3d Looking for other sources of information (BM) I've been using IcyVeins but a lot of people on this forum seem to disagree with some of their content. Is there any other place I could go for information regarding BM stats, gear, etc.?Yvala2 3d
3d Missing pet So, I played a Hunter up through MoP, quit for WoD, but came back for Legion, used the boost to make a new level 100 Orc Hunter on a new server. I chose BM as the leveling spec and they gave me a Boar. I was killed during the Broken Shores intro chain and my pet is now completely gone. Call Pet, Revive Pet, neither do anything and now I'm a BM pet without a pet, which is wtf. Any ideas?Bubblz0 3d
3d BM or MM for Raiding? Hi, I am sure this topic has been asked recently but I just made a hunter and I am looking to raid with him as soon as I can. What is the best spec to choose for max dps. Thank youHackattack2 3d
3d Survival changes likely inadequate? ... How was this buff even considered when we have multiple talents AND Honor Talents AND artifact traits based around raptor strike, an ability which is universally rejected by every competent guide and player as inferior to axe throw. A simple buff to the level 90 talents to make serpent sting and butchery actually competitive would have could have addressed survival's aoe issues. Instead what changes do we receive? A seemingly random buff to an already utilized staple single target skill of the spec which does nothing to address the issues that lead to situations like this where only 1.4% of hunters pick survival. This along with the fact that FotE seems to be staying on the GCD does not make me optimistic for the future of the spec.Anaxagoras24 3d
3d [BM] Monstrous Bite Bugged? Monstrous Bite: Deadly Bite: Gruesome Bite: Deadly Sting: As you can see each of these abilities all behave in the same way (applying the Mortal Strike debuff) however, Monstrous Bite has an 8 second cooldown while each of the other pets Mortal Strikes are on a 6 second cooldown. This might not seem like a huge difference but in a PvP or Arena scenario where every second counts and targets are constantly being swapped, having to wait that 2 extra seconds to apply such a crucial debuff can hurt your team. Is there any reason why Monstrous Bite has a longer cooldown than the other 3 pet MS debuffs? Or is it a bug and should be on the same 6 second cooldown?Nihlathak4 3d
3d whats so good about sidewinders? Sorry if this seems like a noob question but Icyveins praises Sidewinders like its the holy grail. From my perspective it looks like it would be better to have arcane shot because sidewinders long CD and 2 charges only gives you 2 guaranteed marked shots during trueshot.Pulverìzed13 3d
3d Survival Hunter needs better defenses This is a copy of a thread I made on General forum. I was not sure where to post it, so I posted in both. Link to thread in General forums: --------------------------------------------- I've been playing as both MM and Survival, in both PvE and PvP, and I've found serious flaws in Survival's defensive skills. These may not be so apparent in PvE (thought they do have a terrible effect on our DPS if we need to mitigate damage), but they are very clear in PvP. Currently, Survival has 5 main defensive skills: Exhilaration, Survivalist, Aspect of the Turtle, Aspect of the Cheetah and the artifact trait Bird of Prey. Five different abilities to defend yourself may seem excessive, but they have poor synergy between themselves and with the spec's offensive traits. Exhilaration heals the Hunter for 30% max health, and heals the pet for 100% with a 2-minute CD. By itself it's not a bad ability, if the other skills worked better, Exhilaration would not need any buffs. I do have a problem with the Artifact trait Hunter's Bounty, thought. It reduces Exhilaration's CD every time you kill an enemy. This is mostly a leveling/soloing perk, with almost no effect in Raids or PvP (in which it's very rare for you to get the killing blow). I'd suggest changing it to "when a target afflicted with your Lacerate dies". This would allow the Hunter to benefit more from this perk. Survivalist is a passive that heals 15% of the Hunter's (and pet's) health over 10 seconds when you kill an enemy. It's a nice leveling/soloing perk, but has almost no effect in PvP or raiding, just like Hunter's Bounty. I'm listing it here because I'll reference it later, but it needs no changes. Aspect of the Turtle is the main problem in Survival's defenses. It has a 8 second duration, reduces damage taken by 30% and makes you evade all attacks, with a 3-minute CD. However, you can't attack while using it. The big problem is that this was designed as a defense for a ranged class. It's meant to allow the Hunter to run away or survive long enough to get help. Survival is a melee spec, with no Disengage or other tools to get away from an enemy. In essence, this Aspect of the Turtle just makes the fight longer by 8s, since you can't do much while under it. Yes, you can place traps, but that's it. Compare it to most melees' defenses, and you'll see that Survival can't outlast any melee spec. If the enemy uses defensive skills, your damage is mitigated while you take full damage from the target. If they use offensive skills, you can't mitigate damage without stop DPS'ing the target. Either way, you almost aways die faster than your opponent. It's even worse against enemies that can heal. Aspect of the Turtle protects THEM from you, allowing them to cast two or three healing spells before you can attack again (and you can't even interrupt the spells!). Aspect of the Turtle could be somewhat better, but still flawed, if we had the BM/MM's artifact trait that allows the Hunter to heal while under it. At least we would get out of the Aspect with more health. My suggestion is to change it to something like an "Aspect of the Gorilla" (or any other big predator, really): 30% damage reduction, no evasion, but allows us to attack. Make it 2-minute CD with a 5s duration so it can be used more often. Either that, or allow us to attack while under Aspect of the Turtle, even if we cause reduced damage (like Paladin's Divine Shield). Aspect of the Cheetah needs tweeks. Harpoon is nice for mobility, but sometimes we need to move somewhere there's no enemy. Also, remember that without the Throwing Axes talent we have no ranged ability whatsoever, so we need a way to reach enemies if we are slowed or immobilized just after a Harpoon (which happens often against ranged players). The 3-minute CD is just too long, even with the Artifact trait that allows it to be reduced to a 2.4 minute CD coupled with the PvP talent that reduces it by half (1.2 minute, or 72 seconds). Its standard CD should be halved to 90 seconds, so the trait reduces it to 72 seconds, and the PvP talent makes it a 36s CD. Finally, the Artifact trait Bird of Prey needs serious buffs. It allows our Raptor Strikes to heal us for up to 30% of the damage caused. Problem is, Raptor Strike does very little damage, and thus heal almost nothing (barely more than 1% of our health each time it's used). Even if the heal was meaningful (like 100% of the damage), it would come at cost of our DPS. Under its current iteration, Bird of Prey is useless: any enemy will still outdamage your heal while in turn you are sacrificing your DPS. My suggestion is to either buff really hard the trait (like upping it from 10/20/30% heal to 33/66/100% heal) or to change it to, instead of healing based on damage, make it a chance to activate Survivalist (like a 15/30/45% chance to proc it on each Raptor Strike). Finally, we have no way to defend ourselves while under CC. As such, once we are stunned, we pretty much will lose the battle. With the suggestions above, maybe no further change would be needed in this regard. However, if no other changes are made to Surv's defenses, then at least allow us to activate Aspect of the Turtle while under CC, please. My suggestions are not perfect, and taken together may even make the class overpowered, but it's undeniable that Survival needs some help in its defensive skills. Please, I ask Blizzard to take a look at these concerns.Alamara2 3d
3d Survival Survivability Solution *Survival Hunter Survivability Solution* Portable Command Tent! -Spring Loaded Ultra-Durable portable survival tent! -Classified as a Trap -Same cool down and uptime as freezing trap -Functions like a totem, 30% damage reduction while in(or around) the small command tent -Tent is Harpoon-able(ala hookshots in Stormheim! Usable only if Harpoon is off CD) I think this would add a fun, and much needed buff to Survival, but still make sense to Survival's overall gameplay. Thoughts?Connieasada0 3d
3d Blizz !@#$ting on BM hunters (again) It's bad enough blizzard !@#$ting on BM hunters for raid DPS, BM being one of the worse DPS for raids and unless AP is shared among all artifact weapons, we are stuck with this spec becoming more garbage, now this Barrage tickles people and yet you reduce it's damage, 60 focus isn't worth this garbage "Barrage (non-Survival) damage reduced by 20%."Mchuntard26 3d
3d Aimed Shot get nerfed? Cant seem to hit anything over 250k... Yes vulnerable is up. This is awful, its completely useless now.Sinay15 3d
3d BM gear choices Hello all I have a question about stat priority for beast mastery. It's my understanding that agility is our top stat and then after that is mastery. My question is should I be stacking as much mastery as I can? I see a lot of people wearing haste trinkets. I'm also wearing demars ring of amore which has like 1700 mastery on it but yet I don't see anyone wearing it. Can someone please help me prioritize what stats or gear I should be looking at to increase my DPS? Are there any websites other than icy veins out there for us hunters?Rubicant10 3d
3d Growl in raids It seems that growl does not work on raid bosses in EN, but does it work on the raid mobs? Pretty much, how does growl work / not work in raids? (asking re Sv mastery)Bearwere0 3d
3d Kiting is dead Blizzard basically destroyed kiting by giving every single melee class multiple gap closers slows and stuns, all we have is the dumbest jump back ever with a !@#$ty movespeed increase when you land. Let's look at what happens when you Disengage. Enemy uses one of the multiple gap closers they have. > bursting shot them then run away, they use gap closer, you disengage, they gap close again and you can't do anything. It's basically impossible to get away from any melee class that gets in range of you, you can try concussive shot, 50% slow for 6 seconds, that's useless. Try and move when you get melee on you, you can't. You want to use Aspect of the turtle? It doesn't remove slows, you're basically better off not using it and die.Pùrple23 3d
3d Confused about MM Hidden Appearance I was reading through the WoWHead guide for the MM Artifact, and they have a section on Hidden Appearance for "Windrunner", but I can't find anything on it? Was this something out dated and never added to the game? I know people are saying our hidden appearance is bought from a vendor..I just haven't seen any talk on this particular skin. 3d
3d Artifact Power I've been curious how most end game hunters distribute their artifact power. I hear BM is good for PvP and Mythics, and MM for raids. I like both specs and I'm guessing a lot of people like both as well. Which spec do you guys give more artifact power and which just kind of gets 13 talents or whatever?Tracerbullet2 3d
3d Are there any good Training Dummies for MM? Just as the title says. My DPS from raiding seemed a bit low and wanted to try some things with my rotation on single target except I can't seem to since MM cleave with barrage and sidewinders seems to always hit other targets and skewing my numbers. I guess I could basically just face plant right in front of it, but I still think usually the cleave or aoe from abilities is still going to hit other target. Are there any good places that I wouldn't have this issue for testing?Itsátrap2 3d
3d Essence swapper cool pet-looks combos? What pets do you guys think it looks cool side by side? Can you suggest some? Im currently using Hati as terrorpene and the manashell turtle as my pet.Innerrage6 3d
3d Survival PvE Gear I am at a point that I am not really sure how I should be gearing up. Emerald Nightmare only has 1 piece of gear that has crit and versatility. This also goes for most of the world bosses, very few of them drop crit/vers. Now I feel like I am stuck wearing my 850 gear as very few pieces of the higher gear contain the right stats. Am I supposed to be running mythic+ and hoping that I get like 860+ piece of gear that has the stats I need? Should I forego my 850 gear that has crit/vers for a 870+ gear that has either crit OR vers on it?Vyscí4 3d
3d BM? Does anyone else seem to notice BM DPS looks a bit low. Like very low? I have more crit on my toon than I'd like, instead of mastery and haste. But pure single target on a boss I seem to be pulling 150-170k. Is anyone else in the same boat? I've noticed most other classes and specs pulling in 200k or higher on minimum. Every raid or mythic I've done so far, I seem to be bottom of the barrel. I'm following the correct rotation, so what am I missing?Roostan13 3d
3d Barrage affecting Gameplay with Others Two items here actually. One is barrage, while I understand the fantasy part and love that you want that for us, I spent my entire day yesterday getting yelled at in groups and 5mans about the giant spray and how it really pulls everything. And I mean everything. I.E. I was near telanor under a bridge taking on a rare owl, got in nice and close to him to use barrage, and after casting it 3 bears from??? Another example was in Hall of Valor, in the wilderness section, and the tank pulled a group of worgs. as I cast barrage a worg pounced back and forth, I literally sprayed 270 degrees on one plane and 270 degrees vertically. This pulled MASSIVE amounts, and man oh man did I ever get yelled at. Blizz you have been proud to offer us choice and the gift of play style that we like, but this option of barrage makes everyone's perception and judgement of hunters absolutely cementing them as "Huntards". The Old Barrage was almost manageable, I would love to suggest something amazing but I just play. Perhaps if barrage had the same targeting as multi shot does? Secondly Movement, while MM has a buff that can stack up to 5 times, this Mech has a mind of its own, plain and simple. Also it does not work in 5mans and other such similar areas. So here my hunter is dragging his but as other classes, smack their blink or whatever every few seconds, meanwhile I smack my AoC every 3 minutes. Balanced? I say not. Please make it so Thas' Dorah movement works indoors? And one last thing. While I do not post much, I do read a lot and thus the reason. You at Blizz have enough to do and I truly appreciate it, just as this world you create for us to lose ourselves in and enjoy. All the technical difficulties you take on as well as creating balance and trying to make it fair for everyone. I just want to say thank you, it is deeply appreciated and loved even though a lot of us never express it. And if you take the time to read this on the forum, Thank You and I hope you will consider these changes. And any other hunters out there, please let Blizz know your thoughts and feeling on these 2 items. Regards, NotracyNotracy24 3d
4d Hunter Flight Path - Dreamgrove Am I missing something? Why do we have a flight path in our eagle system that takes us to the dreamgrove if it automatically teleports out anyone that isn't a druid? Flew there. Fell off a cliff on accident since our eagle lands on a mountain top. Nearest grave yard was outside the dreamgrove. As a ghosty, you still can't enter the dreamgrove to retrieve your body and are repeatedly teleported back to the entrance halfway across the zone.Guernis10 4d
4d ONE thing I think we can all agree on... is f*** this new aspect of the cheetah. It's almost painful running back in Emerald Nightmare.Ovacor20 4d
4d Glyph of Dire Stable I'm really glad they added this glyph in. I think it needs to give us a little customization with what pets we want to summon though. Maybe I've got a cool troll themed xmog, and I only want to summon dino dire beasts. Maybe give us a little check box in our stables so we can choose what we want to summon.Sylae2 4d
4d Survival needs something (maybe less somethings?) In a time where blizzard is trying to simplify everything, they sure did a number to survival. In order to make their new melee hunter spec, "cool, innovative, and interactive" they jam packed survival with enough mechanics to fill the roles of a 5 man dungeon, but with B tier dps of course. Managing; -2(3?)(4 possibly?)(5 if youre antsy for more buttons) dots, while that's the extent of afflic lock rotations -Mongoose Fury, arguably focus rage on crack -Throwing Axes>=Flanking Strike>Raptor Strike as fillers? RS when? -Specific windows where you can use your sweet artifact and have it do damage Not to mention our burst is extremely underwhelming. 10% crit on a 2 minute cd? More bites are neat but I already have little to no breathing room for other abilities as is. Warrior was the first class I leveled, what is this?Francis6 4d
4d Is Froststorm Breath Useless? I got a chimera because I figured that the cone AoE would be amazing for leveling and for groups, only to find out that for some reason it's doing barely any damage at all, about 1.5k a second. Is this ability supposed to be useless?Kerriga3 4d
4d Call to the Eagles proc'd from falling damage At least have them save me from it instead of showing up just to mock me =(Mjollner4 4d
4d Seabound Mystics Not Spawning? Hello all, I am doing the quest "A New Invention" (the one where you can change Hati's appearance.) I have all of the items required for the quest except for the Essence of Pure Spirit which drops off the Seabound Mystics in Highmountain. I have looked at the WowHead pages for the mob itself, the quest, and the item that allows you to change Hati's appearance and I have seen a few comments talking about how the mobs spawn on the hour. I have been camping the mobs for the past 2 hours and 40 minutes and I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. I'm pretty sure I am in the correct location (Blind Marshlands) but I just thought I'd make a forum post to make sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Mayaslays33 4d
4d Survial Questions Been playing some Markmsanship and Beast Hunter, I enjoy them but they just aren't clicking. I was always a big fan of Survival but is it viable atm? I'm really not sure if it is, I heard there is a glitch with the artifact weapon causing problems with M.bites etc. Is it clunky and unplayable or?Graggle6 4d
4d The Barrage nerf Barrage has a 20 second cooldown has a median damage of 855k on a single target mob. This does not take into consideration of bullseye. Murder of crows has a 1 minute cooldown and has a median of 1.02m Barrage: 855k x 3 = 2565M median damage. Murder of crows 1.02m median damage. This change was clearly targeted at our aoe. Our aoe did need a nerf, but look at the single target numbers. Considering MoC is a single target ability blizzard would need to buff it quite substantially to be on the playing field with Barrage single target. The nerf to Barrage would be more suited to Secondary targets than both primary and secondary. On single target the numbers are quite close so you can begin to see blizzard didn't really quite think this through.Strink43 4d
4d All i would need is 3 changes as MM 1)Instant aimed shot (damage can be brought down as needed) 2)Misdirection resets its cooldown when used on a pet. 3)Mend pet heals for 100% more. If those 3 things changed, i would honestly be having the time of my life. Sure there are other issues but i'd be able to look past most of them and play my hunter again.Ryoshimata6 4d
4d Stomp is it suppose to stomp as soon as they spawn? or when they get to the target? cussss right now it's doing the former and... that doesn't seem right...Steem2 4d
4d The SV Hunter buff... ...has this been implemented yet? Or is it Tuesday?Alehunter1 4d
4d MM in PvP is lacking... This is my rotation in a duel... Arcane shot until marked shot is available Keep concussive shots up Use piercing shot when fit. My escape is a single disengage, or a 3 minute aspect of cheetah to run away CC is our bindingshot and our defensive is the 3 minute aspect of the turtle. Never can I use aimed shot as I've yet to get the chance to free cast it, I think aimed shot needs to either be instant or allowed to cast while moving. When we get hopped on by a monk, rogue, demon hunter there is no escaping. you get one disengage to remove yourself away and a binding shot for the cc option. There is zero utility in this rotation once those two options run out your a sitting duck. Even in duels against friends who are running enhancement shammy or warriors, I can kite them if I keep concussive always up which I don't mind but one mistake where I don't disengage in time or don't have it up I'm once again a sitting duck. Things like the frost trap and explosive trap were two abilities I severely miss, especially the knock back on the explosive trap why doesn't the knockback on bursting shot not a actual knockback... these were just little extra filler abilities that also made the hunter more fun to play. Before legion I remember having so much utility that I would have an escape option always ready I would never be short on abilities and looking the cooldown timers wondering when I could use my next disengage or binding shot. I feel like the process of slimming down the overall amount of abilities classes have has been a good thing but not for hunters as I feel like there utility abilities were the one's that were stripped. And on a final note, can we fix the feign death on the pet, why do I have to play dead with him and then wake him up. I use to have a easy macro for this but why isn't so when a hunter feigns death his pet automatically dies with him and wakes up with the hunter?Slewfoot4 4d
4d 2 Charge Dire Beast w/unique buff each beast. Can you pleace make Direbeast have Two Charges and add a unique buff for each Dire beast it summons. It doesnt have to be strong but it will make that skill alot more fun because you never know what you're going to get because right now it feels like im just pressing a button and it summons a little minion to do some daamge. It doesnt even matter which one it summons right now.Zapitor4 4d
4d Marksman hunter - No Pet???? OK, looking over the hunter changes. Nice to see Survival going back to what it originally was, but no pet for Marks? SERIOUSLY. From Vanilla through Middle of Lich King, Marksman hunter was my main, and I made the character for non-magic range damage AND THE PET. Now, this shaman became my new main because my guild needed a raid healer, but my Hunter has always been the second character I lvl each x-pac, and its always him and his pet. Leave Marks alone with the pet. Let them have the pet. Lone Wolf is there for those few hunters who want no pet.Moskva72 4d
4d Ogdrul So has anyone discovered anything for him yet? Is it assumed he is involved with the updated Rhok'delar hidden artifact appearance? And that's not in the game yet, correct?Syvalla0 4d
4d *WHU/#TeamHunter Swaggabration Blizzcon 2016* It's that time of year again, the 3rd Annual All-Hunter Meet-up! This year, not only do you get to see all of the beautiful faces of the hunter community, but as an added bonus, we will also have freebies including Lanyards and another surprise or surprises...who knows! I can add those attending to the Google Doc, just send me a message on twitter @msmologan . I do have the sheet locked to protect its integrity, thanks for understanding! Name: Character Name: Guild: Faction: Region: The closer we get, I will give more definitive details about the location & time. GAHHH I'm SO EXCITED!Foxÿ8 4d
4d Essence of Pure Spirit say wha?! So I have no idea what else to do, phase change, coming back later.....ZERO essense this going on for 3 weeks, I have everything else but the a spirit essence......I mean is there anything else for me to do? I'm kinda just getting fed up, I feel like im wasting time doing this when I should be gearing up, which I can still do but my brain really wants me to get it done so I have it linger around in my quest log. Help? maybe?Zensukia10 4d
4d Rhok'delar Mog With the new transmog system I can finally mog my other two hunters with Rhok'delar. Any suggestions for my Belf (Female) and Dwarf (Male) hunters?Blåckmessiah4 4d
4d Wyvern Sting: Longer Duration Request (PvE) For mythic+ dungeon runs specced with Wyvern Sting to help with CC, Wyvern Sting breaks before the CD is up to re-apply it again which makes it less reliable than our counterparts with similar abilities. Polymorph lasts 50 secs and can be applied at will Sap lasts 1 min, can be reapplied with Vanish > Sap or Blind for 1 min on a 2min CD Hex lasts 1 min on a 30sec CD Freezing Trap lasts 1 min on a 30sec CD It would be good if Wyvern Sting could provide similar team benefit by either - Lasting for 1 min on PvE mobs and/or - 30 sec CDWindsplitter0 4d
4d Understanding MM damage OK so I read the tooltip on my damage shots and I am confused. For the last 3 days I have been watching as I hit targets in the world, other players, dungeons (heroic and Mythic) and today world boss. And the numbers I see that pop up when I do damage are contrary to what my tooltips say. i.e. Arcane shot deals 42,886dmg on my toon with all his MAst and crit and vers etc. Yet the numbers I often see are Below that amount. except for when you crit. Aimed shot 155,175 Phys. dmg, of which I RARELY see it above that unless its back by Vulnerablity. And piercing shot, tooltip says "Up to 869,945 dmg" yet for the last 3 days it ALWAYS( and I mean Always) does 591,302 dmg displayed and on the rare occasion that it crits, its exactly the double amount of that. And that's regardless of being above or below 100 focus. And world PVP, against all races and classes I can not get piercing shot to do more than 300K. I have also noticed that as a MM hunter wearing Chain Mail I take more dmg not only in the world but in dungeons too than leather wearing classes, and I find this confusing. So I want to understand why the shots aren't doing the dmg the tooltip says they are supposed to? OR Have hunters shots been CAPPED? And why it seems MM takes an astonishing amount of damage?Notracy5 4d
4d Reset Hati's Appearance Any word on progress towards a Hati reset?Lycah0 4d
4d Pivot for AP into second artifact? Hello folks, What point might you pivot and start putting some points into your second artifact? I went BM first and i have up to the point that it is taking 9,000 or more AP to get a next rank... and so i am wondering if that might be a good time to put some points into my second artifact till it gets up there a bit as well? I think for dungeons or raids i might want MM? Thanksßhairavi1 4d
4d Titan's Thunder Bugged? Im using dire frenzy and i noticed when i use titan's thunder it does not do the additional damage on the titan's thunder tool tip on the dire frenzy part, is this a bug? i ve checked combat log and its not there as well.Omegashot6 4d
4d Survival Hunter pet type and spec? Hey guys, I've had a hunter sitting at 60 for about 7 years that I've decided to level up and I had a few questions about Survival, or possibly hunters in general. 1. Is there a best pet type for PvE and PvP? I'm still using a tallstrider I tamed back in Mulgore. I understand that this might be a loaded question because I'm guessing there's pets for every situation but a few suggestions would be wonderful. 2. I read somewhere that Survival is weird in that it gets more out of tenacity pets than ferocity pets due to how our mastery works. Is this true? This question might have some cross over with #1. 3. Bonus question, what should I be doing with my rotation? Should I be saving my mongoose bites until I can build up 5-6 stacks quickly or should I only worry about that when my CD window is coming back up? And tied into that, if I'm not using mongoose bite and everything else is on CD am I just hitting Raptor Strike? Because this ability hits like a wet noodle, it feels like Furious Slash on my Fury Warrior. Thank you so much!Tyrannath2 4d
4d bestial wrath outline Any way to get rid of the nasty red/orange outline effect for bestial wrath?Miley5 4d
4d Hunter MM DPS Benchmarking Hi fellow hunters. I'm just wanting to get benchmarks on DPS figures. I follow Icy veins guide on my MM hunter spec. I am currently on 844, 19 artifact level. I tried single target DPS on raider dummy using both sidewinder and Arcane talents. Without using CDs, etc siderwinder I can pull about 180-190K DPS. Arcane shots can do about 160-170K DPS. Is it normal or a bit under par? On mythics, etc I constantly do 250K-280K on single target bosses with burst can spike to 400-500K-ish but raid dummy DPS is so low that I feel bad. Could any fellow huntsmaster provide some bench marking on what's expected in raid?Amynizer14 4d
4d Quick Feedback... So when Mists of Pandaria added several rare, tameable pets for Hunters to claim, part of the challenge was finding them in general. After you tracked down their footprints in the zone, reached an ending, and then flared to reveal the pet, you then had to hit them with a freezing trap so you could tame them before they walked out. ...Well we don't really have freezing traps outside of Survival anymore. This wouldn't really be an issue if it weren't for the fact that a good number of these pets are exotic, so only BM could tame them. I just managed to get Hexapos without freezing trap, despite it not being exotic, however it makes it MUCH harder to tame these pets, requiring you to flare a spot where the pet will turn at an angle sharp enough to keep it in the radius for 6 seconds. I'm definitely not saying make it easier to tame these pets, I love the challenge in it, but perhaps look into giving non-Survival Hunters a much less frustrating experience.Jatish0 4d
4d Favorite Hati skins? So what is your favorite Hati transformation skin? Mine is a polymorph black cat.Hamstar45 4d
4d Which BM honor talents? Is there a way to see what everyone is using as honor talents? What is beast master going with for honor talents?Usualsuspèct4 4d