2d Being stuck with pets you don't like. With the current state of pets and their "utility" or their influence on our dps we are largely pigeonholed into a few select choices. Given that all pets can be all three talent types I don't see why we can't actually give them ability choices so we aren't stuck with something better for us but visually displeasing (personally). Personally I like to have a pet to match my transmog, or battle-pet or mount. For example if you are Survival you pretty much have to have a Carrion Bird, Riverbeast or Scorpid. That's it, 3 out of 51 different pet families. I know that this would take away from the little bit of uniqueness that pets have left but I can't be the only one that feels this way.Drakulis2 2d
2d Hunter names! There has most likely been a bunch of these threads, but i'm curious. Personally im a lover of Internet the Explorer.. *fat name ego* Lets see em'!Ìntérnèt56 2d
2d So I finally tamed Treble... And while he is super cool looking and I use him all the time now... What's my incentive to actually use him besides looks? Mechanical pets don't DO ANYTHING In their haste to introduce new shiny tameable families it seems utility was thrown right out the window. So as much as I want to use my pet it'll never be as efficient as using an MS debuff pet in pvp, which is a damn shame. Why introduce new pet families if they're going to be inferior to other ones?Bloto9 2d
2d Patient Sniper only with SW? Is Patien Sniper only good with Side Winders?Hayted4 2d
2d What's the best current stat weight for MM? I feel like Azortharions's Pawn string is out-of-date as it ranks ver/haste/crit very close to each other while other websites such as Noxxic rank haste x2 more than versatility and crit. Is there one definite stat weight string that is better than Azors/Noxxic? Also AMR ranks crit>haste which makes no sense at all.Gjunki6 2d
2d BM Damage in PvP Is anyone having as much trouble killing literally anything in pvp as I am? I mean I really can't kill anything before it kills me. I've actually setup situations to where I was able to just tunnel all damage and cooldowns into a single target and if they have any ability to heal whatsoever....I don't stand a chance. This especially goes for melee. Lord knows I can't kite them anymore. My damage is just pitiful.Fritter10 2d
2d Everybody relax, hunters will be fixed. Why? Money, thats why. I don't know if you guys realize this but a huge % of the subscriber base are semi-casual, spirit beast obsessed "huntards" who have been playing for years. A simple trip to the hunters lodge will confirm this, it's got more people then stormwind or dalaran combined. When they start dropping like flies, believe me, the numbers guy at blizzard will notice. So sit back, relax, it's all going to be good. If you're really upset: write letters, it's unbelievable how much more effective a written letter is. And Bliz, fix survival mastery kk ty.Undependable25 2d
2d How do you guys kite? I'm having an tough time kiting melee in this game atm, I casually PVP but even that is extremely frustrating, 1 on 1 is tough against melee and it happens so much, just with concussive I have to hope I can blow them up fast. rough times. any advice?Broflex14 2d
3d Jet black Wolf I have this jet black wolf that has leaves appearing below him from Wod and I have absolutely no idea how I got him. I'm trying to get him again on another Hunter I have. Any clue?Fran2 3d
3d Aimed shot nerfs If this honestly goes through I'll be done with this x pac and most likely the game for good. This nerf just goes to show how little the devs actually know. I'm tired of seeing stuff like this all the time regardless of the class involved. I was fine with the barrage nerf, but I am not okay with this nerf. All the data can easily be looked at by looking at logs. MM is not even a top 5 single target DPS spec. The only thing MM does well is cleave. Nerfing aimed shot literally does NOTHING to nerf our cleave. We're middle of the pack on single target fights. Fire barely gets nerfed. No nerfs to enhance. No DPS buffs to fury. No buffs to ele? Meanwhile shadow and MM both get nerfed. The shadow nerf is actually pretty hard. Why nerf the entire class when StM is really the problem here? I knew the talent was going to be a problem. That talent is literally the sole reason I didn't play shadow this x pac. Once again mages are the starchilds of blizzard. Fire excels at pretty much everything including mythic dungeons where shadow pretty much sucks and StM is useless. The best part is fire hasn't even reached its full potential yet since most mages don't have the ring and wrists yet, which are incredibly powerful. Easily some of the best dps legendaries in the game. The nerf isn't a huge deal, but the point is it is completely unnecessary and borderline pointless. There are much bigger issues regarding balancing than nerfing MM by 2%. How about buff elemental. Seems far more pressing than nerfing a spec by 2% that really doesn't need a nerf to begin with. The point of the post is to figure what the hell Blizzard is doing with their balance changes overall not just hunter changes. For example the nerfs to outlaw a couple weeks ago, when Blizzard said they weren't going to be making any huge changes that would make one spec stand out from the other specs because they didn't want people to be screwed because of the artifact power they invested into a particular spec. Now assassination is much better that outlaw. How about shamans, where enhance is way ahead of elemental. We saw buffs to enhance not that long ago making the gap between enhance and elemental that much bigger. Yet here we see another round of balance changes with no elemental buffs. Instead let's randomly nerf marksman by 2%. Once again Blizzard some of the worst balance changes I have ever seen.Takefive45 3d
3d Can I just have Deterrence back? Honestly, I don't understand what Aspect of the Turtle does. I like deterrence, it blocked in coming damage when it was supposed to, it reduced dot damage/the rare piercing damage when it was supposed to. I honestly don't get AoT though, I activate it and then I get nailed with auto attacks, I take full damage from dots, and things like spew corruption. I miss my working defensive.Blare6 3d
3d SV Talent Discussion: Level 15 Hi all! General question about Lvl 15 row talents for SV: Is Throwing Axes really the better option? The guides I've read and posts I've read seem to think that it is just bc SV is more single-target focused + the upkeep time on WotM is difficult(?). Nothing really ever flat out says its worse though. I've tried it for a little while and, while it makes the rotation more hectic, I enjoy the playstyle more with balancing stacks of WotM with the MB charges. I'd love to hear some other people's input on which to go with here.Kraekalas26 3d
3d jump macro What is the macro for jump? I have searched for it and its all from like 2005, and doesnt work.Drexel22 3d
3d Scorpid Sting -> Active Disarm Just my weekly post about this. I'll you next week guys.Cyberfriendx1 3d
3d Dragonsfire Grenade, Need a Dev to clarify Dragonsfire Grenade Talent 40 yd range Instant 30 sec cooldown Requires Hunter (Survival) Requires level 90 Hurls a dragonsfire grenade at the target that explodes into flames, inflicting (1137.6% of Attack power) Fire damage over 8 sec and reducing movement speed by 20%. The volatile flames on the target also scorch nearby enemies for (142.2% of Attack power) damage every 1 sec. Just want someone to clarify who has accurate knowledge on this. I have played with this and had mixed finding. The issue is that it doesn't always apply when it hits the target. Does it qualify as a "snare" and if the target is not snareable it wont apply and they wont take the damage or gain the dot? I have had it apply to pallies with Hand of Freedom up so i dont think thats the case. When i hit a mounted target its a 50/50, i noticed if the target ranged the 40 yards before it actually makes contact with them. Does anyone know what makes this ability fail, because it's a huge dps loss when i hit someone with it and it doesn't apply. Every theory i have of why it fails gets debunked by it working in the situation eventually.Cyberfriendx8 3d
3d Animal Instincts change; still bad? Is this talent still going to be a bad choice for us? Think about it. Flanking Strike also reduces the cooldown of the following abilities by 3 seconds: Mongoose Bite Aspect of the Eagle Harpoon Flanking Strike If it gets you a bit of Mongoose Bite speed, great! Eagle? Quite good. Cooldown on Flanking Strike again? Not so good. I can see why it's good for the Eagle and Bites, sure, but we don't have the Focus to use another Flanking Strike right as it comes off cooldown with that reduction, unless we ignore re-applying Lacerate (Which is a big chunk of our damage). What's everyone's opinions on this? I understand a lot of people may be sticking to the axes since they're getting buffed, but I wanted to hear some other peoples' thoughts about it. If they changed Mortal Wounds to "Mongoose Bite extends the duration of Lacerate by 1 second, critical strikes by 2" or something like that, it would be fantastic. But I'm not sure if this change will make Animal Instincts super strong.Noraver5 3d
3d Magnetized Blasting Cap Launcher - Broken Magnetized Blasting Cap Launcher Equip: Increases Bursting Shot's damage by 800% and range by 30 yards. Problem: Bursting Shot is a disorient, which clears DoTs from other players. This often results in a damage loss for the group as a whole. Solution: Remove the disorient effect from Bursting Shot while the Blasting Cap legendary is equipped. Make it part of the Legendary effect. As it stands now, the legendary is fairly useless for group content when your group has any considerable DoTs that need to be applied/maintained. Regards, EjacEjacutron2 3d
3d Pets named Hati. Why? I've seen way too many of these to be a coincidence. Is there a specific reason to this, another harambe type of fad, or simply out of your control?Superpaul7 3d
3d I hate sidewinders It's not fun. It's heartbreaking that we have have two pretty neat talents in the same row... but in practice they are so ineffective.. I hope 7.1 allows me to actually use arcane shot and multi-shot again... I'm also willing to agree that thematically speaking, sidewinders makes literally no sense for marksman...Actiondan25 3d
3d Artifact Path PSA I believe I figured out a more efficient artifact path for players who are getting into Survival. It is much more efficient than what is purposed on wowhead or Icyveins. Iron Talons > Sharpened Fang > My Beloved Monster > Terms of Engagement > Raptor's Cry > Explosive Force > Aspect of the Skylord > Hunter's Guile > Bird of Prey > Embrace of the Aspects > Talon Strike The total cost here is 21 points. It nets you all the big traits (Skylord, Hunter's Guile, Embrace of the Aspects, Sharpened Fang) much quicker than the Icyveins purposed path where Sharpened Fang and My Beloved Monster are taken close to last (Sharpened Fang is taken starting at 25 points). It trades off delaying Skylord and Hunter's Guile in favor of getting Sharpened Fang and access to Embrace of the Aspects and Talon Strike. Furthermore, Talon Strike seems to provide a much larger dps boost than Eagle's Bite, I have tried Eagle's Bite before I respeced my weapon and it was providing an insignificant dps boost. As an additional bonus, the path I purpose provides Terms of Engagement very early, which is extremely useful for World Quests, leveling, and any encounter that has a large number of adds. A better visual of the breakdown comparing the two paths based on when the better traits are taken: Icyveins Explosive Force: 8-10 Skylord: 11 Hunter's Guile: 12 Embrace of the Aspects: 20 Talon Strike: 24 Sharpened Fang: 25-27 My Beloved Monster: 28-30 30 points = 1,759,430 Artifact Power to get all the best dps traits. Mine Sharpened Fang: 2-4 My Beloved Monster: 5-7 Explosive Force: 12-14 Skylord: 15 Hunter's Guile: 16 Embrace of the Aspects: 20 Talon Strike: 21 21 points = 160,590 Artifact Power to get all the best dps traits. I know everyone ends up unlocking all the traits but once you start hitting Artifact Levels 20+, getting levels becomes extremely slow. I figured this path would be worthwhile for people who are looking to get the most out of their weapon quickly and who aren't grinding tons of power every day. Let me know what you guys think.Skyrim25 3d
3d Skoll nagrand Im from nagrand. Skoll tamed at 5.20 am realm time. Just wanted to tell those who were hunting it as well. Good luckBekay0 3d
3d I miss having a non-RNG dependent rotation Our current MM rotation in a nutshell goes SW > ASx2 > Marked > AS, rinse and repeat, throw Windburst and Barrage or Crows in there depending on which you have selected (obviously this is super simplified). The problem here is that Sidewinders alone is not enough to sustain the focus needed for this rotation. Around my second or third iteration of it, if I don't have any LnL procs I get focus starved and instead of 3 Aimed Shots in the cycle, I'm only able to fit in 2. Once you get to that point you then become reliant on a LnL proc to get back to the 3 Aimed Shot cycle. Standing around waiting for enough focus, watching that Vulnerable debuff ticking away, just isn't fun. And god forbid you either have to or accidentally hit Sidewinders a second time way too early and you're stuck just waiting for them to recharge with no other way to apply Vulnerable (if Windburst is on cooldown at least) or get focus back. I understand that managing all of this is what separates the good hunters from the bad, I just miss the days where delaying a shot because you have to cast Steady Shot one more time to get enough focus was bad but at least was still DPS vs now where we have to hope we get some LnL procs which allows us to recoup some focus to maintain the rotation or just do nothing until we get the focus needed.Dropshot1 3d
3d We Vote to #MakeHuntersGreatAgain Give us back our tools, utility, mobility! Who told you to make a new spec by killing the other 2?Atuke15 3d
3d Single Target Spec in 7.1 Will this be better than our current cleave MM spec in 7.1 for single target DPS? Lone Wolf Lock and Load, Black Arrow, True Aim Patient Sniper A Murder of Crows Piercing Shot, Trick ShotHayted2 3d
3d Best Dps spec Iv'e always been the guy to say play the class/character you like. Im currently a beast master spec and iv'e always loved this area of expertise for the hunter. That being said I returned to wow after almost a year and half hiatus and been playing legion for near a month and Have been loving every aspect except dungeons. Not the dungeons themselves mind you just the community itself has gotten extremely Immature and so much trash talk. My dps is ok and Iv'e tried to do a few heroic dungeons. I usually end up around second or third on the list for dps. I myself do not use any dps meters as its always been about enjoying the game. All that being said some quests do require you to go into the Harder dungeons. I'm just wondering what the best spec/rotation is for hunters nowadays? I mostly quest or do world quests when I got time and I want to do some dungeons but don't want people to cry a river while my crocolisk and I float away in their tears. I'm good at ignoring others for the most part . But i'm beginning to think this is why the hunter is always pictured alone with his faithful friend.Kreslun9 3d
3d Out of curiousity Would you guys prefer more Single Target damage or AOE/Cleave? If you had a choice, what would you choose and why?Zavan9 3d
3d Hunting one of the things I loved, destroyed. I used to love hoping on my hunter after a long day at work to find what new beast to track etc. Relax and just chill and tame wild beast. Now it seems rather unpleasant. I remember a rush of excitement at the visual of an elusive tame popping up. The rush of energy the pounding of your heart and the nervousness that you might ruin the tame. I can't seem to experience this anymore. Now you fly to locations and all you see are 3 or more hunters all camped in same locations. Seems everyone and they're extended families are all hunting . All the joined realms aren't helping at all either. Was kinda fun when we could make groups and allow others to hop around and maybe track beast they never get to see. But this got ruined as well. I love there's so many ways we can enjoy this game. But it sure seems like our ways to enjoy it get squashed. In a perfect world maybe we would have a option to just go offline and just hunt til our hearts content. The lone wolves on the prowl. I guess its not possible but maybe in the future I'd love to wish for a couple dead hunter realms where we could hop and hunt all we like. Because now your just driven crazy with tames you'll never attain because their never their . Or they're also parts of achieves so everyone's killing them. Lest we forget to mention killer spawn timers. :-( Idk just my lonely hunter in a sea of voices, opinion and wish.Luminarix0 3d
3d Hunter: A Guide to Mend the Wounds ALL SPECS NEED TRAPS, including frost/ice as shared cooldown, as well as explosive/snake trap. Each spec can USE them in unique ways, but all of the hunter specs NEED THEM. I would also consider adding back general utilities, which were taken for no reason, such as: Distracting shot Trap launcher Tranquilizing shot Exotic munitions Plus those that were either made spec specific or slipped into obscure PvP talent trees or into tiers where they cannot be taken as priority above other core abilities: Camouflage Focused fire Scatter shot Masters call MM: This is probably the most well-rounded of the two ranged specs, at least in regard to rotation and skill-cap. However, there are core problems. - Aimed shot is generally used 2-3 times to maximize vulnerability utilization, which requires a HUGE amount of time standing still to hard cast. - This is can fixed by making Aimed shot INSTANT cast for MM, which would allow easier mobility in pve and pvp. And perhaps rekindle the playful, mobile trickster style that was once Survival. - Barrage and Marked shot account for a LARGE proportion of our damage, including on single-target. This makes MM an AoE master, and at the same time, an AoE nightmare for dungeons. - If you want us to focus on positioning, then you need to give us more mobility and mobile attacks, or more control for our AoE (perhaps similar to Boomkin starfall mechanics that only targets mobs that are in combat already). - Great additions for MM would be having black arrow baseline (not required to spec into it), as well as including another ability that provides DoTs like Careful aim or another attack that generates bleeds/poisons. Again this provides a semblance of mobility, while also giving a higher skillcap and healthier rotation. - I would also suggest finding a way decrease the RNGesus that is required to succeed without waiting for Marked shot procs via sidewinders. This does not make the spec more "interesting" but instead makes MM more "frustrating" BM: This ranged spec needs the most work, as it is constantly focused starved or without any attacks to make other than filling your time with Cobra shot. - Currently a cleave spec, BM shins at times when you can attack clusters of mobs with your pets. However, on single-target, outside of burst CDs, they are lackluster. - Attention should be given to helping BM on single target, with special efforts made to improve the rotation. Again, giving hunters utility again would be perfect here, as even something like Explosive trap would provide DPS and give something more to do without draining more focus. - BM player feels like the pet, and pets feel like the main source of attacks. Honestly, might as well have us basket weaving, as our auto attacks and abilities are a joke compared to our pets. - Either decrease reliance on pets for the majority of our attacks, or double down, and give us more specialties like Demo warlocks to enhance our pets.Bishopxix5 3d
3d One seagull too many. I'm not going to sit here and complain why my class is poorly unbalanced or how blizzard irresponsibly destroyed my class. My rant is simple. Sidewinders pulls the entire universe. Multiple times I have stepped into M10 Eye of Azshara begging my group to do serpentrix first ideally avoided those for lack of a better word itching seagulls. Yet some how sidewinders still seems to hit the non grounded seagulls miles into the air during the serpentrix encounter. Which is not fun on keys above 8. Not only does sidewinders pull thing above it also marks almost everything in sight at times. (Giving me anexity any time I run high level dungeons knowing my main focus generating ability may ruin the timed key). Another rant is something less visible. When I click aimed shot with no target, I get a no target error. This is normal, preventing me from automatically attacking the next target regardless of combat state. (I spam buttons to make sure things die quickly) Now let's say I'm trying to squeeze that last marked shot in the rotation while something is dying. When I marked shot with NO TARGET, it instantly tabs to the nearest target (which I'm sure is unintentional) and resumes my auto shot (sometimes getting you into very awkward situations). I have experienced this many times and have grown a anxiety-driven habit of having my finger over my feign death keybind knowing it would happen eventually. (Finally figured it out!!!) TLDR; QOL changes please!!!! I write this after being tilted pulling many seagulls in M11 Azshara hence the title. I hope other see that this may be a deterrent to inviting hunters to a group ( besides the fact that barrage pulls most of the instance already ). Thank you for reading !Christea7 3d
3d Ogdrul So has anyone discovered anything for him yet? Is it assumed he is involved with the updated Rhok'delar hidden artifact appearance? And that's not in the game yet, correct?Syvalla7 3d
3d Mythic Dungeons Is anyone else having trouble being picked up by Pugs in the Group Finder for Mythics? I get denied regularly, yet I've done almost all of them.Archúr13 3d
3d Moar Zombiebears! Hi I'm Zombiebearz. I want to summon lots of Zombiebears to maul my enemies. That's my dream. However, Glyph of Dire Beast still allows some random non-zombiebears to appear.. This displeases me greatly. Also, Glyph of Stampede was removed and thus my ultimate fantasy of unleashing the zombiebear army upon my foes has been utterly destroyed. Blizz, can you fix this someday? Forget tuning class damage and viability. Zombiebear class fantasy is top priority. (And fury warriors, fix them too.)Zombiebearz1 3d
3d I hate balanceteam as much as trump/clinton I think they should all step down #makehuntersgreatagainLavaerthain23 3d
3d Blizzard, What you Expect me to Play? I've been a hunter for almost ten years , i have witnessed the changes of mana to focus, the 5 yard range, and many other benefitial and non benefitial changes, but in this expansion, the hunter class has been pruned to much into a state of a broken/unfinished class, I mostly pvp, and in this post i will focus on this aspect of the game more... MM: A Non-mobile damage dealing turret, that a backpedalling meele can counter 1v1 or in any pvp situation, yet it gets nerfed (10% on aimed shot) while a terrible state of the game where it feels that has no place /dmg /utility than a mage when in most comps, if hunter gets replaced, the better,. BM: has been nerfed 2 times, while it feels like a 2 buttons class, doesnt have too much comps / utility, only raw damage, and playerbase qq for the beastcleave, bc was op but not the hunter class, it offers no counterplay,no skillcap, and its not playable at a competitive level, TLDR: boring to play offers no reward And im not even pointing out SV: who has the less surv in the game, and i didnt choose this class to play meele so.. TLDR: this class doesnt feel enjoyable to play anymore.. and i've spent hours and hours raising the artifact power , reroll its not a option because i will fall behind forever, not every1 of us can be assassin rogues... please at least make a viable spec to dump my artifact points onEscuadras16 3d
3d I'm done I quit, im taking a break, hanging it up finished. The sad depressing state of hunters leaves me truly unmotivated to play my class and if i reroll I fall behind and am punished for doing so. And after seeing an aimed shot nerf which is a majority of marksmans damage a spec that a majority of hunters are pigeon holed into to stay remotely competitive that just told me enough they do not care. In before random irrelevancies In before reroll In before bye felica.Manalès3 3d
3d MM in M+ Was wondering how people are doing higher Mythics+ (like 7+) as MM. Are you still running Sidewinders/Barrage and just biting the bullet of not casting them in tight areas? Or did you switch to PiercingShot/Volley(or AMOC) or some other combination?Darkpsycho11 3d
3d Survival: Murder of Crows vs Snake hunter A lot of top Arena survival hunters seem to be using Murder of Crows over Snake hunter, would anyone be able to explain why? 3 extra uses of our hardest hitting ability seems like it should outweigh that, is it due to maybe being CCed before being able to fully get all the casts off? Or maybe they rely on RNG increase from aspect of the eagle to get 6 stacks and never seem to need to use the extra 3 charges?Peelsplz15 3d
3d "Class Fantasy and Ability Pruning" Someone made a thread on GD about class fantasy and ability pruning and I want to make sure that everyone on the Hunter forums knows about it so that we can make our thoughts heard on this issue. We have to take these issues to places where they can get the most visibility and that means heading over to GD. Please share your thoughts on ability pruning and class fantasy as they relate to the Hunter class in Legion and support that thread to keep it visible to CMs!! ...Ghostshoes6 3d
3d Where can I find this crab? I was playing on my Orc Hunter when I came across this Worgen Hunter with a pet Crab that is wielding a sword in it's pincers. So I want to know where I can find this crab and keep killing it to prevent other hunters from taming it. "Oh, we can't have wolves have swords on them! But this Crab? GIVE IT A SWORD!" No Wolves with Swords pet, no peace. (OK, I am joking, I want to tame this this crab for myself, then maybe kill it a few times when it respawns out of frustration because there's no Wolves out there with a Sword)Felarwen9 3d
3d Hunter Pet Question - Cats Still >> All? Hi all! General pet question here: Are all pets supposed to have the same dps now regardless of spec? I noticed this the other day. I was using the Kil'uun bird pet for the Mongoose bite procs then switched over to my cat and noticed that if you check both pets using Beast Lore (not sure why there is no pet menu anymore on character screen), the birds dps for me at the time was about 3800 where the cat had about 4600. Both were specced ferocity and same level. I was curious so I grabbed a spider, bear, and ox and specced them ferocity but all had same dps level as the bird. Now I know cats used to be king, but I thought as of this expansion, all pet dmg was normalized between pet families. Even when I moved to Tenacity across the board (for the extra thunderstomp proc for Mongoose bite), the cat dps was still significantly higher. I use Skarr as my cat pet but I wouldnt think him being a rare special pet should increase dps.Kraekalas11 3d
3d Okay jokes over Can we get back our traps, spirit bond, deterence, and masters call. Also having survival hunter as a spec again would be nice, Kinda sucks having only two specs now. Seriously this isn't remotely funny anymore.Ohgurr19 3d
3d How much increase to pet damage with Orc? How much does the Orc racial that increases pet damage actually increase your pet's dps output? Also is it a good idea to get a new pet as I level or can I use my starting pet all the way through to level 90 and still have a strong pet? Sorry if these questions are super obvious and/or noobish because I am fairly new to the game and completely new to Hunters. Thank you in advance XD!Uxor4 3d
3d BM needs to do more dps in raids Alright so BM is pretty much at the bottom as far as raid DPS goes. A lot of us believed blizzard when they said they would be looking to balance the specs more due to the commitment our Artifact weapons require. Maybe give BM players a way to customize their pet abilities, and add an extra attack that will boost our raid DPS. Most of our pet families were gutted in prepatch, so this could be an opportunity to fix both these problems. BM does well in mythic+, so I'm hoping blizzard doesn't overlook our pitiful raid numbers because of it Any other good ideas?Alderoth51 3d
3d How to pick the right spec in legion. if you're a guy that always finds 20 bucks on the sidewalk, that trips over hot chick at school and gets her number, or if you always come back from Vegas with extra money. Then you will really like MM. If you like doing one thing well only if you get lucky, or go full cookie cutter, with a set up that is a mockery of what Marksmen means, you know epileptic full auto parkensen handed... sniper who like to throw snakes at people like the crazy cat lady throws cats. Then yeah MM is awesome. Its numbers are high, and it can do nothing else. BM is Has more reliable numbers, unless there is a bump in the ground, the boss leaves Terraferma, or your pet decides it would rather lick its private parts. If you idea of a hunter whos is more at home in the wilds, with close knit family bond with his pets, that then spews them forth wild unnamed unknown animals like so much cannon fodder, and then shocks these random animals and his pets, with his Technomagical gun to increase their damage. Where the actual damage from your hunter is nearly meaningless and the rotation so mind numbing you wonder whats the point of your character even being there. You might like BM Oh all you got is DPS too... dont go thinking you can help with CC. Hmm what about survival? Oh of all the specs that got molested by blizzard its clear that this one has had the most polish, yeah its fun playing a out of control wakado that likes to leap into combat and drop explosives at his feet, head butting the likes of Bears, dragons, and titans, as if he has a death wish because he has no way to mitigate damage through magic or armor, nor any ways of avoiding damage through grace or guile. Nope his only hope is to kill the target before it can kill him. This 3 pump chump has a 6 second window where he blows his load, and then spends the next 30 seconds lightly tickling his intended DPS recipient until hes ready to go "all out" again. The good news is the other half of your damage in your suicide approach to combat, is tied directly to a non targeted, enemy triggered "trap" that oddly suffers more from leggless bosses then BMIf your the kind of person that has little regard for your own life, that tends to blow it in about 6 seconds, and enjoys dropping things for people to step in where if you do things perfectly your still under performing. You might like Survival. Fun note, you have all the ranged kiting tools the rest of the class needs, and more interaction with your core pet then BM.Graglor19 3d
3d Hunter Campaign Hey guys im at the part of the campaign where you get sent to highmountain to do a quest for the dwarf Hemet Nesingwary. I completed the quest now i do not have anymore hunter campaign quest from him or from my class hall i was wondering what to do next? Also is the quest aiding our allies a side quest or is it a main part of the hunter campaign? when i turn it the required items the quest just pops up again.Aceventora1 3d
3d Aimed Shot Crit % My wife's hunter has 30% crit, but raid logs are showing Aimed shot critting at 22% on Nythendra fights. Anyone have any idea why it seems to be way lower than her crit from gear?Necroth6 3d
4d Is Bestial Wrath's tooltip wrong? I've been looking for a post addressing this for awhile, and have yet to see one. Sorry if this was already brought up. My Bestial Wrath's tooltip reads: "Sends you and your pet into a rage, increasing all damage you both deal by 25% for 15 sec. Bestial Wrath's remaining cooldown is reduced by 30 sec each time you use Dire Beast." I've tested this multiple times, and it only reduces the CD by 15 seconds. Am I alone with this problem?Raecared3 4d
4d Struggling with a Non-Cookie cutter Build So..... I do not like and will not use the New Barrage and prefer not to shoot Snakes threw my Bow.... This hurts my DPS .... Trying to find an alternate build to where I can be somewhat competitive .... Not looking to be top DPS .... But middle of the pack would be nice.... Any help would be greatly appreciated .... I was Beast in WoD and loved it.... I just couldn't get in to the new incarnation of it and wanted to go Sniper for legion.... Thanks in advance.....Cherokee9 4d
4d Hunter Creation Theory I imagine this is how it went down: - Blizzard creates hunter (cue Rick & Morty scene) Hunter: "What is my purpose?" Blizzard: "You die first in arena" Hunter: [looks at hands] "omg"Psyxe0 4d
4d Eagle Flight Network In its current state the Eagle Flight Network ist horrible and should be avoided. The eagles do not connect to regular flight paths. As a result they often render the Flight Master's Whistle useless because you can hardly reach any meaningful location with them. Secondly the Eagle in Dalaran is still not connected to the Eagle Flight Network. Yes you can talk to the tauren next to it for a fast 'almost' teleport to your order hall. Yet the fact remains. The Eagle Flight Network breaks the utility of the Flight Master's Whistle.Euvoice55 4d