3d Shadow PvP: Legion Season 1 Legion Shadow Priest PVP Guide Coming Soon! I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been extremely busy and have had a tough time keeping up with this guide. I should have it completed within two weeks (~27SEP16). Besides, I did not want to give advice and opinions based on <iLv825 gear, or without 2/3 of our major artifact traits. But if anyone is curious, I'm around iLv830 with only [Sphere of Insanity] holding my own. Just have to work a lot harder than the mindless melee train for the kills. See you soon! Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta, 12+ Years and still goingMerrik412 3d
Nov 28 Lux et Umbra - A Priest Mechanics Guide Last update: November 16th, 2015, Patch 6.2.2 Note: I am Nysem of Mal'Ganis now. Hello everyone, and welcome to Lux et Umbra. This is a guide for Priest-related game mechanics. It is intended to be a guide to how stuff works while also functioning as a handbook of compiled factual information and numbers for all priests, new and old, pve and pvp, healing and shadow. If you're wondering about the thread title, "Lux et Umbra" is a Latin phase meaning "Light and Shadow." I hope the information contained here is helpful to everyone, as I have a lot of fun rewriting it and adding things as the game changes. Special thanks to Nightshroud for writing the original version of this thread, Constie for his update of the original thread as well as his assistance in updating it once more, Dusknoir for fact checking, and everyone else that isn't mentioned here but did something that they feel contributed! Table of Contents I. Stats and Stat ratings II. Spell, talent, glyph, and racial notes I. Stats: General Overview This section outlines stats that are useful to priests, what they offer, and how they work. Priests will find Stamina, Intellect, Spirit, Critical Strike Rating, Haste Rating, Mastery Rating, Multistrike, Leech, Versatility, and Avoidance to be useful. In WoD, stats are categorized into three types: - Primary stats are those such as Intellect, Strength, etc (Intellect is the only primary stat you want). - Secondary stats include Crit, Haste, Mastery, Multistrike, Spirit, and Versatility. - In WoD, there is a new category called minor (aka tertiary) stats which includes Leech, Speed, Avoidance, and Indestructible. These stats may randomly appear on PvE gear drops, meaning some "Swords of 1000 Truths" will have them and others will not. Spell power and Intellect Intellect is converted into Spell power at a 1:1 ratio. Spell power will then increase the effect of your damage and healing spells by an amount determined by what's referred to here as the spell power coefficient of each spell. For example, the coefficient of Smite is 92.44%; If you have 4000 spell power, then Smite will deal (4000 * 0.9244) = 3697.6 damage. In WoD, most spells have had their base values removed so that the damage/healing (before buffs/passives) is determined only by their spell power coefficient. Some spells do appear to still have base values, so there may be more on that later. Spirit and Mana Regeneration Passive mana regeneration, or Mana per 5 seconds, is where priests receive a significant portion of their mana regeneration. All players have a base rate of mana regeneration, but that amount is directly increased by Spirit. The formula is 2% mana per 5 seconds baseline + 4.12207024 mp5 for every point of spirit. Holy and Discipline Priests find this useful as it becomes more difficult to run out of mana and allows the use of expensive spells more often. Shadow Priests do not have a use for spirit. For Holy and Discipline Priests, the Spirit based portion of your regeneration is reduced to 50% when in combat. The formula for mana regeneration in combat then becomes 2% mp5 baseline + 2.06103512 for every point of spirit (notice the spirit portion is cut in half). Shadow Priests do not have any spirit based regeneration in combat, they will only regenerate the base 2% mp5. Despite having no spirit based regeneration, Shadow Priests are not concerned about mana when performing their rotation - damage spells cost microscopic amounts of mana and your base mana regeneration will regenerate much faster than you can possibly spend it doing damage. So what function does mana serve for Shadow, then? Currently its purpose is to limit the use of certain spells such as Flash Heal and Mass Dispel without adversely affecting your ability to deal damage. Fun Fact: Given the rate of mana regeneration, it is possible to convert other effects, like trinkets, that regenerate mana into mp5 (any value of mana per time is fine as long as you use the same units) to make easier comparisons when making gear choices. Power Word: Solace is an easy example. Under ideal conditions you may use it 6 times per minute, for 12% mana per minute, which is 1% mp5, which at level 100 means 1600 mp5 (1% of a 160k mana pool). 1600 mp5 divided by the value of a point of spirit in combat (2.06103512 mp5) comes out to Power Word: Solace being equivalent to 776.3 spirit when used optimally. Mastery Mastery is a stat granting an effect depending on your specialization. For every x mastery rating you have, you gain an additional percentage of your spec's mastery bonus (The value of x depends on what spec you are as well). As you gain more mastery, the Mastery effect that you learned becomes more effective, such as a Holy Priest's Echo of Light. The tooltip displays a rounded number, so if you gain 1 mastery rating and the tooltip doesn't change, that point of mastery is still working. Mana pools and mana costs Spells don't actually have fixed mana cost numbers, but rather cost a certain percentage of your mana pool. Both mana cost and mana pools are numbers determined by class (Spec for some classes), level and nothing else. Talents or effects that passively reduce mana costs apply to the base mana costs of spells, and stack additively; The mana cost reduction from Power Infusion stacks multiplicatively with others because it's an active effect as opposed to a passive one. However all the passives have been pruned out of the game, so there is that.Nysem187 Nov 28
1d Just Umbra: A 6.0.3 Shadow Raiding Guide Last updated: December 14, 2014 0. The Quick Answers: Use DoT Weaving for <4 targets, otherwise Auspicious Spirits. DoT Weaving: Use the Insanity, Twist of Fate, and Clarity of Power talents, and the following rotation of Mind Blast on cooldown with fillers in between: Mind Blast (to 1 Orb), Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Blast (to 2 Orbs), Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Blast (to 3 Orbs), Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Mind Blast (to 4 Orbs), Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast (to 5 Orbs), Vampiric Touch, Devouring Plague (to 2 Orbs), Insanity (1 GCD), Mind Blast (to 3 Orbs), Insanity (2 GCDs), Devouring Plague, Mind Blast (to 1 Orb), Insanity (1 GCD), Insanity (2 GCDs), and then start over from Mind Blast to 2 Orbs. Note that you should not be delaying Mind Blast to channel Insanity. Replace Mind Spike with DoTs on targets other than your main one, Shadowfriend, Mind Sear if there are four or more targets, your level 90 talent, or a Reflective Shield that you know will be fully used when possible. Auspicious Spirits: Prioritize Halo and Cascade, then Devouring Plague, then Divine Star, then Shadow Word: Pain, then Mind Blast, then Shadowfriend, then Vampiric Touch, then Mind Sear. Gems: If you’re dedicated enough to use one set of gear for each level 100 talent, use haste gems for Clarity of Power and Void Entropy and crit gems for Auspicious Spirits; otherwise, just use haste gems. For lists of exact values, see HowToPriest: Enchants: Same reasoning as above, except Thunderlord (crit) is probably the best weapon enchant to use. Gear lists: Twintop at HowToPriest has done a much more thorough job of compiling gear lists than I would ever want to try to do, so go here: Tips for specific encounters: Seralin put some together here: --- Oh hi! This is your Shadow guide. The goal of this thread is to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Shadow spec and how to play it, particularly in raids. Special thanks to Nixx (but not Nixx or Nixx) for writing our previous Shadow guide, from which I stole some good ideas. If you have any questions that you can’t find answers to here or in the Lux et Umbra thread (which covers our general class mechanics), feel free to ask! I’m sure there are things I haven’t thought to include but should have, and there are no stupid questions, just poor explanations on my part. Table of Contents: 1. The Rotation: 1.1. The Spells (and Glyphs): 1.2. The Level 100 Talents: 2. The Stats (and Gems, and Enchants): 3. The Utility: 4. The Macros: 5. The Addons: 6. The Other Resources: 1d
6d Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing (6.2) For in-depth guides regarding talent, glyphs, enchants and other Discipline or Holy information, please check out - Holy: Discipline: I am now Ashleycakez @ Bleeding Hollow for those curious. I still play! Many starting Priests stop by our forum looking for useful tips to help them as they progress through Priesthood. I've provided these pointers to help not only low level Priests but Priests at max level who still feel uncomfortable healing or may be switching to healing from playing Shadow! These are tips for those of you beginning healing to help you in the dungeons and heroic dungeons you encounter in your journey. These pointers are exclusively for PvE (player vs. environment). GENERAL HEALING PRIEST INFORMATION Which spec should I play? Either one works. Remember this when making the decision: Holy is a reactive healing spec. This means that your group will take damage and you will heal it after the fact. Disc is a mitigation spec, which means that you will prevent incoming damage on your group via absorption.. Tips for Holy and Discipline: Use Mindbender on or near its cooldown as often as possible. It is best to use it when your mana drops to 80%, and then to continue using it on its CD. If you are not specced into Mindbender, use it on CD as an offensive burst cooldown. If specced into Power Word: Solace, make sure to use this spell on cooldown. Talented for Surge of Light? Monitor those procs and use them up before they expire! SoL is great for refreshing Renew in Holy or topping off/applying Divine Aegis (if critical) as Discipline. Flash Heal heals for the same amount as Heal, but has a faster cast time. Use Flash Heal when your target is in need of near immediate healing and conserve mana with Heal in other situations. Prayer of Mending (PoM) is a particularly useful spell for area-of-effect (AoE) damage. The best use of this spell in dungeons involves casting it on your tank and monitoring when it fades or all its charges are used. PoM is not necessarily the best spell to cast on cooldown. It is in your best interest to use it only when AoE damage is going out, especially if your mana is suffering. Power Infusion is now accessible by both Holy and Disc. Use this cooldown as you need for the additional throughput and mana reduction. Enhanced Leap of Faith (level 92) provides 50% increased healing for your next non-periodic heal on the target which LoF was used. Useful for topping off players who love fire!Ashleycakez182 6d
Dec 9 In Purple Mist: Shadow PvP Guide 6.03 IN PURPLE MIST: SHADOW PVP GUIDE 6.03 _____________________________________________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Abbreviations 3. Key Changes 4. Stat Priority 5. Talents 6. Glyphs 7. Gear 8. Gemming 9. Enchants 10. Race 11. Professions 12. Macros 13. Addons 14. Conclusion _____________________________________________________________________ 1. INTRODUCTION This is a PvP guide for shadow priests in 6.03 WoD and will be updated in future patches. It is written for players who already have a basic understanding of WoW, but may be new to playing a shadow priest or not up to speed with the changes to shadow in WoD. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. ABBREVIATIONS CC - Crowd control CD - Cool down CoP - Clarity of Power DoT - Damage over time DP - Devouring Plague GCD - Global cooldown LoF - Leap of Faith MB - Mind Blast MF - Mind Flay MS - Mind Spike M/H - Main hand weapon O/H - Off hand weapon PW:S - Power Word: Shield SI - Shadowy Insight SoD - Surge of Darkness SW:P - Shadow Word: Pain ToF - Twist of Fate VT - Vampiric Touch _____________________________________________________________________ 3. KEY CHANGES The following are the key changes effecting shadow priests in WoD: Hit has been removed so we no longer need Spirit. We now have 5 shadow orbs, up from 3. Clarity of Power has transformed shadow pvp giving instant Mind Blasts on a short CD. Psychic Horror now plays a dominant role due to the 4 set bonus returning orbs spent on Psychic Horror. Haste breakpoints were removed and no longer apply. Instead, the number of ticks increases evenly as your Haste increases. Refreshing your DoTs will increase them to 150% of their original duration. This means you can refresh your DoTs when they are at 50% without losing ticks. DoT snap shotting was removed meaning DoTs are buffed only whilst the buff is active, instead of determined at the time the DoT was cast.Niks238 Dec 9
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Priests: Please Read! Welcome to the Priest forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the priest class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
1m Hearthglen Annals of Light and Shadow Why is this only obtainable by one person an hour? Didn't Blizz learn their lesson from the Kosumoth orbs? QQ etc etcArstra22 1m
1m No more voidform Tentacles? Anyone else notice this? Lame.Hurgleburgle6 1m
6m priest name rate post/rate your favorite priest namesTouchinkids21 6m
7m [Long] Proposed Disc Change Suggestions Hey guys! As somebody who absolutely LOVES Disc right now and the playstyle it provides, I wanted to give some feedback on the spec and provide some ideas on improving the spec to make it not so frustrating for some players plus adding some quality of life changes to the spec to help boost it up with other healers. [Background Info On Me] As for me, I’ve been playing off and on since day one of vanilla. I have one level 110, nine 100’s, and two above 60, so I’m pretty versed in how the game as a whole “plays”. I played a lot of Disc in Wrath and Cata but didn’t really pick it up again until the Legion Pre-patch. At that point I absolutely loved what Blizzard did with the spec. I liked the full commitment to the “damage to heal” playstyle instead of it just being an alternate, less efficient playstyle. It requires more skill to play as a whole now because there is a lot more to keep track of, and because of that I find the spec to be a lot more fun than just being a bar watcher. I also get this feeling that I am contributing more to my group too because of the damage and major cooldowns I bring. Once I got a feel for the spec in pre-patch, that’s when I decided to fully commit to the spec in Legion. Since Legion launched I’ve ran all of the major content available to some degree except Heroic Emerald Nightmare. I heal Mythic+2-3 Dungeons very easily. My group missed Mythic+4 Halls of Valor by 45s because we went the wrong way on the wolf and we had a few deaths on our first pull before we learned how to deal with the buff. I’ve ran Mythic+5 Black Rook Hold and completed it but we didn’t make the time (Spiders need to not get the Damage buff; bats don’t, so not sure why spiders do). My guild also ran Emerald Nightmare last weekend on normal as a 20-man and reached Xavius but couldn’t down him (got him to 35% after converting to a 10-man). On bosses I was either second (under our resto Shaman) or third right under our Holy Priest. I mostly focused on the tanks as priority with some spot healing when needed. I’m normally really big into PvP, but I’ve committed way more to PvE so far this expansion because of how much stuff requires it. I’ve only done a handful of Rated Battlegrounds and I’m only 1677 in 2’s and was at 1800 Saturday night in 3’s (currently down to 1700 playing with some friends on Sunday). Disc is pretty strong in PvP at the moment. I am currently 849 Item Level with an 880 Item Level Artifact at level 22. My stat Priority has been Haste>Crit>Mastery>Versatility [Opinion on the Spec] Now, even after all of the content I’ve done and seeing the posts people have been putting, I feel Disc is fairly strong right now. My honest opinion is that the negativity is coming from people who are still learning how to efficiently play the class and learning their role as a whole. We do have a few issues that need to be addressed, but I do not feel that Disc is anywhere near as horrible as everybody says it is. Having said that though, for the elitist groups of the internet trying for world firsts, no, I would not take a Disc Priest in its current state over another healer. But as somebody that just enjoys the content and does the best he can, I think the spec is perfectly fine. If you are not in some famous guild trying for world firsts and going for elitist progression, there is no reason you cannot play this spec and have a lot of success with it. My guild actually loves that I play Disc and were more than happy to have me heal the raid and a lot of groups running Mythic+’s want me in their group to heal (we have a huge guild). The Doomsday “everybody hates disc” conversations going around have not been experienced by myself to any degree. Even in pug groups I often get compliments on my healing. Anyway, now for the good stuff. [Proposed Changes] ***DISCLAIMER*** Before I begin this section, please keep in mind as you read the suggested changes below that I do not think the talents and abilities I mention are garbage. They work in their current form fine, just not as efficiently as “I feel” they should. So please do not try and twist my words later saying “Power Radiance is complete garbage” or “our mana regeneration is complete crap”. My opinions below are simply to provide insight on them and improve them to make them better button presses than they currently are. I say this because the below sections can sound pretty negative. ***/DISCLAIMER*** ---Power Word: Radiance--- I’m going to start with our only AoE heal ability outside of talents. In its current state, I feel like this was made for 5-mans and to be used sparingly. It is this ability in and of itself that I stack as much haste as possible… for the sole reason of not ever having to cast it... I feel my haste-increased GCD is better used casting Plea or Power Word: Shield than Radiance. The reasons I do want to cast this spell ever is because, a) the cast time is too long for just 3 Atonements, b) the heal it gives is negligible (aka pretty much non-existent), and c) it costs too much mana. The only time I use this ability is in Mythic+ when I know big damage is coming and is usually followed by a Light’s Wrath into Penance. Otherwise, I avoid this ability when I can or use it only when I have some mana spare. I personally do not like pressing this button as it does not feel good to press and I feel like I am giving up too much to cast something so inefficient. Here are some alternating improvements that could make it better: a) leave cost and cast time the same but make it give out 5 Atonements instead of 3 b) decrease mana cost substantially c) decrease cast time and mana cost slightly d) leave it the same but make the heal substantially higher c) add something else to it, like a small HoT, increased Atonement uptime, or a shield ---Mana Issues--- Going to jump straight into this one after Radiance. As everybody has seen on boards everywhere, we have some issues with mana; not as bad as everybody says, but they are there. My honest opinion is that Atonement itself is the main issue. It is a maintenance buff that we have to keep up to heal but currently our spells make it so inefficient to do so. If only 2, maybe 3, people are taking damage, it's fine. When the entire group is taking damage, it’s not. I have two options at this point. I can spam Shadow Mend (usually the case in Mythic+) or I can cast Power Word: Radiance and then a Plea and maybe then a Power Word: Shield on the tank and go back to DPS’ing. This isn’t bad when it’s a couple of times during a fight. It’s when this happens continuously throughout a fight that we run into issues (especially in the Emerald Nightmare raid). Currently there just isn’t an efficient way to keep atonement up on multiple people taking damage over long periods of time without using multiple GCD’s on spells that in and of themselves do not provide effective healing. The only other option is keep Atonements rolling on everybody which itself is also very mana inefficient. At this point in time, the only true efficient way to keep an entire group taking lots of damage from dying is spamming Shadow Mend. When I have to do this, it is not fun for me. Granted, Shadow Mend is an amazing ability and gives greater heals than Flash Heal does, but if I wanted to spam one healing ability over and over again I might as well just play Holy instead of Disc. For improvements, most are screaming for changes to mana costs on abilities, but outside of Power Word: Radiance, I think the costs are fine. What we need are better ways to keep Atonement rolling on people. The talent Contrition is a prime example. An extra 2 seconds is nothing when you compare it to Power Infusion. Using the rotation in the first paragraph buys me an extra 1.5 Smites to cast. That’s not helpful to me when I can take Power Infusion and get a Damage Increase, Healing Increase, and a Mana Increase out of just one ability. Plea and Power Word: Shield are pretty mana efficient and I’m going to have to refresh Atonement anyway, so another 2 seconds doesn’t buy me a lot. Twist of Fate would be more efficient if it also worked when damaging a target below 35% instead of just healing them so in long boss fights or rough trash pulls my healing gets better instead of waiting for somebody to take a nosedive in health. All in all we need better ways to manage Atonement. It takes too many GCD’s to get Atonement up before we can even begin to heal, and we have to pre-cast it before the damage which also takes away from healing and the uptime of Atonement. It also costs too much mana to keep Atonement rolling for long periods of time. Here are some improvements to make it better: a) look at the changes to Power Word: Radiance above b) increase Contrition to a minimum 5 second increase c) change Contrition completely to help keeping Atonements rolling. For example: Applying Atonement to a target that has Atonement also applies it to another target (or just make this a default passive) d) change Twist of Fate to also work on Damaging a Target below 35% e) remove the increasing Plea cost per application f) or take the easy way out and decrease mana costs across the board (I don’t recommend this, but it is a solution) ---Power Word: Shield--- This spell just needs a boost. It currently doesn’t block enough in my opinion. When I take the talent Grace it feels decent, but without Grace you might as well cast Plea instead and then start your damage rotation. The only real benefit is that it is an alternative to Plea to get Atonement up without having an increased Plea cost. I use this ability primarily on the tank to refresh Atonement and no one else unless the tank just isn’t taking damage and somebody else is. When I know big damage is coming (like the first boss in Black Rook Hold after the adds for example) I will cast Rapture and then shield everybody which is then taken away in one tick, but other than that it just feels… very meh… to see a shield go on somebody and watch it just vanish instantly and still watch their health drop. This button just feels very lackluster when I press it, especially after playing a Discipline Priest in other expansions. Here are some improvements to make it better: a) increase absorb amount b) give us a way to improve the absorb; such as damage abilities stack up a percentage so the next PW: Shield absorbs more (buff stays on while Rapture is active) c) remove Clarity of Will and change it to something that improves PW: Shield instead [Talents] The rest of my comments really just concern talents, so I’m just going to speed through some talent opinions and changes below. ---Level 15 Talents--- The Penitent heals for too little; needs to be increased to compete with the other too. Schism is another buff we have to maintain; could be a good choice if Atonement management was handled better. Castigation is my go-to talent. Feels great to cast Penance when I have this talent. Love the healing and damage it adds. Really great talent. ---Level 30 Talents--- Angelic Feather used to be the go to talent (and still is for most part), but because of the longer cooldown now Body and Soul is competitive (which is actually the one I prefer in this expansion as opposed to feather last expansion). Masochism feels very out of place in this talent row. Very lackluster talent in my opinion and the other two provide a lot more versatility in fights. Wish Spectral Guise was back in its place here. That one fits more with the other two and gives us an actual escape besides a long fear cooldown. ---Level 45 Talents--- Shining Force has it’s uses, even it is just at Lumber Mill or Mid in Eye of the Storm. Cooldown is too long honestly. Psychic Voice is my go to at the moment. I do not, however, like having to take it as I feel 30 seconds should be the default since we have no escapes otherwise. Dominant Mind has proven to be pretty helpful in Mythic runs. I wouldn’t complain if it went a little lower since it is “essentially” for PvE only, but I’ve also come across a few amusing uses for it too. ---Level 60 Talents--- Okay… These could use some love. Here’s some numbers based off of my current stats: PW: Solace: ~125k/hit x ~6 casts/min = ~750k damage +4.5% mana per minute Mindbender: ~75k/hit x 7 hits/min = ~500k damage + 5.25% mana per minute Shield Discipline: No damage, ~6 casts/min = 0.0 damage + 6% mana per minute (potentially more with Rapture). Each one provides something a little different. Solace is more damage (therefore more healing) but gives the least amount of mana. Shield Discipline gives no damage, but gives back the most mana as long as somebody is taking damage. Mindbender is in between. In their current state, they don’t give back enough mana in my opinion. But I only say this because of our current mana issues. If our mana issues were corrected then I’d say leave them alone because all three talents provide something in a different way, which I like. If no other changes happen, then the mana given back should be upped for each one. But regardless of changes, I feel like Shield Discipline should give mana back when the shield expires too instead of only after being absorbed since you are sacrificing damage for more mana and it needs to be cast on cooldown for it to be the most efficient. ---Level 75 Talents--- I talked about these above. Contrition needs an overhaul. Power Infusion is amazing. Twist of Fate needs to also proc when damaging an enemy below 35%. ---Level 90 Talents--- All three of these are lackluster. Clarity of Will cast time is too long to give a shield that I think Power Word: Shield should already be at. It needs to be removed and replaced with something that buffs Power Word: Shield or have its cast time reduced. Neither Divine Star nor Halo heal for enough for the amount of mana they cost. Halo’s heal especially feels weak given the cooldown and the limited times you can use it due to extra trash in dungeons and its range. In Emerald Nightmare I was running Halo and the healing numbers on it did not justify me taking it. Divine Star could potentially be more useful if either did more damage or each hit counted for Atonement healing. I mostly stick with Divine Star just to tag multiple enemies when doing World Quests. Either way, I find each of these talents lacking significantly. ---Level 100 Talents--- Oh Grace how I love thee. It is pretty much the only one I can justify taking. Purge the Wicked does not increase in enough damage over SW: Pain to make it a viable “HoT” through Atonement healing. I also really wish the spread went to all enemies instead of just one since we have no AoE outside of the lackluster level 90 talents. I have tried Shadow Covenant and it is more mana efficient to spam Shadow Mend with Grace than it is to cast this spell. It also doesn’t apply Atonement, which means it is strictly to AoE heal, but the mana cost makes it extremely inefficient, even for the sole purpose that it was designed for. In higher Mythic+’s we are basically Shadow Mend spam bots, so I have to take Grace since Atonement doesn’t heal enough big damage pulls, especially in Mythic +4 and higher, and Shadow Covenant costs too much mana. [Conclusion] Those are my suggestions and thoughts. I’m hoping that Blizzard can take a look at this and apply some of them. As I did say at the beginning though, I do feel Disc is a pretty decent spot, but it does need a little extra work so it is more efficient, especially in regards to Atonement upkeep. I’ve been able to successfully do the majority of content available, however, I do feel I have to work harder than I should for it because of some if it’s inefficiencies, but those can be corrected. I also like where our damage is at. I pull about 75k to 125k dps (over 200k with Power Infusion) which I feel is in a good spot. Atonement healing could use a slight increase so we’re not spamming Shadow Mend in higher content. But all in all, if Atonement was just a little easier to manage and some buttons didn’t feel so lackluster to push, I think we’d be perfect. If anybody else has any opinions or comments on some things I’ve suggested, please feel free to comment!Sidequest15 7m
9m Can a disc priest reliably heal mythics? Hey guys, I'm gonna level up one of my other guys, and I want someone who can main healing. So it's between my druid and my priest. This discipline sure looks fun, is it viable for healing solo in mythics? I.e. if you practice a whole bunch in heroics and go into mythics with full heroic gear will you do alright? Thanks!Tenyearsgone8 9m
11m "Thats why disc is garbo" Another PuG story. Eye os Azshara, daily heroic. First boss, DPS zergs the adds. Have to babysit DPS because Impale deals a ton of damage. Ok. Second boss, snake boss. Second phase, DPS decides to ignore the extra heads. No interrupts. Pop Pain Suppression on the tank, Power Infusion to deal with the huge damage intake. People stand on bad stuff. Spamming Shadowmend but its not enough to bring bars up. Wipe. Some shaman says in chat: "Thats why disc is garbo" Next try, everyone gets their job done. End of the run. - Honestly it's ****ing annoying when we (healers) take blame for other peoples mistakes. I know its not much but Ive been healing for over 3 years and it still pisses me off. Its not something we get used to. Can't tell you how many times I've been kicked because some DPS pulls extra trash and I have to heal them and the pack immediately run towards me and I get the blame because "I''ve pulled sh*t" Or how many times Ive been blamed because people dont do what they are supposed to. Makes me wanna drop healing altogether so I dont have to deal with it anymore. No wonder most people dont like playing healers, it makes my fire mage much more appealing to play with. - If you are reading this and you are a healer, Im sure you've been through similar crap. I feel you. Sorry for the rant.Lumiel66 11m
11m What About Disc? Thrilled to see the changes in Shadow spec..but what about Disc? Better mana regen and extra AOE Heals?Thaelora66 11m
15m Claw of Nzoth and LFR So now that LFR Is out has anyone confirmed that this can in fact drop off LFR Iggy?Zunde8 15m
17m Where are the voidform tentacles? They don't pop out anymore at 15 stacks.Malficious1 17m
29m switching between Holy and Shadow, viable? So, I am considering starting to dump some AP on my Shadow Artifact now. I have a couple of questions and concerns for this, so it would be really appreciated if someone with experience can give me a hand with the answers: 1- What do you find faster for WQ and Solo content (things like the withered army scenario), holy or shadow? 2- How much "Survivavility" does Shadow has? at which "number" of regular 110 normal world mobs should I start getting worried about dying, does shadow has problem with single elite mobs (think suramar heavy guarded city area)? 3-How dependant is shadow on "Sub stats" (I read depending on talents you itemize for either Crit or Haste, but as holy my highest is Mastery, how much is this going to affect me? would i need a separate gear?) 4- How dependant is Shadow on his Artifact weapon level to do "good", would i lag behind to Bad if for a fight we have to many healers and i decided to go DPS? Thanks in advance for the help!Matusalem13 29m
46m Disc Priest Tuning Talents & Abilities First I'd like to say, Disc has a very interesting style, one that's very different from other healers, and I enjoy the flavor of dealing damage and healing at the same time. Doing 5 mans and even Mythic+ are great as Disc, and it feels like we were tuned for doing those. Raids - not so much. On every boss fight I was consistently the 'top' Healer, and about 6-10th on DPS, but only for the first half of the fight. The rest of the Boss fight I am OOM, and I hadn't even used PW: Radiance (huge mana drainer). Looking at World of Logs and Warcraft Logs, Disc Priests are spamming Plea to put Atonement on their Raid. Doing as little as 20k HPS and then using Lights Wrath to 'boom' heal the Raid, rinse and repeat, ending up with an average of around 250-300k HPS. Is this the intended way to heal as Disc in Raids? I surely hope not! I found myself using my tools, like PW: Shield, Penance, Shadow Mend, ect., spamming Plea to my (when I tried it) felt so bad as a healer. My constructive thoughts on tuning for Quality of Life as Disc in Raids (and/or): Reduce the mana cost of damaging abilities - Addresses the mana issue. Increase the cast time of PW: Radiance to 2.5s, make it apply Atonement to all 5 party members in that group. (if this atonement application feels too OP, then the Mana cost can be increased and/or the heal can be a lesser amount) - Addresses the Atonement application issue. Increase the mana return of Mindbender from 0.75% to 1.5% - Addresses the mana issue. #FeelsBadMan Disc Talents & Artifact Talents: Clarity of Will - I haven't seen one Disc Priest take this talent in any situation, be it World PVE, Dungeons, or Raids. Suggestion: Reduce cast time to 2s, it might open it up a little more for a possible use. Shadow Covenant - Another talent I haven't seen any Disc Priest take. Suggestion: Instead of an Absorb of healing, perhaps a 'Dot' like Shadow Mend has, it keeps the flavor, and a Disc Priest could potentially 'burst heal' with it. Doomsayer, Pain is in Your Mind, & Vestments of Discipline - All of these having 3 points to spend for their final effect make me not want to keep putting hundreds of thousands of points into them. Feels wasteful. Suggestions: Doomsayer - (1/1) Increase the duration of Rapture by 0.5s every time you use PW: Shield during Rapture. Pain is in Your Mind - (1/1) Reduces the cooldown of Pain Suppression by 30 sec. Vestments of Discipline - (1/1) Activating fade reduces all damage you take by 25% for 6s, but leaves a Dot on you of the damage taken for 6s. So where do the other 6 points go? I would like to see them in Invoke the Light, Taming the Shadows, and Share in the Light - all of which go higher than they currently are, so 15%, 20%, 25%. And just when you didn't think I had more to say... Barrier for the Devoted - By far the one I talk about the most with my Guild Mates. Requiring 3 things to happen just to get a benefit feels super bad. First, you need to have Atonement on ones you want to heal to get the benefit. Second, they not only need to have Atonement, but also be inside your small (feels small) PW: Barrier. Third, you finally have to DPS in that small time frame of when PW: Barrier is active, hoping that Atonement hasn't fallen off yet. This talent does not drive me to spend my artifact points to reach it. Suggestion: Everyone inside your PW: Barrier has Atonement for it's duration. (so simple but yet so effective!) I'd be interested to know your thoughts as well.Screamtwice1 46m
52m Stealth nerf to insanity drain? I have noticed that insanity seems to drain at a faster rate. It feels that way but it may be because we lose the additional stacks on dispersion. Has anyone else felt that the drain may have been increased slightly?Reipèn3 52m
54m 7.1 Shadow Form Request Hi all you shadow priests. Now that we have a moment to breath thanks to Blizz's Sept 26th patch changes, I thought we could talk a bit about the 7.1 Shadow Form return. My Thoughts I know there has been debates about some wanting shadow form to return in a way that is removable for the cosmetic feel and those that don't want to keep reapplying it after death or even the possibility of accidently turning it off. Not sure if this has been brought up yet but, I propose Blizzard should implement shadow form with the option to be toggled into an auto-cast. There have been abilities that utilized this in the past where you are able to left click the ability to cast it on or off but also to Right click the ability and set it as an auto-cast. This left/right click functionality should appease both parties. Those that want it off would have that option though disabling the auto cast and self casting it on/off as they like. But those that don't want the hassle of ever needing to cast it would be able to set Shadow Form as an auto-cast and they wouldn't have to worry about it again. Closing Remark Let me know what everyone thinks about this and if any Devs would like to confirm or deny this implementation that would also be great. TL:DR Make Shadow Form castable on off with left click but allow an auto cast functionality with right click.Fatherlewis6 54m
1h Glyph of Psychic Scream I usually play discipline in dungeons, and you can't really trust your dps to interrupt amirite lol. But all jokes aside, I wish this was still in the game. Having feared mobs stay in place is a godsend in certain dungeons.Feralay0 1h
1h Are we fine with Holy in PvP? I am of the opinion that it is at a very bad place. I die in a few secs, and constantly get CCed. Our mobility is very low, and we have to hard cast most of the time. I see other classes (Resto Druids) getting PvP buffs, while Holy is considered the worst healing spec and getting nothing. What is going on?Bodytriangle5 1h
1h Getting Compaints -- frustrated I level in dungeons. I'm sick of tanks yelling at me to heal them... how important is shadow mend? I haven't been using it much. When I crit, I heal enough -- but the penance and smite and sw:p dmg don't seem sufficient to keep tanks alive. Maybe my mastery is too low?? Generally, if I lose someone, its the tank and I can keep the rest of the group alive. Maybe I'm just used to the days of mastery equaling huge shields on my tank and worrying more about that mage in the corner who keeps pulling agro. But I can't help feeling that I'm missing something.Egosumlux12 1h
1h Shadow Priest nerfs 9/23 Shadow Mind Sear damage and Insanity generation increased by 50%. Voidform stacks no longer increase while Dispersion and Void Torrent are active. Note: These abilities prevent Insanity drain from increasing while active, which effectively reduces the Insanity drain for the entire remainder the current Voidform. This was proving to be too powerful, so we’re now making sure that the damage bonus and Insanity drain from Voidform remain in sync. The benefit of Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) is now capped at 100%. Note: We want it to be rewarding when you’re able to maintain Surrender to Madness for an extremely long time, but the amount of damage this trait was contributing in those circumstances was excessive. ___ So, we get a super minor AoE buff (less than a 10% buff to AoE). But we get an overall damage nerf to balance around it. (VoiT/Disp no longer generating additional stacks). Pretty MASSIVE nerf edit: link "Hey bro, I heard you're struggling with AoE. So we'll nerf your overall damage, and your AoE, and give your filler a small buff." We made it boys, we should be the absolute bottom simming, and realistic output DPS.Nerity196 1h
2h Make disc a another dps spec. Blizzards you're obviously having trouble balancing the one class with two healing specs without making one of them underperform horribly. But there are many MANY (literally all of them aside from Paladins, demon hunters and monks) classes with 2 or more meaningful and interesting dps specs. So I may be alone in this but I'd rather have a balanced class with 2 dps specs than a class with 2 abnormally high skill cap specs with no reward for BEING skilled with those specs.Bunnise29 2h
2h Constructive Feedback for Shadow Hey everyone, after seeing the tweet from the devs, they might be changing the nerfs (at least i hope!) So, in order to help guide things along, and i know this probably won't change much, if anything. I'd like to start a constructive feed back thread about possible changes to make to shadow if they really feel we should be nerfed. I'm going to list some of what i feel to be the most obvious issues with the spec and possible changes. Please help me compile all you're thoughts on possible changes, i would like to get this rolling! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our first issue is ramp up time and low damage outside of StM. It takes way too long to get from point A to B on the insanity meter. A good change would be to remove Surrender to Madness and rework our mastery. Change our Mastery to increase insanity generation. It would help smooth out our kit, we'd still be stronger during the execute phase, and would be stronger overall when using void form. This would make it easier to balance because our insanity generation wouldn't be as ridiculous, since of course they'd have more to work with on our base kit. Another change that could be made is to bring back Inner Fire. Give us 60% more armor, since we lack mobility, and give us 10% more Spell Power. we were the signature tanky casters back before WoD. I really feel this should return, even if it's always on like mage armor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second issue is our 100 Talents. Legacy is "okay" But not great, some have suggested that we add passive insanity generation to it, but i say why don't we slow the insanity drop during void form. Instead of insanity dropping by 1 every 2 seconds, we change it to 1 every 3 or 4 seconds. This would give us more consistent damage and more void forms overall. It would be great for fights that don't require a strong burst to end the fight. Mind spike however i feel needs to be reworked. How about when you burst the stacks applied to a mob with Mind Blast, it spreads all our dots to every nearby mob. This would allow us to trade some strong single target damage for better aoe. Not great, but it's an idea. Since Surrender to Madness would be removed, we'd have to replace the talent. The new talent could be : whenever you enter void form, you can now move while casting your abilities. This could be 100% passive. So, we would have to choose between having better uptime on Void Form (my proposed change for Legacy of the void), Better aoe (My proposed change to Mind Spike) Or mobility for heavy movement fights (My proposed change for a new Talent.) The new talent could be called Mania and we rename the current movement talent that we have now to Rapid Discord. These changes to our 100 talents would give us much more flexibility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- our third issue is a lack of utility and mobility, granted the ladder is solved with StM, it's not going to help a majority of the times. I say we should rework Mania to be an on demand speed boost off the global cooldown, similar to burning rush, or that mage ability, i forget the name. Also we rename Mania to Rapid Discord. Body and Sould should be removed and replaced by Shadow guise, or some form of it. Shadow Priests whole theme is slipping into the shadows, so why not give us some kind of short lived stealth? As for utility, i think Vampiric Embrace should be a passive, like back in Cata. This would make both the leveling experience and soloing much more bearable. Nerf the numbers a little if you must but it would be a welcome change. For interrupts, change our silence in pve to be on par with other classes interrupts. Change the cooldown to around 24 seconds to make us competitive with other ranged dps. For PvP keep it at 45, since it has more use in there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the main problems out of the way, i would like to discuss the nerfs. I feel like they just are not the way to go. Losing skill ceiling is just punishing the good players. StM is fun, i like it, a lot. But the thing about it, and Shadow Priests as a whole, is that we take much more skill to play than some of the other classes, due to our mechanics costing us our very lives if we fail to do the rotation properly or use it at the wrong time. I'm all for the Dispersion nerf, i don't mind losing it. Does it effect the depth? of course, but i won't miss it too much. But i will however miss the Artifact ability Void Torrent. It's our weapons signature ability. By it's very nature it should keep stacks rolling. I say we should at least keep that. If you feel that you really must nerf Void Torrent, how about you change it to halt our insanity while generating 100 over it's duration. This would make it so we can push it in an emergency to save our skinny void covered behinds. The nerf to Mass Hysteria is missing the mark. It's going to hurt us more than anything they could have done. As of now this one single trait carries our dps. With the nerf, it will cripple us. Please do not do this nerf, instead please remove Surrender to Madness and try my feedback of reworking our mastery. This will allow more wiggle room for balancing us without having to wreck our kit because of one talent. Now, Mind Sear. This ability just will not be good. It can't because as long as it and Mind Flay are at odds, it will always be weak. How about instead of buffing it's base damage, you make it trigger our dots for a little extra damage. Just think drain soul from Affliction Locks back in WoD. but for aoe. You could even give this effect to Mind Flay to keep Mind Sear from over taking it. Maybe give this effect to the Void Ray talent. Anyway these are some of my ideas, thanks for reading!Amÿgdala14 2h
2h Holy in raids... Spent the evening wiping on Heroic Nythendra... best attempt 7%. Topped the charts for my new guild and I got complimented by the raid leaders. Holy is going to be just fine in Legion raids.Jesci57 2h
2h Kinda realized... whats the point of raiding? All there is for shadow priests is a sense of progression and accomplishment. Since we only have like, what, 3ish bis from EN? Almost exclusively from the same boss, cenarius? Just occurred to me. And now I'm sad.Amína18 2h
2h Look at the nerfs, and possible solutions. I have been playing priest for a few years now. I have played both in a competitive raid environment as well as in the PvP scene. Here I am going to discuss some of the proposed nerfs and how I feel they can affect our class in the short and long run. I very rarely make a post regarding balancing and tuning however I do feel strongly on this issue and would like to share my thoughts on the matter. First I want to start with Surrender to Madness (s2m). Now I realize that this spell was not touched by the recent nerfs however its interaction with the artifact traits is what is causing the nerfs. So for years now priest have been on the short end of “Dps cooldowns”. Hunters had stampede, Enhancement had ghost wolves, Mages had crystal, Boomkins had celestial alignment, Warriors had bladestorm, ect ect. So it was very exciting that in legion we would finally have a strong cool down to use that would provide a strong increase in our overall damage in a raid setting. On the other side of the argument it is a 10 minute cool down and we die at the end of it. (which I will touch on in a moment.) I think the overall idea of this spell is fantastic and love the feeling of trying to fight off the insanity bar and it becomes increasingly harder and harder the more void form stacks you get.However as mentioned you die at the end of it, (and can not be resurrected) This in it of itself should make an argument that it should be the strongest dps cool down in the game. No other class has a ability that causes them to be a non factor once its finished. Also going off the game's logic, with it being a 10 minute cool down stands the same argument. I would not expect it to be on the same level as let's say stampede as you can use it multiple times, where priests only get 1 opportunity to use ours. Another point I would like to make before I move on to the actual nerfs is the fact of dying at the end of this. This already puts a bigger strain on shadow priests to try and time this spell out properly. If you use it too early and “surrender” too quickly into a fight, you are bringing your raid down as you are dead and basically a useless dps spot at that point. Likewise if you use it too late, you won't build up enough stacks to really have this ability shine because the boss will be dead before you can reach enough stacks. Again no other dps class has this issues, as most will use their CD’s at the start of a fight and proceed to use them on cool down unless there are certain points where you can benefit from the dps boost. With that in mind, a rough guess would say that about 80-85% of shadow priest players will not be timing their surrender “perfect” on any given fight. That along with different player skill level and gear, also affects this. Some players may only be able to reach 50-60 stacks until they die. While others may be able to reach a much higher number, however there should not be a cap for rewarding someone who is able to reach any given number of stacks. Which leads me into the mass hysteria nerfs. So in short, when the nerfs go live anything above 50 void form stacks will not benefit from mass hysteria. This I feel is not the best way to solve the problem at hand. As I mentioned there are many variants of what each player will be able to achieve in terms of their void form stacks. As players acquire better gear they will be able to reach higher and higher stacks, which should be rewarded in terms of better DPS numbers. Likewise in player skill. As players play the game more and get better and better with their rotations there should be a reward for that. By capping mass hysteria you are nullifying the idea of improvement and how a player can continue to improve throughout the expansion. Even considering the T19 2pc which now gives your shadow word pain and vampiric touch the ability to grant insanity for every tick of damage they do, this should be something that players have to look forward too and not something that can cap our damage and overall ability to perform. Suggestions: Nerf Mass Hysteria to only provide 1.5% damage per stack - without a cap. Nerf to the pain and touch of darkness. (This can still achieve a better balance of our classes dps, while still rewarding players for increasing gear and or skill level.) Next I will touch on the Dispersion and Void Torrent changes. From reading other players posts and feedback I can pretty much say that a majority of the community agrees that the change to Dispersion is more than ok. Having it feel like a mandatory ability in our rotation felt weird and something I feel should be used as a defensive ability and not something required in a dps rotation. I think overall this is something that should be done. I am however going to disagree with making Void Torrent work in the same regard. On the flip side of how dispersion is our core defensive ability, Void Torrent is now our new Dps one. Also with it being our artifact it should be more powerful than that of a defensive ability. Going back to my point on priests have always been about a class that required a solid rotation to excel, I feel this should be apart of that rotation. As a DPS tool it should be treated as such and allow you to build up insanity stacks and when used in a proper rotation should reward players. If this is not allowed to increase our void forms stacks, I feel it weakens the overall power of how this was intended and with all the talk leading into legion about how you will be able to use this all powerful artifacts, I feel they should be treated as such. Suggestion: Lower the channel time of Void Torrent ( Allowing less void form stacks to be accumulated) Finally I want to touch on the Mindseer buffs. Now this is going to be a tricky topic because it does feel really bad having to multi dot things within a dungeon just to have other classes burst everything down. However this buff I feel is an actual indirect nerf to us. Now this is more along the lines of theory crafting and what to expect so I may be off on this. Many people I have talked with feel that with the increase to insanity generation, anything with 2 or more targets will cause you to want to use mindseer rather than mind flay. Which is going to be a nerf to our two other gold traits. Call to the void would basically become useless as a trait as you would really only be using mind flay on pure single target encounters.Which as of now there are only two in Heroic Emerald Nightmare. And that will change as players go into mythic and experience the mythic mechanics. This also will nerf our Sphere of insanity trait, as mentioned it there are multiple mobs in a given area affected by our shadow word pain, we will be using mindseer and not mind flay. Again I feel it is great that you are looking to improve an almost useless aoe spell in our kit but by providing such a big increase to its insanity generation I feel this is going to be an indirect nerf to other things within out kit. Suggestion: Increase mindseer damage by 75% and insanity generation by 25% Now if you made it this far I want to thank you for taking the time to read everything. As I mentioned I dont really ever post on balance changes, as blizzard has all the information and data behind the changes, however this was something I did feel could be handled a little better. I thought priests were in a great place and something very rewarding to play however I feel some of these changed could hurt that and the overall experience that lies ahead as we go deeper into the expansion. As a final note, I would ask that if you don't agree with my suggestions and or have something to add, please feel free but I would like to keep this as free as possible from the stupid comments, as blizzard has stated they dont help anything and I would very much like to keep this an open discussion.Sharkbaìt12 2h
2h Mind Spike Questions Hey all, Definitely a part of the group who's ecstatic to see Blizzard listened to our QQing and reverted changes. Even threw in some decent buffs it looks like. With all the crying about Mind Sear not being a big enough boost ( I didn't use it before, probably wont still), and the buffs for Mind Spike and Void Ray...I haven't seen anyone talking about using those for AoE. I feel like Void ray + Mind spike could be massive AoE. We scale MS up with VR, spam it a few times around with our dots and MB on CD in between our new right? Am I missing something huge where MS isn't going to receive VR's 80% buff (recent nerf from 100% still thinking it's viable). Let me know if you've simmed anything or have a rough idea of how it feels on Live. I'm stuck at work! ThanksDarcmatter5 2h
2h Spriest buffed overall!!! ... No MH nerf Dispersion nerfed as expected. Mind flay, sear and spike all buffed! They acknowledge s2m needs to be changed in a major patch!Amína65 2h
2h Other healing classes have nicer abilities Resto Druids can stealth, have mobility in raid cd tranquility/mitigation, the y have a better HOT kit and a combat rez. Paladins get PLATE, bubbles, instant mount. Better kit for faster tank heals. Oh and they get dev love like crazy. They're in OUR class campaign hall. Shamans have AI based heals. Totems that do different things. Bloodlust reasons to bring them and better mitigation tools. Our design space is AWFUL. They took away all the mitigation talents and gave them to discipline and then like they have ADD went a different direction with that entire spec leaving a huge void for people who were proactive healers. I've never been one, but I liked power word shield. And, I don't understand 'how my healer can have forgotten it.' Holy priests have mediocre version of hots---even with the staff adjustment. Levitate is poor man's flying--completely useless once flying is released, versus say water walking which doesn't have the mount issue. Flash heal and heal are no where near as bursty strong and good as they should be. Prayer of healing is a mana sink---I can't even see the affect on life bars sometimes. Apothesis stupid--beautiful graphics mediocre ability that just gets added to a macro when it could be something. (Holy) Smite and farming is just AWFUL for single hp targets and holy nova just got nerfed. Leaving us at the mercy of other people for World quests, awful at 5am to do dailies. Life grip just annoys people, it's fun but it's also really situational only works on party members. Overall, I think we're the most mediocre healer and we're humdrum. I haven't seen anything out of blizz that makes me want to play this class. There's no shines. The shadow priests which was kinda our fall back are up in arms. Not like I can switch and throw my artifact power that way anyway, but if I did it's too much damn work to do the ramp up to get the dps. We have nothing special. Every other class does exactly what we do and does it better in some cases. Maybe mass dispel? That's our class uniqueness????Æirene16 2h
2h Mana Regen Question Hi all! Seen alot of posts about the mana regen issues with Disc right now, but was wondering if someone had the raw numbers behind Mindbender v Power Word: Solace? I'm running solace right now just cause I haven't started raiding and I like an extra button to push for DPS rotation in questing, but curious what the choice should be coming to raiding? I see most people push Mindbender but haven't actually found anywhere that shows how much mana it regens over its duration. Thanks all! This forum has been super helpful in learning to play this fun spec :)Exaedius15 2h
3h Holy Leveling Fail Hey, so I'm coming back to the game after being out since Burning Crusade. Decided to play a Priest, and went Holy Spec. It seems like leveling is stupid slow... Can anyone suggest strats for leveling as Holy or maximizing DPS for solo leveling? Or is my best bet really to just tough it out to my next artifact and jump straight to Shadow for leveling? This is much different then playing my old hunter. Thanks for any help for this old n00b!Woofsolution1 3h
3h Spriest still getting dumpstered in Mythic+ Just did +5 Nelth Lair (made my own group with own key cause lol at chances of getting invited to +5 pugs as spriest) after hotfix using LotV and Void Ray, still got utterly dumpstered by a rogue and mage with far less effort on their part. AoE was a little better but still like half or less of good aoe classes and single target also getting rekt without StM. Don't see Spriest being much more desirable in mythic+ after hotfix, still last or near it of any class in dps without StM, still too slow aoe, low mobility and low utility (short cd interrupts, lust, battle rezes are all better in mythic+ than our meager healing help). Class still revolves around silly broken stupid Surrender to Madness in single/cleave boss raids and sucks at everything else. Feelsbadman, I like mythic+ a lot but spriest just stuck dumpster tier in them, it's like auto -1 chest bringing a spriest or just more wipes, so no one wants you. PS- Pls blizz add a few seconds to shadow word pain duration and allow void eruption to refresh dots same as void bolt, it'd help aoe as much as buffing mind sear. Can't count how many times in mythics I start at 0 insanity, I dot up 3-4 targets, get to void form just in time to watch my first swps fade before my first void bolt comes off cd, infuriating.Manggo8 3h
3h LoTV build Since they buffed mindflay and I am not a big fan of s2m I am trying to figure out a decent build that is centered around mind flay and LoTV. so far this is what I came up with any suggestions? So far playing around with this build on a test dummy(not a realy test of dps I know) I am able to get 165k-180k dps(roughly 840ivl in shadow gear 25% haste and crit). also, running this spec would it be worth it to run right for call of the voidWillnotheal1 3h
3h Withered Army Training Full Clear All Kills Hey all! I know many people have been struggling with this scenario since it favors certain classes waaaaaaay more than priests. But actually, I think priests may be one of the best classes for this. Take a look of my perfect run ending with 53 withered at 88% total health, zero deaths. Good luck everyone! There will be additional details in the description of the video of my method. 3h
3h Does dmg from trinkets affect Atonement? My Disc priest looted a 865 dps trinket from a boss in Heroic EN last night and I'm a little bummed about using it. Is it even useful?Katrynia4 3h
3h Trinket damage scaling Does the shadow damage on trinkets like Bough of Corruption scale with the artifact talent Creeping Shadows?Ugamie0 3h
4h Idea for Disc: Greater Plea Replace Shadow Covenant with Greater Plea. Greater Plea: "Plea no longer has a mana cost, and may be cast while casting other spells. If atonement is present on more than 5 players, Plea will consume an atonement from a random player." This talent would allow a disc priest (at the expense of Grace). To have strong sustained atonement healing (plus a bump from Plea healing itself, which may need to be toned down or removed) on up to 5 players without using mana to apply atonement, and without disrupting their DPS rotation. They can still use Rapture or Radiance or Shadow Mend to blanket a group and do big burst healing at the expense of a lot of mana, but they have a more sustainable form of healing when that is not necessary.Jogab0 4h
4h Keep up the constructive discussion We are all happy with the revert of nerfs and the buffs we recieved, but because of this we as a comunity should not stop adressing through constructive discussion the problem Spriests still have, specially in S2M and aoe departaments. Now i say this because now that the hotfixes are live blizz is going to see that some top end spriest ar doing crazy dps and probably will try to bandaid nerf us again via hotfixes, so we have to show them what the class is lacking and were they can make improvement to the class whithout gutting the spec. They already said they were looking into S2M for 7.1 but until then we should try to avoid undesirable nerfsBabil0 4h
4h Power Word: You Heard Me Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on IRC! IRC info: #powerword Discuss: What are your favorite toys to use? I'm surprised I don't see around the order hall more often.Constance349 4h
5h Holy Artifact weapon Came here to see why there hasn't been any fixing to the Priest Holy Artifact weapon. The numbers on the add that may or may not come out in a fight is complete garbage, not only that the tank is able to out heal it with a single spell that was used only one time in the entire encounter. All the other classes are being tuned which is fine which is needed, but if the key weapon for a holy priest is a stat stick and a crappy add that pops up on trash more often than in a boss encounter there really needs to be some adjustments made in regards to this ARTIFACT BEING BROKEN. Why is this not being addressed??? Why is the spec to be Disc??? You wanted diversity among the about an effect that idk does more than a 100k heal, holy orbs that fall off fully healed caused by renewed targets would've been a great idea to add to uniqueness. Rant Complete. Add more if you like, maybe a #makepicklesgreatagain P.S. we named the add pickles, just wanted to add that since i can.Omegapain2 5h
5h Disc Question (PtW) I was reviewing logs of top discipline parses on all of heroic EN and I can't help but notice a good majority of them picking up PtW. Is the small dmg boost to our dot really THAT insane on long single target boss fights..? I just find it weird to be ditching the additional 30% healing to spot heal with shadowmend which is inevitable to happen atleast a couple times in an encounter.Cillo3 5h
5h Permanent Atonement Buff Hello fellow priests! Someone brought up an interesting idea on another topic thread for Disc Priests and I just wanted to expand the conversation a little bit on it. How would everyone feel if we had one person we could place a permanent Atonement buff on? Sort of like Beacon of Light? And then we'd only have to manage the rest of the group/raid? I personally think it's a fascinating idea but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion about it. Thanks!Tsahad3 5h
5h Recruiters bugged in class hall? anyone else experiencing an issue where you can't interact with the priest class hall recruiters for both the zealots and acolytes?Noobender5 5h
6h Can't progress on the class campaign I've reached an impasse that I can't figure out. My progression through the class campaign has completely stopped. Where I am: Level 110, world quests unlocked All three artifacts collected Calia Menethil, Yalia Sagewhisper, Zabra Hexx and High Priestess Ishanah unlocked as champions. Light's Heart recovered, Exodar event completed, Tears of Elune used and the first vision of Illidan witnessed. I remember completing the quests in Azsuna a few weeks back to gather the reagents for Velen's potion or whatever. Completing those quests unlocked the pandaren and troll champions, which I've recruited. And that's where it stopped. When I look at my map, it tells me that the "Looking Through the Lens" quest is available near the Illidari Stand in Azsuna, but when I go there, there is no NPC to offer the quest. I'm supposed to accept it from Yalia Sagewhisper, according to WoWhead, but she wandered off before ever offering a quest for me back when I recruited her weeks ago. I've scoured Dalaran and Netherlight Temple for any sort of progress, but found nothing. It feels like the campaign bugged on me, but before I submit a ticket, perhaps someone can point out what I'm (probably obviously) missing. I planned on maining healer this expansion, but I won't be able to compete without my third relic slot open, and this completely ruins that plan.Tindrandy3 6h
6h PW: Radiance Technique Help PW: Radiance feels like a gamble for me. Firstly it's a long cast time and high mana cost, but that is what it is. What I'm worried about is this: It applies healing and attonement to the 2 nearest allies. But what if those weren't the allies who needed it the most? Or what if it applies attonement to allies who already had attonement rather than those who didn't and really needed it? Basically, I'm worried over the lack of control I have with it. Now if it had a rule where it applies attonement and healing to the lowest health allies without atonement, then I'd be golden. I have not used it however, so I'd like to know the proper times and strategies to use it to maximize it's effectiveness. Thanks!Skarcry1 6h
6h What these buffs mean Preface This "guide" is what our buff means for us.This is before they go live. For the sake of testing my talents are as follows. I never entered voidform during testing. Mindspike feels clunky to use, had a hard time testing this one out. Twist of Fate Body and Soul Mind Bomb Void Ray Auspicious spirits Power Infusion LoTV Buffs Mind sear now deals 80% more damage and generates 50% more insanity Mind flay now deals 20% more damage Mind spike now deals 28% more damage Void ray now stacks up to 4 times The math/theory craft Mind searDPS per 1 target averaged out to be 22.5k. Tested on 3 targets for 6 minutes of straight casting. Take away 1 stack of voidray (10%) and multiply by 1.7 for the new buff. Mind sear comes out to be roughly 38k dps, assuming this is how damage buffs apply. Insanity now 9 per target over duration. Mind flayDPS for 5 minutes straight averaged out to 58k dps. Take away 1 stack of void ray (10%) apply 10% damage buff to mind flay. Avg 63k DPS. InsanityMind Sear generates as much insanity hitting 2 targets as Mindflay hitting 1. 2+ mobs always use Mind Sear instead of Mindflay. DamageMind flay is only viable when there is 1 target to hit. Mind sear is superior to mindflay at 2+ targets. Multi-target Breakdown 1 Mob Typical single target rotation 2-4 Mobs Multi-dotting + Mind Sear filler if they are within range 4-5 Mobs Apply VT and SWP to larger HP targets only, Mind Blast is a DPS loss at this point, apply SWP to low HP pool targets, Void Bolt off cd, mind sear filler 5+ Mobs Apply SWP only, Mind Sear Possible Suggestions for the future Call to the Void (Golden Artifact trait) could summon void tentacles that cast mind sear. As it stands it's a dead artifact trait for anything besides single target because mind sear is stronger. Sphere of Insanity now duplicates Mind Sear damage in addition to everything else. Get rid of the sounds for this trait. PLEASE, with a cherry on top. Shadow Word: Void Replaces Mind Blast, up damage to match mind blast. Shadow Crash CD lowered ->15 or 20sFinal thoughts I'm thankful for the buffs, and for the developers listen to our feedback. Mind Spike still feels very clunky to use and doesn't feel rewarding, other level 100 talents are still both superior. Dare I say, mind Sear might almost feel to OP soon. My math might be a little off, but it should give an accurate picture of whats to come. Cheers!Rölder11 6h
6h Is there a new talent priority? Hi there! in reguards to the recent rework of our intended nerf, i was wondering if there has been a change to the talents we use for raiding! does anyone have updated information on what are our go to talents, and possibly, a new simcraft log of what we can do when they are applied? thankyou!Drflaygood1 6h
6h New spell to solve AoE issue The idea would be to add to our burst, but not make it useful for a single target ability. It shouldn't be "baked in" and should have a cost to use it. Void Tentacles - 0.5 second cast. Cost: 100,000 mana Summons a mass of void tentacles to smash your foes dealing 75,000 damage. If this ability hits 3+ targets, the damage is doubled. If this ability hits 4+ targets, SW:P is applied to all targets. If this ability hits 5+ targets, you gain 40 insanity. It would have a similar animation to the vial of crushing shadows you can get from the Shadow Well in the priest order hall. The idea, is that with a large pack, you could slam 2 of these down, have SW:P on everything and gain 80 insanity to get into Voidform quickly. The damage is minor, but it's worth casting even in the 3 target scenario if they're not going to live long.Jessie4 6h