19h Hunter Pet Vs Warlock Voidwalker So I would like to know why hunter pets are just horrible useless garbage at tanking, they keep aggro on NOTHING! Yes you can misdirect and they will have aggro but only for about 5 seconds then the mob/mobs turn back on you and start punching you in the face. MEANWHILE a warlock is running around like a moron yelling out "PULL ALL THE THINGS!" and so long as they stay near the voidwalker they are safe because he is just better at pulling aggro on things. I have to guess its because thunderstomp has a CD or something.Feyvi4 19h
19h Bestial Wrath Macro I looked around for, couldn't find, and eventually wrote a macro to help prevent wasting Bestial Wrath. It checks your pet status before allowing the buff to be used, either calling your pet if it is not summoned or casting revive pet if summoned but dead. If your pet is both alive and summoned, the macro will engage Bestial Wrath. It will not engage the cooldown without both conditions being met. #showtooltip Bestial Wrath /use [nopet] Call Pet # /cast [@pet,exists,nodead] Bestial Wrath; Revive Pet Make sure you change the # in the macro to whichever pet you would like the macro to use (either 1-5). I've been testing this during invasions and have had no issues.Grimzok0 19h
19h How are hunters currently doing DPS wise? I know this post doesn't hold too much merit because everything will change at 110 but atm how are we doing against other classes such as mages or shadow priest in a raid environment?Neverfull4 19h
19h Your BM pvp talents? After thinking I would do Survival, I am going to call an audible and go BM for Legion. Wondering what everyone is choosing for their talents in bgs?Jozias2 19h
20h Is anyone else having issues with Barrage? The last two days I've experienced a problem with barrage on the opening round on a boss in lnvasions and dungeons. I will hit true shot and my racial if I'm on an Orc, hit either sidewinders or piercing shot depending on the build and then hit barrage. It goes to cool down with out firing a shot. After cool down, it works fine. Anyone else experiencing this?Grimmlin0 20h
20h I feel like a liability Unless I am blessed to have a healer focusing me, I feel like a liability in BGs. I go in with my crappy self heals and ignorantly long defensive CDs, only to get tunneled and die easily or run away at 20% health.......then sitting there, at that 20% health unable to do anything productive until these stupid long CDs come back up. I try to position myself well, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes they don't even focus me.......if I have no healer I just get dotted up, then ignored because I'm screwed at that point. Sometimes a pet will just be put on me, you know because even if they do weak damage...I will die to it. Hell, I'll even damn near die to just random splash/aoe damage. If i seem angry or whiny well I am. I have never, in 8+ years been this frustrated to play my hunter. I use my abilities, my racial, pots and bandages and yet still seem to spend half the BG running around in the background, waiting, and waiting....Ranwalk56 20h
21h Unimpressed with Class Hall Followers Sorry, I can't post in the beta forums so I thought this was the next best place. Is anyone unimpressed with most of the 8 followers we are getting in Legion? Don't get me wrong I actually love the class hall itself as it really captures what I imagine a hunting lodge would be like, but the actual followers leave a lot to be desired. I realize there aren't too many famous hunters in lore, but I would have loved to see some hunters from previous dungeons, raids, or quests and not the 4 random hunters we received in addition to Rexxar, Nesingwary, Halduron, and Huntsman Blake (though I would not mind a better choice than him). I suppose one of the followers can be an unknown since the Unseen Path plays heavily into our class hall and is a faction we have not encountered before, but the other 3 slots could have gone to better choices. Since Garona had no problem leaving our garrison to join the rogue class hall, I would have loved Nat Pagle to follow us over as a survival hunter.Felmerdudd9 21h
22h Class suggestion? So, I'm trying to decide if I want to play BM Hunter, Fire Mage or Demo Warlock for Legion. I'm heartbroken over how they changed Mm, as it's no longer a fun spec for me to play. Some cursory reading shows that Hunters are supposedly going to be terrible, but could someone explain why?Cindercakes3 22h
22h Such a Joke Now Lets take the Survival Hunter for Dps over the Warrior, Rogue, Monk...........SAID NO ONE EVER! Lets take the Hunter in any spec now........Said no ever! Sigh.Viperr11 22h
22h So Long Infallible Tracker Charm Dear Infallible Tracker Charm, I'm writing this letter to apologize that I never got to meet you. My paladin was very lucky with the trinket drops, but you chose to never show your face. I ran my hunter through, heck at least 5 times each dungeon!!!, and you never dropped. Think about me while you run around with other agi dps.Endaira2 22h
22h Trigore the Lasher Figured i would share what I have found out so far about this rare red hydra. From the limited info gathered online he has a 24-36+ hour spawn time He was tamed Wednesday morning at around 2am est Just around 35 hours later server restart no sign of him in between first tame and restart Now just around 28 hours after restart of camping no sign of him anyone else have info on him feel free to share.Bando22 22h
23h Hunting Party as MM Why is this on my pet when I am MM was it supposed to be something else? Mongoose bite??? 23h
23h Hunter Wishlist Hey all, I've decided to post my ideas for the hunter class. First, the glyph ideas: -Glyph of Dark Multishot- If you've played through a certain scenario, you may have noticed The Dark Lady using this ability towards the end. A glyph that changes multishot's projectile into dark versions, perhaps a black projectile with a purple glow, would be great for us aspiring Dark Rangers. -Glyph of Frozen Concussion- Yea, I know the name is kinda weak... Regardless, I think a glyph that changes the concussion shot's appearance into a frozen arrow. This is obviously different form the Freezing Arrow PvP Talent. Now for my hunter pet ideas: Mechanical family - mechanical cat, bear, raptor, dragon, even stonegrinder... You know, all of those minipets that would make great hunter pets for gnomes/goblins. Other Class Ideas: I would LOVE the option for Survival (a surprisingly fun spec to play) to have the option of dual wielding one-handed weapons instead of a two-hander. A two-handed weapon doesn't fit the theme for my Undead and Blood Elf hunters. I'm not asking for any mechanical changes, as most of the Survival hunter's abilities could work with two one-handers, save for maybe harpoon. As for the Artifact, it could always have a Use: option to switch from a spear to two one-hand weapons. Thoughts from the community?Mirah3 23h
1d Bm pets not special I'm just curious as to why my exotic pet A: has no noticible improvements over a regular pet outside of aesthetics. Yes I have spirit beast heal but it's literally nothing after this patch. B: Has less survivability than every warlock pet aside from imps. (Tested and proven in duels) even with constant healing and spirit heals. C: Why I get no bonus for having my pet out (aside from being able to function) but survival does. Last time I checked MY spec was supposed to emphasize pet use. D: Why I lost masters call. Literally had my pet polymorphed and completely nullified in arena rendering me useless. E: Pet doesn't bond with me like it used to (spirit bond) F: Pet bar settings not being saved after log out. Never seen this happen in the 9 years I've played this game. G: Pet can no longer fetch thus I had to pull out my Loot-a-rang H: Pet related glyphs not attached to other abilities even though glyphs for mages and Druids were just added to the class after removal. Why take adaptation but leave lone wolf? #sadcowBaconswag5 1d
1d Remember when hunters were fun? Oh man, crouching in camo, waiting to pounce on someone while defending LM in AB... That feeling of laying out an explosive trap to knock people off the edge as your opener, and then laying out all hell with your bow or gun to hold the position until some help arrived to back you up... Kiting and trying to survive, spinning that flag... ...Remember when hunters were fun?Bishopxix30 1d
1d the assist and defensive pet stances can we fix assist/defensive? maybe make assist do both? make it so assist will prioritise attacking my target unless i have told it to attack another target, make it attack something back if it attacks me if i am not already in combat. for example let's say im sitting on my mount in tanaan jungle after doing some quests or w/e so i run to the bathroom with my pet on assist something spawns runs up and attacks me, my pet should not just stand there like an idiot and watch me die. it should attack back without me needing to switch between defensive or assist every time or else i face the chance of me dying. i don't know if it was like this in cata/mist/early wod but i can't stand it and i feel it wasn't like this in wrath.Autoshootafk2 1d
1d MM Exhilaration nerf? Exhilaration (Marksmanship) now heals the Hunter for 30% of maximum health and the Hunter’s pet for 100% Wasn't it 50%? How bad is it in PVP now 15%? Because we where nerfed 50% in PVP correct?Sinay6 1d
1d Hey guys returning player here I was wondering what would be the best pvp spec for hunter this x-pac, I'm not really interested on survival because it's melee I would like to keep playing from range so is its BM vs MM for me, I wanna know which is more viable. Thanks in advance guys!Daynez4 1d
1d Class Fantasy: Why BM is not "the" melee spec From someone that has played WC3 and main a BM hunter since Wotlk, I am surprised that many have failed to fully appreciate the "class fantasy" behind BM. Much of the debate behind why BM should have been a melee spec is based on Rexxar when the core of BM is not about weapon ranges. These Rexxar references are rather anecdotal depictions of how a beastmaster fights. There is no lore that states that a beastmaster fights with a melee or range weapon. In fact, if you look at Hearthstone's Rexxar, he is depicted using both bow and axes. In addition, many "heros" in warcraft have talents and skills taken across multiple specs and classes (think Tyrande and Sylvanas), this makes Rexxar possibly a survival / BM hybrid. Rexxar is a Beast Master, but hunters prioritizing mastery over beasts may not have the same preferences as Rexxar to melee his opponents. Beast Mastery is all about establishing bond and synergy with your pet(s), melee or range doesn't matter. Now that we get that down, here's my take on the class fantasy. 1. You want a pet, maybe a few if you will. 2. You want your attacks to synergize with the pet(s). 3. Presence of your pet make you stronger 4. Loss of your pet will reduce your effectiveness 5. BIG FLASHY PET + HUNTER COMBINATION ATTACKS e.g. if you and your pet are attacking the same target, you might gain "synergy points" which can be spend on certain big moves. Similarly, when both are attacking different targets, talents like "divide and conquer" can transfer a portion of damage dealt individually to the other. You see none of these fantasies impact the weapon range or style of attacks. In fact, if blizzard had properly designed the legion hunter class re-vamps, we COULD have a BM spec that truly emphasizes the bond and synergy instead of leaving us to debate which spec should be made melee. Just imagine, The hunter breaks out of camouflage and begin her assault on the oblivious rogue, he squeals as a BIG RED BEAST jumps right in his face and starts gnawing his guts out, meanwhile the hunter carefully prepares a trap and begins her range assault. The rogue panics and tries to stealth not noticing the flare and goes in for a back stab. He was about to eviscerate the hunter from behind when he felt a nasty chill up his feet, an ice trap sprung from the ground and encased him. Having build up the moment for a decisive kill, the hunter leaps in for a point blank shot / cleave and BIG RED was reading her claws for a combined attack. In a heartbeat, an arrow/blade pierces the rogues heart as his head was brutally swiped off by BIG RED. Satisfied, the hunter disengages to stalk her new prey. In conclusion, to thematically differentiate SV and BM into melee and range respectively is fine though BM could have had more emphasis on the bonds and synergies between the player and pet. BM could be given some melee weaving combination attacks for flavor (think fel-rush + auto disengage in one move with pet cleave). Hunters are traditionally a primary range class and Rexxar does not represent all beast mastery hunters. Hope you guys enjoyed the read. This is not meant to dismiss melee BM advocates but point out how irrational that association with Rexxar = BM melee is. Cheers ~ XelXelnova24 1d
1d Are Clefthooves an Exotic pet family? Hello everyone, From my understanding Clefthooves are an Exotic pet family, and after looking at all my exotic pets I noticed that they do not have an exotic ability. Please let me know if I'm missing something on this issue. Maybe for Clefthooves it's a passive ability not in the spell book? If Clefthooves are indeed missing an exotic ability I'd like to suggest the old knock back ability make a return.Rangewalker3 1d
1d Clefthooves are an Exotic pet family... ... so why do they not have an exotic ability, and only have a special ability? Has Blizzard said anything about this? Did they simply forget about this Exotic pet family? Would be nice for their old knock back ability to make a return...Rangewalker3 1d
1d Replace Sidewinders with Glaive Toss! Sidewinders, as many will agree, is an unfitting ability for Marksmanship Hunters. Gameplay aside, the visuals don't really mesh well with the thematic of a Marksmanship Hunter, who prefers to use plain steel and magic in his shots rather than actual animal stings and venoms -- that's Survival's fantasy. So, how about replacing Sidewinders with Glaive Toss? It's an ability keenly reminiscent of the Night Elven Sentinels, who too are lone archer-warriors in the lore, so the thematic implications are far more meaningful. Thoughts? P.S. Credit goes to Zamochy for this awesome idea.Ghrym14 1d
1d Funnest Spec Talents ? Whats the funnest spec talent choices right now? I don't care about numbers and dps. preferably for PVP and PVE.Enliaz6 1d
1d Pet Special Ability Macro I have had this macro for a while and wanted to expand it just a bit and I was wondering if you macro guru's can help me with some short cuts. The Macro #showtooltip [pet:Crane]Gift of Chi-Ji; [pet:Spirit Beast] Spirit Mend; [pet:Core Hound] Ancient Hysteria /use [pet:Crane] Gift of Chi-ji /use [@mouseover, help][target=player] Spirit Mend /use [pet:Core Hound] Ancient Hysteria This will show the tooltip for Crane Brez, Spirit Beast (mouseover) and Core Hound "Lust". I run out of characters if I try to add the Nether Ray "lust" ability Netherwinds. Any suggestions?Kreauxm2 1d
1d lvl 110 MM vs BM, for raiding and PvP I plan to do both PvP and raid as BM, but not if BM gets blown out by Marksman dps in raids. With the artifacts being the commitment they are, I want to make the right call from the start. From what I'm reading around here, MM is going to be the best for aoeing down adds and topping damage in raids, but how do they compare single target vs bosses?Alderoth13 1d
1d Remember when we had traps? ... That sure did feel like a hunting when we could actually use traps. Oh well, I guess we can still fish, even if we cannot catch any mammals...Bishopxix12 1d
1d Hunters and their toys Dear Blizzard, I am just a simple huntard that would love to utilize the costume toys I've worked hard to obtain. It seems that many of the costume toys lack bow/gun/xbow animations so you can imagine in combat out characters just stand there shooting arrows or bullets out of our chests. This would include Mr. Smite's Brass Compass, Rukhmar's Sacred Memory and Gamon's Braid, Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, Manastorm's Duplicator and even Frenzyheart Brew and Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner which back in the day it did in fact have animations. Pls help? Sincerely, the name on the side of this post P.S. Please UN-NERF Tabard of the Lightbringer and make the Laughing Skull rep achievement account wide so my alts may use the Laughing Skull masks I worked so hard to unlock. Pretty pls with sugar on top!Paraji0 1d
1d Remember kiting in Kara? Does anyone else remember hunters offspec tanking by basically slowing and kiting mobs around the instance? Man I miss kiting... now we have all these speed bursts that don't break snare, and one slow and no traps... Good luck kiting too since most melee now have ranged stuns. Man... Remember when hunters were fun to play?Bishopxix15 1d
1d Blizzard's "Calling all Hunters" Email Calling all Hunters Did anybody else get this email from Blizzard. I received one on an account I haven't upgraded to Legion. Has anybody received an email targeting any other class? That's why they are trying to console us. They don't need any more feedback. They have nearly a year's worth. This company is feeling more and more like Time Warner every day.Felin9 1d
1d New to hunter - quick question Hi guys. I just leveld my hunter, and I been running around the maps looking for cool pets. Why is it that some pets says it is tameable when I cast Beast Lore, but when you try to tame it it says they aren't?Lespaul3 1d
1d sv hunter or ww monk I have every class at lvl100. and even thou i had lots of fun with my ret paladin and enhancment shaman before the pre launch, from what i hear they are both crap for pve. after playing every class and messing around it has come down to ww monk or sv hunter.. I was going to main my monk, because there aoe damage is ridiculous and nice ST. plus i love combo breaker and mastery. Also lots of mobility ans decent self heal. But then few days ago I decided to try SV on my hunter and fell in love. aoe damage is not as great. ST is about the same. our self heals CD is too long and mobility kinda sucks unless your worgen or goblin. but i love beign able to do range dps (talents) that actually do good damage then harpoon in and mangoose bite for life! another plus for hunters is that I only have to compete against other hunters and shaman instead of 4 leather classes.. sad thing is I need to swap factions and servers to get my hunter to my main guild which I will be raiding in. any input or advice for anyone who has maybe played these 2 classes at 110? and i only care about pveIrbeast0 1d
1d SV Hunter I have played most classes over many years, but not much of the hunter class. I have to say I LOVE the new SV hunter, but one quick piece of feedback - What is the point of Raptor Strike? Seems like 1 button too many given the other specs are complaining about having too little to do. Things I love - Throwing axes. As a Troll this is very cool. Reminds me of the original Warcraft game. - Dragonsfire Grenade. Love the AOE on this. Feels like this should replace explosive trap though. - Lacerate is good. 15 seconds would be better. I will probably main this though in Legion. I gave up in WOD as I found the game a little stale, but I really like what you have done wth some of the classes, especially Hunter. I am probably in the minority, but each to their own.Quayter5 1d
1d Video: Pre-Patch SV Skirms Hey all! Loving SV atm (yes, we are squishy af, but i'm kind of enjoying having to work around it!) and felt like putting some of my better games together into a small video set to some chill music. Also perhaps to mark the start of what I hope to be a journey of improvement as I prepare to push rating for the first time ever come legion! Link: What to expect: SV Skirms (really Zab? I would never have guessed!) Possible Audio desync (gonna watch out for that and re-upload if necessary) What not to expect: Skill The Spanish Inquisition If you see anything I could improve gameplay-wise feel free to chime in! Things I'm aware of: Need to make sure my pet is attacking when he needs to be. Neet to stop derping around for a few second deciding what to do when the opponent pops an immunity.Zabamat2 1d
1d BM/MM Comparison Which spec gains more from the 100 to 110 transition? Having a hard time figuring out which spec I'm wanting to main in Legion. I'm loving how fluent the rotation is with BM but it does not seem to hit as hard as MM in every situation... Single target, Cleave, and AoE The mobility that BM has is definitely nice though.Wàkka5 1d
1d Carve aoe I would really appreciate it if this was made 360 degrees instead of mobs in front of you. It's kind of silly that it is how it is, but there you go.Raltar1 1d
1d Please show this imgur to the Devs Ornyx Hunters have been overpruned, this is an objective fact--not an opinion. Our easy rotation is the least of our worries. 1. We have no real baseline CC for PvP or certain PvE content. We cannot be a skillful class because all of our skillshots have been removed. 2. Our pets (even BM) are vastly inferior to all Lock, DK, and Mage pets. 3. Every ranged DPS has great healing and utility, so much so that I did not make a picture to accompany this issue. If you've ever played WoW, you generally know what each class is capable of. 1d
1d Survival - and leech I scanned through the search results and didn't see anything. Been a long time since I been on the forums so apologies in advance for what might be a noob question. I've been playing the Survival spec and find it to be super fun (at least very different than any other hunter spec ever). Way back in the day, I used to often wear Rogue leather gear because it had bonuses that I wanted to stack. None of the Hunter gear has leech... so I wanted make myself less squishy with some rogue gear. It seems impossible to actually get any of the vendor/rep gear to drop for you? So questions: 1) Has anyone tried stacking leech? 2) If so, how did you get the gear?Kruelleck2 1d
1d Sidewinders thought Just a thought. We lose two spells to sidewinder arcane and multi and its replaced with a multi sidewinder. Did blizz screw up and forget to give us a single shot sidewinder for a more controlled shot and also for better single target and target switching?Sinay0 1d
1d What's simming higher ate for BM Dire frenzy , or dire beast with stomp? I'm really enjoying dire frenzy atm but I can't tellBeastcain5 1d
1d Show Hidden is Broken I've been startimg to suspect that "Show Hidden" is broken so I tested it. It definitely not working right now.Felin4 1d
1d Surv hunters in legion. Both great and fun. Hi everyone, I wanted to post this here to get my voice out and hopefully have more fellow hunters help push blizzard into making this a great spec and not leave it behind and remove it. Like they did to glad stance warriors I know a lot of you probably play a hunter for its ranged and I understand that. I've played a hunter on and off since Vanilla. Getting Zin'rohk and owning people as a melee into Vanilla was seriously awesome. Especially having the pet beside you. Im not saying surv should be the only way to go. I've seen and tested all 3 specs in legion. BM has major problems at the moment. And Marks is not the same and feels incomplete. These specs need to be competitive in the PvE and PvP scenes. But so does Survival. I put more time into survival. Both PvE and PvP. Mainly PvP and I can say from a long time warriors stand point too. It plays similar to Arms. But with more useful attacks and not focused on a single bursting ability. It has the rend, charge(harpoon) and you can get posthaste with harpoon and it's absolutely satisfying. You still have flare, and roar of sacrifice. A fun mongoose bite with multiple stacks to spam. You're constantly using abilities with no downtime. Only two major problems is the deterrence(aspect of the turtle) Which doesn't allow melee attacks to be used for the whole like 8 seconds it's up. Which is terrible as a melee. And global cooldowns. Our new spec has a lot of attacks and all fun to use with a satisfying animations to it. But DPS is slowed due to the many globals we have. Hopefully a fix to that. Sorry I'm not posting this on the beta forums. I just want the hunter community to know and anyone interested in this spec to help get the voice out to the class development team for hunters that survival a successful spec and with the right tuning it will stay for the many years to come. ThanksBôôcraft51 1d
1d Where Do You Go For PvP Specs? Where do you find your PvP guides?Roodona6 1d
1d BM Hunters What is your DPS My ilvl is 712 and I am getting 25k dps on a raid dummy what am i doing wrongDrakehunter5 1d
1d weapon illusions not working on bows? I went to apply an enchant illusion using the new wardrobe system and it worked just fine on my 2H for survival, but doesn't work on my bow for marks/bm... anyone else have this issue or solve it?Kedeye6 1d
1d Pets: Use assist or macro /petattack? Hello hunters! Which is generally better - Put your pet on assist and let it attack what you attack by default (which I believe used to - maybe still does? - result in pets attacking stuff you don't want it to) - Put your pet on passive and macro your abilities like this: /petattack /cast Cobra Shot I'm guessing the passive/macro route, but wanted to ask Thanks in advance!Ayego3 1d
1d The Racial Decision Hello All, A super basic question I'm sure you have all heard before. I'm having a hard time deciding what race to roll my hunter as. I am split between a female night elf or blood elf. Any advice? I'll take general thoughts on best hunter races too. I'm generally a hardcore pvper with some raiding on the side. While a 2 second silence sounds pretty awesome without silencing shot, it also seems like a pain to have to get the positioning to actually make use of it in arenas. Shadow meld seems nice just to be able to annoy the hell out of casters with double de-targets. Lastly, any thoughts on the animations of each? I love the nelf bow animation while the belf one seems awkward. But I can't remember which one has the better gun animations. I think I'm leaning towards nelf but having to roll alliance still ends up leaving me split down the middle. I appreciate any help!Renthor28 1d
1d hunter pets can't hold aggro Is this crap intended? WTH? I never had a problem prior to the patch with having my pet hold aggro, but now even when i'm spamming their growl (and it's turned on) I'm the one getting trashed, it's the pet's job to hold aggro. If I wanted to spend my time kiting and running around I would play my mage.Carrigann9 1d
1d Flare is a waste of time... The circle is small enough that any rogue or feral worth his salt can just walk up to us and attack without losing stealth. What is the point of flare? Just to keep them from restealthing? Because it sure as heck doesn't stop them from getting the opener in pvp. Hunters are such a fragile, trainable joke right now. Seriously, bring back better hunter days when we could at least stealth or kite.Bishopxix30 1d
1d BM Hunter healing? BM Hunters, what are you doing for heals? I've been playing the invasions, and there is a LOT of unavoidable AOE, things like "mass shadowbolt" and what have you. Doesn't matter. Point is, I'm looking to heal myself, and all I can find is one heal on a long CD. Am I missing something? What happened to our healing tick we had? At least with that I could run off and let it top me off in fairly short order.Nazraz5 1d
1d Responding to the Blue Post I did not add this to the post made by Ornyx, Let's Talk-Hunter Feedback, because that post is for listing the issues the hunter community are now having. While I am not trying to play devil's advocate, nor do I in any way condone the fact that we went so long without any response at all from Blizzard, the point remains that we now have had a blue response, and I am concerned with the negative impact that posts that are not actually addressing the issue may have. I am seeing so many comments on there that are simply showing frustration and anger over the fact that the blue post was so long in coming. All you have to do is read some of my previous comments to know that I have suffered the very same frustration that every other hunter has in feeling like we were simply being ignored. But going onto the blue post just to ask why it took so long, or to complain that it is too little, too late is simply going to derail the use we might be able to get out of the chance to actually post our concerns to someone who is listening. Is it a PR move? possibly. Will it help in time for launch? no, it cannot. Will it help with Blizzard trying to get these issues sorted soon? we can hope. I have no doubt I could find at least 100 comments in the last 5 days alone that were saying 'Blizzard, please respond". Well, they have. It might not be when we knew they needed to, and it might not make things better by the time we log on tomorrow, but we have a response. We have been given the indication that they are listening that so many of us have been asking for. Sometimes the saying 'Better late than never' does hold true, and I believe in this instance we should take this for what it is....the chance we have been asking for to voice our concerns to someone who may actually be able to do anything about it. So please, go post your concerns about why you are not happy with the condition of hunter, but please try to be cordial about it, and not let it slip into accusations and anger. Ornyx undoubtedly has only done what he was told to do, when he was told to do it, and taking our frustration out on them will serve no purpose.Miadra137 1d