild - Stormrage Alliance ==================================================================== Please Note We are 13/13 HFC Normal 11/13 HFC Heroic. Our Youtube channel - check out how our raids go, they are all posted! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCav0r6gAZmILlNW4Uoi2WOg Our website http://cultofelune.shivtr.com/ Wanted dedicated druid MAIN raiders who can commit to 2 nights during the week for progression raiding in Legion. ==================================================================== Cult Of Elune an Alliance Druid only Guild on US Realm Stormrage wants you! We are recruiting for both US/AU time zones. The Guild is run by 3 friends who have played Druids together since Classic/BC WoW. After looking for an all Druid guild to play in and finding the only one being Druids of the Beast on an EU server we have decided to form our own guild on a US server to fullfill our dream. Our guild is open to recruitment for all druids of all levels whether you are a serious or casual player, a whole family of druids, a main or an alt, we encourage you to get your friends to make druid alts to so they can come and hang out and enjoy the fun to! We offer a great family friendly, helpful, mature environment to hang out in while you either just want to quest, run dungeons, achievements, mount hunting, pet hunting, LFR, PVP, end game raiding (when possible) and all old content. We would like to create the guild that you want to log on to hang out with and just have fun. We are aware that this will be a challenge but as Druids of the Beast (whom we admire greatly) have proven, it can be done and it can be fun! If you are interested in joining and being a part of an all Druid guild please message anyone who may be online or send a request. All druid applications will be accepted :) http://cultofelune.shivtr.com/Prowla276 3d
3d Is travel form speed up for discussion? Is there really a good reason why stag form can't be 100% speed? Before anyone mentions pvp, it was already configured that you were not at 100% speed while in combat or in bgs, so that mechanic is already in place..Coberne22 3d
3d Feral Druid Mythic+ Guide? Are there any guides out there that specifically talk about mythic dungeons as opposed to raids? Any tips from those who've had success with them so far? Mostly referring to talents. -I am having a hard time pulling away from Brutal Slash to pick Blood Talons, as the burst AOE seems really handy and I prefer to bank my heals to use them when someone needs it instead of rotationally. -I really don't like Savage Roar, and much prefer the higher pace I get from SotF. Is that going to hurt me? -I use Predator because things are always dying. If I'm frequently getting tiger's fury is it a solid choice or should I go for one of the others? Lunar Inspiration since I'm relying on multi-dotting?Riverdown3 3d
3d How does it feel to be the most OP class? So druids? Must be nice huh?Dotdropnrofl21 3d
3d Moonking DoT tracking. Does anyone know of a DoT tracker that works with the Nature's Balance talent? Every addon I've tried does not update the timer when I cast Solar Wrath or Lunar Strike when don't have that target selected. Edit: Nevermind, they weren't working on the test dummies because "Always show nameplates" was disabled"Rajana0 3d
3d Feral or Fire Mage PvP Hi all, I tried researching to help my decision, but it seems the only people that post are people that absolutely think the class sucks, so I figured I'd give in and just ask. I have a huge problem with commitment and find my arms war quite boring to play, so I am thinking of rerolling. I will mainly be gunning for PvP. I am torn between a Feral Druid or Fire Mage. I enjoy the play-style of both, but am torn between which would be more viable overall in BG & 3v3. Which does more burst? Which relies more heavily on a teammate(s)? I'll be posting this on both forums, will be interesting to see the replies. Thanks in advance! P.S. I probably would have chosen Druid if the class hall wasn't so lame (to me), such a generic forest-y fairieland.Xienyi2 3d
3d Druid help So I boosted up to 100 on my Druid to start end gaming. Now I want to main it as resto but still need to level up from 100 to 110. If I change loot spec to resto wouldn't I be hurting myself when I change specs later? I really want to heal and learn healing but don't want DPS gear. Honestly was the only cool thing about being a healer in a different MMO was I could heal and do damage without different gear. Just being DPS takes forever and I'm even debating learning how to tank.Bluekushi4 3d
3d Addon advice? So I havent played in awhile before I used an addon called vudu to help in my healing. I am wondering waht addons people are recommending as I am spending far to much time with my eyes locked in the top left corner of the screen.Trollsong3 3d
3d Glyph for travel form at mount speed? I just came back after several years off, and I am frankly surprised it doesn't exist yet. I understand that ground travel form can't exist at 100% speed increase, because of PVP but I was somewhat expecting there to be a glyph that would allow us to run at 100% speed increase, with the associated delay of course. It seems kind of silly that we are mountable without it. Thoughts?Kaokente6 3d
3d Feral PvP Literally barkskin would fix most issues....Kroníe17 3d
3d Feral Relics I cant seem to find good website for which relics I should be aiming for. Right now I have 2 tear of the flesh and one razor fangs. Is it ok to just go all into on spec or mix and match?Laureall4 3d
3d Feral lacking in dps numbers probably just me, but i feel that my dps could be higher. Last time I checked on icy veins the stats were something like Crit; vers=mastery, haste i've heard some ferals in hardcore raiding guilds are stacking haste. Loot in dungeons and raids seem to give ferals haste trinkets... thoughts on feral haste? I've heard get to 50% crit and get Lunar talent. I've seen people jumping between soul of the forest and savage roar. Which one is better? i can't remember the forum post, but i think i saw something like master, crit, vers, haste for stat order since bleeds are our main damage. I wonder if anyone will post a feral guide on here soon because i am for sure having trouble!Liger26 3d
3d Feral Mythic Dungeon Viability Hello to everyone! I was wondering what feral's current state is in mythic dungeon environments since I plan to do these kinds of runs with guild members in the near future. Feedback on other modes such as raiding isn't necessary given how EN just released, but is still appreciated all the same. Thanks!Ohisama4 3d
3d Broll Bodyguard needs some work The A.I on this body guard seems really buggy. He never attacks the mob thats hitting me only the first thing that I either attack or hits me, so 2+ he's on the verge of being useless. Half the time he's wandering far away not being a bodyguard at all, and gets hooked up on the most trivial things that he can attack. Feel more like a pain in the rear than a bodyguard.Sageclaw19 3d
3d Visual Glitch in Dreamgrove Found this while just running around. All visual doesn't affect anything. Also bring repairs to Dreamgrove. https://youtu.be/olieyES3sC4Invierno0 3d
3d Frost Rant I have resigned myself to the notion that I will never loot or earn a frost relic. It has not been the countless mythic and heroic dungeons I have run with the sole purpose of upgrading my 805 relic, nor the numerous annoying world quests that keep popping up to award me useless fire or arcane relics (in most cases at 840 item level), that drove this home. No, I am simply spent. The pursuit has sapped me. So, Blizzard, you can have your frost relics. I don't event want them anymore.Mtota2 3d
4d The Portal's Power Quest Idk you guys, but I can´t seem to do this for my druid campaign.. Its says in wowhead that I have to go to The Dark Portal and get the shards there, but the portal is not available for me.. any ideas? thxSilverdust2 4d
4d Feral opener HELP!! So I need help with my opener and spell priority. Noxxic and Ivey veins didn't really help me. I was hoping to get someone into a voice chat program to talk about this but will take any help I can get someone shed some light for the love of godImterry4 4d
4d Boomy AoE is garbage Either I'm doing it wrong, or Boomy AoE is crap right now. I've tried many different ways of doing it, but essentially, if I have the AP, I'll do Starfall for stellar empowerment, then sunfire so the dot is applied to everything. And then either start single target with Lunar Strike, or I tab Moonfire everything. If it's a boss and some ads around him, then I just sunfire, and start casting Full moon > starsurge > lunarstrike (which hits everything). I've used both strategies many times and I almost always get outdpsed by basically everybody. I'm 847 ilvl, I have the right gear equipped with the right stat priority haste > crit > mastery and only rarely am I top dps for AoE based fights. I understand there's a lack of gear disparity with legion- which kinda bothers me when 830 Outlaw rogues triple my damage. So either I'm an idiot and am missing something fundamental, or Boomies need a massive buff. And also, I don't know how much it ties in with artifact weapons and talents, but I'm spec'd for Stellar Drift and improved Sunfire/Moonfire.Ziro45 4d
4d 3rd Artifact Slot still locked I have completed the Druid Class Hall Quest. Killed Archimond. Watched the whole ceremony. Got my bracers, artifact power 1000 and can get the buff from the statue. I'm lost I don't know what to do? Please help me!!Gutgouge11 4d
4d Awesome blizzcs reg. class hall quest ... oh thanks blizz, not only are you allowing me to actually complete the quest...I get to do it next week after a reset! best cs ever!Carini1 4d
4d Still unsure about moonkin... Single target is decent with a good amount of haste. AoE is totally trash though compared to Demon Hunters and hunters and rogues. Our interrupt has a 1 minute cooldown (not counting the artifact power ability) we have no CC, no slow, nothing. Just curious if anyone else feels the same way.Drïlldo30 4d