2d Shadow PvP: Legion Season 1 Legion Shadow Priest PVP Guide Coming Soon! I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been extremely busy and have had a tough time keeping up with this guide. I should have it completed within two weeks (~27SEP16). Besides, I did not want to give advice and opinions based on <iLv825 gear, or without 2/3 of our major artifact traits. But if anyone is curious, I'm around iLv830 with only [Sphere of Insanity] holding my own. Just have to work a lot harder than the mindless melee train for the kills. See you soon! Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta, 12+ Years and still goingMerrik413 2d
12m LF Disc Priest guide for Raiding I have only ever PvP'd since. . . gosh WotLK All I need is someone to point me in the right direction, or any feedback would be appreciated, yes I have googled some results but I am also making this thread to cover all my bases, thank you!Confuciuswan0 12m
13m [Disc Priest] Tuning Suggestions First I'd like to say, Disc has a very interesting style, one that's very different from other healers, and I enjoy the flavor of dealing damage and healing at the same time. Doing 5 mans and even Mythic+ are great as Disc, and it feels like we were tuned for doing those. Raids - not so much. On every boss fight I was consistently the 'top' Healer, and about 6-10th on DPS, but only for the first half of the fight. The rest of the Boss fight I am OOM, and I hadn't even used PW: Radiance (huge mana drainer). Looking at World of Logs and Warcraft Logs, Disc Priests are spamming Plea to put Atonement on their Raid. Doing as little as 20k HPS and then using Lights Wrath to 'boom' heal the Raid, rinse and repeat, ending up with an average of around 250-300k HPS. Is this the intended way to heal as Disc in Raids? I surely hope not! I found myself using my tools, like PW: Shield, Penance, Shadow Mend, ect., spamming Plea to my (when I tried it) felt so bad as a healer. My constructive thoughts on tuning for Quality of Life as Disc in Raids (and/or): Reduce the mana cost of damaging abilities - Addresses the mana issue. Increase the cast time of PW: Radiance to 2.5s, make it apply Atonement to all 5 party members in that group. (if this atonement application feels too OP, then the Mana cost can be increased and/or the heal can be a lesser amount) - Addresses the Atonement application issue. Increase the mana return of Mindbender from 0.75% to 1.5% - Addresses the mana issue. #FeelsBadMan Disc Talents & Artifact Talents: Clarity of Will - I haven't seen one Disc Priest take this talent in any situation, be it World PVE, Dungeons, or Raids. Suggestion: Reduce cast time to 2s, it might open it up a little more for a possible use. Shadow Covenant - Another talent I haven't seen any Disc Priest take. Suggestion: Instead of an Absorb of healing, perhaps a 'Dot' like Shadow Mend has, it keeps the flavor, and a Disc Priest could potentially 'burst heal' with it. Doomsayer, Pain is in Your Mind, & Vestments of Discipline - All of these having 3 points to spend for their final effect make me not want to keep putting hundreds of thousands of points into them. Feels wasteful. Suggestions: Doomsayer - (1/1) Increase the duration of Rapture by 0.5s every time you use PW: Shield during Rapture. Pain is in Your Mind - (1/1) Reduces the cooldown of Pain Suppression by 30 sec. Vestments of Discipline - (1/1) Activating fade reduces all damage you take by 25% for 6s, but leaves a Dot on you of the damage taken for 6s. So where do the other 6 points go? I would like to see them in Invoke the Light, Taming the Shadows, and Share in the Light - all of which go higher than they currently are, so 15%, 20%, 25%. And just when you didn't think I had more to say... Barrier for the Devoted - By far the one I talk about the most with my Guild Mates. Requiring 3 things to happen just to get a benefit feels super bad. First, you need to have Atonement on ones you want to heal to get the benefit. Second, they not only need to have Atonement, but also be inside your small (feels small) PW: Barrier. Third, you finally have to DPS in that small time frame of when PW: Barrier is active, hoping that Atonement hasn't fallen off yet. This talent does not drive me to spend my artifact points to reach it. Suggestion: Everyone inside your PW: Barrier has Atonement for it's duration. (so simple but yet so effective!) I'd be interested to know your thoughts as well.Screamtwice7 13m
22m addons I am curious what addons people might suggest for disc. I use grid2 for my druid. But I can't get grid to show what characters have atonement in their box. It seems like that would be helpful. Are there any addons that help with this?Lluthien7 22m
43m Shadow Damage is Great Right Now Look, I'm mid 850s and I'm pulling 250-280k on single target fights with STM up and I can do around 220k with LOtV. I don't know what the shadow priests complaining about damage are doing, but I will say this. Take a good look at your stats, and you can take a look at mine too if you want, but I'm running about 32% haste and just above 20% crit. It works. I was being outdamaged quite heavily pre-hotfix this week by the MM Hunter in my guild, but after Tuesday, the top spot is more of a race with me winning a lot of the fights Tuesday night. It's all about the way you play the class. If you gear it correctly and have fun with the rotation, this class will reward you. There is no doubt about that. If you get impatient and give up, then you wont see much progress. Just keep that in mind, friends.Competence41 43m
1h Giving up on Hidden Disc Apperance until fix I just waited in Dragonblight over an hour. Most of it I was alone, until about five other priests showed up. The book got grabbed out from under me. I'm not wasting any more of your time. I consider this item as unobtainable until you fix it. GG blizz, your great design wins the day. I throw in the towel. Fix it so the Volume 3 either doesn't have a timer or can be looted by everyone nearby. Until then, take your appearance and shove it.Aegi0 1h
1h LOCKED Dear Devs, I chose to have my account locked. I play a Shadow Priest. Here is my chat transcript. you: I purchased World of Warcraft®: Legion™ after reading Blizzard Entertainments a section from the Returning Players section of your website which states, "The Dungeons & Raids ... will match you with other players and transport you directly into the action. You can also use it to find players and form groups for any activities." Unfortunately, these statements made by Blizzard are simply not true. I know this company mines data and is able to see the rate at which Shadow Priests are declined 5 man dungeon invites. I am positive you are able to access chat logs which show players of other classes stating their reasons for declining the invite to Shadow priests, as there are also chat logs from trade, guild and world chats. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Shadow Priests are not a preferred class for OTHER players to play content with due to their lack of Area of Effect damage, their 2 to 3 minute dps ramp up time and the lack of impressive dps upon reaching the desired Void/Madness (which is a 120 second MINOR burst in damage which results in death) to other classes. An owner of a Shadow Priest character does not have the same access to dungeons and raids as Blizzard has indicated. Shadow Priests are all too frequently being not invited, uninvited, declined, and kicked from dungeons, raid teams, guilds and relevant events due to the lack of class balance. If I'm paying the same amount of money to play a game as every other player who isn't playing a Shadow Priest then I should be able to enjoy all parts of the game as every other class. I'm not going to invest hours on end computing, researching, reading, more reading, and more declines and kicks. This is not a full time job. This is a liesure activity. I'm not going to reroll. I have one level 110 character with 21 or 22 artifact points. To try and play catch up on a new character is equally as challenging as playing my shadow priest in the current stage of the game. I would like a refund to my Visa Card in the amount of $49.99 plus applicable tax and fee's for my purchase of World of Warcraft®: Legion™. Yiraktai: Hey hey :D How are we doing today? This is Game Master Yiraktai, but you can call me Rak! What seems to be the problem and may I ask who I'm speaking with today? :D you: I couldnt fit everything in the form so I copied and pasted my message for you to read here. you: Shall I paste it again? Yiraktai: hahahaha xP you: :) Yiraktai: NOO xP I'm reading over it now :D you: TLDR version, Shadow priests have been treated poorly since MoP. This is the THIRD xpac in a row. We have been told over and over again that they are fine but if the Devs ever paid attention to what the community is saying, they would know that they are dead wrong. you: They must be mining data from shadow priests who have already passed the ramp up phase and have void active, otherwise they are just plain stupid. They also are not taking into account that while a warlock, a monk, a rougue and even an arms warrior is doing 1.5 mil aoe damage, but shadow priest is only doing 130k damage, this even after the so called aoe buff hotfix. you: While a shadow priest is doing 64k to 150k damage during the ramp up phase, other classes are already doing 350K damage. you: If there is not the creation of a 4th shadow priest dps spec in light of it's broken Surrender to Madness talent, which is what the class seems to be built around, then playing this game is not worth the money or the time. you: I'd like a refund. Yiraktai: I've read through all of this and I see where you're coming from. I know that Blizzard says that players can group up and such, which that feature is there, though the community can make it rather hard to use said feature :/ you: Yes. Yiraktai: I know it sounds like a pass off, but our dev team does look over the forums, so writing about your concerns on a post that already talks about priests or creating your own would help bring this to their attention. you: It makes it easier for players who do not play a Shadow Priests. Yiraktai: Unfortunately though, looking at when this was purchased and how much of the game you have played so far, I am unable to grant you a refund you: I will not take NO for an answer and I would like this escalated. you: I purchased the game under the sales pitch by blizzard of equal class balance and play. Yiraktai: understandable, but I want to see what we can have worked out here because I don't want to waste any of your time, because I'm sure this would be a similar answer when talking about the refund. Even though the Shadow Priest is currently set the way it is, that doesn't mean that the class wouldn't be reworked at a later date. But even by the sales pitch of equal class balance, it has been more so you: While we may have been equal at level 110 going into the expansion, the discrepencies became more and more apparent with each level. We were then being told there would be hotfixes. Yiraktai: The reason for not being able to grant you a refund was due to the fact that the content has been explored. The product was played through, even though you are finding it hard to play when queuing up, which I hate. you: Planyers use an application called Simcraft. The differences in class strength and weaknesses are obvious. you: I will file with my bank then. I would rather not do this. I would like my issue escalated to a higher department. you: In speaking with other players of the same class I am well aware of the number of chargebacks Blizzard has incurred over this. Yiraktai: If you don't mind holding on one moment, I will see who I could escalate this to. I just wanted to prevent any of your time wasted, because trust me, I know this stuff is never pleasant to hear and I wanted to see what we could discuss on this top and what options could be done :) Yiraktai: That said, if this was chargebacked, this will lock your World of Warcraft account and prevent any purchases from being made on our Shop until it had been paid off. you: I play a Shadow priest. I have the patience of a saint and the stamina of a marathon runner. you: This class has been mistreated and abused for the 3rd expansion in a row, this does not inclue the destruction of Holy in cataclysm. Yiraktai: I like your analogy :D you: :) Yiraktai: oh trust me, I feel you there... I play a Shaman... They took away a majority of our totems :( Yiraktai: the class was meant to be complex to play, but rewarding you: You guys rocked last xpac Yiraktai: now, it feels very simplified :/ Yiraktai: Yeah, I heard that Priests were dominating in PvP xP you: Shadow is the same way, it's always been a complex class. I like a challenge, what i don't like is playing a broken class. you: Maybe disc, not shadow unless they can freecast which is rare. you: I've played this character since Classic. I've seen a lot of ups and downs. This by far is an all time low, even for Blizzard. you: ...and the REWARD for mastering a complex class is dmage output equal to or minutely better than the other classes, followed by a horrible death. Death in this game is associated with bad playing. It's not a reward. you: ...after 70% of the fight was spent with menial dps output. Yiraktai: See, I feel ya there too, cause my shaman was from classic as well. Looking at my shaman's abilities and such and the amount of DPS, I'm not sure whether I'll be kicked or not either, but he's my main and I'm just enjoying the questing around the broken isles, so I try not to think about it much you: No one wants us. We are rejected from mythic instance ques, we are being benched from raids and kicked from raid teams. you: I didn't pay for this. Yiraktai: I feel ya there on that :/ you: It is impossible to predict how a level 110 character will be until it gets leveled. Blizzard did testing prior to the live release. It should never gone live. you: Please escalate my request. you: 21 levels of artifacts. I'm not rerolling. I want a refund. Yiraktai: I will say though, I joined myself a nice guild actually and if my schedule could ever line up with theirs, they said that they would more than glad for me to join them. So even though I won't be able to random very well, it's still possible for me to not miss out on the mythics and raids, though it'll just take a little more time :) you: You also have the benefit of saying you work for blizzard. Of course you are welcome lol you: I would like someone in Irvine to address my issues. Yiraktai: I understand that it's frustrating that you feel like the class is unplayable but we wouldn't be able to do a refund because of when the game was purchased and the over content experienced so far. I'm not saying you should pick another class, but I know a number of players that run alts when they are not enjoying their class. Trust me, I understand that feeling of wanting to stand by the original class you chose back in vanilla. you: Chargeback it is. you: Thanks, I know you are only doing your job. you: Have a nice evening or day or morning, wherever you are. Yiraktai: You are more than welcome to email my supervisor at [Removed] with these concerns :)Pennyplague18 1h
2h Let's talk about "Holy Mending" This trait effectively doubles the amount that PoM heals for, on targets with renew. Clearly this is garbage for raiding above 10 man, but since 5 man content is such a large focus on this expansion, I am wondering about how viable this might be with Enduring Renewal and Binding Heal (which activates ER on all targets it hits). Has anybody heavily tested out this trait? I am debating picking it up next instead of going into serenity crit chance right away.Balmy2 2h
2h Claw of N'Zoth Question, I know it drops from il'gynoth but is it gated by artifact knowledge to anyone's experience? Do any of you have it with less than 5? My priest is less than 2 weeks old and only has lv2 but I've downed ilgy 3 times. 2 normal and 1 Rf. Downing heroic tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any information on this. PS - bring back our tentacles!Jaemon0 2h
2h Why did blizz took voidform tentacles away? I just noticed they were missing while questing todayBabil0 2h
2h Void Torrent Reduced in PvP? Has anyone else seen or noticed this? I just ran a test in a skirmish, and although the tooltip said my Void Torrent should be doing ~450k damage, it actually did 7 ticks of 43k, which totals ~300ish. A second test (with cooldowns up) ran me about 250k damage into a defensive stance. Is Void Torrent scaled down in instanced PvP?Shambly6 2h
2h Shadow In Mythic + Am I the only Shadow Priest not even given the benefit of the doubt anymore by people? I get Auto Declined even though I can easily push 240k+ single target, I mean call this me raging but what the !@#$ is going on? Why are people treating Shadow Priests like the kid with the strange disease? Man this %^-* is so frustrating, am I the only one dealing with this nonsense?Demeter30 2h
2h spriest AoE help Hey guys, I'm wondering what the correct rotation is for AoE DPS, like on dungeon trash. I know for small packs, I should dot up everything. If it's 2 mobs, does mind sear pull ahead of mind flay? Also, if there are 5+ mobs should I try to dot any of them up or do I just use mind sear? Thanks in advanceElenne4 2h
2h Power Word: You Heard Me Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on IRC! IRC info: #powerword Discuss: What are your favorite toys to use? I'm surprised I don't see around the order hall more often.Constance365 2h
2h STM + Mythic Nyth Hello, my guild & I have recently began progressing on mythic nythendra, and I've encountered a bit of a problem. While I would usually try to use stm around 40-30% range (depending), I've felt like I couldn't because of fear of MC. I'm not sure if any other shadow priest has killed mythic nyth who can possibly give me some advice? I think I was only able to get 2 actual stm casts off (as in, not using it to kill myself on wipes), one was around 35% and the other was 20%. The 20% one went okay, I got around 75ish voidform stacks, however I got mc'd and it killed me immediately. On that same pull, when looking at logs, my damage was still quite like (although it could be a combination of things). Anyways, any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated. Here are the logs: 2h
2h Other healing classes have nicer abilities Resto Druids can stealth, have mobility in raid cd tranquility/mitigation, the y have a better HOT kit and a combat rez. Paladins get PLATE, bubbles, instant mount. Better kit for faster tank heals. Oh and they get dev love like crazy. They're in OUR class campaign hall. Shamans have AI based heals. Totems that do different things. Bloodlust reasons to bring them and better mitigation tools. Our design space is AWFUL. They took away all the mitigation talents and gave them to discipline and then like they have ADD went a different direction with that entire spec leaving a huge void for people who were proactive healers. I've never been one, but I liked power word shield. And, I don't understand 'how my healer can have forgotten it.' Holy priests have mediocre version of hots---even with the staff adjustment. Levitate is poor man's flying--completely useless once flying is released, versus say water walking which doesn't have the mount issue. Flash heal and heal are no where near as bursty strong and good as they should be. Prayer of healing is a mana sink---I can't even see the affect on life bars sometimes. Apothesis stupid--beautiful graphics mediocre ability that just gets added to a macro when it could be something. (Holy) Smite and farming is just AWFUL for single hp targets and holy nova just got nerfed. Leaving us at the mercy of other people for World quests, awful at 5am to do dailies. Life grip just annoys people, it's fun but it's also really situational only works on party members. Overall, I think we're the most mediocre healer and we're humdrum. I haven't seen anything out of blizz that makes me want to play this class. There's no shines. The shadow priests which was kinda our fall back are up in arms. Not like I can switch and throw my artifact power that way anyway, but if I did it's too much damn work to do the ramp up to get the dps. We have nothing special. Every other class does exactly what we do and does it better in some cases. Maybe mass dispel? That's our class uniqueness????Æirene26 2h
3h Disc mana: it's an issue Even when - Mindbender is used on cooldown - Plea is used reasonably (5 targets or less only) - Radiance is limited to raid-wide aoe occasions exclusively - Penance is not used as a dps filler, and the low-cost smite is used instead, while penance is used exclusively for healing light to moderate damage on ~5+ injured targets - your Promises card is boosted 7/7 - you bring mana pots and use them each fight - you're not using schism - you're using Power Infusion before spreading atonement with radiance - you're never spreading radiance on more than 15 targets - You're not overlapping atonements placed with Radiance (which would necessitate casting more spells to get sufficient atonements out) - Rapture is not forgotten in the mix and is used appropriately as an aoe heal as in place of using Radiance on most of the raid Disc mana is an issue. Innervate is not a solution. As though Disc is balanced around innervate and no other healer is. As though it's the innervate that makes only disc's mana issues not an issue. As though every raid that brings a disc priest will always bring a resto druid as well - let alone a raid and a druid that decide you should get it every time. It is an issue. Saying Disc mana regen is fine "because innervate" may be even more evidence of gimmicky design flaws than saying spriest dps is fine "because S2M," because at least S2M comes from the priest class itself. I think two suggestions will help considerably: 1. Rework Radiance. I suggest increasing the number of atonements granted by Radiance by 1, and removing the healing component entirely. Can any player say that the healing component from Radiance alone saved their group from a wipe? How impactful is the healing effect? The answers are no and very little. We almost always use Radiance on people who have full HP anyway, so the heal effect is wasted. 2. Give Disc a permanent self-atonement. It makes sense thematically - the Disc player is the master of teaching other people to atone for their sins, so the Disc may as well lead by example. This will help lower the mana cost requirements for spreading atonement as well. Before anyone utters "but that would be overpowered," let's take a look at some logs: Disc is dead last, and by a solid margin. The gap between Disc and the next-to-last is double the gap between the next-to-last and the first. We are not in danger of being overpowered if Disc is buffed. We are in danger of being more competitive. Yes, I know, some player will respond to the thread by saying "but look at my one raid group. I outhealed all of them in all our Emerald Nightmare fights combined. Therefore Disc is just as fine as the others." I'm reminded of the anti-vaxxer GIF where the mom says "I think vaccines cause autism," and a man at a desk says "well I have 10,000 studies that say they don't, and one study that says they do." The mother then effectively says that the one study is all she needs. The same is true with logs. Thousands of aggregated logs show that Disc is behind the rest by a solid margin. It's time to unify around this issue the same way the spriest community did around the recent hotfixes, and got things done. We've had enough time to test, and we have enough data. Let's stop with the runaround shenanigans of those who say Disc is fine and unify around this issue.Poetess60 3h
3h Mind Spike and Legacy of the Void REWORK Would you guys use Mind Spike if it was castable while running, and did a little more damage + generated more insanity? How about if Legacy of the Void additionally reduced the cooldown of bolt/mind blast by X%? I was trying to think of how Blizzard could leave StM in the game since it seems that they have planned a lot around it, all the while spicing up the other level 100 talents. We need to have alternative builds because basing everything around StM is a terrible idea that pigeon holes many of us. With that being said, Mind Spike replaces Mind Flay, and Mind Flay can be cast back to back without a cooldown. The way I see it is if you take Mind Spike in its current state, you're essentially only adding a little bit of DPS assuming you're willing to deal with the ramp up time that Mind Spike has for it's AoE. As a viable replacement I feel it would be fair to make Mind Spike castable while running, and increase its damage and insanity capability in order to provide an alternative and more mobile flavor of a shadow priest. This could really benefit the pvp crowd because of our mobility, coupled with the soon-to-be DR that we will have. Additionally I feel that Legacy of the Void also needs a rework such that it's a beefier alternative. Comparing this skill to the level 100 traits of other classes show that this skill really needs a rework. I feel it should provide a dps boost just like StM provides, but possibly just reducing cooldowns instead.Smellycrit7 3h
3h "Are you Disc?" "Yes." You have been removed from the group. It's not so bad for me because I'm killing Heroic bosses in EN with my guild and whatnot but if I ever want to pug ANYTHING I hit this wall. It's pretty lame.Katrynia27 3h
3h Shadow AoE Suggestion Make Mind Sear spread the dots currently applied to the Mind Sear target. Every time mind sear ticks it spreads the current dots on that target to one of the targets that was hit by the mind sear AoE. This will make the AoE rotation a little better, just have to make sure that Vamp and SWP is on the one target. Voidbolt will hit all targets with dots on them and refresh the dots to their full duration. Except voidbolt will hit all the secondary targets for less than the primary target for maybe around 40-70%.Simpso2 3h
4h must be another way!? (leveling question) This is my healing alt, well it was. ATM I want to stab my eyes out leveling as shadow. Question: is disc or holy any good at solo content? are either better than shadow? I have not played either since the legion changes. Low damage, super low aoe, little cc, ramp-up. Zero fun for me and slow. ATM I am contemplating leveling up a MW or Druid alt rather then get this guy to 110... just the thought of world questing as shadow. So should I just push to 102 and get another spec or is priest just not for me?Lifeline14 4h
4h Any Disc try raid as DPS? Curious if anyone has given this any thought? Yeah the DPS isn't great but you gotta consider the fact that you are creating a damage buffer on your raid. And almost none of the healing from smite absorbs is over healing. It's not mana intensive either if you are keeping your focus points on the tanks when and if they need emergency healing/shielding. And incoming damage is normalized for the normal healers to clean up.Scotia7 4h
4h Twisting Wind Trinket I love it. I mean, the tornado somehow always manages to drift off of the enemy/enemies and the DPS seems much lower than it should be for a raid trinket, but the visual effect is great. Class fantasy fulfilled. I'm keeping this for forever.Yoloswagdude0 4h
4h What Disc Really Needs. Before I start, yes it's me Cillo, your friendly disc "fanboy" that is a nickname you've fantastic people here have bridled me with. It's starting to grow on me :). My experience giving these suggestions is based entirely on Heroic Raiding and Mythic Raiding Progression. I've parsed top 10% in a couple of the Heroic EN encounters so I can safely say I know how to play this class to a good degree. Anyways; so time and time again, I'm sure all of you know, I feel disc is in a good spot right now, really good, but it could be BETTER. Currently, there are lulls in damage during raid encounters where we dont have to keep as much atonements up, and it's these phases that test when and how fast you lose mana. Most of the time, it's better to not cast anything for a few seconds. That is what is wrong with disc. There was another thread in here discussing how squeezing every last inch of mana conservation and regeneration the class and consumables offer still leads to going oom before the encounter is even close to over. The real glaring ability that is the major root of this issue is power word radiance. It's expensive, slow, inefficient, the healing it provides is laughable and only more over healing, and just doesn't really fit this play style that disc demands. Disc is a really hectic micromanaging spec, and having this clunky, unreliable, janky ability can be very frustrating. Potential Tweaks 1. Add a proc based effect off of penance or any other spell in our rotation.. "Causes next pw:r to cast twice as fast for half the mana". 2. Tweak the damn spell itself blizz. It seems like you guys didn't know how to handle our atonement management during non-AoE intensive moments, so you said fk it and made it an ability that might as well just be a mana suicide if used even a little more than sparingly. What really needs to be looked at with this spell is the mana cost, the heal (lol), and the # of atones dished out. 3. Some of the trinkets that give mana returns on spells seem like they should be baked into our kit in a less intensive form.. Maybe an rng chance for smite to return half the mana? Right now spamming smite during all downtime WILL oom you. I understand that blizz wants to move away from the never ending mana phase of healing we experienced, but I'm just suggesting a softening of our mana consumption, not a removal. I really believe that it's not the throughput of a disc that is the issue, our throughout is GREAT. It's the MANA that is putting a ceiling on A LOT of discs and their HPS parses. Disc IS capable of hitting 300k HPS + granted you are at 0% mana THE MOMENT the boss goes down. In other words, Our mana consumption does not permit it to even the above average player. There is also other issues with this spec besides Power Word: Radiance.. Our talents. Really, how did the level 90 talent row even make it past development? That whole row needs a review and every spell should be altered. The current iteration is unimaginative and there's no real gameplay change to picking any of them besides cow, which is a noob trap. Other than these issues mentioned above, I feel the class is in a great spot. What we all always forget to mention is that we DO bring a significant amount of dps to a fight. In progression raiding, that extra 1-2% boss health in dmg being dealt could be the difference between a wipe and a down. SO with that being said, blizzard is NOT going to touch our throughput, the class is too volatile and too much of a wild card to do that, it could easily make disc go from least desirable to 4 discs stacked in a raid if balance changes aren't handled correctly, which in turn would probably result in us getting nerfed so hard we would be worse off than we are right now currently. That being said, I endorse all QQ and whine to the mana issues of disc, blizz, you really need to take a look at it. Please, for us, we've stuck by disc even through this rework, just help improve our QoL please.Cillo20 4h
4h Priests: How do you rank tanks? That you heal? In mythic+ in raids what is your ranking from easiest to hardest to heal? thanks in advance.Salhezra21 4h
4h Any Disc priests running mythics w/o Grace? I do not find myself spamming Shadowmend all that much in Heroics, or direct healing at all for that matter. Im just curious if mythics without grace is viable.Grimmshade23 4h
4h SPriest talent build observations Strangely, I hit post and this didnt seem to post... Ran through some talents and plinked away at a raid dummy tonight. There was no movement at all. Take this info with a grain of salt. I did one StM build. I dont have any experience with that talent except for this one time. StM is obviously the best talent for DPS. I couldnt try ToF or Reaper of Souls due to the targets health. This is with my current ilevel/gear. FotM - Fortress of the Mind SW:V = Shadow Word: Void VR = Void Ray AS = Auspicious Spirits PI = Power Infusion LoTV = Legacy of the Void SI = Shadow Insight MS = Mind Spike VL = Void Lord StM = Surrender to Madness From worst to best: FotM, VR, San'layn, PI, LotV - sustained/burst = 123k/133k SW:V, VR, SI, PI, LotV - sustained/burst = 130k/137k SW:V, VR, AS, PI, LotV - sustained/burst = 134k/139k FotM, VR, SI, PI, LotV - sustained/burst = 134k/141k (158k/167k) FotM, VL, AS, PI, LoTV - sustained/burst = 138k/142k (160k/168k) FotM, VR, AS, PI, LoTV - sustained/burst = 140k/147k (170k/174k) FotM, VR, San'layn, PI, MS - sustained/burst = 140k/147k SW:V, VR, SI, PI, MS - sustained/burst = 140k/150k FoTM, VR, SI, PI, MS - sustained/burst = 150k/158k FoTM, VR, AS, PI, MS - sustained/burst = 165k/173k FotM, VR, AS, PI, StM - sustained/burst = 170k/185k Some observations: The Mind Spike build numbers are a little misleading. For all of the LoTV builds I used Mind Flay. It obviously doesnt cleave, so I also tested with Mind Sear. The Mind sear numbers are in the (). If you just compare the single target Mind Flay LoTV builds with the same Mind Spike build, it looks like Mind Spike may be on par with LoTV. This seems to be the case on AoE only since Mind Spike cleaves automatically once you throw in Mind Blast. Since I used Mind Sear to test AoE with the LoTV builds, I decided to test single target on the raiding dummy between Mind Flay and Mind Spike to see what the difference in single target DPS was. Over the course of two minutes I timed both spells and found - Mind Flay DPS is around 52/53K while Mind Spike is an abysmal 18/19k. A huge difference which shows Mind Spike builds are probably going to be under performing in single target boss fights by a large margin (unless crit is heavily geared?). It appears in heavy AoE either LoTV or MS will be comparable. The MS builds are slightly clunky though, so that may play a factor in using it. MS doesnt look like it should be used for single target/long boss fights at this time. I tested one Void Lord build with the highest DPS LoTV set up and found it under performed that build by a small amount. I will assume VL with SI would also under perform that same LoTV setup. SW:V doesnt seem to out perform its counter part FoTM/LoTV or FoTM/MS builds so I didnt do any further testing on it. It seems AS outperforms SI but this may change in a heavy crit build. I really, really like Power Infusion. You can use it to almost instantly get into Voidform especially with SW:V. The other tier one talents arent far behind though. I found waiting to cast Mind Blast or Void Bolt if the cooldown for the spell was a second or less while in Voidform was better than trying to throw in a Mind Flay filer spell. The DPS difference isnt a lot and probably wouldnt matter unless fights went for a long period of time. Every bit helps. Without taking into consideration Twist of Fate or Reaper of Souls to replace their counterpart talents, it looks like this build is best (outside StM): FotM, VR, AS, PI, LoTV - sustained/burst = 140k/147k (170k/174k) Id like to hear what better geared players are observing or those running the above build with ToF/Reaper are seeing.Daschnitzel10 4h
5h Light's wrath is super boring I know this is pretty low on the long list of issues that disc has, but the light's wrath animation is really dull. Every text or lore book about this staff talks about it like it's the love child of napalm and nitroglycerin and all we get for the animation is a tiny light ball lobbed at the monster? no fire or explosions or anything like that? it looks like a placeholder animation and I barely notice it 90% of the time. It's just very underwhelming for what is supposedly one of the most unstable weapons in WoW. In fact the animation isn't even consistent with the in game description of the ability. "Equip: Grants the Light's Wrath ability, which unleashes a torrent of Holy Fire upon an enemy." A lobbed ball is not a torrent of fire.Blathers5 5h
5h Is SP viable in Mythic Plus dungeons? I am very aware that we are doing pretty well in raids due to be able to pop STM and die when the boss die's. What I'm concerned and seem to have a good idea about, is how we are weak in Mythic plus dungeons. Am I just overthinking this? Or is this something I can overcome and be great in?Mekle5 5h
5h Schism or Castigation for 5 mans? Schism or Castigation, I'm struggling to decide on which talent for 5 mans.Docholywood3 5h
5h Light's Wrath: Overloaded with Light Proc Hi, I've seen a lot of threads about this and it appears that many of them are wrong. I've had this hidden artifact proc occur for me while doing zero atonement. It slowly builds up and you can see the build up by the yellow cloud around your character. It does massive damage if you have a lot of attonements out. It seems like the more DPS i do the more often it occurs. Anyone else have any info to add?Docholywood0 5h
5h Disc need some sort of "perma" atonement Plain and simple suggestion. Give us Power word: Fortitude as a baseline spell and let targets buffed by it to have atonement. We can choose two targets to have 15% health buff for 60 minutes and always receive heal from our atonement. This way we can buff both tanks in raids, buff tank + ourselfs or meele DPS in dung. We can focus more in our DPS rotation, and let us bring a very powerful buff to the raid, since we dont have brez or other powerful CD. We can also always keep ourselfs buffed in world quests. Disc is pretty clunky right now, i want to DPS so badly but I must spread atonement and watch them last only some seconds, some of our key skills like Ligth's wrat and radiance have absurdly high casting times making awful interaction with atonement short duration. We need some source of staple atonement, something that let us DPS more freely.Bandol30 5h
6h Overflowing as disc Sup guys, just came to see if anyone has noticed some weird disc interactions with overflowing, mainly with pain sup and barrier. I finished my first mythic +9 yesterday healing halls of valor. It was every bit as awful as I expected, being halls of valor and all, but I noticed something weird with overflowing. First disc is actually really good at dealing with it since atonement makes us heal with lots of little ticks rather then several big ones, meaning we are constantly adding tiny absorb shields then consuming them instantly. However when we got to the second boss (Hyrja), at one point towards the end when hyrja used her shield of light our tank called for pain sup as he didn't have a strong enough cooldown. I used it and he got knocked back and knocked down to around 10% hp, but he also gained a 2 million heal absorb shield from overflow. Now I was running with a demon hunter tank, so I was wondering if there was some kind of shenanigans with meta form proccing that might have led to it, but I also heard that tanks that self heal can't proc overflow, and since I didn't cast any heals (nor do I have any heals remotely big enough to give that big an overheal) I was left with the conclusion that the overflow counted my damage prevented via pain sup as a overheal even though he still took massive damage and wasn't even at 100% hp. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into overflow treating reductions like healing. It doubt it can be intended and nearly wiped us since I was at 100k mana at this point and our tank and a 2 mill+ healing absorb shield on him.Twistinfate1 6h
7h Leveling as Priest How did you guys level to 110? I'm assuming most of you went Shadow.. But I'm not a big fan of Shadow (well I actually haven't tried it this expansion), so I'm curious to know if the other specs are any good.Doctabob11 7h
8h Is there a good Disc/Priest Website? Hi, Is there a good disc and/or priest website where I can find theorycraft and helpful info to maximize my play? Something like alteredtime for mages? Thanks.Docholywood2 8h
8h How to not OOM as Disc in raids? Healing 5mans up to Mythic +5 has been no problem at all as Disc, but when it comes to raids, I'm finding that I'm just burning through my mana in no time. I'm talking, even at 850 ilvl, on Normal mode raid bosses, I'm completely OOM (potion and all) when the boss is still at 20-30%. Other healers don't seem to have mana issues, and as Holy I don't really have mana issues (usually OOM just as the boss dies), but Disc burns my mana bar so fast, even when I'm using PWR very sparingly. How exactly is one supposed to not OOM? Even just using Plea/Smite/PtW with the occasional Penance and very sparing PWR, I'm OOMing way faster than any other healer.Vook13 8h
8h Mythic + LFG As A Spriest is Depressing Been trying to join groups in the LFG for mythic + 2-6. Didn't have an issue the first week, now I am constantly being denied. FrustratingDisperseog2 8h
9h Best SPriest AoE Rotation (4+ MoBs) 1. Push "N" 2. Click "Holy" 3. Push "Activate" 4. Run Into Enemies 5. Spam "Holy Nova". Fun Fact: Even if you start respeccing at the start of the pull, your AoE will still be higher on bigger pulls. Mind Sear and Shadow AoE DPS is still **** Blizzard. What the hell internal metrics are you even looking at?Arsora6 9h
9h Shadow priest and melee pvp How do you shadow priests deal with melee in pvp? Any tips? i find i'm just riding a melee train all day and having to hardcast all day into interrupts or just sit and take it. My shield last 1-2 globals and fear or mindbomb does nothing as melee can hop right back on me within a global.Dhunterz15 9h
10h Disc or Shadow Well, I am currently a Shadow Priest, but was wondering with Legion which is better for DPS. I am not a healer, that is why I have not done Disc. But I need to get my cloth toon up. Thank youAerialpriest1 10h
10h Mythic+ Talent Help What are the most viable options for talents in Mythic+. I've tried Void Lord and Legacy of the Void but my dps seems hardly effected by it. I do about 200k DPS on fights that I don't have to move all over with S2M and Reaper of Souls. Just me or are most of our talents useless compared to S2M?Bjorde1 10h
11h Few PTR updates for SPriests I think some of these damage buffs went live with the Tuesday maintenance though. Can anyone confirm that? Shadow Mind Flay (Shadow) Assaults the target's mind with Shadow energy, causing [ 4 + 50% 60% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 3 sec and slowing their movement speed by 50%. Mind Sear Corrosive shadow energy radiates from the target, dealing [ 180% [ 324% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards of the target. Generates 6 9 Insanity over the duration per target hit. Priest - Shadow Spec. 40 yd range. 5 sec cast (Channeled). Shadowform Assume a Shadowform, increasing your Shadow damage dealt by 10%, and reducing your Physical damage taken by 10%. However, you may not cast any Holy spells while in this form. Priest - Shadow Spec. Instant. 1.5 sec cooldown. Priest - Shadow Spec. Instant. Voidform (Shadow) Intensifies your Shadowform Twists your Shadowform with the powers of the Void, increasing all damage you deal by 20% 30%, reducing the cooldown on Mind Blast by 3 sec, and granting an additional 1% Haste every 1 sec. Talents Mind Spike Assail the target with shadowy spikes, dealing [ 35% [ 45% of Spell Power ] Shadowfrost damage and leaving a spike embedded in their mind. Mind Blast will detonate these spikes, each dealing 200% of their original damage to the main target, and 100% to all nearby targets. Generates 4 Insanity. Shadow Priest - Level 100 Talent. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. Void Ray Each time your Mind Flay or Mind Sear deals damage, you gain 10% increased Mind Flay and Mind Sear damage for 6 sec, stacking up to 5 4 times. Shadow Priest - Level 60 Talent. The voidform 30% damage is an update from the current 20%. Shadowform is new. Im just not sure if the Mindflay, Mind Spike and Mindsear buffs are in addition to what we just got or what was put out on Tuesday. This is due to these patch notes reflecting the reduction in Void Ray stacks (from 5 to 4) that went live already.Daschnitzel1 11h
11h Disc & Holy - Artifacts I have been playing priest for quite some time now, primarily Disc and with the new release of Legion, things have obviously changed. I am currently doing H 20 main raids, and been curious on peoples opinions when healing larger raid groups and preparing for Mythic. My first question is more of peoples opinions between Holy and Disc, in the matter of which will be more liable/best for progression? Lastly I have started to work on my Holy Artifact weapon and noticed that the healing has not been to great. I think its due to the lack of the level in not having most of the passive spells. My question being, do the passive abilities on both Disc and Holy Artifacts make a significant change in healing? If you have any guides or previous topics that have talked on this please feel free to point me in the right direction.Srprise2 11h
11h Looking for advice against Spriests in 3s Hello, I'm not looking to flame or anything. I'd like some honest advice for fighting against spriest comps in 3s. I've ran into a serious wall against them. I'm playing enh/boomy/hpally (I'm the boomy) and no class gives us more trouble than spriests do. The games usually go on for a while and it's not super one-sided or anything, we just run out of juice eventually or my hpally runs out of cds and we lose from there. Spriests seem like a hard target for us to train as well unless they're bad. Any advice at all is welcome.Kierna12 11h
12h Questions about leveling & artifact priority So I'm currently leveling as shadow, since I don't think Holy priests have much in the way of offensive spells, if any at all (besides smite) due to I plan on healing most of the time post 110. That said, all the "treasures" and artifact power boosting items I've been gathering I've been setting off to the side for my Holy spec's artifact. That being said, is this worth the pain of gimping my damage output while leveling, or should I just say "screw it" and consume those items to boost my damage so that my leveling experience becomes easier as I go? Thing is, while this may be a viable way to go about my leveling, this still doesn't help me at the end game when I'm stuck throwing pebbles at enemy mobs as I'm trying to complete world quests. Anyone out there that can help give me some advice on how to go about this?Fyrsal3 12h
12h First group hate for Disc Hi all, I had been seeing the posts about the hate for disc is some groups and didn't necessarily believe until now. Had my first group hate today on Heroic EoA. Now I am by no means a fantastic player, but I feel I do well enough with Disc to get by. I don't have all that much time to play here lately, so I haven't progressed at much as I would have liked to. I just started Heroics, but I've noticed Serpentrix always gives me trouble with the movement and dps not taking down the spawned heads which always seem to get me. I end up having to shadow mend spam myself and the tank and often times that's not enough (probably still due to gear level). This group was also weird in that by the time we had reached the 2nd boss, we had already kicked 3 dps players cause one of the dps was complaining they were pulling crappy dps. It's fine if that's true but kind of weird too. Anyway, we died on Serpentrix after the tank literally ran in, pulled everything and then went straight for the boss. We got to a 2nd submerge phase then we wiped. After the wipe, tank commented "This is why you don't go Disc people." Now, I'm fine with critique and I imagine there were other things I could have done. If you want to complain, give some feedback at least. But just wondering: is that something any healer should be expected to heal through, especially with the movement required for Serpentrix? We had all the trash pulled plus top dps hunter who kept kicking people was using barrage all the time, pulling the extra seagulls as well. Just looking for thoughts on your experience there.Exaedius21 12h
12h Best Disc Trinkets I had a lot of luck with Naglfar Fare from Mythic Maw of Souls but I was told it'd be worth replacing for Heightened Senses from Emerald Nightmare. I'm not sure if the uptime on it warrants the swap. Logs are showing me with about a 20-30% uptime on it. What do you guys think? My other trinket is Promises and I'm not replacing it anytime soon.Katrynia3 12h
13h Mythic Progression - Spriest Shadow Priests are so terrible right now to the point where I can't progress in Mythic Raids with my guild. Heroic was fine due to the sole fact that we had enough group dps to where StM wasn't a hindrance and we could get to execute phase rather quickly. However, with Mythic this is not the case. I'm constantly being replaced because I cannot output enough dps compared to other classes to even get to a point where using StM is even an option. Something needs to be done to fix the class. Its absolutely insane how underpowered we are when the boss is above 35% health.Prinnah18 13h
13h Shadow in 2's skirms First: I know shadow is pretty bad in 2's skirms, but wondering what people are doing to make the best of a bad situation, especially against double melee. So far what seems to work best for me is to stay mounted for as long as possible, get psyfiend out asap to slow one, pop mind ended for insanity, spam shield with body and soul and kite and try to get dots up, then hope fear / dispersion is enough to get to void form. It works ok. But does anyone have anything else they do that works pretty well? Maybe different talent setups, or mc-ing in the opener? Note: this is mostly for random double dps skirms. So "find someone to peel", while good general advice, isn't so useful here.Nimice1 13h
13h Are we fine with Holy in PvP? I am of the opinion that it is at a very bad place. I die in a few secs, and constantly get CCed. Our mobility is very low, and we have to hard cast most of the time. I see other classes (Resto Druids) getting PvP buffs, while Holy is considered the worst healing spec and getting nothing. What is going on?Bodytriangle33 13h