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Starfall, a terrible end tree talent (imo) Could be me, but having Starfall as an end tree talent is fairly sad. There is no control over what the stars hit seems to be the largest issue with it. The previous version of a small AE burst was OP and did need removing, but now the spell is very lack luster. It will target anything hostile (that change was a step towards the right direction, but it was more like an attempt to give more control is an easy way, not doing much work), which includes CC'd targets. As a whole, not being able for the spell to be made of complete use unless there are multiple targets also puts a limit on its use. The issue is that there is a lack of user control for the ability. Treants have the pet bar, all nukes and dots are targeted abilities, shrooms and hurricane are placement related, but starfall is just random. It could be much more beneficial if the ability could be made into a single target focus, such as changing the starfall glyph to instead cause starfall to only drop stars on the players current target with smart target swapping capabilities or becomes a targetable cast that hits the selected target at the time for the full duration. The largest issue for this sort of change (when it comes to gameplay mechanics) would be burst damage in PvP, but starfall already stops dropping stars during CC and if it would be a targetable cast, it could be LoS'd/OoR'd and so on. Plus, if the glyph were to be changed, its timer would increase, further nerfing it. You could even make it a debuff such as "target of starfall" and easily dispellable in PvP, although for a cooldown ability, it would render it effectively useless if dispellable in PvP and a bad idea. This is mainly some food for thought, as I'd like to see what you other people think about starfall in general or even my ideas. Summed up, Starfall's random targeting causes it to lose viability as an effective spell on anything that is not a single target fight. It's really lost the "fun" of it, since you just hit a button and let it do its own thing, unable to effectively control it. Change ideas: Single target (over 10s or just over a duration still) Change to the glyph to make it so, instead of 30s decreased duration Possible chance of dispellable/oor/los for the target. Boomkinhero44
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Seeking Twink 70 Feral gemming suggestions Hello, I have a new L70 Feral Druid who's got the PvP suit and is aiming at bg's / rbg's / arenas (whatever I can find in the XP off 70-74 bracket). The question I'm trying to answer is whether to go for agility as I gem up the gear, or resilience (I don't think stamina is a very good choice over resilience, but I'd be willing to listen to arguments for stamina as well). There are about 10 gem slots in the gear, so ignoring socket bonuses, there's 200 stat points available. Resilience is up to 451 (30.30% reduction) - is that good enough? Is there a soft / hard cap in here somewhere that's going to make it prohibitive to keep pushing resilience? As I'm still enchanting and gemming, I've noticed that I'm not very competitive yet in the 70's BG world. The gems are something I can act on pretty much immediately once I decide on a direction. One thought I've had is to go for: yellow - 20 resil red - 10 resil / 10 agi blue - 10 resil / 15 sta prismatic - 20 agi That should get the Relentless Earthsiege activated, while providing 100-150 additional resilience (push me up into the 600 resil range), and still add a bit more agi into the mix. Thoughts? What have you done with your 70 twink bg/pvp feral. (A comment on professions - I've gone Leather / Skinning; I know it's not the optimal choice, but I'm working without my usual infrastructure, so this character is pretty much earning everything he has by the sweat of his own brow - ability to skin feeds the leatherworking, and the leatherworking ties well into being a Druid). Bahzil5
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Restoration in S10 My resto druid got to 2k in S9 and then I just quit playing him. After 2k, you stop seeing any kind of caster teams and get nothing but melee cleaves, which WRECK druids, and I don't see any hope for S10. Druid single target output is PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC. Healing touch non-crits for 20k, with crits around 40k, which is pathetic compared to the 70k+ that the other healers can do, and all while having a 2.4 second cast time. Regrowth crits for 16kish compared to the other healers 30kish. It used to be that when you had HoTs up, you were unkillable, but now people just laugh and dps through it with ease. Shaman Riptide + Healing Stream Totem can basically outheal LBx3 and Rejuv. Resto druids are great raid healers, but terrible terrible terrible single target heals. Resto's physical damage mitigation is the worst in the game, and I'll be at 50% before I even realize they've switched to me. I'll literally die in a throwdown from 100% and 4k resil with barkskin and HoTs up. If I pop tree form I can generally keep myself up most of the time, but by the time tree form is done, I'm OOM or close to it because I have to spam expensive regrowths for next to no healing. We can't escape melee cleaves at all anymore. It's not like BC/Wrath where you could kite melee indefinitely. Roots get dispelled immediately, and if you manage to get a bit of distance, you'll just get gripped, charged, stunned, etc again. If the melee cleave doesn't train you, you can do alright, but you have to be cloning constantly, and even then it's tough because of druid's poor output and lack of range on clone. I foresee resto druids becoming almost non-existent in this coming season. Resto Druids really don't benefit as much from the crit change as the others do, and we were already in horrid shape. Nobody is going to want a resto druid when the other healers are so much better. Kriegsheld12
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