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Still not getting it, I need HELP on DPS..... I have posted a thread a few weeks ago about issues with my DPS, and I am still not getting it. In Raids (Or Heroics) I average between 17k and 21k DPS. I notice when I am grouped with other Hunters in Raids, they are pulling 28k+. Some are MM, some are SV. I really think it comes down to shot rotation; This is what I have found: When I attempt to perform the "Phase" Rotation set forth by Kalilah in the MM PVE sticky: # Careful Aim Phase: Target Health > 80% # Standard Phase: Target Health 80% - 20% # Termination Phase: Target Health 25% - 20% # Execute Phase: Target Health 20% - 0% I get a DISMAL 14K DPS When I perform the rotation set forth in EJ's post ( I can eek out MAYBE 16K DPS. I had a Hunter on my server give me a simple rotation of: Mark-Serpent sting-Chimera-Steady shot until Chimera is up, then steady shot. With this rotation, I can get between 16K DPS and 19K DPS. I have downloaded Reforgenator, and reforged based on its recommendation. I have everything gemmed, and enchanted according to the stickies, and I am using the Wolf as my pet for the extra critical strike buff from his furious howl. Basically I think it is boiling down to my shot rotation I think. If the "phase" rotation is the way to go, then I guess I will never get above 21K DPS. If I can get a gear check, and a spec check to ensure I am in the right direction please. also can you all post your shot cycle that works for you please. I know with my current gear I can be pulling much higher numbers than what I am currently. Antépedes7
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Brainstorming: New 4pc PvP Set Bonus Our current set bonus on all post-Cata PvP sets (haven't checked pre-Cata sets): Increases the regeneration of your Focus by 5%. It doesn't take much to see that this is a horrible set bonus. Why? Using a little math: 6 focus/second * 1.05 = 6.3 focus/second (EDIT: We get only 4 focus/second baseline [according to character sheet ingame], not 6 focus/second. Wowpedia was apparently incorrect on this point. Reaching 6 focus/second would require 50% haste, so this calculation actually gives us a higher damage value than can be reasonably expected.) We are getting a whopping 0.3 focus/second from our set bonus. The amount of time before it gives us a single Arcane shot is: 22 focus / 0.3 focus/second = 73.333 seconds Meanwhile, other classes get some genuinely powerful set bonuses. Here are some for comparision: Warrior: Disarm duration reduced by 60%. This lets Wars use a damaging enchant on their weapons instead of a chain. Warlock: Reduces the cooldown of your Death Coil by 30 sec. CC more often. What's not to like? Mage: Increases the damage done by your Arcane Blast, Fireball, Frostbolt, Scorch, and Frostfire Bolt spells by 5%. Mages actually have the ONLY set bonus that could be called worse than our own. While I only did calculations for Frost, the damage gained from it came out slightly under the damage from our bonus. (Calculations are here: ) I would say that even our own glove bonus is better than our 4pc: Reduces the cooldown of your Traps by 2 sec. This gives us our CC more often, which is something that we desperately need. So, we need a new set bonus. Chances are that we won't see one til MoP (although the Warlock, Warrior, and Priest set bonuses were changed in a minor patch -- 4.0.6), but it can't hurt to start brainstorming now. Here are a few ideas that I've come up with: Your Deterrence now removes damage over time effects. Still fairly weak, nothing to QQ about. Would be nice on occasion. The focus gain from Aspect of the Fox now triggers off of all damaging spells and abilities, but gains a cooldown of 1 second. This helps our focus regeneration in a way that wouldn't make it desirable for PvE. (Note: I could not find anything stating that AotF has an ICD on the focus regain at present.) Being struck by a melee attack reduces the cast time of your Cobra Shot and Steady Shot by 0.4 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Would allow us to still regain a decent amount of focus while being trained. The minimum range on Cobra Shot and Steady Shot is reduced by 5 meters. No min range on focus generators. These shots don't hit hard, so in itself it wouldn't cause damage issues. The set bonus would have to be changed again once MoP hit, since no shot would have a minimum range then. After disengaging, the damage of the next hostile ability used against you is reduced by 50%. Nothing terribly interesting here. Would help us survive a little bit. (Note that this says ability not attack, it would not reduce white attacks.) Your damage over time effects no longer break crowd control effects. Finally, it would be safe to use SrS in PvP without risking it ruining a CC chain. Yum! Being struck while in Aspect of the Cheetah or Aspect of the Pack no longer causes the recipient to be dazed. IMHO this should be baseline, but it'd be nice to have a way to run faster when we need to. Remember that Disengage doesn't always work. If your Ice Trap effect is broken before it would normally expire or the snakes from your Snake Trap are killed, the cooldown on the appropriate trap is reset. More CC ftw? Reduces the cooldown on your Readiness, Wyvern Sting, and Fervor abilities by 1 minute. Suddenly, SV would have powerful CC, MM would rock a little bit harder with a faster Readiness, and Fervor would be up every time a BM hunter used BW. My apologies if any of these are blatantly OP *cough*last one*cough*, it's really late--or early--so I'm not exactly at peak performance. I am interested in hearing the ideas of the Hunter community. Please keep your suggestions reasonable and realistic (ie no "Fixes all of the Hunter bugs" set bonuses or "Increases the damage of Chimera Shot, Kill Command, and Explosive Shot by 100%"). I'm off to bed now. I expect to see some good ideas by the time I finish classes tomorrow! Nimun43
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