3d Doomsen's Legion PvP Restoration Druid Guide Hey there fellow druids! My name is Doomsen and I happen to be a multiple times Rank1 Restoration Druid / tournament competitor! I've decided that I would like to provide a guide that covers more than just the baseline of Restoration Druid in Legion. Guides for PvP are fairly rare these days, so I thought I may aswell create one and help people out. This guide only helps to a certain level so if you are an "advanced" player, most of those information may be nothing new for you. Also most opinions are based on arena battle. I have tried to include battleground talents at certain points! Table of Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP Talents 3. Artifact Weapon Talents 4. Healing 5. Survival 6. Druid Races for Horde / Alliance 7. Addons 8. Macros 9. Final words XX. Offensive gameplay - Soon TM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Talents (Not mentioned talents simply mean they definitely are no option for PvP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tier 1 Prosperity: This is currently my favourite choice. With Nature's Swiftness & Genesis gone we are lacking instant healing. Now Swiftmend isn't the biggest heal of all time, but it'st still decent especially with the 30% healing increase from our Artifact talents. It also goes really well with Soul of the Forest, incase we chose that as our Tier 5 talent but more about that later! Cenarion Ward: It does quite a lot of healing overtime and doesn't require to procc in order to start it's Cooldown. Sadly does not have an initial heal. It's defnitely a talent that can be chosen but I have not fully figured out when I personally would like it over Prosperity. Tier 2 Displacer Beast: Has been our to go talent since it's first been released. An instant 20yard teleport that also gives use a 50% movement speed is nothing we really wanna miss out on. Wild Charge: It's a really fun talent but I don't think it can compete with Displacer. Travel Jump is a way worse version of it and the shorter cooldown does not make up for that. I still use it sometimes for fun in Battlegrounds, but not in competitive, ever. Tier 3 Guardian Affinity: I have used this talent throughout my entire time playing Beta. A passive 10% damage reduction aswell as a life regeneration with Frenzied Regeneration in Bear form makes it to a talent that you can pick in every situation. Also Ironfur can come in quite handy sometimes (More about all that in the Cooldown Category) Balance/Feral Affinity: If I shall be very honest, I've not put any research behind those. Feral affinity just doesn't seem to fit into any PvP category and Balance can be quite fun I assume for messing around in Battlegrounds while there is nothing to heal and you would like to help out your team damage wise. Tier 4 Mighty Bash: As we have no other stun it comes in very handy in a lot of situations. Taking out a target for 5 seconds can be game changing and offers other follow up, such as Cyclone, without having to worry about being interupted by that player. It will stay as the main competitive talent. Mass Entanglement: With Legion being fairly meele heavy right now, being able to root targets off you can give you that extra space to get to safety in a lot of situations. Does sadly break from damage. With Iron- &Barkskin no longer rooting targets, they are never on a diminishing return, atleast not caused by us! Also there seem to be fairly less roots in the game as before. Can be taken situationally Typhoon: It's something I would almost consider not worth mentioning. Since WoD this ability has lost alot of its power. It's fun knocking people off the Blades Edge Arena bridge for example (if it even does succeeds) but does not give generally close to as many possibilities as the other two. Tier 5 Soul of the Forest: With Legion they've again changed the ability but buffed the Rejuvenation & Regrowth bonus by another 100% which really does make those to very powerful spells and even those 75% on Wild Growth can be great sometimes. You also gotta keep in mind that a larger heal of Regrowth does also include the healing the target will receive through our Living Seeds. Also as mentioned in Tier 1 - With Swiftmend having 2 charges and a shorter cooldown it just has the perfect synergy. Tree of Life: I know that ToL is a fairly common talent, especially in casual / lower rated brackets but it generally does very poorly. Throughout it's duration it's great:30 seconds of immortality and instant rooting but at the end it's a 3 minute cooldown and you will lack sustain healing before and after using it in a lot of situations. I would go with the talent in a situation where you really feel like you just die too fast and would like to just give your team (arena that is) a tiny bit more time to maybe get control in or the victory. Cultivation: Can be seen as an additional Rejuvenation that is applied at 60% health. I'm not fairly sure about this talent yet, because it does not seem to perform that bad and might be something you wanna pick situationally. I will do more testing and then update. Tier 6 Germination: It just is the Tier 6 talent to go for. An additional Rejuvenation on a target is always good and being able to have two Soul of the Forest enhanced ones on one friendly player does heal quite a lot of damage away. Spring Blossoms: It's the to-go talents In PvE but that is because Effloressence just simply has a way higher value there. It may still be a cool thing to go for in Battlegrounds when you have those well placed Effloressences with teammates staying inside of those. But not sure how valueable that really is at the end with people constantly moving. Tier 7 Stonebark: This is sadly the only talent in that Tier that is good for PvP. But it's a great one so it's fine. Having Ironbark on a 60 second cooldown and the additional 20% healing done by our hots is good.Doomsen37 3d
3d Blizzard give all druids clone Without clone we cant keep cc going and is really annoying to play without it, all we can really do is bash or maim which DRs. Please give all specs clone.Substance4 3d
3d Stats I was wondering what is the best stat rite now I am still stacking mastery but I was wondering how is versitlity or haste stacking I have read a few things on it just want to see others options tyDruidofdoom2 3d
3d alternative moonkin colors/forms if you search around for moonkin forms you'll see images from earlier legion stages that showed a variety of moonkin colorations for the current racial models. were these ever implemented? i don't mean the incarnation models with the armor, but the plain models. it was showing tauren colors with antlers as well as troll colors with tauren horns.Paco5 3d
3d Feral or Boomkin for a Resto Druid? I primarily heal for raids and dungeons. And I used guardian to level up and quest. What should I do for a dps spec? Obviously we have feral or boomkin but I'm not sure which one is easier to play. I "might" be dps spec for 10% of my runs if that at all but its good to have a backup. Out of cat or chicken, which would you recommend or pros/cons of the following? Melee vs Ranged Single target vs AoE Easier to gear for (Similiar stats to a Resto Druid?) TIAMistwolves1 3d
3d Hidden Moonkin artifact discovered yet? I know that one of the items you have to buy off the Dreamweavers reputation emissary once you reach exalted. But what about the other piece? Has that been discovered yet?Mâlâkai2 3d
3d Emerald dreamway? So I was chilling in dreamway and I got a emote chat saying that there was a feral screeh here near a portal does anyone know what they mean? Or if they point to something? I'm guessing that the seed from the artifact is somewhere in mythic Emerald nightmare. Anyways that's just some of my speculation. (I'm thinking somewhere after xavius)Suhhbaru2 3d
4d Giving a Serious Think about Chickens My guild attempted to do Emerald Nightmare on Heroic (Flex) with about fifteen people, and while I was very engaged with being Feral and playing with its strengths (and I believe I was top 5 DPS in the raid), it felt a little frustrating running around trying to cleave in melee. But since Moonkins are getting a nice buffet of damage increases, they look really tempting to aim for getting gear while doing World Quests. I'm just sitting on the fence, watching everyone else get noticed. >.>Ardalene4 4d
4d Off specs officially dead? So this is a pretty blatantly obvious problem with the whole artifact system. The fact that it stats to scale exponentially after rank 10 and the fact that to even start to perform well with some specs requires something like 20+ ranks in the artifact. Has this been addressed by blizzard at all? Not saying we should be able to do everything but being 1/4 of a class is very unsatisfying. People played druids for their versatility and now it feels like we are nothing but a class split into 4 lesser versions. Granted eventually you will max out an artifact and be able to level up a second spec but this is still extremely retarded. Maybe its more of a druid problem because we are probably the only class with 4 specs but it still feels like something needs to be done to address the issue. Maybe they could add a quest that lets us pick an offical off spec that puts a % of artifact power into a second artifact or something. Maybe they just need to prune one of the two dps specs. Probably could just kill feral and make it back into one spec again like it should be.Rekrn14 4d
4d Druids casting spells in flight form? Can druids actually do this now, or did I just witness someone exploiting a bug? A troll druid has been casting offensive balance spells on lowbies in Honor Hold without dropping flight form for about 20 minutes now. Nobody can retaliate because they can't hit him in the sky.Arikel13 4d
4d Druid Campaign quests I cannot find any quests relating to my class order hall. I have no quests in my log, there are no quests in my order hall, nothing... Where do I find them?Mayd8 4d
4d Why Balance is Better than Ever I've played moonkin in WotLK, WoD and now Legion, and I am in love with the current iteration of the spec for two major reasons: 1. we are less susceptible to being gimped by movement than ever before In WotLK, if eclipse proc'd when you had to move, your dps was dead and there's nothing you could have done better. In WoD, if the eclipse bar hits 100 when you had to move, your dps was dead and there's nothing you could have done better. In Legion, if you have to move, cast some starsurges! If don't have the AP, plan better next time! 2. we can take advantage of procs better than ever before In WotLK, if your trinket procs, better hope it's during eclipse. In WoD, if your trinket proces, better hope it's during eclipse. In Legion, if your trinket procs, dump the AP you've been stockpiling, cast your MoonMoons. If you have no AP or no MoonMoons, plan better next time! Movement and randomness make fun raid encounters, but they are less fun when you can't meaningfully plan around them. Thank you Blizzard for finally giving Boomkins the bit of extra control we've needed to make these mechanics fun.Sunkin6 4d
4d LF a realm Hello druids, I was going to ask this question on General Forums but I have noticed that this forum has a bit more nice people (with the exception of a few trolls but everyone has them). I am looking for a fairly active realm to join. These are what I am looking for 1. Active and medium-high pop but no queue times (ever) 2. CST or EST realm time 3. I know this is based on opinion but a generally friendly realm (not one full of elitists and jerks) 4. No PvP realms, I hate being ganked haha If you could recommend any guilds that will accept a feral druid please tell! :D My old guild benched me because they said feral druid's AoE is too low so I had to leave D: I would like to not be benched on something that isn't in my control please. I would like to make this realm as my home so I'll be a bit picky :P I dont know if this will help any but I enjoy 1. Casual PvP 2. Progression RaidingLuná3 4d
4d Dreamwalk issues? every time I use dreamwalk while in val'sharah I get sent to a random location in the broken isles or to storm wind, is it broken or bugged?Coldpaws5 4d
4d Re-stealthing I seem to be able to restealth after not being in combat way quicker than before, even with dots on me. I like being able to randomly rake stun my next target, but it just seems like the combat drop is a little bit too quick since 7.0Blínky0 4d
4d Am I just awful? ilvl 837 Feral Was attempting Assault on Violet Hold. There's a lot of mobs in this dungeon and I was only hitting for 70-90k. Meanwhile the DH on our team was pulling ridiculous numbers. I assumed that's normal for a DH? Anyway he told me that I'm essentially trash and should kms. The group just kinda laughed along with him. For bosses I was reaching around 135k. He continued to make his point clear and asked me to leave. I'm not really sure what I should be averaging at this level but I thought I knew my rotation well.Lyliann11 4d
4d People legit think im cheating lol Nightmarish visions (Naralex). Play with this while you still can before it gets nerfedDawg0 4d
4d Druid, stealth gathering? Can druid feral, gather while on stealth?Nathycale1 4d
4d Guardian threat issue uncovered, more at 10 So after some testing with my guildies (priest and DH tank) i found out that guardian druids are generating NO THREAT on our heals from either Frenzied Regen or from the healing on our mastery where as DH in this case and i assume Pallys and Dks r generating large amounts of threat from their self healing abilities like Soul Cleave,Death Strike and Hand of the protector or Light of the protector. So since they get these large chunks of threat from their healing they are out threating us when they shouldn't be like on Ursoc when they have bleeds or on trash where we are doing more damage then they are. LMK if you guys agree!Bumblesbear10 4d
4d How well do Druids solo? I know DKs/DH are the top soloers. And Affliction warlocks are the DPS soloer goddesses/gods. Except, this affliction warlock is kinda boring as hell to me and I'm falling asleep as I play it. I love destruction, but then whenever I play destruction, I instead hop on my fire mage and have more fun. Except mages do not solo well at all, not easily anyway. So that then lands on Druids. The only single class I've never really played. Well, except way back in Burning Crusade I had one, but it never got to a high level. Druids look like a ton of fun, and I always read good things about them. But, my friend (who even admits he sucks at WoW) said Druids are some of the worst soloers, just mid-tier soloing at best. But he sucks at games, and he is just one person (he gets kicked from raids and guilds because he is kinda bad lol), so I can't just go by his experience. While Druids may not be the top like DKs/DH or Paladins...are they still pretty up there at soloing? It seems like they would be, with all the heals and different specs they can be. All I really want to do isn't really even to solo raids, I just want to fight world bosses from WoD like Garn Nighthowl (which my DK and warlock can solo, and this warlock is barely past level 100, my DK is level 104). Except for DK I don't really like blood, and vastly prefer unholy (which unholy DK will definitely be my main alt character) but unholy doesn't work out as well at soloing. And my warlock is kinda...well...not fun at all for me. So any thoughts on the Druids solo ability? Thanks everyone :)Alurae8 4d
4d I'm interested in Laser Chickens. After my guild's EN first raid last night, I quickly realised that Warlock DPS is in a pretty bad place right now, and I've decided to bench my favourite toon for something that'll actually help my raid out. I'd like to know if Balance is in a good place right now in terms of either ST/Cleave/AoE, since I want to continue playing a ranged dps that has a battle res.Lyzolda9 4d
4d Flap and Glyph of Stars Any chance Flap could be made to work while using Glyph of Stars? I'd really not like to be in chicken form so I can show off my transmog, but Flap is so useful in pre-flying Legion that I can't be without it! To solve the issue of not having wings, either take on a temporary astral Moonkin or some other bird form for the duration, or as an even cooler option: temporarily gain astral arm mounted wings to glide on similar to Malfurion. On an unrelated note, during raid downtimes, get a laugh form your buddies by: 1. Shift into Moonkin 2. Use a toy to take on another form (Jewel of Hellfire, Manastorm's Duplicator, Goren Garb, etc) 3. Use Flap, swim in midair :DTennacious1 4d
4d Disco Bear: It needs to go. Hi all, First things first; I love my bear. I have been tanking on every class extensively (when possible) since vanilla. I very much enjoy the different flavors of the different tanks, mitigation differences, rotation differences, style etc. That being said, I am quite analytical when it comes to my favorite classes and specs to play. Class fantasy, and especially spec fantasy and accuracy, are important to me. Especially in Legion, where this is the focus on many class reworks. I've been happy with most of the changes, except one... Why am I pidgeon-holed into spamming moonfire as a bear druid? Now, pidgeon-holed may be a misleading term here. True, there are three talents to choose from. Soul of the Forest, Incarnation, and Galactic Guardian. However, Galactic Guardian is just so much better than the other talents. Free moonfires and procced ones that generate 15 rage. The frequency of this talent just overwhelms the others. Mangle generates 6 rage base. Why is it that my bear-form specific move generates less rage than...well...a moonkin/balance move? True, it is proc based, but the proc is up so often that I frequently just mash moonfire for max rage generation (especially in AoE) situations. Bears do need a ranged pull, as all tanks do (besides taunt). But why oh why is it moonfire? I get that druids utilize lunar energy and very much like the shapeshift graphic, but...due to the sheer proc rate of Galactic Guardian I feel more like a moonkin tank. I want to play a bear to be a frothing slab of meat that mauls and shreds. I still do that, but it's much less pronounced than the millions of disco balls dropping beams of light on everything on my screen. I get that many people like this talent; but many really don't. Look at Ursoc, the very god guardians are trying to emulate. In the Emerald Nightmare encounter, he does not randomly shoot lunar beams everywhere. Because it doesn't make sense. He is the bear god, strength, rage, animalistic fury. Ursoc keeps very true to Guardian spec fantasy. Guardians, well, do not. Here's what I purpose. Replace Moonfire with another ranged pull, something more fitting to a bear. Hell, it could be another growl that applies a bleed. Or, if still keeping with the lunar aspect, some kind of extended "lunar reach" for auto attacks and single target abilities for a limited time. Then, for Galactic guardian, replace the new moonfire filler with, you guessed it, moonfire. This would allow people who like Disco Bear to keep it, but would also keep more with the spec flavor for those who, well, hate Disco Bear.Rawley15 4d
4d Build for soloing old content Like many others, I'm back to WoW after not playing for many years. I'd really like to go solo some of the older dungeons that I missed for fun and the lewtz~ As a Druid, which spec and build would be the best? I'd imagine the first few xpacks will be doable in Feral just burning the boss down (maybe with some moonfire spam for flying bosses), but how about the later ones like Cata/Mists? Should I take a bodyguard with me? Anything else I should plan for? I've still got some leveling to do, but I could work on things while I get to 110.Pundi3 4d
4d Feral stat weights So I have been trying to maximize my dps and have been following icy veins stat weights when gearing( mastery-crit-verse then haste) which at simulationcraft outputs roughly 321k dps at 840 with bis. My ilvl is 849 but struggle to get near that ( 240k) . When i tried to find the cause i stumbled upon noxxic which weights the stats with crit then verse, mastery and haste being last. Noxxic pulled 356k with this weight while icy veins pulled 321k. What should i be using? Thoughts or recomendations? Thanks!Horngry3 4d
4d How is Balance? Balance looks like a lot of fun (and I like the way moonkin form looks), but I feel like I shouldn't play them because there are all ready so many dps. Should I think this way?Droe4 4d
4d Savage Roar is a smoke screen? I was doing some number crunching replacing Savage Roar with Jagged Wounds but keeping my other talents the same. Now this is just spit-balling on a marker board, however, I think I've found something interesting (more for PvP, but it could apply for PvE): - Blood Talons + Savage Roar + Tiger's Fury is an 80% increase in our Rip damage over 24 seconds. - Blood Talons + Savage Roar + Jagged Wounds + Tiger's Fury is an 80% increase in our Rip damage over 16 seconds. - Blood Talons + Soul of the Forest + Jagged Wounds + Tiger's Fury is a 55% increase in our Rip damage over 16 seconds. Now Jagged Wounds decreases the DoT time of our Bleeds (going with Rip) by 33%, which is roughly 35% more upfront damage compared to 24 seconds. Obviously taking Blood Talons, Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Tiger's fury would be the best overall damage regardless, however, the energy requirement for those stars to align is massive and without benefit talents (it's not that great for PvE overall either) its more than likely to fall off before you can get the buffs rolling again. But I believe Savage Roar is a clever trap. If you take Soul of the Forest, Jagged Wounds, and Blood Talons for the 55% damage increase over 16 seconds Rip, you do more damage in those 16 seconds than it would take the 24 seconds Rip that has Savage Roar, Elune's Guidance, and Blood Talons. Energy spent is a bit of a wash considering you have to cast Healing Touch in order to proc Blood Talons, so you would have to Rip twice. However, you would still Rip more often without Savage Roar + Elune's Guidance because of the 45 second cool-down on Guidance that is almost mandatory to have all three buffs rolling at once with enough energy to maintain the trio. And if you take Blood Scent instead of Lunar Inspiration, you further the gap. I'm going to extensively test this theory in game. Wish me luck!\ Blood Talons tool tip says it buffs 40%, but the actual buff in the upper right hand corner says 50%, which one is it?Ardalene11 4d
4d 7.1 PVP potential Pouncing Strikes change Pouncing Strikes pvp talent, "Rake now has a 10 yard range, causing you to leap to targets when used" was changed to: "Rip and Maim's range is increased by 5 yards" Thoughts? I really dread this happening, I got so used to having my crutch to counteract the lag I experience when I seem to be on top of a player but in reality I'm out of range.Uq12 4d
4d Offspec forms: useless In Warlords of Draenor, I was really disappointed how limited our Cat & Bear forms were, unless of course, we happened to be Feral or Guardian. Coming back to Legion (and I haven't bought the expansion, I just used gold to buy a token), I was gobsmacked at how this has become even worse. I think BASELINE Druid abilities, regardless of spec should be: Cat: Prowl, Shred (Single Target/Stealth Combo builder), Rake (Single target DoT Combo builder), Ferocious Bite (Combo spender) Bear: Growl, Mangle (single target Rage builder), Swipe (forward arc Rage builder), and Maul (Rage spender) Balance: Entangle, Moon Fire, Solar Wrath Resto: Healing Touch, Remove Corruption, Revive ...of course, making something your Spec or choosing Affinity for that form would buff it up a bunch. Cat is for Fite... even if you're a hippy healing flower child.Dimpishly19 4d
4d How are you ferals doing in 2s? Was thinking on Lvling my druid instead of this guy. I only play 2s. How are you ferals making out in 2s?Wârlock4 4d
4d Feral screechs / moonstone So I got my feral screech today for the first time. It was to Feralas, so I've been searching for a hour or so, went to every single spot people have said on wowhead, and still NO moonstone. Does anyone know if sometimes you just don't get a moonstone with the screech? I really want this hidden appearance honestly.Shrekx2 4d
4d What do we think of the hotfixes for balance? September 23rd hotfixes: Druid Moonfire (non-Feral) damage increased by 10%. Balance: Sunfire damage increased by 10%. Starfall damage increased by 10%. Lunar Strike damage increased by 5%. Solar Wrath damage increased by 5%. It's nice to see we got some love. Looking at the DPS for the first week of EN and being 13th (below average) was kind of depressing. I hope this boosts us up a bit.Ghrex18 4d
4d Bear/Cat form model suggestion Hello everyone, just wanted to suggest something. Even though the new models are very detailed, not everyone is fond of them. I understand we still have the glyph to use old models, but that comes short. We can't pick a color with them. Not a big deal for me, but I've seen some people voice that picking a color would be best. So, as transmog is very important for part of the community and feral/guardian druids are stuck with fewer options on their forms, my suggestion is: Some of you might know that BM hunters can make Hati look like another pet via Essence Swapper. As the tech is already there, why not letting feral/guardians copy a look from the wild? I wouldn't mind being an actual bear (the new models are great imo), instead of a mix between humanoid and animal. The idea just expands our possibilities to all bear/feline models out there. Even Fulborgs could enter the mix. Anyways, bad idea? Good idea? Chances of happening are slim, but gotta put it out there, right? Who knows. Let me know what you think. Thanks!Menisco5 4d
4d Guardian Druid Artifact Relic Selection So what artifact relics has everyone been preferring for guardian? I am currently using a Thrash/regen/regen setup.Wookiebear4 4d
4d Uhhhhh where did our Berserk go???? Anyone else's just vanish...?Magthakat2 4d
4d Feral DPS I have 18 points in my weapon, so no AB. I'm at item level 840 and I pull 190-210k dps ST. I barely pull higher then that in AoE. If its a huge pack i pull 300k ish. I'm getting slightly fustrated, and it might be my fault, but MM hunters, fire mages, DH, WW, etc all seem to do at least double my AoE and can at the least compete with me in ST if not surpass me. I watched a hunter pull 900k AoE while i did barely 300k then turned around and pulled 347k on a boss. I get gear can change things a bit but even in top tier gear i don't feel i will increase my dps ST by 120k? Am i where i should be ST? I get SoTF isn't ideal for ST fights but I'm attempting to keep up in AoE and nothing seems to really work, I gimp my ST too much if i take SoTF and Bslash.Kroníe1 4d
4d Misssing Dreamwalk Portals 94.1, 38.8 in Ashenvale is a Dream Portal that does not link back to the Dreamwalk, wondering if any other keen druids have found 'dead' portals like this one.Sooba1 4d
4d Luffa Wrappings Description In "Adventure Guide", Luffa Wrappings is showing with 75% increased Thrash damage but in reality it's only 25%. Which is right? I would be really disappointed if 25% is the number, since that will not be enough to pull Thrash out of the garbage hole....Itsjustsmell2 4d
4d Too Blue I would really love a less blue version of glyph of stars. Since Moonkin don't get any new forms based on artifacts, maybe give us a few minor glyph options. I would actually like to see my transmog colors - everything looks the same as it is now. Oh, and buff our AoE!Randomshocks6 4d
4d BUFFS Feelsgoodman Moonfire (non-Feral) damage increased by 10%. Balance Sunfire damage increased by 10%. Starfall damage increased by 10%. Lunar Strike damage increased by 5%. Solar Wrath damage increased by 5%. Not a huge change, but we weren't that bad off. Seems about right to get a 5-10% increase. I'll take it!Hotnbuff9 4d
4d Bear talent questions I have several questions about bear talents. There's no bear guide posted here, and noxxic and icy veins are helpful but I prefer to hear from players and get feedback. So I'd like to go through the talents and hear what you bear pro's have to say. T1: Brambles, Bristling Fur and Blood Frenzy. I've been using Blood Frenzy for the consistent rage generation, but have been thinking Bristling Fur may be better for more rage on demand. T5: SotF, Incarnation, Guardians of the Galaxy (or whatever) I've been using SotF, but have been hearing that GG is much better for rage generation and dmg. I think I will be switching to GG. T6: Earthwarden, Guardian of Elune, Survival of the Fittest Been using Guardian because it seems like more uptime and overlap of Ironfur is the best strategy T7: Rend and Tear, Lunar Beam, Pulverize Been using Lunar Beam, it does a bit of healing on a mid length CD which I like. But I have seen it seems like others are taking Rend and Tear or Pulverize. Rend and Tear should be a constant 6% dmg decrease while Pulverize should be a 8% dmg decrease. Not sure if Pulverize you lose dmg by losing 2 stacks of Thrash or if the dmg of Pulverize makes up for it. T1 and T7 are the talents I am most curious to hear opinions about. And just in general what is the consensus on stat priority? I know what the spec guide sites say but would like to hear from players once again.Dunbeast2 4d
5d Druid Incarn armor... this may be a little trivial... but i think it would be super cool if us balance druids got our incarn armor back. with feral being able to look like a wood cat and guardian being a sweet stone bear, it makes boomies look very... plain. i would love for the armor to come back while incarn is active... but i would love even more to have your scythe just give you that armor look. and maybe even have changing the artifact skin change the skin of the armor? i dunno. just miss it. sounds lame, i know. lolLunarkin3 5d
5d Bear charge macro Is it possible to create a macro that makes you shift into bear form and then charge while spamming it and not making you go into caster form? Reason I want this is lets stay im in cat form and a mage blinks from me so i hit the macro , bear charge the mage then switch to cat form.Yahowah2 5d
5d Will cat appearances disappear w/ next xpac? Will all of the cat form skins stay even when Legion ends? Has there been confirmation?Lisa2 5d
5d Issues with mana. Im an 854 item level druid and my casual guild went 3/7 first night on emerald raid. My issue is although i was topping the healing charts most of the time the pally and monk healer kept saying they were fine on mana. I understand that the fights are new and i dont know exactly when i should be healing for most effective throughput but i also feel like most of my heals are justified. For most fights i just pop a rejuv on someone if they get 80% hp and if they get any lower like say 50% ill throw on the second rejuv. I dont spam cast my efflorescence and i only wild growth when a big burst of aoe damage goes out. I only regrowth or swiftmend when quick spot heals are needed. Should i just go into the next raid night with the mentality that im going to make the other healers work by healing much less? I feel like im overcompensating for healing because they are much more conservative with their heals.Kapes26 5d
5d [Feedback] Balance Druid cosmetics I know that 7.1 is supposed to be the big Legion class balance patch, but I hope there's a little bit of room to squeeze in thought towards non-balance related things. For the first time in a very long time I'm actually getting into my character's fantasy, and it's making the game very enjoyable for me (and a lot of others, I imagine). Cosmetic options for Balance druids seem to be in a kinda awkward state right now. Compared to the artifact appearance-based Feral and Guardian forms, Balance feels like it was just thrown in at the last minute (which is fine honestly because the new forms are pretty awesome). These are some things I feel like are the most notable: 1) As it stands, I currently have two options for what I will look like 90% of the time: a moonkin or a glimmery translucent blue version of myself. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy moonkins and Glyph of Stars is actually a cool effect that I'm pretty into it, but sometimes I just want to be a regular old night elf shooting moons and stars at things. Hell, you even could take this one step further and make it a glyph that gives you antlers. 2) This kind of ties in with above, but: Blessing of the Ancients. If you were to take this talent (which many people do), the above is completely moot because then it would just make me a glimmery blue version of myself anyway, and I imagine people who enjoy being a moonkin may not be the biggest fans of a glimmery blue moonkin. Perhaps this visual effect could be tuned down a bit? That said if removed you should definitely make the glimmery sun version a glyph (if it isn't already idk) 3) This is less of a point that can be improved on and more of just venting because I doubt it will be changed any time soon if ever: Scythe of Elune options feel a bit limited to me. Again all the ideas there are pretty solid (I can definitely see the lore connections in each appearance), but they feel kinda lackluster. Most notably, Envoy of Goldrinn (I get that this tier is supposed to be just the "actualized form" of each class's artifact, but it seems like there's very little different between this tier and the base tier). I'm not a huge fan of Manascythe and Sunkeeper's Reach (mostly the latter, both feel a bit too magey for me), but I still understand and appreciate their design. Also, Scythe of Elune should really be unaffected by Glyph of Stars glow. 4) Ground Travel Form being mount speed out of combat. I've heard this is already something that's planned for 7.1, but I thought I'd throw it in here anyway.Grimweld1 5d
5d Feral Druid Hidden Artifact Skin With Legion a little over a week away I thought I would get this started. Allegedly getting the hidden owlcat skin requires you to find moonstones through whatever portal the emote screech comes from when you are in Emerald Dreamway. No one has unlocked the skin on Beta as of yet. When Legion goes live perhaps we can share our findings here.Boone34 5d
5d Any advice for a newbie guardian? So I am sortof dual speccing, I main resto but since I generally play guardian in open world quests I thought, eh give tanking a try at some point, it would only be for pugs and not raids though would stick to resto for raids.Trollsong7 5d
5d Ravaged Seed Pod - Feral Just got this heroic trinket and was wondering what uses it has. Is it considered good or just meh?Kodama1 5d
5d Dreamgrove repair vendor? So, this place is beautiful and I like the portals, but I can't seem to find a repair vendor. I searched the zone on wowhead and filtered out everything but "NPC" and "Can repair". It returned zero results.Ighne15 5d