Oct 19, 2011 Hardcasting Aimed shot What is the aimed shot cast time limit that would trigger hardcasting aimed shot? Also would matrix restabilizer proccing crit cause you to begin hardcasting aimed shot? I wouldn't think so since its not the +60% crit we get during the careful aim phase, but just wanted to make sure.Dallton3 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 New Hunter in need of advice!! I am in a bit of a dilema.. I am nearing level 85 (first 85 ever) and have been hearing from friends that I should start thinking about changing spec. I was wondering if anyone could help steer a new hunter in the right direction.. Should I continue using MM or change to BM or SV. Also I seem to be doing alright on boss fights but become focus starved very early and on mobs my DPS is awful.. I think my rotation may have something to do with it but am unsure. I am in the long run looking to raid mostly with this toon. I am sure this has been asked a MILLION times but I am hoping that someone can help a new Hunter in need of some guidance. Thanks yall!! Also I kno I have some PVP pieces but they were a huge upgrade from what I had.Gotcrabz0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 haste is better well, this morning i had all my gear reforged to haste and nothing into crit, had my haste at like 2200 and only 21% crit unbuffed and ppl laughed at me and told me to reforge. heres the funny part, i reforged all my gear to the proper way 1250 haste and rest into crit(got my crit to 27% unbuffed), regemed the proper way to wat all the guides say and everything. heres the funnier part, in heroics and zandas be4 i reforged properly i was gettin 18-22k dps on boss fights and single target fights, now after reforging like guides say im doin like 14-16k. also when i was doin the 18-22k dps i had the 352 ilvl bow from zg, now i have lavabolt and doin ALOT less dps anyone have any reason to y this is happening and if i shuld full reforge/gem back to haste (which i am going to no matter wat now anyway)Boombolt7 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Hunter PVP Fun Hunter PVP Is fun all the way until Level 85 that is allStridex0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Has any other hunter had this problem? I can't see my parachute when I disengage. I have the correct macro for it. He still does the animations like he's getting carried by the parachute, but I still can't see it.. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks.Realquick2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Dps problem It seems like my dps took a dip when I switched to heroic lava bolt from the regular rag bow. Any suggestions as why?Polycarp2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Reforging problems Hey guys i just used wowreforge to fix up my gear due to some doubts i was having with my stats. But i feel like my dps went down after fixing everything according to the website. Help me out if you have any opinionsCideena0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 New to Hunter Class. Why not BM? ;[ So, I leveled as Marksmanship and I still enjoy it for the most part, but something that irritates me is the fact that I can't have exotic pets as marks. I'm sure that I am "beating a dead horse" at this point, but I also genuinely enjoy BM- probably even more than Marks. Would someone mind explaining to me what's so bad about BM as of patch 4.2 and 4.3? I'm planning on mostly PvE with this character, and would like some insight in this matter. I just noticed that SO many players avoid the spec and want to know why. Remember I am completely new to Hunters so I have absolutely zero knowledge other than leveling 1-80 so far. xPHuves30 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Hunter Seeking Help, Dps in trouble! Hey all. I absolutely love the hunter class. As you can see from my gear, I'm a pvper. As much as I'd love to talk about hunter pvp issues, I need help with pve! I don't know a whole ton about pve, however I know I must be doing something wrong. Note though, I looked at the stickies, they are not helping. Currently, while in pvp gear, I wanted to start doing the weekly heroics and build up some valor gear. Why, you ask? 4.3, raid finder, all that stuff. Currently in this gear I do about 12-13k dps on a training dummy. I KNOW that is not enough. I don't know where I go wrong however. I need help, badly. I thought I was doing the correct MM rotation, however if anyone could clarify as to what the rotation is, it would help. Also, if the problem is my gear, any tips on what to reforge/regem to do better in the heroics? Anything, is helpful. I know my dps is not good, but I don't know why! If anyone could take the time to help me I would be very grateful.Manaclaw4 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 (PVP) The Hunters aren't Alright I've been playing a hunter for a long time. I enjoyed the playstyle; the concept of a ranged mobility class that has to stay on the run in order to avoid damage and take the opponent down. I still enjoy that concept, but most of the time it feels like effectiveness as a Hunter is more a matter of memory than marksmanship. Speaking primarily as a marksman hunter, I have to point out that hunters seem to be getting the short end, coming and going. It's not that I'm getting beaten by some classes - that's the nature of the game. Some classes are supposed to be stronger in a fight with me, and some are supposed to be weaker. My difficulty arises in the fact that an entire section of my skill repertoire simply isn't working. As everyone knows, Hunters are a ranged DPS class. Ideally (for us), we can simply stand back and shoot, using our high-damage skills to reach out and touch someone. An enemy that forces us to kite significantly reduces our damage output, since we have to swap aspects, and forgo Aimed Shot entirely. This assumes that we are able to kite effectively, however. In order for the melee-kiter model to work, two general things must be true: The melee must have a means to get to the kiter and stay there for significant amounts of time, and the kiter must be able to open the distance long enough to deal reasonable damage to the melee. If one side of this formula is lacking, the model breaks down, and PvP imbalance occurs. So, in order to balance melee v. hunter fights, generally one of two things must be true of the "closing" abilities of the melee: either they must be faster (usable more often, either by having more, or short cooldowns) than the hunter's escapes, or they must be more powerful (meaning harder to escape, avoid, or counter). Currently, melee closers are both. Take Warriors (please). For every Disengage (16 second CD, glyphed and talented), which cannot be used while rooted, an Arms Warrior has a Charge (15 second CD; stuns); For every Deterrence to avoid being re-snared (2 min CD), there's a Bladestorm (1.5 min CD) to ignore my snares and run me down. Of course I'm not forgetting Scatter Shot (30 second cd) or my traps. But in order for those abilities to be effective (depending on the trap, of course), I have to either stop damage or stay within range of Charge. It's not that I can't get away from them, by the way: it's that I cannot STAY away from them unless they are noticeably unskilled. Rogues are just as bad, and Feral Druids are worse. There is literally nothing I can do to beat something that can move at 130% speed all the time, has leap, charge, stun, and sprint mechanics, and can shapeshift out of every snare in the game with barely a moment's pause (oh, and my fear, too: did I mention they can cancel shapeshift to escape Scare Beast?). And all of this while putting out damage that is simply not on par with what they'll do to me once in melee. That's not to say that victory is impossible, but the battle is -extremely- one-sided. Warriors and Feral Druids, particularly, are reacting to the presence of a hunter exactly the same way that Priests used to react to Resto Shamans back in the Burning Crusade (before Water Shield fixed mana regen) - they chase you down to collect their free honor kill. Now, lest I fail to anticipate the trolls (I know this won't stop you from posting any more than being wrong will stop you), but I do have classes that I can fight from a position of Strength: Warlocks, Elemental Shamans (though I haven't seen one for a while), and (mostly) Mages. The reason I'm strong against these classes is that they're ranged, with mostly light armor and without powerful, short-CD defensive spells. Warlocks and Elementalists in particular require hard-casting spells to maximize damage, so my pushback is an issue. Even when mages abuse my minimum range, I can still often win if I see them coming. Blizzard has said, correctly, that Hunters are extremely skill based and difficult to balance for that reason. But I still believe that something must be done to fix the damage inequality in the melee-kiter model. I shouldn't NEED a downward slope for Disengage to be effective, or rely on having three football fields to kite in. Whether the balance is redressed by giving me stronger escapes, or by the melee damage Blizzard was looking into, or increasing my kiting damage through shifting focus regen away from Steady Shot (Hunters are the most affected by LoS in the game)... it doesn't matter. Something simply needs to be done to fix this class for PvP.Azhrak5 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 MS effect buffs Hunter Monstrous Bite now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%. Beast Mastery Widow Venom now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%. And basically this for every other class. So now I can actually start using this skill again. I hear a whole lot of whining over at the arena forums and I can kind of see how comps like RMP or RLS are just going to get a hell of a lot stronger, but I don't really care about that. If this goes live then I'll be happy that I can actually pressure healers a little more now. What are everyone's thoughts?Phenomenaut10 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 I suck at MM So I pvp purely in BM. I've tried a couple times to switch to MM in arena but every time I either get steam rolled or I can't lay down !@#$ for damage. I can kite well and do damage as BM but I feel that when I'm in MM I can kite but do zero damage. I know some players say there is a skill cap with MM, but I feel that its more like I've played BM for 4 years and haven't broken those habits. Should I just level a new hunter purely as MM to get used to the play style? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Haters gunna hate so have at it.Zydis7 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Transmogrifying your Ranged Weapon Since we can change our ranged weapons into any other ranged weapon, which one are you going to transmogrify into? I've always had a soft spot for the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix from Karazhan.Jeanius14 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 are core hounds somewhat unpopular again no cliche pets like wolfs or cats which is sad to see so many people using when thereis all of these unique animals and there forced with cliches because of the buffsRampagezx11 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Hunter Macros Heyy, just wondering what other people use for Macros as Hunters. In PvE setting. Only two I really have are Steady Shot also makes my pet attack that target, might get rid of that don't know yet, and the same for MultiShot it also makes pet attack targeted target. Just wondering what others used and maybe share some insights with others like a helpful post for all to read :) Post um up if you like!!!Brokenarrows5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Pvp Suggestion Beating your head against the wall with the state of Hunters in pvp settings? Try this, it definitely will make you laugh. Not claiming to have found this just sharing one of my ways of keeping it fun. Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Next rare pet we should have! An electrifying yellow rabbit with black-tipped ears using the wind serpent's ability tree. The NPC version is as difficult to tame as many of the 4.2 rares and have unique abilities: "Agility", a magic buff that allows rapid zero cool-down use of "Blink" making it impossible to trap, stun, immobilize etc. and a charge-attack called "Quick Attack". The buff must be dispelled via Tranquil Shot asap. Instant cast version of Hurricane that requires the hunter to move out of way before starting the tame. It also has the spells Chain Lightning, Thunderclap, and Thunderstorm. Killing it will instead drop a companion version of the same creature, which, upon summoning, will place a 1 hr debuff on you where you cannot put the companion away as it refuses to be stabled. It will have idle animation of randomly zapping critters. Any resemblance to certain bandai/nintendo character is purely coincidental and/or protected under parody provisions no different from any other out-of-game references WoW already has :X I think it'll be a fun tame and get the hunter community excited for months! Please? Pretty please? :XEvonna7 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Hunter Melee Range. Should simply be removed already. The melee range is probably the worst class mechanic in this game. Why it is still here is far beyond me. I guess this along with all the other abilities hunters have that haven't scaled properly in cata are all living back in wrath with whomever designs hunters. First melee range was never designed as a place in which hunters could be exploited or do nothing. It was supposed to the be the place where we used our melee abilities to do damage to people. This has become less and less valid with each expansion. Face it, we have been one of the worst classes in arena since the inception of it. This has always played a part in hunter weaknesses when it comes to arena. People are so afraid of making hunters viable because of how easily terrible players die to them. With the drop of cata and the loss of max range, dodge, large resource pool, and any significant melee ability, we lost any reason for the melee range to be in this game. With the class now relying on a 100 focus pool and the continual casting of steady shot or cobra shot, this mechanic has become far far worse than anytime except when we had an actual deadzone. And even that could be argued because of how many less abilities people had back then and frankly how terrible people were comparably. Hunters are the only class in this game that actually have people who play the class, actively fighting against the removal of a huge class weakness. The melee range is nothing but a huge weakness. It does not bring anything positive to the class. Yet people who struggle to gain any sort of success as a hunter themselves, continue to fight against its removal. Listing nostalgia, class uniqueness as pathetic reasons to keep the class weak. Melee range is not a kiting issue, it is a LOS and focus issue. We are reliant on getting steady/cobra off. We are reliant on getting kills while a healer is CC'd. Melee range hampers both our ability to gain focus and to get kills when we gain momentum simply because of the design of maps. As of this post, not a single reason has been listed by any person as to why the melee zone should not be removed that has had any factual basis or was relative to competitive pvp. The fear of being nerfed in other areas while valid, has no evidence to support it. The fear of hunters becoming OP is preposterous, and down right ignorant. I challenge you anti-melee removal people to come up with a reason for it not to be removed. A reason with well thought out points or facts to support it. 95%+ of the hunter community who posted in the suggestion thread want it removed. So lets hear it.Derrps87 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 What on Earth? Seriously, what on earth could the developers be thinking, with respect to character credibility, to design the hunter to have what is in essence a useless dual-wielding attribute? If that’s not bad enough, a hunter’s vulnerability to being dazed or stunned or basically immobilized (from 4 to 8 seconds) makes their dismal melee abilities a complete contradiction in terms. By taking aggressive away from our pets, rogues of a much lower level can also easily annihilate the best equipped hunter, which tips the scales in PVP in particular to anyone but hunters. To design a hunter without the option to be petless in combat is as intellectually lazy as it is just plain dumb. If this is the “best” the DEV team can do, then I’d hate to see what their worst efforts would produce. Playing a toon badly is one thing, but being handicapped by design is another. Honest players love a challenge and admire those who exhibit and demonstrate impressive levels of skill, but at the same time, only a liar or a complete buffoon can honestly say that hunters on battlegrounds or in arenas are over-powered. They have the lowest defense rating in the game bar none, and when it takes dozens of arrows or bullets to equal what all other characters can dish out in under five strikes, it is a sad testimony to a game that is no longer a game. Desia5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Proper amount of haste? elitist jerks only lists the haste needed to hardcast aimed shot with 2/3 pathing while under the hungerer proc. Does anyone know what haste to be aiming for with 3/3 pathing and hungerer proc?Jawesom2 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 UI questions I aksed in the ui forum and its really dead, but Ive added another question you guys might be more suited to answer. Is there an addon that will let me know when certain things proc, ie devour, mm ais, 4 pc tier 12, etc? I need it large would love a count down under it to let me know how much duration is left. Scrolling combat text is a no go since it flys by way too fast and buff icons are way too small. Also if anyone could tell me what edit of tukui this is I would be very grateful Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Hunter Names. Im making a new hunter and i need help coming up with a name (it will be a orc hunter). ive thought of 1 name so far that is Bagemntagem but i know there is better... ThanksBeastlydeath20 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 SV buffs for pvp Just a fun little list of some things you think would help SV out in arena/bgs, here are mine. Counter attack removed, replaced with improved aspect of the fox. When Aspect of the Fox is active your chance to dodge is increased by 18% and your movement speed is increased by 15%, in addition your explosive shot, melee attacks have a 10% chance to make you immune to movement impairing effects for 5 seconds (20 second cooldown), and arcane shot gain 1200 ranged attack power. Mirriored Blades removed, replaced with Survival Camo. When an attack brings you below 40% hp your Camouflage becomes usable in combat. In addition camouflage no longer breaks when in combat, you are unable to use ranged attacks, and all damage taken is reduced by 40%, last 15 seconds, cooldown increased by 1 minute. Effect added to toxicology, on targets effected by black arrow or serpent sting all magic damage taken is increased by 8%. Effect added to hunting party, when you take melee damage you have a 15% chance to increase your focus regen by 100%, lasts for 15 seconds, 30 second cooldown. Black Arrow is no longer dispellable, and when a target is effected by black arrow your debuffs can not be dispelled.Felcommander0 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Soloing Hunter. Heya all, as the title might imply, I'm a hunter who likes to solo stuff :D. I very recently (few nights ago) obtained a solo kill on a boss in ZG :). Still feeling pretty excited about it and wanted to share the vid xD. Although, I have to admit, hat is off to mionelol for that atramedes solo. Very impressive. Anyways, here's the link to the vid in case any of you care to watch. Hope you enjoy :D Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 hunter ui um idk if anyone can help me but i had this ui at the start of cata and changed it but i cant see to find it anymore i thought it was Kripparrian ui or w/e but when i tried to check if that was it it seems like either it was changed or i was thinking of a totally different ui all i remember is it has js hunter bar which a lot do and it was black outline boxes with green text and it looked like it had metal pipes skin all around it i dont think people have any idea what im talking about showing the little bit of info i have isnt anything to go by but if u have an idea plz help meFramed5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Transmorg'n questions So i want to use my rhok delar and lok delar, Where can i find a staff to transmorg the lok delar with? the pvp staff is druid only. I dont raid i only pvp so im limitedIncredigood2 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Beast Mastery PvP? Heya, So, I like to PvP with my hunter doing 2v2 arena, using an MM spec and pairing with my brother's Ret paladin, and occasionally my girlfriend's Disc Priest. Now, I was curious about a Beast Mastery PvP spec as a secondary spec. Firstly, is Beast Mastery even viable for PvP? I don't wanna start asking a lot of questions only then to find that I should just leave the spec alone. Now, assuming BM is usable, my next question is: would Beast Mastery pair better with Ret than MM would, or would it not be as good? I don't see the point in trying to learn a new spec and style if it's just going to be a handicap and make me less useful than in my MM spec. Thirdly, my PvP gear is gemmed/reforged/enchanted towards maintaining +200 Spell Pen, with plenty of resilience, and then prioritising Crit as my main secondary stat. Would this be okay as a BM spec, or do they prioritise stats differently? I don't want to ruin my MM spec by changing my gear, but if running with MM-focused gear would be horrid as BM, I'll just stick with MM. Assuming then, that the above criteria allow for BM to be used, how much differently is it played from that of MM? I think I use Cobra instead of Steady, with Kill Command being my 'Chimera Shot', and Arcane Shot remains my focus dump when Kill Command is on CD? How and when should I use CDs like Beastial Wrath and Fervor and whatnot? Also, how much damage should I as the hunter be trying to do? Do I just try to kite and be a pain in the !@#$ whilst my pet does all the damage, or should I be trying to push out a lot of my own damage? Is there a 'best pet' specific to BM, or is the spider still the best? Obviously there's the 'what's the best spec for me and for my pet' question, and what glyphs are recommended? Sorry for the page-long essay - I just figured I'd ask the community for its advice rather than trying to stumble through it all on my own and make some 'less-than-optimal' decisions. Thanks in advance to anyone who respond to offer any help and advice; it's all very much appreciated. P.s. Please don't respond with 'go BM and get a feral' or anything like that - it doesn't help, since my partners are unchangeably a Ret Pally, and occasionally a Disc Priest.Genzen21 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 4.3 Suggestion Series - (Traps ) Focus Scatter Shot Traps are the most unique thing about Hunters and are the class defining ability and should be. That being said, with the drop of cata and the amount of abilities given to other classes and hunter abilities being left behind, traps have a lot to be desired for at this point. I believe scatter-traps need to stay to an extent at least, yes they are very difficult to land sometimes. But getting traps off consistently IMO actually takes some thought rather than just hitting your focus modifier and casting. And really separates the skill levels of hunters. That being said, some things do need to be changed. I already introduced my scatter glyph suggestion, so this is what should come after. With the amount of buttons it requires to trap a healer, and the amount of human error involved, landing a trap should be the most potent CC in game. It is by far the most difficult CC to land continuously. To argue against that is just being biased or ignorant. Yet it is by far the weakest and easiest to negate. Our own dots break it, random auto shots break it, other traps break it. Simply 1 tick of damage from anything completely breaks the chain. The trap can be eaten by another class. AND it is on a 30 second CD if anything goes wrong in the process the CD is essentially reset. This is what I propose should be implemented for the unique hunter class abilities that are all the traps. 1. Snake Trap - Buff the individual snake health drastically and make them take severely and I mean severely less AOE damage or even AOE immune for a couple seconds after the trap is activated. Snakes should not die instantly upon coming to life as they currently do. - Replace deadly poison with widow venom. Now we have a MS actually worth using and that can be spread around. Would help with RBG utility as well. 2. Immolation Trap - I am pretty sure this trap was just completely forgotten about. The scaling is so terrible that you have to assume that it was never even looked out. Severely buff the scaling so that this is actually worth using. It is by far the least used ability by every single hunter in the world. 3. Explosive Trap - I know this is used in PVE, but it is called Explosive Trap. Why not give it a knock back? I am sure this would be QQ'd about, but other classes are getting knock backs, why shouldn't the class that is constantly trained or is constantly pillared? Would once again bring more utility to RBGs. 4. Ice Trap or commonly called "frost trap" - Remove the shared CD with freezing trap. Why do hunters have to decide whether they are going to CC someone or they are going to snare/slow everyone. This is essentially the same as if a mage nova'd someone, then they could not poly anyone for 30 seconds. If they poly'd someone, then they could not nova anyone for 30 seconds. Could you imagine the uproar? Sure they can slow someone, but they could not use any novas or polymorph if they used one or the other. 5. Freezing Trap - As stated above, remove shared CD with ice trap. Then add in a break immunity to our own dot abilities. We are a direct damage class, our dots do not do meaningful damage, there is no reason a CC with a 30 second cool down should break on our own weak dot abilities. Other people's dots would still break it, but our own at least would not. This is why I introduced the scatter shot glyph in my other post for the removal of other class's dots.Jocks41 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 391 vs 378 tier hey guys. so ive been thinking whether to use my 391 off pieces over my 4 piece of tier 12(3x378,1x391). Female dwarf states that its 350dps+ for using 2 piece tier 12 and 2 off piece of 391. Ive tryed testing on dummy too and the 4 piece tier is slightly better. (tho i only tested for 5mins.) Secondary stats dont really matter since it will be roughly the same after reforging around. So what it comes down to is, is the extra agility on the gear worth breaking the 4 piece of tier? what are ur thoughts and experience with this? thanks.Dodgethiss1 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Hunter X-mas wishlist. New expansion is in the oven. That means at least a few new abilities and class overhauls are also on the way. The hunter community is pretty outspoken about what needs to be changed, but what sort of new abilit(ies)y would you like to see implemented in the next Expansion? Here's the list I'm shipping off to great-father winter. Armor Piercing 1m CD When activated, allows the hunters damaging abilities to damage enemies through Line of sight and abilities that grant immunity up to a maximum range of 10 yards. lasts 8 seconds. Linphae10 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 MM gear check can anyone expd MM hunter check my gear/gemming/reforging pls, and also my spec just wanna make sure it is right i have been loosing dps a little lately tySharpshotz15 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 what I am doing wrong? When I run the Troll Dungeons I do 11to 14 k depending on what boss . but its not consistant I know I don't have the best gear but I should be doing better. I have read the stickies on mm any help would be awesome thank youKevert1 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Whats to come? So with the explosive shot buff this next patch does it look like survival might make a come back in the pvp world for hunters. And what do you guys think is gonna be next in the game for us? Think there might be a possible buff down the road or no chance? I heard from arena junkies aimed and steady shots were getting cast time decreased. Anyone else heard anything?Darkruin4 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Troll the Hunters!!!!! Are all hunters as bad as the ones in these forums??Targetthis17 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 overnight nerf? did mm hunters get a nerf overnight?? last night be4 i logged i got a lavabolt crossbow and also 2 other peices of 378's all to reaplce ilvl 352's now when i did a few zandoms this morning my dps it pretty much the same even after i replaced a crap as hell bow with lavaboltSharpshotz14 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 which pet for AoE tanking? I'm debating between bears and worms. bears: demo shout every 10 seconds worm: burrow every 30 secondsDisengaged4 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Even the glads say hunters are bads My freind and I, who have been glad hunters for many seasons now hardly ever play our hunters because the class is so broken. I hit 2400 on this alt early in the season as phd before everyone got a chance to get there t2. Now that everyone does so much damage, hunters are pretty much focus starved circus freaks jumping around trying to peel with what little we have. Deterrence needs to take off dots, or reduce the cast time on cobra and steady shot. Thanks. Blizz says, but hunters do so much damage in pve! Well guess what blizz, you stand back 30 yards casting, your dead zone isn't affecting your damage. Every class needs two sets of tree's, one pve and one pvp. Obviously they can only be used for what there designed to be used for, no mixing the trees up for a sweet pvp or pve spec. If your going to do some bgs, rbgs, or arena, you had better switch your trees or you'll miss the cue. Thanks blizz ill take the credit for that one.Æcreo39 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Need Cobra shot / Kill shot macro topic as stated. I have tried the macro in the above post "Hunter Macro Guide" #showtooltip /stopcasting [mod:alt] /stopcasting [mod:alt] /cast [mod:alt] Kill Shot; Cobra Shot The part that didnt work was kill shot. I had the macro set for '3' then the alt modifier would switch the icon to kill shot but i would have to click it with my mouse for it to fire kill shot. pressing '3' wouldent fire it. Any help or am i doing something wrong?Cronicdæth2 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Tameing Pets why cant we tame more pets like the tradatle or the zhivrahsAngeler2 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Can someone explain this to me? is telling me to enchant my gloves with mastery. Why would my ideal gear setup include a boost in one of our least desired stats?Schmutz5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 I'm Looking for some help. I'm looking for a top notch hunter to help me with my DPS. I have decent gear and i can't seem to figure out why i can't hit over 20k in Firelands raids. I see plenty of other hunter hitting in the 24 to 27k range with lower gear then I have. I have done countless hours of research to try and figure out the problem and just can't put my finger on it. You would be compensated for your time and effort to be determined before anything else is done to avoid any confusion. Thank you in advance, Talià Talià5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Two Simple Solutions to Hunter Pet Problems There has been a lot of talk about the problems Hunters have with their pet not being on a kill target. This is due to many forms of CC, bad pet pathing, slow pets, and recently has been made even worse by the new pet stances. Pets not being on a target is somewhat of a problem for all hunters, but is a HUGE problem for BM hunters. I think there are a couple of easy solutions to this problem, and I'd love to see what the hunter community thinks. The Problem: In PVE, Pets do nothing during an air phase, costing a BM hunter close to half of their DPS. Pets also struggle with target switching, costing hunters a great deal of DPS as they run from one target to the next. In PVP, pets are often prevented from attacking a target. They are often caught in AOE fears, roots, slows, and other CC. There is more target switching, exacerbated by more pet pathing errors as targets jump off of small ledges, etc. Again, this affects all hunter specs, but disproportionally cripples BM hunters. Solutions I think two layers of solutions are needed: one simple solution for all hunter specs, and an additional solution for BM hunters that suffer from this the most. For all Hunter Specs: Remove the focus cost from the two main movement abilities of pets: Dash/Dive, and Charge. This would keep the pet on target much more of the time. For BM Hunters: Once your pet reaches 100 focus, the hunter gains a percentage of the focus regen of the pet. In other words, if a BM pet is CCed, running around, or unable to hit a target in the air long enough that its focus caps out, the hunter's focus regen rate would greatly increase, allowing for more shots to be fired as compensation for an inactive pet. You'd want to adjust the amount of increased focus regen to the point that the BM hunter would lose some DPS if their pet is incapacitated for a long period of time, but not lose as much as they do currently. For example, perhaps the hunter would gain 50% of the focus that was being generated by the pet. I would recommend adding this new functionality to the BM talent "Kindred Spirits", which is currently a pretty lackluster talent, and is already a talent having to do with the focus of the BM hunter and pet. Your thoughts? What do you think? Clearly something needs to be done about hunter DPS when the pet can't reach the target, especially a BM pet... So, would this do the job? If not, how would you suggest fixing this problem? Kazador4 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Explosive shot change on PTR tested Just letting you guys know I had time today to do some testing on PTR and it looks like it is the full explosive shot being buffed, not just the base damage. I was seeing the new formula at about 449 + 26.912% RAP, but I might have it off slightly. I've updated my site to reflect this new formula so people can test it out. Zeherah26 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 fix hunters or remove from game please. sometimes it is taking 30-40 secondsfor pets health to raise, the pet bar keaps disapearing on zone changes or when i enter bg's, armor and weapon choices are really not there with other classes since the stat changes. pet control is bizzare, with my pet changing targets un expectedly, pet dismissing itself at weird ranges, exotic abillities misfiring or just not working... bm is pretty much useless, funny since the big thing about hunters is pets and pet abilities. i really resent having to be a clone of every other hunter out there to actually be any good. one of the things i used to really enjoy was the ability to be a little diferent then others and still succeed. why even have stats and gear choices if we are forced to carbon copy everyone else. Herdsong11 Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 PvE mm surv help hi guys i fell crappy having to ask for help but i think i really need it. im running FL & going though my rotation & all but my DPS sucks i have tryed asking the other hunter in my guild but he cant find what wrong i when though every thing with him & he does basicly the same thing.. can some1 help me? Armory link : Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 PvP I'm leveling this hunter to 85 after my warlock and I'm wondering what spec is the best for PvP since aspect of the fox will make it so easy to kite.Zarax28 Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 Engineering tinkers for hunters This is for all you engineers out there. So i just hit 525 in engineering and was looking at the various tinkers and was wondering what yall though would be the best belt and glove tinkers for a hunter. From what i was seeing it looks like the rockedt boots are still best for belt and that the shocker was best for the gloves.Gillgemesh23 Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 Whats going on here?? Okay so I am somewhat new to playing a hunter and I know I am a baddy but my DPS is alot lower then I think it should be.. I am not sure if it has to do with my rotation or my stat tree. I can barley break 1200 DPS at level 72.. when I see hunters with worse gear then I doing close to 2k.. can anyone please help me or have any suggestions. Thank you so much!!Gotcrabz2 Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 Weekly "Why did Blizz remove Volley" Thread Please post your Volley related questions, whining and !@#$%ing here for this week. kthxbaiBikini14 Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011 Hunter problems and some possible solutions Ok guys, Im not big for posting on the forums and im hoping this does not turn into a rant. My problem that I hope blizzard should address in completely in regards to Arena pvp, and i guess in relation, RBG's as well. The Problem: Hunters currently have trouble taking anything down below 50% health, and if we do we generally had to use all our focus to do it. This leaves the target at 50% and we must regenerate our focus to finish them off.Add a heal to this equation in 2's and there back at 100% even before we ever get any focus back. Now, consider that we have CCed the pally for our 8 second trap(30 second cooldown and uses 20 focus) that will most likely fail ?we must take at least that amount of time to even get back to approx 50 focus, thats 1 chimera shot, equivalent to approx 12-17k damage if it crits.This leaves the target at say 35% ish if they are anything above 130k hp. Still not enough for a kill shot. So the healer pops out and then heals the target to full (notice i didnt mention any of the clutch cc's/survival techniques each class has). In closing to the problem Im simply going to state, i love the class, and yes we do alot of damage if we can steady shot/as/chimera/cs or w/e and just free cast, but honestly how often can that happen. My Solution: Like many before me my solution has been stated time and time again i am sure.But here are a few changes, that i believe would greatly improve hunters as a class, and hopefully not be too much to call us OP, because honestly, in arenas, we are the most unrepresented class in 2200 Bracket and those of us who do make it that high, generally rely on some pretty damned insane assistance. -Increase base focus regen to 8 Per second(allow haste to increase this further). -Remove talents such as Counterattack,Resistance is futile -Improve some talents such as Rapid Killing(15% more damage on targets lower than 20%hp),Allow TSA to increase personal stat of some kind, agi by 3-5% maybe ? -Either Reduce CD on Freezing Trap, or unbind it from the CD of frost trap, make our gloves reduce CD by ten seconds ? 2 is far too little to really matter -For the love of god change our hunter 4 peice and set bonus of agi (Set bonus increase agi by 5-10%, and 4 peice bonus of at least a reduced Steady shot or something! -Give us a talent that lets us CC and remove all Dot's from the target .... ITS CRIPPLING US! -Allow us to choose our pvp gear, give us a haste/mastery/crit set to choose from(this could be said for all classes im sure) -Make our mastery Talent useful, either let it proc as 3 white hits/crits, or allow it to do a similar attack as Tarecgosas rest(although maybe only 70% damage of the initial shot) - And Because personally i thought it was a great talent, Let our concussive shot stun like it used to if glyphed, id be glad to increase the CD for that change! -Scale our snakes damage, at least a little bit! (or at least make them attack better they generally just sit there and do nothing if they dont die first) -Fix pet bugs that currently make them run in circles like retards or path around the arena instead of following target and sometimes not obey commands( Monkey bad manner skill rarely goes off the first few times i spam the button) Ok ive laid my cards on the table, I know many classes still will disagree, but atm this is reality, our cc's are basically useless at this point in time unless Perfectly timed and manage to go off without a hitch(someone else runs into trap) . Please dont just go flaming it, im obviously not asking for all of these, but even a couple that could be watered down, would still greatly increase our ability in arenaWayllander9 Oct 17, 2011